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Can't change am/pm in settings, update,change active hours.

Q: Can't change am/pm in settings, update,change active hours.

That is my problem as stated above.


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Preferred Solution: Can't change am/pm in settings, update,change active hours.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


That is my problem as stated above.


A:Can't change am/pm in settings, update,change active hours.

Hello Henry,

You should be able to click/tap on the arrows above/below AM/PM, or click on AM or PM to select one like below.

Windows Update Active Hours - Change in Windows 10

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hi all i havent used windows update in a while it is still working but it wont allow me to change the settings for automatic updates it says the administrator has switched them off and since i am the administrator why cant i switch them back on again any ideas people

A:cant change update settings

Originally Posted by xera2112

hi all i havent used windows update in a while it is still working but it wont allow me to change the settings for automatic updates it says the administrator has switched them off and since i am the administrator why cant i switch them back on again any ideas people

Hi xera2112,

Are you positive you're in an administrative account and not a standard account?
Maybe it has been switched. Might want to take a look at this tutorial from Brink. And some other useful tutorials in Tutorials-User accounts.

User Account Type

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Hi everyone, thanks for looking.
Im running into a particular problem that I cant seem to find the reasons or the settings.

I watch HBO GO (i have a valid subscription) on my Windows 7 Home laptop and use an HDMI cable to connect my TV.

Scenerio 1:
If I leave the close the lid power option on hibernate, I must leave the laptop open and, when I connect the HDMI the TV, it becomes my monitor and I view as the monitor and watch anything full screen no problem.

Scenerio 2:
I change the power option on the lid close to "do nothing". When the HDMI cable is hooked up, if the laptop is open it uses the laptop display, if its closed it displays through the HDMI/TV. This is perfect and exactly what I want.
I can watch as the monitor no problem HOWEVER, if I choose full screen, I get gray borders and the "Full Screen" is not full and just centered.

I can not for the life of me figure out why and Im going crazy.
Does anyone know why the power option would have an effect on this and what settings I could change?

Many Thanks in Advance!!!


A:External display settings change when Power options change?

Check to see what resolution your laptop's display is at, what the external TV resolution is when you connect it to your laptop, and MAYBE what resolution the videos you're watching are. This just sounds like a resolution issue. If the TV is at a larger resolution than your laptop's resolution, change the TV's resolution to the size your laptop is at. Then try watching a video to see what happens. Hope this helps.

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My device is having trouble with the UEFI. Symptoms are I can not boot from USB ( I was booting USB now and then, with the same settings it just does not work)Boot order does not change. Any change made to firmware does not apply at all. It just gets the same after reboot. Can not update/flash it. Official lenovo updater InsydeFlash says that current bios version is 9BCN29WW, new version to update is 9BCN91WW. I click OK and my windows 10 just reboots in the middle of the process and boom. Same version and problems again. What is going on?? 

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Here are Microsoft's Instructions to Change Settings for Updates

"...In the left pane, click Change settings.

Under Microsoft Update, select the Give me updates for Microsoft products and check for new optional Microsoft software when I update Windows check box.

To get notifications of new Microsoft software, select the Show me detailed notifications when new Microsoft software is available check box..."

See the attached two (2) .png images. On my 32 Bit Windows 7 Starter, notice how the required boxes needed to check are not shown. I would like to have this ability - just like on my 64 Bit Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Notebook. Seems like Microsoft goofed up something in their system software for Windows 7 Starter 32 bit.

Any ideas how to get the missing check boxes? Maybe with REGEDIT? Or something else?

A:Change Update Settings Win 7 Starter 32 Bit - Messed Up

From experience I know that Win 7 Starter has some items removed, might it not be that your OS has these update settings missing?

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Hi, first time poster here....

So i'm logged in as an administrator yet i can't change the settings in automatic update. i can see the settings but they are greyed and "locked". very annoying.

Has anyone seen this issue? It may have been there all along i just never cared to change the settings until the pending SP1 release.. i want to be there when it happens instead of the default setting of 3am!

Much appreciated!

A:not allowed to change update settings as administrator??

Ah, I once had this problem. When I was on my university's network, they had group settings that seemed to force that. I never found a way around the issue, even after I left school. The only thing that resolved the problem was a fresh install of Vista.

Someone with more network experience might be able to help you, but I was unable to find assistance.

As a workaround, you can always search for updates on your own. I did that quite often.

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Ok, I have two ports for ram in my computer, i only have 512MB. I tryied adding a 256MB in the second slot to speed up my computer but when i turn on the computer it says that my ram exceeds the limit and wont boot up. I was just wondering if there is a way to change the limit of ram and if so how do i do it?

(I have a 30gb HD and a 1.4gh Processor with only 512mb of ram)

A:My computer wont let me add ram. How do i or can i change settings to change that?

You can go to Crucial and let them scan your computer and they will tell you how much
memory your computer should have.
You should buy your memory from the manufacturer of your computer.

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I have automatic updates set to download automatically but to ask me when to install them. An update downloaded and I received a notice to click the little icon in the task bar when ready to install.

I had something critical running that needed to finish its work but would take all night to run so I couldn't install the updates right away. I went to bed and at some point during the night Windows installed the critical updates and forced the computer to restart. I consequently woke with quite a surprise when I found my computer had been rebooted with a nice little alert from Windows telling me the reason.

I check the Automatic Update settings and sure enough, they had changed to both download AND install. No one but myself uses this computer and I did not change them. In fact, this is the 2nd time to my memory that the settings have spontaneously switched to download and install without me selecting it.

What is going on here?

A:Windows Automatic Update settings spontaneously change

Sometimes when there are updates ready to install and you are shutting down the computer you will see at the shut down screen that you have a choice to either shut down after updates have installed or shut down without installing the updates.
Now something may have cause the system to reboot thus when the system rebooted it installed the updates before reboot. This is the only thing I can think of that may have allowed this update(s) to install.

What was the critical task that was being preformed at the time you left it alone for the night?

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I'm running Windows 7 on a 32bit computer.
I can't do any Windows Updates and when I try to open up the Firewall to see the settings I get Error code: 0x6D9
I also got a bluescreen once, but I didn't have time to write down what it said because it restarted my system.
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_31
Run by Robbie at 21:22:57 on 2012-07-24
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.1215.184 [GMT -7:00]
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASCORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.... Read more

A:Can't Update Windows or Change Firewall settings/Possible Rootkit

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer! I am HelpBot: an automated program designed to help the Bleeping Computer Staff better assist you! This message contains very important information, so please read through all of it before doing anything. We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here. To help Bleeping Computer better assist you please perform the following steps:*************************************************** In order to continue receiving help at BleepingComputer.com, YOU MUST tell me if you still need help or if your issue has already been resolved on your own or through another resource! To tell me this, please click on the following link and follow the instructions there.CLICK THIS LINK >>> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/logreply/462359 <<< CLICK THIS LINK If you no longer need help, then all you needed to do was the previous instructions of telling me so. You can skip the rest of this post. If you do need help please continue with Step 2 below.*************************************************** If you still need help, I would like you to post a Reply to this topic (click the "Add Reply" button in the lo... Read more

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On advice from
Ratandeep here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-winapps/change-windows-firewall-settings-to-block-foxit/385c8e1f-87df-4d1e-8fcd-67c66167f683

I'm cross-posting the issue here.
===== BEGIN CROSS-POST =====
Change Windows Firewall settings to block Foxit update

MarkFilipak.Windows asked on

Howdy friends,

I need help crafting firewall settings that will prevent Foxit Reader updates.

When I run Foxit Reader I can see 'Foxit Reader.exe' in Task Manager. When I run Foxit Update (from Foxit Reader menu or from Start Menu's Run line), I see 'Foxit Update.exe' in Task Manager. Foxit Update starts downloading an update. Obviously, it is not being
blocked. I need to block Foxit Reader & Foxit Update from the Internet. The firewall settings are shown below. They don't work.

Win7, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Domain Profile
- Windows Firewall is on.
- All inbound connections are blocked.
- Outbound connections that do not match a rule are blocked.
Private Profile
- Windows Firewall is on.
- All inbound connections are blocked.
- Outbound connections that do not match a rule are blocked.
Domain Profile
- Windows Firewall is on.
- All inbound connections are blocked.
- Outbound connections that do not match a rule are blocked.


Name: Block Inbound FoxitReader
Profile: All
Enabled: Yes
Action: Block
Override: No
Program: %ProgramFiles% (x86)\Foxi... Read more

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I upgraded my Vista laptop to Win 7 Home Premium 64. It took a few days to get it running, install all drivers, new BIOS, etc.

But I still have one problem left.

Wuauserv is eating 50% cpu constantly. It is windows update related. I seem to have problems with the updates. It says that "some settings are managed by your system administrator" and everything is grayed out. I can't change a thing. I am the only owner of this laptop, I am the admin, I don't understand what this is.

Could you please help?

Thank you!

A:Update problem wauserv eating 50% cpu can't change updates settings

Also, it seems my computer thinks I'm part of a Workgroup, but I use this laptop at home.

Member of Domain / Workgroup, domain is grayed out, workgroup is checked.

I don't have Group Policy installed.

It was not a clean install, but an upgrade using genuine Toshiba software.

Windows is constantly checking for updates without success.

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I upgraded my Vista laptop to Win 7 Home Premium 64. It took a few days to get it running, install all drivers, new BIOS, etc.

But I still have one problem left.

Wuauserv is eating 50% cpu constantly. It is windows update related. I seem to have problems with the updates. It says that "some settings are managed by your system administrator" and everything is grayed out. I can't change a thing. I am the only owner of this laptop, I am the admin, I don't understand what this is.

Could you please help?

Thank you!

A:Update problem wauserv eating 50% cpu can't change updates settings

Also, it seems my computer thinks I'm part of a Workgroup, but I use this laptop at home.

Member of Domain / Workgroup, domain is grayed out, workgroup is checked.

I don't have Group Policy installed.

It was not a clean install, but an upgrade using genuine Toshiba software.

Windows is constantly checking for updates without success.

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I've been having this same issue for over a year now and I can NOT find a solution. I registered today because I don't know what else to do.
I keep getting this notification "solve pc issues 1 important message Change windows update settings" almost daily. The message says it's a security thing and even though I check the box everytime, I still get that message.

A:solve pc issues 1 important message Change windows update settings

For that message to go away you must have Windows Update set to automatically download and install updates.
What WU setting do you have?

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Hi everybody,

I am new here and actually after I checked different contributions, I liked the place, it's really helpful, and I hope to be a permanent member. Well, I am new to VBA, and I just got a macro that runs on active open sheet, then I need to run the same macro, but this time on more than a file/ sheet (actually it's a big number, like 1000+), closed and already saved in a folder. I would pretty appreciate if anyone helps me to add the necessary code ( which will direct the macro to : focus on a specific folder in a specific location (e.g. E:\myfolder) , then run on every excel file in that folder, and to save every file before close , doing that until the last file in that folder .. that's it .. Any help?

Many thanks

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I don't know if the anniversary update fixed it more, but I've heard people have had Windows 10, restart automatically and reboot after installing certain updates, like when they're in the middle of doing things. I can't say it's actually happened to me. Not that I'm aware of, anyway.
Either way, I think it's pretty stupid how you can only have a 12 hour window for your computer being active. It also says, that it let's you know when your computer needs restarting anyway. So, if that's the case, what's the point in having active hours set, so your computer doesn't restart when you don't want to?
The only thing I'm concerned about, is if I'm in the middle of gaming or something, and it happens and my pc restarts. Or is that now not possible, as it only happens if your computer is idle? I thought I heard somewhere it happened to someone whilst gaming. ****ing stupid idea if you ask me. Especially, when I can't choose to turn off automatic updates because I'm only using the 'Home' edition.
Not even sure how it works. Like if I have my 'active hours' set from 8am to 8pm, what happens after 8pm? Surely gaming too, your computer knows you aren't exactly 'idle'!

A:Active Hours/Update?

I am on home and have mine set similar to you, 9am to 9pm here

From my experience it has never restarted while in the middle of something, if it wants a restart it always schedules it for around 3am or updates itself when i do a shutdown/startup

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Ever since upgrading to Windows 8.1 I haven't been able to change my update settings. The drop-down is greyed out and can't be clicked on. Above the drop down it says "Some settings are managed by your system administrator"

I've deleted my user account and created a new one, but the problem remains. I've unlocked the Administrator account, but even through that account the settings can't be changed. I'm not in a homegroup, as I've heard this could solve the problem and I've disconnected and reconnected my Microsoft account to my User Account to no avail.

Please help, Windows keeps updating and I don't have the bandwidth to continue this way.

I think there are threads on this subject. Haven't been able to find any one that solves my problem.


A:Can't Change Update Settings "Some settings are managed.."

Hello C, and welcome to Eight Forums.

This sounds like a group policy has been set to prevent access to those settings. As you found out, this would be a global setting applied to all user accounts (new and old).

Please post a screenshot showing your Windows Update settings to help narrow down which policy it may be since there are a few for Windows Update.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums

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I downloaded the StarCraft II Clock from the Windows 7 Desktop Gadget gallery, only to find it's a 24-hour clock and has no settings. How would I change it - presumably by changing its java file - so that it is a 12-hour clock instead?

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Hi, so I just got my new Yoga 910, and wanted to change the settings so the F keys are default and me not needing to press Fn. I found a lot of posts on the forum, where people got it working by having the latest BIOS and Lenovo Settings app from the store. I have the exact same installed, latest bios and settings app. But my input setting screen is just empty, it shows three loading spinners when loading the inputs setting page, but then just goes empty. See attached screenshot.    Anyone else experiencing this? I have updated Windows and all the drivers, also tried uninstalling the settings app and reinstalling, but that did not help either. Hope someone can help.. -- Christian

lenovo-settings-input-empty.PNG ?31 KB

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My ultimate goal is to eliminate drive C altogether. Win Xp is installed on C ,Win 7 is installed on E, and I would like to set e as the active partition, remove all the files from C and uninstall xp. Please help me out!
I have attached a screenshot of my Disk Management.

A:Please help me change the active partition

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Please read this tutorial on how to use Partition Wizard: Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

However, before you go down this road I would clean up your current disk layout.

Personally, I would wipe the hard drive completely and clean install Windows 7. The reason I suggest this is because it is recognised as best practice to install your operating system to a primary drive rather than a logical volume.

During the install, Windows will want to create a system reserved partition of 100 MB, which will hold the master boot record and will become the active partition.

Windows will then be installed and will automatically give the partition it is installed on drive letter C.

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I basically want to swap the C: Drive for F:

Windows is installed on both right now, but I want to make F the main system/boot and active drive going forward

A:How to change System and Active HDD

Did you install Windows to the F: drive with the now C: drive installed?

Go into the BIOS and change the boot order to have the F: drive boot first.

It will then become C:

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There is a software which often changes the proxy settings so I decided to config the internet settings registry right to reject the proxy settings. But When I decided to delete this software and return the rights back, I suddenly found that I can not change
the proxy settings manually!
The detail is that I change the auto proxy url, to let my pc use a pac file and I don't want any softwares to change. However, when I decided to give the rights back and try to change the url back, it never success, and even the same when i'm sure I have
cleared this url in the whole registry, but it back, as it never changes!
I check the registry rights twice or more to make sure that the rights has given back, just like it originally should be. But it never works.
So the result is I have to clear and reinstall the WINDOWS 10 AGAIN!
Never should you save such information both in registry and somewhere I don't know! Or you should let these stuffs out of the ** registry!

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My right to decide if i want to download updates is gone. I am not in an environment or network with an administrator. How do i change this settiong.

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Is it possibly the Anniversary Update, which has blocked my possibilities to change the Lock Screen configuration? In Settings->Personalisation that whole option is greyed out today and I'm stuck with a lock screen, which I can't modify or change. Any help for this? Perhaps there is a registry change I could apply? I would be happy for any suggestion.

I've attached an image. My language is Swedish, but I guess that you will recognise the part of the Settings->Personalisation, which is shown.

Thanks in advance

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Wow... it's been a long time since I've posted here. Hope everyone is well.

Question about Excel. Is there a way -- without having to program -- to change the color of the active cell? When I do a search, for example, it is really hard sometimes to locate where the cursor has landed (the cell that matches search criteria). If I could change the focus to another color, it would be nice....

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Hi, I just re-installed Windows and when I go into the Disk Management I notice that my secondary HDD which is split in 3 partitions has the first partition marked as "System, Active, Primary Partition" while the other 2 partitions only say "Primary Partition".

How do I change the first partition so that it too only says "Primary Partition"? At first there was no Drive Letter assigned to the first partition and I suspect that has to do with its settings being different than the other two..

Can someone please assist?

A:How do i change my second drive from being System and Active?

Hello orlando,

For now, please go ahead and post a screenshot showing all of your Disk Management to help see what the issue may be.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Ever do anything stooopid? I seem to have a run going.

In switching over from XP to 7 I found myself also buying almost all new components, except hard drives. Due to a number of events that no one would believe humanly possible, I managed to establish my "C:" and "D:" drives on hard drive 1, whereas hard drive 0 is a bunch of free space. The computer boots up to W7 on "C:" on HD 1.

I want to switch cables on the SATA drives and then designate the new HD0 (which was HD1) as the primary active partition, but as we all know, I can't just switch cables as then the computer does not know to boot off HD0.

What the heck do I do to accomplish this?

A:Change active primary drive help please!

Please post a screenshot of your full Disk Management map using the Snipping Tool in Start>Programs menu, attaching it using paper clip in reply box.

Your description is not at all clear, but here are some options based on what I can interpret:

If you have System Active Windows 7 partition on Disk1 right now and you want it on Disk0, then Win7 already owns the boot and can be wherever it wants to be. Just swap the cables and make sure Disk0 is HD set to boot first in BIOS (after DVD).

If Disk0 somehow got marked Active then you need to unplug it, plug its cable into the other drive, boot into Window 7 installer Repair console and run Startup Repair 3 times.

We can say for sure after seeing the Disk Mgmt map

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I finally have installed Firefox 2. I want to change the color of the active tab because there isn't enough contrast between it and the inactive tabs. How do I do this? I figure that I start in about:config I tried changing the color code for browser.active_color, but that had no effect on the tab color, or anything else that I have been able to determine.


Orange Blossom

A:Firefox Change Active Tab Color

Your theme is probably what does that. Its pretty much up to you to go and change the theme if you want it to be darker. I'd just look for a new theme on the main firefox website. You'll probably find one that you like better anyways.Link for themes below...https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browse/type:2

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it is replying as in a manner
system error 5 occured

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I installed Windows 7 ultimate and had my 1 Tb harddisk divided in a 50 GB partition and another (the rest)

I wanted to install Windows on the 50Gb but now it's installed on the other partition

How can I change the active & boot stuff to the other partition?

A:How to change active partion in Windows 7 Ultimate

Are you wanting to move the whole OS, or just the boot files?

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A coworker recently got married and I need to change her name and email in Active Directory. We are running Standard Server 2003, and Exchange 2003. Can anyone tell me the correct steps to follow?

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How do I change the way active/open taskbar icons look? I want to get rid of the blurred box around the icons and have a different effect such as a small indicator light under them to let me know they're open. Is that possible?

A:Change the way active/open taskbar icons look in Windows 7

I use classic theme though that sounds like a great idea... I doubt this can be done via any ico file or what have you. Would require a custom theme or third party application. I found another thread on here that asked the question. This is apparently controlled by DWM, and the closest thing you can do is a use a coloured theme and the blur will be a different shade of what ever colour you chose. The last thread was in mention of modifying the contrast here: How to change colors icons from the taskbar ?

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In Microsoft Explorer 7, if I click on "Tools" and then on "Internet" I get a message that says, "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

Acccchhhhhh!!!! I AM MY SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR!!! When I contact myself I have no answer for me. In fact, I'm not only the system administrator ... I am the only user on this computer.

Any ideas anybody? What I hope to accomplish is to change my Active X Controls so that I can install the printer program of a site that will allow me to print grocery coupons. Gotta save every penny I can, ya know ... retirement funds don't support me in the manner of which I have become accustomed.

Thanks much,

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Hello, I have a problem...
I want to completely REMOVE the Windows XP installation. Windows 7 is installed in my physical drive C, while Windows XP is installed in a completely different drive (E) not a different partition but another HD.
The bootmngr.exe file and the boot folder both are located in E, i tried to copy that file and folder to C, set C as active, and E as inactive, but it didnt work and i could not boot. I cannot start the system in XP, since i changed the processor and motherboard and i get a BSOD.

Is there any way (easy would be best) to completely remove the XP files, and transfer the bootmngr.exe and folder to C: so that my Windows 7 starts as a clean installation without formatting and reinstalling again?

I used the BCDEdit and this is what i get:

Administrador de arranque de Windows
Identificador {bootmgr}
device partition=E:
description Windows Boot Manager
locale es-ES
inherit {globalsettings}
default {current}
resumeobject {2c9da345-07ca-11df-92b6-971cbbda1734}
displayorder {ntldr}
toolsdisplayorder {memdiag}
timeout 0

Cargador del SO Windows heredado
Identificador {ntldr}
device partition=E:
path \ntldr
description Versi?n anterior de Windows

Cargador de arranque de Windows
Identificador {current}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Windows 7
locale es-... Read more

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I am laptop user. About 2hr ago, i login to my lappy and discover that my profile is different. My folders on desktop went missing and some of the setting changed. Then i try on my own to solve it but to no avail. Fortunately i come upon my C:\Documents and Settings and discover that strange profile C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP and my original profile C:\Documents and Settings\p0716499 was still there. This imply that my previous setting and files are still in my laptop. However, I cant changed back to the original profile and struck with the temp profile.
Initially i suspect is registry problem so i DL "UPHClean Service" by miscosoft but to no avail. Now currently i suspect it might be the work of a virus. I need help. Thank anyone who help me in advance.

A:User profile path change to user profile path change to C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP :\Documents and Settings...

This morning when i woke up, i discovered a icon named "syminstallstub" on my desktop. I checked online and i believe that it could be a virus. I try to find ways to uninstall it but to no avail I not sure what did my younger brother do to my laptop. I feel that im damn unlucky and encounter 2 problems in a row. Please help me solve my problems.

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A:Settings change, please help me

An update to AVG is availableGo here to download the free version of Grisoft's AVG AntiVirus program.==============================You are using an old version of HijackThis, please download the latest version.Download Hijackthis:http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/files/hijackthis.ziphttp://computercops.biz/downloads-cat-14.htmlIf you cannot reach either site it is available from my signature.Then post a new log.

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Trying to add a new DNS IP address. Go to the adapter, go to the IPV4 properties and advanced and add the new DNS IP address. Every thing is fine until I close the adaptor window and it pops up an error "an unexpected condition occurred, not all of your requested changes in settings could be made"

Even if I make no changes at all and just open and close it I get this. Need to set the new DNS as first on the list.

A:Cant change DNS settings

I have found that it has a VMWare Bridge Protocol in the adaptor. I installed a VMware view client to log remotely into work. It didn't work so I removed it. Seems it left two adaptors behind. I uninstalled the drivers for these and they are gone but can't get rid of the bridge. If I try and unselect it nothing happens. Uninstalling it gives an error number of 08007007E.
Cant add the IP via Powershell either as it wont allow access.

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I was moving some data from one drive to another and i noticed it accessed and transfered my main hardrive slowly. I checked my ata settings with a a western digital disk. I put in at startup and it booted. I saw that it was at 33. my second hardrive which is a western digital is at 100. my first hardrive isnt western digital. How do i change the settings and get it up to 100 or 133?

A:How do i change my ATA settings

Maybe you are not using a proper ATA-66, ATA-100, ATA-133 (all same) cable, but are using an ATA-33 cable instead. That would certainly explain it as your hard drive settings should be automatically detected.

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How would I go about changing the set up of my second drive (It will have Win 7 clean install on it) from Status "None", Type "Logical" to "System" and "Primary" also
what should the setting be for the balance of the drive that will contain directories and etc?
I have Easeus Partition Master and Partition Wizard but I never did a partition before.


A:How to change HD settings?

Hi again John -

I would wipe the HD first to remove any conflicting or factory code, then use booted Win7 install DVD Custom>Drive Options to create partition(s) as you wish, format before installing Win7 to first partition.
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

It will create Primary partitions with Win7 as the System partition.

A recommended method is to create an OS partition of 20-100 gb depending on HD size and number of programs, then a separate Data partition to place your User folders so they are in their own "vault." If Win7 ever won't startup or repair, you can reinstall or reimage the OS and programs to first partition and data will be waiting next door.

If you have enough space I'd create a backup partition on each HD to store a System image of the other HD's OS and date so you can easily reimage to a new HD in case of HD failure. This can also be done on an external HD.

I remember from another thread that you are planning to wisely boot separate HD's from the BIOS. Remember to unplug the other HD's during install, then set Win7 as first HD to boot in BIOS when you plug it back in, boot the other HD OS using one-time Boot menu key given on first screen.

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It is minor, but the last three days everytime I send or receive email the internet disconnects, I look and sure enough the hang up when finished box is checked. I uncheck it reconnect do what I ahve to do shut down. When I reboot, same thing is happening. Does this sound like a virus related error, or should I move this to win 98SE. use ie 6.0.2800.1106

A:OE settings change

Check these settings...

General TabSend/Receive Messages area, under "If my computer
is not connected at this time," select the Do not
connect option. (This is the default setting.)

Send Tab
Check off Send messages immediately.

Connection Tab
Make sure these are both unchecked
1) Ask before switching dial-up connections (unless
you use more than one Dial-Up connection).

2) Hang up after sending and receiving

Connection Tab
Make sure this is unchecked
1) Always connect to this account using


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I have a laptop running windows xp. When I turn it on, it prompts me to choose my name and log on. I have it set up so it doesn't ask for a password. My hubby and I are the only 2 people who use this laptop and I don't feel the need for it to ask for one. I'd like to change it so it doesn't ask me to log on but just loads windows immediately as well. Is there any way to do this? I often turn it on and run to do a quick task and come back so it would be much more convenient to have windows up and running when I get back.

A:How to change xp settings..

One way you could do it would be to have your power setting to go into stand-by mode after about 10 minutes and have it not ask for a password on return from stand-by, so you could just move the mouse and it would come back up to full power right where you left off.

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Hi all

I am trying to run a communications program and I have to change settings. I have managed to change the router destination ports, but I am having one Hell of a problem trying to find out how to change the TCP settings. I have tried follow MS instructions, but as usual, I have got so far along and cannot see what they are telling me. The instruction from the program are: Allow TCP (source port any, destination port 5200) from PC to internet.

Wonder if there is anyone who can help me?

A:change TCP settings

This sounds to me like creating an outgoing firewall rule to let a program connect to internet on a particular port. Router configuration should not matter typically (NAT blocks incoming only).
For Windows built-in firewall, by default outgoing filtering is also disabled, unless you enabled it manually afterwards (is that your case?).
Do you have an antivirus with an integrated firewall or any other firewall possibly blocking it?
With all the defaults, and strictly following the line you copied, I think you don't need any special setup for it to work, as long as you stick to Windows defaults.

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I'm not sure this is on the right forum but how do you change PCI latency settings? Please help.

A:How do you change some settings?

click here http://www.voodoofiles.com/6593 also some info on it here http://www.ipodlounge.com/forums/archive/topic/3769-1.html but its all heavy stuff

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I have recently installed software called 'Tune Up Utilites 2010' and immediately found a vast improvement and one its recommendations was to increase resolution to 1680 x 1050. Having then done that in 'Display Properties' it then advises to 'Set dpi to 96'.

However, I cannot find how to make changes to dpi. Any ideas please.

A:How do I change dpi settings

I have now discovered the answer to my own question. Vista Default Font size is dpi 96. This I inadvertantly changed when having increased my Screen size to 1680 x 1050 this made my Fonts appear very small, so I opted for the larger Font size 120 (dpi). Tune Up Utilities detected this change and in the interests of performance improvement (a criterion I had established when setting up my user preferences) it suggest reducing to 'dpi 96'. I hadn't realised then that dpi was related to Font size.

Having twigged that, I knew that by right clicking my cursor in Desktop, I could access 'Personalise Display' and therein Access 'Change dpi'. As I prefer the larger Font, I'll stick to 120 (dpi) in the interests of clarity.

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Anyone tell me how to change the MTU settings manually in Windows XP.

A:Change MTU settings

Take a look at:



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Yet another crazy problem.
When choosing IE options>Temp Internet Files>Settings...
Check for newer versions of stored pages, I always set this setting to 'never' for faster browsing. But low and behold if I wait awhile and look again, it has changed back to 'automatic'. What the.... haha. I think this is causing a problem with popup attached to pages. I have cleaned out my system to the T and my hijack list is perfect. Is this just another flaw in the IE program? Or am I just loosing my mind?
Thanks in advance.

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