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Cannot install hp deskjet 6122??? Also Quicken will not print to network???

Q: Cannot install hp deskjet 6122??? Also Quicken will not print to network???

Dual question on the same machine, that might actually be related.

This machine is a laptop running xp pro, that is linked to a desktop also running xp pro...

The desktop is serving a printer over the network, that both machines can print to fine...

The laptop however, cannot print anything in quicken. No printers to select.

In addition, I cannot install this hp printer into the laptop though i am installing it accordin to the instructions. I first load the software, than when prompted, connect the printer, than it takes a while, but it eventually continues, and finishes the installation. However, the printer does not show up as an available printer in the control panel, and is nowhere to be found in the machine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and then uninstalling and removing th registry entries under software in regedit, and then reinstalling, but that did not work either. The computer is 2 weeks old. Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Cannot install hp deskjet 6122??? Also Quicken will not print to network???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi, I have a HP computer Model P7-1227c AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon (TM) HD Graphics 3.40GHZ 64 bit 0S Windows 7
I need Printer drivers for a HP deskjet 6122. I searched the HP website for driver download but was not successful. It had a substitute Hp 990c, but that was not available. I went to Printer and divces -add a printer- and still no success. Can anyone please help me? thank you

A:Deskjet 6122 drivers

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can anyone help me get my printer going?

A:Hp mini to hp deskjet 6122

Explain more in detail the pblm.

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The driver for my HP 6122 Deskjet is not available for Windows 8. Does anyone know a work around.

Thanks in advance

A:HP Deskjet 6122 driver

Apparently some people have had luck using the alternate Windows 8 driver for HP 990C

HP Deskjet 990c Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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I have a user who has a the printer stated in the title. I know that i am suppose to use the deskjet 990c driver in place of the 6122. Windows does not have this driver by default even though it is suppose to. So what i have done in the past is hit Windows
Update when Adding the printer and the 990c driver will then appear. For the past week everytime i click Windows Update i receive the following message: "Windows was unable to get a list of devices from Windows update. Please try again later". This is not
the first time i have had to install a 6122 on a windows 7 machine. I need the updated driver list.

A:Installing an HP Deskjet 6122 on Windows 7 64 bit

If you can deal with a cabinet (.cab) file, it's available for download from the Windows Update Catalog:

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What causes my Hp printer to double print? It was working well before it started double printing. The letters look awful and the pictures so dark you can't see them well. The paper only went through once! What happened? Hope someone can enlighten me. I've got a lot of printing to do. Thanks, lilart

A:HP deskjet 6122 double-printing

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My HP Deskjet 6122 printer, which I purchased in France and brought with me to the US, is blinking all it's lights when I first plugged it in here (i.e. the US).

Clearly, the printer can handle the voltage/watt differences and for the most part, the computer seems to recognize it (i think) but past that, when I try to print, it wait a few minutes, goes through the processes and just says there is a printer error. Meanwhile, all lights on the printer panel are blinking, in sequence, non-stop when the printer is on.

I called up HP support and they have mostly unhelpful. They suggested to change the power cord -- i tried that and it didn't make a difference. They suggested to change the cartridges -- I tried that and it did not work either. I even tried a couple of button-pressing manipulations, but my printer seems to ignore them.

I just don't know what to do! Can anybody, please, please, anybody out there help me? Is my printer doomed for the garbage bin???

A:HP Deskjet 6122 printer blinking all lights - HELP!

heres the info on blinking lights
but not much more info then you already have

looking at the manual http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/bpd09588.pdf power rating not a problem.

any paper stuck anywhere

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The printer is a usb printer several years old.

I'm not sure why my printer port says 'ECP printer port (LPT1).
I don't know what ecp means.

I had this printer working but then put in a new hard drive. I downloaded the driver from hp and ran it. I saw the printer in the printers' windows set as the default printer. But I get an error message saying the document failed to print.

When I unplug from the computer the USB to the printer and then plug it back in, I hear a tone. But I don't see a message saying new hardware found when I have uninstalled the ecp printer port (LPT1). Also the hp software doesn't detect the printer when installing the drivers for it.

I went into the registry and deleted hp deskjet 6122 in two places and then reinstalled after several attempts at trying to upgrade the driver to the one from hp and also from running the hp setup program to install the printer.

Should the printer usb cable be unplugged when running the HP software to install the printer if the ecp printer port (LPT1) device is removed?

Should I change the port from 'ecp printer port (LPT1)' to 'printer port (LPT1)?

Should I uninstall all my usb ports and then re-install them?

A:Solved: HP deskjet 6122, ECP printer (LPT1)?

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I am having problems printing from my Windows NT Workstation. I have uninstalled and installed the printer software and it still doesn't print. I have tried the printer on a WIN98 machine and it works fine.

I had this problem before and a tech told us that it was bad printer port so he installed a new one and it worked for a while but now we are back to the same problem. I also tired printing on LPT1 but it didn't work either. The new printer port that the tech installed is LPT2. Any suggestions?

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Hope someone can help as this is driving me mad!

Last night I went to print a document from my printer (HP Deskjet 1360) it failed to print. On checking control panel, the printer was showing as 'offline' but with no means of restoring it on line via right click menu.

I trawled the HP website and downloaded complete set of new Vista compatible drivers/installation software (all 106mb of it!) but printer still failed to print.

This time I received an error message stating that the printer cartridge on the right hand side was 'incompatible' which is confusing as both cartridges are HP originals.

I switched the PC off a while and when I rebooted I noticed that the printer, in Control Panel, was showing as 'ready' however attempting to print bought up the 'incompatible printer cartridge' error message.

I was thinking if the problem could lie with the USB cable linking printer and PC and if it would be worth replacing it. It would be a cheaper option that replacing the printer which I will have to do at this rate.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:HP Deskjet will not print

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I am running into a problem. I have recently purchased a new laptop that uses Windows Vista. I have installed my Quicken program and have been using it for a few weeks now. I decided to do some work at home and have loaded the drivers for my Lexmark x4550. Although I can print from Word and other programs I am unable to print reports from my Quicken program. Quicken wants to print to the Lexmark 3500-4500 on Ne05. Why is the Ne05 showing up? How do I get it to go away so that my reports will print from Quicken.

Thanks in advance.

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can anyone out there help me? I recently migrated from XP to Vista. I cannot print Quicken checks on my HP 5600 series printer. It will print other documents but not checks or check register.

A:Quicken print problem

There seem to be a lot of folks with printing problems in Quicken. Posting which version of Quicken you have may help. Where did you get the driver for your printer?

I don't print checks, but the other printing functions in 2009 R4 work for me. You might also want to visit the Quicken community. They have a separate for printing problems in Quicken, and it is very busy!

I can only speculate, but if the normal Quicken reports print without problems, maybe there is something about the check paper size or orientation or some other setting which is not compatible with your printer. Is it possible to use different formats or templates and just print to plain paper to see if you can get it to print something? That at least might be a place to start.

If you are using earlier versions of Quicken, it might be a factor.

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System: WindowsXP + SP2. Quicken 2004. Dell Dimension 3000 new. Canon BJC 2010 printer year 2000. HP 3-in-one scanner printer copier.
Problem: In Quicken this is the season to print year end reports for compiling records for Income Tax. Quicken compiles the reports without difficulty, but will not print from them. (In contrast, Word prints well, but it is necessary to go down menu to Canon BJC 2000 to get it to do so.) When I go to print one of my Quicken reports, I get first the usual window with a variety of options. The print options are four in number:
Canon BJC 2010 on....
ASCII Disk File
Tab-delimited Disk File
123 (.PRN Disk file.
The latter three seem to "print" to a file for storage on hard drive. The first seems ok, but my printer will not respond to it. I am unable to change the "2010" to "2000." In fact I can not change it to anything, for example neither to the "2000" nor to the HP psc 1210. I'd prefer to use the Canon if possible.
My question is, first, can you tell me how to get the Canon to respond, either by relabeling or in some other way? If it won't how do I get the HP to respond? By the way, I've been both to Canon support and Intuit support. The former at least is genial, but not helpful, the latter is their typical #$%@ to you attitude, and of course, never helpful.

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When I give print command in any application then firstly the message appears that "DOCUMENT FAILED TO PRINT" then I tried troubleshooting through Windows, I updated the drivers also but nothing helped so far.
Then after a gap of some time say three mins. approx., the document starts printing !
How to solve this problem and what is it all about?

A:HP Deskjet 5550 does not print in one go!

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I need to find a print driver for a portable HP Deskjet 340 that is compatible with Windows NT 4.0. I think the driver I'm looking for is called a "mini driver". Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!

A:Need HP Deskjet 340 Print Driver

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I've got a friend who can't print anything from Word Processors. The test page prints fine and pages from the internet print fine. I've tried re-installing the printer and the printer drivers and the word processors but to no avail. I checked the HP site and the diagnostic programs there say the printer is cabled correctly and communicating with the computer and has the right driver. When I tried to get an updated driver from HP the site said the driver on the MS XP install disk was the best one to use. The HP 810C is set as the default printer. When a file is sent from Word, Wordpad or Notebood the printer starts, the head moves back and forth and a blank sheet is output. Anyone got a clue?

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I have an HP deskjet 722C about 7 yr old that has a parallel connection only. I recently updated my 5 Y/O pc to a more current model that does not have a parallel printer port. The printer prints fine & I have several spare cartridges that cost a lot of $$ that i don't want to waste so I'm not eager to buy another printer. I therefore bought a parallel to usb cable hoping it would solve the problem. When i attached the cable, windows responded by recognizing it (good) & announced that it was installed correctly (good). I saw the printer in devices & printers (good) & set it as my default printer. However, when i try to print a document, everything seems to be fine, including print preview, but the printer is totally silent, not a peep. D&P shows 1 document in the cue, waiting for printing, but nothing happens. The printer seems to be the only link in the chain that does'nt know that everything is hunky dory.

Is there a simple solution to this or is the printer toast?

Thanks for any help.


A:HP deskjet refuses to print

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I bought an hp deskjet 697c printer from the thrift store w/no paper work manual or disc...it turns on & installed to my computer but won't print anything even a test page. On the spool it just says error & a balloon comes up that says printer failed to print document. I pushed the resume button & a page printed that said paper mismatch so I kno it works but why won't it print anything I send to it. I have done numerous troubleshooting...restarting computer...reseting printer..reinstalling port...changing ports...changing spool properties...checked all plugs & cables...ink is full & properly installed...i was going to install a new or different driver but it says that the proper driver is installed for this printer for windows xp which is what I have...nothing seems to work. Please help me resolve this problem I don't kno what else to try...Thank you

A:Hp deskjet 697c won't print

You can download the proper driver from here:


When it is downloaded, install it according to instructions. Will work better than installed XP driver.

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I was always able to print from Quicken when using WIN 95, 98, ME. Now that I'm using XP it won'r print. \I click print, it seems as if it's spooling, but nothing happens. I'm using Quicken 2002 and have an Epson printer. The only reason I mention the printer is that my wife was unable to print Quicken with XP and a different model Epson. Okay, fist we thought it had to be Epson so 3 calls to their tech dept. and a search of their website brought no results. The same with Intuit for Quicken. A brainstorm led me to try to borrow a different printer to see what happens. The only one I could borrow was, you guessed it, another Epson. Only this time it was a totally different and older model. Quicken worked just fine! I'm totally confused. By the way, both of our printers are using Epson's latest drivers for XP. Any help appreciated

A:unable to print quicken docs in XP

Hi nooyawkah,

Does this printer work with other software applications like word etc?

Maybe you could try this printer on a different computer to see if you may have developed a problem with it.


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Anybody have the solution to enabling Windows 7 to print with Quicken 2007? Quicken desk no help at all.  Don't seem geared up beyond Vista. Thanks

A:Quicken wont print with Windows 7

I had the exact same problem, I have an HP Photosmart C6280 printer, but I believe the following will fix your printing problem. Click the Windows (Start) button on lower left corner of your screen. Click the "DEVICES AND PRINTERS" (The next window that opens should show your printers.) Click on the one that has the Green check on it. This is your Default printer. Click on the Tab, "PRINT SERVER PROPERTIES"  Click on the "ADVANCED" Tab. Click on "CHANGE ADVANCED SETTINGS" Click "SECURITY" Tab. Click "CREATOR OWNER" Click the box to ALLOW to print. Click the "OK" button. Close all your open windows now and start Quicken. Open a report and print the report. Hopefully it will work for you, I know how frustrating it is to get many replies and some just are not accurate. But seeing how I have the same Quicken as you do, and I just got rid of Vista and installed Win7, we seem to be in the same boat. So like I said, hopefully this will correct your printing problems in Quicken.  Good Luck. Fred

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is a quicken problem:
Solution 1
When clicking Print Checks, the next Check # to be printed is displayed. Take note of the check #, and then click Cancel.From the Checking register, click Find and search for the check number.Edit the transaction(s) to include the correct check number, or remove the check # from the transaction.Print checks.
Solution 2
Click Edit from the menu bar, and choose Preferences > Quicken Program.Go to Register > Notify, and remove the check mark from ?Warn if a check number is re-used?Click OK.Print checks.

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My printer is a HP Deskjet F4400 series, bought it March of 2010, and lately it was making noises, but now it doesn't print anymore. When I was trying to print something, the paper starts then stops, and nothing else (the machinery) happens, then it becomes a pain to turn it off. Is my printer going, or could it be something else?

A:My HP Deskjet F4400 doesn't print

Double-post: is there anyone who can help?

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ok, got this beast for free, plugged it in, loaded drivers, went to print a test page and, there is some clicking noise, it loads a sheet of paper and then the yellow resume light flashes, no pattern, just constant blinking. A little later a message comes up on the monitor saying print failed blah, blah, etc.. I cancel the printing jobs, and the printer spits the blank sheet out.
Of course I'm thinking it was free for a reason, but it came from my wife's boss, he's replacing some printers and he's giving some of the old ones away, so is it busted, or am i missing something here.

A:Solved: HP Deskjet 648C won't print

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My HP deskjet 2210 won't print it does scan but it will not print. Cleaned everything ran the tests... Weird thing is that when I put the installation disc in it said it didn't support Windows 7..???

What can I do?? I need to print out something badly...

Also when I try to pull up printers and devices in control panel it takes forever!!

Please help!!

A:Solved: HP Deskjet 2210 won't print

I think that unit was introduced at least 1 1/2 years ago, so it makes sense that the included disk would not have Windows 7 support. Suggest you remove/delete whatever you have and install it fresh using the latest package.

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HP Deskjet will not print from Desktop but will from laptop
My HP Deskjet will not print from my desktop. I keep getting errors saying it is off or offline, but it is on and status is "ready" on the printers and devices menu. I can print from my laptopthrough the wireless network so I am a little confused. I have done all the HP trouble shooting senarios, uninstalled/reinstalled stopped and started the spooler etc etc. I really need to be able to print from my desktop for my business.
Please help, I really don't think I should have to be a IT to print at home!

A:HP Deskjet will not print from Desktop but will from laptop

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Parallel Cable...Printer is listed as default in Control Panel. LPT 1 port in properties. But no LPT 1 port listed in Systems..only COM port when I expand "Ports"...New motherboard yesterday. As soon as I try to print I get error message.."failed to print". Went to HP to download drivers...HP says no HP or Compaq products installed and nothing available in my language!!! Beats me. Any help? New cable maybe?

A:Solved: HP Deskjet 932C won't print

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My HP Deskjet will not print from my desktop. I keep getting errors saying it is off or offline, but it is on and status is "ready" on the printers and devices menu. I can print from my laptopthrough the wireless network so I am a little confused. I have done all the HP trouble shooting senarios, uninstalled/reinstalled stopped and started the spooler etc etc. I really need to be able to print from my desktop for my business.
Please help, I really don't think I should have to be a IT to print at home!

A:HP Deskjet will not print from Desktop but will from laptop

check it is set to the correct port in printer properties

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Hi, I just got a new desktop and the printer won't print.
It's running Windows 7 64-bit. (was running xp 32bit)
The printer is a HP Deskjet 710c connected using the parallel port connector,
it comes up under devices and printers and it adds items to the queue but never prints, i cant even print a test page.

A:HP Deskjet 710c won't print on new computer, what can i do?

Is it possible to connect via USB?

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I just changed the cartridges on my HP Deskjet 3820c and now it will not print,anything! This is my second HP printer so I know about changing cartridges.I have tried the color cartridge in another printer so I'm sure the color cart is OK,not sure about black.Both are new,not refilled.I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and drivers,I switched from Parallel to usb,performed a hard boot on the printer and tried to print a self test page recommended by HP.I have unplugged the printer,removed the cartridges,plugged in the printer and reinstalled the cartridges.I made sure that the copper strips were clean and undamaged.I cant get any useful help from HP without paying up front. Any Ideas? I have an Athlon 1GHZ on an elements 830cn Motherboard with an SIS 730 chipset,256MB ram,a WDC 40 GB HD,Maxtor 15 GB HD.

A:HP Deskjet 3820c wont print

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A refilled cartridge quit printing yellow so I pulled it and refilled all three colors, still wouldn't print yellow----cleaned, primed etc and no luck. Inserted a new cartridge (several months out of date) and still no yellow. Tried all the cleaning tips on HP's site to no effect.

Anyone have an idea??

Thanks, Jim

A:HP Deskjet 722C - Yellow won't print

It is likely that the Out if date and refilled cartridges are the problem if you have tried all cleanignroutines........try a new cartridge.

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Hello everyone,
Ok, basically I have an HP Deskjet 656c (also known as the apollo 2500/2600). The problem I have is that it will not print anything when running on the Windows XP O/S. I used to have it hooked up to my ME O/S machine and it worked fine. When I attempt to print off of any word processing program (even notepad) the printer just sits there, and it doesn't even get pooled. When I run it inside of the print assstant it feeds the paper through, and nothing is printed.

- I assumed that the driver CD that came with my printer, was for windows 95/98/ME/Millenium...SO I went to the HP site and downlaoded the driver that stated it was for the Windows XP O/S. I did a complete clean installation of it, following the onscreen and websites instructions. The same problem above had occured when I tried to re-print..

So basically I am not sure if it is my computer, O/S or the driver file?

Sorry for the long read, hope it was clear enough to understand...if not just post and Ill clarify anything

Thanks for reading!

P.S - I am running Windows XP Professional, and when I say clean install I mean removing it from add/remove, deleting it from the printers/faxes and also deleting files in the Program Files folder

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I have two HP Deskjet 3050 printers; one on main machine with Win7 Ult, and the other on backup machine with Win8 Pro OEM. I am running MS Office 2010 on both machines.

I have files with XL Spreadsheets created from MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

All versions of all XL spreadsheet files can be printed on both W7 and also on Vista, (prior to replacing it with W8).

W8 has the following problem:

1. All older version spreadsheets, (Excel 2003 & 2007), on W8 can be printed OK.

2. All new Excel 2010 spreadsheets created on W8 can be printed OK.

3. All existing Excel 2010 spreadsheets created on either Win7 or Vista by MS Office 2010, will not print on Win8.

When print preview is opened in the spreadsheet, it shows the section of the spreadsheet to be printed. If "Print" is clicked, a small window momentarily appears on the screen showing the print instruction has been sent to the printer.

In the "What's being printed" window, (found in Control Panel > Devices and Printers > What's being printed), the job is listed as queued to be printed, but nothing happens.

After 3 or 4 seconds, the queued job disappears from the "What's being printed" window.

I've discussed this with Hewlett Packhard, and spent an hour or more with them trying to trouble shoot it to no avail. HP believe it is an incompatibility issue with W8, and asked me to take it up with Microsoft , and also with this forum.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem ... Read more

A:HP Deskjet 3050 won't print spreadsheet

Update: The problem appears to be a security/compatibility issue.

1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet in Windows 7 using MS Office 2010

2. Open it in either Windows 7 or 8. Then click: File > Check for Issues > Click: Inspect Docment.

Nore: Compatibility is green ticked to show no issues.
3. As a result of the inpsection, the following identical problems are shown in both Windows 7 & 8.

4. With this information left intact the document can be printed in Windows 7 but not in Windows 8.

5. In Windows 8, when attempting to print it, no error message comes up. However, it shows the document queued to be printed, in: Control Panel > Deskjet Printer > See what's printing. However, after 4 or 5 seconds, the item disappears from the queue.

6. If the data is removed completely, the document prints OK in Windows 8.

As I have large numbers of such Excel files I will have to manually change every one of them to print successfully on Windows 8; and this is impractical.

I tried to talk to Microsoft Australia by phone but they said if the job was sent to the printer and was queued, there was nothing wrong in W8, and would not discuss it any further.

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Microsoft to report the problem in full detail to them?

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Hi, just had printer delivered and it won't print, gives constant paper jam errors when there aren't any paper jams, won't turn off and the light won't stop flashing. When says onscreen that it's deleting printjob, takes forever, and am having to reboot computer a couple of times before printjob finally isn't listed. Only way can turn printer off is to unplug power. Haven't been able to print anything, even when the paper jam messages aren't coming up and it looks onscreen as if it's printing.

Cartridges don't seem to be sitting right ... would have thought would be fully underneath at the left, but one cartridge is showing, and every time I try to press the power-off button or cancel-button, the cartridges clunk as if are trying to sit underneath, but don't. Not sure if printer's taken a bash on way here; box was bit old-looking. Have looked at all the information, and have emailed HP's tech support, but no idea how long it could be until hear back, so wanted to post as had very helpful replies previously. Fed up, got some stuff really need to print out!
Thanks, Cat

A:HP Deskjet 3650 won't print or turn off

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My HP 697C printer will not print anything in color. The default settings under printer properties show to be "Normal" and *Automatic". I just read on one of your threads that it is important to occasionally print in color to prevent the cartridge from drying out - I was unaware of this and I usually change the settings each time to "EconoFast" and "Print in Grayscale" when I print web pages and etc. The color cartridge is about a year old and very seldom used, The last time I remember actually printing in color was probably about 2-3 months ago, and prior to that I had never experienced this type of problem. I did not notice any changes in the quality of the color at that time (fading etc.) When a cartridge dries out does it happen gradually with the color fading with each printed page or what ?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!

A:HP Deskjet 697C will not print in color

Hi Kraft
Yes a color cartridge can just dry out quickly and not work. You should try printing a test page from your printer to double check. Most HP printers have some type of self test print you can run by pushing the buttons on the control panel. Check in your instruction book to find out how to run yours. If you still have no color you know its not windows or a driver causing you a problem. BOL

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A friend has a HP 560C running on an old 486dx. When he tries to print an email out everything works fine except that the bottom line of print doesn't print correctly. It prints the top 10% or so of the line but the rest is a combo of blur and non print. I checked the printer settings but could find no settings in there that I felt would affect the bottom print line. Never did find any scaleable margins or page size which I thought might help. Page size seemed to be preset .
The system uses Win95 O.S., not enough memory to upgrade to 98, and he uses explorer and web based email through Juno.

I did try to print from Eduro and the page printed in its entirity, but we ended up with the header info. Tried copy/paste and lost the last line when printing out of word pad or note pad.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

A:HP Deskjet 560C Print problem

What browser are you using to print from? Check the settings in the browser itself because it's not a printer problem. Have you also tried a different version of the same driver?

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I'm trying to get a total for the money my brother in law's business has taken in for the month. I can't figure out how or which quicken report to use. I've tried filtering for month accounts paid, but then it doesn't show a total...it goes to zero. Any suggestions...Thanks

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Been using HP Deskjet 3845-works well until I accidentally deleted the HP driver 14mb's in my downloads-I restored it but now, it is not printing and I have flashing green light--any tips?

A:HP Deskjet 3845 won't print after deleting hp driver

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i have had numerous problems in deleting print jobs from the printer queue. they seem to get hung up and just keep printing page after page of special characters. i have tried canceling the job. power the printer on and off. unplug the printer cable. sometimes i have had to do all 3 numerous times before the print job will clear all the while wasting paper and ink. i don't see any updates to the driver.

any suggestions


A:deleteing print jobs on hp deskjet 895e

You could always try turning the spooler service off...then turning it on again. Or simply delete/uninstall the printer and software...and then reinstall it.

I believe that's what I do at times (i don't print often and don't really remember).


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I'm hoping someone here has some better ideas - I'm pretty tech savvy and this one has me totally defeated.

I have a home business and I use a wide format printer, an HP Deskjet 510c that was working great via a small print server running on a Raspberry Pi until 2 days ago. I was experiencing some lag with a software program that is specific to my business and my husband decided he would be helpful and "fix" it. He has no idea what he did but now I can't print to this printer even when it's directly connected to my PC.

I am not having any issues printing to the other printer, a wireless standard-size laser printer.

Jobs just don't show up in the queue at any paper size other than 8.5 x 11 when the printer only has a 42" roll, not 8.5 x 11 sheets. There seems to be no way to tell it that it contains a roll because when I select the correct paper size from the print dialog box, it simply doesn't put the job in the queue. The printer itself is set up for the roll and knows the roll is there. I can get it to print a test page or a single line of text from notepad, provided I tell it the media size is 8.5 x 11, which it then prints on a 42" x 11" strip of paper without protest.

What we've tried:

1. Uninstalled and reinstalled driver. Printer no longer has drivers on HP's website so apparently husband found one on some 3rd party site (sigh).

2. Updated all relevant software and windows updates

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Help! I just refilled my HP DESKJET 3847 (ink cartridges 27 and 28) for the first time right after the ink levels were shown low and the red does not print at all! Only the yellow, blue and black ink shows. Everytihng was printing perfectly fine until I refilled it. Is it possible that there might be air bubbles inside the RED channel or something blocking it from the REd from going out? Or I refilled it too quickly? Whatever the cause is, can there be a solution to solve this problem?

I already did all the "cleaning Cartridge" tests and procedures both from the software setup and physically as well with the q-tip dabbed with warm water and rubbing alcohol. i even used my lexmark rubber nozzle to suck out some ink, even though it was too small for the HP cartridge, some ink did eventually go out and the RED printed for a while but about half page it just faded away into YELLOW.

Does anyone know an alternative solution into fixing this? Thank you for your time.

**EDIT**: When I was sucking out the ink several times, sometimes it would be blue, red, yellow, and green. All in all, there would always be bubbles bubbling up in the syringe. Should that be normal?

A:HELP! My 1st HP Deskjet 3847 refill doesn't print RED!!

Sounds like a faulty cartridge....You will probably have to replace it or exchange it for another new one.

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i have a usb to lpt?? (old big printer plug) cable which connects my printer to my computer.
this works when connected to my XP machine.

but i have plugged into my new 7 machine and it wont work.

I have tried and failed at adding via network from 7 machine (printer connected to XP machine).

I have just tried plugging the printer into the 7 machine, printer and devices shows an IEE-1284 controller windows continues and installs to hp deskjet 710c, but doesnt print anything.
i try to add a printer and use the 'virtual printer port for usb', it installs and says its working, but it wont print anything.

any hints or help greatly appritiated.

A:help HP deskjet 710C wont print from 7 machine

It would very much be of great assistance if you could fill out your specifications on your system profile. This allows us to answer your questions knowing a bit about your system and reduces asking questions over and over. Also if you ask a question and have to go off and do other things the last thing you want is more questions to answer when the idea was to get your problem solved.

So no the questions begin, what version of Windows 7 are you using 32 or 64 bit? How are you converting your LPT connection, is it by means of a Centronics LPT to USB connector? IF that is what you are using it had problems working in Vista 64 bit so I imagine it hasn;t changed in Windows 7. It needs a real LPT connection.

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Thx in advance for input :

error writing to LPT 1
unknown system error

comments : I have external Iomega Zip drive and HP ScanJet 5P as part of my system. The printer starts to print word document and stops mid stream. In the past I have shut down computer, restarted and it works. I'm thinking of uninstalling printer and scanner and reinstalling. In the past I have had .dll error messages(I may have inadvertently deleted some .dll a while back when moving scanner files from C drive to Zip drive, my system has never been the same since.) Your consideration is appreciated and lunch is on me if we ever meet.

A:{SOLVED} HP Deskjet 722C print problem

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I have been using the DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 printer and recently I have been receiving the '' attention required'' message. Though there is no problem with the wireless connection or cartridge, it says '' this is a web services printer'' and does not provide the print.
Your assistance will be appreciated.

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Moved my HP Deskjet 5550 from win 98 to XP using a parallel to USB cable. Obtained latest drivers and installed. Test print and calibration both correct but won't print out anything but first centimeter on page before ejecting in any other application. Print preview (even the HP supplied one) shows one page correctly but print queue lists it as 3 pages!

Is this to do with XP the cable or what? Have uninstalled and reinstalled - same problem. Have checked page set up in application and printer and all appears correct.

Can't understand why test page correct but nothing else!

Any help welcome!

A:Solved: Deskjet 5550 won't print properly

Umm... okay, when you say 'parallel to USB', do you mean a USB/Parallel adaptor? If so, why not just use a USB cable, since the 5550 has an either/or system? (I have 2 of these machines, one of which is plugged into two computers - one through the parallel, one through the USB.)

Remember though, since the 5550 has both jacks available, you have to chose which setup to use when doing so. If you are using a parallel to parallel hookup, the printer has to be plugged into the parallel jack and powered on while the software is being installed. If you're trying to plug it in via a USB to USB connection, you must install the software BEFORE plugging the machine into the USB jack - the install will tell you when to plug it in. If you are using a USB/Parallel adaptor, ITS OWN software must be installed first. The adaptor then needs to be plugged into the computer, and THEN you plug the printer into the adaptor and power it up, followed by installing the software via the Parallel to Parallel method.

Now, the other thing to remember is to either use the 5550's install disk to remove the software, or simply delete the 5550's icon from the Printer's and Faxes listing on your Control Pannel. I do NOT reccommend using "Add or Remove Software" for printers, since this program can remove too much, such as registry information from Windows.

Good luck!


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My laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium installed and I can't get it to print to my HP Deskjet 995C. When I try to print, I get a 0.0000007a error message. HP website says this printer is not supported in Windows Vista. Is there any way I can work around this or do I need to go out and buy a new printer?

A:Can't print to HP Deskjet 995c from windows vista

Have you installed drivers for the printer? I think one of theses is your printer and vista drivers are available http://h20180.www2.hp.com/apps/Look...1&h_query=Deskjet+995C&submit.x=10&submit.y=7

Post back if it still doesn't work.

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For some reason when I started to use the above printer today I got the error message up about the spool subsystem app not running. I googled the message and have tried everything to get it working that was on the Microsoft website. I have stopped the spool running and restarted it to no avail. I booted up in Safe mode and proceeded to follow the instrucions on MS `s site deleting all the registry keys it stated, but it still keeps appearing, can anyone please help me?

I am running XP Home SP3, and until this morning was running fine..

A:Solved: Hp deskjet cannot print (spool error)

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