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Merging date or time fields in Works Suite

Q: Merging date or time fields in Works Suite

I have been trying to help a friend learn how to do form letters with his Microsoft Works Suite 2004 programs. He has Windows XP SP2. We were able to successfully merge desired fields from a Works database but noticed that the format of date and time field results was not as desired. The date field always merged as "MM/DD/YYYY" in the form letter no matter what format was used for date display in the database program. He wanted to display, for example, "November 12, 2004" instead of "11/12/2004". Likewise, the time field merged as "hh:mm:ss AM/PM" when he wanted, for example, "11:25 PM" to display.
In Works 4.5 (on another computer), his formatting carried over to the form letter from the database. Not so in the 2004 version. Our temporary fix, was to format the date & time fields in the database as "text" instead of "date" or "time" and then enter the exact display style wanted. Then, the merged value looked the same in the letter as it did in the database.
Is there a better solution to this problem?

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Preferred Solution: Merging date or time fields in Works Suite

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi there,
I have an MS Access database (2000, but primarily operating on PC with Access 2010). The database logs wagons coming to and from our site. Mostly, these wagons are in and out in the same day, but it is possible for them to park up overnight, for which we charge a small fee.

The situation has now changed slightly, in that we now accept wagons staying on site for longer periods (usually a weekend), so I've been asked to introduce an Exit Date field as well, and correct the existing calcualtion of time on spent site.

Currently, the following fields appear in the main table (called Stays):

Arrival Date
Arrival Time
Exit Time

There is also a field called Duration, which (for some reason) is autofilled by an Update Query, with the Update To value set to:

IIF([Arrival Time]>[Exit Time],1440+DateDiff("n",[Arrival Time],[Exit Time]),DateDiff("n",[Arrival Time],[Exit Time]))​

This is clearly inaccurate - it assumes that if a wagon's exit time is earlier in the day than its arrival time, then it must have stayed for 1440 minutes + the (negative) difference between the two times, and if the exit time is later or equal to the arrival time, the wagons has been in and out of site in the same day.

As wagons could be on site for multiple days (so the 1440 mins figure could be wrong) and could leave x amount of days plus x amount of minutes after arriving (so the assumption that it's exited the same day as it arrived could be wrong),... Read more

A:Solved: MS Access modifying a date and time calc in separate fields

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Anybody know what combination of keys will do this?

A:Insert date / time in Works spreadsheet?

Why aren't you using Excel. Has much more functionality. I have a macro that I use for Time Stamping cells in Excel. Puts the Current Data and Time in a cell with the single click of a mouse.

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Does anybody know the key combination to insert the date or time in a cell? Does Works spreadsheet even have these shortcut keys?

A:Works spreadsheet date / time keys

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I have a field that reads 2009-12-30- as text. i want to make in be a date of 12/30/2009 15:42:23 and ignore the milliseconds. Is this possible?


A:Converting complex date text fields into date or numbers

Ted, what software are you talking about?
Are there always 8 values in the date part?

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Hi, I have a problem with my excel. I use microsoft office 2007. I need to know how to merge 2 files into one.

Take certain cells from Excel and merge them into a Word document, examples of word and excel are in a later post, and highlighted the cells that needed to be move from Excel and where inserted into Word >
Example, I have a Tae Kwon Do Studio, and my students are all doing test. I have the test form that I setup in excel, and in another file I have the name of all the students. How can I insert in the test file the name of the students that are testing??? Do I have to type the name one by one? I am sure there is a way to merge a field to fill the blank on the test paper right? if any one knows how please let me know. It will be very helpful.

Thank you


A:Excell merging fields

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Here's the situation:

I have been given several access databases with contact information in them. The contact information has all the usual info (address, phone, etc.); however, the name format is two different fields: a first name, and a last name. My goal is to import all the database information into ACT!

I was planning on doing this by exporting a text file with comma seperated values; the only problem, though, is that the existing ACT! database doesn't have two name fields, and instead only has one "Contact" field.

Sooo.. my question is, would it be best to try and convert the names to one full name in access, or is there some way to import and convert them with ACT!? And, whichever way is best, how exactly would I go about doing that?

Thank you very much!!

A:Merging two fields in Access and/or ACT

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I don't know if this is possible.

I do know it isn't possible to insert a form field into a field code.

The functionality I'm trying to achieve is something like this:

{ SET _Check1 { FORMCHECKBOX } }​
Then, further down the document:

{ REF _Check1 { FORMCHECKBOX } }​
In other words, I want to use bookmarks with form fields. Can it be done?


A:Solved: Merging form fields in Word 2000

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Hi, I have one table (Geocodes) who has identical fields as another table (PROJDES1) except that its fields have updated contents and I would like to merge the fields contents into the other table (PROJDES1) without touching the other fields in that table. I am attempting to do this with the following code:
"ON 'Geocodes.Project #' = 'PROJDES1.Project #' " & _
"Set Geocodes.LAT = PROJDES1.LAT " & _
"WHERE Geocodes.LAT <> PROJDES1.LAT " & _
"OR Geocodes.LAT IS NULL"
But when I run the function access says "Join expression not supported.", what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

A:Solved: Access 2003 merging fields from two tables

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We have a 232 page word document that includes many form fields (created with Developer > Legacy Tools > Text & Check Box Form Fields. We also have several pages that include a mail merge for Name, Mailing Address, From & To dates, etc.

The Mail Merge Fields come from an Excel file. Both Word & Excel are Office Standard 2010.

My problem is that in order to modify the Form Fields the document must be restricted for editing, but allowing adjustment to "Form Fields", however, once the file is linked with the Excel file, I am no longer able to restrict editing on the document. I do not have Design Mode turned on, The file is not Read Only, nor is the file saved as "Final".

How am I supposed to lock the document to allow our users to edit the form fields, while still maintaining the documents ability to pick up the merge fields?

Thank you!

A:Form Fields / Mail Merging & Locked Document issues

By design, mailmerge has never worked with formfields. Even if you leave the document unprotected for the merge, you will find all except any checkbox formfields get deleted during the merge.

Since you're using Word 2010, though, you could replace all the formfields with content controls. Those don't require forms protection and they'll survive a mailmerge. If you want to restrict post-merge editing to the use of the content controls, you can apply the 'filling in forms' protection at that stage.

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Have set the correct time zone, set the date and time, and within half an hour, the time jumps ahead significantly. Time then continues jumping periodically, and date as well. Any patch available for this?

A:Date/Time jumps after correct setting of date/time/timezone?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Perhaps a change of cmos battery is needed. What is happening is a sign of the battery having packed up.

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Does anyone know how to set the date format to UK (dd/mm/yyyy) when merging from Access2003 to Publisher2003. The Regional & Language options are set to UK in Control Panel for XP. From what I can gather the date is always stored in the table in mm/dd/yyyy format in access.

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Hello, I use online accounting software (KashFlow) and part of entering invoices involves clicking into a date input field.  It is one of those where a little calendar shows when you click into the field.  You can also manually type a date into this field too. However. On my brand new Yoga 920 using Chrome and Firefox the date input fields are greyed out and a red 'no access' icon shows when you hover over them.  But you can still click it and the calendar pops up as normal.  The only difference is you can NOT type into them anymore. When the source for the page is viewed it looks like the fields have been designated 'readonly'. There is no such problem on any other computer I own, even when using Chrome or Firefox.  The date fields work perfectly well on these other computers - even on a Sony Xperia tablet I own. The only browser that works properly on my Yoga is Edge.  The date fields work as they should.  It's just Chrome (my main browser) and Firefox where they don't work. This seems like a Lenovo-based problem.  A little Google has revealed a couple of similar problems with other Lenovo users. Does anyone have any clue on how to fix this?  This is utterly bizarre behaviour and it's preventing me from working properly. I have attached a photo showing the problem when using Chrome.  These fields should never be greyed out. Thanks,Matt

... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2993 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1272 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 234274 MB, Free - 193142 MB; E: Total - 2048 MB, Free - 2010 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1722, KBC Version 29.36, CND037022T
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Updated and Enabled

I would like to add a formula that would automatically calculate a date field from one cell and add three years. See example attached, Thanks in advanced

A:Solved: Calculating Date Fields in Excel

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Hi people! I'm new to this forum, and have not been looking around much, but will from now on. While i'm a computer technician, Excel was never a strong point - i was always more of a 'hardware' guy. In any event, i have a question that needs some answering. Bear with me if some of my terminology is not %100 correct. I'll try my best.

I have a 3-page spreadsheet. On the 1st page, i have the values I input. Column A(A5 and down) is the date column. B - S are the numerical monetary values I put in, and T & U are the totals. One is a numerical total, the other a monetary total. On the 2nd page, Column A is again dates(B is reserved for manual input), and C & D are the row totals from the 1st page. I manually input data from E - M, and Column N is =SUM(B2:M2). You get the picture.

Here's where it gets tough. The 3rd page is just a break down of the monetray charges for any given day. What i want is for the 3rd page to update the date on the top to the day it is now, and then the monetray totals for that day only, or the day before, whichever I need. I guess What i want is if I change the date on the top of the spreadsheet page, it will update the totals in each of the cells i have underneath. It's not going to be printed, just for viewing on my screen. Right now, I have to input the data for a daily printout manually. If i can change the date at random, and get it to update the totals from the other page, that would be great.

That bei... Read more

A:Can Excel Automatically Update My Date Fields?

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I don't even know if this is the right forum for my question but here goes. I am a new computer user. I want to take a document I scanned and created a pdf file thru Acrobat. How do I merge my Works database with this pdf file? I've looked everywhere for the answer. Help!!!

A:merging pdf file with works database

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Greetings, and thanks in advance for your help..

Awhile back I formatted my Windows 10 PCs to show ddd dd-mmm-yyyy on my taskbar clock. This worked happily on my desktop and laptop for months, maybe even a year +

Now (probably starting in the past couple days, if not today), on one of those two PC's, this format will no longer display. It is Okay on the other PC.
What has changed that the taskbar clock space used to expand to fit the "short date" format, but now it will no longer expand - and instead just refuses to display the date at all. (NOTE: I've verified the issue by testing shorter formats -- short formats, like "ddd" show up correctly. Only if you request a longer format will the date not display - evidently because it is too long for the clock area. )

Additional Notes that may help:

* "Working" pc is running build 10586 PC with too small a clock space that won't expand -- Build 14393

*Other differences: Notification/Action center Icon is left of clock on the working PC - Right of clock on the non-working
Right- Clicking on task bar gives "properties" option on working PC -- But "Settings" option on the non-working

( I don't want to prejudice responses - but clearly the implication to me is that some recent OS update is most likely the culprit.)

Thank You

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EXCEL SOS!!! I have an urgent deadline which I'm likely to fail if I can't get my head around this issue so please please feel free to comment / offer suggestions...I'll try anything!

I have around 10 - 15 sheets within the same excle file which is effectively acting as one tab per resource within my consultancy team. These are acting a a record of the billable & non billable hours per resource and therefore each line is primarily driven by date (2011 - 2013), with 1:N ratio items of the following: Client, Contract, Role, Days & hrs (effectively 1 line per date, resource, client & contract combination + time billed within the std 8 hr working day).

I have no problems creating individual pivot tables in the individual resource name's relevant tab, however the next step is to roll this information togather to show a holistic view for all resources, all clients etc (in what I anticipated to be a pivot table via the consolidation of multiple ranges function) for all resources by exactly the same fields:

Year, Date, Contract/Type, Resource, & Date - at row level (with possible additional options of Month, Week, Day being added as a row label)


CLIENT , Non Billable - at column level

Naturally there may well be some slicing and dicing of the info needed to understand the figures at different levels, ie per resource (days billed & rate), how many hours used per contract, how we've used time in a contract (by role), & whom (by... Read more

A:Solved: Pivot multiple sheets for text, date and decimal fields

Hi there, welcome to the board!

I feel your frustration. Unfortunately your data structure isn't conducive for a PivotTable data model. But there is hope! You have some options here. First of all we need to know what version you're using. If you have 2010, well, you're going to really like what I'm about to tell you, and if you don't have it, it's a good reason to upgrade! 2010 has a new add-in called PowerPivot. Think of it as PivotTable's on bulk steroids. The benefit you would see - the ability to select multiple data sources. This means you can have multiple data tables/sheets as your data source, and select their relationships. Think of it like an Access table/relationship. It's the best feature we've seen in Excel since the PivotTable itself.

So if you have 2010, this is good news. However, if you don't have 2010, we need to consolidate your data to a single data structure. Whether that is putting it all on one sheet, or exporting to Access, or whatever, that's what needs to happen.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean about not getting the row level structure. Is there any way you can post the file?

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Hello, I have spreadsheet with a number of dates and times ie (11/19/07 8:57 AM) in column A and data going along with each of these dates and times from columns B-CK. I am trying to limit the list to show the information that is for all times after 2:45PM. The problem is I cannot sort by time and the dates attached to all the times span from 2004-2007. Please help!

A:Stripping the date portion of date/time in excel

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I am looking to set up a macro or formula that basically inserts the current time when a cell is filled SO:

when a2:a100 is populated with any thing then the corresponding C cell will be populated with the time.


when e2:e1000 is populated wiith anything then the corresponding D Cell will be populated.

Currently I am using this macro.
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A6:A100")) Is Nothing Then
With Target(1, 4)
.Value = Time
End With
End If
End Sub

which works great for the A and C cells

but it does not work for the other one.. how do i add and modify this so all my needs are met.
I need another 2 sets of 2 macros accross the sheet for time entry.

A:Excel date auto populate date/time

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I have a Date/Time field that I need converted to just a Time field.

It comes back with 2/11/12 0:00:00

I need just the 2/11/12

I thought about changing it to a text field but I think there will be an issue with the month because it does not bring back a 0 in from the months with only 1 digit.

This table that I am creating is being sent to a txt file and that is where I see the issue. It looks good in Access, but not the txt file.

Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access - Convert Date Time to Date

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Works 6.0 and Works Suite 2006 problem

I now have MS Works 6.0 and am thinking about buying and installing Works Suite 2006. The reason is that I have a few databases on Works 6.0 with a number column and an item column. I used to print off the database and get a printout with the columns side by side. Now, for some reason, when I print out I get the items printed first, with no numbers column, and then the numbers column prints out with no item column. I have no idea how to fix that. If anyone happens to know how to fix that, I will just keep Works 6 and spend the money on wine, women and song. Otherwise, I will get Works Suite 2006 and hope that it doesn't have that problem, and also that I what I now have in Works 6.0 will show up in Works Suite 2006 when I install it.

I also presume that I do not want to uninstall Works 6.0 before installing Works Suite so that I won't lose what is on Works 6.0. Is that right?

Thank you, grandpaw

A:Ms Works 6.0 And Works Suite 2006

It appears that your problem may be caused by a change in your printer settings,especially if the spreadsheets appear normally when you view them. Have you tried to redo these? Upgrading Works (assuming the old spreadsheets will be compatible) seems an expensive way to fix a simple problem, and an upgrade may not fix it if the printing settings remain the same.

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If I am in the wrong forum, please let me know.

About a month after I started using it, the Say the Time clock program I bought stopped launching the management menu when I right click the date/time field in the task tray (notification area).

Therefore, I can't use or edit the program.

Neither the touchpad nor the cordless mouse works.

Other than this problem, my computer works great. Every single item that's meant to be right clicked works for me.

Is there a way I can generate a log to show the software manufacturer (Provenio) that it's their problem and not mine?

I am a novice user but I can follow instructions.

However, I don't want to put my computer at risk if I make an entry error.

Or is it obvious that it's a software problem?

I've been using computers for 18 years and I've never had this problem until I bought this software and used it for about a month.

I just wanted a conclusive way of putting the ball back in the manufacturer's court.

Thanks for any suggestions.


A:Say the Time Date/Time Field in Task Tray Doesn't Launch Menu

You can use VEW by Vino Rosso http://images.malwareremoval.com/vino/VEW.exe
and save it to your desktop

Double click it to start it Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to right click the file and select Run as administrator and click Continue or Allow at the User Account Control Prompt.

Click the check boxes next to Application and System located under Select log to query on the upper left

Under Select type to list on the right click the boxes next to Error and Warning Note: If running Windows Vista or Windows 7 also click the box next to Critical (not XP).

Under Number or date of events select Number of events and type 20 in the box next to 1 to 20 and click Run
Once it finishes it will display a log file in notepad

Please copy and paste its entire contents into your next reply

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Has anybody else experienced this problem?

I open Event Viewer - "Admin View" to see what Errors/Warnings are there and in the column - Date and Time only the date is showing. Same goes for all the other views.
The "Time" element seems to have completely disappeared.

Any idea where its gone........... and more importantly, how to get it back?


A:Time stamp missing from Date and Time column - Event Viewer

Problem solved - but - I don't know why.

Solution:- I changed the Date/Time format from UK to US, opened Event Viewer and it was as it should be. Date & Time showing.
I then changed format back to UK, opened Event Viewer and , as above, the Time was back up.

If anybody knows what had happened I would be most interested.

My thanks to Bill............. from another site for helping me out with this one.

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Hey there folks! I had an issue with clearing fields and that was resolved but the resolution presented another problem. A problem which I have been unsuccessful in resolving on my own.

I have tried about 3 different methods using command buttons and the VBE but nothing is working.

I need 2 buttons: One to clear all form fields and one to clear all form fields then close the form.

I know how to make a button to close a form but I am unable to make it clear the fields prior to closing. I have also been unsuccessful in creating a button to simply clear the form fields.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: MS Access 2007: Creating a 'Clear All Form Fields' button that actually works

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I have a 4 year old computer that runs perfectly, except when I turn it off at night and then back on the next day, I loose a few hours on the time date at bottom of screen. I ajust each time I use it but the same thing happens each time I turn it off. Could it be the clock battery or ? My operating system is Windows XP Home
Thanks Lc

A:Windows XP time/date clock looses time after shut down.

Welcome to TSG...A bad CMOS battery will cause your machine to lose time. If the system is four years old, you're eligible for that issue...also, if the system has spent any lengthy amount of time (weeks or more) unplugged from AC power, it's more likely to happen.

Next reboot (after leaving it overnight), enter BIOS (setup) and see if the time there is slipping as well.

The battery itself (if that's what's bad) is cheap to replace...less than five bucks.

Please give us some specs on the hardware-make, model, etc.-and we can help you with battery replacement instructions.

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Looking for a utility that will allow me to locate files created/modified/accessed using TIME from/to also...as i want to locate those related to a specific occurance. When using just date, I get hundreds of files so would like to isolate further.

Is anyone aware of any such program? Shareware might be ok depending on cost but free is preferred. THANKS!

A:Solved: Freeware to find files by date and TIME? Time is the key!

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Each time I turn on my computer and as it is boots up it will delay for a time with a line that reads something like ...Automatic IDE Configuration.... and then a message that my date and time are incorrect. The date goes back to Nov. 2003. Once I correct the date, time and year things seem to perform ok. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Computer date, time and year change each time I boot up

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I am running XP Home SP3 on an Asus 1005HA netbook

Every time I boot up I get a message to say that either I can press F1 to enter setup to set date/time or press F2 to load default values

If I choose F1 and enter the correct date/time and press F10 to save and exit - XP then starts up normally but the next time I boot up, the same problem occurs.

[If I select F2, then XP loads normally]

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks for any help in advance

A:Solved: CMOS Set date/time message every time I boot up

Your motherboard battery is dead. You can get a new one at any drug store for about $5.

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to calculate time fields in a database, I would like to know how to add time fields from two text boxes so that the amount of hours will display in a Total Hours text box. I am using two text boxes, Start Time and End Time, Total Hours is where the total will be displayed in amount of hours from the two time fields, an example would be 8:00 AM (in Start Time) and 10:30 AM (in End Time) and 2.5 being in Total Hours. On a form, when typed in the Control Source property for Total Time, =DateDiff("h",[Start Time],[End Time]) seems to work, but it is not inputting the sum in the main table where all of the fields are kept, is there any way the total can be done and kept in the main table? Also, I would like to include a Total Hours text box with the totals of the Total Time fields because I would like to add more text boxes on a form. Can somebody help?

A:Access 2000 Calculating Time fields

That's the only place you can do it is in a report or query. I don't think you can calculate directly in the same table for fields within that table. Try creating another table and calculate the date fields within that table. Is there a reason this time difference needs to be stored in a table?

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If I have regular Works on my computer and want to change to Works Suite 2003 what do I have to do first. Uninstall Works or what? I am running Window xp home.

A:Works Suite

Last time I did a Works install it did find an old version already partially installed (long story...customer tried getting help from four or five friends before calling me, etc.) and required it be uninstalled first. So just start the install of the newer version and if it needs the older version uninstalled first, it'll tell you.

If you've saved all the documents, pictures, etc., that you created in the old Works program in the My Documents folder, they won't be disturbed. However, some of the older Works suites save by default to a subfolder of the Works folder, so make sure your documents are in a safe place (copy them to My Documents, for example) before uninstalling.

I recommend you copy rather than move them because if something goes wrong (power outage, for example) during a move process, you can lose the files being moved. If something goes wrong during a copy process, you just start over.

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I am a novice so bare with me. I have a new Gateway computer...using XP operating system. I had Works Suite installed on my computer. Yesterday while using Word I noticed that when I inserted some pictures that I couldn't view them in the document. I didn't know what was wrong so I decided to uninstall word and try to reinstall it to see if that would take care of the problem. Well, it wouldn't install again. I ended up calling Gateway and spending over 2 1/2 hours on the phone with three different tech support people and after trying several things with them...they finally told me that something was wrong with the Works Suite disk (that I got in Jan from them) and that it was not under warranty. So basically tough luck. Well, I was going to buy another software package today but I brought the disk to work with me and tried to upload it on my work computer and it worked!!! Now, I don't know what to do. Gateway did have me try other disks and they would upload. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?


A:Works Suite

While you say "it wouldn't install again", you have not said exactly what happens when you try.

Such information (exact error messages etc) is critical to any resolution.

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I am running Microsoft works on my computer but I would like to upgrade to Microsoft works Suite. How do I install "Suite"? I mean I know how to install Suite but, Do I need to uninstall regular "Works" first? And if so is all I need to do is uninstall from add and remove page?

I am running Window XP home

A:Works to Suite

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Can anyone tell me where I find the Works Suite 2000 CD Key in the registry?


A:Works Suite CD Key....

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Hello, I just recently installed microsoft works suite on my computer, I previously had regular works and uninstalled it first. Anyway now I can't open word , I get a message saying "Works cannot access one or more required files The files maybe renamed, deleted or moved. Try reinstalling Works and starting the program again." Also when I try to open "Works" I get a message saying " Wksss.exe- Entry point not found. the procedure entry point [email protected]@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic library WkWbl.dll. What is wrong? I have already tried to reinstall it once but nothing has changed. Does this mean that I have also lost my Regular Microsoft Works now as well?

A:Works to Suite

I don't know much about those programs, but if you recently got the program, isn't supported by Microsoft? Should be. If you contact them and find a solution, please post it here, so others will know how to deal with it. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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(At least the Recycle Bin can be removed without a registry edit hack. These have always been my top 2 peeves of Windows.)

How please.

From the desktop view I simply want to look down and to the right to see the ?Sunday, September 8, 2013 ? 2:17PM? I see now ... but have to move my mouse over there and hover over it first. Why would I want to have to do that?

It wasn't possible in XP (that I know of) ? not without having to expand your taskbar to twice the width. (And let's face it, there is nothing quite as intimidating as a big huge fat thick taskbar.)

A:How to change desktop taskbar time to date+time?

Hello Win8fait,

If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to show the full date and time on your taskbar.

Date Format for Taskbar System Tray - Show Full Day and Month Names - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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I am using Access 2010, I have certain fields on the form that need to be entered in Arabic and certain in English. I have set the keyboard language for the text box to be "Arabic" (for text in Arabic) and "English" for text in English. When I do this, it takes a little more time to move between fields. How can I overcome this problem. In Office Xp, I never had this problem.

A:Access 2010 - Moving between fields takes time

how did you set the thext boxes to use different languages? I have never done this so I need to configure the same to test, also have you gone through all the settings and advanced settings of language Bar, Regional settings etc..

how much more time are you talking?

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I got another computer and am trying to install Works Suite 2000. Actually everything is fine except the task launcher didn't install. Therefore I have no Database and I want it. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no luck. I did it on my old computer and everything was fine. Thanks for any help.

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We have installed Works Suite 2001 under XP. It opens up correctly under the admin log on. When we try to open it under Restricted or Power user it does not open correctly. We get error messages regarding word 2000 (error 1706). After resetting the error messages twice the program opens to Task Launcher.
Microsoft recommends installing under the restricted user log on also. We tried that and it did not correct the problem.

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I have Microsoft Works Suite and I would like to make a backup CD but Works Suite is 2.8gb and the CD's that I want to copy to are only 750 mb. Is there any way that I can do this? How did they get 2.8gb on one CD?

A:Microsoft Works Suite

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i recently purchased works suite 2002.the disks only partly installed programmes but i am finding it increasingly irritating to constantly have to 'insert disk' when accessing 'word'features.
i note that i can 'fully install' the encyclopaedia(not needed).
is it possible,therefore, to 'fully install' word,in the same way, from the disk?

A:ms works suite 2002

Throw the disks in again and act like your'e installing.

Choose custom install.

Hit the top icon and choose "run all from my computer"

If that's not exact, it should be close enough to get you there.

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I normally have works suite 2003 installed in my computer. Well I had to uninstall it for other reasons and when it was OK to reinstall Everything worked except for Windows Word. I keep getting a message "The patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exist and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package." Now I know it a valid installer package because I have installed it, twice. I don't understand why everything else installed fine but not Word.
Also how do you remove Ad-aware 6.0? I can't seem to remove it at all. It says "could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

A:Works suite 2003

Regarding the Word error, it looks like the Windows Installer file may be corrupt.

A solution may be found here, in the nature of a clean-up program from MS.

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I have works with my new computer and at the task launcher start page it says every time I start my computer welcome and our user name just as our start manu says and as our only user account name. Then after a while the task launcher welcome will change and say welcome owner but the start menu remains the same as before. Please help us get it just like the start menu.

A:Works Suite 2004

Hiya and welcome

I'm a little bit lost at this bit:

task launcher start page it says every time I start my computer welcome and our user name Click to expand...

Is that the part where you log onto Windows at the beginning, or is this the splash screen that appears when you run Works Suite?



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Hi Everyone,
Two years ago me and a friend bought the same 8200 computer running windows xp.
We also have identical software cd's.
Now for the problem: Microsoft Suite 2000 came with 5 installation discs.
I have found all but 4 of mine.
My friend then made me a copy of the missing disc.
When I go to install it a box comes up saying: Please go to Ctrl Panel to install and configure system components.
Could someone please explain what this means.


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Hi, I tried to install Works Suite 2001 which includes Word 200 SR-1. When it was installing Word I got a error 1919 which read "Error configuring ODBC data source. MS access data base ODBC error 6. Component not found in the registry. Verify that the file MS Access Data Base exists and that you can access it. I have no clue what this means or how to correct it. Any ideas? Thanks....Candy

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Hi guys
i have a problem i have lost my code for my verision of works suites 2002 can any body help thanks
Joe 90

A:Works Suite 2002

You'll need to call the software maker support line and they should be able to get you a new code. I'm closing this before someone posts a key for you which we don't allow at this site. Sorry and good luck ....

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