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Solid amber led on motherboard

Q: Solid amber led on motherboard

I have a Dell 630i and noticed the led on the motherboard next to the battery is no longer green. Its a solid amber looking color. I've tried googling it and havent yet found a solid answer, any ideas what it means?

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Preferred Solution: Solid amber led on motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Bought recently the new XPS 13 and have a weird problem.
The battery indicator always shows a solid amber light when it is plugged in (100% battery) and what is more strange when it's turned off.
I have updated BIOS although I think I had the latest one anyway.
There are no other evident problems.
Please advise, thanks.

A:New XPS 13 - solid amber light always on

The battery charge LED for the XPS 13 will glow amber if the battery is low on charge.  With the AC adapter connected and the system turned off the battery should charge fairly quickly and then the LED should turn white indicating that the battery is no longer low in charge and is being charged. Once fully charged the LED should go dark.
Battery Charge LED —
LED that indicates battery charge state.

Illuminates white while plugged in and charging. When the charging is completed LED turns off.

Battery level is low, LED illuminates in amber color.
 Please reply back if it looks like the system is having problems charging the battery.

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I don't know why the first desktop I've ever owned that broke down is a Dell, but it definitely upsets me seeing as how I spent over $2000 on my XPS 420, and less than $600 on any other computer I've ever owned (which I used for 4+ years on average).  I've had this computer for exactly 1.5 years.  It's had a couple of glitches, such as the HDMI cable not working if the computer gets shut off, computer turning itself on sporadically when it is in sleep mode, etc... but this morning it stopped functioning completely. What's worse about all of this, is the $2000 computer I paid for lacks customer support, I have to pay for it.  Of all the "cheapo" computers I've used in the past, I was ALWAYS able to call the manufacturer for free if there was any issue, regardless of how long I'd owned it.
I was awoken by the whirring of the main fan on my computer (another one of those times when the computer decides it's time to wake itself up without anyone's input), except this time the computer never finished it's turn on phase (you know, when the fan quiets down and the thing powers up), I just kept hearing the fan that sounded like a skipping record (sound of it went up and down very fast, over and over and over again, and never stopped).  I looked at it, and the power button was solid amber.  I tried shutting it down and restarting, and again, the same thing.  I went through Dell's lengthy online he... Read more

A:XPS 420 Won't Start, Solid Amber Light

Wow, this can not be a strange coincidence.  I also have an XPS 420.  I awoke this morning,7/4/09, to it in what appeared to be sleep mode.  Amber power button.  But it would not wake.  I have gone through every part as well and can not get it to post.
Just as above It will make a sound as if one of the fans is running, or trying to run.  A soft repedable skiping sound is heard.
And of corse I am now out of warenty.

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Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 545 desktop about 4 years old,Duel Core intell,6 gig ram,500 gig hd.The electric at the house went off and then back on.Computer was dead.Took it to a local Tech.they replaced the power supply.Computer ran for 30 days or so just fine then I heard something like a click .The computer went into like sleep mode with a solid amber light.after a bit of reseach I checked the back connection from the power suppy (4 wires).I just unplugged it and reconnected it.I then took out the ram and reseated it.Worked fine for 3 days and then back to solid amber light again in front.Will not do anything. I dont think the psu fans are running either.Any help would be great! Thanks.ZZ

A:Dell solid amber light

The User Manual typically has the meaning of the LED lights in the trouble shooting section.

You can also check here: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/Product/inspiron-545

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Hello!I was curious if anyone had any suggestions regarding this issue and what may be done to correct it? 
We have replaced the power supply, CMOSS, HDD & motherboard and we still only get the solid amber light and a black screen along with the 1-2-4 diagnostic lights.

Thank you!

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I have changed my gpu to gtx780 and psu to cooler master b700 about 2 years ago. I haven't played any game for a long time. I tried to play arma 3, total war etc. yesterday but i have a black screen issue. After about 15-20 min (arma 3 doesn't even launch) black screen comes.( i can still hear the game).
I opened the case and saw an amber light which is under "aux-pwr". It doesn't blink, solid. What does it mean? Do i have to change the psu?


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Laptop only 1 year old. Just out of warranty. In home light duty use only. Tried to power up one day and noticed solid amber light although charger was plugged in. Purchased new genuine Lenovo charger. No luck. Purchased new power input connector (yellow plug on unit's side) and internal cable to motherboard. Installed nicely. Checked input to motherboard: 20VDC. But still no power and amber light solid. Purchased new battery. Still no power. Still amber light solid. No flicker, no display, no nothing. Next is motherboard replacement, but i7 8GB motherboard is $400! Even on E-bay.  Tried all of the reset procedures people post: holding power button and BIOS button (together and separate) for 20-30 seconds with and without battery and power cord plugged in. Tried disconnecting small battery to clear CMOS.  Anyone have this issue? How in the world can a motherboard fail on a unit cared for maticulously including always having proper cooling in an indoor environment. I've never used this unit outdoors. I don't have kids (lol). Lenovo says $99 repair inspection and probably new motherboard at $400. Seriously!?!? $500 for repair of a one year old laptop. Shame on you Lenovo!  

A:Yoga 2 Pro 13 Solid amber indicator, won't power up

Same exact issue. Took out the battery, took out the CMOS battery. Pressed the power button a billion times. Replaced the power jack. Tried another power adapter. No resolution as of yet. I am bummed that for 2-3 years you haven't gotten a single reply. 

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Hey folks
A few weeks back, I had the four beeps and amber light on my 8300. Following forum advice, I reset my memory into their slots and trying booting again. This time, no four beeps, but amber light and the screen still blank.
I had to go away for a while, and when I tried again on my return, I was getting the four beeps again. Reset memory once more, but this time it remains along with the amber light.
Help me Dell forums, you're my only hope.

A:XPS 8300 four beeps plus solid amber light

The four beeps is a memory failure like you've read before. If you have more than one memory stick, try isolating it down to a certain stick. Like having one stick in and turning on, then swapping for the other stick.

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I have a HP desktop model p6142p case that had a failed motherboard (bad capacitors). After replacing the power supply and a motherboard with one from a DELL Inspiron 546 (because it was only $30 on amazon), the PC functions just fine with one exception: The power light in the HP case instead of normally being blue is amber. I'm not sure if this is indicates an issue or if there's simply an incompatibility with the dell motherboard and the HP power light. There are no known errors from post (single beep on bootup). The case power light is initially blue for about a second when the PC is initially powered on, but immediately turns solid amber from then on. I have ran Dell's online PC diagnostics which detects the PC as an Inspiron 546 with UNKNOWN service tag and reports no hardware issues.

Should I ignore the solid amber light and go on or should I be concerned?

HP model p6142p case
DELL F896N 0896N Motherboard
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core (socket AM2) 2.3Ghz
Coolmax ZX Series 500W power supply

A:Solid Amber Power Light, but no known issues

Sounds like the dell board just doesn't
display the same way as the HP.
Might make it difficult to see that the
computer is in standby mode,if you use standby.
I don't see it causing any major issues otherwise though.
I have an HP board that flashes green in standby.
That thing was annoying when I was trying to sleep.

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Hello. After I accidentally unplugged my pc, I tried to turn it back on but only got a solid amber light on the power button, nothing comes on the screen and there are no beeps, the PSU light on the back is green so I don't know if it's a PSU problem. The fans run and I can open the CD tray. I already tried unplugging the cord and holding the power button without results. Thanks

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When my Dell Inspiron 11 is plugged in, the power/battery indicator light is solid amber. When it's unplugged, it's somewhere between amber and white--almost like a pinkish white. It's charging and working fine both plugged in and on battery power.
Another symptom that has started at about the same time is that the USB ports don't seem to be recognizing hardware and when I ran a diagnostic, I got an error W11US-362 error (haven't figured out where I'm supposed to look it up!).
Any advice about what to do next? Thanks in advance.

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My Optiplex 780
- will not post
- will not beep
- will not output any video

When I push the power button, 
- Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 flash
- Power button is of solid amber

When I turn the computer off:
- if I press the Power Supply test button, it illuminates green
If I disconnect the power cable
- A tiny LED on the circuit board (next to AUX PWR label) stays amber for a minute or two.

Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 are not documented in the Dell manual. I have tried to disconnect all peripherals, all drives, all cards, even all RAM, still no POST no beep, no video: just the fan running, and diagnostic lights flashing.

Any hope for this computer? 

A:Optiplex 780 diagnostic lights 1 & 4 with solid amber power light

Thanks for writing to us. 
Diagnostics led 1 & 4 indicate power connector faulty. Please reseat the PSU connector if not yet done. 
If issue still the same, then consider replacing the PSU . Sometimes the PSU connector on the motherboard to be faulty. 
Do let us know how it goes post reseating the PSU connector.

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my friend is having a problem with a netgear n600 wireless dual band gigabit router WNDR3700v3 in that it will not connect to the internet. When you power it up, the power light stays amber. this used to work before but something happened and we are not sure what happened but now it does not work.. I went thru the automatic setup again and that does not correct it.

we contacted the netgear support and the lady had me do a ipconfig and we could not see any ip addresses. she said that the interface settings were corrupt.

the router is out of warranty and to have her correct it, my friend would have had to re-activate the warranty at 199.00 for a two year unlimited plan or a 1 year unlimited plan for 129.00. he did not want to do that.

I am hoping that by submitting this to the forum, we could get this router fixed. I have a linksys router and that is what I will be using to communicate to the forum. my friend has this router hooked to a hp desktop running windows 7. if you tell me to do something with the router, I will have to disconnect my linksys router from my dell windows xp machine and hook it to the netgear.

please let me know if there is anything that you need from me in order to help in correcting this.

thank you in advance for the help

A:netgear WNDR3700v3 router with a solid amber power light

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I have a Dell Optiplex 780 and when I went to power it up the other night it did not power up.  I'm getting a solid amber light for the power button and lights 2,3, and 4 are blinking above it.  Any idea what this means?

A:Dell OptiPlex - Solid amber light, lights 2,3,4 blinking

According to the 780 Service Manual page 13,
Solid Amber Power Light = Second state of the light at power up. Indicates the POWER_GOOD signal is active and it is probable that the power supply is fine. Look at the diagnostic lights for further information.
Page 15 shows that 2/3/4 = A possible USB failure has occurred. Disconnect and reconnect every USB device, then try to power on.

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I cannot turn on my Dell XPS One Desktop. The on off switch doesn't work. There is a solid red, or amber light on the back panel just below the plug, when it is plugged in? Can you explain what the solid red or amber light indicates please? Thank you.

A:Dell Desktop XPS One solid amber light on back panel

First suspect would be the power supply - about $50 to replace.  If that doesn't solve the issue, it's the mainboard - which is more like $400+ to replace.

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Hello, (she says through gritted teeth)

My son spilt a glass of coke around my pc tonight, as I was cleaning the keyboard I assume I hit the power off button as it shut itself down. I decided this probably wasnt such a terrible thing so I could continue to clean the keyboard and the rest of the mess. I then powered it up and the fan ran furiously (louder than normal) with a solid amber light from the power button and monitor power button. I turned it all of at the power point then turned it all back on, same again. So I decided to remove it open it up and check for moisture inside. There was no moisture in and around the mother board or anywhere else that I could see other than some coming out of the plastic case area which I cleaned (also vacuumed it out to remove dust), but the metal case / base and all insides looked fine. After a while I plugged it back in but same again, fan going flat out and just amber lights. Oh yes and I tried the mouse from it on another computer and it won't work either!

Which part is cactus?

Can I retrieve any of the information / files from the hard drive? I have an Acer and a HP Compact, am I able to put the hard drive into either of these to get my files?

I had files I hadn't backed up on there ( I know it's a sin)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Ok my husband the computer illiterate came up with the solution! I can't believe it, but I suppose it's common sense, he said maybe the keyboard was... Read more

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Good afternoon, couple of days ago my computer which is not paid off yet and out of warranty went into a no boot with a soiid Amber light. When I cracked open the case I found my cpu fan was nearly frozen very stiff to turn. I cleaned it out but now curious if my cpu died or the PSU? The interesting part if I unplug all external perpherals from the computer and test it get the solid amber light and on the back by the PSU the green light is out as soon as I turn on the power. If I unplug the power let the system discharge then plug the power back in before turning on the power the green light on the PSU is lit.
Does this sound like a PSU issue? Could it be the CPU? I'm getting no post beeps or anything powering up. Also is this a specialized PSU or can I use any standard ATX PSU this is in a mid tower. The service code is <ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>.
Thank you for anyone's help in advance just frustrating making payments on a paperweight.

A:Solid Amber power light computer won't boot Dell Inpiron 530

Does the processor heatsink fan rotate freely?
Does the power supply fan work?
A solid amber power light indicates there may be a power problem or an internal device malfunction.
The Inspiron 530 Troubleshooter and Diagnostic Codes are HERE.
Most generic standard ATX power supply units can be installed, with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with or without the on/off switch.
You should be able to buy a compatible power supply from either a local or online computer store.
Note: A power supply with four SATA power connectors, is required.
The power supply replacement procedure is HERE <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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My gaming desktop lights up and turns on but, the power button is just a solid amber and the monitor won't show the windows or dell screen. This happened after an update. Please help me and come up with a solution. 

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I have an optiplex 760 mini tower with the diagnostic lights 2 3 4 blinking and solid amber power light. Ive read that this could be a motherboard or bios failure and I might need a new board. Is there any way I can avoid buy ing a new motherboard?

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So i have an old couple that bought one of these less then 2 years ago. Now When you power on no beeps and solid amber power light. The cd tray works but nothing else. Ive tried unplugging everything to no avail.  Any help would be appreciated!!

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Hi All,
I have replaced a EVGA GT 730 video card with the EVGA GTX 1070 Founder's Edition video card on a Dell XPS 8700. Once the installation was finished I powered the PC on and only got an amber light on the power button. I powered off and replaced the card with the old one, checked for any loose cables, and tested the power supply successfully. I am still getting an amber light with the old card back in. My fear is the motherboard short circuited. Please tell me I am wrong and someone else had this issue and was able to fix it!?

A:Solid Amber light on power button after installing GTX 1070 video card on a XPS 8700

Do you have an upgraded power supply unit? A min 500w psu is required and the 8700 doesn't have that.  see this-- www.evga.com/.../product.aspx  and this-

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Hoping someone here can offer some advice? I own a Dell studio xps 435t-9000 that is a couple years old. I recently replaced my harddrive and since then (don't know if it's a coincidence or not) I'm having another problem. After I installed it, the first time my computer went into sleep mode/hibernation I couldn't wake it up. Power light was flashing white. Eventually I shut it down manually and then it wouldn't boot. Had a solid amber light, no power except the power supply. Fans not working. I unplugged everything and made sure it was all good. Wouldn't start. Left it overnight and plugged it in the next morning. Started up. Worked great for about 7 hours and then just randomly shut down, no errors or anything. Same deal. Wouldn't start, amber solid power light. Let it sit for awhile, reseated everything and wouldn't start.Gave up for awhile, tried a few hours later and it started. I read a few boards pointing to the power supply being bad or not powerful enough. However, I replaced the power supply about 6 months ago with a Corsair 600 which is plenty power. Could still be an issue perhaps but seems odd it would die in that little time. I also replaced my graphics card if that matters. Finally the last time I checked all the plugs I also took out the board batter for a few minutes to try and "reset" things. Not sure if that matters, either.

So, I'm at a loss where to go from here. I could replace the power su... Read more

A:Dell XPS random shutdown won't power on solid amber power button

Memory can cause the problems you are having. Make sure the memory is seated , Then run a memory program such as memtest on It let it run for a while and see if it shows you any errors.Also check and make sure you are not having a overheating problem

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I was given an Inspiron 620 tower that won't boot.  There's no light of any kind associated with the power button on the front of the case, but the amber light on the motherboard (near the SATA ports) blinks.  The power supply tests OK, so I'm wondering if  the problem is likely to be anything fixable besides it being a bad board.
Any ideas?

A:Inspiron 620 with blinking amber light on motherboard

It's just about 100% certainly a bad system board -- not much repairable about these.

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Intel i5 7400
ROG strix B250F gaming motherboard
Corsair ddr4 16gb 2400mhz RAM
Corsair carbide spec delta RGB chassis
Gigabyte gtx 1050 2gb GPU
Corsair VS650 PSU

I recently brought a pre built gaming PC and wanted to start upgrading it. I brought the graphics card listed above and the power supply at that same time and have been using them for about 5 months with no issues. I then brought the case about a month ago and again no issues with that on my old build. This weekend I finally brought a new CPU, motherboard and RAM as listed above. I set up all the components inside the chassis as per usual with no problems. All the necessary cables were plugged in. I followed the case and motherboard manuals instructions when it came to connecting the front I/o headers. Once this was all complete I connected the power supply and turned it on to test everything. Immediately after switching the power supply on, an amber light appeared on the motherboard above the front/Io connectors. I looked in the manual and online and nothing said why this is. (Note the RGB lights on the motherboard were also on.) I then attempted to turn on the pc using the chassis buttons but this did nothing. I looked online and tried to follow some tips. This led to me taking it all out the chassis and trying to run the motherboard externally. I set up the motherboard with the CPU and heatsink in with one stick of RAM. I then turned on the power supply and attempted to short start the motherboard. Nothing... Read more

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Hi Folks,

First time posting here. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 that I just replaced the motherboard(G33M02). The new motherboard is the same as the old one. I get steady amber light on motherboard and power button after turn it on. I get no beep, monitor not turn on. I tried onboard video card and the removable card still nothing. The monitor is working fine that I use with my labtop. All cables have been checked out many time all in place. Could it be I bought a defected motherboard? Any suggestion would greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Steady amber light after installed new motherboard

is the motherboard new or second hand? if it is second hand try cleaning the connctors including the ram slots, it could be that that is creating the problem as when i did not have my ram in correctly i had the same responce from my pc.

oh and welcome to TSG

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I'm not sure if this goes here or not. So I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.

Hello everyone,
I'm about to finally upgrade this old computer of mine (Pentium D, Gigabyte S-series motherboard) and was wondering what would be a good, solid, and reliable motherboard to accompany my new Intel i5 CPU? I'm somewhat limited on cash at the moment and after the CPU purchase I'll only have around 150~250 dollars for the motherboard and RAM. I may be able to bump it to 300 but I can't say at the moment. I've been looking through Newegg and Tigerdirect for the past few days but I honestly can't figure out what I should go for or be looking for (I'm a bit of a newbie to all this).

These are the parts I already have:
PSU: OCZ GameXStream 700watt
Graphics Card: e-GeForce 8800 GTS
HDD: Maxtor 6V300F0

I'll be switching out the GPU for a better one when I can so I'm not really interested in SLI/Crossfire. Same goes for the HDD.


A:Solid Motherboard for Intel i5 CPU?

Give us until this week and we'll be posting our P55 motherboard round-up on TechSpot. That should give you a complete outlook at the different price points

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I'm upgrading my desktop to the core i7, but I can't find a mobo that isn't completely filled with 1-star reviews saying things such as, "this company has always been great, but stay away from this one product." I can't find a mobo anywhere that doesn't have a significant chance of DOA or short life or other problems. On top of that, the only mobo I could find that is even slightly considerable is $200. That's pretty damn high for a motherboard.

The specs I need are:
LGA 1155 CPU slot
2+ PCI express slots, one has to be at least @16 mode and the other has to be at least @8
Intel P67 north bridge
DDR3 1333 memory support
ATX, micro-ATX, or mini-ITX form factor

If I have to, I can change the LGA requirement to a 1156 and deal with slower core speeds, and that would also remove the P67 requirement.

I'm beginning to wonder if the desktop motherboard business is a joke. My first and currently only custom build runs on a very faulty (but still very useable) mobo, and it was the one that had the least amount of 1-star bad-experience reviews. I'm seeing 5-star mobos that don't fit my requirements everywhere, and the mobos of many laptops I've run all worked like I could never imagine. Yet it seems that motherboards for quad-cores, be they Q9550s or i7s, never work right.

A:Solved: Can't find a solid motherboard

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You're probably laughing, as I doubt you get anything other than a very mediocre motherboard.  I've read so many criticisms of Dell, their customer service, their poor parts quality, that I don't know if this machine is of the quality I would like.  
The only thing I could find by calling Dell is that the board is PROBABLY (though they are not sure, which seems really shoddy),  is probably an INTEL LYNX . Z87., but is branded "Dell"
Also, doing a Google search on XPS 8700 motherboard, Tom's Hardware says it is the following:

A:XPS 8700 - Who makes the motherboard? Is it quality with solid capacitors like an MSI or ASUS board?

Hi Muscibrain,
Dell motherboards are manufactured to their specifications with Intel chipsets.

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hi guys
as per one of my friend I could replace my memory (RAM) up to 32GB, so I've ordered a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX so I've took slot 1+2 and replaced 2 4GB Hynix RAM by 2 8GB HyperX...
Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to the board or RAM... 
Startup: 2x BEEP (No BIOS)Motherboard Light: Solid AmberBootup Light: Flashing AmberPower Supply Light: Solid Green
I've tried booting from  a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two, and nothing has changed... anyone can help?
Motherboard: 0Y2MRGhttp://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-0y2mrg-dell/Processor: i7 2700Primary: SSD Kingston HyperX Savage 240 (added)Secondary: Seagate 1.5TB + 2TB (added) Barracuda (7200)New RAM: ts/HX316C10FK2/16http://www.kingston.com/dataSheets/HX316C10FK2_16.pdfOld RAM: HMT351U6CFR8C-H9https://www.amazon.com/PC3-10600-1333MHz-Hynix-HMT351U6CFR8C-H9-Unbuffered/dp/B0118BTRAS

A:XPS 8300 - AMBER Motherboard/Power Light - Green Power Supply Light


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Q: Amber

When I open Microsoft outlook, it opens off screen. How do I make it open where I can see it again. I have tried logging out of my computer and loggin back in, but it doesn't seem to help. It acts as if I am using dual screens, but I'm not and never was. Can someone please help?


does it show up on the bottom task bar. if so rite click on it an click on maximize

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Recently, I lost wifi connection completely on my XPS 8700. The computer cannot detect any router. I noticed that the Realtek wireless adapter was missing in the device manager. Fortunately, the Dell wireless adapter was still available. After enabling this adapter, wifi connection worked again. However, during this trouble shooting, I found that the aux_pwr light turned on even if I shut down the computer.
My questions are:
1. Is the Realtek wireless adapter dead?
2.Why does the aux_pwr light turn on - solid amber light? Is it related to the Realtek wireless adapter issue or it indicate some other issues in my computer?
3. Can I turn off the aux_pwr light or how to trouble shoot? I don't think the aux_pwr light on is normal.
So far, the computer is working fine. Surely, I haven't tested all functionality.
Any help is appreciated!

A:aux_pwr amber light is ON

Are you talking about the LED on the motherboard? That LED should be on as long as the PC is connected to a "live" outlet. It means the motherboard is getting "flea power" and is perfectly normal. 
If you unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec, the motherboard LED should go out.
nongjin100 I noticed that the Realtek wireless adapter was missing in the device manager. Fortunately, the Dell wireless adapter was still available.
That makes no sense - to me. There's only one wired and one wireless adapter, but you said there are two wireless. Do you mean the Realtek 8111E Network (integrated) wired Ethernet adapter ?
Have you looked at rear of the PC to see if any LEDs are on, next to the Ethernet (RJ45) port?
Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup. Make sure the Onboard LAN Controller option is set to Enabled. Be sure to save any changes before exiting setup.
Is there an "Unknown" device listed in Device Manager?
Have you tried reinstalling the NIC driver? Go to the Support page and select your version of Windows. Then download the Realtek adapter to the desktop and install it. And then reboot.

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Hi i have packard bell machine with amd 64 processer and a nforce 4 motherboard. I know its abit old but im having problems with my system.

Basically my system had a virus which destroyed my hardrive, i decided to do a full format. During yhe installation of windows my pc shut down on its own nd did not turn on after that. The fan spins for abit but no other signs of life. After leaving it for a day, i turn my pc on again and the amber light comes on. Normally after ita amber it will turn green but this time it stays on amber and my fan was spinning way to fast.

The amber light does not flash but just stays lit. I dont hear no beeps but my motherboard led light is on.

I decided to purchase a new power supply nd a cpu fan. I inserted evertthing normally but still have the same problem. Iv removed componenta one by one and still no hope.

Can anyone help plz?

My specs are
4gb ddr2 ram
Amd 64 3.6 ghz
Nforce 405 motherboard
550watts psu new

There is no sign of leakage on the motherboard

A:Pc amber light not turning on.

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i am building a dell precision t7400 had it all ready to fire up and powered it up and the power button flashed 5 times amber and just above it green light 1 & 3 showed up any help appreciated i am thinking psu or mo bo these two are the only two components i cant vouch for cpu's good , ram good ,

A:amber light flashing

diagnostic lights are here

1 & 3 green = Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error exists.

also manual here

Ensure that no special requirements for memory module/connector placement exist (see "Memory" in your User&#8217;s Guide).
&#8226; Ensure that the memory you are using is supported by your computer (see "Memory" in your User&#8217;s Guide).
&#8226; If the problem persists, contact Dell (see "Contacting Dell" in your User&#8217;s Guide)

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I leave my computer on 24/7, and just yesterday I came back to find no video signal, no audio signal, no keyboard or mouse functionality and a steady amber light on the power button. i turned the computer off, started it up, and found that the hdd fan started up fast and then slowed to a halt as it normally does, but then the system fan spun up to full speed and just remained there (not normal). The diagnostic lights don't turn on, indicating the machine doesn't even make it to the bios. The only signs of life on the machine are the amber power light and the system fan blasting. I turned the machine off, waited, turned it on. same deal. I later opened it up, took out the memory that i added last month, tried every combination of taking out components. I even went barebones, unplugged everything save for the fans (video cards, sound card, vid capture card, hdd's, dvd drives, all unplugged) and all still the same thing. The steady amber power-button light. Also, there is another amber light on the mobo, towards the top. I don't know if that is supposed to be green or what, but that light is also steady amber (anyone know what that light even is? it's not on any support/manual diagram). I'm hoping this is just a connection/power issue, replacing the psu would be much cheaper than replacing my mobo (my 1yr warranty ended a month ago). If there's anything you guys can give me that'll help my situation out, it'd be much appreciated.

A:XPS 710 - Steady Amber Light

The motherboard/processor has died. Power supply appears good as fans act like they should on bootup..with everthing out or disconneted except the processor and mb if it still is solid amber my moneys on the motherbord...

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I just exchanged my Inspiron 560s's CPU with a Core 2 Quad 9400 which, according to Dell's upgrade website, is compatible to my PC.
However, when I start my PC, i get a constant, amber colored light on the power button and the PC won't start up.
I already tried resetting/updating my BIOS, but that didn't do it.
Does anyone know what the problem is? I suspect it might be the PSU because the new CPU takes a lot more energy and the PSU is only a 250 Watts one.

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My power button on my Dell is blinking ambur. I suspect when I dusted the tower yesterday (while it was on), I created static. I went in later to use the computer and it was blinking amber, no fans were running, it was quiet. I have unplugged the power source for 24 hours...nothing has improved. Does this sound like the motherboard is fried or worse? Can it be replaced? And how much do they generally run? I can't believe I did that!

A:Blinking Amber Light

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About a month ago I got my brothers extremely old pc from about 2008 ( the optiplex 320) and he gave it to me but it had a broken graphics card I believe, because everything was always tinted green but once I got the new graphics card (geforce GT 730) it worked fine but it had only two 1Gb sticks of ram so at that point I was just gonna try and wait till I had enough money get some more ram but that time never came because I got caught up in a bunch of other stuff, but recently I got it back out and got my stuff set back up and plugged it all in and noticed a flashing orange light on the power button which I've never seen before and I constantly tried different outlets different cords and everything, and I've come to the point where I'm like 70% sure its the mother board because when I unplug everything from the PSU except the hard drive and I plug it in the light doesn't flash and the computer starts actually making noise (before nothing happened but a flashing light). Another thing I noticed was before when I first got the graphics card the fan on it spun but now when I unplug everything from it except the hard drive it doesn't but it's probably just because it's not a big enough load to need the fan, but I'm just trying to give as much info as I possible could so I could fix this as soon as possible.

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Hello, I have an amber light blinking on my laptop, it was indicative of my battery not charging. ( the laptop works on power without a battery) I replaced the battery, which now charges fully, but the amber light still blinks while the power cord is plugged in, any help is appreciated, thanks

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Dell Inspiron 2305. purchased 2011. Will not turn on and power light is amber. Any thoughts. Thanks.

A:amber power light

Is it steady or blinking?

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Hi just joined and my first post. Have been searching for possible solutions to my hardware problem on the net and hope someone here can help! Have a Dell Dimension C521 which is just over 2 yrs old. Over the last few weeks have had problems turning it on and off. There's a solid amber light on main switch. At first I could resolve by unplugging and restarting which did the trick but it seems to be getting worse. I can still get it to come on - sometimes it's after a few attempts but other times it takes 40 or 50! Once on it works fine. Took it to a local shop (who couldn't start it at all!) but they tested power supply which was ok and a few other things (not sure what) and said they thought it was probably the motherboard. Can anyone advise about this - would a motherboard fault cause this kind of intermitent problem / deterioration over time? One new thing today is when trying to turn it on sometimes the on/off button doesn't click at all. Not confident to start dismantling it and taking things out etc! Can't find any useful info on Dell site - is there any point trying to run the Dell diagnostic tool (F12 when Dell logo appears shortly after start up). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Dell Amber Light

See here for the manual for the system and the diagnostics codes that show on the front panel: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dimC521/en/SM_EN/tshoot.htm#wp1043338

Yes, it could be the motherboard,or the memory, or the CPU. I recently had a C521 come in with a failed processor.

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The amber light is constantly on, not flashing just solidly on, whether on or off and regardless of the battery charge percentage.  The battery charges just fine. It's been this way since I got it.  I tried posting for help before but didn't get any responses.

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I have a two Optiplex 990's that have quit booting up. They turn on...fans spin up and the DVD drive spins up...but then the Diagnostics lights show 2,3,4 and the power button lights up Amber instead of green.
The system then just keeps powering up and shutting down with those diagnostic lights constantly.
I have tried removing the HD, CD drive, Graphics card, CMOS, Both fans. None seem to resolve the issue. On one of the two I replaced the motherboard. That also didn't help. 
I have also reset the memory on the units 
Grateful for any help!

A:Optiplex 990 Amber Light / 2,3,4

i have the same problem with dell optiplex 990 SFF... also there was a previous optiplex 790 with the same problem but both i was able to fix...   i opened the power supply and found out bulging 2 capacitors (10V 2200uF) and replaced them both.  Now both systems are running good.  This is a cheap cap and needs to be replaced with high quality ones like nichicons, etc...

It could be possible to also find bulging caps on the motherboard esp on the heatsink area.

if you are not that technical then go to an electronic shop and have your powersupply be re-capped/ refurbished.. Take note: before repairing it myself i tried the built-in self test for the powersupply (pressing small black button at the rear) and it says the psu is good and also i measured each individual output voltages (5V, 12V, 3.3V) and all were giving good readings but you cannot be sure since there is still yet no Load.  So as i suspected i opened the PSU and found out the bulging/leaking caps...

Hope this will help you all.   

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i share my computer with a co-worker. When she got in to work last night she couldn't log on to the computer. When the computer was turned on she notice alot of information, then it said starting windows 95 and all tha happened was a flashing bar in the upper left hand side of the screen and the monitors power light turned from green to amber. What happened?

A:amber power light?

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I have a Dell Optiplex that runs a small CNC machine. The other day I started the computer and while it was booting up I turned the key board over and tapped it on the counter to remove some metal chips that were stuck in the keys. The computer quit working. I opened the back and saw a green blinking light on the mother board. I was told to replace the power supply. I did. Now I have the green blinking light on the mother board and a blinking amber light in the start button and nothing working on the computer. I don't know what to do next.

A:Blinking amber light

"I don't know what to do next"...

What's a small CNC machine, and where did the metal chips come from?

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with a Xion 600W power supply to power my NVidea video card. Recently, my computer just shut off with out warning. When I tried to turn it back on, I noticed a blinking amber light on the power button.

I unplugged everything, reseated all components (except CPU), removed all ram, unplugged HDD+Cd/Dvd ROM's, no luck. Replaced the CMOS Battery, no luck. Checked all USB ports for broken/bent pins, none.

I reassembled everything the way it was, no luck. The "inbound current" light is green on my MOBO indicating incoming power. However, the PSU fan will not kick, nor will any of the other fans/components.

I am at my wits end here, as I need my PC. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I think I may just need a new PSU.

A:Flashing Amber Light... Ugh!

karmalize said:

I think I may just need a new PSU.Click to expand...

It sounds lkie a PSU issue to me.
Check the outputs if you can or just try a different one.
It's not too common for them to blow, but they do.

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I am experiencing some difficulty with my desktop computer. It is a Dell Vostro 220s, Windows XP SP3, 3GB ram, 250GB hard drive. A couple nights ago we had a power outage. I get up the next morning to find my desktop off (I usually leave it on). I go to turn it on and the power light comes on blue, like normal, and the fans kick on. However, after a second or two, it turns amber and begins blinking.

I googled what the potential problems could be and how to troubleshoot it. I'm assuming based on my search results that it is a power-based failure of some kind, typically either the power supply or the motherboard.

I came across this while I was searching: ftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/all-prod..._desktop/vostro-220s_service manual_en-us.pdf

excerpt from page 2:
If the power light is blinking amber, the computer is receiving electrical power, but an internal power problem may
Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC power at your location, if applicable.
Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board (see System Board
Components).Click to expand...

So I viewed the diagram linked there and started disconnecting one thing at a time. I took the two cables out of the hard drive, tried to boot, same problem. I took the cable out of what looks to me like the power connector (based on the diagram from pg 4; it is labeled #1. When I restarted, it finally did something different. When I pressed the power button with th... Read more

A:Blinking amber light

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