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Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

Q: Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

My problem: the Cancel button is stuck in the depressed position. How can I free it up so I can continue to print? The problem occurred when I attempted to print the reverse side of a double-sided print job. I've cancelled that job and two others I tried as a test, so there's nothing in the queue now.

Preferred Solution: Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

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A: Samsung ML-2510 Monochrome Laser Printer

get a flat head screw drive out and pry the button out...
take it apart and get the button out.

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I've had no good fortune in looking for someone else who has had the printing problem that I've experienced with this model. This model suddenly started printing with very light printout down the middle of a page... and, at the same time shows print out at both sides of the page quite normal....IS there a "fix" that takes minimal mechancal skills to accomplish.?

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So I just bought this SamSung ML-2510 printer yesterday, i hooked it up to my pc which is running windows xp. The problem is that when I try to print something i get a message telling me that a black toner cartridge is not installed. I uninstalled and installed the black toner cartridge a few times to try and fix it yet i keep getting the same message. As of right now there is a paper stuck inside the printer and the paper only moves if i turn the printer off and then back on.

A:Printer Problem (SamSung ML-2510)

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Our year old samsung laser printer has developed a very light printout in the middle of each page.....almost like some mild "whiteout" had been brushed vertically down the middle of the page.... both sides of this "much lighter" printout are fine.....I replaced the cartridge with a couple of newer ones and the same thing shows up.... I like the printer and bought another one this morning but would like to know if there's a permanent glitch in it due to "age(?)..or if there's something I might do to rectify this problem

Oneoldman (very old)

A:Samsung ML 2510 printer problem

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The printer is reasonably new. For the first time the paper got jammed and after removing the toner cartridge I was able to remove the paper whole. But when I tried to restart the printer, the lights came on for a second, the motor started but stopped abruptly. I tried it several times with the same result. There is no paper jam as the whole sheet came out when it got jammed. What should I do now? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The printer has been working fine for about 300 pages. After it printed a page today it stopped printing and I get a message that the "Black Toner Cartridge is not installed". I tried taking it out and putting back in several times but it says the same message. I have pushed it all the way back so it feel like it clicks in. When I close the door, I hear a vibrating sound. Since it was printing before this I don't understand why it no longer thinks the cartridge is not installed. The cartridge is the one that came with the printer and is supposed to yield 1000 pages, so it should not be empty, and if it were empty I suppose I would get any empty message instead of not installed. There is no paper jam.

A:Printer Problem (SamSung ML-2510)

I solved the problem with someone's help and wanted to share the solution:
I turned off the printer and took out the toner cartridge.
On the left of the inside of the printer where the cartridge goes is a white gear which contacts the underside of the toner cartridge. I rocked the gear back and forth and then put the cartridge back in and it started printing again.
Apparently the gear can get in the wrong position so that it doesn't mesh properly with the underside of the toner which makes the printer unable to detect the toner cartridge.

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We have a Samsung ML 2510 Laser print which has feed issues. It seems to develop a lot of static electricity on the papers that it pulls in and therefore grabs multiple pages at once during the feed. Is there a way to make the feeder only grab one page at once during a large printing job? Thanks =D

A:Samsung ML 2510 Printer Feed Problems

Thanks for your help!

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I took my printer with me when I moved, so it may have broken because of it. Before the move, it worked perfectly. Normally, it makes some humming warm-up noises after it's turned on, and now that sound starts but stops abruptly after a second. The red light is on and not blinking. I can't print a demo page either. Paper and toner is in properly, and I've tried unplugging and plugging everything. Can anyone help?!

A:Solved: Samsung ML 2510 Printer no longer works

Remove the toner cartridge and shake it side to side to even out the toner, re insert it and see if it will play nice now.

If it has a paper tray, be sure it is inserted properly.

Your user guide, page 36 for troubleshooting



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Since this past week, my printer warm up time is extensive (like almost 30 seconds or more) with it's regular sound after it has been turned off. The printer is not usually kept on as I usually turn it off each time after use.

Any ideas?

A:Samsung ML 2510 printer - warming up takes a long time

Well a Lazer printer works by creating a static charge on the pice of paper. The powdered toner is then attracted to the static parts of the papper and then melted on to the page. This is why the printers need to warm up. It is possible that the Fuser (the thing that melts the powder to the papper) is going. How warm is the paper when it comes out of the printer? If it is the fuser they can be replaced. For your printer i think it is built into the toner cartridge but im not sure, thats something you may want to check out.

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My computer is working fine - but I recently purchased a new Samsung ML2570 laser printer that just died when the starter cartridge ran out of toner (or actually when the printer counter hit its predetermined set no. - probably 1000). At least I think that's what happened. The starter cartridges come without fuses. Replacement cartridges or toner refill kits come with fuses that are supposed to reset the counters, so when I refilled the starter cartridge and inserted the fuse that came with the kit, the printer still didn't work. I tried again with two more fuses, with no luck. I don't have a printer jam and all the doors are well-latched before I turn it on. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next to get my printer working again? My email is [email protected]

Regards, and thanks for any help,


A:New Samsung Laser Printer Starter Cartridge Won't Reset Printer When Toner Refilled


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My son gave me this printer that he purchased used. I downloaded all the latest drivers for Vista which I unfortunately have on a Toshiba Satelite laptop.
When I try to print it prompts me to "print to file" and add a file name. I can't get it to actually print! Please help.


A:Samsung laser printer CLP-315

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My Samsung CLX 2160 laser printer was giving poor outputs in that the black text was faint. I replaced all the toner cartridges, but still get the same problem. The waste toner container was also replaced later. I have spoken to Samsung who were no real help. I've cleaned the nozzles and generally cleaned accessible bits of the printer. The test page shows colours that are reasonably good, but the black is faint. A manufacturer's repair will cost as much as a new machine.

A:Samsung Laser Printer

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Thought it might be of interest for anyone else with this 5 year old printer to know that on my system it works with XP drivers (downloaded from the Samsung site) but NOT Vista drivers.

Right-click on the driver file, select Troubleshoot Compatability, and follow the instructions.



A:Samsung ML-1510 700 Laser Printer

Thanks for the trick. I've been unable to print on our networked Samsung SCX-4521F laser printer. Finally I downloaded the latest driver from samsung, extracted the exe to a folder then right-click on the setup.exe and choose properties>compatibility "run this program in compatibility mode for: windows vista "

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OK So I upgrade to this W8 (groan) have been spending a lot of time on one fire after another since.

Now I find my Samsung ml-1740 printer doesn't work on W8.

Anybody with one out there have a link to a driver for this thing that will let it work on W8?

this is on the Samsung web site, but I can not access the link, anybody able to get this, pls post it

Universal Print Driver (Driver) (ver.V2.03.09.00:41)
OK some more info

This seems to be the download site, but its just not letting me on, maybe somebody has a different way to get it, if you can, could you post it here for download.


A:Samsung ML-1740 B&W laser printer


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Is the printer supposed to work? Mine doesn't follow what the manual says. Specifically, the toner save button doesn't work. When I press it it doesn't turn the light on and off. Print result is the same. The only way I can change the toner save is through the software.

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How to get tab4 to connect with 410 printer

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Hello. I have a Samsung M2070FW that supports a wireless connection. This worked when I had Midco internet. I have since disconnected my internet service and use either my phone or my laptop at the library with free internet.

Since discontinuing my internet service I have a router which I use so my local devices such as my server, media center, laptop, desktop and Epson printer. These all work.

I have tried to connect the Samsung wirelessly to this "local" network (the router) but it either fails when trying the WPS or it fails when just trying to connect. The IP address seems to always be defaulting back to the one provided by Samsung no matter how I try to update it. I thought maybe it wasn't connecting because of that.

I've read an article on the web that mentions a setting to turn off, but that setting is only updateable via the web interface to the printer. I connected the printer to my laptop with a network cable and can see the printer on the network. I can http to it, but can't get the control panel page. It is acting like it needs to access the internet to download something to do this.

Does anyone know of any way to get to this setup web page locally when you don't have internet service?


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its a brand new printer CLP-510N

only prints with faded black ink - and its meant to be a color printer

any ideas?

A:Solved: Brand New Samsung Laser Printer has faded print

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I could find anything about my problem here, so i hope i dont repeat post ...
My printer's leaving blank center on paper. I changed toner already and i didnt help , so it have to be printer problem, right?
Any idea? PLease help, dont wanna buy ANOTHER printer ...;o((

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I have a Samsung ML 2510 laser printer but when I print a page it is "Cold" and the ink isn't "Set" it is "powder like" and rubs off.
Can anyone help?
Cheers George

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I've owned a Samsung ML-2510 for about a year. Until today it worked prefectly but now it simply will not print despite the fact that ready light is on - any ideas?

A:Samsung ML-2510 Printing Problems

Perhaps you should request a moderator move this to either the Hardware Forum or to the the appropriate OS forum.

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my printer cannot stop printing double sided, i have an option to turn this option on or off from the driver setting but for some reason it is not working anymore. i tried reinstalling the driver for the printer but no luck. how do i fix this?

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I have the HP 2510 all-in-1 photoprinter, I have the photo inks and want to try and get some good photoprints off this machine
The HP site http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...cname=c00042514&product=303770&dlc=en&lang=en suggests loading this profile
Diamond Compatible 9300k G2.2.icm.
I cant find the profile via printer properties or via photoshop or with a google search

some background
i used t have a BJC8200 but it went wrong
I'm thinking about getting a Hi-Touch 730PS printer {for all the family, holiday shots 6x4 + my photography } in the next few weeks - but it does not do A4 max size is 8" x 6" and if the HP is OK - i could use this for the rare occasions I want a A4 size print.

anyhelp in getting the best from this printer appreciated

A:2510 printer profile

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Software  fails to cmplete install on last step. So no scanner recognition, etc tried many times re-installing, bth from CD and online. Also takes between 3 and 5 minutes to print between pages. I click on the HP Scan icon in the start programs menu, and get the error message no scanner detected. USB connection. Followed the set up instructions to  a "T", at least 10 installs. removals, reinstalls with boots between.  So how do I get this printer ro work as advertised or do I return it?Thanks

A:Windows XP Pro printer driver, HP 2510

There is an update utility called HP Print and Scan Doctor.  Download here. 

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I have a relatively new Epson 2510 all in one. It tells me I have a printer error and to see my documentation. But my documentation tells me nothing, and the message will not disappear,

I've turned it on and off, plugged and unplugged it, updated software.

I cannot change the ink as the cartridge won't move out from it's corner until I press OK on the control panel, but the control panel is unresponsive (it was running out of ink before the message came up),

I wish I'd bought an HP, always reliable,

Can anyone help?

A:Epson 2510 printer error

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I am trying to install a new printer on moms computer. But sometime between the old printer (which she uninstalled) When I bought the new printer, it will not install the drivers.

Dell 660 (about 1 year old) wireless desktop
Windows 7 64 bit
Service pack 1

Error: 1627
Call to Driver Package Install returned error 1627 for package C:\ProgramFilers\HP\HP deskjet 2510 series\Driver store\Pipeline\hpvplog.inf

Can't get event viewer to work.
Can't download Adobe flash

It will let me download or run a cd program with birthday cards and suc, like Hallmark.

The things I have done: I went to HP got the basic no frills driver and downloaded on computer. Ran it and got the same message. I tried to let windows find the driver, and no good on that.

I did a dell data back up of her computer. (Which I am on now) Made 3 discs. (Hope that it has all her stuff on it. )

I am also at my house so I can check the email if I get help. I have her computer here with me.

It gives me this text page to cure the problem. So it says. But not being an expert, but I think it was suppose to be a user box where you click next, do this, next. etc.

attached is the text page that it gives me.

Computer said I needed adobe flash. So when it popped up, I clicked on download, and it flew away. Then nothing.

Thanks for any help.

A:HP 2510 printer driver error 1627

Are you sure you're installing the right bit driver/software package....eg 32 bit or 64 bit?

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Hi I have a problem with my printer driver,
I Know the right driver download and it is with the correct operating system and everything, but the problem is that it works for 2 weeks, then I have to re install it again.

could anyone give any solutions to the irratating problem thanks.

A:HP psc 2510 photosmart printer driver problem

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I've a Samsung model ML2510 laser printer...I'm pretty sure that they mean it when they indicate on the monitor, at the time when I plan to print a page, that the toner is "low". and.. the red LED light on the panel is now everpresent... I say that "I imagine"
the light indicator is relative to the low toner ink.. since the instructions that came with the printer had not one word in English.. and Korean is not my native tongue...

Question: Exactly how easy is it to refill?.. The adv. for the toner says"if you can refill a salt shaker, you can refill a toner cartrdige".

In any event.. I did order three refills for less than 10 dollars plus shipping... How much trouble can I get into at that price?
Oneoldman.... Very

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I have a Samsung CLP 310 colour laser that has developed a problem with fading text on the right side of the page. This is a problem with Black text only the 3 other colours work perfectly. I am still on the original cartridges. I changed to a new black cartridge made no difference. I have wiped down the drum in Alcohol still the same.
Any suggestions on how to fix the problem would be appreciated.

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I have a HP 2510 all in one printer and am having a nightmare connecting it wirelessly. I keep installing the software and everytime I get to the point of inputting WPA and Network Security Key i get the message 'Error while saving the settings to the device'. I know the codes are correct. I have tried uninstalling and installing again with no joy. Please can anyone help?

A:'Error whilst saving setting to device' on HP 2510 all in one printer wireless

Hello & welcome to the forum,

First I need to understand where you are entering the codes, is it into the printer screens or the PC software?

What I think you need to do is configure the printer to the network. Then install the software onto the PC (Software & drivers etc.). OK?

Look here for some instructions on how to & configuration: -

Microsoft Windows HP PSC 2510 Photosmart All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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I tried to search before I posted my below thread, I found below relevant threads but I could not extract the proper answer for my question




Today I have installed a Samsung Colour laser MFP CLX-6210FX on an Active directory (win2003 ).

I shared this printer and ticked option ?List in the directory ?

I have got no problem for the domains users to install the printer.

On the server I have got this utility (please see below snapshot) that help me to scan if I want to scan


Now how can I share the scanner ? means how can a domain user scan a document from his/her PC directly ? because he/she does not have the utility above installed on his/her PC

What I had done in past with HP all in one ( I forgot the model) I installed a software from the HP CD on each client PC, he/she would be able to scan from his/her PC ( I .,,,,but it was not AD environment it was normal LAN between multiple XP

Do I need to do same thing with Samsung to be able to scan ?

Do I need to install the software for Samsung on each client PC (win XP Sp3) to accomplish this task ?

My second question setting of the printer is in Grayscale.

how... Read more

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Hi, is this printer a good printer. i.e. I heard that after your toner runs out on some of these new laser printers, U have to replace more than juat a toner.


A:HP 1020 Laser printer.. good printer??

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I have an old hp laser printer III. It does not pick the paper correctly from the tray. Somebody told me to change the rollers.
I have a few questions?
Where can I buy these parts?
How to change the input rollers?
Where can I buy toner for this printers?

Thank you.

A:laser jet printer hp III

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Looking to buy a laser printer but not sure what to go for.
Looking for something that is at least - Print Resolution (dpi) Up to 600 x 2400 dpi and color.
Dont want to spend more that 150 if posiable but dont want to buy something thats not going to last,,,, and rather spend a little more on the printer if i going to save on the price of ink.
Also would like something thats not to big and doest make a lot of noise
Thanks for your time

A:Help to buy laser printer

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I just got a Lexmark Optra R+. When printing it will print good but it has lines going across the page. What could be causing this? Old toner? Thanks

A:Laser Printer

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I have had a Canon Pixma MP500 all in one for several years, and it is a great printer. BUT, I am really, really tired of paying for the ink. Even though I buy my ink for much less over the internet, an ink jet printer is cheap to buy, but expensive to use.

Are their any reasonably priced all in one color laser printers on the horizon that would be of good quality? For this type machine, I'm thinking under $500 would be reasonably priced, and I would seriously consider it.

A:laser all-in-one printer?

Check the cost of color laser consumables, it's not unusual to find a complete set of toners get close to the printer price.

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couldn't find exactly what i wanted when i searched so i posted here...
does any one know of a good quality laser printer?
not all in one...
does not have to be networked.

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Hello ,

I'm going to buy a All-in-one for home-use and student use(10 papers /week) so I need a high quality All in one printer , Please suggest some printers that have high DPI in scannnig and printing.
sometimes i need to print Pictures with high quality(although it couldn't be same as special Printers for photo but it can be significant).

Until now I find some items but I accept your suggestions :wahoo:

HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw All-in-One Color Printer
HP M476nw LaserJet Pro Wireless Color Laser
Lexmark CX410e Color Laser MFP
HP Officejet Pro X551dw Printer

which one? If none, what is your suggestion?

Features I'm looking but not important:

printing,copping and scanning A3 or A2

A:Best Laser All in one Printer for home use - under $500

No comments?

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Hidy ho all,

I have a client that does alot of printing. And I mean alot. They go through a a 3x2x1 stack of printer paper boxes in a month.

And their primary printer, a Brother 8890DW all in one, is starting to have its parts fail after just over 3 years of service.

They wanted to get a price comparison for replacement parts vs a new printer.

My biggest issue is, I've never really shopped for a heavy duty laser printer before now. And they want this replacement to be able to scan photos and send faxes as well.

So, what criteria should I be looking for in the printer aspect of the device?

A:Need Help Shopping for a Laser Printer

First thing I would do is look at their business scenario. Paper is soooo 2000's.

We use Ricoh AIO here at the shop. One of our satellite shops also uses a Ricoh AIO, they have about 20 people. That meets their needs, but they are nowhere near printing as much as your client.

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One of my companies laser printers is leaving light blotches on printouts. They are random and they look like water drops or something. I don't know a lot about printers so can anybody help me? Thank you.

A:Laser printer problems

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I have tried to install 3 different HP laser jet printers 1300 - 1505n and 1010 one I gave avay as I thought it not compatible with my new
Vista Home Premium x64 bit - but the other two also give me the same problem - first delayed printout - app. 1 minute - ant eventually no print at all - as the printer have not installed properly.

anybody have a solution - I read about the Canon printers which also had similar problems otherwise I was thinking of changing over to Canon.

Please help!!


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I have an HP Color Laser Jet 5550hdn. I have tried to load drivers (Windows 7 Pro X64) in 3 different environments: Auto Load from Windows, and from HP site - specific driver and universal driver. When Windows loads the drivers, the system freezes and requires a full hard boot. When drivers are loaded from HP, it shows that the printer is ready but will not print (spooler stops). I have also encountered problems with networking the printer (of course it cant be since the drivers aren't loaded) but I cannot find the printer's network address on the wired network.

A:HP Color Laser Jet Printer

Are you sure the drivers are 64-bit drivers?

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Hey All,

Love the printer for the speed and multi-functionality. The only problem is the pictures come out a little too dark, although sharp. I don't want to switch to Economy Mode. is there an easier way to brighten the pictures?


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Hi! A friend got a used Brother HL-5170DN laser printer that didn't come with a drum unit. So, she bought a drum unit that is compatible with the printer but when she prints, the print comes out with a dark coloration throughout the page.

Could this be caused by a bad drum unit or at least the roller in the drum unit?


A:Question about a laser printer

Is the Drum an integral part of the toner cartridge? If so, was this a retail cartridge or a refilled cartridge?

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Can not install a Laser Jet 4l printer using Vista Home Vista x64. When I boot pc it tries to install the driver but i get it can't find the devices. I am using a usb to parrell converted to hook up my printer

A:Can't install laser 4 l printer

Did you check the bios setting for parallel port?

If it still presents problems, you might want to purchase a USB card for your PCI slot.


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Hi Everyone!

I run Windows 98 on a desktop and own a HP Laser Jet 6L Printer. It works fine except when about 10 pages or less are left in the paper input bin, it feeds them all the way through. (This has been happening for 6 months to a year) To try to avoid paper jams,when the bin gets low, I feed the pages through one at a time and it seems to work fine. It also works fine if the bin is fairly full. A relative of mine had this same problem after printing several 100 pages of documents with an HP Laser Jet 5L. The printer has had a lot of use and is over 3 years old. (4 years in July) some questions:

1. Can I manually feed the pages through when the bin is low and that's gonna be ok?

2. What's the most likely senerio for what is causing this problem?

3. My relative spent about $75 to get his printer problem fixed This was about 4 years ago, so how much would you think I would have to pay to get it fixed.

Considering the computer/printer is almost 4 years old, it's more of a minor annoyance than anything else. What do you guys think about this? Thank you for your help

A:HP Laser Jet 6L Printer Situation

Just my opinions, but

IF you found someone who'd work on it, the cost average probably wouldn't make sense......however, if you could find an older type apprentice person, the person would appreciate quality....they just don't make the new ones like they used to.

Feeding the sheets are no big deal...it's not going to harm anything.....

I would guess that after 4 years, the feeder teeth just aren't grabbing once the paper tray gets low........

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