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No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

Q: No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

Well, around winter of 2008 my computer broke down. I have recently gotten sick and tired of using a 2002 windows COMPAQ, has too little ram for anything remotely modern.
So I am back to it, my Father looked at it and he thinks the motherboard is fried.

No one in my family has any PHYSICAL computer problem experience (though I have virtual experience)
It started to make a loud hoarse noise at startup. The monitor sayed "No Input Signal" and said "Monitor going to sleep"

We cleaned out the inside as it was ridiculously dusty, and now the hoarse noises have stopped. But the monitor is still messed up.

What I can provide
-Another computer to test things
-Pictures of the inside of my computer
-Specifications (To an extent)

another thing I want you to know
I am not prepared to buy most things, I have another computer with parts I can swap if it comes down to it but if we cant fix it we are going to buy a brand new computer.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I have little physical computer experience, as in none. So.. I dont know where anything or what anything is.

Preferred Solution: No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: No Input Signal, Faulty Video Card? Fried Mobo?

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Hello, first off let me say this is a wonderful site and in sadder we couldent have met under better terms .

So this is the problem.

1 year old custom built pc. Amd 250 3ghz dual core,
gigabyte Ga-ma78gm-us2. Mobo
original videocard: 7600 gs nvidia
new card 8800gts nvidia.

After installing the new card it made a high frequenzy beeping sound. So I immediatly shut it down and switched the videocards back... Only to hear a lowe freq. Buzzing sound...

So I took that card out as well, and turned it on, again it made a beeping sound.

I can hear all the peices starting up but there's no display. Can anyone tell me what parts I killed .

A:Issues after installing video card, was mobo fried?

Thank so much for posting this thread

I have the same problem. Help us please.........!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone,

I'm running an HP p6214y with an nVidia GeForce 9800 GT. I recently got a Sony Bravia 32" TV that I was hoping to run in dual screen mode with my HP 2009f monitor. The video card has two DVI out ports which I'm using with two DVI to VGA cables. However, I've found that when I hook the Sony HD TV up to my video card, the video card will stop sending an input signal completely randomly. This sends no warnings or errors to the event log either. I have a 750watt power supply as well. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you!

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Good afternoon. I'll try to provide any/all information that I can - I'm stuck....and have a headache, and am not very technical. A bad combination for working on any system.

I have a eMachines T3092.

3-4 days ago, I went to turn on my system. When it began the boot process, my monitor showed 'No Input Signal'.

I researched and learned to troubleshoot - so have:

a. checked all cables.
b. attached/used the monitor with another system (worked fine).
c. checked power cord with another system (worked fine).
d. attached another flat screen to my system -- same issue.

This leads me to think it's an issue with my system vs. the monitor.

So - after more researching and reading, I determine that I need to buy a new video card. I just did this today, and purchased one that should work (I think) and should be compatible.

I purchased: NVidia PNY 6200 256MB AGP 8x and installed per directions.

Did not fix my issue. So -

I popped it back out, put it back in, unconnected and reconnected all cords and cables, and got 1 long beep and 2 short beeps.

Further research suggests it may be memory or it may be the mother board.

I can't 'see' anything to know what message, if any, the system is giving. I would really appreciate any other suggestions as to how to troubleshoot or 'fix' my issue.

This is an older system and quite frankly, I don't want to drop a Mother Board into it (don't know how) BUT....I do have files/stuff tha... Read more

A:NO Input Signal, New Video Card - Stll Not Working

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I have an HP Pavilion A6421.uk computer with an HP w2007v monitor. (The OS is Windows Vista).I've been getting the message "VGA Input - No Input Signal" and the monitor appears to be in sleep mode permanently. I've checked all the connections, cables etc and I have also connected the monitor to an old computer, where it worked fine. I'm guessing I need a new graphics card but don't know how to go about changing it. I have
opened up the box and cleaned it all out, but am not sure what to do now.

Could I take out the graphics card from the old computer and put it in the new one? The old computer is a Dell Dimension 5000 (Windows XP).
Or would it be an option to swap hard drives? (I urgently need to access my work but the old computer got a virus and doesn't work properly).I don't know the first thing about hardware really, so wondered what any of you would recommend I do:
1. Just buy a new graphics card and replace the old one - in which case, what would I buy?
2. Put the graphics card from the old machine into the new one. How do I do this and does anyone have any diagrams?
3. Swap the hard drives so that I use the old box with the new monitor. (this is probably a stupid idea, but who knows).

Please help!!

A:VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

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Two times in the last week my monitor (a KDS visual sensations CRT) has come on with the image looking like an hourglass (wide at the top and bottom, pinched in the center). This happened imediately upon boot up and both times rebooting has returned the monitor to normal, leaving the computer running does not bring the problem back. Which is more likely, that my monitor is beginning to fail or maybe my graphics card (a saphire, ATI radeon 7000) is failing? Is there some way (other than swaping my monitor out and trying another as this seems so far to be an intermitent problem and may not arise when a new monitor is conected) to check and see which it may be?

A:faulty monitor? faulty video card?

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Just set up my brand new HP Envy 750-439cb computer plugged in all the cords turned the computer on and the message 'input signal not found " shows up. I unplugged the cord from the wall and held the power button on the monitor down for 1 min. Plugged it back in and it said the same thing . Tried switching the hdmi cords around still shows the same message. Please help !

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Last week I bought most of the parts to a new computer over the internet using various vendors. Some parts were purchased from a retail store, the monitor ethernet card floppy drive and keyboard, from Frys. Just yesterday I recieved the last of the parts in the mail and I put it all together. I followed all the instructions to a T, but still when I try to boot up the system the monitor gives me a message 'No video signal or cable disconnected'. Here are the specs to my hopefully new computer:

ECS VZA30 Motherboard
1.33ghz T-Bird
1 Gig ram (2 512mb DIMMS)
Inno 3D Kyro II 64mb graphics card
Soundblaster Live! Platinum 5.1
Microsoft Internet Keyboard
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
Linksys 10/100 LAN Card
Samsung CD/CDRW/DVD Combo (8x4x32, 8x dvd-rom)
Envision EN-910 19" Monitor

Oh by the way, when I try to boot, the screen just flashes different colors in some sort of cycle.

I'm stumped as to how to fix it, so any feedback would be great, thanks.


A:No video input signal?!

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I've already royally messed up my computer (see this thread http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?p=2395469#post2395469 )

And now, for some reason, whenever I turn my computer on, there's no signal. All the wires are connected and I've tested two different working monitors, so I know that there's nothing wrong with the monitors.

My gfx card is a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 made by EVGA. Please help

A:No Video Input Signal

Please see your other post

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Just replaced a hard drive that had failed and now when I start up the PC ready to install OS again I get the above message. Nothing else has been changed other than a new CPU fan.
No BIOS beeps as no beeper installed. Seems ASUS don't always supply them.

A:No video input signal

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No Video Input Signal

100% custom-built. All parts are new. Will not POST. Black screen - one small white rectangle box message.
...."Monitor Status. HDMI Input: No Input signal. VGA Input: No Input Signal.
Recommended Settings: 1920 X 1080 - 60 Hz."

It is not the monitor. I'm using it now, on an older computer. It is a new HPw 2338h. It is not the cable. I have (3). One HDMI, and two VGA. Both tested good on other PC and Laptop. Using VGA cable now.

First suspect was video card.
A Sparkle GeForce 9600 GT, 1024 MB, DDR2. PCI Express x16 2.0 NVIDIA unified architect.
Has been removed and reinstalled at least three times.
This video card does have its own six-pin power connector. Positively connected to power supply.
....So I removed the PCI Express x16 card, and tried a PCI video card - only to get exact same message on monitor. So I over-ruled the GeForce 9600 as the bad guy, and re-installed it.

This motherboard - Intel Extreme Series DP45SG ....has (2) PCI Express x16 slots.
One primary, one secondary. Primary must be used when, only one PCI express slot is use.
(Confirmed.) I purchased this motherboard (firstly) socket 775, and (secondly) for Extreme
Series. I wanted at least (1) PCI x16 slot for video card, and I needed 2 or 3 PCI slots.
Specifications: clearly state - processors supported: Intel Core 2 Duo, "Intel Core 2 Extreme,"
among others.
Motherboard description stated motherboard built to support the latest Intel Core 2 Extreme proce... Read more

A:No Video Input Signal

Your problem is simple, the DP45SG board does not support a Pentium D 965 Extreme Edition processor.

Here is a list of the supported processors for your board.


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After replacing the battery in my computer my monitor no longer works. I get a screen with a Video Input error - i no signal. I am going to try hooking up a different monitor to this computer to see if I get the same problem. Any other ideas?

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putting this way,half a year ago when i took my cpu back to the shop for servicing - they claimed that there was something wrong with my mobo and have to sent back to factory for warrenty (repairing) and till today i m doubt something wrong with it after getting back from them....

is there any software or programe to check the mobo or graphic card's condition?


edit: i think i put in a wrong section and if it is, i m really sorry coz i m just new to here

A:how to check faulty mobo & graphic card?

You can test RAM with memtest 86+
A motherboard is difficult to diagnose at home. If something isn't working and you suspect hardware, you swap parts until you isolate the broken item.
What did they say was wrong?

Please don't apologize when posting - it's annoying.

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Recently after starting my computer I will get a blank screen on my Dell S2440L monitor and it would say it was in sleep mode with no signal input coming from the computer. The computer boots up with ligt on, no error signal beeps. I have checked the video VGA cable and even replaced it, I tried to reinsert the ram on the computer seeing if that was the problem and it still has the issue. Have tried to unplug the computer and monitor, no fix.  I tried a different monitor, same problem.  Just wondering if the built in graphics on the computer is at fault and if a new video graphics card might be the answer? If I get a new card installed do I need to disable the built in one on this computer and how can I do this prior to installation if I cannot get to view anything on the monitor? Thanks for any help. 

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Around 2 weeks ago I was watching a movie via stream.
After 2/3 of the movie my computer froze and picture got
distorted [horizontaly shifted (overlapped)]. Since i couldn't
do anything I restarted computer. While it was starting up
the text that was usually only white color now turned into
orange and white. After first windows xp loading screen my
monitor turned black as usual while loading next step of start
up but when it should go to the second windows xp screen it
went pitch black and I got message "video input no signal".

Now I can start computer in safe mode and change resolution
but it doesn't hold for the next start up. Also I can circumvent
this problem by chosing to start in VGA mode but if I try to
change resolution, monitor promptly goes black and I get same
no video input message.

I allready tried using restore point and uninstalling and
updating drivers for my graphic card (obviously it didn't work).
I'm using: Microsoft windows xp
Version 2002
Service pack 3

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 dual
Core processor 4000+
2.10 GHz, 2,00 GB of RAM
Physical Address Extension

Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS

I really need help, please.

A:Video input no signal unless in VGA or SAFE mode

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I want to use my laptop to watch tv, but I don't know how to input video signals into my laptop's monitor..

I really need your help, thanks a lot!

A:How can I input video signal to my laptop monitor?

Welcome to TechSpot forums

It is unlikely that the laptop's video capability has a video in connection. So unfortunately I doubt this is a possibility. One of my workmates does have a USB tv card device which feeds a TV signal into the computer and this works with a laptop (aerial connects to device, device connected via USB connection to laptop).

Something like the devices for sale from this website would be required:

If you post details of the laptop model we will be able to confirm whether it does or does not have a video in capability.

If you think you might stick around at this forum please feel free to post a hello message in the Introduce yourself forum

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Hi all, I have just bought a second hand Dell Dimension 2200. When I switch it on the monitor is displaying
No Signal input, check video cable. I was using this computer at the home of the person I bought it from without problems.

When I have hooked the monitor to a laptop it is displaying on the screen for a couple of seconds the showing me the same error message.

As soon as I switch on the computer it give four short beeps, a short pause then another two beeps.

Any ideas as to what this would be or how I could fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there - I've been successfully connecting my tiny work laptop to my awesomely huge HP desktop using an HDMI cable for about a year now. Just connect the two, put the "HDMI IN" button to connect, and all is well... Except that every 4th or 5th time I do it, it fails and I get the "Game Mode No Video Signal" error instead. I try disconnecting & reconnecting, rebooting, waiting a while and trying later, etc. But, sometimes, it just won't connect no matter how I try to persuade it. Any ideas? Thank you,C.

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Hi there, I don't mean to clog this forum up with possible rubbish but I have been searching all day and have got as far as getting the usb capture card to be recognised and accepted by ulead (the video editing abd capture software that comes with the capture card)

My problem now is that, I know there is an input signal there, as the screen is black but every now and then a green colour will appear across the bottom of the capture area but that is the most I get.

I have tried my xbox one and xbox 360 and both have the same problem.
my setup is xbox>hdmi to vga cable>easycap>laptop.

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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A friend of mine gave me a MSI K6N Diamond Plus mobo. Everything on it worked, except for the onboard audio, which wasn't a big deal. Recently, I tried to install a Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card, only to have my computer tell me that a recent hardware change is preventing windows from booting up. So, I took the sound card out, but now I am no longer getting any kind of a signal to my video card. The strange thing is that on occasion, it will work. I've tried switching the video card to the other PCIE slot and switching out the RAM, but so far nothing has worked.
Any suggestions? Or does it sound like this mobo is fried.

A:No video signal from MSI mobo

I would reset the CMOS and see if that clears it up. If you mistyped and meant MSI K8N Diamond Plus, there should be a CMOS reset button on the motherboard you can press to clear it, or you can remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes to do the same thing. If you do mean K6N, I don't know if it has a reset button. Then you would have to remove the battery.

Next time disable the onboard sound in the BIOS before installing the sound card. It should work fine that way provided you can get everything going again.

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I recently posted on this forum after having issues with my computer not booting. Then the PSU literally blew up a day later.

Old System Specs:
MSI P7N Diamond
Silverpower sp850w ( has good reviews ? just not well known)
Corsair 8GB
HD 5870

The issue I had was: turn on pc, everything lights up but GPU fan spins at full speed ? as if it was getting no power or connecting to motherboard. G-card will not boot at all.

I did however find a very strange work around.
To boot the machine I had to remove the 6 pin CPU power on the motherboard.
Turn the machine on? but no boot?
Turn it off and replace CPU power
Turn machine back on and everything works perfectly.
So, It seems that the card can never boot up from cold. If I re-started it worked fine.

I now have a new motherboard, cpu, RAM and PSU. Both motherboards work perfectly with my tester g-card.

New PC Parts,
I5 2500k
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3
Corsair TX850w V2

The new one fails to boot at all, even with various different power cables removed.
I cannot RMA card as it is second-hand.

BY using my trick on the old motherboard it works perfectly, so the card actually works?.. It?s just having big issues accepting power to boot.

Would flashing the g-card bios help ?

This quote is from an article about flashing the g-card bios? It seems to sum up my issue..
?the video BIOS initializes the card. As soon as it receives power from the motherboard, the BIOS act... Read more

A:5870 No boot, fan full speed - kinda works on other mobo - faulty card?

Welcome to the world of custom building lol, my computer has similar problems that if i have had it turned off for more than 5 minutes it will not boot and keeps bluescreen until i do a clean boot with a power drain, my solution to that is do just set the bios on the MB to use a 1W standby and leave it in sleep mode always (reboot it every so often)

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i've put together a system for a friend of mine and after about a month he said that sometimes he would not be able to start the computer because there was nothing on the monitor.

Basically, sometimes when we turn it on, it works just fine. But sometimes the pc turns on (fans and hd spinning, dvdrom blinking), but monitor stays black. There are also no good ol' beeps comming out of the pc speaker.

When it is working, it does not turn off by itself. Only when computer is turned off and then turned back on, sometimes there is no video signal. Sometimes reseting brings it back to its senses. Sometimes we need to wait for couple of days.

I have swapped video cards, monitors, and power supplies. I have reset CMOS with a jumper. Nothing helped. Next thing I was going to try is flashing BIOS, but still waiting for video signal to come back...

I've looked through some other posts with similar problems and it looks like the mobo is bad. It's a Biostar M7NCD. Never had a problem with Biostar before... I guess there is always a first.

You guys think it's the mobo? Or could it be something else?



A:no video signal... mobo problem?

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Hey guys, im a new member here and this is my first post.

So heres my current setup. I got a new computer which is a amd athlon 2100+ on a Msi kt4 ultra mb(i kinda forgot) I got a ASUS 64mb ddr GeForce 4 Ti 4200 8x agp. XP as my os.

A few days ago while i was just surfin the net my computer all of a sudden freezes and turns off. When i turn it back on and i load desktop it informs me that my video card has some kind of error. I ignored this thinking it was only a one time thing but 5 minutes later it happened again. So i figured that the Video card driver was out of date so i went on the Nvidia web site to DL a new driver. Then when i installed it everything was working fine for about half an hour. Thats when all of a sudden while im playing a game (raven Shield) my screen flashed blue with a bunch of letters(no time to read) and it just shut off. Now when i try to turn on the computer it *sounds* fine but nothing shows up on the screen. I could here all the fans and the hard drive working and all. Do u guys think i f*cked up my video card? any help any one?!Please!It will be much appreciated.!

A:Video card Fried?

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So I was surfing the web today, and my computer froze. I didn't think that was too abnormal, so I waited for it. Then both my displays turned gray, and each half of the screen started switching between a dark and light shade, and little black and white dots raced across it. After a few seconds of this, the computer shut off completely and would not reboot. I popped open the case, and what do I see? One of the spring loaded clips that holds the small cooler on my GPU was gone, and the cooler was hanging off diagonally. I thought this was good, as it should be easy to fix. I put a dot of thermal paste on the gpu, and put the two pins back in. It would power up for a second, but then shut off. So I thought the paste might be short circuiting something. I cleaned it off, and put back the cooler, with no paste. Immediately after pressing the power button, the video card shot out a spark and a small cloud of smoke, so naturally I pulled the cord. Upon inspection, a fragment of one of the power regulating chips (I think) was missing.

I'm still waiting to see if EVGA will replace it.

A:Has your video card ever fried itself?

That is really not possible... but it can seem like those events are independent of human action.
Those dang spring clips create more damage to computers and printers than we can tolerate. We're getting mad as heck, and were not going to take it any more...
But I suspect your card was already in the midst of failure when you decided to improve on things.

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well, my somewhat new Ati Radeon 9800 pro, with a 3rd party fan and little brass heat things added to the card, has fried, i think.. i started it up today, and i looked at the boot screen and it was really bad looking, like pixelated, then when i logged in to my desktop, all the icons and my mouse, has these little black lines behind them, like the transparent background of the icons were showing thru.

Plus when i launch a game, prey for example, it is really bad, here look at a screen shot:
i have updated the driver 3 times, uninstalling and reinstalling, same outcome.

Can i fix this? or is it dead?

i would also like your opinion on wich video card to get, i might just get another 9800 pro, if i can..

thanks in advance-

A:video card, fried?

Have you checked all the connection to the video card?

Made sure the monitor is connected tight, and the video card isn't coming unseated.

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Hello all, recently I have been experiencing some problems with my display. I have an FX 5700 ultra that I've had for quite some time now. The computer runs fine when its on but after some time the screen will get crazy. The display will just show some random colors and then goto black after a while. When windows starts up again it gives me an error report saying that the card failed to complete a drawing operation. I remember seeing this error report in the past with a different video card and I can't remember if the card was fried. I thought it was a heat problem so I opened my case and cleaned out my heatsinks and fans and made sure everything was getting good cooling. After I did this the card didn't screw up for 3 days, but now its doing it again. Is my card done for? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks. Also my drivers are up to date.

A:Is my video card fried?!

If ur getting those artfacts again, try running DXDIAG from run also try installing a graphic card fan from zalman or anyother company they are better suited for the cooling.

it is certainly a overheating problem i had something similar to that.

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Hey, I'm new here and i have a uber problem so i'm sorry for being a first-poster asking for help. >.>

My computer has been running uberly hot, running a prescott P4 3.0GHz with HT, so, it gets up there. Today i took the casing off to replace the thermal paste on the heatsink, and when turning the computer back on, it booted normally...

Good news is, it's running about 20C cooler.
Bad news is, when i booted up Speedfan to check the temperature, it shut off..So i turned it back on..Monitor does nothing. So i'm like..oh man..Vidoe card fried..So i changed it, i had a spare laying around. Turn it on, monitor does nothing!

BUT, I plugged my monitor into the onboard slot of my motherboard, and it works.

So i need to know something...

Is it the motherboard thats fried, or the video card? ( I tried 2 )

Any help would be appreciated. ^^

A:Video Card Fried?

What video card??? Post your specs.

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hi, im new here and not sure if this is the wrong area to put this but.. I built a gaming computer with an fx8350, gtx 970 and i left it on all night to install a few games and i was awoken in the middle of the night to find the cases led lights and a light i bought for it flashing. I tried to press the power button and nothing happened so i unplugged it and plugged it back in and hit the button and nothing. The power supply works because i used a paperclip to test the green and ground. So i determined it was the motherboard ( it was kind of cheap). So i wanted to atleast test if anything else went with it. I read on one forum that if i plug in the pcie connectors to the gpu the fans should atleast spin if not connected to a motherboard and they didnt. Could this mean the card could be fried and ill have to get a new one?

A:Is my video card fried?

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Will a fried video card cause my laptop not to boot or power up at all?
Dell Inspiron 5100....Spilled coke on laptop...video card shows signs of burnt components.

A:Fried video card

It's the worse thing that could happen to laptop other than being run over by a truck. Coke will eat and corrode everything in that laptop except the HD and only because it's sealed. If you won't to save it quickly take it to a professional and have it thoroughly cleaned

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Over the last few weeks I've been getting more and more "VPU Recovery" errors with my Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb video card. From what I've read this feature attempts to reset the GPU whenever the card stops responding or something like that. Turning this option off will just hard lock my computer instead of giving me an error and asking me to reboot. I was looking around for what might cause this and found a few possible causes like overheating, memory on the card went bad, bad power supply, etc.

I thought it was probably overheating since I hadnt cleaned the dust out of my fans in quite a while but that didn't solved the problem. The fan on the card actually started making weird noises after that so I unscrewed the fan and blew the whole card out with an air compressor. I went ahead and installed two more case fans (total of 5 now) hoping that would help but I was still getting lockups and VPU errors. I also tried unplugging all the case fans to see if maybe the card wasn't getting enough power but I didn't think this was the issue since it had been running fine for a year.

After more searching I read about "ATI Tools" which would allow you to overclock or underclock your card. Basic logic told me that if I underclocked my card it wouldn't get so hot. Well after I underclocked with this program and applied the settings and restarted I began to see artifacts all over my desktop and even in bios/the windows loading screen. Blue and red bars on the le... Read more

A:Is my video card fried?

Can you narrow down when it started?

Did you build this PC yourself?

What power supply do you have? Make/model and Watts. Maybe it has given up the ghost after a year of use.

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Just finished building a new PC for my mates brother, all components seemed to be secure.
I turn on the PC with just the power cable in YAY! it turns on, so i think this is too good to be true, it turns on first time! I unplug it take it upstairs to my monitor, plug in my monitor into the AGP card i installed in it (Nvidia 5600XT) then booted it back up. The monitor stays on standby, no signal input sign floating round the sreen. AHA the motherboard has onboard graphics, maybe it defaults to that? I remove the AGP card, plug the monitors cable into the VGA socket on the motherboard, boot it back up! Still nothing!!!
I presumed that because the fan comes on, CD drive and HDD that the processor is intalled right. So then I reset the CMOS (normally solves most things in my case lol) boot it back up, and still i got nothing. The monitor and the Cable work fine, and the AGP card is fine to as my friend used it in his other PC before giving it to me! Motherboard is brand new, and i had the same model before, (just without the onboard graphics) Memory is also intalled right, i checked twice!

For the love of god help me!
Could it be something to do with the Hard drive??
Slave/Master wrong way round??
Disk Drive faulty
I DON'T KNOWW!!! lol
(the only old bits in the PC are the Hard Drive, 2 Disk drives and the case itself)
Please consider everthing before just saying faulty!
this the Motherboard in question

A:Newly Built PC, no input signal to Monitor, from AGP card and Onboard Graphics

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I'm having to swap out a dead mobo: MSI 770-C45 DDR 3 for a Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 w/ no video signal to the monitor from the dead beast & (preferably) w/out doing a clean install of OS , which, given that is the reason I"m replacing this 3 yr old board, makes retrieving any information from the system or affecting any kind of device /driver uninstalls or alterations beforehand unlikely. (A prior post, w/ video available) mentioned switching the sata controllers to IDE in Device Man. (I"m a little spoofed at this level, TBH) I assume the device drivers are interfacing with the mobo thus making slaving the h/d to my laptop a non-viable option. The drive containing the OS--Wn XP- is SATA ONLY. Any Help Appreciated. Txs-

A:Dead Mobo swap out- no video signal

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I have an old Dell Dimension 4600. The video card is gone. I need to get a new card and thought that with the box open, I would upgrade the RAM also. This is a old machine that I only use for email, light surfing and storage. Dell recommends the below, is this the best thing for my use? I have no idea, so help someone may be able to make a recommendation.

A0735425 2 512 MB Memory Module for Dimension 4600 Series System $57.98
A0490679 1 e-GeForce FX 5200 128MB AGP Graphics Card $29.99

A:Solved: Fried Video Card

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Hi folks,

Bad storm came through this morning. Afterwards when booting pc all i've gotten was 800 x 600 resolution with 16 color.

I've downloaded and updated the drivers for monitor and the Nvidia GEForce4 MX 440 video card.

No help.

Each time I try to change the display it forces me to restart pc to allow change. Previously I could always see the display change and choose whether I wanted to keep it or not without a restart. When I accept change and restart, computer hangs and monitor light goes to standby. Only way to recover is a ctr-alt-del and enter. PC restarts but comes right back to the huge 800 x 600 resolution.

Machine is also very, very slow in everything it does since this morning. I tried moving the monitor to the onboard video and rebooting, but then it never came on ... stayed in standby mode.

Is it possible for me to disable the video card while still plugged into it and be able to revert back to the onboard video just to test the card?

I haven't had a lot of experience with monitors and video cards. I'm not even positive they are the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Nvidia Video Card Fried?

G'day shesun4givn2...wow that is certainly a name!
I would suggest removing the power from the machine, then removing the video card and plugging the monitor back into the onboard video socket.
On re-power up it will (with luck) realise the onboard video is required and load the driver for it and produce an image.
You shouldn't need drivers at this point, hopefully you won't need to enter BIOS and make any changes.
See if you can get that up.
(It sounds like the video card may be crippled)
Lightning does not need to strike the prower lines to kill a machine, it is always worthwhile unplugging or fitting a surge protection device. (these work sometimes)
Cheers, qldit.

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Ok, here's my situation. My PC shut down when I was playing World of Warcraft. I know for a fact the problem was the video card. I was running a Radeon x1650 Pro - which needs at least 350w - with a power supply that had 260w max. The PC wouldn't even power-on again until I removed the card. The card had a burn on it and one of the electrical compnents on the card was partially melted. Now, I put the stock video card back into the PC - a Radeon 9200 - and the system powers up. However, I get no video signal and no beeps. Nothing. I can hear the hard drive quietly spinning, but the only time the orange HDD indicator LED (on the front of the PC) works is when I open either of my CD drives. The green power light on the mobo still goes on. I plugged in my mouse, and the laser still lights up when I move it. The capacitors around the agp slot and the CPU all appear fine. The CPU is generating heat, which leads me to believe it is working properly. I guess that I have a bad AGP slot or just a bad mobo in general. I would need a new mobo in either case. Am I missing something? Any other possible solution here? Would running a video card with too small a power supply for too long ( a period of a few months, normal use) cause a mobo to die? Of course, the card was fried, but I need to know if i fried my Mobo too, or if it may even be the CPU. Thank you!

A:PC will not post, no video signal, but Mobo power light is on

The PSU is probably dead now, it might be the only thing dead. (maybe your x1650 pro is still working). Replace it with a decent unit this time. If you plan to game, one the most important components is a good quality PSU.

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I was playing World of Warcraft and out of no where the computer froze up, the first time it's EVER done this, accompanied by The last sound played being looped over and over.
I reboot the system and at the windows XP and boot information screens I've got vertical lines throughout the entire screen. When it gets to windows to finally load up the display goes all messed up and I have to reboot again with the power button.

If I reboot the computer and put it into safemode all works. I uninstalled the Video card and used a driver cleaner to remove everything that pertains to the video from the system. IF I then reboot without the video card uninstalled normal windows boots perfectly fine. The moment I then try to add drivers and install the card the display goes compley screwed again.

TO Summarize.
Computer works fine without Video Card and Drivers installed.
Windows will ONLY boot in Safemode with the card and drivers installed, If I try to start normally I get a totally screwed up display and can't do anything but reboot with the power button.

I Assume my card is totally screwed.

Windows XP
3.2 Ghz Intel P4
Nvidia 6800 Ultra Video PCI Express
Onboard Sound

A:Solved: Video Card Fried? Urgent

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We unplugged our hp for about a week and when we plugged it back in the power supply fried (making all sorts of horrifying fan grinding noises! ), we found another one for it and it's the right voltage but when we turn it on the computer attempts to boot (it beeps like it's supposed to) but the video card doesn't send any signals to the monitor. Does anyone know how to disable the onboard ati rage turbo pro video card so I can use an expansion slot one?

A:My Hp Pavillion's onboard video card is fried!

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Need a little bit of help here! Ive just turned on a pc which I havent used in around 6 months, and its giving me SIGNAL ERROR. I have tried 2 graphics cards, 2 monitors but still. I have tried different RAM, no difference. The CPU is seated fine and fans working. PSU is giving power to IDE drives i.e dvdrw & hard drives. Tried different IDE cables... And the mobo cant be dead, the sound card is working, ethernet adapter is flashing..... Anyone got any ideas? If I get any good advice theres a few gigs of webhosting in it for ya Thanks all. Also I do not recieve any beeps... but my other computer is working fine I dont get beeps on that either!! lol

A:Signal Error, Ram, G card, cpu, mobo, psu are fine.... Still Signal error!

Try to replace the(COMS) baterry . It could be old ...

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I have a geforce 6100 that seems to be faulty. I got a new motherboard about 6 months ago and ever since it hasn't worked the same. When i play videos, there is something funny about them. It plays sometimes but then i go to minimize it and re open it and its only in one small corner of the screen. I have all the codecs plus driver updates. The only way it works well is wehn i turn the acceleration down to none. ALthough the screen is very blurry when it is full screen. I have also brought it to the shop and they "couldnt find anything".

The only thing i can think is faulty card and they do not wanna play for a new one. It is integrated int he motherboard.
ANy other options, ideas?

Thanks Josh

A:Faulty Video Card

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I recently bought and installed an ATI radeon 9550 256mb video card. Although there are no obvious problems with it whilst playing certain games Battlefield 2 for example the graphics get extremley glitchy and the game seems to run slow do you have any advice on what I can do??????

A:Is my video card faulty?

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Got this corruption in my display after about 2-3 hours of MW2 last night. This is the worst it's been so far, started as missing or incorrectly colored textures, started getting video lag during that session last night and then what you see in the picture.

This seems to have started when I built my new system but I think that may be because the old one wasn't PCIe 2.0 so it never really stressed the card...

A:Does this look like a faulty video card?

Looks like it is overheating might want to check the fan on the card and cooling on your system

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Hello, i've been having problems in the last few days, i recently upgraded the videocard and psu of my system to a 650w unit and a geforce 560 gtx card.It worked fine for about a week then suddenly im hit with lag everywhere i turn.I am now unable to watch videos/play games because of this.But before i go out and send my card back i would like to know for sure anyone got any ideas?

A:Faulty Video card?

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I've had my laptop for a little over two years. It's the HP Pavilion dv9535nr, specs in the link.

Since Friday, I've been having some serious issues with the graphics card. When booting up, the HP logo has some vertical yellow lines through it, and all console text has black splotches on the letters. Furthermore, in BIOS, there are grey lines and dots all over the screen. When I boot up to the OS, if I get that far, everything loads in VGA at the lowest possible resolution and color depth. Hardware manager shows that the device is not being used because of an error. This is clearly a hardware issue.

It's been going on like this on and off since last Friday. On Friday, I walked home in the rain with my computer on my back. My computer was in my Swiss Army backpack, and I assure you, nothing in my backpack was even slightly moist. I've been able to do everything I normally do when this loads properly, though sometimes some of the graphics on display are corrupted.

Today, I thought all was lost. Several times, I would close my computer, which should send it into suspend mode. However, when I reopened my computer, it would reboot itself. The third time it did this, I was unable to boot my computer with a functional video card. I tried taking the computer apart to see if I could get a look at the video card, but the screws seem designed to be less persuasive when taking them off, so I didn't get far enough to actually get a look at anything on the... Read more

A:HP Laptop Video Card Fried? Weird issue.

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I think i have a faulty video card, my computer will randomly restart when im installing new programs... any type of program, it will restart when its copying files during instalation. when it restarts the monitor wont turn back on. i have to shut the computer off for like a minute or two, and then turn it back on and sometimes the monitor will turn on, sometimes it wont. i have the latest drivers for my ATI radeon 7000. I am runing XP can anyone shed some light on this?

A:Question about a faulty video card

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I have an old XPS Gen2 laptop with a 6800 Go Ultra video card that is failing with memory errors. The card needs to be replaced because it either shows a black screen , or lots of artifacts when I boot up into Windows. The system will display fine when I boot to safe mode. This means that it must be able to support some low level activity OK. To get the laptop usable, I've disabled the video card, and I can now use it as a word processor, browser, etc. However, it is very slow to refresh the screen in this mode. I think I need to change the refresh rate. Is there any simple driver that I can use for this? If I re-enable the device it straight away starts to load the NVidia drivers when I restart, and I can't stop it. As I recall it used to be possible to use a different driver, but I don't know how this is done.

Any help would be great. Thanks

A:Faulty Laptop Video Card

The low level functions of the video card use a vga vesa driver
that does not activate the hardware accelleration.
The problems you ar e having when the driver loads indicates
bad hardware and not a driver problem.
Being as it is a 6800 go card,it is probably replacable.
It would need to be replaced with the exact same type of card,
but not necessarily the same model.
If you want to try a newer driver,you would need to uninstall the old
one from start/control panel/add remove programs.
Download a driver here.

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i turned on my Pavillion a1450n to find that when it booted up, the screen was covered in little green lines, but the boot screens were still somewhat readible. there were also flashing green letter "K"s all over the screen. i tried reseating my video card, and checking the all cables and monitor cords. i also tested it out on two monitors...same result. any suggestions before i go out and by another video card?

A:faulty monitor? video card?

My bet, bad video card because you are seeing it on the post screen

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