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nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!

Q: nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!

Question: should i install nforce drivers from nvidia web site or just stick with win 7 64bit drivers.
I got this pc from a friend it already had win 7 64 bit on it but i didnt see any nforce drivers in the unistall section.I did however install the latest graghicsw drivers.
System is running smooth just wanted to get the best performance possible.
Also speccy say's i have a nforce 720a mobo and nvidia's say's it's a 710a,whats up with that,,,,anyway thanks for any advice.....

Preferred Solution: nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: nvidia nforce drivers better than win 7 64 bit drivers!!


If it's running smoothly.... let it be. (If it's not broke, don't fix it)

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yea are they any nvidia nforce 4 drivers that dont **** up your cd drive. cause when my chipset drivers are installed it wont let me use my cd drive. when there unistalled it works fine. please tell me. all my computer specs are in my sig

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i have a asus m2n-SLI motherboard with a nvidia nforce 560-SLI chipset. Now, at the nvidia website, for the most current drivers, my chipset is not on the list of supported chipsets, it just has the nforce 560. could this be why i cant get SLI to work? when i use the driver scan feature, it gives me a recomedation for a driver from 2006. does nvidia not support the 560-SLI? i'd really apreciate any advice given. i've been racking my brain over my SLI problem for a couple of days.

A:No Nvidia drivers specifically for nforce 560 SLI?

when am i going to get a response?

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I am having problems of my nvidia nforce networking controller driver not working. I've tired to uninstall the driver and reinstall it several times. I've run programs like radarsync and again installed the driver to no avail. I've even reinstalled windows 7 professinals again, and still it is not working. I can't help but think that it is hardware, not software, as one day my Ethernet driver was working fine and the next it wasnt. and no it's not viral, it's not firewall, it has nothing to do with any programs i have installed, its not an out-dated driver, its the correct one for my computer specs. I've been to other forum, their "conventional" ideas for this problem have been unless to me. I am not a n00b writing this because i have no idea what to do, but rather pretty computer savvy guy that has exhausted all his other avenues. Any help or ideas would be a welcome. thanks

My specs:
HP Pavilion Notebook DV6707us
Win 7 (64bit)
RAM 4gb
AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor tk-57 1.90 GHz

A:nvidia nforce networking controller drivers

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I just upgraded to the MSI K7N2 Delta (400) with the Nvidia nForce2 chipset. I am running Windows 2000 with the AMD 2500 Barton and 512 of ram.

Everything works fine except my PrimaScan Colorado 2400u scanner. The driver installs but I keep getting a windows trying to install a new usb device.

When I reinstall the drivers and test the scanner it starts to warm up and then hangs.

The scanner uses the E1.ini and Lut.plg twain drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a long standing question. Which drivers should I use? I have graphical issues with the current Drivers from Dell.
Any ideas what are the advantages of Dell's drivers over the ones from Intel/NVIDIA web site and do the even work? What will I lose if I use the latter?

A:Inspiron 7567 which drivers? Dell drivers or Intel/NVIDIA graphics drivers?

Dell drivers are Intel/Nvidia drivers that are customized for your exact model and should be used. They are available at Dell Support if you have to reinstall.

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Which version should I use for the NVIDIA drivers, the Vista version or the 7 version?

A:NVIDIA drivers - Vista drivers or 7 drivers?

Download the windows 7 drivers from nvidia's website, not from Windows update assuming you have win7 installed somewhere as you state your running vistain your profile.

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Hello. I have a MSI NF750-G55 motherboard which came with Nvidia sound drivers. Windows update even provided an update for the nvidia drivers once I connected to the internet.

However, I also know that there are Realtek sound drivers. Will my system be more stable if I just install the nvidia drivers or should I install the realtek HD drivers too? Or would having 2 sound drivers cause freezes?

I appreciate any advice. So far all my sound works great so that isn't an issue, and I don't really care about having the realtek audio manager.

A:Nvidia sound drivers, realtek drivers, or both?

Basically, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

The sound is a Realtek chip on the motherboard, thus the Realtek would be the first choice, but if other supplied drivers work and you have all functions there is no need for additional drivers. The Microsoft drivers are actually Realtek drivers (but Microsoft can be several versions behind due to their validation process).

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Hi, I need help with crashing due to kernel drivers. This problem started on Windows 8, and I upgraded to Windows 10, and is still crashing. I have done many things to attempt to fix this problem, such as using DDR to uninstall drivers, rolling back old drivers etc., and none of this has worked. I have gone into event manager and the one thing that seems to always occur is:"The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device ROOT\WPD\0000." at startup. While I am experienced with computers, I have no idea how to fix this. So if anybody knows how to fix this, can you please tell me? Also, if anyone needs pictures of the crashed scree, debug info, etc. I will gladly provide it. Thanks!

A:Kernel Drivers Crashing for all NVIDIA drivers with GTX 745

Out of curiosity, what driver version are you running?
Also, try going to Nvidia Control Panel -> 3D Settings -> Manage 3D settings -> Power Management Mode, set it to High Performance not Adaptive and see if that helps

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hi, can somebody tell me that drivers for AGP cards with ref to nvidia available on nvidia's own website are better to use or ones available on 3rd party websites are betters. For instance now a days the latest version of driver available on nvidia's website is 81.98, however, on some other sites e.g www.guru3d.com, latest version of driver i.e later version then 81.98 is available for nvidia cards. So my question is: is it better to go with the one available on nvidia's own site or the other one????

thnx :grinthumb

A:Are nvidia's own website drivers better or third party drivers???

I only use the WHQL drivers on Nvidia's site. Newer versions may just be beta versions or modified (hacked) drivers.

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Well i got nvidia evga 8800 gts 320 mb i went to nvidia.com and got the newest drivers which are and i went to evga and seen they have 158.45 should i go there and download theres or stick with these?

A:Question about nvidia drivers and evga drivers

Why not try both... I doubt that it makes a lick of difference. The first one that dosn't give you the blue screen of death is the one to use.

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Hey all, just stumbled across this site from Google, so hello and hope to participate in talking about this potentially awesome OS!

The newest nForce drivers:

ForceWare Release 158
Version: 158.18
Release Date: April 17, 2007
Beta Driver

Anyone had any noticeable problems or fixes with this ?

I play battlefield 2142 and noticed this has fixed crashes during map loads with titan mode! but still the game can crash randomly!

I dont know, but I feel that SWF files run laggy now ?

would be good to hear from people who are using the same drivers and share pros and cons about it!

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Im having nforce 630a chipset and iam abt to install windows 7 ..where can i get chipset drivers.......

A:Help regarding nforce drivers

If there are Vista drivers available you can use those, I think these may be the ones you need here, nForce Driver

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Heard of any problems?? I just tried to install them on a new build and the computer re-booted halfway through. Now Windows is hosed. I cant boot at all. Glas this was a fresh install.

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New nForce drivers released (finally).

Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Ethernet Driver (v67.89) WHQLNetwork Management Tools (v67.96) "Sedona"SATAIDE Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQLSATARAID Driver (v10.3.0.46) WHQLRAIDTOOL Application (v10.3.0.46)SMU Driver (v1.61) WHQLSMBus Driver (v4.69) WHQLAway Mode Driver (v6.0.6000.107) WHQLInstaller(v6.69)

Installed after removing previous drivers with a driver sweep and seems to be running fine.

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Found these over at NforcersHQ. These are real drivers that were just release by Nvidia today.



I dont know what they have fixed with this set, but from what I'm seeing over at NforcersHQ, people seem to like them:grinthumb


A:New WHQL NForce Drivers 2.45

I installed them and I'm really liking them. XP loads faster and the OS is overall much faster & more responsive.

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A few dayds back I downloaded some nForce drivers (1.12 I believe) that were uploaded to NVIDIA FTP, though since removed. Check out these shots;

When using RegClear 4.3 I *also* discovered an entry for;

I've yet to give these any real testing though seems like NVIDIA really put some hard work into these & may even finally have MultiDrive 5.1 support.

A:New NForce APU drivers may be excellent?

Download links are here;


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I need to get drivers for a motherboard and i beleive its a shuttle an34n ultra nforce 2 ultra 400. but i cant find the specifice ultra 400 part on nvidias web site. Will the normal nforce 2 drivesr work

A:cant get nforce 2 ultra 400 drivers

Appears that board doesn't exist.

Is that a socket A system?
Check here,

One of these boards should be yours...

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I tried to update the nforce drivers to the new release and everthing else went fine but the firewall software won't install?

Here is the errors I keep getting:

Error 1334 File _FAD3F045D21744AC82FC7D7A601E92AD Data 1 Cab Cannot be found

Error 1603 Fail

Any Thoughts?


A:New nForce 4 chipset drivers

I just updated to the new nforce4 drivers myself. I do not install the nvidia firewall however. Did you uninstall the old drivers first using add / remove in control panel? I also delete the nvidia folder after the uninstall; reboot and then install the new drivers.

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NVIDIA obviously has developed new nForce IDE drivers for Windows 7
Windows 7 has in-the-box nForce IDE drivers v10.6.0.3 dated 08/14/2008 and I think, that these drivers will work with Vista too. The associated NVRAID.INF file contains the HardwareID's of all nForce SATA and RAID Controllers from NF4 up (inclusive the Intel Edition ones). Maybe these drivers will even work for NF4 RAID users from scratch. X86 users, who want to test these new nForce IDE drivers v10.6.0.3, can get them here
RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
or here
Windows 7 32bit in-box nForce IDE drivers v10.6.0.3.zip.


A:New nForce IDE drivers for Windows 7

Norm, are these for IDE only, or IDE and SATA?

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After building a system with a second-hand EVGA 680i (with the nForce 6 chipset) and some other parts I installed Windows 7 and the nVidia drivers recommended by their website. Filling in the form led me to a file called "15.58-nforce-winvista-win7-64bit-international-whql", which I downloaded and ran. It seemed to install everything, and the system runs well enough, but when I check the system info it doesn't show all of the drivers as having been installed. Specifically, the SATA driver is not installed. Yes, the system has a SATA drive attached. There are no IDE drives in the system. Even the DVD is a SATA model. Yet the IDE driver IS installed... So, if this is the right driver package for this board, it should have installed both, shouldn't it? Or if it's not the right package, it should have given an error message and refused to install anything, right? So how did I get this weird partly installed situation? Should I run it again? Should I get something else from some other location?

A:Installing nForce drivers

Post a snapshot with Speccy as this may give us a bit more to look at -Publish a Snapshot using Speccy << Follow These Directions

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New nforce drivers for 32 and 64 bit ide drives.
nForce IDE drivers v10.6.0.3 for Vista/Win7 (32/64bit)=

Update: Already posted in another thread New nForce IDE drivers for Windows 7

A:New Nforce drivers 32 64bit

nForce IDE drivers v10.6.0.3 for Vista/Win7 (32/64bit)

These are included in W7 defacto.

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I'm trying to install a raid-0 with Vista x64 across two 250gb drives. As i'm running an Asus P5N-D (i'll be using the onboard raid controller), i've read that i'll need the nForce drivers (I can't find any information as to whether or not Vista already includes these drivers). I downloaded the 64 bit package, dropped it on my flash drive, and started setup. When I prompt the installation to load drivers, direct it to my nForce raid driver folder, and select "only show compatible drivers", this is what is shown:

Nvidia nForce Raid Controller
Nvidia nForce Raid Device
Nvidia nForce Serial ATA Controller

When I deselect "only show compatible drivers", the only other drivers shown from the folder are several other duplicates of the ones listed above.

I couldn't find any information on this at all. Do I add one driver, or add all three? Also, if Vista does in fact include these raid drivers, would adding these in present any problems?

And, finally, after installation, is there anything I need to install once inside my OS? I know, I know, this is my first attempt at raid, heh.

A:Solved: nForce Raid Drivers

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Hey all

I just reinstalled XP after finally sorting out my partition table (dual booting with Ubuntu Linux) and I seem to be having problems with the audio. I have installed the drivers from the disk and ones downloaded from the nvidia website but no luck. Every time I restart I look in device manager and it says no drivers are installed. I go through the wizard and no matter how I try it XP won't install it. Here are some specs

XP Pro SP2
Newest BIOS

I hope someone can help. Not much point in a rig designed for music and gaming if I can't hear anything.



A:Nforce 4 Audio drivers will not install

I just reinstalled XP and downloaded the latest forceware drivers. When I start the computer I get a stop error 0x7e. Can anyone please help. XP is useless to me without sound.



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I hope I am not beating a dead horse, but here goes:

I have the following -

Gigabyte K8NS PRO mobo
AMD Athlon 64 2800
(2) WD 120GB HD in RAID 1 config.

I have partitioned my drive into 2 partitions of equal size. The first partition has WIN XP PRO and runs fine.
I am trying to install WIN XP PRO 64 bit on the second partition. I know where to get the drivers, but not sure which files to copy to a floppy for the F6 boot.

I have tried a few different configs as far a s files on the floppy, but either get one of the following 2 messages:

txtsetup.oem not found (although it's on the disk)


file \win64\iteraid.sys caused an unexpected error (18) at line 2335 in d:\srvrtm\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Solved: nforce 3 xp 64 bit IDE/RAID drivers (F6)

ITE Raid Beta x64 version: http://america.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/FileList/Driver/driver_raid_ite_8212_win_64.exe

Silicon Image 3512 SATA RAID x64 version: http://america.giga-byte.com/MotherBoard/FileList/Driver/driver_raid_silicon_3x12_xp64.exe

good luck
Swiper !!!
PS: not sure which one you are using on yoru specfic board, but won't hurt to load them both up and let windows decide


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I was trying to reinstall Vista x32 HP but deleted the operating system by mistake. Now I'm unable to reinstall it as I apparently need to reinstall the SATA RAID drivers. But I don't know which chipset I have for me to download the drivers. Without an operating system, can I find out which one it is?

Please help me, but I'm not very knowledgeable so please be gentle!

Thanks in anticipation.

A:NFORCE SATA Chipset drivers

I think you may need real tech support. Since you cannot boot the computer for us to fill in the understanding gaps, your problem will go likely go unanswered.

I see you are able to make an internet connection, so at least we can talk.
What you need to do is reestablish a boot on your laptop. The best way to do this would be to contact the manufaturer for a boot disk. They usually run about $15. However, most new laptops come with a restore partition on the hard drive. If you were to 'Rescue' your system, it should restore it to the way it was the day you bought it. It may have been a requirement to burn disks from this partition though.

I have to admit, this is piss poor technology as it many times assumes the user will create backup disks from this partition, without explaining the need, making it easy, or (dumb arces) giving you the disks to start with.

Try a selective boot. On my computers it's F9, but it could be any of the function keys or on the 'Home' block of keys. If all else fails, refer to you owner documents.
If you are able to access this partition, we may be able to save you this time. However, anyone with a laptop should have a rescue set of disks. It can be really difficault to identify your hardware, and apply drivers, if you can't boot the system.

I don't yet have rescue sets because I'm too cheap to buy a big stack of DVD-RW's, but know I should, just to show you your boats still in the water, you have no o... Read more

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I recently installed the latest nForce Mobo drivers and I have been having issues with vista since I installed them.
I noticed Vista going a lot slower and it tends to freeze a lot just because I right clicked on the toolbar (???). Is there a way to rollback the drivers to the ones I had before? I couldn't find anything in the device manager. Thanks.

A:Vista nForce Mobo Drivers

There is a "Rollback Driver" button in the Properties tab, in Device Manager.

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Hi all

I'm trying to track down Windows XP 64-bit drivers for an MSI K8N NEO 2 Platinum board with the nForce 3 chipset. This is actually for a good friend of mine who has also been unable to locate these drivers. I've been able to track down the nForce 4 drivers but not the nForce 3 drivers. If anyone has any information regarding availability or even the existence of these drivers, I'd be most appreciative in hearing from you.

Thanks in advance!


A:64 Bit Windows RAID Drivers MSI nForce 3

Are these not them on the NVidia website: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_udp_winxp64_6.25.html

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i dont kno if i should get an omega driver. i have the latest nvidia driver and i dont have any problems with it, but if the omega drivers are better then il get that. are they? also if i do download and install the omega drivers, do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? my video card is not the only thing that uses my nvidia drivers. my mother board also uses the nvidia drivers. its a nvidia nforce 61x0 MCP. so do i have to uninstall my nvidia drivers? should i even get the omega drivers? please help.

A:omega drivers or nvidia drivers?

The enemy of good, is better.
Wait until you are no longer happy with what you have. Don't get caught up in buying the latest thing just to have the latest product in a good review.

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I just want to know which drivers should I use for my laptop? Lenovo offers drivers that were released in July, while Nvidia just released a new driver today on GeForce Experience. Which one should I install on my laptop? Thanks,

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Hello World!
I have been having trouble with my computer. Earlier this week i reinstalled my XP partition on a XP/Ubuntu dual booting system. The audio would clip and the computer would ultimately freeze. Now to trouble shoot the problem i started googling and heard it might be my PSU (which was deffective) so i got a new one, it works great computer's now a quiet happy camper. However windows is not. Now by installing and uninstalling drivers one by one I have found out that the trouble with my windows environment is that the new ATi card's drivers are craptastique or are clashing with my Nvidia drivers(for the built in stuff of my M2N-E motherboard). I do not have these problems in my Ubuntu environment which further strengthens my belief that it's a Windows driver issue. That would also explain my 10005 system event error (10005 is Dcom failing)

Well that you all for the help in advance

A:M2n-e Nvidia Drivers + Ati Ccc Drivers = Freezing

Hello world!

I have solved my own problem.
The solution?
Instead off the bulky CCC drivers i just got the minimalistic drivers and so to enable my secoundary screen i just had to use the winedows system

Thanks anyways

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I have a GTS250 made by EVGA. When I installed windows 7, it knew it automatically.

I would prefer to leave it alone, but I am I missing out? Will it perform better with the Drivers from EVGA?

A:Win7 drivers or NVidia drivers?

Do things seem sluggish? Are you having any problems? Anything unstable or acting up? If you answered no, I'd leave things alone.

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Basically what happened is my vista drive died. This was the first drive with the MBR on the system. I had been using the Windows 7 raid (Nforce) for a while with no issues until the vista drive died in a fire. So my current problem are as follows:

1. When I toss the Win7 DVD in the drive and attempt to load the NForce drivers for my system (needed for the repair procedure), I get failed to load drivers. Yes I have ensured to point the Windows repair utility to the correct files on the CD that came with the board (XFX 750i). They will attempt to load but just fail.

So my question now is how do I get my RAID 0 setup to boot? There is no MBR on this disk. Is it possible to write the MBR to the disk once the drivers finally get loaded? Or is this just a pave and nuke kinda deal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



A:Nforce drivers not loading when attempting repair

Try downloading the latest NFORCE drivers from the NVIDIA website.

32-BIT: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_win732_15.51.html
64-BIT: http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_win764_15.51.html

Use them via a CD or USB stick.

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i have (had) a dual-OS machine (vista & XP) and accidentally deleted the boot directory on the boot partition. unfortunately i dont have the Vista cd at the moment so i figured i should fix at least my XP OS using its CD, /fixboot and /bootcfg... and i did, everything was fine until the graphic interface loaded, where my resolution was lowered. i checked the display settings and noticed that my display drivers are no more. so i scratched my head for a moment and thought no biggie, just reinstall the drivers. so i did and everything was fine and i was able to work with my normal resolution for a while. after restarting for some reason... the same story, no more display drivers. every time i would install them, everything works fine until the next restart ...? ????/

pls help ...

A:nForce video drivers keep disapearing after each restart

nForce as in built in video???? (nforce = mb chipset) or FORCEWARE nvidia's trademark name for driver distribution packages???


(tool around and extract the files of the FORCEWARE video drivers using ohh lets say win rar then manually assign them from the device manager.
if its nforce for built in video then do the same and also update your bios.
good luck

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Hey guys, I hope you can help me.

I just ran the latest update nForce drivers for my Motherboard and it prompted me to reboot my computer first as it needed to uninstall a component before it could reinstallit. Unfortunately (,) once rebooted and after the windows xp load screen, the screen remained black. (A strange quirk to this is that; if left for a while, it starts the default windows xp screensaver.)

I thought this was a driver issue and that loading up into Safe Mode, uninstalling the motherboard drivers and reinstalling them would fix it. However when booting into safe mode, my mouse and keyboard are both unresponsive on the windows sign in page. I have tried both USB, PS2 and Serial mice/keyboard combinations.

I tried to use the recovery console off the windows xp CD, but after attempting to boot from it, the computer hangs on 'Setup is Starting Window.' (This maybe an unrelated problem as I have had this before.) This means that I can't run System Restore or reformat the C: partition!

It would appear the motherboard drivers installation has screwed something pretty important.

Windows XP SP3 (fully updated)
Intel E6600
4GB Corsair (2x2gb)

I hope you guys can help me get back into Windows!

Many thanks in advance


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I am on SP2 and all other updates are installed.
I am using the latest BIOS.
I installed XP on my 250GB HD and it ran fine, no problems at all.
Then I began to install latest drivers wireless net, AGP Card (then reboot). I installed the latest ones for my nForce2 board and restarted.

Only for XP to hang during startup.
Numerous cold-restarts, still hanging.
So I tried each Safe Mode, Last Known Good Config etc, to no avail.

During safe mode it would display the driver files it was loading, the last two (from memory) were nv_agp.sys(nvidia?) then mup.sys when it hanged.

I have read much about mup.sys, but it is related to novell servers, so I think it is instead the driver it loads afterward that it is hanging/looping on. (Unless that is the last driver?)

So I then tried repairing/reinstalling XP numerous times, and each time it would run fine till mb drivers were installed, with and without SP2. Same problem.

I suspect it may be a conflict between the onboard nvidia graphics and the nvidia card (drivers). n.b. This time I have installed Graphics drivers before mobo ones.
Before I reformat or try to reinstall !again!,
has anyone got any ideas?

I thought i could try installing some of the mb driver elements before others:
GART -- graphics?
Memory Controller
ATA (separately)

A:Solved: Install nForce Drivers --> XP Pro Won't Boot

Well, I took the plunge.

Installed everything but the IDE drivers and its fine! My system has never been better!

Thanks guys for all the help

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In a stroke of genius, I decided to upgrade my perfectly working motherboard drivers (nForce) to the latest ones 15.17, from nvidia. Now whenever I boot I get a blue screen. The text goes along the lines of run a sys diag utility, disable or remove any newly installed hardware etc.
The stop xode is 0x0000007. I went into safe mode and uninstalled the drivers, used drivercleaner to remove whatever traces were left, and installed the old driver, but the result is the same. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


A:Upgraded nforce drivers = blue screen on boot

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Here's my setup:
Epox 9NPA Ultra mobo
Athlon 64 3500
2 Hitachi 120gb SATAII drives
OCZ Platinum 2x512mb
Creative Audigy2
Sapphire x800 Pro PCI-E
OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU
and that should be enough info..

I have a few problems:
1) I noticed that there was an uninstalled "multimedia audio controller" in device manager, this is the on-board audio. So I tried to get the drivers from the Epox site but they weren't there, so I downloaded the latest Nforce4 drivers from Nvidia and they installed and the unknown "multimedia audio controller" was recognized as the nvidia something or other. It also installed the NIC drivers. after restarting the computer blue screens with "beginning dump of physical memory" anytime I open an application that accesses the internet (Trillian, Firefox, IE, MusicMatch, etc) but I can open windows things fine (control panel, device manager, etc). If I disable the onboard NIC (not from the BIOS, but from within windows) the programs open just fine--but i have no internet access. I don't know what the problem is but when I try to delete the driver for the audio it says "the device may be require to boot". I don't need the on-board audio because I've got my Creative card.

Possible Solution? Disable the onboard audio from the BIOS? Reinstall the NIC drivers from the CD?

2) When I try to run Ntune the system hangs. I'm running quite cool 27C idle 30C load. So I don't kno... Read more

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Alright, here's the deal.
? Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit, with SP2 RC.
? nVidia Gforce 9600 GT

Never had problems updating the drivers to their latest versions (downloaded from nvidia.com) until I de-installed Spybot (that crappy anti-spyware thing).

After that, everytime I try to install (after a deinstallation) or update the current drivers nothing happens. Install runs fine, copies files, reboots and voila... same drivers as before.

The only drivers that actually I was able to install were the 178.13 via the internal Windows Update. That's it. If I don't install them, the VGA card is shown as "vgasave" in the Device Manager.

I'm quite fed up with this and planning to reinstall Vista, but backuping everything up is going to be a real hassle, that's why I'm trying to find out a possible solution to this beforehand.

Any suggestions?.
Thanks in advance!

A:Updating nVidia drivers / nVidia Geforde 9600 GT

since you plan to reinstall windows, it cant hurt to try this first:

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from Guru3D.com

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I have a Geforce 8200 installed in my computer but everytime i try to update my drivers to the newest 8200 drivers. it installed Geforce 9200 drivers...
i call nvidia and they said that 9200 is the same as 8200 and the drivers will work flawless with my 8200...
well they are totally wrong. with the 9200 installed, my HDMI screen flickers all the time then if i had the 8200 drivers in....
but here is the catch...since i updated i can't remember that driver i had installed that worked...
whenever i got to the nvidia site to get a 8200 driver
they send me to the 9200 driver page.
just want to know where i can get reliable 8200 drivers and if anyone knows a good 8200 driver that was the best out of the batch of them
i know i have have high hopes
but got to ask somewhere.

A:Nvidia 8200 Drivers /Nvidia 9200

If you go to the File Hippo site you will find lots of past version Nvidia drivers but you might be up against it if you can't remember the driver version you want. Trial and error maybe the only way to go.
If you do decide to try different versions I'd be using driver sweeper between installing.

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I`ve got an Nvidia 7600GT card which will be upgraded to a 7900GTO next week. Do I have to remove the existing Nvidia drivers before installing?

A:Remove Nvidia drivers for new Nvidia install?

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I'm not a gamer, but rather an enthusiastic net surfer and would like my present graphics card to be as fast as easily possible. To do this, it has been suggested that I update my card's driver with downloading/installing Nvidia's latest driver (285.62 WHQL, Win7 64-bit...4G RAM, Firefox 9). Would this be the the right thing to do?

A:Driver update for NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i?

If you are not having problems, I would not go looking for trouble

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Okay, in my Windows Update, this 'optional' update is forever on there, waiting for me to install it. Well, when I do try to install it, it just ends up failing with error code 80070103 (Unknown error). Is this update necessary for regular use or do I need it, despite it being labeled optional. Oh, and why does it fail continually?

A:nVidia - Network - NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

Hi Kazuto
I usually go with the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' theory when downloading optional updates. If all is working well, I usually find that optional updates are more trouble than help..

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I wont be able to upgrade windows 10 , my video card is not compatible...

A:NVIDIA Geforce 7100/ NVIDIA nforce 630i

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I first wrote about this issue in another recent thread, when I was trying to deliver HDMI audio+video from my P70 with M3000M NVidia GPU (running Win10) to my LG OLED HDTV connected through either miniDP->HDMI or HDMI->HDMI cables, and failing to get audio. After a fair amount of research I initially came to the eventual conclusion that it was an NVidia problem, somehow related to their latest "retail" 411.95 WHQL driver I was using on my P70 (which was set in the BIOS to run with "discrete graphics").  Reverting back to successively older driver packages also available on the NVidia driver download site, I discovered that version 392.00 was their last WHQL driver package which did successfully install the NVidia HD Audio device which facilitated sending digital audio to an external HDTV via HDMI cable.
So 411.95, 411.81 and 411.63 all failed to install the NVida HD Audio device. But 392.00 (and older versions 391.89, 391.74) all DID install the NVidia HD Audio device. Hmmm.
I opened a ticket with NVidia Tech Support several days ago, and they asked me if I had tried the official Lenovo-provided NVidia Graphics Driver package and if that made nay difference, which to be honest I had not... since I don't run my P70 in Optimus (i.e. "hybrid graphics") mode but rather operate in "discrete graphics" mode and have always used the latest retail NVida drivers. So today I decided to reset my P70 back to "hybrid graphics" mode so that I could install the very... Read more

A:Latest NVidia Graphics drivers with 1.3.37 HD Audio driver: no NVidia HD Audio device gets installed


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If I install any video driver updates beyond that which WU wants me to have I end up with an inferior 1280 x 1024 resolution and a grey taskbar and everything is squished. I end up with no nVidia control panel and no higher resolution or landscape setting possible.
I've read the release notes for 181.20 and 181.22 beta and they both supposedly support 1680 x 1050 x 32 @ 60hz W/S for my 7600GS card.
So what gives?
I seem to be doomed to be forever stuck with 179.23, not that I suppose it really matters.

A:What Gives With Nvidia's Drivers?

Did you refresh your wei after you installed the drivers

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