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Mail merge in Outlook 2000

Q: Mail merge in Outlook 2000

I am trying to send out a newsletter (as a PDF attachment of about 120 kb) to a bunch of clients and need to find a way to send it efficiently. If I send them all at once, some IP providers / email hosts block it thinking that I am spamming. I can try to send them in batches, if nothing works, but I was wondering if there is an efficient solution. I checked out the mail merge function in Outlook 200 and it works perfectly, but I cannot figure out how to attach an attachment with the merged email. Any thoughts on how to attach attachments to merged emails or any other creative solution?

Really appreciate this.

Preferred Solution: Mail merge in Outlook 2000

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mail merge in Outlook 2000

See the 3rd-party utilities and other information (below that) at:

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We started by creating a Mailing Label template using the Mailing Label
Wizard in Word. The fields we set up were:
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Postal Code
Then we went to Outlook and chose View by Category. We then highlighted all names in the category we wanted to merge. Then we tried to merge using
these commands:

Mail Merge
Only Selected Contacts
All Contact Fields
Existing Document - (We browsed to the Word template we had set up)

This opened up a Word screen as asked us if we wanted to Merge now which we clicked on and selected Merge in the next screen too.
Upon selecting Merge the second time, an "Invalid Merge Field" screen opened
up with these options:

This merge field is used in the main document, but it does not exist in the
data source: State/Province
Postal Code

Options were to Remove Field (which we don't want to do) or
Replace with a valid merge field from data source.

If we selected the second option we could enter State and ZIPPostal Code but had to do this for EVERY label (30 times) and then it would work, but we
couldn't figure out how to change our template to read this way, because
when we tried to do that it reverted back to the standard fields in Word
which are not recognized in Outlook.

In other words when we did step 2 and entered the fields in the create labels template box and editing the fields in that step they converted back to standard fields.
Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.... Read more

A:Word 2000 Mail Merge with Outlook

Easiest when merging with Outlook:
Copy all your contacts to a new contacts folder.
Expert the contacts to an Excel file.
Merge to the Excel file.

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Using Access 2000, I have a number field, formatted number....
doing a mail merge in word, causes the field which is called Dues to loose it's formatting... Word says to apply a Numeric Picture Switch...{ Dues \# $#,##0.00 } but try as I might I cannot get it to work....

So I have the Syntax wrong on something? I am in a time crunch and have to have this letter out asap am tomorrow....

What is wrong???? I did a letter like this in January and it worked fine.....Help!

A:Access 2000/Word 2000 Mail Merge

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Hi All,

I am trying to do an e-mail merge from a database that is saved on my hard drive.

According to the help files in WORD 2000, I should be able to do this, similar to sending form letters, only e-mail instead.

I can get everything set up and working, right up to the Merge dialog box, but all I have to select for Merge To, is 'New Document,' or 'Printer.' According to the WORD 2000 help files, there should be an option called 'Electronic Mail.' There is not, and I don't know why. I am apparently missing something, but I can't figure it out.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated. Any thoughts as to what else I may run into--difficulty wise--would be appreciated also.

Thank you.


A:WORD 2000, e-mail merge, missing 'Electronic Mail'

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I'm unable to edit data sources in Word. It's stand alone (doesn't have MS Access installed).

When following through the usual process I press EDIT and all I get is the list of labels, not the Data Form that allows me to edit individuals details. It's as if it's been turned off!!

Hope I've explained this clearly enough!!!

Any ideas?


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If a person creates a main document using fields.Then merges with data and realizes that he needs to edit his document that has his fields. What's the best way to add a field or take away a space between the 2 fields after one has merged. Thanks!!

A:Mail Merge Word 2000

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Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with office 2002 plus Outlook 2003 installed, Exchange 2003 is being used as the e-mail server.

When I do a mail merge from Word 2002 to e-mail for a mass e-mailing in Outlook 2003. The process completes but there are no e-mails sent from Outlook 2003. The e-mails that were merged are never recieved by the recipents that are being set to. Help.

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I used Word 2007 for mail merge to send about 1000 mails to my prospects
After I click the Merge and Complete button, for every email it sends, outlook pops a warning
"Some program is trying to access to send email. If it is not ok, click deny and check your virus settings ..."

I am forced to click "Allow" for every mail, this is too much to take for the number of mails I am sending
Is there a way to disable this warning system when I am doing a mail merge

Kindly help

Thanks and regards
Sasi Sekar K

A:Word 2007 - Outlook Mail Merge Warning for every mail

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I was wondering if it is possible to do a merge where instead of outputting to a document where each record is on a seperate page, but rather, each record is it's own document.

For example, if I have 12 records in my database, I would like 12 documents after the merge. So instead of having one document with 12 pages, I'll end up with 12 documents with 1 page each.

The other alternative is to be able to save each page of a multipage document in a separate file for each page.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!


A:Word 2000 Mail Merge Output

I am sure you could do it from Access alone and output the fields into a preformatted document that would create a new doc for each record.

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Hello everyone!

I am having a major issue and I really hope someone can help me out. Iím trying to do a mail merge in Word 2000, I have windows xp professional. The last time I did this same merge was in January and it worked fine. Okay here is my issue:

I have all my data for the merge saved in an excel file. My mail merge document in word has never changed; you can see it at the end of my post. I follow the mail merge wizard direction, all the prompts and for some reason it adds the same person twice, throwing everything off. In my excel workbook I have people broken up by units. For instants, unit one only has three people, Julie, Mark and Ron. When I merge the fields it will put Julie in the first two places, then Mark, Ron and the next two people from group 2. I really hope Iím making sense. Iíve redone the merge sheet, same result, made a fake spreadsheet in excel, made a new merge sheet, same thing, keeps giving me doubles. I made a fake list with fake names. I attached the merge sheet, I tried to attach the excel page but it wouldnt stay in format.You will see how John was added twice, he is only in my spreedsheet once.
Here is what I get with the mail merge page:

Unit 4123
65656 MI 65656

John Smith
65656 MI 65656
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:

John Smith
65656 MI 65656
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:

Bob Barker
45548 MI 45548
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Pa... Read more

A:Word 2000 mail merge nightmare....HELP ME PLEASE

The only things I can identify is the << Next Record>> field. This field should be on all records except the first one. The last record in you list does not have << Next Record>>

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hi all,

i'm hoping someone on here has an answer to my dilema...

we recently upgraded from Office 2000 to 2003 and have run into a problem when trying to do mail merges between the Office apps. i'll do my best to explain:

1.) data in entered into an Access DB that creates job-sheets
2.) this can be printed / emailed to others (done via Excel to Word using Mail Merge)

with 2000 (on which it was developed) everything worked as it should, but since upgrading to 2003 the data is no longer getting across.

what it throws back is 'This method or property is not available because the document is not a mail merge mail document.

after discussing this problem with our database manager we think it might be because of the following:

you'll see that in 2003 the 'No' option is highlighted by default, in 2000 the 'Yes' option was highlighted!

anyone know a work around this?

currently the 'action' is dictated by VB code with a button on the Access DB entry form.

hope someone can help!

thanks in advance.

Neil Merton

A:Mail Merge & 2000 to 2003 Upgrade

Here ya go...let us know if it works:


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Hello all,

I have a Database containing a member list in access 2000. I send personalized emailings for evening parties (each member receives an email with his name & a few details) according to certain criterias. I need to send HTML emails for the formatting.

The simplest method seemed to use MS Word "Tools/Office/Fusion with MS Word" to send a mailing. The sending works fine, however, MS word is incapable of sending HTML messages that way, it only sends plain text. This seems to be a built in limit.

Does anyone know how to work around this MS Word limitation and send html messages (keeping the formatting) ? I'm ready to have a look at any software (preferably freeware or cheap!) you might suggest. An important point, for the sake of simplicity, would be to be able to launch it from access directly (like the Tools/Office/Fusion with MS Word thing. because I do my sorting in Access and don't want to save the results to a separate table each time.)

Thanks a million if anyone can help me !


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I have never completed a mail merge and cannot seem to eliminate the "mail merge helper" in the "tools" drop down. I now have 21 and growing. I have one that is used to establish a mail merge with the pointer on it but the rest are just hanging there with no pointer on them.
How do I ever get rid of them and get back to having only the one active mail merge, that came with word 2000, remaining?
I have searched the computer as best as I can and cannot find the source of any started mail merges and have read all of the help functions in an attempt to stop this mutipication of "mail merge helpers".
Thank you in advance

A:Mail Merge Helper Word 2000

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I am using Office 2000 with Access 97. When I try to do
a mail merge with my access database I get the following message: You can't make changes to the database objects in the database "Golf & Tennis: 2002. This database was created in an earler version of. To convert this database to the current version of, close the database, point to database utilities on the tools menu,and then click convert database. I tried to do this but the convert to database option is grayed out. I have tried doing the mail merge on another machine with the same software, and database and there is no problem, so it is definitely a problem on my computer.

A:Access 97 w/word 2000 mail merge

What version do you NEED the Access database in? You may want to export your query to Excel first?

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I set up a mail merge document in Word 2000 and then merge the results to a new document, then save the new document. I can open this new document fine. But, if I move the document to a different computer it won't open and crashes Word. Don't know why it does this as it shouldn't still be linked to the source mail merge database. It's just a completed mail-merged document.

Any ideas on this one? The only way it works is if the two computers are networked together, then it opens fine on the second computer, which suggests that it's looking for something on the orginal computer which it needs before opening the document on the second computer.

This has me baffled. Weird and frustrating.

If anyone would like a sample document I could attach one.


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A client has Word 2000. On the Tools menu, Mail Merge appears several times. I have seen this several places and never found a good cause or cure.

Any thoughts?

A:Word 2000 multipe mail merge

Click on Lost toolbars at:


Follow the steps...

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Can anyone advise me if there are limits anywhere to the number of e-mails I can send out simultaneously when using a mail merge to e-mail? I have set up and tested the mail merge and it all works fine, but I don't want to launch the real one only to get problems. I have a mailing list with 1,600 addresses, I'm using Outlook and Word 2011 for Mac to do this.

A:Mail merge to e-mail using Word / Outlook 2011 for Mac

One of the problems your going to face is getting labeled as a spammer. If your sending these internally it may not be a problem. The standard answer for this is to Outsource this if your sending over 100. Good decision not to launch the real one yet.

A detailed response to similar question in StackOverFlow

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First, is it possible to print on both sides of a sheet of paper in Word 2000?
Second, is it possible to print on both sides of a sheet of paper in Word 2000 using Mail Merge?
The Microsoft website and Word 2000 help did not offer any solutions. Thank you.

A:Word 2000 Printing Both sides/Mail Merge

First of all, when you say print two sided, do you mean in one pass through the printer? That depends on the printer: is it a duplex printer and do you have the appropriate driver for it? If you're not sure, you can put the make and model here and we can probably figure it out. Generally, you can just go to the web site or the owner's manual for its capabilities.

Second, a document, mailmerge or otherwise, does not care whether you print it one- or two-sided.

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I'm running Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600. I have Office 2000. I'm trying to do a mail merge with Word taking data from Excel to print mailing labels. I can only get to the step of telling Word where to get the data and I get the message that Windows is low on memory. I have no other programs running and I've tried restarting the computer. Other, larger programs like Photoshop have no problem running.

A:Low memory message when using mail merge in Office 2000

How much physical memory (RAM) do you have? I don't know because I've never done a mail merge, but I have a feeling that the process would require a considerable amount of swap space--in Windows it's called the Page or Paging File.

What is the actual error message verbatim? If it mentions virtual memory, the issue is with the size of your page file. The page file is basically unused space on your hard drive that Windows can use to dump data when making transfers of any kind. Therefore, in addition to posting your physical memory, what is the size of your hard drive or system partition, and how much free space is available?


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I am doing a mail merge with an name list from Excel. I want the labels to appear vertically and horizontally centered. How do I cause the formatting changes I made to the first label to apply to all in the main document? I know I did this some time back on another project but I cant remember how? Any help please? Thanks.

A:Formatting labels for mail merge in Word 2000

I just copy the contents of the first label and paste into all the other cells.

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Can I filter dates in a mail merge in Word. When I try all dates in the field are displayed?



A:filter dates in a mail merge (Word 2000)

How are you trying to filter them, silly?

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I posted into a similar thread earlier and one of the distinguished members recommended that I start a new thread... so here goes...

I am looking for a Solution that uses:

MS Office 2000 Products
Desktop/Laptop PC
List of Recipients and Personalized data stored in "*.csv files"
No Macros (I'm not to skilled in that area - but I might have to learn )

Create 200 Personalized Emails to List Members that also insert some personal information unique to that list member.

Reason to automate:
Approximately 200 of these need to be sent every few days for a few weeks and since I'm doing it for free I want to do it efficiently without buying any more software, if possible. I'm not a spammer, so I want to avoid being blocked by the ISP's by mistake. Also, the persnalized portion is key to the contents.

Microsoft Office Help for Word 2000, Excel 2000, Access 2000, Outlook 2000 have no specific solution identified. Later version of Office allow users to carry out this function through the mail merge menu item, so I am curious as to whether or not the functionality exists in Office 2000 (some where in the nether region of the application).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:MS Office 2000 - How does one create Personalize Mail Merge Messages

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I've been trying for an hour to make labels to print out and stick on envelopes. I tried to use Mail Merge in Word 2000 for the very first time, but I'm doing something wrong. I really don't understand how it works. I've got a normal Word document with addresses, one address underneath the other with an empty line separating them. When I try to create the labels, a box pops up saying something about a field delimiter and record delimiter. Can anyone help me and tell me how to create my labels properly? Thank you in advance for your time.

A:Solved: Creating labels with mail merge in MS Word 2000:help, I don't get it!

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000 with 1.5 GHz Pentium M processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Windows version: XP/Pro SP 3 (V. 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-21111 : SP 3)

Word version 2002.

I have 2 problems with using the Outlook version 2000 Mail Merge feature.

Problem 1:

I want to Mail Merge Outlook contacts into Mailing Labels. however, there is a field missing from the available fields after I complete the all the steps.

I tried this 2 ways:

1. All contacts in current view/All contact fields

2. All contacts in current view/Contact fields in current view--after adding the Categories field to the Current View

I also tried adding a user-defined field and then tried both choices above.

In all cases,the Categories field or user-defined field is missing from the available fields: missing from the Insert Merge Fields and missing from the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.

Here is the sequence I use:

Open Outlook

Click on Contacts shortcut (or View/Go To/Contacts)

Tools/Mail Merge

Select All contacts in current view/All contact fields from the dialog box choices. Select Mailing Labels from the Document type drop down box.

Click OK

Click OK on the warning message: "Outlook has created a MailMerge document...."

In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click on Main Document/Setup

Select the label product/type from the Label Options dialog box. Click OK

Click on Data Source/Get Data/Use Address Book. Select Outlook Address Book. Note that the Categories field is not include... Read more

A:Missing field(s) in Outlook contacts using Outlook Mail Merge

I would export my contacts to an excel spreadsheet then run mail merge. You never know whats going on inside outlook...

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I am trying to mass e-mail to a list of contacts on both my outlook contacts or an excel spreadsheet.

I am having a hard time trying to merge and then e-mail the test messages. We usually use Lotus notes, but I have a seperate account in Outlook that I am using. I have set outlook as the default mail program and for some reason when I finish the merge nothing happens and no e-mail is getting sent.

Does anyone hav any ideas of how I can get this to work or what else I can do for troubleshooting.

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Mail Merge in Outlook 2002 for e-mail

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I have Access 2000 data that is merged into Word 2000. Each Access table is merged to a specific main Word document. Each main document has several If statements. Based upon the selection of various Access fields and check boxes, specific text is output to the Word main document for each record. The amount of output text affects the number of section pages each record produces. For example, one record may require a two-page letter, while the next record may require three pages, etc. My dilemma is that I need the merged document to be able to print duplex. If I have a record that produces only one page, I do not want the next record to start printing on the back page of record one. Basically, I want to insert a blank page when needed. I experimented with different types of breaks but it does not work for every record. Is there a way to do this when the source records produce varying numbers of section break pages within the same document? Please help. I have been researching/experimenting with this for weeks. Thank you.

A:Word 2000 Mail Merge Duplex - Add blank page when needed

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Hi all

I have an old Access 2000 database which has a number of queries feeding mail merge letters in Word 2000. These have always worked perfectly. We are upgrading our systems to XP, and now have Access 2003 and Word 2003. We have moved everything onto new servers and set up folders exactly as they were on the old system, so for example the database and Word letters are in exactly the same places in relation to each other that they always were. But the merge letters cannot find the data source. When I open the letter and click the Find data source button on the window which appears, I can navigate to the database but the queries which are needed (and which are in the database) do not get listed in the Select Table dialog box. Basically the letters can't find their data source, despite the fact it's in the exact same spot, and when I navigate to the data source I can't see the queries I need which I know are there.

Also I should say that there is no VB code involved. Open the Word letter (in the working 2000 version) and it links automatically to the database and to the correct query which runs and then puts the data into the letter. All extremely simple. Or should be...

We're meant to be starting to use the new system ASAP and this is driving me crazy! Any and all suggestions gratefully received.

A:Mail merge worked in 2000, but can't find data source in 2003

Ok, so you don't see the queries listed, but do you see anything? Like the tables the queries are based upon?

It sounds like your data source might not be configured correctly.

Check the basics in the Data Link Properties. On the provider tab, make sure you have the right provider selected (probably should be Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE). On the Connection tab, browse and select your database. On that same tab, make sure you have the correct username and password (if any). Use the "Test Connection" button to see if it all works. You can often ignore the "Advanced" and "All" tabs.

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I dont seem to be getting the mail merge option in the tools menu in outlook.

I think i may have to do something to link it to Word, maybe activate something in word?

Pretty urgent for me, Any help greatly appreciated.


A:Outlook + Mail Merge

I think you need to do this from Word and make sure that Outlook is the default email program.

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I'm trying to find an efficient way to send out batches of form e-mails at work. I'm doing it manually now, which is very time-consuming and tedious and prone to mistakes.

I basically want to do a mail merge, but instead of using Word to output form letters or envelopes to a printer, I want the output to be e-mails sent from Outlook. Each mail will need to go to a different e-mail address, and I need to be able to insert customized bits of information like name and department, which I already have stored in spreadsheets, into the body of the message.

Does anyone know of a good way to do this? I've read about a way to do it using Word & Outlook, but I heard that has some kind of huge limitation? (Send To: isn't a location you can place custom data?) I've also found numerous software packages just by Googling for "Outlook mail merge", but I don't know which ones are good.

Any advice appreciated!

A:Outlook & Mail Merge?

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When using my Business Contact Manager contact list for a mail merge, I would like to "Sort" or "Filter" the list using the "Category" field. However, this field is not available in the Sort or Filter list choices.
How to resolve?

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Hello all, I'm having a problem using mail merge with Outlook. We usually send out a mass email once or twice a month, and have had no problems with it, up until a few days ago. The problem being that the option to mail merge has just disappeared from the tools tab, nor am I able to find it in the customize tab either. I'm fairly useless with outlook as it is, and am even worse when stuff goes wrong in short, help!

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When using a mail merge documnet in word and using Outlook Contact as a database the merge fields do not all match, The state = city and the zip code = state. I have match fields and saved format but the same issue occurs in a new document

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Follks, my problem is this:

When I want to send an e-mail to, say, 50 of my contacts, I use mail merge feature in Outlook. When I click on it, it takes me straight to a Word document, where I start with choosing a greeting and then typing in my message. While in Word, I use a Mail Merge Wizard function. However, I don't know how to attach a file to this e-mail (as an attachment). What I've done a couple of times is "cut-and-pasted" stuff into the body of the e-mail itself, but it's not an elegant way of doing it. THERE HAS TO BE A WAY OF ATTACHING DOCUMENTS TO THESE BULK E-MAILS. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Word Mail Merge function does not work. Word sends merged mails to Outlook (Connected to Microsoft Exchange) but outlook refuses to send them.

Hello M.F.Tolga Soyal,

To continue sending messages, please sign in and validate your Outlook.com account.

This helps us stop automated programs from sending junk email.

Thanks for your help and patience!

The Outlook.com Team

Although I had completes account validation nothing has changed.

I'm just trying to send app. 50 mails to my colleagues.

Thank youÁ

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I am a secretary of a local society with over 50 members who need to receive a regular mailing.
I use a Windows XP operating system and I have the Office 2007 products installed.

I Word 2007 I created my newsletter and then went through all the stages of the mail merge.

My contacts were held in an excel file which was created in the 2003 version. My contacts were an email address list.

I had no problem accessing the email list and inserting the email addresses.

When I went to complete the mail merge and send the emails - nothing happened.

The word document went through the motions of sending the email but when I opend up Outlook there was no record of any of the emails being sent or received.

AS a result it does not look if the emails were sent.

I tried pasting the email list into an email but got an email message saying the message was undeliverable.

What do I have to do to make sure my Word program communicates with my email program which is working properly

A:mail merge with Microsoft outlook

Did it actually go through the motions of sending the email or did it just create the merge document? Look at this and see if it helps.


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Trying to perform mail merge using outlook contacts

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I am wanting to create an Outlook Template (OFT) but I want to pull some of the data from a excel spreadsheet at random so that the data can be updated easily and is readily assessable. Basically it would be like a mail merge field in word.

Can someone please tell me how to create this type of template.

Thank you

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I can mail merge fine w Outlook 2002 SP2; however, if I attempt to merge an E-Mail which has an attachment, the merge strips off the attachment and sends the e-mail.

How do you mail merge using Outlook and use an attachment?

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I am trying to do a selected mail merge and ever time I get to the part we I select the files that I in my contacts it is looking at personal folder/Sent Items/Conflict. It will not allow me to select where my pst's are.

A:Mail Merge Word 2002 with Outlook

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i know how to do a mail merge between word and an excel database, but i dont know if it's possible to merge info between outlook (or OE) and an excel database.

please help.

thank you.

A:[solved] is it possible to mail merge between outlook and excel

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Maybe the Office 2002 gurus out there can direct me to a solution to this pesky problem...
When I try a mail merge to make mailing labels with Word 2002, I always use my Outlook contacts for the data.

However, Word always gives me an error message that says that Outlook is not configured as the defualt mail client. It instructs me to make the changes in Outlook and to try again.

I've been in Outlooks Tools menu, as the help files tell me, and have checked the settings, and made sure the box is checked to configure Outlook as the defualt email program, but Word behaves the same.

Any suggestion?

Ken C.
Chino Hills, CA

A:Problem getting Word to use Outlook for Mail Merge

Try this, go to contol panel, click on internet options and on the program tab set Outlook as the default email program.

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I have windows 7 & office 2007. I am attempting to create an email merge. I have tried to do so starting with first with outlook (which takes me to word) which failed in sending, and then starting with word (which takes me to outlook and then back to word) and also failed in sending. I have followed all instructions to a T (as provided by help in both programs as well as microsoft help online).

What am I missing? Is there some connection between the 2 programs that needs to be set up first?

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I have often used Word 7 Mail Merge and merged emails to Outlook 7 Since I have installed Windows 7 I am now unable to get the emails to show up in Outlook. They appear to merge in Word but they do not show up in Outlook or any other email programme I have. Can anyone help me? I have noticed many others on the web having the same problem.

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We have several Word documents (PO's, Quotes, etc.) that currently are used with ACT! to do mail merge (only to import contact info to a single document). We are moving to Prophet (which works with Outlook) and want to continue using these documents. Office help says you have to have matching versions of Outlook/Word (we don't).
Is there a way to make Outlook 2003 merge contacts as needed into these Word documents without upgrading everyone to Word 2003?

A:Mail merge Outlook contacts with word document?

If Office help says no, then so must I.

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So maybe it's late and I'm cranky, but I didn't see this thread already.

Microsoft Office 2000 - Win Me (unfortunately)

I'm trying to mail merge my Outlook Contacts/Address book into a printed document to carry between computers. It works great using "use address book" and looks fabulous if I do say so myself. The problem is that it skips many of my contacts. It doesn't matter if I sort or filter the records. It skips the same people and I don't see any similarities among the skipped records.

I'm open to suggestions because this is just weird.

A:Mail Merge Lost Outlook Contacts in Document

I've considered your post, and can only think to test the doc on my PC. If that's an option for you, email to [email protected]. I'll see if it does the same here and, if so, why...

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I have attempted to print out mailing labels from my Contacts Folder in Outlook 2003 without success.

I list here the steps taken so far :-

1.Contact page selected in Outlook containing all the addresses I want to print. I then click Tools> Mail Merge.
2. In the MM Page I have selected;- All Contacts,All Contact Fields & Mailing Labels
3. Selecting "OK" launches MS Word with instructions to click "SETUP" in Section 1 of the MM Helper Page which now appears.
4.When this is clicked , the "LABEL OPTIONS" Page appears
5 Here I select "AVERY A4 & A5 sizes" with Product Number of L7160.
6.cLICKING "ok" brings me to the Blank Label Page with MM Helper Page still superimposed on it.
7 There are 3 choices on this page with the 3rd choice "MERGE" greyed out.

I only use the Mail Merge facility rarely , the last time was almost a year ago , but I seem to remember that the 3rd choice here . i.e. "MERGE" was not "greyed out" the last time I used this facility.

Any advice as to how to resolve this would be appreciated.

A:Problem with Mail Merge Office 2003 using Outlook

Hello thenoo,
Refer to the links below to see if they can provide you with more useful information...

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