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[SOLVED] The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum

Q: [SOLVED] The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum

When I don't mess with the BIOS, I get the error message, "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_" If I change HDD priority, I get, "The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum."
MoBo: Asus P5e3 Professional (M4A78-E)
Win7 HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS (SATA)
WinXP HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue WD600JB-00CRA1 (IDE with SATA adapter)


Boot Device Priority:

1st HDD: WD600JB
2nd HDD: WD5000A

Outcome: Reboot and Select...


Boot Device Priority:

1nd HDD: WD5000A
2st HDD: WD600JB

Outcome: Reached boot selection screen. When OS selected, computer reboots. Screen blank, and computer unresponsive once it reaches the point where the Boot select screen would be.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum

I think I know what the problem is. Hopefully, it's just my video card drivers screwing around. If that's the case, I'd just have to enter the OS in safe mode and delete the driver or just format the HDD. The problem is, it won't let me get to any such screen. Either the file is possibly corrupt, or it restarts.

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Hi All,

I have been trying to install Windows 8 64 bit retail version on my PC for the last 6 hours without success . After the 1st part of the install where you choose the disk and partition to install to, then it copies files etc, the PC does a reboot, which is normal for this part of the install. However, I let the boot sequence continue without selecting dvd of course, then it tries to boot from the hard drive but I get an error.

The header checksum for this file doesnt match the computed checksum.
File: \Windows\system32\winload.efi
Error Code: 0xc0000221

My system was previously running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit for years without any problems. This is not an upgrade, I am starting from a clean slate with a fresh wiped drive with no partitions.

System specs:

AMD FX-8150
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
XFX Radeon R9 270X
Samsung 840 120GB SSD (Trying to install fresh win8 to this)
Samsung 840 120GB SSD (Unplugged during this install for ease)
WD Black 1TB HDD (Unplugged during this install for ease)

I have tried both SSD's and also another Samsung 500GB HDD all with the same result.

I have tried the following:
- Win8 Install DVD - Automatic repair - fail
- Startup repair - fail
- Bootrec fixboot and fixmbr and BCDBoot commands successfully
- SFC /scannow gets to 100% but reports that its unable to do anything or something like that
- boo... Read more

A:Header checksum of file doesnt match computed checksum

I replaced the Corsair 4x4GB (16GB) DDR3 1333mhz with a set of 2x4gb (8gb) DDR3 1333mhz Elixir ram from my other machine.
The 64-bit DVD booted all the way to the installer this time with bios in AHCI mode and CD/DVD set to Auto/Non-EFI (1st time it has ever worked). The installation went on without a hitch and rebooted fine without a checksum error and I am now using the install to post this message without problems.

The RAM was the problem all along, although worked fine on Win 7 for a couple of years. Just must not like this new system setup.

Thanks to Mike Barnes from tomshardware for the suggestion.

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My Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop won't get past the Dell logo at startup, resulting in a black screen with the error message:

"The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

I shutdown my laptop normally last night and booted it up this morning and received this error message. I have not added or changed anything.

So far I've run the Windows hardware and memory diagnostic tool (F12) and there were no errors. I also tried to run the Windows Vista Repair/Reinstallation DVD that came with my laptop; however, none of the repair options will work and the Windows Vista install crashes each time.

Startup Repair provided the following problem signatures:



Can anyone suggest how I may begin to recover my laptop?

Help! Any technical assistance would greatly be appreciated.


A:File is possibly corrupt. File header checksum doesn't match computed checksum.

Could be your Hard Drive going faulty

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Hi All
New build PC with Windows 7 32 bit, I keep on getting the following error message on start up after 30 mins of shut down ?. The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum
Then I Alt+Ctrl+Del and the PC fires up ok.
The only peripherals connect are mouse, keyboard, and a Monitor, once booted up and running I have used the following to check things out:-
Windows Device Manager:- All items are working correctly with no exclamation or question mark warnings. I have update all drivers for all devices.
Windows computer maintenance: Again all items check OK and are working.
Intel Application Accelerator Raid:- again all Hard drives and their raid configurations all check out as OK.
If I restart the PC all is fine, if switch off the PC and restart within 10 to 20 mins all is OK. However if I switch off and re-start after 30 mins the checksum error message reappears.  
Any advice or assistance would be appreciatedThanks Zee Man

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A few days ago i recently got the "blue screen of death" for the very first time running windows 7..

Today i left my laptop on and went to sleep when i woke up it was trying to boot...
but was stuck on this error "The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

I tried booting again but got the same error... i ran ubuntu live cd and tried to save my data files but it wont access my hard drive either... neither can i run recovery since it was also on a partition on the hard drive.

I have an HP Compaq CQ 70..
3GB Ram
Dual Core 2.0
originally came with vista i upgraded to win 7
Kindly help me recovering the data...

A:Cannot Boot Windows 7 "The header checksum does not match the computed checksum"

If you can't access w/Ubuntu, then it's likely that there's a problem with your hard drive.
Each use of the hard drive increases the chance that you won't recover anything. I'd strongly suggest looking into professional data recovery services - but be aware that they are very, very expensive!

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hello this morning i turned my laptop on and recieved this error message the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed checksum. I've tried using the recover cd and alt f10 but the error seems to kick in before i can do anything any ideas??

A:the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed ch

You need to boot from the CD. Enter BIOS setup and change boot sequence so that the CD/DVD drive is the first boot device. Then you can boot from the recovery CD.

Note, using a recovery CD will erase the entire hard disk and you will lose any documents, emails etc on the hard disk.

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I have a HP dv7-3065dx 4 gig ram and 500 gig HD window 7 home prem 64bit. I pulled the mother board and had the GPU reballed and copper heat sink added for cooling. Now I have put it all back together and it will nor boot from factory disc or from the hard drive. I have tried a couple of hard drives including one new and one from another dv7 that is working. I have also pulled the ram and replaced it twice. I get the file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum and also got this error also BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot. Is it possible I missinstall the board causing these errors, help help!!

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Can you help me my error message blue screen - the header checksum does not match the computer checksum advapi.dll

any help?

A:Error messages the header checksum does not match the computer checksum advapi.dl

Either there is a corrupted file in the Windows file or it could be caused by bad RAM. "Bad Image Checksum" Error When You Upgrade to Windows XP
Download the ISO image for Memtest in my signature, burn the image to CD using IMGBurn. Boot off of the newly created CD and run the tests with ONE stick of RAM in the computer at a time. If there are any errors, that stick needs to be replaced.

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Dell Inspiron 1525, Vista. AVG free, Adaware, Spybot S&D. Scans done weekly, no problem noted prior to this.

Daughter called me at work bent out of shape because she gets this on startup:

" The File is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum doses not match the
computer ed checksum..." All of her summer howework is on the HDD and she's no happy. She's been warned about not having backups, but she knows everything at her age...maybe this will get her attention. She says it flashes the Dell logo at start up and then goes to a black screen w/this message.
My search here kept coming up w/"IE cannot display this page...", so I thought I would start a new entry and hope somebody might have something to offer by the time I get home to look at it.

FWIW, this is a laptop on a wifi network. AVG on another computer on this network started giving a virus alert yesterday, (mentioning smitfraud), AVG scan found nothing, Panda online scan found nothing, and Spybot found nothing. That was my project for this weekend, but I guess it goes onto the back burner now. I do not know if there is a relationship between these two issues.

Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.


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I have a Toshiba running Windows 7. The computer was having a lot of problems with opening files, getting on the internet, etc. It would boot up but then wouldn't do anything else. I have the Toshiba recovery media CDs which I have used in the past when the computer got a virus. I tried to use them again. This time it went through the process on CD1 but after pressing finish, it now gives an error when trying to boot.

The file may be corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computer checksum.

I tried taking the CD out and booting up and got the same error. I tried putting the CD back in and redoing it but still get the same error. Are there any suggestions?

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Hiya, got a sony vaio VGN-FZ21M, and I think I got a problem with it
In fact it starts by doing the blue screen, and then started with that message:the file is possibly corrupt. the file header checksum does not match the computed checksum.

Well I'm a bit worried the computer just start to turn off-restart- and sometimes It's very difficult to log back on... It's just weird...

Anyway.. Hope you gonna be able to help.. Thanks in advance...

here is my logfile

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 20:31:58, on 24/01/2010
Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18882)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Apoint\Apoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Sony\ISB Utility\ISBMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat\Acrotray.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Google Desktop Search\GoogleDesktop.exe
C:\Program Files\Virgin Broadband Wireless\Wireless Manager.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.... Read more

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Hi all...

I have the error "........checksum does not match the computed checksum"
I've been trying to research the problem and it seems i need to do a repair from an xp installation disc.

Unfortunatley, i cannot find my disc. I have XP home edition on an Advent laptop.
I have access to a XP professional disc (Dell).

My question is, will I be able to use the XP pro disc to do a repair on my xp home edition?


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As of two days ago my computer will not load all the way to the desktop screen. Most of the time I turn off the computer and turn it back on again the computer loads a little and then turns itself off. I ran diagnostics and it said the computer failed the memory test. As of the last time I turned it back on the screen read ...

"The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum."


***Also, after opening the computer to find the RAMs - the fan is not clean. Obviously this is a problem, but could that be the initial cause instead of a bad RAM? On cleaning the fan ...I've never done this before - precautions? Is there a risk of me or the computer getting shocked? There's videos on how to take out the fan and clean it but they don't say if there is a risk.

A:"The file is possibly corrupt. The file header checksum..."

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I would to update the Ideapad 520S 14IK (81BL) bios (4QCN43WW) but the checksum doesn't correspond.
Lenovo site checksum : SHA-256:6f3814d904ee75083498c8d3b32d31591a56959d73db91692484f01470babfe3
My checksum : SHA256: DCF341EA04DD11014093FFD6071EC20A48A89E832995F6A9F764B5A0FC665DB9
Do you think they have forgotten to update the checksum on the site ?
Thank you.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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On pagehttp://support.lenovo.com/ar/es/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/Lenovo-B-Series-laptops/Lenovo-B50-80-... bad checksums (MD5 and SHA1) are obtained for the product:Lenovo Solution Center for 64-bit Windows (lscsetup_x64_32004.exe) and checksum data is missing for the following products:BIOS Update Utility (a8cn47ww.exe)Lenovo VeriFace (veriface_tools_w7.exe) 

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Hello everyone don't know on what topic I should post this but I think Windows is almost right.

So for some weeks ago I migrated some files from my SAN to my NAS and then back to another SAN. After this was done I notice some really strange bit-errors by generating MD5 checksums on random files.
After this I did some digging and come up with this, that smaller files seems just fine but when it comes to bigger files example ISO files over 7 GB the error seems more recurrent.

Do anyone have a good explanation on what can cause this, I transferred the files with FTP so I believe that the TCP checksum should take care of errors just like this and probably many other build-in features.

Any input is good input

A:Strange error on file transfer checksum

Hi sebhol,

In practice, errors can happen due to how FTP is used (configuration settings, especially if command line) and errors could occur if there was a faulty piece of hardware somewhere, such as with memory.

This type of thing is unlikely, but does happen.

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Okay... I love it when I get these cryptic messages:

I just tried to download the latest update for Spybot, and I get the message:

!!! bad checksum!

What in the world does this even mean... and how am I supposed to fix it?


A:Solved: bad checksum in spybot?

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when i shut down my pc and remove it from the power outlet then try to restart it i get a message saying "cmos checksum bad, no time and date set" so i changed the cmos battery and moved the jumper to clear cmos then restored the jumper to norm operation. i still get the message. what can be causing this? help help..

A:Solved: cmos checksum bad

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I just finished building a new computer from brand new parts:

Case: Cooler Master Elite 335
MB: ECS Black Series GF8200A, AM2+/AM3, NVIDIA GeForce 8200
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+
HD: Seagate Barracuda, SATA, ST3500418AS, 500GB
RAM: G. Skill, F2-6400CL5D, 4GBPQ
DVD: Samsung, SATA
PS: Thermaltake Purepower 500W

I powered on the computer, and it displayed the "CMOS checksum bad" error. I cannot get into the BIOS settings with either the F1 and/or DEL keys. After trying several times, I powered off.

Any suggestions on what the problems might be, and how to fix it?

A:Solved: CMOS checksum bad

Might check the cmos clear jumper on the motherboard.
Some motherbaords ship with the jumper in a safe position
so the battery doesn't get drained.
Make sure it is in the run or normal position.
Should say on the screen which key to press for setup
as the computer boots.

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Hi! I was just given an unused computer. It is a PII Celeron with a Tekram P6B40-A4X motherboard and 128MB PC133 SDRAM.
For some reason, whenever I power it on, this is all I see:

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0
Copyright (c) 1998, Award Software, Inc.

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting floppy drive A:
Insert System Disk and press enter

The keyboard (which I know works) won't let me in to the BIOS. I've tried pressing Delete, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, etc.


A:[SOLVED] checksum error

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I am using Windows XP Home, installed Spybot and downloaded updates. After updates downloaded, I have a checkmark next to !!!bad checksum!.
Could someone look at this HJT and tell me what this means. Thanks

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.2
Scan saved at 11:36:44 AM, on 9/1/2004
Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe
C:\Program Files\Roxio\Easy CD Creator 5\DirectCD\DirectCD.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Netscape Internet Service\ncupdatesvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Norton AntiVirus\SAVScan.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Netscape Internet Service\dialer.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files... Read more

A:Solved: Spybot S&D: !!!Bad checksum!

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Yesterday the tabs in Firefox were slow in closing as were all other function.
I ran a scan with Microsoft Essintals and Malewarebyts, nothing was found.
So I clicked start restart the computer
when nothing happened I manually turned the computer off.

Turning the computer back on brought up the M2N-MX screen with no post beeps
then the screen went dark. Nothing more happened.

All connection are tight, I have power, the ram (1 stick how much I don't know) is seated and the only
card I have is also seated. It is a NIC.

I have disconnected the power cable and moved the cmos jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 waited
from 10 seconds to 2 minutes moved it back and reconnected the power cable.

I just repeated the jumper thing and when they were in the 2-3 position replaced the battery.
I now do get a screen that tells me I have a checksum error. Date and time in bios where reset twice and don't seem to be saved by pressing OK or F10

Have spent the last five hours reading what I can find on the internet and TSG. No new
information or resolution.
The only card I have is a nic everything else is onboard.
Please help, thank you

A:Solved: checksum error

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This came up on my computer and started looking for a floppy drive. When I reset it does the same thing. Looking at info on the INTERNET is it the battery? and if so is it a matter of just replacing the battery and starting it up again?

A:Solved: Bad BIOS checksum

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My laptop was having some trouble and I decided to reimage it, now giving trouble with this message:
The image wow32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.

A:[SOLVED] Bad Image Checksum

This one is easy.

wow32.dll looks like it's a native XP system file. All you need to do is replace the bad version with a good one. Here's a thread that tells how one User did it. Looks like it's even got a copy of wow32.dll available for download.

All you need to do is make sure you've got the right version, and copy it to the correct folder.

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Howdy all.

I was having a hard time rebooting a computer the other day. Everytime I tried to power up, I got a series of beeps and the monitor was not displaying anything, it didn't even connect to the PC. I decided to reset my CMOS, seeing if this would help, and it was able to boot up, and I was able to see the display on the monitor.

The problem is, everytime I bootup, it states that there's a checksum error. I've gone in and taken a look around, and reset the clock. I'll be able to restart, but won't get a display and the num lock light stays on, even after powering down, at which time I have to unplug the power, then plug it back in.

I then reset the CMOS again, and have replaced the CMOS battery from a working computer and on the initial bootup I'll get the Checksum error. If I just bootup with the factory defaults, it boots up fine and goes into window. It's restarting the computer or powering down and back up again that's a problem.

Any suggestions?

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Hi guys I am trying to help a friend out uprating his machine for him.Its based on a Abit KV7 motherboard.It had a 2000 Athlon in,I am upping it to a Athlon XP 2700+ which as far as I can tell by looking on the net the MB supports(he as lost the mb book).I reset jumper swithed on and it said 2700+ ok but doesnt go any fartherit just stops.He said it does that all the time and he switches it off and it usually boots after 1or2 tries.I pressed reset and then it went back to mb defaults and says XP1500+ lists the memory clock as ddr266,lists the hd and dvd and then checsum error-defaults loaded.advice please anybody. I don't get any beeps from the speaker apart from the default one beep and I have tried swopping the mb battery incase that was the fault.

A:Solved: checksum error

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Hi, Because of many crashes and a Windows messages telling me my BIOS was probably out of date I updated it through the Micro Star International
MSI Live Update Online. During the download process it gives you the option to backup your existing BIOS settings to a floppy. I don't have one so had to bypass. It seemed to worked but when the operation restarted I didn't know what I was supposed to do. In any case it rebooted but on that startup screen it said 'Checksum bad'. When XP loaded I got the 'the system has recovered from a serious error' message again. I thought that I must have done something wrong. I went throught the whole process again to update the BIOS process. XP loaded OK and everything seeme to work. Becasue of the previous problems I thought I had better check and restarted. I tried Pause/Break to freeze the startup screen bit by bit. But I couldn't grab the last line even with multiple attempts. No matter howm many times I tried I just couldn't read the last line,which I think said something about the Checksum' . But couldn't make out whether it was bad or good. In previous viewings when it was 'bad' it was slower. Can anyone explain what is happening or how to capture the last line of text.
Sorry to be so longwinded but I hope someone can illuminate what is going on.Thanks.

XP Home SP3, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 500GB, Micro Star International MS-7387 motherboard, BIOS: American Megatrends In... Read more

A:Solved: BIOS update - Checksum bad

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HP 510n-Win XP-Phoenix Bios 4.0/Rel.6.0-Intel 1.2-256MB ram-40 G HDD.
We get "Missing Operating system" at start up. FDISK shows Partition 1 as 3.8 G and Partition 2 as 33.7 G. # 2 is set Active. I have tried using startup floppy but get "no fixed disk" message. This belongs to a "little ole lady" so there's not much telling what kind of protection,if any, has been installed.If I can at least get it to boot, I can take care of other problems. Would a bad battery cause a checksum error? Thanks for any help provided.

A:[SOLVED] ERROR 251 CMOS Checksum bad

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Hello all...first time poster so bear with me....
Wit's end, frustrated, ready to throw it out etc..all apply to this...I have an Asus K8n mobo , amd 3000 processor, WD 40gb I boot XP SP2 from , 300gb SATA, 1Gb mem. I had a diff 40gm Maxtor which showed up as SMART fail so I hooked it up to the comp...tried all kinds of progs incl MaxBlast and no result. I pull out the ide cable and discard the pos Maxtor. Closed up the case, rebooted...nothing except BIOS CHECKSUM ERROR. Did all the usual - took out battery, made sure all connections were secure etc...no luck....I thought I would switch hd to an older computer emachines T1842 ...put memory , hd ...booted up ...no operating system...tried to install WinXP SP2....BSOD 1/3 of the way through...used another Win XP disk...same thing...no luck with Vista or Linux ...strangely enough can only install Win 98SE...so ...any ideas would be appreciated...thanks in advance...texrph

A:Solved: Bios checksum error

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Today when i was using my computer, there was a powercut and the computer got switched off suddenly. Then when i restarted it i got an error at the POST screen saying

CMOS checksum bad
Press f1 to run setup
Press f2 to load defaults.

Why did this happen? Earlier also there were my computer was switched off suddenly, but this error did not come. Also, after i hit f2 to load defaults, and when i booted to windows XP, the system time was changed to April 2000. Why did this happen?

Thanks ...

A:Solved: CMOS Checksum Error

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I recently had to update my bios and since then my CMOS won't keep the correct date and time. I've replaced the batteries and tried to set it in both bios and after booting up through the clock on the desk top.

It will keep the time correctly until I power down and have to start all over.

Also, I cannot sync the date and time even after I have put in the correct date and time once I have made it all the way to the desk top. I've tried both the gov and microsoft sites. I just get an error message. But it does reset the next sync time to the next day (as opposed to March 30 2005).

(I am new to this forum so if I need to reenter my computer specs I am happy to do so. Also, I searched the forums for my problem but only found the solution to change the mobo battery, which I have already tried to no avail.)

Oh and I have XP MCE 2005

Any help would be great.

A:Solved: CMOS checksum bad date and Time

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Yesterday was using my computer just fine. Came home after going out, and it wouldn't come back up (have monitor set to 'idle' when not in use). So, rebooted the machine. The XP loading screen comes up and the progress bulllet goes back and forth , then a blue screen. At first it was just rebooting but I finally turned off automatic reboot.

The blue screen says:

STOP: c0000221 {Bad Image Checksum}
The image olecli32.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.
I've tried using my XP reinstallation disk, but it loads VERY slowly and then gives error messages like : missing usbuhci.sys error code 12800, or missing setupreg.hiv w/ same error codes! I can't even get windows to start in safe mode.

Are there any suggestions? I am using XP Pro w/ SP2 installed. I've been googling this problem and have seen lots of mention of viruses. Definetely hope thats not the case.

Thanks for the assistance.

A:Solved: error in loading xp, {bad image checksum}

Here a link to fix the problem: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;326687&Product=winxp

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Windows XP SP1

I am trying to download an update from Spybot S&D and it goes through the process then it comes up and says !!!bad checksum

I have no clue, can someone help or explain what the problem is??

A:Solved: Windows XP SP1-Can't updat Spybot says bad checksum-HELP

Try a different DL site - i just used the roboxen (SP?) USA site and it did just fine

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I have two DIMMs of 512 MB DDR each. i purchased the second one a few days ago. I installed the new RAM and it worked fine. Had no problems at that time.

I also purchased a SATA Seagate HDD of 160 GB about 3 months ago. But just after 3 months, it got bad sectors so i removed it, and, i have been working with my 8 GB old Seagate HDD. The HDD is another issue for which i will post another topic.

So 2 days ago, i had to take some data out of my bad HDD. So i cleaned my PC of some dust(I do that in few days), and then plugged in the bad SATA HDD. When i powered up, it gave the same error as it is giving now i.e. when i power up the PC, it says:

Maximum memory performance is achieved with matched DIMMs.
The installed amount of memory in channel A is not equal to the amount of(message was truncated, couldnt see what was written ahead).
Press any key to continue..

When i pressed a key, then it says:
CMOS/GPNV checksum bad
CMOS Date/Time not set

Then i have to get into BIOS, set the date and time and also the boot order, and save the changes. And then the PC boots up fine.

But everytime i shutdown and start the PC, again it starts showing the same message. I have tried reseating the DIMMs too.

Why is this happening? About 8 MB i think goes for the video memory, so it shows 1016 MB of RAM on startup. Uptil now the PC was working fine. Why the error now? I have also removed the bad HDD.

Looking forward to answers.


The configuration for the PC is:
Intel 915GAV mot... Read more

A:Solved: CMOS/GPNV checksum bad on cold boot

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getting a blue screen with this error code could anybody tell me what could have caused this error i am installing from a brand new windows xp pro disk when it gave me this error.

A:Solved: Stop error c0000221 {image checksum}

You can get info on this error from here - i would physically disconnect any unnecessary hardware and retry the instal


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I found this error when powering up when I returned from Easter Break. I have since found that I needed to replace the battery - which I have done. I am still getting the error - what do I do now?

A:[SOLVED] CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

After you replaced the battery, did you enter the bios setup and reset the options to your machine. Reset the hard drives, etc.

Then save and exit

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I just built a new machine, had it running about a week. SPecs are:
mobo: XFX nForce 680i LT SLI, Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
Video card: XFX GeForce 8600GT XXX, Ultra SLI ready 600 Watt PSu
OCZ SLI Ready RAM, 2 GB dual channel 800mhz, 160 GB West. Dig. SATA hdd
DVD burner, NO floppy drive. Occasionally when it started the mouse wasn't working but it was ok after a re-boot. THE problem:
TOday I added a second identical videocard and configured the SLI setup. ALso added another 2 GB identical RAM, only 2.5 showed up but computer was working, WIndows loaded. THEN I restarted and entered BIOS (dumb thing to do I know!) In the BIOS I noticed it said "SLI ready RAM disabled" I tried changing a setting and when I rebooted I got a "CMOS checksum error, Defaults loaded. Press F1 to continue or Del to enter setup. Neither action produces any results, had to power off. Removing/replacing the CMOS battery did nothing either. AM I stuck with a shiny new $1500 paperweight?

A:Solved: CMOS checksum error, can't access setup

Pulling the battery out often does not reset cmos. Try this method.
1 Unplug the power cord from the pw supply.
2 Now push the on button 2-3 times. This removes any residual charge from the pw supply caps.
3 Open the case and clear cmos with the clear jumper for a min of 30 seconds.
4 Put jumper back to where it is supposed to be, replace pw cord and power on system. Enter the bios and load defaults, save settings and restart.

If that does not work, pull out the second video card and repeat the clear procedure.

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I have a Dell XPS 420 with Vista Home Premium.

Recently, I have been receiving a nuisance prompt (with bad spelling and bad grammar!) that reads "X. A error occured in program
database file appears corrupt ()
bad checksum
checksum error on database page 6422"

It shows up erratically, and sometimes every minute or so. I just close the prompt, but it keeps reappearing. My research efforts to Google this prompt have met with no success. I am even unclear what "checksum" means.

One time shortly after this prompt started appearing, when I rebooted, I got a blue screen of death before it booted. I turned the PC off with the button and restarted, and the blue screen did not reappear. Unfortunately I have forgotten exactly what the blue screen said.

What is this nuisance? Does it indicate anything serious? How do I stop it from re-appearing?

A:Solved: Checksum Error Message a Puzzle and a Nuisance

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On boot up two errors come up
Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded
I press delete to enter the bios to find that the date has been set 1st Jan 2001 and 1st boot device set to Floppy. I reset the date,set 1st boot device to CD Rom as i do not have a floppy drive. Then save to CMOS and boot up continues fine, even restart is ok. But when i shutdown, switch off and then switch on & reboot the problem reoccurs.
I have recently reinstalled Windows XP Home & Updated The Bios. I am using ASUS A7N8X-X Bios Rev 1009.
Any ideas on how to overcome this problem would be appreciated.

A:Solved: CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded

Try a new CMOS battery and if that does not help solve the problem please post back.

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I have a drop down list in D1 and what I need is a macro that will search for the selected value through column D and hide the rows that don't match. Think of it as like the autofilter function in excel.

A:Solved: Excel macro to hide rows if value does not match header

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Can anyone help me?
My PC keeps rebooting when it starts to load Windows. I tried to start in safe mode and got the following blue screen error: STOP : c0000221 {Bad image checksum} The image wininet.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.

A:bad checksum

Hi and welcome to TSF please see these "Stop error code 0xC0000221 (STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH)" error message occurs
"Bad Image Checksum" Error When You Upgrade to Windows XP
Error Message: STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error or STOP: C0000221 STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH

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hi i just tried to download the new detections in spybot and i am given the error ' badchecksums' is anyone else getting this error, or know what to do?

A:bad checksum???

i found a post dated 19th of march saying that recent high demans may lead to bad checksum errors, maybe this is happening again, should i contact the website?

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4 year old foxconn diy box.
flashed bios successfully 3.5 years ago and everything was fine.

I have wiped HDD and reinstalled xp pro sp3 several times over the years. I decided that it was time again. Unplugged everything and air compressor blew out the box. plugged everything back in. On boot:
cmos checksum error
f1 run setup
f2 load defaults and continue

Ive never seen this before.

f2 usually lets it boot into xp

f1 I make changes, but on reboot it gives me the same error. On entering f1 again I see that no changes that I make stick.

moved jumper to reset. Put jumper back and still have this issue. Battery was 3.08 volts. Still I tried a new battery. Still have the issue.

old install of xp getting slower and more buggy, so decided to reinstall despite this issue. Reinstalled xp pro sp3 and my other programs early last month. Its much faster now and not buggy anymore, however I still have the checksum error, not that I expected this to fix it.

ideas to fix checksum error??


A:bad checksum

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