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Performance issue on Inspiron 3451 after bios update

Q: Performance issue on Inspiron 3451 after bios update

I recently updated my Inspiron 3451 bios from A00 to A05, and the update finished successfully, no errors or interruption during the update. But here is the problem, when the laptop was still in bios version A00, it load the windows quickly after i switched on the laptop, and after it updated to version A05, i have to stuck on the dell logo for about 8-10 seconds, waiting, without windows loading animation or any harddrive activity (from fn+h combination), but after that, the windows loading animation comes up and system start quickly.
i have tried everything, resetting the bios, updating the drivers and windows, and even reinstalling the windows, but still. It's truly annoying to wait for that long, although the laptop works well for daily use. Is there any workaround for this problem? i'm thinking about downgrading the bios to A00.

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Preferred Solution: Performance issue on Inspiron 3451 after bios update

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I recently picked up an Inspiron 14" 3451 for work. I love windows 10 on my desktop so immediately upgraded the Insprion's 8.1 OS, but (as someone who loves a clean wipe with no bloatware) checked "Keep nothing" when installing.
Since the the Dell's touchpad is listed as a generic PS/2 Mouse under the Device Manager, and no driver installation or restart can convince Windows otherwise.  That that means is I can't scroll or use any gesture based navigation!
I've gone to the support page and downloaded the drivers, they do nothing. I feel like there's a piece of software I'm missing and can't see to find.  Any help would be appreciated, navigating Word Documents and websites is really awful right now.

A:Inspiron 14 3451 Touchpad with Windows 10

Good day,
I would ask you to install windows 8.1 drivers in compatibility mode. This link will provide more information about compatibility mode.
If there are any other queries do reply to this post along with the service tag of the system sent via private message .

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Hello what is the Keyboard Key sequence (ie FN+F3 or whatever)  for Disabling and enabling the touchpad please on the Dell inspiron 14 series 3000 (3451) ?

A:Enabling & Disabling Touchpad on a Dell Inspiron 14 3451 using keyboard key?

Hi Andyr123,
To enabled and disable the touchpad on Dell Inspiron 3451, press <Fn> + <F5> simultaneously.
Hope this helps.

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I am facing performance issue with my Inspiron 13 . I am getting high CPU usages with very high memory usages (always above 50%) also disk usages is always above 60% reaching 100% very quickly. In between fan kicking off .. Attached some of the screenshot I captured.
Not many software installed ..only software installed is Visual studio and IntelliJ.

Any help will be appreciated .. if not resolved I am thinking to send this back to dell.

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This was bought as a Christmas present for my sister in 2011. About once a year I give it a "once over" to keep software up to date, and a couple of years back I swapped over the WiFi mini-board so that I could upgrade it to Windows 10.  It's been great most of the time, perfectly suiting my sister's light-user needs. However, since installing the W10 the Creator's update a few days ago, 2 of the 3 USB ports no longer work. I want to see if a BIOS and/or chipset driver upgrade will fix this but the BIOS flash update programme to install A14 will not run under Windows 10. (Gives error code 00000406). Any ideas on how to force a BIOS upgrade in this scenario?
The machine is an Inspiron 1575, exact version is Inspiron N5050.
Thanks in anticipation


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I recently purchased the 3656 desktop with the AMD A10 8700P, Radeon R9 360, 8GB (Single channel?) RAM.  Tried loading GTA V on it. Even at lowest graphics settings this game has major problems keeping up with the game.  Is there anything I can do to this PC to get the game playable? I understand this is most likely a processor issue from what I have read...
Obviously, I am very new to this, sorry if these are very bad questions. 
If I upgrade the RAM to 16GB with 2 separate 8GB cards will that 1) help and 2) be dual channel?
The RAM is DDR3L, which I guess runs at lower voltage.  
The processor says it is 1.8GZH but maxes out at 3.3 in turbo boost.  I set my PC to high performance and still had same issues on GTA V.  FPS were between 20-40. 
Am I SOL with this box? CPU cannot be replaced from what I read too. 
I am thinking I got what I paid for, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
Kinda got suckered into the "Gaming Computer" advertisement of this machine and the video card was better than the one in the pc at Best Buy for $200 more. 

A:Dell Inspiron 3656 Gaming performance issue

Hi bigmowillie,Thanks for posting.Here are the specs for the game: Grand Theft Auto V Minimum RequirementsCPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHzCPU Speed: InfoRAM: 4 GBOS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)Click here for the latest video card driversSound Card: YesFree Disk Space: 65 GBAn Intel Core i5/AMD X8 FX-8350 and a GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7870 would work fine.

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The same issue from BIOS 1.2.5 is happening with BIOS 1.2.6. After the update, the boot screen remain totally black (no Dell logo) and you cant enter in the BIOS interface (no video at all).
The workaround is to downgrade to BIOS version 1.2.3 
The windows boots as usual, and maybe this is the reason that users havent noticed this issue.
The bios upgrade/downgrade is automated. No mouse clicks are needed. Just wait computer to boot and wait some minutes. After this (blind) downgrade (because there is no video), you will see the dell logo once again and everything works as usual.

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This is Devendra from India. Recently I purchased Dell 15 3567 (i7,8GBRAM). After purchasing I notice that it performance it not good and in Task Manager the Disk usage is always high. I contact lots of time to different-different Dell Agents. Each time they try some solutions like Resetting PC setting, Refreshing OS image, by disabling background services, Replace Hard Drive but unfortunately the actual issue has not been detected and fixed yet. I've requested to them to send Dell engineer to my place to check the system, so exact issue can detect. But they can't help. It has been since a long time that I'm requesting. Can anyone please help me. My details are given below.

A:Inspiron 15-3567, Performance Issue, high disk usage

It's just about impossible to quantify the "performance it not good" element.  Relative to what?
It is very possible the CPU is simply outstripping the ability of the hard drive to keep up - in a system with a conventional, spinning hard drive, that will be the slowest element -- and this is a very low-end system.   It may well be you're running applications the system just isn't capable of running well.
A Dell engineer can only run the same diagnostics you can -- if your system shows no faults, you may want to consider either upgrading it to a solid state drive, or if it's new enough, upgrading to a more capable system than this low-end model provides.

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I attempted to update the BIOS on my Inspiron 5565 (AMD-A10 9600P) from .1.0.5 to v1.0.8 using the 'BIOS flash update' with the BIOS update file downloaded (and md5 hash verified on a usb key) from the drivers download page:
I followed the instructions on this support page:
to copy the BIOS update file to the USB but when I find and select the file in the 'BIOS flash update' function it reads the USB key (usb key read/write light flashing) but prompts with 'Invalid file!'. I have not renamed the file at all and I also tried to update to the other downloadable BIOS update file, v1.0.6 but get the same error message 'Invalid File!'
Reason for trying to update via the BIOS update feature is that I have a blank hard drive and I'm having trouble loading Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (but seem to have no issue with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) so trying to update the BIOS as first troubleshooting elimination step.
Any tips or suggestions most appreciated.

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Hi all,
I recently purchased an Inspiron 15 7567 gaming laptop from Dell and have encountered a few issues.
Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ Kabylake
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 
Memory: 8GB (1x) DDR4
Storage: 1TB Hybrid Drive
The rest can be found here
Upon first setup there were issues installing the NVIDIA drivers where the install would fail multiple times - eventually I got the driver to install. Then I had some issues with the graphics card enabling when I would play games so I just changed the setting in the NVIDIA control panel to always use the dedicated GPU. After playing some AAA titles such as GTA V and Arma III, I am experiencing what appears to be throttling. On low or ultra settings, my FPS remains around 45-50 (sometimes a little higher before stutter) on most games which surprised me because the dedicated GPU is a 1050 Ti which has higher specs than what the games need. After playing for maybe an hour, the game starts to frequently stutter, dropping frames for a couple seconds then boosting back and so on. I have monitored the temperature of both the GPU and CPU which reach ~56 degrees Celsius and ~70 degrees Celsius respectively. I have also monitored the usage of the CPU and memory during play, the CPU not reaching full usage and the memory reaching about 90% usage. I have also monitored the GPU performance through GPU-Z and will attach the file below. I have virtually tried everything that I can thi... Read more

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Week ago I bought new SSD drive. (OCZ Agility 3, 2.15 firmware)
I made fresh install of OS, newest drivers etc.
SSD and my system was working very well but I was disapointed to my SSD-benchmark results. Well I tried to increase performance by updating my motherboard bios. Bios update succeed but it didnt really increase performance of my ssd, new bios reduced writing performance notable. (MOBO = Asus m4a87td/usb, bios v.2001) AHCI is on.

What with that 103424? Shouldnt it be 1024? Previous score over 400 points, now just 300. (disappeared in picture)

Also noticed another problem. I can't boot my comp if I have external drive plugged in.
I just can't change my 1st device boot to agility drive in bios because it's not in the list of boot devices. Well I unplug external drive and its working. Also thought that bios update would fix it but it didnt.


A:SSD Performance reduced after BIOS update.

Your numbers are lower than most, but I don't know if it would be noticed in real life as opposed to a benchmark.

I think that 103424 is a reference to alignment. If it's evenly divisible by 4, it should be OK--and it is.

Not sure about the BIOS/external drive issue. Was the external connected when you did the clean install to the SSD?

One way or another, I'd make sure all boot files were on the SSD and that it appeared in the BIOS and was bootable, regardless of whether the external was plugged in.

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Anyone has a P4ITA2 motherboard? I had a serious problem here (For a gamer, it's serious.) After I update my BIOS to the lastest P4ITA2 revision, my RAM was underclocked from PC800 to PC600! It reduced my 3DMark score from 8089 to 7543! That's a serious drastic situation! My bandwidth dropped from 3.2gb/s/channel to 2.4gb/s/channel!!! Any remedy to it?

A:Performance Decrease after BIOS update?

Yeah... put it back to the way that it was.

I don't want to be preachy here but in my several years tenure as a computer technician and then as a systems administrator, I have broken many a thing by upgrading to the latest firmware / BIOS / etc... just because of the hell of it and not because that firmware or BIOS upgrade actually fixed any problem that I was having....

Typical example was a CD-RW drive from Yamaha that I bought a few years back. This was back when having a CD-RW drive was a really big deal, and this was a SCSI drive which was like K I C K A S S ! ! ! !

All was fine until I upgraded to the latest firmware and then all hell broke loose. At one stage the firmware actually got corrupted and the drive would do some really trippy things. For a long time I had to reapply the previous version of the firmware just to get the drive to write CDs and then still it would often refuse to properly read a CD that it had just written.

There was no reason to appy the firmware, I just did it to be cool. So be aware of these issues and don't do stuff like that unless you really have to.

I think you can probably roll back to the previous BIOS, your board's manufacturer's web site SHOULD have an archive of previous versions, or you can also try and see if they have an ftp server which will likely have it even if its not linked to on their web site.

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i have set my bios administrator password from long time and iforget it and now i tried to update my bios and there is no change i need some help     my device is : dell inspiron 5520 and the problem with administrator bios password

A:i have set my bios administrator password from long time and iforget it and now i tried to update my bios and there is no change i need some help my device is : dell inspiron 5520 and the problem with administrator bios password

You need to place a voice call to Dell support --- they'll provide you an unlock key upon validation of ownership.

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I have a new HP omen 17 with thw gtx 1070 in. before the bios update I was getting 30 fps on planet coaster. Now it stuggles to get even 7. What the hell has the update done to my computer and how can it be fixed as it is making my games unplayable. I have spent a lot of oney on this laptop. Please sort this. 

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A couple of days ago my computer's BIOS updated. Since then the system has experienced periodic slowdown.The first time I noticed this (which might not be the first time it occurred,) I checked Task Manager and found that "HP Support Assistant" was taking around 50% of the cpu. However since then I have not seen any processes taking an abnormal amount of cpu, although the slowdown generally stops by the time Task Manager pops up. As an example, after physically typing the "Spectre x360" in the title of this post, it took about 10 seconds for the letters to actually appear. Things sped up later in the post, but there have been multiple waves of slowdown while writing this. I've owned this computer less than a week, and it is has already become crippled. I did notice this post , which discusses the "HP Support Assistant" taking up cpu on earlier models. Although I am not certain if HPSA is the culprit. HPSA does state that I am fully up-to-date. If I were to uninstall then reinstall it, should I use the link supplied in that thread or is that installer specific to the Envy rather than the Spectre x360? I did not experience any of these issues prior to the BIOS update. When typing "wmic bios get biosversion" into a command prompt, it states that my BIOS version is:{"HPQOEM - 1072009", "F.04", "American Megatrends - 5000C"} As part of the BIOS installation process, a backup was placed onto a usb stick. Although I don't know if the backup is the old bios or the... Read more

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I want to boot from my USB DVD drive so I can clone the installed 5400 rpm hard disk to a 7200 rpm. I called tech support yesterday, they couldn't help, and said I would have to pay for advanced support. I told them that if this is Dell's policy after all the years I have done business with them, I'd prefer to return it for a refund and forget about doing business with Dell. That didn't matter, though, so I hung up.
Does anyone know how to do this without the necessity of re-installing Windows 8.1? I checked Dell Online Support and the most recent BIOS is A01, which came with the machine.
Thanks for your help.

A:Inspiron 11 - 3147 Bios issue

In order to boot from the DVD, you must turn off secure boot and boot in legacy mode (F2 at powerup).  Remember to change the boot back to UEFI (but don't turn secure boot back on) after cloning.
Also remember that the Dell recovery partition will no longer function after cloning - it is encrypted and the cloning process will break the encryption.The better way to do this is to have a 16G or larger flash drive.  Use the Dell backup and recovery utility on the hard drive to prepare a recovery drive, and then swap drives.  Then recover the system to the new hard drive (it will recover both the windows drive AND the recovery partition this way).

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Dear Customers,
Dell is aware that a recent BIOS release (version 3.8.1) for the Inspiron 20 3052 All-in-One has caused some systems to fail to boot.  Dell has stopped the push of the affected BIOS version and urges impacted customers to contact Dell Tech Support or on Twitter @DellCares.

Thank you,
Dell Support Team

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I recently updated my Dell m4800 to BIOS A8 with Windows 7 64. I had been using a collection of older power adapters from my previous Dell m4400 without any issues. After the update, wow. A huge performance hit if I do not have the 19.5 volt and 9.23 amp adapter connected.
The m4400 power adapter is 19.5 volt and 6.7 amp. Pretty close right? Not any more.
I do have it connected to a Dell docking station almost all the time. Just checked. They are both 6.7 amp.
Anyone know what changed in BIOS A8 and what the deal is with the performance? Looks like I need to request a new docking station, but I'm not sure IT will believe my story.

A:Slow Performance without proper Power Adapter after BIOS A8 update on M4800?

I'd like an explanation from Dell as well.
If I'm correct, the crippling started with A07. I have the i7-4900MQ CPU with "Max Qualified Speed" at 2.80 GHz (multiplier 28) and "Max Turbo Boost" speed at 3.79 GHz (x38 ratio). Independent of the BIOS version (A06, 07, 08 or 09), when on the 180W AC power adapter, the CPU runs at x36 ratio i.e 3.59GHz. Even without any processing load. The same goes for battery power, whatever the BIOS version, the CPU speed is at x 34 ratio i.e 3.39 GHz. Again, without any load. On battery power the CPU is at a higher speed than the "Max Qualified Speed" without any need for the Turbo Boost.
Now the problem arose with the version A07 and exists in all of the following versions. When you plug in an adapter which is less than 180W, I have several of the 130W ones, the CPU multiplier drops to 8 which is the absolute minimum and makes up 800MHz. Ridiculous! Right after you remove the power supply you get an immense 3.39 GHz, over 4 times the speed when on AC.
As I need to use the laptop on a dock which has the 130W power supply weekly, I've reverted to BIOS A06 first. The computer is unusable at 800 MHz, it's like going 15 years back in time. The most noticable feature of the newer BIOSes that I like is that they somehow optimize the fans and make them quieter.
Does anyone if there is a limit on how many times the BIOS chip can be flashed?
I'd like Dell to explain why they have made such a move. And ... Read more

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I recently pulled an Inspiron 11-3147 2-in-1 out of mothballs after 12-18 months. I received the laptop for free through Time Warner as a promotion and never found it powerful enough for day-to-day use (I always suspected TW had the machines custom built with reduced specs to make them cheaper). My idea now is to wipe the hard drive, install Ubuntu, and use it as a high-powered e-reader/internet browser when I don't need to be doing anything productive.
When I turned the laptop on for the first time in 12-18 months, it beeped loudly, and nothing appeared on the screen. I had plugged it in only a few minutes before, so I assumed it just didn't have the juice to do anything and that the beeps were a critical battery alarm. After charging for a few hours, I tried again. Same beeps, but this time the system did boot as normal and I was able to log in.
Now knowing that the beeps weren't related to the battery, I reset the computer and paid attention: 5 beeps. Looking in the manual, I found that 5 beeps at startup indicated an internal clock power failure that could be fixed by replacing the button-cell battery on the motherboard. I purchased a replacement battery, swapped it in, and turned the system on. No change. Same beeps.
That's the short version of the main issue. If there's something simple I'm missing, like resetting the alarm somehow or some other step that wouldn't be included in the manual for some reason, let me know. I ha... Read more

A:Inspiron 11-3147 2-in-1 BIOS Beeps Issue

If a replacement CMOS battery did not solve it -- and before going further do a reset (unplug the system, disconnect the main battery and hold the power button for 30 sec -- then it's the clock chip itself that's bad.   Unfortunately, that means a replacement system board.

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Im in a quandry what to do and I dont fancy gambling and bricking a laptop. I have a customers Dell Inspiron N5050 on the bench, it has a problem with screen blank (but lit) after loading Win10 loading screen (just before logon) the Laptop originally had Win 7 it has BIOS A03. Selecting Basic adaptor driver and dell N5050 Intel Driver (but its for win 7 64 bit, dont see one for windows 10 ) display doesnt solve anything - when screen is blank I can plug in a VGA external display to VGA socket on laptop and the screen shows on external LCD, but it will not show on Laptop - even if I press the FN key and F(whatever key it is to change from laptop screen to external screen)  try and switch between screens. Now I found a BIOS A08 Update on Dell Support, but its for a DELL Inspiron N4050 (which has 14" screen)  but it says it is an important update and said it fixes blank screen issue on Windows 8 What to do, what to do? - I have downloaded N4050 A08 BIOS go to run it but havent got the guts to let it run (its looks like it would load it even though is says different model) - I dont want to brick Laptop BIOS. I wonder to go ahead and try flash with N4050 or just roll back the laptop back to its original Win 7?Thanks for any help. 

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I just tried to update the BIOS from A03 to the latest A10. I'm running Windows 10 Home, Vers. 1709., with all updates installed. Everything about the BIOS update seemed to go well. Got a message that the update was successful but needed a restart to take effect. I hit the Restart Now option, Seemed to restart normally, but it hung when it started loading windows. Here's where it hung:

 I let it run like this for 30 minutes or so, then shut it down by holding in the power button. I then tried to start it again. I noticed during startup that I got the Dell screen (I think maybe it's called the POST screen) where I can specify the boot source. I let it continue til it hung again (same spot). I shut it down again and found my Repair Disk, restarted and hit F12 during the Dell screen, selected DVD drive, and hit a key to continue. Windows hung again, similar to before, but this time it had an automatic repair message (which got my hopes up). Here's the Auto Repair message:

Well, no luck. I let it run like this for a half hour or so, then shut it down, Next I found a USB Recovery stick, stuck it in, selected USB Disk during the Dell screen. This time it hung again at the same place. No mention of Automatic Repair. Shut it down again. Then I tried starting again, but hit F2 during the Dell screen to go to Setup. It went to Setup normally. Here's what it looked like:
The heading shows that the BIOS was updated to A10. I went through all the setup sc... Read more

A:Inspiron 620 BIOS update problem

You need to create a bootable USB drive with Windows 10 if you think a repair of Windows 10 is required. Microsoft's Media Creation Tool should do the trick.

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Dear all,
I have here an Inspiron 20 3043 unit with an old A03 bios. I am trying to update it to the current latest A12 version, using the Dell official executable file for Windows. The Windows part goes all right, then it reboots (in fact it does not, as this unit never reboots - I believe because of the old Bios - it shuts down), so I have to wait until it shuts down, then I start it by pressing the power button, and then the InsydeH2O Secure Flash update shows up, but it says "Error : Decompress failed". Then my only choice is to press a key to reboot (again, it shuts down, currently being incapable of rebooting).
I have tried to use the A04 Bios file, that's the same issue.
My Bios files are located in Windows under My Document.
I have tried to unzip and then uncompress the BIN file to get an .fd file for the Bios, put it on a FAT32 usb stick, and then boot using WIN+B, but all I get is the diagnostic app from Dell.
Any idea on how I can get this Bios updated?

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So after installing Windows 10 I decided to update my drivers and one of them was the "BIOS Update" after a while the update stopped at "sending the update image to FW for verification" and it's stuck on 3%. I'm not a computer wizard so your help is appreciated. Also if you're wondering , I'm using the Dell Inspiron 3847.

A:Dell Inspiron BIOS Update

Bios updates require special installation and must be done alone. It cannot be done with other drivers. Bios updates should be done before updating to win 10 not after. Use caution updating bios since it can brick your computer. 
You should not be updating the drivers yourself. Go to Dell Drivers and downloads and let the scanner tell you what windows 10 drivers you need-- 
Completely Shutdown the computer to get out of the hangup. Wait a minute and then turn it back on.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 620 desktop.  It currently has a BIOS version of "A04".  I tried to update to version A10 but it did not update.  I ran the appropriate BIOS executable for my specific computer and it reported as updated but after it rebooted the version is still A04.  Any ideas?  Thanks to those offering suggestions. 

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I have an old Inspiron 1525 that I have been working on updating a little to be able to use for school. I added a larger hard drive now running windows 10, and upgraded to 4Gb ram running on a 64 bit. The only problem I have left is the battery. The one I had was shot so I ordered a new one, aftermarket not Dell branded, and installed it. My laptop will recognize the battery but not charge, looking into the BIOS it is showing that it does not recognize the charger. It is the original Dell charger. Looking into the help files on this site I found that updating the BIOS can resolve this issue. My problem is that since I cant charge my battery I cant install it the normal way. So I tried forcing the update as mentioned in the help files, from both the command prompt and from a boot USB. Both times it also kicked me out because the battery has less than a 10% charge. Is there another way to go about this without having to charge the battery because that doesn't seem like an option? I found external chargers but they are like $50-$70 and I don't want to spend that just to charge for this. Any advice? Thanks in advance for the help. 

A:Cannot Update BIOS on Inspiron 1525

I'd suggest you check, adapter and cables (including the power cable) for signs of physical damage or overheating. Also, check if the ID pin inside the plug or adapter port is bent, broken or damaged. Please click on link below for additional information.
AC Adapter Not Powering on the Computer or Charging the ...

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Last night after watching Netflix my computer said I had a bios update to install I clicked on the install and went to bed after work today I came home to find my computer power button was red and nothing would happen tried to turn it on a few times and just a red power button. Whats up with Dell allowing this to happen. This is my first Dell. And it will be my last if they are not going to do something about this. It has nothing to do with money if they think I am going to spend one more penny on this computer I will buy a brand new computer and it will never be a Dell again

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I have Inspiron 5558 with the original BIOS  A02. I usually don't upgrade BIOS unless something is critical because it is somewhat risky.   The latest BIOS update is A14 and states it is a security upgrade.  Does anyone know what and how critical is the security update ?  How much risk it to update my BIOS from A02 to A14?  Anyway to reduce risk  such as Windows BIOS install or install intermediate BIOS versions incrementally to A14 ?

A:BIOS A14 update Inspiron 5558

BIOS updates should always be installed in order, one at a time, rebooting after each one. Do not skip to A14.
Are they worth it? That is subjective. I only update a system BIOS to fix a specific issue I may be facing. I never update a system BIOS just because a newer one was released. Why? Because I do not want to risk a BIOS installation failing, breaking the motherboard.

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I found the BIOS update for my Inspiron 15R SE 7520 on these pages.
1. http://goo.gl/dQ74hv
2. http://goo.gl/pfQBnn
I am using Windows 8.1 (orignally system was preloaded with Win 8) which is causing a few small problems like the touchpad notification light (enable or disable light-small orange LED) is not working, airplane mode has multiple entries like when Fn+F2 is pressed, airplane mode is enabled but system shows it as disabled.So does these problems is solved in this BIOS?
Is it safe to update to A11 or is this some kind of beta BIOS?
Please also may I know the overall issues fixed in this BIOS update?
Thank you.

A:Bios A11 update for Inspiron 7520.

I don't mean to hijack your post, but I've been struggling with this laptop and its capabilities."mainly dealing with the ATI graphics".
I came across another post, that directed me to your question."Google"
I also found the bios A11 on the dell website, but when i look up or enter in my tag, it only shows the A10 bios update.-Is the A11 bios, not recommended? Why do you think its no longer available when you pick or enter service tag?
I am wondering if you happen to have used the A11? Did you notice any difference? I notice it says
(((Enhanced ATI VBIOS for new Samsung VRAM.))))
Or maybe anybody reading this, has had the chance to use the bios A11?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have an Inspiron 1720 running Vista Home Premium and I wish to upgrade to Windows 7.   The Microsoft Compatibility Test indicated there would be no problem.   However when I tried to install Windows 7 Home Premium it stalled saying I needed to update the BIOS version (A03).   Having checked Dell Support the latest version is A09.   When I try to download it all I get is a Download Manager which tells me there are no files to download.   I believe the file I need is 1702_A09.EXE.   How do I install this BIOS update?

A:BIOS Update Inspiron 1720

Please download the below BIOS file for your system.
Inspiron 1720 BIOS ZIP
Do let me know if you have any issues, the battery must be charged and connected to the AC adpt during the update.
All open applications have to be closed. Any interruptions during the installation could render the motherboard useless.

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I recently purchased an AMD RX 480, and everything powers up fine.
The thing is I don't get any video for monitor. It looks like it doesn't boot to the bios.
Someone on Reddit suggested I should update to my BIOS.
I have moved all the parts from the original case to another case, and I have a new power supply (500W) that I'm going to put into my case soon today.

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Hi, good morning,
I have a dell inspiron 3737, now it has installed bios version a08, and having problems with audio under linux, seems that it has a wrong pin config when read from bios. After search I have found a bios update to version A09 but when i try to update, using an usb with free-dos, i obtain the error:
Error: could not allocate page memory table
I tried too do a downgrading to version A07 but i obtain the same result.
Any ideas in how to solve that problem?
added and image of problem:

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Last week I updated my machine to the latest BIOS from Dell, file name 7437A10.exe. The machine rebooted fine after the installation and worked fine for a day or two. But now my machine will not boot pass the DELL logo (the progress bar at the bottom keeps spinning). The hard disk light lights up and blinks, indicating that the system is accessing the hard disk.
I tried a few things to get the machine to boot, with no success. What I tried was:

press Start and wait for the machine to boot for about 5 minutes, Iooking at the logo
press and hold the start button for about 30seconds
detach the battery, press the start button for about 30seconds to release any remaining current, attach the battery and tried to boot
reset the bios settings to default

None of these options worked. Can you help me figure out what the problem is?
I'm running Windows 10.

Thank you in advance.

A:Inspiron 7437 WILL NOT REBOOT after BIOS Update

Why did you update the bios? Laptops rarely need bios updates and if you do update the bios it should be done before upgrading the operating system. Dell has all the drivers you needed for win 10 here-- 
Try booting to Safe Mode or to the repair disk you made. You might be able to run the diagnostics to test the hardware and do a custom test of the hard drive. Bios update failures usually do not "work for a few days." It might be a coincidence and something else is causing the problem. Use the links on the Support page to get more info.

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Hello,There's a bios update that has just been released for my laptop, i'm trying to install it but i get this error message : There isn't any ROM file in this directorythe bios version is A09the current one is A08So shall i install it throught USB flash or what shall i do exactly?thanks in advance

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Hello Guys   After a bios update dell inspiron 3552 15 doesn't boot any longer.. When switched on everything works fine but displays nothing and it restarts. This repeats itself till the battery is removed. I tried recovering the bios through usb update but the laptop doesn't respond to it. Any help pls?

A:Bad Bios Update Dell Inspiron 3552 15

Hi kojo_asante,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Please run the diagnostics, to initiate power on the system while holding down the Fn key. Let us know, if your able to go to the BIOS screen and which version of BIOS you have installed on the system. Check if the system keeps restarting when it is in the BIOS screen. Remove the hard drive and check the status and then try with the memory modules to see, if there is any changes.
Kindly get back with the status after trying the above steps.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Hello there I was working on a laptop for a friend, figured out it's cmos problem by replacing the cmos battery, installed a fresh Windows 7 install then decided to update the bios, this was a bad idea. I used ...
Dell Inspiron 5520 System BIOS
From the Download/ Drivers page However as the update was running it got to the point where it shuts down the computer.
When the computer started to boot again I heard a click and it powered off, I left it alone, but it was simply powered off for a good half hour or so.
Now when I try to turn it on it will power up the Led buttons then after 3-4 seconds there is a click and everything powers down. 
The computer will not post. Is there a way to restore the Bios, or am I sol?

A:Inspiron 15R 5520 Bios update failed

It seems that the motherboard might failed.
Try a BIOS recovery - create a bootable USB using Rufus - http://bit.ly/1mmhOE1 - and ensure the system is powered off. Press and hold the end key + power button to power on the system - if it comes on it will go to BIOS recovery and you could force the BIOS update - http://dell.to/2hnhjs4
Also, try this method listed here - http://dell.to/2eMNErl - although your system model is not listed, try the step as suggested.
If nothing works, then the motherboard needs to be replaced.
You could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
You could also order the parts here - http://bit.ly/2gpQbri
My personal suggestion is that you invest your money / rather your Friend invest his / her money on a new machine than to repair this system. However, that is your discretion.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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My gpu isn't showing up in device manager, or in the bios. nvidia installers and geforce experience wont work because they say I don't have the required hardware. there have been no knocks or drops since updating the bios last night that might have caused this, and I've already done a factory reset, no luck, I'm stumped!

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     I am trying to update a BIOS on a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 using a DOS-Based environment.  I have downloaded the BIOS update from Dell's support website, which is 5520A14.exe, and have put it on a bootable USB flash drive using the Dell Diagnostic Deployment Package. 
When I run 5520A14.exe after I boot the system it just comes back saying 'Test.' and does not run the BIOS update utility.  I thought maybe the executable may have been corrupt, so I downloaded it again, and still had the same issue.
I also tried downloading the executable for revision 13, which did the same.
Please advise me on my next course of action.
Installing from within a Windows 8 environment is not an option.
Thanks for the help.

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 BIOS UPDATE

You will need to prepare a Windows bootable flash drive -- the BIOS cannot be flashed from a DOS environment.

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tried to flash bios to A09 from Dell website. Flash program completed successfully and shut itself down. But now PC will not reboot. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:Inspiron 3646 will not boot after bios update

Power off and unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery. See manual for details
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery (right-side-up!)
Reboot with fingers x'd

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I got a notification of a BIOS update by Dell on May 15. Clicked install and my computer locked up almost immediately. Waited 20 minutes to see if it would recover, nothing. Shut it down and restarted it. All I get is a bright power light. No monitor activity, no keys on the keyboard do anything (F8, F2, control-escape, etc). Recovery flash drive useless.
I know the update fried a lot of Inspiron 3052's. Does anyone have a 3252 that got bricked by that update?
Dell tech is now taking the stance that only 3052's were affected and my 3252 will not be taken care of.

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I recently purchased a quadcore Inspiron 518.
I was really disappointed to find out that there is no virtualization support in the BIOS it came with, (should have done more research.)
Are there any plans for a release to update the BIOS that would include this feature?  Or any work arounds I can do in order to have virtualization support from the motherboard/processor?

A:BIOS update for Inspiron 518 that provides Virtualization support

I am also interested in any news on this.  I have Windows 7 Professional and was hoping to use the virtualization for Windows XP Mode.  As it stands right now, I cannot enable it in the BIOS as it is not visible anywhere.

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Having problems such as frequent mouse disconnections (a wired one) and frozen sessions I decided to look if there was any update to my model's BIOS and indeed there was one.I downloaded the .exe from Dell.com, then run and followed the instructions. Suddenly, while the program was deleting old BIOS, the screen went black and the computer showed it was still on. I left it 5-6 hours at that state, but nothing happened. I pressed the button once, twice, hold it for a while, but nothing, it was still on. Later I decided to unplug it from power, and when the battery died, I turned it on again. However, nothing happens and there is a whistle warning me that there is no BIOS (I guess).
What can I do? Is it possible to flash a BIOS again, or should I buy a new motherboard (or system board)?A guy at a random service spot told me it is possible to flash BIOS again without buying a new motherboard, but I am not sure about this.

A:Bios Update Bricked my Dell Inspiron N5010

BTW: Have you read this, which is specifically about the N5010:
I noticed those instructions don't tell you to reinstall the motherboard battery, but you should do that at the end, assuming the method solves the problem.
If you want to try this, do it after you try clearing BIOS by pulling the motherboard battery, as I outlined above.  
And you follow that other guy's method to re-flash BIOS entirely at your own risk!

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After a updating Bios my Dell 2320 All In one, don't want start, nothing not fan not power nothing...
I tried to find a solution to upgrade the bios but i dont find... Do you have a solution?

A:Crash Dell Inspiron 2320 after update bios

Try this:

Power off, unplug cord from rear of PC
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect cord and see if it boots

If that doesn't help, repeat 1 & 2, above and then:

Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reinstall battery and close up
See if it boots now

Here's the manual with instructions to remove/replace the motherboard battery
Note: Working inside an A-I-O can be tricky so if you decide to open the case to remove the battery, it might be time to take it to a reputable PC shop for service. And there's no guarantee removing and reinstalling the battery will fix it. You might need a new motherboard...

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i am having a battery problem so i am wanting to update my BIOS to troubleshoot it.
My current BIOS version is A05 (3-jan-13).  I want to update it to A14.
But i am getting ther error message 'allocate memory for security flash fail!'
The drive where windows is installed has only 5GB of free space.
Could it be becausr of this?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 BIOS update error.

No -- 5G is more than enough free space for a BIOS flash.  Is the system failing to recognize the AC adapter (F2 at powerup to check)?
If it is, the BIOS won't flash - this is a hardware problem a BIOS update won't fix -- either the adapter, the DC jack or the mainboard is bad.

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Hi there! So I've been experiencing random freezes up to now and I don't know what causes them, usually it happens after sleep mode, ibernate mode or just simply starting the machine. The weird thing is, it doesn't happen when I'm gaming or anything that requires a lot of memory. I have run a hardware diagnostic but every test passed. I also experienced this the first day i got it, but i ignored it thinking it was just because of updates. Now the freezes are back and it is much more recurrent. My laptop is only a few months old. I keep updating BIOS everytime i can and it seems that it works but after 1 day or 2 maximum it happens again.  
What i usually do is to hard reset every time this happens. Can anyone please give me a solution for this? 
I have Windows 10 Up to date, when it freezes up all the apps that i was using are closed as it nothing happened, i use my touchpad, and mouse, i dont have aditional hardware, i have Antivirus.

A:Inspiron 7559 keeps random freezing after BIOs update 1.2.4

Maryol,Click the link below for information resolving system freezes and lockups.Troubleshooting System Lock Ups or FreezesClick the link below to view the information on resolving Windows 10 Freezing. It is not a Dell video but, it resolves issues with Win10 freezing.Windows 10 freezes randomly! Fix

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Has anyone else noticed that after the A09 bios update to your 11-3147 it takes way longer to boot up? It takes on average 15 seconds of staring at the Dell logo before Windows 10 starts to boot. I installed an SSD drive once It gets to the point of the OS booting it's lightning fast...just the bios post seems exceptionally slow. I'll try reinstalling the previous bios to confirm. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen also. I also have an 11-3148 and there was a bios update for it on the same day. It didn't affect it's boot speed at all and in fact seemed to cure the "plugged in not charging" issue that it had.

A:Inspiron 11-3147 A09 bios update - slow post

I'm using a Samsung Evo 850 256Gb.
Here's an update to this strange story: Yesterday I reverted back to A07 bios. bios went in all fine but then can't boot into windows. It doesn't see my drive. it does in the bios but not during post apparently. All boot and drive settings look the same as they were before. Tried a repair install of 10 which actually worked for me this time (previously I've only had failures for some reason). It finishes and gives me a log file of the apps and such it killed in the process. Mostly just the Dell Apps which is no big deal. Rebooted and once again boot times are nice and speedy as I was hoping. And that's not all folks! To top it all off, it now sleeps properly instead of just shutting down like I was whining about in my last post. Bizarre to say the least. This was my last ditch effort. If this had failed I was going back to the dreaded 8.1. Used it all evening as I normally would and it's working flawlessly. Only thing I notice of any mention is the battery will not show 100% charge which is what the A09 bios update fixed. No biggie. It says 99% and I know it's fully charged. It really makes me wonder how much the guys at Dell check stuff out before it's released. Seems like every computer guy that's worked for my company is the same way....fix one bug but neglect to check if the fix affected anything else and walk away.

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OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit.
I am having battery problems.
I currently have BIOS version A05 (3-jan-13).
I have downloaded the update A14 but when i am installing it,
It gives error message 'allocate memory for security flash failed!'.
My drive where windows is installed i have only 4.7GB of free space.  Could it be because of this?

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