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problem solving a wireless network network printer wont print

Q: problem solving a wireless network network printer wont print

hi all

sony vaio pc desktop pcvrs620 g, dell A940 all in one printer (wired to sony desktop) and a toshiba satellite laptop connnected through a wireless linksys router to the network...
all xp sp2

here's the trouble. we want to be able to share this printer, but right now cannot make the laptop print on the wired printer. of course it will print if i connect the usb cable, but i want to be ablet to print wirelessly.

have done "share this printer" on the wired pc
when i try to add the drivers /install the printer on the laptop it wants me to connect the laptop to the printer...i am not sure that i want to establish this connection since my ultimate goal is wireless printing...

ok? thanks!!

sorry, edited, i am posting this question in the more appropriate "networking" forum...

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Preferred Solution: problem solving a wireless network network printer wont print

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I am one of 3 laptops connected to a wireless printer (Brother MFC-9120CN all-in-one). The printer was working fine and now all of a sudden it wont print. The printer icon shows print error. My Laptop is an Asus N10J series with OS - Windows XP home.

My email & internet connection works fine, only printer has stopped printing.

Have checked Windows firewall and it's switched to Off, have set printer to 'share' mode in printer preferences & tried adding new printer on the add tab and still unable to print.

Prior to print problem occurring, I had several auto windows updates auto installing & had a problem with laptop keyboard keys printing numbers instead of letters, which I managed to fix.

Any suggestions on how to fix the printer would be greatly appreciated.

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Asus netbook wont print on network printer. The doc is spooled on the Asus but not showing on the host PC. The Asus will print if the printer's USB cable is direct connected to the Asus.
The other laptop will print on the network printer. Its also XP. I checked the network and printer properties on this laptop against the Asus and they are the same (except computer name of course).
The host PC with the wireless router is also XP and prints OK.
The workgroup list on all 3 computers shows the 3 computers. The laptop and Asus both have good internet connections through the wireless network.
What little thing am I missing?

A:[SOLVED] XP netbook wont print on network printer

is the printer shared? If so, browse the network to the computer that has the printer attached from the netbook. Right click the Shared Printer and choose Connect. The Printer should now be listed as a printer under Printers and Faxes. Right click it and choose Print Test Page.

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For years I had never problems to print using a network printer attached to USB print server port of an US Robotics router. My home network has two Win 7 PC and two XP, all from Dell. Few days ago only the Windows 7 computers send printings to spooler queue where they get stuck. I worked several days on this argument, doing many attempts.
I have investigated installation problems so as permissions, spooler, firewall and antivirus, drivers (latest available), system files corruption or similar problems etc., without any good result.
If I move the printer to Windows 7 computers local USB, the printer installs immediately and prints.
The network is OK (fixed IPs) and I had no problems on sharing folders etc on W7 and XP computers.
I googled every possible discussion, so as on Microsoft and Dell forums, no success. I am not a newbie on IT stuff but I am unable to understand why, suddenly the W7 computers are unable to address the printer. Its network address is fixed by the router ( and has been so for years.
Thanks for your time

A:Router connected network printer wont print anymore

Quote: Originally Posted by Manlio

For years I had never problems to print using a network printer attached to USB print server port of an US Robotics router. My home network has two Win 7 PC and two XP, all from Dell. Few days ago only the Windows 7 computers send printings to spooler queue where they get stuck. I worked several days on this argument, doing many attempts.
I have investigated installation problems so as permissions, spooler, firewall and antivirus, drivers (latest available), system files corruption or similar problems etc., without any good result.
If I move the printer to Windows 7 computers local USB, the printer installs immediately and prints.
The network is OK (fixed IPs) and I had no problems on sharing folders etc on W7 and XP computers.
I googled every possible discussion, so as on Microsoft and Dell forums, no success. I am not a newbie on IT stuff but I am unable to understand why, suddenly the W7 computers are unable to address the printer. Its network address is fixed by the router ( and has been so for years.
Thanks for your time

Hi Manlio,

Welcome to Seven forums.

Please let us know which printer model is the one you are using over network. Also, let us know the if you are able to printer wirelessly from the XP system.

Check this link below to reset the spooler service which should help you resolve this issue:

Print Spooler Queue - Clear and Reset ... Read more

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Hi All

I am having problems printing from a wireless laptop.

I have a desktop PC which is connected to an HP Photosmart 1000 printer and is running Window XP SP2

My desktop has a USB Wireless dongle to enable connection to my wifes wireless laptop also running Windows XP SP2.

I have set up the file and printer sharing and can access the folders I have permitted access to.

I have enabled the printer sharing.

On the laptop I can add the printer via the network printer option and the laptop can see the desktop printer.

The only problem is when I try to print the printer fails to print anything.

I am able to print from the desktop but that is all.

Has anyone else had this problem?? or can anyone help sole this issue

Many Thanks

A:Wireless laptop can see network printer but cannot print

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This is a 3-computer network using windows xp home
everything was fine until today when I wanted to print from the Toshiba laptop to the network printer, which is wireless through a router, & has been going great for a over a year. All of a sudden, today, it does not hook up to print and this error message is displayed:

Print Server
Error initializing output device

I have never seen that and have no clue what it is talking about, (thank you Bill Gates).
If you look in the printers, the correct printer says ready and there are no documents in the queue.

The printer works fine and the other computers can print to it.

Rebooting the computer and rebooting the router don't help.

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer. Estatelawyer

A:Help: can't print to network printer from wireless laptop

My guess would be corrupt printer driver. I would download the printer drivers, remove the printer and when you re-install it, point to the new downloaded drivers.

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One domain user recently can't see network drives and use printer. When you join a domain it automatically maps those drives and ads that printer, and it did, but now it is all gone. You can't even see disconnected drives in My computer. I am able to ping
those drives, but that's it. And this occurs only on one computer on one user. If log in to different user on that computer everything is fine and if I log in with that user on different computer it also works. Tried looking for disabled services, but couldn't
any that would be turned off from the most important (Workstation, Network location awareness, Network list service). Any suggestions?

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At my office, we have 2 community printers. One big Konica/Minolta printer/copier ("big printer") for large print jobs, and one smaller HP printer ("small printer") for regular print jobs. I replaced another employee here and for the first few weeks, I logged on to his Windows account and printed everything fine. Since then, the IT guy created a new Windows account for me and from this account on the same computer, I can print to the smaller printer fine, but can't send print jobs to the big printer. I checked all the printer settings for the big printer under both accounts and everything is the same under each tab, such as the IP address of the printer. It recognizes the printer, as it comes up on the list of printers. And when I did run/command and put in the big printer's IP address, I get a reply. Also, when I scan something on that big printer, I can get it emailed to myself just fine. But for some reason, I just can't send print jobs over.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

A:Problem sending print jobs to network printer with new Windows login

When I use the Konica Minolta Printer Installer CD, it doesn't automatically detect the printer, which it should. And when I enter the network search parameters (IP address and subnet mask), it doesn't detect either.

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I am trying to add a new network-ready printer (Brother MFC-7820N) to my existing wireless network. The printer is connected to a LAN port on the back of a wireless router.

The pre-existing wireless network consists of a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router, a wired Windows XP Home desktop and a wireless Windows XP Home laptop. The network has MAC address filtering and WEP security enabled.

I turned off both MAC and WEP security when installing the printer, and the wired desktop was able to detect the printer after going through "add network printer".

I got the printer's MAC address from the printer test page and added that to the router and turned the MAC filtering back on, and still ok: I was able to detect the printer from the wired desktop and print.

I then turned on the WEP security, and suddenly the wired desktop no longer detects the printer (tried pinging printer's IP address). If I turn off WEP, the desktop again recognizes the printer.

I'm not sure why WEP is affecting communication between two components that are both wired into the router. I haven't even tried to get the wireless laptop to communicate with the printer yet, since I can't even get the wired desktop fully working first. I don't want to disable WEP security, so that is not an option. Brother support says its an issue with the router. Is there some setting I need to change on the router? Alternatively, I think if I got a wireless print server and entered the WEP... Read more

A:Solved: WEP security with wired network printer on wireless network

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Hi, Have a problem there, Just reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP and WAS having problems having my Linksys 802B wireless card but now it finally detected.. just reinstalled the driver. Now another problem is.. when I double clciked INternet Exploroer, webpages dont load up. A box pops up tp ask if I want to workoffline or Connect. I click on COnnect, and the box then said " No connection to the internet is currently avaiable." The thing is that my wireless adapter is already connected to the DSL in perfect signal connections.

I then went to to Network COnnections folder, There are 3 icons, one says Incomming, the other 2 in the LAN or HighSpeed Internet section says 1394 Connection, and Wireless Network Connection Enabled. On the far left column, i clicked on Create a New Connection. I clicked the option of " Connect to the internet" , then "Setup my Connection Manually.". Then " Connect Using a broadband connection that is always on." .. because I dont need a login name and password. After clicking NEXT and Finished, ..nothing happened.. i clicked on IE again, and same thing pops up. I tried doing the 2nd option to let u enter the ID and password BUT disable the prompt to log in with a username and pw.. still dont work.
What gives? How do i fix this problem? Any help is appreciated. thnx.

A:Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network??

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I I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and since then I have had a problem connecting to the internet with IE8. connection to internet via the wireless router is ok as virus etc is updating, but every tim I try and open IE I get the message Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, then the option for Diagnose problems is offered, I have clicked this and still no joy. I have also reset IE.

Sparodically it will connect and this is what is confusing me

Any help will be appreciated


A:Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network in Win 7

Have you tried any other browsers? SeaMonkey is a good one to try if you don't have another. You can still keep IE as default and have SeaMonkey for backup for web pages that may not display correctly in IE or when you have access problems like you are having now. Being Mozilla-based, it uses a different rendering engine. For those web sites that support pipelining, you may also find that it is considerably faster.

Check your connection settings under Internet Options. In the LAN section, try toggling the "Automatically Detect Settings" option.

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I work for a small company with no internal IT support.  Told everyone how ThinkPad P50 is going to be better than a customary Dell.  Now got this. Seems like I can connect to any Wifi except the one I need for printing.  It starts connecting, gets to the poit of establishing internet connection, then the connection shuts down and disappeares from the list.  If I turn off WiFi in Wireless radios through F8 and then trn it on, the connection appears on the list, but only until next time I try it... I did the reommended actions below, also,  updated drivers, can not get anywhere.   -------------------------------- Connection status: Not connectedCause: The specific network is not available.Error code: 163851Recommended actions:The selected wireless network is out of range or unavailable. Move to a location that is closer to the access point and try again.Verify that the encryption settings (WEP/TKIP/AES) specified in this profile match those expected by the wireless network.Verify that the wireless adapter in your computer has not been restricted from accessing the radio channels being used by the wireless network.Verify that the wireless network name (SSID) is specified correctly. The SSID is case sensitive.If the problem persists, contact your network administrator and provide the troubleshooting information below.Adapter Details***************Adapter name Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260Adapter type Wireless LANAdapte... Read more

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This morning I installed an optional update from Windows Update. It was Ralink Technology WLAN 802.11 wireless LAN card.

Since then, when I try to print to my wireless network printer, the network would disconnect then come back on after a while. The update shows up in Update History as successfully installed but not in the installed updates. System restore is of no help here. The network configuration page shows normal. The web does not appear to be affected. I made a new network connection for the printer but it did not help.

Is there a way to reverse this update or should I uninstall the 802.11 LAN card and let windows re-install anew.

The printer is a HP Officejet Pro 8600e

A:Random network disconnect to wireless network printer

You can go into device manager -right click the network card and roll back the driver - then search for this in windows search - "change device installation settings" and select never let windows install driver updates - also hide the driver in windows update - that should do it - if it still installs u can turn off a setting in maintenance - from memory.

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First of all, THANKS for looking! Here's my quandry:

My wireless router is in the living room. My printer (which is networkable but not wireless) is in the study. How can I print from a laptop that is on the network wirelessly to that printer? (without walking the laptop over to the printer and using the USB cable)

I was thinking of adding another wireless router over by the printer and plugging the network cable into the router and printer. The router would not have any other network connection (wired) and set the router as an access point only.

Would that work? Probably not but figured it was worth a shot!

Thanks again for your help.

A:Solved: Printing to Network Printer via Wireless Network

If you are able to use the wireless router in bridged mode to connect to your wireless router in the living room then it should work yes.

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I have an HP desktop running Windows XP Pro and I network to an HP notebook through a wireless router.

I recently purchased a Gateway Laptop with windows 7 Home Premium. It found my wireless router immediately and I was able to get on the net. It also found my HP desktop so I could share files.

The problem I am having is with my network printer. It is an older epson stylus photo r320. Epson says that windows 7 has a driver for this printer and if I plug the printer directly into the laptop using the usb connection wiindows 7 finds the printer no problem. If I try and have windows 7 locate the printer on the network it can't find it.

Has anyone had or solved this problem.


A:wireless network printer connection problem

Silly Question but Have you Shared it on the XP Pro. Also XP Pro may not have the correct Drivers for the printer. Also go here Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Devices and Printers and see if its there, I just went there and a printer thats installed on a Laptop that is here for a few days Just turned up.

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I have a problem and I signed up here hoping someone could assist me.

I have 3 computers hooked up to a wireless network. No computers are hard-wired to the router/modem. My computers are:

Dell running Windows 98
Dell running Windows XP Professional
Mac Powerbook G4 running OS X

From the Dell running Windows XP, I can print to the HP Printer connected to the Dell running Windows 98. I am not able to print from the Windows 98 computer to the HP printer connected to the computer running Windows XP. I am unable to print ANYWHERE (to any printer) on the Mac Powerbook.

I don't know what to do. Can someone point me in the right direction?



A:Wireless network printer problem, 3 computers

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I've got a terrible problem with my new laptop running Vista 64-bit version and my network printer at work.
The printer is an old combo Konica Minolta di2011. Unfortunately it's no longer supported and there are no drivers for the 64-bit Vista (although I've seen the 32-bit ones, but don't know if the work).

The printer is connected to the network by a printer router - D-Link DP-301P+. And via this device's wireless the printer is connected to other computers at my workplace.

When I had my old notebook, running Win XP Pro, there was no problem with connecting to the printer. Everything was done automatically - the drivers were downloaded and configured, and the printer was ready almost immediately.

But with my new notebook, running Vista 64-bit, something is very wrong. I see my router in the Network connections. And I am able to connect to it, and browse to the printer icon. But when I try to connect to the printer itself I get an error message: "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Make sure that you have typed the name correctly, and that the printer is connected to network".

Don't know what is the root of this problem. The driver? But I didn't even have a chance to select one! It looks like it just can't connect to the printer...

Is there a way to get around this problem? Even without the Vista 64-bit printer drivers?

We've got a PC here, that runs all the time on Win XP. Maybe there i... Read more

A:Network printer via wireless and Vista 64 connection problem

Try the Vista32 driver

Hi Zyrreh

Personally I would try to install the 32 bit driver application. Microsoft say they support 32 bit applications as a fallback. And then I would create a Standard TCP/IP port to the printer. If it complains you could go into port properties and put it on LPR with portname "print", enable byte counting and disable SNMP bidirectional comunication.

The printer you have is a GDI which means it uses the computer to create the image. Unless you have the optional PCL controller. In that case you could use just about any PCL driver.

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Good morning everybody!

My D-Link rooter is driving me nuts! Basically I have many computers in my home and I seem to have an issue with encryption and compatibility.

I have..

My Works PC - Dell Dimension 1100 Windows XP Pro
My Works Laptop - Compaq Presario Windows XP Pro
My Rig - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
My Tablet PC - Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
My Partners Laptop - Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
My iPhone 4

My Rooter - D-Link DSL-2640R

With the default settings in the rooter (Mixed WPA, WPA2) My iPhone, Works PC and Works Laptop connects to the wireless network no problem, it appears they are using WPA mode whilst connected. However my Windows 7 machines are all seeing the network as WPA2. When I attempt to connect to the network it fails on all Windows 7 Machines.

I can only seem to connect the Windows 7 machines if I change from "Mixed WPA, WPA2" to "WPA2 Only" which then knocks out all the Windows XP machines

However if I disable wireless encryption, which I don't particularly want to do. All the machines work correctly with no problems!!!

I do have a function for "Guest Network" which broadcasts a 2nd separate SSID, but you cant use encryption on it. That could run the Windows 7 Machines but the problem is I don't know how secure it is.

A:Advanced Wireless Network Problem, WinXP Connects but Win7 Wont

Do you have this option, WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)

If so use your own Key or Just retype the one that your using. Should be just as good as the others.

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I can no longer print to my wifi network printer. When I try to print I get a message on my monitor that says "Unable to Communicate with Printer". When I check the printer in Control Panel there is a yellow triangle on this printer. This printer is named HP Officejet Pro 8600 (Network). When I run the trouble shooter it says I should make printer Fax - HP Officejet Pro 8600 (Network) the default printer but I don't see the Fax = Hp Officejet Pro 8600 (Network) printer. No Fax before the rest of the description. Would this be the same printer?
I have Windows 7 on my computer.

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I Have a Lanier business printer connect to a modem/router acting as a bridge point that wirelessly connects back to a Dlink DSL2740B modem/router. My problem is that every time I turn the modem of I have to keep setting this connection up again, this never use to happen till I change my ISP last week. I managed to get connection back to the bridge point but can't print to printer, something wrong with ip address I Think/maybe
Regards Troy

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Ok, I'm stummped! I have a Dell A960 Printer hooked up to my Desktop (vista Ultimate x64)(wired) via USB. I also have an HP Desktop (XP-SP3) hooked up to my network (wired) and a HP Laptop (XP-SP3)(Wireless) also hooked up to my network. I can see all on all computers. I also can print from my vista desktop to my Dell, as well as print from the HP desktop to the Dell. However, I can't print from my wireless laptop at all..I keep getting "Deleting file" in printer status...I have ran the troubleshooter and no help...I have no firewalls on except for windows..I have just done a clean install of the OS on both my desktop and laptop...any ideas?


Desktop1:Vista Ultimate x64 (Main Computer-always on)
Desktop2:XP SP3 (on when needed)
Laptop: XP SP3 (on when needed)
Printer: Dell A-960 (always on)

Desktop 1, 2 and Laptop can all network no problems
Desktop 2 can print to Desktop 1 and vice a versa (as Desktop 2 has it's own printer-I did this for troubleshooting purposes...
laptop cannot print to Desktop 1 but I can print to Desktop 2

Thanks for your help in advance!!

A:Cannot print to a network printer

Originally Posted by Homeuser

However, I can't print from my wireless laptop at all..I keep getting "Deleting file" in printer status...I have ran the troubleshooter and no help...I have no firewalls on except for windows..I have just done a clean install of the OS on both my desktop and laptop...any ideas?

laptop cannot print to Desktop 1 but I can print to Desktop 2

Try this:

- In Desktop-1, get the network name and printer name.
- On your laptop, install the driver for the printer on desktop-1. Assuming it is a USB connected printer, you will probably need to connect it to your laptop temporarily to do this.
- Control Panel > Printer and Faxes > right click the icon for the printer > Properties.
- In the properties window click Ports > Add Port.
- In the Printer Ports window click Local Port.
- In the Port Name window enter \\Desktop-1-Name\Printer-name and click OK. These are the names you got in the first step.
- Port Name window closes. Close the Printer Ports window.
- In the properties window for the printer > Ports tab, scroll down to the bottom and you should see an entry like \\Desktop-1-Name\Printer-name Local Port". Check the box for that line. This is very important.
- Do a test print from Notepad. There should be an entry for the printer on Desktop-1 but it will not say "Local Port". Hopefully you will now be able to print to that printer.

Good Luck,

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I have installed a HP office jet 6700 on my network my laptop Win7 X 32 can see the printer and print. However when I tried to install the printer on my wife's laptop I cannot get it to connect at all. The printer can be seen on the network however why I try to print nothing goes to queue. I have check spooler service and it is on.
We use to have an old HP photosmart but it stopped working. I bought a HP5510 and had the same problem now I have same issue with the HP6700 and off course HP support cannot explain why this is happening.

I need help bad on this one.

A:Cannot print with printer on network

Are both computers running Windows 7? Are both computers on the same workgroup? Is this computer actually connected to your switch/router, or is it connected to one computer and then shared?

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Hi Guys,

I have 3 PCs and an HP Deskjet 6980 (networkable) printer attached to a switch on my LAN. Two of the PC's print fine to the printer, but the third one get's the following message:

"The print spooler was unable to connect to your pinter. This can be caused by your printer being turned off, the cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN, which will block access to your local network."

The problem pc is connected to the network with no problems and to the internet, so there is no "cable" problem, and I have disabled his Norton System Works firewall to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what to try next. Thanks!

Gary in Michigan

A:Can't print to network printer

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I have two computers, one running XP Pro and one running ME. They are connected on a network
through a router. They can both access the internet and each other files. I have the printer
(Lexmark Z45) connected to the XP computer. Now I've installed drivers on both machines,
and added the printer to the ME computer(the computer w/o printer). Now when I try and print
it says "Communication Not Avaliable" something like that. When I goto my printers folder
(from control panel>>printers) i can see the printer there, I CAN CLICK ON IT AND IT OPENS
to my XP(has printer connected to it) and started to print something, but then I paused it from
the Print Job Window. I went to the ME computer and opened the print job window and I saw
the paused print job. So thats the problem, i cant print, YET i can see the print jobs being
made and the print job window. Any suggestions...thanks in advance

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My new Windows 7 computer will not print to my network printer. It's connected to my wife's XP computer with an ethernet cable. My old XP computer had a wireless card and worked fine with our network printer, so the problem is probably something I need to do with my new Win 7 computer.

My new computer has wireless access to email and the Internet via her router, so I know my USB wireless adapter is OK and connected to our network. And I made sure her computer is on.

When I try to add a printer, the wizard does not find the printer on the network, and I have no idea how to find the TCP address to do it manually.

Should I load the drivers for our printer onto my Windows 7 computer? Or what? Thanks for any help coming my way...


A:Cannot Print to Network Printer

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Check these links carefully, which show you how to share a printer between a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer.

File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP - How-To Geek

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Hi Guys,

I have 3 PCs and an HP Deskjet 6980 (networkable) printer attached to a switch on my LAN. Two of the PC's print fine to the printer, but the third one get's the following message:

"The print spooler was unable to connect to your pinter. This can be caused by your printer being turned off, the cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN, which will block access to your local network."
The problem pc is connected to the network with no problems and to the internet, so there is no "cable" problem, and I have disabled his Norton System Works firewall to no avail. Anyone have any ideas what to try next. Thanks!

Gary in Michigan

A:Can't print to network printer

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Ok before I begin explaining I am novice when it come's to these problems.

So what happened was recently, I reset the modem to it's factory settings. However in doing so, I believe I might have done something that prevents the network printers to print.

The printer, EPSON SX515W Series, is connected to the old computer, plugged in. The other laptops were not connected to the printer and would print as wireless. However now only the old computer prints directly to the printer, the other laptops fail to print it says that the laptop has the EPSON printer as it's default printer yet when ever I try to print, an exclamation mark in yellow triangle appears on the icon, in the control panel>printer section. Troubleshoot does not fix the problem either.

The other problem is I can't remember how this was set up as my dad did it, and he will kill me if I don't fix it back. Also the old computer is different to the laptops. Old computer has Windows XP, and the laptops are vista.

I tried to solve the problem but I failed now I need help!


A:Network Printer does not print please help!

I reset the modem to it's factory settings.Click to expand...

The "modem" is a modem/wireless router combination unit? Had it been using a non-default IP address subnet?

It may be easier to just delete the printers from the remote computers and set up file and printer sharing as if doing for the first time rather than trying to trouble shoot.

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I have a samsung ML-1710 connected to some network attached storage. I was running win7 x32 but installed x64. Since then I can't get anything to print. I've downloaded and installed their universal printer driver and windows can detect the printer when asked to add one. Everything seems fine beyond the fact that it won't print. My wife's laptop works fine with it...


A:Network printer won't print

Have you installed the Samsung ML-1710 64 bit driver/software from Samsungs website....that's were I would start.

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On Windows 7 at work and my computer is about 1 of 7, it was previously the older version of windows however it crashed then once turned back on it was miraculously windows 7. strange.

anyway, i was able to print to all printers before this happened. now I can only print to one printer.

I have attempted to look for the printer using the search for printer on the control panel, attempted to install the driver from the website and nothing works. all other computers can print to this computer except mine. also checked the firewall settings which seem to be fine too.

does anyone have any idea whats wrong with this?


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I am able to add a network printer to my laptop using a wireless homegroup; however, when I send a test page, nothing happens at the printer. The printer is attached to a desktop in another room. Both the laptop & the desktop use Windows 7. The system worked OK when the laptop used Windows 7 & the dektop had Vista. Did I miss a step at the desktop printer end, or is the problem at the remote laptop side? Here are the steps I used to install the printer at the laptop:

<Start>, <Control Panel>, <Add a printer>, <Add a network, wireless printer>, <\\Donald-PC\HP Photosmart C5100 series>, <Next>, <Install driver>, <Next>, <Print a test page>.

Please help. Thanks.

A:Network printer won't print

What does this look like on both PCs?

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Hi. I'm trying to get my HP Laserjet to print using a second computer that is linked with mine via a Motorola router that I use for my Vonage line. The main computer prints fine so I know the computer works. When I go to the second computer (which has all the drivers installed) and I choose the correct choice of printer from the dropdown, making sure the main one is on, nothing happens in terms of the printer.

When I go into the printers and faxes in the control panel (on the main computer) I see the job but it says: Remote download document under "Document Name" but nothing under status. Under "Owner" is guest. The time submitted is correct so I know the computers are communicating but they are not allowing me to print from the second computer.

Any thoughts on a fix?

Hollywood Howie

A:Printer on Network Won't Print

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My networked Brother HL-2070N will print over USB but suddenly not over the network. Ethernet status lights look good, status page from the printer shows it connected to the router and it has an IP address. Everything appears to be connected and working but no documents will print. No settings have been changed on anything. All equipment has been unplugged/restarted, all (current) drivers have been reinstalled, and I've tried multiple ports on the router. When I reinstalled the print driver it found the printer on the network but it still will not print anything unless I plug in a USB cable. This happens on all computers on the network. Looks like the Ethernet controller is hosed. Is it time for a new printer or is there something I'm missing here?

A:Network printer won't print.

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I keep getting error messages that printer wont connect and also this message in picture.
I dont know alot about computer and been trying to print for over 3 hrs now
I have windows 7 PC and a laptop

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you

A:New Wireless printer Cannon Pixma MG3220 wont print / connect

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I have a PC on a LAN that decided it would no longer print on any of the network printers. It was printing before, one day it wasn't and there was no change that I know of that could have caused a conflict. The PC accesses the network just fine but will not print. I tried reloading drivers both from the Lexmark CD and from the drivers available on the O/S (Windows 98). I tried uninstalling, reinstalling and went through the whole debug routine that comes up when sending a document to print and it still won't print. Error message is Microsoft Word Error 1046. It also will not print from Notepad - no error message, just no printout. I have no problems with any other client on the network and no problems with the printer itself - others are printing while this one isn't. It won't work logged on as network administrator either. What is this???

A:One Printer on Network Refuses to Print

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Hello All, for the last little while I been struggling to print from my Vista HP Laptop to my Printer (Brother MFC 7220). The printer is connect to my XP Desktop (Service Pack 1) and is configured to be network shared. I found this post to be helpful in almost overcoming my issues. http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/664992-print-vista-laptop-shared-printer.html
However, it was missing one detail which I figured out (and will now share with you). In addition to the steps below (from original post), I needed to change the Port of the XP Printer from a Bidirectional Port to the standart LPT1 Port. While having the printer on a Bidirectional Port the problem I faced was: the Printer Spool Queue on my Desktop Computer would show my Vista Laptop Print job as simply a "Remote Downlevel Document" which had an Error. Again, the problem was solved by changing the Printer on the Desktop from a Bidirectional one to a the standard LPT1 Port. (Go to Printers, Right Click to get Properties of your Printer, Click on the Ports tab and check LPT1 Port).

If this post was helpful to you, let me know.

(Original Steps Recopied --how to print from a Vista Laptop to a Shared Printer on XP)
What this post is missing is that you need to ensure that the port on which the XP
1.) Verify that File and print sharing is turned on and properly configured

on the XP machine.

2.) Locate and notate the Win... Read more

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I have a Gateway tower running Windows 7 Home Premium with an Epson printer direct connected via USB. I also run an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium. I have a Netgear RangeMax router. Sharing is activated for printers on the Gateway. The HP can access the internet. The HP can see the Gateway. But the printer is not there. When I try to add a printer on the HP it finds none.

That's the major problem, I would love to be able to print from the laptop.

The second issue is watching a video on the HP is painful, constantly pausing as it buffers the video. I purposely bought the Netgear so we wouldn't have that issue and there are only the two computers on it.

Thanks for any help, particularly with the printing issue.


A:Can't print to network printer plus one other thing...

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My wife has a work laptop that she uses to connect to the internet and she can only do this through her work VPN.

I have a windows 7 desktop and can connect fine to a wireless HP 6500A Plus wireless printer on the same home network that my computer is connected to. So my computer prints wirelessly just fine.

She needs to print onto this same printer. We just spent 2 hours on the phone with a tech support guy from her work and we can't get it.

I'm computer savvy but not familiar with VPN's at all. How do we get her laptop, connected through VPN, to connect to the printer on my home wireless network.

Also, she accesses the VPN through my home network.

A:Print onto home network printer from VPN

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I am not able to print in program(ie works, notepad ect.) to my network printer. The printer is a Kodak ESP 5250 connected via usb to my desktop cpu. Desktop is hp running win vista, laptop is an hp running win7. All printer sharing is enabled. I have another laptop( aser) running win7, it's hooked up the same way and it prints just fine. Here's the tricky part, I can get my hp laptop to print a test page from within the kodak program, but it won't print from within any other program. It acts like it spooled but then nothing come out. thanks

A:cannot print from network printer on win 7 laptop

When you send a print to the remote printer from within e.g. works, does it appear in the print queue of the printer but doesn't print or does it not show up at all ? Is everything wireless ?

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Hello All,

This is my first Post on this forum and i would like to ask for help on an irritating issue of a network printer.

I am a system administrator in Thomas Cook Goa location and in one of our branch there is a shared printer on a
particular hostname. Now here's the problem ...

All sharing ralated settings have been done in the Antivirus and firewall to which the printer is connected to.
the other computers can ping this PC, but when i try to type \\follewed by hostname or ip address I get an error message
saying that i do not have permissions to access the location.

The printer sharing pc was on win 7 and the other was on XP so i installed win 7 on the other pc also but still no luck...

Any advice??

Thanx in advance

A:Unable to print on the network printer

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I have 2 pc's. One xp pro with epson printer connected via usb and the other wireless laptop connected over us robotics router.

File sharing is working perfectly and can access all the shared folders on both machines.

The printer is shared on the main pc and i can see it and connect to it from the laptop.

The problem is when i print from the laptop it spools it to the print que of the printer and says "printing.." but then just sits there. eventually on the laptop i get an error saying printer is not responding.

I have downloaded the latest epson drivers to the laptop and verified they are working by connecting the printer directly to it. no problems there.

im at a loss now what i can try to get this working.

oh yes should also mention. ive uninstalled all software firewalls on both machines to see if this made any difference, which it didnt.

please help!

A:Cant get shared network printer to print!

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I'm running Windows XP on a Toshiba Tecra A8 Laptop computer that is hooked up to a one-way network with an Intel Pentium 4 desktop PC (also running XP). By one-way, I mean that the desktop can access the laptop, but not vice versa. This is a whole other problem, and I'm not going to ask about it because we're okay with this set up for now.

However, we both want to use the same printer, which is an HP OfficeJet L7580 All-in-One printer. So I installed the drivers onto the laptop, connected the printer to the laptop via USB, and set up the desktop to default to that printer through the laptop connection. While I was in the office yesterday, the desktop was able to print to the printer. When I left for the day, I left the laptop on so the desktop could still print, but it didn't.

The user of the desktop said there was no error message at all, it just did nothing. However, when I came in again this morning and "woke up" the laptop, it began to print just fine again.

Now, it doesn't make much sense to me that any network connection through the laptop would simply not work just because the laptop is in sleep mode, but it's the only thing I can think of.

Please help!

(Edit: by the way, we've gone through the "usual" stuff: restarting both computers, turning everything off and back on again, and unplugging then reconnecting everything...it didn't seem to have an effect.)

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In my office is print server PN3000 with 3 LPT ports. And there are connected 2 printers - as I sed, HP LaserJet 1200 series and HP color LaserJet 8550 printer (such a big box !!! ). I have installed PSAdmin (3P_PrintServ802A38) and installed printer software and drivers. But it does not print enything.
I got this error:

My PSAdmin is configured so :

There is one strange thing. There is one copmuter with Windows 98 se and it print everything. I am disapointed, because settings are identical.
In my computer is WinXP 2sp.
I would be glad, if you can help me.
Some timo ago all works perfectly, bet on priday all stops working... Such a pity.

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Hi all,

I have a new home PC and ethernet-ready printer. (HP 6940)
I have my home PC connected via ethernet cable to my wireles router. (Linksys G)
I also have the printer connected to the router via Ethernet.
I can print OK from my home PC.

My wireless laptop has all the printer drivers installed, and has connectivity to the printer. (The laptop checked for and correctly identified the printer on the network during installation)

When I try and print, after a short timeout, I get a message stating that the print job did not complete, and one of the possible causes is loss of power, printer unplugged, or I'm on a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

I disabled the VPN on my laptop and it still doesn't work, I get the same message.
I checked the router settings, all seemed OK

Any suggestions for me?

A:Printer on home network..I can't Print

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I've been looking for an answer to my problem all day and have yet to find any help.
I thought I'd figure this out before upgrading to Windows 10.
The issue: I am trying to print from my laptop computer, which is running 8.1 Pro, via wifi to a network printer.
The printer is connected by USB to my main computer which is running 7 Pro. All print and file sharing is turned on.
The printer is shown as being connected on my laptop and I can access files, pictures, etc. on the network.
But it won't print anything. It appears it is printing but nothing happens.
Another computer, also running 7 Pro, can print just fine but it is a wired connection.
I know it's probably something simple but I'm stumped.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Cannot print to shared printer network

Most likely the Print Server on the Windows 7 computer is screwed up. You would be better to get a Print Server that is compatible for your printer, to place it on the network, vs using another computer as sharing.

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How can I print to a remote IPP enabled printer on the internet in Windows 7? This printer is outside my LAN.
I tried enabling it through the Add a Printer but it does not work.
First of all, is this even possible i.e connecting to a printer over the internet using IPP/IPPS with the IP address of the printer. Using something like https://printer's IP address/ipp

Secondly, if it is possible then how to do it?


A:How to print using a printer over the Internet outside my network

Internet Printing

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Both computers are XP. Computer 2 used to be able to print through network. After installing McAfee, he uninstalled the printer by mistake. Since then, we have uninstalled McAfee and gone back to free AVG . Now we can't get it connected to the network printer. When we go into printers, there is no printer installed, and we can't find it when we try to find a network printer/browse. All that shows up is to chose from is Microsoft Windows Network. No printer. Then when we type the name of the server computer and the name of the server printer, it says no again. Can anyone help us.

A:Computer can't print through network printer

Check the system with the printer installed and see if it's still shared properly. Does the printer show up in Network Places for the computer that it's connected to? That will indicate whether it's shared or not.

Can you ping by computer name both ways between the computers? Did you use the McAfee Removal Tool to totally remove any traces of it?
Let's see this for each of the computers.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands, one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

Note that there is a space before the -n or the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the - or / in the following commands.



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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