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Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Q: Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

I am not able to connect the bluetooth in the Laptop with other devices. It is keep on searching for the device. Other devices also not able to find the Laptop. Please help.

Preferred Solution: Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Hi: I see your notebook came with DOS. Did you install the Realtek bluetooth driver? If not, you need to. Windows installs a generic bluetooth driver which usually is not enough for the bluetooth to work. This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. File name: sp73250.exe

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I am not able to connect the bluetooth in the Laptop with other devices. It is keep on searching for the device. Other devices also not able to find the Laptop. Please help.

A:Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

Hi: I see your notebook came with DOS. Did you install the Realtek bluetooth driver?  If not, you need to.  Windows installs a generic bluetooth driver which usually is not enough for the bluetooth to work. This package contains the driver installation package for the Realtek Bluetooth in the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. File name: sp73250.exe

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Hey guys,

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, and today I tried connecting my bluetooth adapter, and connecting a bluetooth headset through it for use in applications.

I am using a Belkin Mini USB bluetooth adapter (model#: F8T016). When I connected the adapter, all drivers installed fine. (I didn't install any official ones, so I assume it is using 7's onboard drivers)

I have a Motorola H710 Bluetooth headset that I tried to connect through the adapter. It then gave me a "driver not found" error. From what I know, there isn't supposed to be an actual driver for this device because the adapter is supposed to handle everything. Windows recognizes the device (name etc.) But does not find a driver for it, so it does not show up so that I can select it as the default microphone.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I connected it, went into Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices, but cannot select the device as the default mic.

Is there another way of doing it that I am not aware of? As a side note, this worked perfectly under XP. The adapter was able to configure the device successfully and I could select it as the default mic in for XP. But somehow I get a problem on 7.

I get the feeling I am missing something obvious here, can anyone help me out?



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The Bluetooth headphones pair with my Inspiron 15R, connect, then disconnect after about 10 seconds. The headphones pair and work fine with my iPhone and DISH Hopper.

A:Photive PH-BTH3 Bluetooth Headphones 4.0 connectivity issue

I"m having this exact same issue with my Precision m6800. I can pair it with the laptop and install services, but it won't connect.

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HP mini 200 4301 tu netbook detects my phone. but the phone while trying to transfer a file through bluetooth says that the paired device is full. how to resolve the issue? thanks

A:HP 200 mini 4301 tu netbook bluetooth connectivity issue

it has been resolved. it was a setting of my phone which created the problem. the laptop has no problem. now i can transfer files from my cell to the laptop.

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I bought HP 15AY005TX Notebook and installed Windows 7 64 Bit, I have already installed all drivers from HP official website http://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-15-ay000-notebook-pc-series/10862300/model/115438... , in Which half of them are not working  I am not able to connect my Phone via Bluetooth, internet is not working over Wifi, I am getting Hazy lines while playing Videos, I have downloaded and installed AMD  Radeon R5 M430 Graphic drivers from AMD Website http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+7+-+64, Which was installed successfully but after installing it is showing No graphic card and setting is not getting Open, Can someone suggest what is the root cause of this issue? How to resolve it, I am stuck as i tried everything at my level.

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Hello Lenovo Users, I have Lenovo G500 laptop with Windows 10 OS(Upgraded from Windows 8.1). I can't able to connect my bluetooth speaker. Rather I also use bluetooth mouse for a long time, It works without any issue but I can't able to use bluetooth speakers and also I can't able to transfer files by SHAREit application. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Does anyone have information on when a security update will be available for the issue?
On 10/18/17 MS Article Stated: "Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release of the security patch. This is expected to be available in another 2-3 weeks or earlier."

For Issue:
JET provider is no longer able to connect after the October update. This update (released October 10<sup>th</sup>, 2017) includes a security update release that inadvertently affects the JET provider. The update was kb4041678 and included in
the patch kb4041681.  These patches affected the Operating System, which adversely has an issue with the following technologies: Microsoft Windows Search Component, Windows kernel-mode drivers, Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer, Windows
kernel, Windows Wireless Networking, Microsoft JET Database Engine, and the Windows SMB Server. It is important to note that the changes were not to these technologies themselves.

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I am unable to play any audio from my Galaxy S6 to my laptop, via bluetooth, despite both saying they are paired. When I hit play on my phone it just comes over its speaker and not the laptops.
I assume this is a version incompatibility, how can I fix it?
The laptop shows its Bluetooth Intel Driver version 19.11.1639.649
I can't find the equivalent for my Phone but I found its spec online, 4.1, A2DP, LE, aptX.


A:Bluetooth connectivity

Being Paired does not mean they are connected.  Is there some button you need to push or hold in order to get the device to connect?
Can you select the Device Windows and select Connect from there?

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I HAVE installed bluetooth driver but whilr im searching my notebook don't discover any bluetooth device

A:bluetooth connectivity

Hi: There are several different model bluetooth drivers on your notebook's support page. This is the one you need to install for the model wireless card your notebook has... This package contains the Broadcom Bluetooth driver for supported models that are running a supported operating system. Broadcom Bluetooth Driver is required to enable Broadcom Bluetooth devices. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp74501-75000/sp74988.exe If that is the driver you installed, then unfortunately, I would not know why the bluetooth isn't working.

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I have a laptop which does not have bluetooth support.:

So I use a bluetooth adaptor to connect the lap with my phone.

But computer is informing that bluetooth peripheral devices are not installed successfully.

I can`t transfer any file from the phone to the laptop. Because phone does not find the laptop via bluetooth.

But I can transfer files from laptop to the phone.

Please help me to install Bluetooth peripheral devices and to over come this problem.

A:Bluetooth Connectivity

can you please relay whatever information is written on the blue tooth device you are plugging into the laptop.

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I just got a Logitech MX900 Bluetooth Mouse and I have a Motorola V600 which has bluetooth capabilities. I'd like to know how to get the phone to connect my phone to my computer. Do I need to have special software for my phone? When I tried to install the phone software that came with the Mouse (Yes, Logitech prepackaged a Mobile phone thing on their CD) When I tried to install this software windows told me that I already had a Bluetooth solution installed on my computer. I am unaware of this and am at a lost. I'm running XP with SP2.

A:Bluetooth connectivity


I've moved you to Hardware for more response


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I have set up my printer for my home wifi connection and it works OK when the signal is in range.Where I want to site the printer, in my new flat, there is a poor internal wifi signal so I want to establish a Bluetooth connection between my computer (MacBook Pro) and the printer.The manual does not mention Bluetooth anywhere and the settings on the printer for Wifi simply tell me I am set up! 1. How do I set up up Bluetooth? 2. I am on HP Instant print supply which needs wifi; can the printer be set up for Bluetooth and wifi connections to run concurrently? Thank you.

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I have bought an hp spectre x360 ultrabook recently and I have two issues : 1. Im trying to connect my sony phone with my laptop thru bluetooth, its paired connected all ready but when I am trying to transfer files from my phone to my laptop it doesnt transfer, but when I am trying to transfer files from my laptop to my phone it works fine. I have restarted my pc and phone but it doesnt work. Files/media from my phone doesnt transfer to my pc but it works fine the other way round. 2. I connected my sony phone to my laptop thru usb, but it  seems the pc doesnt recognise it. I can hear a sound when the phone and pc are connected but it doesnt show on the devices and drive option. Please help.

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well i decided to go full bluetooth because im tired of spending money on replacment headphones and broken tangled cables so i brought myself some Tone infinium HBS-900 bluetooth headphones. now on my phone that supports APT-X these things are amazing! but on my computer it seems that im plagued with interference and sound crackling. so i swapped out my realtek AC wireless wifi card and brought a intel 7260 Dualband +bluetooth 4.0
for a while it seemed to be working and now its again crackling and shuddering. its driving me nuts! then i brought THIS

so that i can make anything bluetooth just to my disappointment that i dont think these 2 thing scan connect to each other, i mean how would i connect to things that have no gui together? but someone said they have done it ant it works fine but i can for the life of me find out how to do it.
i have already trying updating the drivers on my computer and i ave the latest. but if i cover my bluetooth or even move 2 feet away from it it crackles and disconnects sometimes. it was not doing that at first and i only tested it with my pc but yea. i tried 4 phones and they are flawless, i could go outside of my apartment and i would be connected on all 4 phones but not on my pc.

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Hey guys im not one how post on these much just needing a little help with a head beater!

I have a customer xps M2010 it has windows 7 32-bit 4gbs of ram

Im currently running windows updates too SP1

So im not sure if Its ever connected its keyboard with windows 7 installed befor i got to this machine.

Iv installed the bluetooth drivers from the dell site and ran the patch update but once i reboot the system the Bluetooth is not showing in device manager! I'v tried running the drivers as Admin but now change and iv also tried about 3 Keyboard on the system.

Has any one had this issue before?

Iv had another one that did this some while back and i couldent rember how to get it to stick. but i was able to type in the Bluetooth pairing numbers and it stayed.
Any help is much appreciated!

A:XPS M2010 Bluetooth- Keyboard sync issue - bluetooth

OK so new up date.

iv gotten the keyboard to sync on post. so im able to use the keyboard in the bios and boot options Etc.

Now when i get into windows the system isn't pick up the keyboard. iv reinstalled the drivers and tried to install the patch but the system can find the blue tooth chip.

so now i know its able to connect but windows, im trying to get to the Bluetooth setting but i was unable to fine it in control panel when i did a search, any ideas on what i should do next.

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Hi there. I am having a hard time finding a way to fix my Internet connection to my acer laptop (Aspire E5-473-32WK).
It worked just fine for me for the last one year but now this problem started. I went to the device manager and saw that all the drivers under the network adapter has an exclamation sign on them and in their properties they have the "This device cannot start. code 10" error.
I tried to update drivers. I tried reinstalling then... nothing worked.
I need help... thanks
I am running on Windows 8.1 pro 64bit os
Intel core i3 5005U processor and 4 GB RAM

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Recently acquired HP Compac nc8230,
XP Pro sp2
1g RAM

Bought a Dell Bluetooth keyboard new

Powered up and connected and worked fine for 3 days

Now won't connect
The Bluetooth wizard finds the device and the pin #,
but won't make a connection when I "enter", or when
I press the connect button

Tried 2 different sets batteries.

Did it crap out on me or??


A:Bluetooth connectivity problems

Thread here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic101428.html

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I have a Windows Vista 32 bit operating system on a HP 6112n Desktop. I purchased a dongle to connect a bluetooth headset to my system. It worked fine at first and now I can not access bluetooth at all. When I go to "Network and Sharing Center" and I open "Manage Network Connections, it shows that my wireless network is not connected or a Big Red X on the icon. The Bluetooth Icon appears on my system tray upon startup but it then disappears. I cannot open any default options. My bluetooth devices (2 bluetooth headsets) do not show up.

I purchased a second dongle. I deleted the first before installing the second but the second does not work either. It is a CSR. Under Device Manager -Bluetooth Radios: CSR Bluetooth Radio -Driver shows working; Microsoft Enumerator- Driver 6.1.6002.18457 shows working. Under Network Adapters: Bluetooth Personal Area Network # 6 -Driver: Microsoft 6.0.6001.18000- It shows working properly. Second entry Bluetooth Device (RFComm Protocol TD1) # 6- Working as well.

I did have a BlueTooth Icon on my Control Panel when I first installed but I no longer have one there either.

If you need more info please let me know.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Network 101

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Hello, I got a new WLAN Bluetooth driver recently and I've been having a few issues with some devices connected through it: Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse: Whenever I boot up my laptop, the mouse takes a minute or two to connect, so I'm restricted to my touchpad till then. The same thing will happen when I'm turning on bluetooth/the mouse. Sony MDR-XB950BT bluetooth headset: My laptop will only connect to the Hands free telephony device and leave the stereo device disconnected till I right-click and select "Connect". These are just little inconveniences that I'm hoping to see go away, I've tried updating my drivers and making sure that Bluetooth turns on at startup through my task manager and the services, I'm not sure what else to do. Thanks to anyone who helps P.S. Sorry if this is two topics on one post, I wasn't sure if I should have put the mouse issues and headset issues on two different posts

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Hello, There is pen included in C930 and I was think maybe I could use it as a remote for presnetations.Can it? If yes how do I pair it? Do I need too?I don't see presentation mode  in my settings and buttons work only when in contact with the screen or in "hover" mode.Here is all I can see in the seetings: https://imgur.com/a/jC05hPt

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When I click Add a Device ....WWindows 7 Home premium cannot find any devices. It just sits there scanning bu never finds my bluetooth mouse or my bluetooth keyboard.

Additionally I get the following error when I look at my event viewer:
The mutual authentication between the local Bluetooth adapter and a device with Bluetooth adapter address (00:07:61:b0:45:14) failed.

I have tried several different drivers from my manufacturers website but all produce the same error condition.

Please Help!

A:Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

Are you sure that the bluetooth dongle you have is windows 7 compliant?

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I use a Nokia 2600-c mobile and Compaq laptop model 754tu. My mobile is not detecting each other. There are no hardware malfunction in either of them. The mobile is set "Visible to all" in the bluetooth option but still it is not detected by my machine. Do I need to download some softaware to get them connected to each other.

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Hi, I bought my notebook "HP Pavilion g6" on January 2013. It was working fine until last month though I was facing some connection problems with wifi after upgradation to Windows 10. Suddenly, after some updates, the wifi and bluetooth adapters have disappeared. I tried to rectify the problem by trying out the solutions given everywhere, but no luck. The adapter itself is missing. Even after downloading the adapter, its not shown in the device manager as well as the network connections. Hence, I am not able to connect to wifi. Please help me with this issue. Thank you,Yadukrishnan Nair

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I have been experiencing bluetooth connectivity issues with my new X1 Yoga 3rd Gen, wondering if anyone else is seeing this.  Specifically I am using the thinkpad compact bluetooth keyboard and the thinkpad x1 wireless touch mouse (in bluetooth mode).  What happens is that every few hours, both devices lose connectivity suddenly.  When I go to the bluetooth settings on my X1, it shows both devices as "connected" -- but the light is blinking on the keyboard as if it is searching for a connection.  The only way I can get them back is by using the laptop trackpad to disable and re-enable bluetooth, at which time both devices connect again. I've tried a few different solutions, disabling power management, turning off the option that allows the computer to power down each of the bluetooth devices, and even reinstalling the intel bluetooth driver.  No luck. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this / have any suggestions on what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hello there community people.
I'm new here and need a serious attention to fix my problem.
I really need some help here,Since two days trying to fix this issue but still no luck.

i do not know how to describe my problem but i have attached one image that shows 'Bluetooth USB' in device manager,
was that normal?furthermore i can't even send any file via bluetooth,Am i missing something here?

Please help.

A:Bluetooth Radio Issue (NO Bluetooth Detected)

You need to give the exact model number for your ASUS.

But have you checked the ASUS website for the bt driver for your model.

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I have an older system that originally have Windows Vista 64bit, it never had any issues related to Vista OS but I upraded to Windows 7 to avoid any loss of support. However, with Microsoft more or less forcing Windows 10 on people, I caved and got the free version. As I have recently wanted to use my Bluetooth, I have a DELL WIRELESS BLUETOOTH 370 (FOXCONN) I noticed that there's no longer any kind of icon, access, or an inkling that it even exists on my system. It worked prior to Windows 10 when I still had Win7, but I'm looking for drivers that will for sure work and as far as I can tell there's no way of enabling the feature within windows.....according to the BIOS it's enabled but it doesn't work.  I'm going  to keep looking for a way to get around the OS but I'm posting here too because I'm thinking others have had the same problems.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Chris

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I got a new Thinkpad Bluetooth Mouse with my Thinkpad Yoga 370 and although I love the machine, the bluetooth isn't that great. I have to pair the mouse to use it everyday.  After an hour or two of inactivity the mouse disconnects and I have to re-pair it.   Anyone have a solution for this?  Is this just Windows 10 behavior or something I'm missing in a setting on the machine?

2000 T61 ? ten years of various terrible Dell & HP work laptops - 2014 MacBook Pro 13.3 - 2015 HP 800G1 (just a train wreck) - 2017 Yoga 370 ? 2018 T560

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Hi team, I purchased today an HP headset, bluetooth supported.I enabled bluetooth on my Lenovo laptop, but the computer doesn't show any reaction to the device.No sound arrives though the headphones and I guess the microphone won~t work either. Please help be, mates. Thank you in advance.Wolfram

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Brand new spectre x360. It's a beautiful machine except for the wireless. I'll itemize the issues that I'm having with the laptop. - Got the laptop and after 3 weeks all of a sudden it decided not to connect to my home wireless network.  I absoluty have no clue why this is happening. It seems to happen randomly. I'm working alone for 3 to 4 days and one morning it just decides not to connect. I got my desktop, phone and tablet all able to connect without any problems. - The second issue is with the bluetooth. As soon as I connect my sony bluetooth headphones the wireless internet connection drops. The onyl way to reconnect to the internet is to disconnect the bluetooth headphones. So I can either have wireless internet or the bluetooth headphones but not both at the same time. - The last problem is that through out the day the wireless connection randomly drops. Try loading a webpage and the browser gives me a connection error but the laptop says it's connected. Only after I disconnect and reconnect the laptop that I can start browsing again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the hp and intel drivers. 

A:Spectre X360 Wireless and bluetooth connectivity issues

Hi there @Alpin?,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great site to get answers and ask questions. I have looked into the issue(s) you are having with your Bluetooth and Wireless Connections. Please NOTE; Use only one Bluetooth-enabled device at a time. Using multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices at a time may cause the devices to lose their connection. Here is a document I found called Understanding and troubleshooting Bluetooth wireless technology. It explains Bluetooth Wireless Technology for you. I also found a document called Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8). Here is a document from the Microsoft Community on Constant Drops in Internet Connection. It has some troubleshooting steps as well. Please follow these provided troubleshooting steps, re-post and let me know how everything went. Thank you! Have a great day!

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The Wifi adapter (Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn) has been malfunctioning for the past two weeks. The wifi signal strength of visible networks is vey weak. It shows good strength in other devices though. Also, the Bluetooth , when turned on, never finishes searching for nearby devices. So, i am unable to connect to new devices. This laptop is 2 years old. Please suggest methods to resolve.

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I have a Sony STR-DN1030 AV receiver with Bluetooth. I've been working on this issue on and off for 6 months now. The problem was : I would try pairing the computer to the receiver for audio and windows would say paired, but would not connect. I tried un-pairing and pairing , updating drivers, all kinds of forums.  Today I got the computer to connect.. I found a Bluetooth software in the add / remove programs list in the windows control panel. I figured it couldn't get any worse so i went ahead and uninstalled it and tried to connect. It connected right away. I believe that the dell manufactured software for Bluetooth was in conflict with another software ; possibly the windows software that controls Bluetooth devices. I haven't noticed that anything else has bee affected yet.
BTW I am using windows 10 pro
any way It was very frustrating so i wanted to share this information.

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Opps, maybe not so unique since I just noticed an ENTIRE forum for browsers...perhaps moving this is appropriate...if so, please do. I will be reading up in there.

Its interesting because I can't find any mention of it anywhere on this site. Specifically browser connectivity is lost after a little while (guessing 7 minutes, though it may be a number of browser pages displayed trigger i went 3 hrs today) after I start browsing. If I don't start a browser, the death clock doesn't begin until I start browsing. Now, at the same time, all shares, the other machines on the network, work fine. Also if I am playing an online game, I will not have any issues. Just IE and firefox can't display pages and other programs (like updates of AVG) are soon to follow.

***Important to note this is new, the network was fine for over a week before this started a couple days ago.

I notice, when it works, net info states Homegroup - ready to connect (I am using a workgroup to connect to other machines) but last night, during a browser outage it said it was connected. I notice now it calls my workgroup a homegroup (I think is used to say workgroup)

(This problem may have started around when I tried to synchronise a folder to "always available offline", but there are other things that were done in that period of time unfortuately, all have since been undone.

System...Win7 7100 all updated.

Browsers IE8 and Firefox are effected (updated)

Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family P... Read more

A:Interesting connectivity issue, just a browser issue

I would doubt if it is really a browser problem since I tried safari, firefox and IE and still giving me this dropage... But continue your search I will follow ur footstep

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I previously had my Bose bluetooth speaker paired with my Yoga2 ... lost the link and now my computer isn't finding the device to re-pair with it? When I connect my iphone to my Yoga2, autoplay doesn't come up to allow me to import photos/videos and when I go in the photo app, it doesn't find my phone yet I see my phone on the control panel? Thanks for any thoughts!

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Hey all,

I'm finally posting here after having read around on the site before and gotten good info.

I set up a wireless home network between two computers (a laptop and a tablet) a few months ago. The laptop is the "base" computer and the table has a wireless receiver; the router is a DLink 524.

I never had any connectivity issues (internet) until last week on the laptop when my free version of Zonealarm started acting screwy and not displaying any info when I would open the program up. I updated the version, and since then cannot use the internet while Zonealarm is running. I'm confused, though, because the tablet has Zonealarm and has no problems accessing the internet at all. DLink tech support tells me that the problem is in the configuration of Zonealarm, and that I should contact them, but I'm running the freebie version and so don't anticipate getting much help there.

Is this an issue of ports (opening/forwarding)? If so, I have no experience in that and would appreciate if someone could take a second to let me know what they think should be done. I'm willing to just scrap Zonealarm and try something that works better with the router if need be, but I'm willing to bet someone who knows what they're doing could fix this easily, and that the problem is with me.

Thanks so much,


A:Odd connectivity issue

Go into the router and turn off the blocking of computers not running ZA. I'm not sure if this is the problem but I do know that I've seen such as problem in DLink routers before because some models now have a feature(some added with firmware update) which will allow you to configure the router with ZA so they don't interfere with eachother, it aslo has a feature which will let you block computers not running ZA so that you don't have unprotected machines on the network. While this is a good idea in theory, it also causes problems for people who don't know it is there.

BTW, the setup you mention where one laptop is "base" as you call it, is incorrect. When using a router to share your internet, the router itself is the server and all computers are the clients. This misconception causes a lot of confusion and sometimes makes it difficult to diagnose a problem when you call one machine a "base" or "server" when it is not.

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Running Vista and IE 7 and connecting over att 3g wireless card. After updating virus protection (Kapersky) ie cannot connect to the internet. I have uninstalled the virus protection, and can ping common web sites from a command prompt and outlook works as well. When I try to connect to a website using ie, i get "internet explorer cannot display the web page". Please help

A:ie 7 connectivity issue

Hello and welcome

what firewall do you ahve

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Hello all,

I am new here but hoping still that someone might have the answer to an ongoing issue within our network.

I am dealing with a large network (large in the physical size not necessarily how many PCs connected). There are 4 different buildings that connect with a fiber optical connection. Each building has it's own internet source. I deal with two of these buildings. The connection runs underground. When I link our two buildings, the networked PCs communicate but the internet connection is lost.

I am not sure if the other buildings have these connection issues but I've noticed that at one end it looks like an adapter is connecting the fiber optical possible to a cat5 looking jack. Is it possible that that's the issue?

Have you heard of this before. I happens to be a POS system that we need working between the two buildings. So apart from one or two office computers on the network that needs internet we need it for processing credit cards as well.

Any help will do. Sorry if I wasn't all that specific or clear... I'm still new at this stuff.



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Dear HP Experts, I am facing the WiFi connectivity issue. Whenever I connect to a WiFi, the system displays all the nearby WiFi and when I porceed selecting the relevant wi-fi after entering the password, it takes too much of time to coonect, but remains unsuccessful. Later, the error message displays that " This is taking longer than the usual time: Connection Unsuccessfull".  Best RegardsSurendhar

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My companies building was struck by lightning last week. All of our computers have been knocked offline. Some employees that use WYSE boxes smelled smoke after the lightning strike.
i performed an ipconfig/release /renew
that returned some results such as "unable to contact your dhcp server. Im not sure if some of my netwirking devices are fried as well, or theres just a configuration problem.we unfortunately have no internet connection but are connecting to an "unidentified network"
Our company has been without internet access for two weeks now..any answers would be highly apreciated.


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I've recently (in the past few weeks) been having trouble with Internet Explorer, version 7.0.5730.11. When I first open the program, the page is blank, and the status bar (bottom of the IE window) briefly flashes "Detecting proxy settings" and then sits at "Connecting to site" for several minutes before displaying the typical "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" screen.

In dealing with the problem, I've found that whenever I get the "Connecting to site" message in the status bar, I immediately close IE, then reopen it. Sometimes the first time I do this results in Google (homepage) loading, but most of the time I must repeat this proces several times (up to about 10) before IE loads Google.

When already working properly, I've noticed that IE has no problems opening links in new windows or tabs. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem?

Relevant Information:

Windows XP Service Pack 3
IE version 7.0.5730.11

Please let me know if additional information is required, and I will do my best to provide it. Thanks for reading.

A:IE7 Connectivity Issue

Using Geo Spider, = Google.

Are you using something like the Google Toolbar? Try using Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it. If this solves your problem, you can try reinstalling Google Toolbar.

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I am currently trouble shooting a network problem for a medium size company, aprox 250 users. The issue is as follows:
A connectivity problem occurs on random clients which leaves them with an ip address received from DHCP server but the client only has connectivity with its own vlan. (DHCP server on different VLAN) The switch has ip helper set up so the communication to get an ip address is being done via the switch and on to the DHCP server.(The primary function of IP helper) The client can't ping anything outside its own VLAN.
Our only work around is to assign a static DHCP ip address on the DHCP server using the MAC address of the client. Issue an ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew on the affected client to get the assigned static DHCP address and full connectivity is restored.
There is a mix of Cisco and 3com switches, mostly Cisco with a Cisco 3750 multi layer switch at the heart of the network.
I have analysed the configuration of the devices and everything looks good.
I know its hard to diagnose from this brief description but any similar problems experienced and solutions discovered are appreciated.

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I have a ISA server which i use to connect all my systems to the internet. But there are times when i want direct access to the Internet without any firewall in between ( i know its not safe). For that i connect my DSL modem to an 8 port switch and from there to two of my systems and it works perfectly fine, i can browse...download and play games etc. But when i connect a third system...i cant connect to the internet although i can access systems connected to the switch.
I checked up DNS, IP and everything....still no good.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Connectivity issue.

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Dear Sir/Ma'am  kindly be informed that after installing WIFI DRIVERS my laptop signal strength is very low could not connect to wifi though my wifi router is next to my laptop its not connecting could you please help me finding the soultion thanks 

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Good morning everyone,

slowly but steadily I am nearing the edge of sanity. I am not overly technically gifted and, to my dismay, certain members of the WoTC support staff aren't, either. I'm not sure I actually expect a solution as much as I hope for an explanation of an issue that's presented itself to me.

The issue is as follows: One particular application (namely Magic the Gathering Arena (yes, I am aware that there's a game subforum, but this really is a networking issue - promise!)) refuses to stay connected to the host for any amount of time. In these trying times (being a teacher and confined to my home desk due to Corona) I spend way too much time on online games, none of which are giving me any sort of grief. I'm on a gigabit fiber connection that's, similarly, never acted up on me before. But for some reason I have not been able to maintain a connection to the MtGA host for longer than about 2 minutes in the past 3 days (never had an issue with the game before). I contacted their support who, as they usually do, presented me with a list of off-the-shelf solutions. Suffice it to say, none of them worked, except for the last one.

A VPN. I'm in Germany and the CSR suggested I try a US-based VPN and this fixed it. I don't plan on making use of a VPN as a long-term solution, but at least I get to scratch the itch in the meantime, right? Well, I wrote back to the support who said, and I quote:

"Thank you very much for work... Read more

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Hi Everyone.
I have a Netgear JFS516 switch which is directly connected to the D-link DES-3026 switch.The problem is up-link lED on netgear switch keeps blinking for 1 minute and then goes off, resulting no network connectivity on the part of Netgear JFS516 switch.

These 2 switches connected with straight cable and I crimped the cable on both side but the problem still persists.

A:Connectivity Issue

Did you test the cable with a cable tester? Sounds like a cable issue or perhaps a bad switch. Did you take the switch close to the other switch and connect it with a short patch cable as a test?

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Hope someone out there has come across this... Bellsouth (DSL) using a Westel Modem directly connected to the Computer (ethernet), no switch, hubs, etc.... All connected to a UPS which I turn off nightly. When you first turn it all on, cannot connect to Internet, E-mail, etc... The DSL Modem shows steady power light, steady sync light and ethernet light flickers as it is working, but nada... disabled Firewall (Zone alarm) but nothing. Cannot ping or get to the outside. Most of the time, after a reboot it will then work as it should. No viruses on the computer, all updates are done (Windows 2000 Pro, SP4, IE6 with all updates, etc). It is becoming frustrating to say the least, and takes nearly as long as my dial up connection did just to get online... I contacted Bellsouth who tries to claim it is a hardware issue which I do not agree with... I changed the DSL modem to it is always on, independent of the computer and that didnot help... Next I am going to try a different Ethernet card... All dsl modem updates are done as well... Has anyone else had this problem? Please advise.. thanks

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