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Q: laptop parts

I am located in Germany, and I want to purchase bottom cover my laptop with all screws, keyboard and battery, please let me know how can I buy it and how much does it cost?

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Preferred Solution: laptop parts

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey guys, my brother just brought me an old laptop with a fried motherboard from the company he works for and was wondering if there are any parts in it that can be salvaged. However, while I am fairly familiar with desktop PCs, I don't really know anything about laptops and am not sure how to take it apart, test the components, or whether they would be worth anything.

The laptop is a Sony Vaio model # PCG-9H4L. I took a couple back panels off and can see that the laptop has just 256MB of RAM (PC2100) and a 40GB, 4200 rpm HD. I know it has an Athlon XP CPU but I'm not sure what speed (is it even possible to remove??). Anyhow, any advice you can give about what to look for, how to remove certain parts, or about the value of these parts would be greatly appreciated.

A:Old laptop parts

Laptop parts are not usually very valuable unless they're for a popular model that a lot of people have. No one needs them unless they have the same model. Hard drives and memory can bring in more money since they are universal, but screens and cases and things like that can be hard to unload. The only way to really know is to look around and see what they are going for. All laptops are assembled differently, so you just have to look carefully and start taking screws out until you can figure out how it comes apart.

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Does anyone know any UK sites i can buy laptop parts?

A:Laptop Parts

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I need a location (URL, Phone number) on where to get parts for this laptop. I need the back panel and on and off button module.I've gone to HP parts surfer but small list of parts. Does any one have an idea as to where I can get a complete list of parts for this model?

A:Trying to find parts for a new laptop that just came out ...

@aguedeney To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108 REO

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Hi i have already built a desktop computer and now i would like to build a laptop with very cheap parts. I am however finding it difficult to find a barebones kit or just parts anywhere on the internet, i used tigerdirect for my desktop parts but they only have high end laptop barebones and parts. If you have any ideas please post. Thanks!


A:Solved: Laptop parts

There are few options for building laptops, and as you've seen, most kits are for higher end systems. Building a laptop is not like building a desktop. The options just don't exist.

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So I have a broken Dell Studio 1747 laptop with a fried graphics card (or at least I think that's a problem) and to my understanding it would be cheaper to get a new laptop than to repair it.

What I'm wondering is, is there any parts that I can somehow take out and put into a new lappy to save money before I throw the husk away eg. the hard drive or the blu-ray drive?


A:Which parts of my laptop can be salvaged?

Unfortunately not much. I'd keep the hard drive and perhaps pick up a USB dock for it, but you have to spend money on the dock then... I used to buy external drives, but now I've got a couple docks and they come in handy quite often but my situation may be different than yours. I wouldn't bother with keeping the bluray drive unless your new laptop doesn't have one AND the drive is replaceable. However, you could probably make a few bucks by selling it.

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I recently got a couple of laptops from my friend. One is missing the DVD drive and the battery. The other one has a cracked LCD. I was really easy to take off. Right now I'm using the one without an LCD. It is hooked up bto my external LCD. I would like to buy some parts for these laptops.
I looked, but I can't find the DVD drive. It is an Asus N7100 laptop. My friedn told me the driver model was TS-L462, but I bought one and it didn't work. Can someone help me find one?

The other computer is a Sceptre N4-U2000. I need the LCD for it. Can someone tell me where to get one?
On the Sceptre I'm also missing the drivers, The drivers I downloaded don't work.

A:Laptop missing parts

Most laptop DVD drives are the same with the exception of the door. If you don't have the old laptop DVD door to swap it with you may want to google laptop parts tons of sites will come up and you can usually find the parts by model number of the laptop. Just make sure you do a BBB check on the companies before ordering to make sure you are not dealing with a scam company. You may have to look at quite a few before you find the parts for your particular machine.

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Am overseas and tech say my unit needs an inverter and the flex cable that goes from motherboard to display.Had no problem sourcing the inverter using the last help I received on the forum. But I am hung up on the flex cable.Cannot seem to find a part number for it at all.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

A:laptop parts identification

Here is the Manual: Manual See p. 27: Display Cable Kit (includes camera module cable) 432962-001 http://www.ebay.com/itm/432962-001-DD0AT9LC0011A-HP-LCD-DISPLAY-CABLE-PAVILION-DV9700-DV9925NR-GRD-A...  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Im trying to find a good place, where i can purchase all kinds of laptop parts, like inverters, lcd screens, keyboards, batteries, DC jacks, ports and similar stuff. Can anyone recommend a good place with largest selection of everything.

A:Buying laptop parts in EU

Preferably located in EU


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I have loads of laptops that I want to repair in order to sell on ebay, the problem is, I dont know where to get spare parts from. Obviously, I have been looking on the internet for websites that may sell spare parts, but can not find any. I should mention that I am from the UK, so I will need to buy from somewhere that ships to me.

Any help ?

Also, I am specifically looking for spare ribbon cables that connect to laptop touchpads (Mouse) and new plastics i.e palmrests.

A:Where to buy spare laptop parts ??

Since every model of laptop has unique components and flex cables, you normally buy them from the manufacturer. Another source is find dead laptops and cannibalize them for the parts. Most of the cables in a laptop are not generic like desktop machines.

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im looking at a friends hp pavillion dv9500 that looks fried or somthing as it wont power up anymore

have checked all the usual stuff mem hdd seating etc and batt and power suply

was wondering as it has an internal tv card and remote

the card looks as if it would fit my acer mecanicaly

would it just be a case of fitting it and finding drivers etc

or would there be volage probs etc

what im asking is basicaly are theese type of things universal through different manafactuers

thanks will await reply


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Hello,is it possible to get a new top plastic (plastic behind the screen) for HP Notebook 17-x007nm? Model Number: 17-x007nmProduct Number: Y0A62EA#BED (or YOA62EA#BED)Serial Number: 8CG632Z1M (or 8CG632ZIM)Warranty: 1y1y0y

View Solution.

A:Plastic parts for laptop

Anything can be had at a price. Yours is non-touch so these are the possible parts, depending on color: Display enclosure (non touch models) Red models 856594-001 White silver models 856593-001 Noble blue models 856596-001 Turbo silver models 856592-001 Black models 856591-001 Teal models 856595-001 Iris purple models 900660-001 Power blue models 908289-001 Green models 908290-001 Lilac models 908291-001 From adverstising sites it looks like it is silver so, if so, this is the part: https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=75E6DEBCE613435ABD0F7F1B681E305C&SearchIn=PartNumber&SearchPN=856592-001 $42 from the HP Parts Store in the US, which is not bad. If you need a different color or shipping to another country let us know.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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HI all

recently made the very wise decision to spill coffee into my laptop

did the usual drill, unplugged it wiped down visible residue, left it to dry then cleaned out with alcohol

frist of all both the trackpad and keyboard weren't working but having taken the keyboard apart and disconnected the board, I've found that the mouse will work.

connecting it back however, renders both useless (also it appears as though the laptop thinks that buttons are being pressed because it'll keep being woken up out of hibernate (as if someone pressed a key) if you put it to sleep.)

anyway I digress

I'm looking to see about getting a replacement board similar to this one


but I'm having trouble finding one in thhe UK for my laptop

my laptop is an Asus X70sr

I beleive that moisture has gotten into the circuit board of the keyboard and that is what needs replacing, does anyone know of anywhere in the UK (web) that I can order the necessary parts for?


A:Laptop keyboard parts


just in case anyone else was interested for the answer, found it


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Hi there
My brothers laptop recently got corrupted because of a LAN adapter problem, and the repairs cost almost $300, so he decided to get a new laptop. But the RAM (512 MB), and the Hard Disk (40GB) are unaffected. Is it possible to put these hardware into my desktop (Emachines T3990, 80GB HDD, 768MB RAM, 2.8 GHZ Processor).
Or can some of the parts be put in?
I would appreciate it if someone could help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

A:Laptop Parts into a Desktop

The RAM will not work in a desktop . . two different formats. The notebook hard drive is smaller than a desktop hard drive, but you could use an adaptor to make it work

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Need 2nd internal hardisk connectiong cabel with full hardisk fitting kit.My screen side pannel rubber also damage from all side can any on help me to where I get those parts.Thanks in advance.

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i would like to upgrade my laptop with : touch screeen and an extra 8 gb ram please advise if it is fesible and the model number of the parts and how to get it intalled 

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Dear HPhere is Korea. HP Korea has no parts that are compatible for my laptop. Because my laptop model has not come to HP Korea. so like having purchased the laptop from U.S, I must do parts for my laptopbefore doing it, I have question whether next covers(1,2,3) are compatible for my laptop model or not C top part1.http://ebay.auction.co.kr/?dir=shop&itemID=2526701820562.http://ebay.auction.co.kr/?dir=shop&itemID=262612438811 D bottom part3.http://ebay.auction.co.kr/?dir=shop&itemID=152427896703 Especially,  are not only 1 but also 2  compatible to my laptop & 3-bottom cover ?( Are there no any problems exception leapmotion not working ? it is enogh of my laptop only to work in fingerprint sensor working) that is, are above all 1.2.3 part models  compatibe for my laptop ?  thank you ~~~~~~~

A:compatibility of laptop covers(C & D parts)

Hi,  Welcome to HP Support Forum For C part: 1. Part number 720271-001 is for normal Envy 17-J series2. Part number 736483-001 is for machines with Leap motion. Does your machine have Leap ? If yes, you need this part. From HP Part store the first one is compatible with your machine. For D part: There are 52 products use part number 720225-001 and your machine is not on the list. What is the model/product of your machine ?  Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards. Regards. 

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So my laptop has been making a really weird high-pitched noise, like a hard drive; but I know its not the hard drive because that makes a separate, lower-pitched noise. I dont know if this is normal or if its a malfunction. What part of the laptop could be making that noise?

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Can you pull up a list of the components on my old Pavilion?  I get lost trying to find the exact build.  I looked at "HP Pavilion dv2500 and dv2700 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide," which is helpful; but, I found some inconsistencies, which an HP listing of the original components, would probably resolve most, if not all, of them.  I'd like to look at the possibilities to get it running, with more RAM, maybe a hybrid hard disc, etc.

A:Original parts list for a particular laptop p/n or s/n

Hi: Please enter the product number of your notebook in the box at the link below. http://partsurfer.hp.com/search.aspx Hopefully that will generate a parts list for your specific model PC. The product number can be found on the same sticker as the serial number.

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Hello All,

I am not that good at desktop hardware and almost zero in laptop disassembling. My all hardware experiences were swapping RAM sticks , replacing old HDD's(Probably IDE's) with one another and a few DVD writers. Now my laptop is dead and I've told me that the motherboard crashed and it is not worthy to replace and I replaced it with one.

Now the only part I could reuse out of my once a favorite machine was the HDD.

And I am now purely looking to get my hands dirty on hardware by doing stuff here as my laptop is already dead .

I think the processor is good in it and i am looking whether I could buy a cheaper motherboard and use it to have my machine run and learn something useful.

I would not be disturbed by its performance and by that I mean I don't need an expensive updated motherboard. I just need one which is compatible and to see it work.

Is that a good idea? Or could I use the processor in a desktop. I have a couple of old cpu's
(P4 days!) sitting idle which I think are not compatible with an i3 2nd gen processor(If laptop processor's are really supported in a desktop motherboard). Or I could buy a desktop motherboard put the processor in, use the old HDD's and RAM sticks and play around.

Which of these makes some sense? I am again mentioning that I am doing this out of pure curiosity spending more bucks on a dead machine and i don't expect the machine for more than spreadsheets and firefox.

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Dear HP About your prior point, Part No: 736475-001 Description: BASE ENCLOSURE CURVE TS(my laptop :  ENVY TouchSmart 17-j142nr Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)                          P/N :  E8A22UAR#ABA     ) 1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-ENVY-17-J003-Bottom-Base-736475-001-/201365309980     (strangely, there is no my machine model on compatible list of linked website  that seller wrote) 2. http://ebay.auction.co.kr/?dir=shop&itemID=332122989135 3. http://ebay.auction.co.kr/?dir=shop&itemID=282215203339  Are above 1,2,3 all parts( 736475-001 ) correct for my laptop ? now soon  May I buy one of them ?  thank you  Regards

A:compatibility of laptop covers( D parts)

Hi,See this: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/compatibility-of-laptop-covers-...RegardsVisruth

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Hello my screen digiziter broken but it work , i looking for repelcement part , the seller ask me part number for the touch screen not for my laptop . i want the link  put my laptop serial number or PID give me the part number for  my all laptop parts WITHOUT OPENINNG LAPTOP.  can you please help me link give me aparts numbers for my laptop?and where exacutly buy correct part for my laptop. thank you in advance 

A:part number for all laptop parts

@nOOne1? Take a look at the following:HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook Service and Maintenance Guide Reference:HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook - 15-ak100ne (Touch) When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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Hello forum, I bought a Yoga 900 last year. Unfortunately my girlfriend spilled a coffee over it which broke it.I therefore sent the laptop to the Lenovo/Medio repair centre in Germany before Christmas.I got a quote for the repair, ca. 500 pounds for several boards that needed replacement which I paid for up-front as required.I then never heard back from Lenovo, having to chase them frequently on what is going on. At some point heard that the spare parts weren't available. Never heard anything about potential timing of a repair. Having had to chase this repeatedly (we'll call you back within two working days) for several weeks without anyone ever properly getting back to me I asked the customer support to escalate the issue.Today I heard that they have decided they don't have spare parts, therefore can't repair the laptop and I will get the money for the repair refunded.After 3 months of having the laptop in the repair centre without any feedback!I don't understand how Lenovo can't have spare parts for a laptop that was sold not too long ago and effectively is still being sold..That to me is shocking customer service (they should refund money for keeping the laptop for 3 months if not even offer to replace it by a new device for a certain amount of money etc.).I guess the only option know is to try and fix it myself by buying spare parts, fitting them myself but unfortunately thereby my warranty will be void :-/Does anyone know of a good place to buy spare... Read more

A:Lenovo don't have parts to repair my laptop

I am going through the same thing. I sent it in my idea z500 in november 2016. I am still waiting. Customer sercice with medion and lenovo is the worst i have ever experienced.USELESS. I have requested a call back from the managers more that 10 times since and still waiting. I have written complaint letters call everyother day and all they have said to me up until 3 days ago was that they were waiting for parts, a hardrive.  And 3 days when i called they said it unfixable and thats that. Its.on its way back to me from Germany but unfixed. What a stressful experience, they have wasted my time, they have caused unnecessary stress they have lied .. 'a manager will call you back within 24- 48 hours'. Never again will i buy from Lenovo..... ever ever againnnnn....who sends there repairs to Germany from Uk anywaay??? 

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my laptop's touchpad currently go crazy when im controlling it
what do you think is it faulty that i have to replace it or its just my system os, already tried restarting and system restore

what website can i buy this replacement parts and about how much range is this touchpad

my laptop is Acer Aspire 4750G

A:laptop replacement parts question

Try virus scan i know sounds silly.

Uninstall drivers and re install using these ones :


Failing that Is it in warranty ? If it is a problem it may be cheaper buying a spares or repair laptop taking its parts as a last resort.

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Hi I have an probook 440 G1 LAPTOP.Product number J734VPA.Its top cover(palm cover) and base cover edges are slightly dammaged in one corner and I want to replace them as this laptop belongs to my company.as the hp quaotation was too high for thease 2 parts I want to buy one similar model used laptop from market whose above mention parts can be interchanged with the company laptop and keep the used laptop with me for personal use and return company laptop to company when I resign else they may penalise.As used laptop with same product number is not available in market in India please suggest which other product number laptop base cover and top cover are compatible with this laptop. Can I use parts from any hp probook 440 G1 series or g2 series irrespective of their product number.please help.would be great if you reply with compatible product number if possible.

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I have two issues that I hope you can assist me with.  The first paragraph below is for the first issue.  The second paragraph below is for the second issue.  I appreciate any assistance you could provide.
On 4/2/2016, I placed an order for a new display back cover and a set of hinges in the HP Parts Store.  My HP [personal information removed].  Total order cost = $233.91 in US dollars.  I paid for the parts already via credit card and the parts were delivered to me.  A friend of mine repairs laptops as a full time occupation.  She was planning to help me repair the broken laptop hinge and replace the back cover so part of the replacement hinge would be protected when I transport the computer.  Unfortunately, my friend found out that her sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer after I received the parts from the HP Parts Store.  My friend has been spending lots of time caring for her ill sister and her elderly parents in their 80s.  She is unable to help me repair the right hinge and back cover of my laptop.  The parts have not been touched and they are still in the boxes.  I would like to return the parts and receive a credit applied to my charge account; however the HP return policy states that parts must be returned in 14 days.  The HP Parts Store also charges a restocking fee.  Can you assist with this return transaction?  I would prefer to not pay the restocking fee.    
&... Read more

A:HP Envy 15t-K000 Hinge repair and return parts to HP Parts S...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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A:Switch HPG60 parts with Sony vaio PCG-3F3L Parts

I guess that would depend on what "parts" you're talking about.

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Hi there,

I often find myself needing to replace pieces on laptop motherboards, most often the charger port. Where do you guys go to order products like these? I often find them on ebay but it would be nice if I knew of a local electronics store or somewhere that carries unique parts like this.


A:Where do you guys order laptop repair parts?

Usually,you would only find something like that at a local
electronics parts wholesaler and even then you would need the part
number and it may be special order.
Some of them will sell retail,over the counter,some won't.

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Hi guys im new to this forum and i would just like to ask what hardware or parts of my laptop G50-70 ( Model name 20351) can be upgraded cause I want a better performing but i can't scratch this guy out easily. So in anways i can, i would like to stick with it and try upgrades if ever it is possible or legal. Thanks in advance if ever somebody will try to answer this! P.S if ever something is wrong with this thread just kindly infrom me cause im a newbie at this. just made this account for the purpose of asking this. thanks a bunch!

A:What hardware parts of my laptop lenovo G50-70 can be upgraded?

You might be able to add more RAM, or add an SSD drive if it does not already have one, but other than that you options are pretty limited given that it is a laptop. Cheers, 

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I recently ordered a p50s from the lenovo outlet. I'm happy with the laptop, but I do feel like I got a little less than I paid for since it was listed as having a 512 gb m.2 SSD (my understanding is the lenovos that use these use pci-e drives that are faster plus it would have left me an empty drive bay for me to use for an upgrade) and DDR4 ram. It actually has a 2.5 inch SSD and DDR3 ram. In looking into the issue, I found that the p50s actually isn't compatable with either of those parts. Short of returning the laptop, is there anything I can expect lenovo to do to make me feel better about the situation?

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Ok so I had a laptop custom built for me a while ago.
intel i7 quad core
8gb ram
nvidia geforge 750m

Now. I am starting to play more taxing games like skyrim and battlefield but the computer overheats and shuts down. I want to know if it is possible to take the parts out of my laptop and use them to power a desktop pc

By this I mean exactly the same setup and parts but just put it in a desktop case and put in some fans to keep it nice and cool.
I was also thinking that I could use a moniter but also use my laptop screen as a monitor as well. Perhaps even use the laptop downstairs and take the chalice upstairs when I want to play on the monitor.

I don't myself see a problem since it is essentially just giving it a bigger case and connecting it to a monitor instead of a laptop screen, however I am not a big expert with computes and several people said it wouldn't work.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help

A:Possibly a silly question. Using laptop parts in a desktop

And those people are right. You'd need someone to make you a custom case for your laptop. The layout, mounting points, Input/Output ports are all different and not standardized on laptops, you can't just shove them into a desktop case. Additionally how you would use the laptop's keyboard, touchpad, and LCD panel? You'd have to use all external devices and hope that the laptop can run an external monitor from power on to Windows. The cable for the LCD is short and they don't make extensions so you'd have to incorporate that into the custom case as well and have a weird looking hybrid that's not practical.

Or you could just a laptop cooling pad and a can of compressed air to blow out the vents and fans on the laptop every once in a while.

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So I spilled coffee on my laptop, over the keyboard. I turned it off immediately, took out the power, but stupidly left the battery in. I wiped it dry, left it a couple of hours, then tried turning it on. It started for a second then turned off again. Yes I now realise what a idiot I am for doing this.

So I opened it up, cleared out all the excess coffee. I had only spilled the coffee on the left hand side of the keyboard, and directly underneath this area is the the fan which didn't seem to have any residue on it, and the power board assembly. The motherboard was on the otherside of the laptop and free from harm.

So having cleaned it out as much as possible and let it dry out for days, I try turning it on and it won't even start up. I'm thinking that I may have messed up by turning it on after only a few hours, and with pic related being directly underneath and probably covered in coffee, it short circuited and ruined it.

My question is does this mean the entire motherboard and electrical components of the laptop are defective? Bearing in mind no coffee was spilled on the motherboard. Or might it mean only this particular component, the power board/switch assembly which connects the power button to the motherboard, is broken? Will replacing this part alone be enough to salvage my laptop?

A:Spilled coffee on laptop, question about replacement parts

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. As you say - easy to do but a rather expensive cup of coffee
3. Such a problem is I am sorry to say impossible to solve - in an online situation - the only advise that I can offer is
If you are not technically knowledgeable enough to dismantle the laptop and check circuits with a meter - not of course with power connected - then it is a lost cause until you evaluate the cost effectiveness of paying for a computer repair business to evaluate it.
Coffee - water is of course a conductor and will effectively short live to earth - anything could have gone.
SORRY but a real and effective analysis will require professional test equipment and IMHO depending on local rates - you are talking about something in the order of £30 just to tell you it is a lost cause.
Unless it is a valuable - newish laptop I would think your best is to take out the HDD and see if that is a run connected to another computer in an enclosure or docking station

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Hello all, I have lost one of the rubber grips or rubber feet from the bottom of my laptop. These are four circular grips that are on the four corners on the bottom of my laptop. I cannot find it to glue it back on, so I am in need of replacemnt grips. The problem is that I do not know where to get these replacement grips. I have tried looking on this site and on others but none of them convice me that the grips will be compatible with my laptop. Does anyone know where I can find these reliable replacements? Thank you for your time

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So I'm planning on building my new PC and have found a list of all of the parts that I would like to purchase. This will be my first build and wanted to check that A) all these parts are compatible and B) that these are the best parts I can get for the money.

To clarify I will be using the PC for mainly gaming and Photoshop/other design work. The prices below are the best prices I could find online too. (Budget is about £600)
Tower - Antec 900 Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case - £82.99
Power Supply - Corsair 500 Watt CX500 V2 Builder Series 80 Plus Power Supply - £44.98
CPU - Intel Core i5 2500K - £166.97
Motherboard - ASRock Z68 Extreme3 - £100.00
RAM - Patriot G Series ‘Sector 5’ Edition 4GB - £24.49
Graphics card - Sapphire RADEON HD 6850 - £118.40
Hard drive - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB - £61

Think this all I will need (apart from a disc drive) any other hidden costs/ parts that I am missing out too?


A:Solved: Compatible parts/best parts for own build?

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I have been very stupid and managed to break the door protecting the RJ45 connector. Since this is also the part that allows any ethernet cable to be plugged in, I would like to buy a replacement part. On most Lenovo laptops, the door and its FRU number is specified in the parts list of the relevant Hardware Maintenance Manual. This is unfortunately not the case on the Yoga 500-14ACL Laptop (ideapad). Does anyone here know how I can get my hands on a replacement or maybe come up with an alternative solution? Thanks! Laptop: Yoga 500-14ACL Laptop (ideapad)Machine Type Model: 80NA002NMXProblem in picture:    

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Hello, i have a Lenovo p580 laptop 15.6", its about 5 y/o. Machine type Model : CTOThe laptop fell on the floor and it is a little broken (just the frame tho). I was thinking of buying new casing for the whole computer. So, 1. Can i replace the screen with a touchscreen instead ? (not some addon, just new screen), and if so could you show me a link.2. Can i buy annother casing that my parts will fit in, i want to have it slim(i dont need the cd drive so its no problem removing it)3. Where is the best place to buy theese things, i live in iceland so i would order it online because we dont have alot of shops that have the specific parts i need. Thanks!

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Hello, i had bought the XPS 15 laptop approximately 5 months ago from philippines and right now i am in india. When i am charging the laptop i get electic shock when i touch the metal parts of the laptop.
But recently i discovered when the laptop is charging i get current from other parts of the house as well such as metallic bathroom taps and metal grill of my house.
I tested it using tester so its not some assumption but real current.
So please provide some guidance on why is this happening and why is the current flowing in different parts of my house when laptop is charging.

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Before you throw out your old, dead hard drives, dismantle them and recover the magnets inside.

Some of the most powerful magnets known to man are inside.

A couple of cute little motors too, but they don't like to come out easily.

A:Fun parts inside old parts

I agree, just don't put the magnets together with your fingers in the middle of them !

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Hi everyone, before I ask for some advice on getting new PC parts I know I have posted before about getting a new PC and picking out parts but I don't have the cash so I just need to use what I got :P.

First I have a AMD Rig its ok specs right now.
AMD FX4100
AMD Ghost 7850 GPU
ASUS Motherboard some crappy one
and a WD hard drive.
A really bad bad 500w PSU
I would like to get an Intel CPU a i5 maybe but I need a good
4) I am going to pick out a water cooler.
I am going to get a new hard drive with this and a new windows etc...
Could anyone sugest a good
Intel CPU
also will I be able to use my AMD GPU with the intel cpu?
thanks for reading,

A:New PC parts (need help)

Good news first, yes you'll be able to use your Radeon 7850 in a Intel rig.
What make you think you'll need a new PSU?

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PSU, Mobo and Case must be ATX

Type of RAM module must be supported by mobo

FSB of RAM and CPU shouldn't be higher than mobo's FSB

CPU socket type must match that of the motherboard...

graphics card you want must also be able to be used on the motherboard (PCI-E or AGP, etc)

mobo and PSU have same number of pins (for mobo power socket)

Is this all right, or am I missing something else? Thanks!

A:When looking for parts...

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Hi Everybody,
Ok I was thinking about buliding a low-end computer just for Internet use for my father. I already have a mointer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cd-rw drive, 250w p/s. I dont want a floppy drive in it. And the motherboard doesnt have to have intergrated ethernet becuase I also have an pci ethernet card. I dont want a dial-up modem in it either.

So basicly what recommendation for a case, motherboard and cpu. Also the motherboard has to have intergrated sound and video. I am guessing a celeron cpu? Also what ram should I get in terms of how many mb or gb's. Is 256mb of ram enough?

Thank you very much techspot members

A:What parts should I get?

Also yeah I got 40gb harddrive and windows xp home too so I dont need that

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HP ENVY x360 - 15-w000ni (ENERGY STAR)  Note book system board part number 808410-501 is not available in market . I bought this computer from cape town South Africa and i have moved to srilanka now im having a problem with my device system board but part isn't available , does anyone know a place to buy or suitable replacement  thanks 

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Sent my IBuypower PC in when it wouldn't boot. They told me the motherboard, video card and liquid cooling system all dead. Around $500 just for parts. Machine cost $1200 and is 2 years 8 months old.

2 issues is smarter to a whole new machine or rebuild with oem parts. Their service was horrible so I'll have to do the rebuild.

Also can I place the hard drives from this machine into an external case and still run the programs and access the data.

I'm a professional photographer and deal with lots of 30-50 mg files at a time.

A:New PC or parts

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So, decided I should do a little outside the case upgrading. Problem is, since most of my expertise is on case hardware, I have no clue whats good, or where to buy said items im looking for, so hoping someone can help me out.

Parts I'm looking for is new speakers, new mouse/keyboard, and a webcam. I'm looking for something good, reliable and does the job, some fancy perks would be nice, but nothing wallet breaking. I don't wanna spend $1000 on them, but preferably less then say ooh $300-$400 max, any less and it be better.. The ones I have now, are your basic Walmart bottom barrel ones, they work, but my mouse is already going out and my speakers sound like they're on the way out as well. So any advice, on what kind, where to buy online, so on and so forth would be greatly appreciated.

A:Looking for new parts

Are you looking to upgrade to gaming equipment ( speakers, keyboard and mouse ) ?? if so then I'd recommend not to be so cheap as it will pay off in the long run.

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Here are the new parts I'm most likely gonna be getting just curious on the feedback from anyone.


Video Card

A:New Parts

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