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Flickering issue

Q: Flickering issue

Product Name: HP Pavilion Notebook15-ab030txOperating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit)whenever I open any window, flickering starts. Due to flickering issue, I am loosing the control of mouse pointer (leads to missing letters in a word While typing) Updated the Graphic driversContacted HP assistant, after several attempts they suggested going with factory settings.(Disk formatting)I hope there will be a solution apart from the disk formatting.

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Preferred Solution: Flickering issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello, I have a Samsung SyncMaster 204B LCD monitor that is flickering after being turned on from being off for more than half an hour or so.The screen appears to be very dull and flickers a bit for about a minute or two,until it "warms up" then the screen brightness and clarity becomes normal,and the flickering stops.It seems to work normally when left on indefinitely.

Is this an early sign of failure? Repairable at all? It's close to 4 years old.I paid $500 for it at the time (right before LCD prices dropped significantly ) so I'd like to get at least a couple more years out of it.

Any suggestions? Thanks for reading.

A:LCD Monitor Flickering Issue

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Hello! :D

I've been seeing flickering video in Media Player Classic. It happens fairly frequently and occurs with Windows Media Player as well.
I've used both the latest build of Media Player Classic Home Cinema and the 1.60 version but the problem persists.

I also tried turning on "deinterlace" in the shaders but it didn't help.

Any ideas?

A:Flickering video issue.

have you got all your codecs installed?
try KLite
are you playing high resolution video?
Maybe your computer is not powerful enough to play it and you need a graphics card or to turn the resolution down on the videos

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I have just installed a new system consisting of Intel dg35ec motherboard( with 384 mb non-dedicated graphics card), core 2 duo, 2.8 ghz processor, 2 gb ram, samsung tft monitor etc. No other graphics card is there.
Problem is that the screen sometimes(not everytime) flicker. So what can be the possible reasons and what shall I do?
Note: Flickering is of very slight intensity


A:Solved: flickering issue!

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I am having lenovo Z580 laptop.From some days its display screen is moving up and down.I searched and tried a lot of option but no one is working.One was changing refresh rate.I want to know whether changing refresh rate affects performance or not.Can some one suggest some solution to correct the problem.It will be a great help.I don't want to take it to service center.

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Hi All,

I'm trying to fix a flickering screen. I am pretty sure that it is a software related problem. It happened after I formatted and re installed XP professional. The reason I believe its a software issue is that it is not a constant problem. A lot of time it will be flickering and then you open up IE explorer and it immediatly stops. Then when you search something it will come back. It also sometimes happens during start-up so not sure if that means something. I have updated the BIOS based on Compaq website and updated all drivers. I should have mentioned I am talking about a Compaq Presario 2200 Notebook.

The flickering is horizontal lined where if fades dark and light. Sometimes its the entire screen other times its just near the top. Moving the position up and down has no effect on the flickering. (Another reason to think its software related). Also I don't have an external monitor to hook up to and see if it is hardware related unfortunatly.

If there is any questions I would be happy to help and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.

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My laptop has had occasional problems with black flickering from day one, but now it's a pretty constant occurrence. I've done all the driver-type things but I really think it's a hardware issue, as slightly adjusting the screen often "fixes" the problem, at least for a while, and the flickering is never shown on duplicated screens. Here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5sxB4GO6uo  I love this laptop when it works. But seeing the hundreds and hundreds of other similar comments and videos online is making me very frustrated. Why hasn't Lenovo acknowledged this as a hardware problem? Why are so many people sending their laptop in for repairs, Lenovo keeping the laptop for a month or more, then sending back an equally faulty unit? This is my work laptop so I can't just lose it for a month anyway. It just seems so unethical for Lenovo not to issue a recall on this product or refund people who have purchased them. Has anyone found a successful workaround yet? There are lots of videos of people taking their laptops apart and having some luck with tightening screws and so forth, but even some of those posts have comments later that it only worked for a little while... 

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Its this crazy flickering that keeps happening after playing games for a period. But when it happens in games like Skyrim, it does it in EVERY game then and windows explorer. Nothing else though. It only occurs in games like Skyrim, Tropico 5, Company of Heroes 2, Payday 2. Shadows of Mordor is another one. I have to restart my PC to get it to go away. But it comes back eventually, it usually takes like 30+ minutes to occur. Here's a gif: http://gyazo.com/8619db54132a8357122948e0bb27fed9 NOTE: It has never happened in the game on display, like I have that game at max settings and I can play it for 5 hours straight and it won't happen. ALSO, this is a VERY recent problem. I've clocked 50+ hours in Skyrim AND Payday 2 before this ever happened. One last thing, I have tried hooking up to another monitor, it occurs on that monitor as well so its not my monitor. I've tried a different DVI cable as well. I tried a fresh clean install of a new graphics driver. Specs: http://gyazo.com/2cf8050d81f429286ecf63f4e1739c26 http://gyazo.com/8560ee5315aff162dea8751e7d2c6efa
Sorry you saw this a few weeks ago. I was told it might be a over-heating problem, in which I took the card out, cleaned it and redid the thermal paste. But that didn't fix it. Another gif to help: http://gyazo.com/8a7210c1be8bcf571a21df2a8e8f57f9 EDIT: Could it be the PCI-E slot? I did have some really high temps until I cleaned it out awhile ago and redid the thermal paste. Maybe the slot was da... Read more

A:GPU, issue. Flickering in games.

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do any of you face this screen flickering and blinking issue with your newly bought XPS QHD version ?
kindly share your experience with me  
dell technical support is unable to resolve it in spite of repeated efforts for the past 35 days 

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First of all hello from a new user, I have a problem with my computer but I need help to nail it down to one part (I think it's the graphics card, but who am I to tell).
A friend of mine said people over here are very nice and competent so why not try to get help here.

Long story short, I played a game, Velvet Assassin, that is rather buggy (I.e. it didn't let me change the resolution to my native 1680x1050).
After some time the screen started flickering in complete white with some color bars here and there. I thought it was another bug on newer systems and changed the resolution; the problem seemed resolved.

Until my little brother started to play Forge of Empires, that little browser game, where the problem again occured at an even faster rate.

I hope you can help me, I made a short video of the issue, I know it's not of best quality, but maybe it helps.
Thank you in advance

A:Asus HD 6870, flickering issue

Have you tried updating your drivers? Also could you please post the make and model of your laptop /desktop and the system specs.

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To whom it may concern
I?ve purchased Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IKBN 80XL01NGGE last week without OS and I?ve installed Windows 10.
Unfortunately the screen started flickering and had no choice to search on the internet for a solution and find out that it is a common problem!
This laptop has NVIDIA GeForceŽ 940MX 4.0 GB and I?ve downloaded Nvidia_VGA_22.21.13.8554.A (17 Nov 2017) from pc support Lenovo website but it kept flickering.
Updated BIOS version from 4WCN29WW (30 Sept 2017) to 4WCN39WW (24 Feb 2018) by systemupdate5.07.0070 but still the screen kept flickering
Updated Windows version 1709 OS Build 16299.125 and again the screen kept flickering
What can I do to solve this problem because I am VERY DISAPPIONTED with this outcome?
Peter Muscat
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread in the proper forum.

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Hi Everyone,

my laptop specs :-
15.6" 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 ) InfinityEdge touch, Silver
16GB (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Memo ry
6th Generation Intel(R) Core ( TM) i7-6700HQ Quad Core (6M Ca che, up to 3.5 GHz)

Received By 25 April 2016
Warranty Active till March 15, 2018

Client Gold Support / ProSupport
Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis
Complete Care
XPS Technical Support
Accidental Damage
My issues with that laptop since i received it with the first start up ;

1- highly Screen Flickering which is hardware issue not software
2- Laptop temperature getting high after start up within 5 minutes especially the screen itself and also feeling it while touching the keyboard.
3- bios reporting an issue with USB which is sometimes work and sometimes not !!!!! which mean sometimes the laptop read the USB and sometimes not !!

** i tried all solutions over internet with formatting laptop and upgrade/downgrade bios and install latest bios version and many many articles/ forums but i do see that many users had issues with that model too

i can confirm that my laptop is defected and i need to replace it !

So please i need someone from dell to resolve my case because I'm fully tired from Dell

keep informed that my laptop issue started since 2014 ( yes I'm not kidding and i can provide you with all details to check that from your side ... Read more

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I have bought hp laptop ( HP pavilion 15 au116tx)  two months back.Since then i didn't use this laptop properly . First it had RAM issue. Now when it has ben solved there is this new problem that is SCREEN FLICKERING OR BLINKING PROBLEM. Please provide help.I think choosing hp wasn't a good choice.

A:Screen flickering or blinking issue

Hi!, E_K_T15: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  See, this link ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04783131 and/or ... actualize the ultimate versions driver's, from ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-15-Notebook-PC-series/10862158/model/131... Note: Many times, the problem, is not with HP. Is Windows with your constant's actualization's. If can, is very important what you desactive automatically upgrade of patches or versions.  

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I've a PC with GTX970 graphic card with two Pavilion 22cw connected like this: - main screen: hdmi-to-display port- second screen: hdmi-to-hdmi port I've seen flickering issue on second screen when i'm watching a youtube video on full screen instead i'm playing a game (full screen or in a window) on main screen. I've tried to watch settings, but nothing seems work for me.  What can i do?

A:[HP Pavilion 22cw] flickering issue

Hello @Maures, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the display issue, and wanted to assist you! First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:Screen flickers, unstable image Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Hi, I just bought the Dell Inspiron 2in1 couple of months back and started having the problem of waving / flickering of screen. This flickering is more towards right side of screen and starts from there, but with time moves on to the whole screen. After restart it disappears for some time.
                         When I checked the graphics setting, the refresh rate is set at 60 pHz by default. When I changed the refresh rate to only other option of 48 pHz, problem is gone for now. Can some suggest what could be the problem, whether it is a software issue or hardware problem. What is the possible fix ? Thanks

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I have Dell Latitude420 laptop, creating display flicker when I am going to open www.bseindia.com website only,except this the laptop works fine.Dell have already replaced the Motherboard (processor and RAM inbuild),but problem remaining same,can anybody face this problem previously,please help?

A:Strange Display flickering issue

If you are referring to the flickering stock ticker at the top of the site... it isn't your laptop. I also notice the website uses Java. You might want to check that your Java is up to date.

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Hi everybody, I'm posting today because my HP 2159m monitor is flickering when I connect it via hdmi to my laptop. I have tested another monitor and a separate cord and I have determined the issue to be with the monitor it self. What I came here to find out, is where there is some sort of tweaking I need do to my display settings to get it work, or if there is a way to determine if the monitor is just burnt out. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Bumped into this tftcentral.co.uk article by accident. It pretty much explains the intermittent flickering I noticed in my XPS 15 9550. DELL support could not figure that out themselves.
The temp solution was then to go to my driver colour settings and decrease the contrast and the brightness. Hopefully I will not need to change the settings again.

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I'm looking for some help diagnosing a flickering screen problem I have with a Sony Vaio laptop. So, it's started happening recently when I turn it on, it flickers as it turns on, then eventually goes all black. Sometimes if I close the screen down it comes back on again for a few seconds. When I re-boot again it always has the same behaviour, flickers and then eventually goes black at some stage, not always at the same stage, sometimes I might get to log on, sometimes not. I've connected to an external monitor and everything works fine.

For me, it's not an inverter issue because I've seen inverter issues before and it was very consistent behaviour, the screen just blacks out consistently and you can see the screen with a torch, in this case, I can't really see screen with or it's very difficult to. If it is ccfl issue, I would've thought that bulb would be gone and that's it, it would just never light up....

One more thing that would indicate ccfl issue to me is if I turn it on and have the screen dimmed to it's lowest it works fine and stays on until I start to brighten it up again and then just goes black.

Any experts out there can diagnose this for me, I'm not sure if it is ccfl issue, and I don't want to go messing with it, I tried to replace a bulb once before and it was a disaster, not an easy process for a half amateur compared to replacing an inverter.

One other point is that there seems to be a... Read more

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I noticed that screen flickering,going black and back to desktop and black again and each time same.I did notice the problem while on battery,currently I'm using it on charger and will see will I get the same issue.So,how do I resolve the problem,is it hardware or software related,and what is causing this?I such feel ashame buying this crap,because after issue with broken screw holders using laptop in tablet mode,now this... 

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Hello, guys, as you can see in the print screens I attached, sometimes it's impossible to read anything on my screen, so forgive me if I post this on the wrong forum.

Starting this afternoon I started having a weird display issue. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit (latest SP) on Bootcamp in a Macbook Pro 13' (model 2011). Now almost always the screen is rendered illegible by some weird pixelated noise and flickering, with parts of the screen content missing (see pictures attached). As I move the mouse/type on the keyboard, sometimes the text/icon/image/whatever I'm trying to visualize appears again, sometimes not. I wasn't using the latest Nvidia drivers when it started (was ignoring the Nvidia Experience message saying that updates were available). So I thought it was a problem of outdated drivers. I updated the drivers, rebooted the system and the problem persists. When I boot the system on Mac OS, the screen is fine.

I wonder if this is some kind of virus/malware. i ran an AVG scan but it said my system was clean. Thank you very much for your help.

A:Display issue (noise and flickering)

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When I plug any USB key - which does not include mice using usb ports or any hardware whatsoever, it shows for a few seconds and then disappears and then just starts flashing making my system go insane.

This does not affect my alternative user account.
If i'm quick enough to enter the USB key, the window closes.
If I am quick enough to enter the USB key and open a file, it does not close and USB stops flickering.
Using Windows 8.1

Possible cause:
Registry issues


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I got HP Pavillion dv6 series laptop in 8 months back, from one month im getting problem of screen flickering as coloured horizantal lines when i turn on laptop in Battery mode but when i use it by connecting to electricity it is working fine, following are the actions which i applied :

1.I updated Bios,
2.tried by replacing battery with new battery,
3.Reinstalled OS but the problem still persist.

And the warranty period is over.Please help me to overcome this issue.....

A:HP dv6 Login Screen flickering issue !!!!

Sounds to me like there is a grounding fault here that is interfering with the display. Have you tried moving the screen whilst it's on (open/close~up/down) and seeing if the pattern of interference changes?

/ Crit

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I just received my XPS 15 4K/i7/512 GB laptop at my first start up i noticed below mentioned issues
1. White flickering dots while booting (DELL logo).
2. Too much screen flickering (display goes black and returns). 2-3 times in under 5 secs.
3. Updated BIOS and other drivers. (System drivers are all up-to-date).
4. Everytime screen flickers mouse returns to the centre of the screen and brightness varies around 14% even though i set it to 100%.
Need a fix as soon as possible. Laptop is completely unusable.

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This seems to be  a problem with many yoga 730-13 users, My screen keeps flickering, to a point where i constantly have to adjust my screen to stabilize the screen. Sometime it gets unbearable to a point where I cannot even use my laptop anymore. This has happened to me previously and at first i installed the new BIOS update and did whatever Lenovo told me to do, but it did not work. Eventually, my laptop would not turn on for some reason. I did send it back for repair, and the laptop seemed to be working fine for that first week, then the screen flickering issue happened again. At this point, I am lost at what to do? has anyone else found a solution to this problem? is there a way lenovo could possibly recall this model, or atleast give our money back since this seems to be a manufacturer issue?

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I experienced screen freezing problem and overheating, I need to close and reopen the lid to make the mouse move.  I tried to resolve this issue by reinstalling the OS. Unfortunately, after reinstalling OS, I got a new issue: screen flickering. It happened just entering the windows and randomly when using. Screen freezing seems solved but the new issue comes. By the way, the keyboard still very hot though I am in a room with AC.  

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I still can't use my touchpad.  I've tried driver updates, checked f6 but still nothing.  Due to the limited number of usb ports I need the touch pad to work.  Even when the touchpad is not turned off (f6) there is no synaptics drives listed in device manager.  Even when I run Lenovo's system check for upadate it does not identify that it is missing.  Also, from what I can tell there isn't even a serivce listed in Computer Management for the touchpad / synaptics. Please provide me with a solution as quickly as possible.  Thank you.  Peter D

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Back in October I started noticing flickering green pixels on dark backgrounds on my screen, the flickering green pixels, when they are present are always in the same place.

The first thing I did was buy a new DVI cable and then I ran it from the monitor to a different DVI port in back of the GPU. The issue seemed fixed but then a day later the intermittent green pixels came back, at that point I totally uninstalled the newer Nvidia drivers I had recently installed using DDU and installed the drivers I never had issues with which were from early 2014. After I did that the problem seemed gone and everything was fine until last month when I replaced my mouse. I noticed my mouse pointer had three black dots following behind it in a horizontal pattern. I then removed the Nvidia drivers from early 2014 and installed the most current Nvidia drivers, I believe they're from the 14th of December. After I did this the three black dots following behind the mouse pointer vanished but a week or two later, the intermittent green pixels came back.

1. The intermittent green pixels do not show up in screenshots, I've taken numerous screenshots of the screen when they are present but in the screenshots they are nowhere to be seen.

2. They're showing up more often lately.

3. They don't seem to show up when if I set the display to a lower resolution or when I'm in the bios screen.

4. The GPU is a Nvidia 450 GTS and it is not overclocked and is usually running at 29c, the fan is runni... Read more

A:Flickering Green Pixel Issue = Monitor Or GPU

Hello and welcome Deviancy now my first thought was the monitor may be going south but in view of the changes around you swapping cables and drivers and the fact that the card is five years old now makes me wonder if the card is going south.

Have you access to another monitor to see if the same thing happens?

Second it may as well to test that card with this FurMark: VGA Stress Test, Graphics Card and GPU Stability Test, Burn-in Test, OpenGL Benchmark and GPU Temperature | oZone3D.Net now this can put a fair bit of stress on the card so best run when you are nearby to check things like temps etc.

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Hello, I have a Thinkpad x270 laptop running Windows 10.Laptop is connected to external DELL P2719H monitor through HDMI cable. Resolution is Full HD. I am using wireless keyboard and mouse.I have updated all the drivers in 2 steps - first, I did "Windows Updates", and then, second, I went through all devices in "Device Manager" in order to update all the remaining drivers.  Problem is the following -  my display has flickering issues. Generally it happens when I move the mouse. You can see this on the video below. Flickering on the video bellow happens when I go over the small video built-in into the website. This happens couple of times per day. I thought that it might be caused by wireless mouse or HDMI cable or Display, but my testing showed thata) similar flickering issues sometimes happen with mouse turned OFF and disconnected from the laptop andb) I don't experience such issues with the same HDMI cable, same DELL P2719H display, but with different laptop running Windows 7. So I think it might be caused by x270 or Windows 10 problems. What are your thoughts? What troubleshooting steps could be made?   

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hi, Today when i turned on my computer everything was fine. I used it for a short while and proceeded to put it in standby mode for about 1 hour or so, when i woke it from standby i immediately noticed that in the top right and bottom left corner the screen is flickering [as though i have set the refresh rate lower, but i have checked and it was not changed from 85hz] I am prone to migrains so i absolutely have to have the refresh rate set as high as possible to use my computer and it was never been a problem. The weird thing is that sometimes it stops flickering and goes back to normal, but that doesn't last long. I'm completely at a loss as to what is causing it as i didn't change anything between yesterday and today. I tried reinstalling my gpu driver with no luck, i've checked the cords and they are all plugged in correctly. My computer is by no means showing any different behaviour it runs just as good as always just this flickering. unfortunately i do not have another monitor so if anyone has any idea what this may be i would be very grateful. - Could it possibly be that the power cable from my monitor to plug socket is dying? It almost appears more as the corner of the screen is shaking slightly.

-UPDATE. My mothers room is right next to mine and i happened to go into her room and notice she had a heater directly on the wall separating our rooms so i turned it off [while the flickering was happening] and i moved it and so far i haven't experienced the flickering bu... Read more

A:Help Needed ASAP[Flickering Monitor issue.]

Hello and welcome to the forums!!! Who are the manufactures of your monitor and your graphics card?

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I bought this laptop back in September-ish of 2014. It runs perfectly fine still and always has but the image on my screen has been a problem since probably December of 2014. I know that seems ridiculous for me to just now be bringing it up but I honestly dont use it that often and only for pleasure so I always put it off and forgot about it.

The screen basically flickers blue in certain spots. Corners of windows, icons, links, etc. Its almost as if it was highlighted... I am not sure what it is. Sometimes it randomly goes away but then comes back within a few days.

If i do a screen grab of the blue flickering it doesnt appear in the jpg. So i took a picture with my cell phone. I uploaded that pic as well as my system specs to this thread.

Anyone please help lol....Bestbuy within 10 minutes told me it would cost me $200 for a new screen without even doing anything besides comestically looking at the screen and laptop. HP has been beyond awful in their "support"


A:HP Laptop Blue flickering screen issue!

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Hi,  I have a Lenovo Z50-70 laptop(GeForce 840m(4gb) and i7).  When I plug in my external monitor using VGA cable, it starts flickering and looks like its trying to auto adjust every 3-4 seconds. I have latest Intel HD and Nvidia display drivers installed. I tried to attach the same monitor to my old laptop and everything works fine, so its not cable or monitor problem. Also tried to remove laptop charger, changing display settings etc., and the problem still remains. No idea what else can I do to prevent this permanently.Interesting part: When I launch any game then flickering goes away. When I exit the game, flickering comes back. Its so weird. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Lenovo Z50-70 external monitor flickering issue.

Check the output frequencies the monitor/display is getting. Either they're exceeding the display capability and/or the refresh freq is off, 60HZ is the norm for flat panel displays while some will handle higher up to 75HZ but only lower will be visible to the eye. The resolution may also be wrong as it may not be detected to set the correct resolution for that display as well.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB

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Hi there, I bought a Lenovo Yoga 910, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD 4K laptop in September 2017. I've had no major issues with it until the past few days. What is happening is that when I'm watching a video, on seemingly any player, after a while the screen starts going crazy, it's fairly hard to describe so I'll link a video to it. https://sendvid.com/eoi9k12k Once that starts to happen, any time I mouse over anything the screen flickers, and anytime I open anything (e.g. an internet tab/the start menu) it goes back to the original freak out style. If I manage to minimise everything and sit on the home screen with the mouse not touching any icons then the screen is fine.  I feel like there was an update fairly recent prior to this starting, so whether that is the cause or not I'm not sure. I'm a standard computer user, so for information that is required I'll likely need pointing out how exactly I go about finding said information or performing said task if it's not pretty basic.  Thanks in advance for any advice.  

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recently, my screen has been flickering as if it was static. at this point, i think ive figured it out its some sort of cable issue in the screen because it occurs when i move the screen. is there a way for me to fix this? i don't know how to dissasemble the screen, is there any specific steps i should take? any other suggestions? thanks

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Hi there guys,
I have a problem with my screen flickering? going up and down, whenever I do something. I mean I thought it was just whenever I was using my browser, but it happens whenever I play games or anything is happening ont he screen. It's not consistent, but it keeps doing it, I tried formatting my PC, changing the monitors and cables but the problem is still there and it's bugging me to no end! and I have no idea what to do with it. Could anyone help me? I beg of thee!

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I bought an Hp notebook AU003TX..Second day of purchase I found my notebook's screen flickering and it was uncertain,it occurs may be one time or two times a day. Called the tech support no they told me to ON it in BIOS mode and it. was flickering in BIOS mode also so they said it's an hardware prblm we will send an engineer.Engineer arrived and in first half hr he said there is no prblm bt after some time flickering occurred and he said there may be some problem.I demanded DOA BT they denied and said there is no hardware issue drivers has to be updated so I got it replaced from my dealer and the previous notebook when checked drivers were already updated.Now after 4-5days again the same issue was found in my new notebook.Now service people says window or drivers has to be updated and these are already updated.They took the notebook and after two days returned saying there is no issue however the tech support says there is hardware problem as screen is flickering even in BIOS mode. The case has been closed and the problem is not solved yet.

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Hi...I am hoping to get some guidance on an issue that I am having.  We bought my daughter a Yoga 730 for college in July and she started experiencing issues with the screen flickering to the point she cannot use it except for in tablet mode.  In tablet mode she says it does not flicker at all but it is harder for her to use (and she honestly should be able to use it as a laptop also..that is why we chose the Yoga).  I purchased it via Amazon and their tech support sent links to update the BIOS etc. which my daughter has done but the flicker continues. My problem(s) are these 1) Get the flicker issue resolved.  Since it works fine in tablet mode it most likely is not a software issue and I have read quite a few posts online about the wire to the display being pinched but need someone who knows about these things to take a look at it and resolve the issue.  2) She is at college 13 hours away and needs to use her laptop on a daily basis for school.  The 13 hours means I cannot drive over to her dorm and take a look at it and her need to use it means she cannot go without a machine for long. If someone could provide some insight into how Lenovo typically handles these types of issues and what type of turnaround time she can expect?  There is a warranty place near where she is at school and that might help with the shipping time etc. but not sure. Thanks in advance....

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Hi again,I have a question to Lenovo V310-15 owners. I am using Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics 520 variant (i3). When i set brightness to 0%, the backlight is flickering. Am I the only one with this issue? Please check that.

bl.jpg ?17 KB

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Hi all,

System specs:
P4 2.8GHz
ASUS P4C800E Deluxe P-4 ATX Motherboard
Antec PLUS 1080AMG ATX Case w/ 430W PS

I just replaced my video card, which was an ATI 128MB Radeon 9800 Pro AGP, with an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro 512MB AGP. Since then, I am getting very random "flickering", or what appears to be screen flashing. Most often happens when opening apps or switching between apps.

I checked ATI support, and all that they suggest is updating the AGP BIOS drivers, which apparently involves updating the complete BIOS, something I'm not sure I'm comfortable doing, or is apes. I would have assumed that the AGP drivers were compatible with another ATI AGP product.

Could this new card be drawing enough additional power to be causing this anomaly? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

A:Video card replaced - flickering issue resulted

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Had this Sager np2740 laptop and it has had lot of issues. When i first got it, it was great. Battery was good and everything. After having the laptop for a bit, my battery went bad. Had that Red X mark on it. I bought a new battery replacement which was expensive. Had to go to repair shop to install battery on laptop because you had to open laptop in order to put battery in.

After that, battery went bad and had that Red X mark ever since. Then recently my laptop flickers a lot the screen. Like rainbow color. Now theres a black line there. But if i move screen up or down, it goes green or yellow etc. The thing though is i connect my laptop to an external monitor so i dont have this issue with my main screen. Thus it would be impossible to use my laptop by itself because of the blurry lines.

Since I'm out of warranty... this is with xoticpc, what can i do about this case? Go to a repair shop and see what they can do about it? The thing is if i need a replacement part, wouldn't i need to order from sager/xoticpc for this issue? I have had nothing but issues with this laptop once the battery first ran out.

A:Laptop Flickering Screen And Huge Issue with Clicking

I also had another issue related to this. Earlier when i was trying to click on things on my laptop screen... it kept asking me if i want to delete this program from computer. Example i would left click on a program on my desktop or click on my pictures or documents.
I click no and then i had this message show up over and over again where I cannot X it out. Had to been like that message popping up over and over again. I assume this is related to the screen flickering? Example i would use my mouse and click on programs on my desktop or my documents etc left clicking it like normal. It would then have the popup are you sure you want to delete file and send to recycle bin. Basically i click no but that same message keep popping up over and over again. When i got control alt delete, you see it has like 50 processes that say program isn't responding or something like that. Only way to get rid of this is to restart my laptop or shutdown then start it up again.
And when i do restart laptop or close it and start up, it would have this message with black screen and have option to click Enter where it says Window 7. Like asking which program to start up. Does anyone know what this is?

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Hi all,
I've recently bought a Dell 7559 refurbished, with the Intel core i5 and GTX 960m. Within a day or two of use, the screen began to flicker upon booting up or waking from sleep mode, and it seems that the longer the laptop was in sleep/off mode, the worse the flickering is upon booting up. I've been trying to figure out what's going on, I've updated all drivers and such from the Dell support page, but nothing seems to fix this issue. Does anyone know what's going on? I'm certainly bummed out to have run into this issue within just days of buying the product. I've uploaded a youtube video to try and show what's going on.

A:Dell 7559 screen/display flickering issue

Hi DukeBaluk,
I’d suggest that you update BIOS on your computer to check for issue resolution. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, then download the BIOS from BIOS section onto the system and install it.
Also, we will have to perform the ‘LCD BIST’ (Built in Self-test) on the computer. Please follow the steps mentioned below to run the “LCD BIST’.

Turn of the computer.
Press and hold down the ‘D’ key on the keyboard and press the Power button.
You will see different colors on the LCD screen. Please check if the issue reoccurs on the screen.

In addition, please connect the system to an external monitor and check if the issue reoccurs.

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Hi, I bought a T480s back in December 2018 and have noticed this problem in the title for quite a while now. I'm running the following: Processor: i7-8650UNo MX150Graphics: Intel UHD 620Screen: WQHDMultiple times throughout the day my screen will flicker or momentarily black out sections (typically the bottom portion) of it. It doesn't happen as often when fewer applications are open, but it still occurs even then. It doesn't appear to be a hardware issue, given that I've tried moving the laptop back and forth, shook it gently etc. to try to reproduce the strange behavior.I tried updating the Intel drivers only for the problem to worsen -- updating the driver to the November version (25.x something) caused the computer to additionally black out the screen entirely at times, which could only be resolved by putting the laptop to sleep and waking it up again! I've decided to install version of the Intel 620 UHD driver, and I'm hoping it works without a hitch, but has anyone else had and resolved this sort of issue before? Or if some Lenovo staff are around, is there a solution? I'd really like to send it back for a replacement but my schedule won't allow me and I'd be out of a laptop for work.

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Hi!Have an issue that the screen is flickering. Usually the bottom half and its seems to stop when I turn of wifi (flight mode) . I have tried different drivers and made sure the Bios is updated to the latest version.  It comes and goes and get more intense in certain situations but always stops directly when I turn on flight mode. Tried with different combos of WIFI (abgn) but only turning it off seems to work.  It can begin after a few minutes or an hour and can go away for hours and then come back.  For me it seems as its insufficent sheilding or something like that.   Is there some driver that can solve this or is it an hardware issue? I really like this machine but its really anoying with an error like this!  I have been reading and can see that I'm not the only one with this issue.  

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I've seen some other posts for different models about similar issues, but it doesn't seem like mine really falls within the same problems as the others. If I am wrong, please let me know as I would love to have this fixed once and for all. Starting in September 2018, after moving, my M93z all-in-one screen got some lines in it, and it would flicker depending on where on the screen windows were placed. If white colors were behind the lines, it didn't like that. If it was black, it wouldn't flicker, but the lines were still there. I started using an external monitor exclusively. Fast forward to August 2019. I move again, this time from Boston to Sarasota, FL. The M93z rode on its side on the floor in the front passenger seat of my car which was on a trailer being towed by a 26' UHAUL truck. When I boot up the PC after the move, the screen is cured! It works like a charm for a month. But starting today, it is back to how it was. No, it didn't sustain any big bumps or shocks since it was set up in its current position. Only difference is that I left it on overnight to update to the latest version of Windows. When I woke up, the lines were back. I have opened it back when this issue first happened, jiggled cables around, nothing seems to affect it. I was about to buy a new screen for it until it fixed itself back in August 2019. Anyway, any help is appreciated. Thank you. PS: Pictures of the screen are attached...the "quality" of the lines seem t... Read more

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Laptop screen flickering? - YouTube <-- Cellphone vid of the screen flicker

So a year or so ago I had to send my laptop off to Staples Business Depot where I got it to have my screen fixed. It would randomly start flickering black and loseing picture before coming back. Sometimes It wouldnt come back for a few minutes or at all until shutdown.

After staples was done looking at it they just backed up and reset my laptop. This is what was said:

"Comprehensive hardware test performed. No trouble found with testing.

Video issue was only recreated inside Windows & tested ok outside of Windows. May have been a driver conflict / software incompatibility

A complementary factory re-installation was completed to ensure the system is performing to manufacturer design.

Repair completed and final testing passed. External cleaning performed. Returning to store for Customer pick-up"

And honestly that fixed it for the time being but now the issue is starting again. Same thing, has only happened once or twice but now I have no warrenty left to have it repaired.

Thus far it has only happened while I am on my desktop or using google chrome. It hasnt happened while playing any games yet but it did previously when the issue first started.
Laptop is an Asus X73S
Intel i7 @ 2.2GHz
Nvidia 610m (all drivers up to date)
8gb RAM
One 290GB hdd, one 380GB hdd.

Ive had a few windows updates the last few days that have installed on shutdown. The issue first started on May 21st... Read more

A:Screen flickering, was told it is driver conflict or software issue?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Please see this,
Windows Update Posting Instructions

You might also see the status and uninstall these updates,
Then use clean up system files inside Disk cleanup.
Disk Cleanup : Extended

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Hi All,
I am using List control in SPFx web part and implemented "View more" button click functionality to fetch items in batches. I am facing flickering issue while scrolling towards the window end or on multiple clicks of view more button. 
Please suggest on the same.
Environment- SharePoint Online
Webpart - SPFx with React.
Thanks in advance!

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