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FSS tips, tricks, and requests.

Q: FSS tips, tricks, and requests.

Fss.exe is an excellent program, can't sing its praises enough. That being said, it can be a bit tricky to get the issues fixed once you've identified them. This post is two things - The first is a description of how I take the information provided by FSS and manage to fix machines without a corresponding uninfected machine of the same flavor of windows. The second is a request for the developer to add in some features to make this process easier.
For anyone who's unfamiliar, the app is available at http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/farbar/FSS.exe
This can identify missing registry keys needed for internet connectivity, firewall, or system restore, and it also checks the MD5's of the associated files in system32 and system32/drivers.

If you've identified missing keys, you're going to need copies of the right keys. I've found someone else who compiled a zip for each type of windows covered. http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/files/download/9-registry-network-keys/
While this has all the keys, you may need to edit permissions, in particular on the legacy keys, to be able to use the reg file.

If FSS identifies the firewall's turned off, just turn it back on using regedit (change the 0 to a 1 at the location in the fss.txt)

Next we get to the sys, dll, and exe files that get md5 checked. These are all available in windows CD's in compressed files which can be opened with 7zip. For windows XP these are available on the CD at i368/drivers.cab and for windows vista and 7 they're in sources/install.wim. If there are multiple flavors of a vista or 7 on the disk, read the xml file at the root of the wim, you can find out which version of vista or 7 corresponds to which numbered directory.

On occasion I've had machines where i replaced the files with incorrect md5s from the disk like this and FSS still said the md5's were incorrect - not sure what the cause of this is, but at least I know the file replaced is no longer a rootkit component. (most common reason i've had to use FSS is cleaning up after a rootkit infection.)

Now we get to the 2nd part, the feature request. I know there is an export service and find files feature, but these seem clunky. When I've got a good machine(or possibly just clean disk), i just want to grab everything it's got wholesale so i can build a repository of solutions. Can we get something which, when all registry keys are correct and all md5's match that can simply grab a copy of all the keys and files and dump them into a directory wherever FSS is run from which is labled with x32 or x64, the base type of windows, and the specific flavor of that base. (i.e. x32 windows 7 home premium). Even better, I don't think it's illegal to distribute the reg keys needed, so just grab the ones I linked above and bundle them in. The files on the other hand would be illegal - but making a script that would grab them off working installs or even the the CD's shouldn't be (working installs are trivial, for the cd's target the cab or wim on the disk, use 7z to open, grab the appropriate files and md5 check them). (just like windows xp PE's which allow you to construct a PE from the XP disks aren't illegal, but releasing them already built is)
Finally, relating to the legacy keys, is there a way outside of permissions in regedit to alter the registry permissions, it would be handy to have something which can allow you to enter the legacy keys then revert to normal permissions on them once you've added the appropriate entries.

Preferred Solution: FSS tips, tricks, and requests.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: FSS tips, tricks, and requests.

While this has all the keys, you may need to edit permissions, in particular on the legacy keys, to be able to use the reg file. I will let Farbar answer the rest, but I want to make one note. I know a lot of people feel its necessary to recreate the legacy keys. The reality is that there is just no reason to replace them. Instead your better off just deleting the legacy key altogether and reboot. The legacy keys will then be recreated when the service starts.

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r there any tips or tricks 2 speed up ie7 in win xp

A:tips and tricks

Use firefox

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First of all if this is in the wrong part of the forums tell me and ill move it.

All i wanted to know is as i'm a 14 year old student i'm slightly inexperienced with excel, does anybody know any tricks/tips that will impress him.

A:Tips & Tricks

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When I purchased my recent laptop, I had it come downgraded to Windows 7 Pro on a junk drive. So I essentially had a Windows 7 key and 8 key. I replaced the junk drive with an SSD and installed Windows 8 using the key in the BIOS. Today, the laptop is on Windows 10 Pro.

I'm now setting up a VM inside of the Windows 10 using Hyper-V, and created a Windows 7 Pro VM using the key that came with the junk drive.

Some questions:

Can I make repeated VMs using the same key? I thought about getting a base VM configured, and then saving that off, and then just importing that base VM additional times if needed. For example, 1 VM for 1 customer and other for a different customer, etc. Furthermore, is it possible to upgrade the base VM to Windows 10 and accomplish the same duplication?

I thought I had seen a tutorial or post about that here ...


A:VM Tips and Tricks?

No. That is not possible. Having multiple activated copies running at the same time will get flagged.

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What happened to the Tips and Tricks section of the forum? It doesn't show up in the TSG Index.

A:Solved: Tips and Tricks?

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Hi there!

In this thread we'll share some tips and tricks about Windows 8 Consumer preview.

1, Add a Shutdown Tile to Metro

Navigate to:C:\Users\/[USERID]/\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ProgramsRight-Click & select New -> ShortcutType the location of the item: C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0Click NextType a name for this shortcut: Shutdown NOW!Click FinishPress Windows Key to return to Start PageRight-Click on the new tileClick Open file locationClick Change IconClick OK when you get the error message.Click the Shutdown IconClick OKClick ApplyClick OK
2, Some users find it difficult to use Windows 8 without start menu. Fortunately Stardock has released a small application called "Start8"


- Adds a ?Start? menu to the Windows 8 taskbar
- Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
- Adds Run... option via right-click menu
- Adds Shutdown... option via right-click menu
- Choose a custom Start button image

Download: Start8 for Windows? 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu

P.S. You need to give your email address in order to download the app

Now Classic Shell supports Windows 8 which enables Start menu

Download : http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/

Does Classic Shell support Windows 8?
Starting with version 3.5.0, Classic Shell supports Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It adds a new customizable start button and some of the features have been disabled because they a... Read more

A:Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Great stuff!

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Why dont all the users of XP post some tips and/or tricks here. Thanks....
Tip one. Turn off Recent Documents in the Start menu.

Right click a clear area on your Task bar. Choose properties, Start Menu, Customized, Adavanced. Look at the bottom left of the screen and Uncheck the box. All done. Your recently view Documents will no longer appear....

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As I posted earlier, would like to see drag and drop from desktop to anywhere having each root auto open as you click and drag folder, file, et-cetera to specific place.

That said Win 7 allows you to drag a folder/file to START button (which opens) and then you can drag/move to my documents.

Wish list so far - should be easy to implement

MAGNIFIER -key stroke to start/stop
TRIM tool - key stroke to marque selection

A:Win 7 Wish List * *TIPS AND TRICKS * * *

I want to be able to change the icon of a self-made library. I actually sent some feedback on that.

No seriously, I don't really care, but I do think that it should be possible.

Can't really think of somethingelse now.

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Hey All,

Just wondering. I just bought Windows 7 Ultimate laptop. Runs great...but I want it to run Greater...

So is there any tweaks/Tips/tricks I can do the computer that will boosts performance and or boosts my wifi or just any tricks in General in windows 7 that'd be interesting to do.

Also to Mods/Admins anyway we can get Tips/Tweaks Sub-Forum for Windows 7?

Thanks All!
Take Care~

A:Windows 7 Tips/Tricks?

Its a small tip, but you could use the Windows Live Mail client instead of Microsoft Outlook. Makes it a little faster plus its easier to manage more email accounts.

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I just got my first LCD monitor, here is the link:




When I am gaming, the screen is slightly blurry when I am moving around in the game. It looks kinda like GTA3 tracers. The recommended resolution is 1280x1024 @ 60hz which is what I am running it in. I just installed the driver for the monitor, but it didn't really help. I have tried both the standard D-Dub & the DVI connections. Any tips, tweaks, things I need to know, etc?

My Specs:

AMD Athlon 64(tm) 3000+ Venice w/ 512MB PC3200 SDRAM

Attached are screenshots of my monitor options for both of the connections. Any ideas?


A:LCD Monitor Help, Tips, Tricks?

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These tips and tricks are currently being used with the Windows 8 Developer Preview build.How to Disable the Windows 8 Metro User Interface and get the normal Windows Start Menu back:Start the Windows Registry Editor by starting the Windows Task Manager. Once the Task Manager is open, click on File, then Run, and type regedit and press the OK button. The Windows Registry editor will open and you should navigate to this key:hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorerUnder that key you should see a value labeled RPEnabled. Change this value's data from 1 to 0. You should now have the normal desktop with the normal Windows Start Menu.To enable the Metro User Inteface, simply reverse the change by setting RPEnabled to 1.Credits to: Union_Thug and herg62123 How to shutdown or restart Windows 8:Hover your mouse button over the lower left corner of your screen. This will bring up the new pseudo Windows 8 Start Menu. Select Settings and when the settings screen appears, you can click on the Power button to Shutdown or Restart the computer.This screen is shown below: I can't run the Windows 8 Metro UI apps! Here is how to fix it:In order to run the Metro UI apps you must be at a resolution that is natively offered by Windows 8. That means it must be a resolution that is offered in the Screen Resolution of the Windows 8 Control Panel. As many people are testing Windows 8 through a virtual machine product su... Read more

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Hi, I need some help in notepad with multiplying numbers and generating random ones so any tips? I know that to generate a number is %random% right??

A:Notepad Tips and Tricks

i have moved to "other software" forum ,

are you trying to create note pad as a batch file to run ?

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i just got windows 7 and i would like to know what i can do with it. any ideas or sites?

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Please post all your little (and not so little) tip, tricks and shortcuts you know about in Windows XP.

I will start with a couple:

A quick way to bring up the Start menu without a mouse click is: Hold down Ctrl + Esc or just hit the Windows key..

Want to close open windows without hunting for the little red "X" every time?: Just hold down Alt + F4

Move quickly between all of your open windows: Hold down Alt and hit the Tab button

Ok...over to you

A:Windows XP Tips n Tricks

To Hibernate your PC:

Click start,
Turn off computer
Then hold Shift
click the yellow button

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If you have a blank screen after boot up on windows 8,boot from from win 8 cd, click repaire restore the computer to time that it work well last, then uninstall the security software and anti-virus that as being install on the system.

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Hi there!

I though we should have a thread about few tips and tricks on Windows 8 CP which would help people out. I just installed Windows 8 CP on my VMWare(8.0.1 build-592240).

When I move the mouse pointer to Right side corner on the Desktop you'll see "Start" and if you Right click on it you'll get a Menu with some shortcuts.

Power User Tasks Menu - Open in Windows 8

p.s. Not sure if this thread already exist here

A:Windows 8 Tips and Tricks!

While in metro move you're mouse to the left side of the screen and drag it down to see the metro apps that are open

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I have "Fix-it Utilities 5" installed as my only virus protection,Dell 3000,Win.XP with SP2.I was surfing the net one night and hit a page.The big blue virus warning immediately popped up.I immediately unplugged my PC.Waited 10 seconds and turned it back on.Usually "Fix-it" wants me to go online and resolve the problem,but using this stuff is sometimes ..........any way 3 instances of a virus were detected as I run "Fix-it" and I let all 3 instances of it run its repair course.Can unpluging your PC AS SOON as its detected,cripple a virus and keep it from being a heat seeking target?Nothing better to do with my time than ask a _ _ _ _ question.


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Thought you all might would enjoy this article...
Windows 8: 7 Handy Tips and 4 Cool Tools | PCWorld

A:Tips and Tricks with Windows 8

Noted Windows blogger Paul Thorrot has found four intriguing Windows 8 apps; of course, keep in mind these are very early days, so their stability is not guaranteed, and the final result may not match the promise.

Windows 8 Start Tweaker lets you change the wallpaper for the Start and logon screens.Windows 8 Blue Poison unlocks additional features in Windows 8.Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle lets you toggle between the classic Start Menu screen and the Metro version.Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 lets you customize the Metro UI.

Thanks, been there, done that.

Blue Pill is useless in the WDP.

If you want the windows menu along with the Metro Start Screen, get Classic shell.

Metro UI Tweaker doesn't hold a candle to My WDP Customizer.

The above renders the rest obsolete.

Paul Thorott needs to do better research. Just sayin' ...

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This is an updated list with some very useful additions.

The previous version was 77 Tips.

I got a couple of couple of pleasant surprises reading the new list and suggest reading the following:
85 Windows 7 tips, tricks and secrets | News | TechRadar UK

A:85 Win 7 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Very nice, Karl. Thanks for posting. I didn't know about the PRS utility. It's going to come in handy quite often, I can already tell. It will certainly help in troubleshooting an issue over the phone.

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I hope this is the right spot for this post..

Please share your best Vista tips & tricks... like shortcuts, register tricks, etc.

I find out a few tricks (they're not too world-shocking, so if you have good tips, please share)

* In the startmenu you can start an application OR open a website (out of the history or favorites) by just entering (part of) it's name. For instance 'Techguy' probably opens this forum.
* You can easily start the quickstart apps with Windows Key + 1 - 9.
* You can lock flip-3d with CTRL-Winkey-Tab, you can change the direction of scrolling by holding shift.
* Don't press 'update driver' when you installed a recent third-party driver (in my case from NVIDIA), because windows will (probably) replace it with an older one from it's own database.

A:Vista tips & tricks

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What do you do with a new operating system? If you?re a typical Maximum PC reader, you roll up your shirt sleeves and jump elbow-deep into every part of the OS you can get your hands on. You make manual registry tweaks to open up hidden elements of your new OS; you navigate through all of the different configuration options to see what?s changed, what?s new, and what you can personalize to your liking; you devote hours to playing around with all the different features.

Or, if you want a quick fix, you can read a guide like this.

We?ve gotten our arms full of data and dust in our attempts to unearth some of the more noteworthy features of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. And the following list of twenty awesome items represents the must-do tweaks and must-check-out, new features of Microsoft?s latest operating system.

This is but the start of our Windows 8 week festivities: Come back tomorrow and we?ll tell you about the 8 things we absolutely love in Windows 8!

Maximum PC | The Big Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks to Get The Most Out of Windows 8

A:20 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Windows 8

Tip #11 could be handy.

Thanks for the link.

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My CPU runs alot I ran wintop and it shows 95% How do I find out why and then stop it from running so much

A:{Moved from Tips/Tricks} CPU always running

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I have found this interesting article about Windows Mail

Top 50 Most Popular Windows Mail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials - About Email

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Hi again, I?m Ted Way, program manager for Office 2010 volume activation. Last time I posted to this blog, I talked about KMS and MAK as two activation methods for the enterprise. If you?re planning on deploying Office 2010, Windows (7, Vista, Server 2008 R2, Server 2008), or a combination of these, you?ll be happy to know that the activation technologies are essentially the same. The same KMS host running on Windows Server 2008 R2, volume editions of Windows 7, or Windows Server 2003 can activate both Windows and Office, for example.

In this post I?ll show screenshots of the end-user experience if activation was not successful. In addition, I?ll share some tips and tricks on how to manage your volume editions of Office and activation so your time can be spent on checking out all the cool new features in Office 2010. Your end-user does not need to know anything about activation because everything is happening behind-the-scenes.

End-User Notification Experience

For volume editions of Office, users will not see any reminders to activate the first 25 days after installation. However, if activation is not successful, then users will see notification dialogs every time they launch an Office application from day 25 to 30 post-installation. An example of these notification dialogs is shown below. If the user closes the dialog, he or she will still be able to fully use all the features in Office.

If Office still has not been activated 30 days after installation, users... Read more

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Hey guys, I though I'd make a forum where we could discuss any tips or tricks found when using the new Windows Vista. Though I no longer have the beta installed, I will be getting my copy of Vista in almost a week.

The only thing I wanted to ask is are the major functions of Vista the same as XP? I never really messed around with that stuff and now I wish I did. For example, to get in safe mode, is it still f8? Registry Editor still regedit in the run command. Is MSconfig the same?

A:Solved: Vista Tips and Tricks

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Having tried out that distribution myself, I must admit it's quite far from being an easy ride out of the box.

As usual, the first thing to do before installing it is doing a backup of all your important data ( especially if this is your first jump in the Linux world ).

Fedora Core 2 ships with the 2.6 kernel ( 2.6.5 ) which seems to boot a bit differently then the 2.4 kernel. The direct consequence is that it could render your Windows impossible to boot.

There is a simple work-around for this problem consisting of going into your BIOS & setting HDD transfer mode to LBA & not leaving it on AUTO.

Another "bug" out of the box, is an issue with the nVidia drivers ( 5336 ). The default Fedora kernel comes with an option that the nVidia drivers do not really like & if you try to install & run them you'll have a black screen & a system not responding. It's an issue with the kernel's 4k / 8k kernel stack.

It's epsecially ridiculous considering Fedora will boot by default in runlevel 5 ( graphical ) even if you tell it you're installing a server. If you have this problem, when you get to grub, edit the Linux boot line & add single at the end of the line. It'll boot in single mode which is kind of a safe mode. Edit /etc/inittab & replace the default run-level to 3.

Another thing I noticed is when rebooting, Fedora thinks it might be a good idea to turn off the HDDs. Once you reboot & you get... Read more

A:Fedora Core 2 : Tips & Tricks

Originally posted by Didou

Another "bug" out of the box, is an issue with the nVidia drivers ( 5336 ). The default Fedora kernel comes with an option that the nVidia drivers do not really like & if you try to install & run them you'll have a black screen & a system not responding. It's an issue with the kernel's 4k / 8k kernel stack.Click to expand...

I recompiled with new kernel sources (2.6.6 from www.kernel.org) and it was fine. You need to remember NOT to set "Y" or "M" for the following:

CONFIG_4STACKS = n ( no )

Its VERY important that these components are not build as modules or compiled into your kernel.

Once you do that, boot to Runlevel 3 (i.e. no xwindows, just text) and re-run your nVidia drivers installer. Once a driver is build and installed for your new kernel, everything will be fine.

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With the release of IE9 we discover differences to the previous Internet Explorers and everybody has their own ways to deal with them. In this thread we should share our discoveries so that we learn from each other.

There is a Tutorial that Shawn has posted that is a good starting point. This one I have alredy "polluted" with some other suggestions (which was rightfully criticized by Night Hawk).

For now I would like to add this:

If you middle click (click with the scroll wheel) on a URL in e.g. Favorites, IE9 opens a new tab with this webpage. But it does not open the webpage itself.

A:How to deal with IE9 - Tips and tricks With the IE9 we find that are

I always arrange the IE favorite bar something like this:

Image I:

Image II:

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The iPod Touch is one of Apple?s hot new products. It?s sort of like an iPhone, but without the phone part. In other words, it?s a handheld multimedia device you can use to play music, watch movies and surf the web.

Given the popularity of the device, it?s no wonder that iPod Touch tips and tricks are popular topics these days. After all, everybody who owns a Touch wants to know the best tips for getting the most out of their device.

Today?s Touch Tip - Customizing the Home Screen
In todays iPod Touch Tip we will talk about how to customize the main screen of your device. When you take your iPod Touch out of the box and power it up for the first time, you will notice that the home screen has a lot of icons on it. These icons represent the various features of the iPod Touch - web browsing, email, weather, music, etc.

You can customize the home screen of your iPod Touch in several ways. For one thing, you can rearrange the icons to put the ones you use most often at the top of the screen. To do this, you first need to open the editing feature for the Touch screen. You can do this by by touching and holding any icon on the main screen. When you see the icons begin to ?wobble? back and forth, this means the home screen is ready for editing.

Remember, the trick here is to touch and hold an icon on the main screen of your iPod Touch ? that?s how you ?unlock? the icon editing features of your device.

Next, simply touch and hold the icon, and the... Read more

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Yo. Before i bought my computer it started up within 25 seconds.. After about a year or so, it starrts up in 30-40 seconds :no: ... I was wondering if there was a way where i could "uncheck" some boxes in /run/msconfig for XP> like if i could disable some of the actions not needed for startup. and can u tell me some of the original/required items needed for starting up your computer? thanks for the help..


A:Tricks & Tips to help XP start up faster???

most of the things in startup aren't needed, like in the picture, i have nothing checked off. but imean if it looks important, keep it checked.:D

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first off see if you have win95 a or b. to do this hold down your alt key and double click my computer. if you have win95 B it will say 4.00.950 B. if you dont, you wont see the B. if you have the B version of win95, you can partion your drive hard drive using fat32. when you repartition your hard drive (assuming your are using win95 B)it will ask you if you want to enable large disk partitioning. personally i would keep about 25% of my hard drive partitioned just for data, you never know when you might need to format your hard drive. after that get all your devices up and running perfectly, and get this program called nortons ghost. then take an image file of your c drive. then if you ever have problems you can use that image file of your c drive to restore everything to perfec working condition.

A:{Moved to Tips 'n' Tricks} fat32

I think this was meant as a tip. If it was intended as a response to a post, I haven't run across it yet and, in any case it kinda fits in as a tip. I'm going to move this post over to the Tips and Tricks Forum. If that isn't how the post was intended, let us know.

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Thought it would be a good idea to kick this one off. Add your tips and tricks for Vista in this thread.

Software installs but doesn't work?
Go to Control Panel > Programs > Use an older program with this version of Windows. Then follow the steps within.

Vista desktop is taking ages to appear?
If you have an aging graphics card then you may need to do this: Control Panel > Enable or dis-able transparent glass > classic appearence properties > Windows Vista Basic

Software not installing?
If it looks like you software isn't installing, even though you have put the CD into the drive try this: Right click on the CD drive in "Computer" (from the start menu) > right click on the installer (usually setup.exe) and choose "Run as Administrator".


A:*NEW* Windows Vista Tips and Tricks


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Hi all,
I have been going through the tips and tricks section, and going well, but djw2009913 entry is well above my technical knowledge, or i mean i have never entered the registry before, so i am not to confident to try anything without asking for advise first.
Anyway, i have had a very carefull look in there and got to the Internet setting - section, and i come to a very fast stop.
In that section there is no entry as dword values of maxconnectionsPer1 as may or not be, but there are quite a few of other dwords in the total of about 20 other entries already there on that page.
I would really like to speed my internet connection up a bit, but i need a step by step account to add these 2 entries in.
If anyone could help, i would be very greatfull.
Thanks in advance.,

A:XP Tips & / Tricks, djw2009913 entry help please.

OK, here's how to do it.

In Regedit, browse to the folder you're using. Right click on the right pane when you are looking at the Internet Settings section and click New->DWORD value. It will come up the key as though you are renaming it - type in the name of the key you want. Then double click on this name and it will come up with a box where you can enter a value you want. Ensure you select Decimal on the right first, then type in the values you want, and hit Enter.

The key is now set up and working.

I will warn you however, that when I attempted to use these keys, it actually slowed down my system and caused certain webpages to not load at all (TechSupportForum was one of them actually) so if you notice problems, then go back into the registry and just delete the two keys you have made.

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Hi can anyone tell me to get the fastest internet possible.
I have done the pipelining tweaks and have the most recent Firefox.
I also has cable ISP with about 25 Mbps.
Is there anyway to make my browser load almost instantly?
I have an online business and do ALOT of downloading, and multiple browsers working.
It seems like it lags

A:Firefox Tips or Tricks for SPEED!!!!??

Latest Firefox is version 3.6. According to Mozilla tests, Firefox 3.6 is 15% faster than Firefox 3.5. If you still find it slow then you need a CPU and RAM update.

You say you have multiple browsers working? If it means you have many Firefox windows open then you may want to use tabs instead of windows. Tabs significantly improve the speed compared to opening a separate browser window.

Lagging for Firefox may be normally because of these things - bandwidth is being used by some other process (for example, you are downloading a file), your DNS servers are not responding fast enough, your Firewall/Antivirus is scanning your HTTP traffic.

Since you already know how to change Firefox settings, try this too :
network.dns.disableIPv6 = true
nglayout.initialpaint.delay = 0

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I believe this site used to have a link to a WIN 98 tips and tricks site that was excellent and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good WINDOWS 2000 tip and trick sites where you can learn little goodies.

Any help very much appreciated.


A:Are there any WIN 2000 TIPS and TRICKS sites???


this is a very good site

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Hello, I have a P40 for over a year now. I alway's run it connected on power with some treshold settings so it won't charge above 75.In this year, I sometimes use it on the battery. Since the beginning it's running nicely to 50 percent. And suddenly drops to 5 percent and warns to plug it in or it will shut down.Throughout the year I tried to callibrate it by letting it run to 0. Charging it to 100. Down to 0, etc etc. So it would recalibrate. But the same thing happens with the sudden drop from 50 to 5. I believe the battery is still healthy, because I think it miscalibrated more and more when running it with the treshold settings. But I don't know which way is the best to recalibrate. How would you callibrate the battery, or which tools would you recommend?

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After 5 years with ATI, I am jumping over to nvidia(evga) with this card...

I am wondering if anyone has a similiar card and can point me to some tips and tricks. Ati has the ATI tool so im sure Nvidia has something similiar. Ive heard that this card can be pushed quite a bit. Thanks for the help....

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"Windows 7 Build 6801 Tips and Tricks Guide

By Chris Holmes (Chris123NT) and Kristan Kenney (Nighthawk)

Well it?s that time again. PDC has come and gone, and with it comes a build of the much anticipated Windows 7. Windows 7 delivers many new and interesting features, and in our opinion comes much closer to delivering on that wonderful ?Longhorn vision? we saw at PDC 2003. The purpose of this guide is to offer insight into some of the cool new features in Windows 7 build 6801 and also to provide workarounds for some of the minor issues we encountered while using this build. Let?s get to it then shall we?

Open a folder in a new process:By default, Windows Explorer opens all folders within one process. You can change this through the Folder Options dialog, however this will cause all folders to open within new processes. With Windows Explorer in Windows 7, you can selectively open folders in a new process by using the context menu.

1. Right click on the folder you wish to open while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard.

2. Select ?Open in New Process?.
Run as another userIn Windows Vista, while you were given the ability to run a program as an Administrator, you had to use the command line to run programs as another user (or otherwise specify that you wished to do so using the properties dialog for that shortcut/program). In Windows 7, you can now perform both actions: Run as an Administrator, or Run as another user.

1. Right click on the shortcut or exe... Read more

A:Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Guide

Cool find Norm!...

Later Ted

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I have some USB devices and it's not always easy to see which direction the tiny USB connectors need to be turned. I can't really see which way the angle is on them, especially for my camera and phone. Here's an idea that may help.

I use a metallic Sharpie? pen and put a small dot on the "top" side of the connector and the device. Line up the dots and the orientation is correct. This is an example of a HDD enclosure.

A:Misc. Hardware tips and tricks

That works.

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Check out this cool windows 7 review along with some great tips and tricks!

It helped me out, so I hope it can help others out too! You can find it HERE!

A:Windows 7 Review As Well As Some Tips And Tricks

Welcome, jis2507!

Do you mean that site will continue posting tips and tricks? Cause for now it does not look like much. Especially compared to this forum. Check out the tutorial section here, you will find it quite useful, I'm sure.

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There really should be a sticky with this kind of information...

I have just migrated over from Vista Windows Mail to Windows 7 Windows Live Mail and holycrap my previous folder organization is now worse than useless.

I really need to hear from those of you with Windows Live Mail experience on how you coped with the changes and what worked for you.

Any tips or tricks for dealing with imported messages and folders would be appreciated.
Also, any general tips for organizing or working with Windows Live Mail would likewise be appreciated.

A:Need some Windows Live Mail Tips and Tricks

Hello Loyalrogue, welcome to the Seven Forums.

I would start by checking our tutorials. Go here (page "W" on Tutorials), scroll down the list to find various Windows Live Mail tutorials: http://www.sevenforums.com/1086-post22.html

Next place to check is Windows Live Mail 2011

This video is quite good, I've been referring it to a lot of friends and family members:

Notice it is first of five parts, check out the other four, too.

Hope this gets you started


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Ok maybe this is a stupid question, I am not too bright when it comes to computers. But, i installed wintop. When I run it, the 1st entry is 'idle' and beside it something like 97%. What does that mean? just curious...thanks!

A:{Moved from Tips & Tricks Forum} wintop

That just means that 97%of your computer's available processing time is spent idle or not doing anything.

Eagles may fly high, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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just trying to find out some ways to make xp faster and safer from viruses hackers blah blah any help would be appreciated

A:any tricks and tips to make and run xp faster/safer

Faster? Install maximum amount of RAM, up to 4GB, if motherboard/system supports it and with 32-bit XP is the biggest tip that comes to mind. Other ideas include:10 Reasons Why Your Computer Runs Slow - - http://www.bestsecuritytips.com/xfsection+...rticleid+43.htm Slow Computer - http://www.theeldergeek.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=22278 Safer? Practice safe computing habits, as described in the following links and others available on the Web:http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/res...wartonlinethugshttp://nsit.uchicago.edu/services/safecomputing/http://us.trendmicro.com/us/threats/home-u...s-xp/index.htmlLouis

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Hello all,

I'm very happy to have found this place. I don't want to waste alot of your time, so I'll just get right into it. I downloaded an application, "PowerISO", and was a little weiry about executing it, so I ran an online virus scan on my entire downloads folder. I didn't find any viruses, but the scanner ended up hanging, so it might've at the last minute, not sure. So I ran the scanner again, this time only on the individual file, not the entire directory. It found nothing, so I went ahead with the execution. It tells me that I need to restart my computer for changes to take effect. I ignored this, as I usually do, and suddenly my web browser cannot connect to anything(firefox), so I tried IE, and still nothing. I just shrugged and restarted the computer and it still wouldn't work. I tried to uninstall the software through Add/Remove Software control panel, and that's when I realized there was a seriouse problem.

NONE of the control panels will open. None. They just give me an hour-glass cursor for a second, and then nothing. No error, just nothing. So I frantically reached for the system restore. System restore opens, I click next, and I cannot click on any date on the calendar presented. I also cannot move forward or backward through the month selector. The selector lets me click it, but nothing happens. I restarted in Safe Mode and tried System Restore again, but to no avail. So I tried giving Add/Remove Programs one last shot and finally got some i... Read more

A:Need help with Themida SecureEngine...(moved from Tips and tricks)

Just to let everyone know, I ended up solving the problem. I discovered that some sort of virus had replaced my rundll32.exe with one that was obviousely wrong. I got a copy of the file from a friend and booted into safe mode to replace it. Thanks to all who read and pondered and I hope this helps someone in the future with the same problem. Cheers.

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I have a NEC ready 9944 that i when i tried to do a format and restore from the master cd restore program showed a error page fault in explore.exe when it restarted and then nothing. i was able to run win98 from a setup disk with cd-rom support. i now have win98 but lost all factory installed software(word, Works, money etc.)i have tried to restart with the master cd in the drive and it starts, says please wait but nothing happens. any suggestions?


A:{MOVED from Tips & Tricks} restore from master cd

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found these out after a few times of trial and error.... First mostly for startup and shutdown sounds only, people often have sounds that "cut out after 30 seconds or so". problem, sample rate for sound is too high. windows can only handle 16KHz sampling rates. anymore and the sounds will not play thier entire duration. found this out after some tweaking. if you have goldwave sound editor, you can resample the rate top the 16,000 hz so the sounds play properly.

other item. windows XP, tweak UI powertoy, and windows themes.

not sure why yet, but these three dont play well. tweak ui, plays well with most of the parts of the windows themes, however, the startup and shutdown sounds for some reason are affected by the installation of powertoy, and after tweak UI is installed, will not play AT ALL; unless you do a windows xp reinstall (reforemat not necessary to restore start and shut sounds) but reading this will hopefully save you from hours or reinstalling programs and settings. if anyone else has had this conflict with start and shutdown sounds and tweak UI, please tell me if there is a way to get the sounds to play with tweak UI installed. i am not installing it at this time, as right now all my sounds work YAY!

Bill Hemb

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