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SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

Q: SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

We look at dual card graphics and PC gaming. When you add a second card, which cards are faster? Which scale better? And which can you actually stand to have in your system?

Graphics cards have gotten faster and added more features. So we have to ask the question: is it really worth adding a second GPU to your system? Will you get enough of a performance boost to justify the extra power draw and added cost? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. It all depends on what games you’re running, how much you dial up features like anti-aliasing, whether you’ve dived into the world of stereoscopic 3D and what monitor you’re running.

Perhaps the most important factor in the decision is display resolution. If you’re running a 1680x1050, 22-inch display, a single midrange or high end card will get the job done. Adding a second GPU is overkill. If you’ve got a 30-inch, 2560x1600 display and want to crank up the AA and postprocessing features, then that second GPU can be a big help.

Stereoscopic 3D, like Nvidia’s 3D Vision, demands more performance as well, since you’re effectively doubling the frame rate requirements of a game. Most 3D displays currently available max out at 1920x1080, however, so the performance demands aren’t overly onerous.

Games themselves are evolving and adding more features. You can see that in a title like Just Cause 2. Still a DirectX 10 title (and it requires DX10 or higher), Just Cause 2 adds a host of postprocessing effects that can demand much from your graphics card. Toss in DX11 titles, like Aliens versus Predator or STALKER: Call of Pripyat, and frame rates can plummet as you add features. So that second GPU can indeed contribute to the overall experience.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s take a look at our SLI and CrossFire X candidates.

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Preferred Solution: SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

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A: SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

Don't really need to read the rest of that article - SLI scaling outperforms crossfire by a wide margin across a wide range of titles.

It's a crying shame says the Crossfire user

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SLI vs CrossFire: Which Dual-Card Setup is Best?

We look at dual card graphics and PC gaming. When you add a second card, which cards are faster? Which scale better? And which can you actually stand to have in your system?

Graphics cards have gotten faster and added more features. So we have to ask the question: is it really worth adding a second GPU to your system? Will you get enough of a performance boost to justify the extra power draw and added cost? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. It all depends on what games you?re running, how much you dial up features like anti-aliasing, whether you?ve dived into the world of stereoscopic 3D and what monitor you?re running.

Perhaps the most important factor in the decision is display resolution. If you?re running a 1680x1050, 22-inch display, a single midrange or high end card will get the job done. Adding a second GPU is overkill. If you?ve got a 30-inch, 2560x1600 display and want to crank up the AA and postprocessing features, then that second GPU can be a big help.

Stereoscopic 3D, like Nvidia?s 3D Vision, demands more performance as well, since you?re effectively doubling the frame rate requirements of a game. Most 3D displays currently available max out at 1920x1080, however, so the performance demands aren?t overly onerous.

Games themselves are evolving and adding more features. You can see that in a title like Just Cause 2. Still a DirectX 10 title (and it requires ... Read more

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basically i bought a 1900xtx long time ago and i am thinking about adding in the 2nd vid card. is there a way to tell or find out if i bought the master card or not? cause i can't remember.

another quick question, if i could get the 2nd vid card for around 100-150 would it be money well spent as an upgrade?

A:how do i know if i bought a crossfire master card or just crossfire ready card?

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Hello, thanks for looking at my post.

I was just wondering which would be better for a dual screen setup? a R9 270X 4GB or a R9 280X 3GB?

Thanks for your time.

A:Which card for a dual screen setup?

whats your purpose of 2 screens? gaming, or just general use? if gaming, are you gaming on both monitors?

personally, i dont like the 280x... drivers are terrible. i would go with a gtx 770 or 780 if budget allows.

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I am trying to setup my computer to use two monitors. I have one video card installed (NVIDIA GeForce4MX 420 PCI) which supports dual monitor capability. I have a second card installed (ATI 3D RAGE IIC PCI), however windows xp will not install the card. It tries, but it says that there is a problem with it and the device manager tells me that the "Device cannot start (code 10)" I updated windows tried to reinstall the device, troubleshooting, nothing seems to be working here...Any suggestions?

A:Dual Video Card Setup

Have a look here.

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Any software or anything I can do to make this work with a generic graphic card? Right now I can clone the screen but that is about it. The resolution is a mess.
The card I have is a leadtek winfast a280 but no luck with finding W7 drivers.

A:dual screen setup with generic gfx card?

hey sorry but i cant really help, but maybe u could help me , i have a lap that clones the screen by it self and it switch all the time and the res is mess up to , if u can tell me how to colne one maybe i can figure out how to stop it thanks, sorry i cant help

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I have a dual monitor setup, which works great...the only "kinda" issue is that the 2nd vid card setup for the 2nd monitor is always max'd out. Nothing "runs" on that monitor that would need this type of power from the vid card. Anyone know why or how to throttle it back down to idle speeds?

Mind you, my setup is an SLi setup, but the main vid card which is the main screen...runs at idle.

Example app: Browser on the main screen, vid #1 (main screen) is idle speeds, vid #2 (2nd monitor) is running at max speed - with nothing on the screen.

Don't know if it's an Win7 issue or a Nvidia issue.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

A:Dual Monitor Setup, 2nd Video Card always max'd

What happens if you swap the monitors?


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i have set up dual monitor configurations in windows 98 (SE) before with nearly identical hardware, but am having trouble this time.

i have an MSI geforce-2 64mb AGP card as my primary video card. it has been working fine. i put in a 4mb PCI ATI all-in-wonder card to use as a secondary and hooked a monitor up to it. when i restarted, the bootup screen came up on the second monitor, something i had never seen before. i installed the drivers and restarted. now my desktop is only on the second monitor and device manager doesn't even see my geforce any more. it its place are two "3D RAGE PRO AGP 2X", which doesn't make sense because the card is PCI. under display properties, it also says i have two of the same card. on my primary monitor is the "windows has successfully initialized this display adapter..." message. i want to use my geforce as the primary and my ATI as the secondary. any ideas? please help.

A:video card problem in dual-monitor setup

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Turning on HDMI 3rd monitor screws up the Display 1 & 2 which are VGA and DVI

I usually have Skype open and 2 browsers. Monitor 1 on DVI for work and monitor 2 is VGA for facebook Twitter and that kind of stuff and Skype under the browser on monitor 2 and monitor 3 is on a second/separate video card hooked up to HDMI used for music videos and cctv cameras.

As of lately when I turn on the HDMI monitor all the programs switch sides.

Skype will move from the lower right side of monitor 2 over to the lower right side f monitor 1
The browser thats on monitor 2 will switch over to monitor 1 and the browser that was on monitor 1 will swap sides from monitor 1 over to #2.

The 3rd monitor is sometimes used for music videos but currently it is hooked up to a CCTV DVR on the DVR VGA hookup so it even does this when the TV (Monitor 3) is not on HDMI mode for the computer.

I can turn monitors 1 and 2 on and off 1000 times and nothing will happen but as soon as I turn on the HDMI everything swaps sides.

Why would powering on HDMI display do this and how can I stop open programs from swapping sides on monitor 1 & 2 when I turn on the TV (Monitor 3) even if its not in HDMI mode when powered on?

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Hi All,

Looking forward to setup crossfire for the first time on my rig.
Specs are as follows:
Core i7 920, 2 x WDVR 150GB, 12GB DDR3, Corsair HX1000W and Vista HP x64/Win7 Ultimate X64- intend to crossfire two Sapphire R4890's.
Are there any issues I should be on the lookoput for? Can anyone also tell me the correct orientation for the crossfire connectors?

Look forward to any responses


A:Crossfire Setup

Originally Posted by smarteyeball

Some games can have varying degrees of graphical glitches when using CF/SLI. On the odd occasion it can cause crashes in some games, but these are usually sorted by drivers and patches, or by disabling CF/SLI.

Some people complain about 'micro-stutter' , although I've never had an issue with it.

You can't run 3 monitors with CF enabled (I believe the same goes for SLI )

Two cards = Twice the noise. Twice the power usage as well.

Not all games scale well with CF/SLI. In fact some games run better with a single GPU. Again this is usually sorted by drivers and patches.

Generally speaking though, CF/SLI works very well and the performance increase can be very noticeable.

And you only need to use one crossfire bridge. This goes on the connectors closest to the rear of the case. It doesn't matter which way up it is.

As for the power connectors, for the first card use the 2 hardwired 6+2 pin plugs. For the second card, use the blue modular cables and connect them into the 12V1 rail. (That's the recommended load distribution by Corsair)

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I have two Asus eax1650xt video cards and a KA3MVP motherboard that I would like to set up with Crossfire. Everything seems to be set up correctly but I get this error in ATI Catalyst Control " The crossfire bridge interconnects linking your crossfire graphic boards have not been connected properly?
Any help on how to set up the boards ?

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guys my board only supports xfire and I'm currently sporting a gtx 460 I want to go with a xfire setup and have been offered a hf 4890 or I could sell the card and spend 40 more on a hd5770 any ideas as the performance seams pretty similar on both cards

A:I want to go with a Crossfire setup

How important is DX11 to you?

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I have a ECS A-780GM-A(with the 3200hd IGP) motherboard and just purchased a ATI 4850 GPU and was wondering, How the heck do i set up hybrid crossfire()?

Any help would be much appreciated

A:Hybrid Crossfire setup HELP!


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Hey I was wondering if anybody had a guide to setup ati crossfire, I currently have an x800xt and a Asus A8R-MVP. I was wondering what I needed to buy to get the crossfie setup completed.

A:HOWTO: Setup ATI Crossfire

Its looks like the 800xt is not on the support list. edit I see a 800xt there sorry it may work you need 2 off them
look here for more how it works and FAQ.

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Just curious who is running a CrossFire setup. What kinda of 3DMark06 scores are you guys getting? What are your Crysis framrates like? Etc. My second 3870 will be in tomorrow, I will report back.

A:So who's running a CrossFire setup?

helo mate,

well im not on a crossfire setup just yet but am planning to go crossfired soon, maby with the same cards you mentioned im not sure yet. i would like to hear about crysis perfomance as that is my main reason for an upgrade from a single x1900.

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I have connected the cards with a crossfire bridge, and I've tried installing them one at a time. I have reinstalled catalyst multiple times and have gone back to older versions. However no matter what I've tried I just can't seem to get the crossfire tab to appear in catalyst.

Here are my specs:

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8173 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, 1024 Mb (two of them)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 61054 MB, Free - 8361 MB; E: Total - 1907625 MB, Free - 1662166 MB; G: Total - 1430795 MB, Free - 687286 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P8P67 LE
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

PSU is 850 watts.

If you can think of any odd or not so odd things (but don't tell me to stand on my head) that I might have missed or could try in order to make crossfire work I would greatly appreciate it.

This is the first time I've built a computer, and though it's been running fine for half a year now I only just realized I needed the bridge about a week ago and today is the day that I tried to get it working.

Also the bridge and the cards are all from XFX if that makes any difference.

Thank you!

A:Solved: Having issues with crossfire setup

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Not sure how to enable hybrid crossfire...I have 1 4850 card in a HAO7 Ultra board (790gx chipset). I gather I can run them together...?
Do I need to specify anything but "auto" in setup..? Do I need to use the shorting card that came with the mainboard in the other slot..? Do I hookup the monitor to the onboard vga?

Totally lost and no time....
TY in advance

A:Hybrid Crossfire...? Setup, Basic.

Have you read your manual? Page 24 of the online manual explains how to enable hybrid cross fire.

In short you set primary dual slot config to auto. No you do not need a bridge. Where would you connect the bridge to anyway?

FWIW I would not mess with this and just use your real video card.

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I can't figure out which one I want to get. I play WoW, so I know that it doesn't really matter for that, but I also like to play FPS and other graphics heavy games. I searched the forum for other topics, but all I found was one from 2005, apparently before Crossfire tech. was introduced. Any help I could get deciding would be much appreciated. Thanks!

A:Dual SLI vs. ATI Crossfire

Another thing I was wondering about is: do ATi GPUs work with Intel chipsets? All the ones I have looked at say they need AMD MOBO. I am trying to learn as much as I can about these things, so any input would be much appreciated.

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My girl just got herself a A6-3400M notebook. It comes with AMD Radeon HD 6520g + AMD Radeon HD 6750m Dual Graphics. I'm having a hard time understanding how they work. Do I have to enable the crossfire somewhere or they're already crossfired out of the box? Is there any kind of setting where I would decide which gpu is primary/secondary or that's just not up to me to decide? According to msi afterburner, during a game session(Trine), the only gpu being used is the 6520g, while the 6750m just sits there, doing nothing. Last question, and perhaps the most important: when downloading drivers on AMD's website,

Under "find a driver" tab, after choosing "notebook graphics" on the first field, should I select "A-series APU" or "HD Radeon Series" on the second field?

Guys, I'm completely lost here. Any light on the subject would be most welcome. In the meanwhile, I'll try to get her more demanding games and see if we can wake up the 6750m.

Thanks in advance

A:APU's dual graphics - how to enable Crossfire?

did you install the newest Catalyst driver or you just downloaded it? Do the "automatically detect and install"

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Im currently building a desktop computer. havent decided on the motherboard but im getting 16gb of 1600mhz corsair vengence RAM, 8 core 3.6ghz zambezi AMD, dual radeon 6990's with crossfie, 1300 watt psu, and liquid cooling. How fast would this setup run minecraft? the motherboard is going to be pci.e 3.0 capable i know that much, with support for up to 32bg of ram

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Hello, I was wondering if crossfire 7970s would run these monitors without lag.

EDIT:Sorry about the wrong categorey

A:Will crossfire amd sapphire 7970s run dual 27"?

Hi Rick, I can quite confidently say 2x 7970s would run any dual 27" monitors no matter how high the resolution.

You will have no worries there.

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So basically i did bunch of dual display setups before but using two video cards or using one video card with two outputs but this is the FIRST TIME im trying with a built in intergrated card and a PCI card.

Heres the issue.

I hooked up the PCI video card and when i plugg both monitors in, the intergrated video card gives a yellow exclamation point in the device manager and nothing shows up on the monitor. Only the PCI video card shows signal..

I tried un-installing both cards, redoing it from ground up, tried disabling and renabling both cards but only one monitor shows up and that is the PCI card.
What do you guys think?



Check that the on-board video is enabled in the Bios.

It's possible you can't have both working at the same time, should be able to check this if you know what motherboard it is.

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Ive read the Instructions on how to setup XP to dual-boot with Vista...
However, im concerned (and someone mentioned it happened to them in the thread)
that when XP SETUP is finished with the TX part of setup and reboots PC to go into the
rest of setup (GUI XP SETUP)) it wont continue....?
is this right>? ive read elsewhere that if the partitions for XP are created in Vista that it wont boot into the rest of setup....

I could make the partition during XP setup if this will help?


A:Vista/XP Dual Boot - Will XP setup continue into GUI setup after reboot of 1st part.?

When I did my dual boot [using win2k / vista] I used an existing partition that was created by vista. No problem at all. It is a little more difficult than say installing win2k after xp however as long as you follow the instructions there are no problems.

As always make an image of your system before you start. This way if something does go wrong, it is a simple matter to restore the image and be back where you started from.

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First off thanks for taking the time to help me on this. I just recently started using a dual monitor setup. The whole reason I wanted to run this was so that I could run a web page while i was running a game. It did not take me long to realize the inadequacies of my foresight in this quest for freedom from alt tab quirks, like the mouse not syncing with the game reticle (how is that word spelled!?) or color skewing, because the game locks the mouse inside the window the game is running in. So panning over is a no go. My question is whether or not there is a way that I can set up a dual mouse system. I have a custom built computer. My main monitor is plugged into my graphics card and my off monitor is just plugged into the HDMI port on my motherboard.

A:Dual screen dual mouse setup for Game and web page use

If anyone has any other ideas let me know. I have never seen the setup Willburforce is looking for.

You can plug multiple mice into a PC, and both will work, however, both will control the same single mouse pointer. Even if you had a mouse and a touchscreen, the mouse's pointer will immediately go to your finger the second you touched the screen.

Anyone else....

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Hey Guys, I have a Saphire 5770 1gig DDR5 from ATI. I am thinking of an upgrade and unsure of which route to take.

Should I go for a new single card or follow the less expensive option and buy a second 5770? Anyone running two of these cards?

Any tips on the best card to go for at the moment, taking into account new releases at the top end, I was thinking that its a good time to do this upgrade. My exsisting system is AMD 1090T x6 , Crossfire Formula iv mobo, 8gig ram and an 850w psu

A:New card or crossfire

Hi MR PINK ... nice name

Only my personal opinion but as your running two 22" Monitors I would invest in one high end GPU, looking at your spec you should have no problem.

Something for you to look at > PassMark Software - Video Card Benchmarks - High End Video Cards

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Hello, folks! I'm thinking about getting a second HD4850 for a CrossFire setup, and I've never used a dual-card setup before, so I'd like to hear some tips and opinions. Right now, the card and motherboard I'm using are:

ASUS EAH4850/HTDI/512M Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card (with DuOrb aftermarket cooler)

ASUS P5K DELUXE/WIFI-AP LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

The second card I'm thinking about getting is:

POWERCOLOR AX4850 512MD3-DH Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card

I'm aware from looking around that it's kosher to combine two cards from different manufacturers that have the same GPU. Is this true? The two cards really only differ in specs in terms of clock speed--the PowerColor has a clock of 635, compared to the ASUS' 625, but I should be able to easily squeeze another 1.6% out of the ASUS to match it.

So, my main questions are:

1) Is this a good second card for a CrossFire setup?
2) The motherboard, which is touted to support CrossFire, has one PCI-E x16 slot and one x4 slot. Is it worth it to use CrossFire on this board? I know there are boards out there with more capable CrossFire support.
3) Will a OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W power supply with 4 +12V rails @ 18A be sufficient to power these babies?

Thanks in advance!!

A:Solved: Second Card for Crossfire

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Ok, I need peoples opinions on this..

Currently I have had no need to upgrade my ATI XFX Radeon HD 5770, I know its not a high-end card and more of a high-end of the middle end graphics cards but it serves me well on all my games at very acceptable FPS (especially as I overclock as I have a big cooling system with water cooling and 5 120MM fans)..

Recently however I have seen some very resonable offers for other 5770's on various websites so I have been considering buying another so I can crossfire it and hopefully extend my card/s lifetime another year or so..

However I can't decide whether it would be better simply to buy a newer card and replacing my old one rather than get another of the one I already have.

So I was wondering what people think,

Should I buy another HD 5770 and use ATI Crossfire or wait a while and replace it with a newer more powerfull card?


A:New Graphics Card or go Crossfire?

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 Can NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 be crossfired?If yes how to do it?

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I want to get a new video card, specifically an Radeon HD series card with DX10.

On Newegg, they have really cheap ones (As low as $35).

I only want to spend in total $100-$120 on a video card. Which is better, the 2 lower-end ones with CrossFire, or 1 better card?

Single card:

Or 2 of these:


Also, in the description for the single card, it says "Single Slot Fansink", and in the CrossFire cards it says "Low-profile with single slot active cooler". What do these mean?

Also, this is for gaming.

One more thing. Would it be better than my current card, which is a GeCube Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB PCI-E DX9.

A:CrossFire or Single Card?

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Yello peeps.

My current desktop has a Geforce GTX 660 card inside and I wanna know if I get better graphics if I were to change it to my two Radeon HD 7870 cards?

I welcome any answer.


A:SLI/Crossfire vs single card.

Better off buying a better GPU SLI/Crossfire has too many issues i used to have a Crossfire set up in the end i went with a single card and also a second card is only 25% usable maybe up to 40%usable so the second card is kind of wasted because your not getting full use of it

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I want to upgrade my homebuilt computer's Graphics,
Currently I have a Ati Radeon X1950 pro 256mb in http://www.sapphiretech.com/us/products/products_overview.php?gpid=168&grp=3

My problem is should I buy another X1950 pro and run them both in crossfire?
Buy a new card?

If I was going to get a new card I was thinking about getting the Geforce 9800 GTX, or something similar.

Which would be better?

A:Is it worthit going crossfire or should I just get a new card?

I think you should getting 9800, it would be better.
Because 580w Power can not supply 2 X1950 PRO graphics cards!

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Ok so I had purchased one R9 270x and I enjoy the quality so I bought another one to run Crossfire, well I understand it should be super easy to just put the other card in and bridge and good to go. But not for me, some reason the 2nd card isnt installing right or something. I have unistalled everything and tried a bunch of times and not luck, even tried running the newer card (the 2nd one) by itself but no picture from it. And the PC beeps a few times when I try to run that one alone. Not sure whats going on.

A:Crossfire/Card Install Problems

First of all, no one [other than you] has any idea what we are attempting to fix. Post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb installed, exact cpu installed, exact pw supply installed, etc, etc. Note do not post 500W pw supply; post the exact make and model.

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What is the best setup for running dual monitors with dual video cards?

Plug one monitor into one card and the other into the second card with Crossfire off, or turn on Crossfire and plug both monitors into the same video card?

Both monitors are the same.

A:Dual Monitor Setup w/ Dual ATI 4870x2

crossfire on, same card

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my beloved a64 box has stood by me for 3 years, but now i have to use serious software for school (video editing, flash, photoshop, autodesk) so i need a stronger machine... i still need to figure out the specs ill need but i have one main question at this point, KVM switches.

right now (in the a64) i have a radeon 9800 256 pushing 2 monitors at 1280*1024 and a kvm switch that allows one monitor, the keyboard and mouse to click to my linux box when i hit scroll lock twice fast. is there a such switch that could switch BOTH monitors and keyboard and mouse AND sound between my a64 box and future dual core intel? (or whatever you guys recomend lol)

A:dual system- dual monitor setup

You could get a better AMD processor if it is a socket 939 and then there would be no need for a new motherboard, a Skt 939 Athlon X2 would be good, if you dont wanna upgrade ur mobo.

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I have bought a new graphics card, a x850 xt. Although the website i purchased it from made no mention of it being crossfire it appears that it is. I'am wondering whether this will work in my non-crossfire motherboard, Asus P5B.

I'm unsure as to whether you can run a crossfire card but not in crossfire mode, ona normal motherboard.

Thanks for help.

A:Crossfire Graphics card compatability issue

Yes you can run this card in a non crossfire board. Crossfire is just for "linking" 2 cards on boards that support it but your not required to have a crossfire board. The only thing is if you don't have a crossfire board you can't expect to go and buy another video card and just plop it in your machine you have to upgrade the MB.

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Had a XFX Radeon HD 6770 in one slot, and below it was a SIIG 7.1 Channel C-Media chip sound card.

When the second XFX Radeon HD 6770 came in along with the crossfire bridge, I had to relocate the sound card to a different slot inbetween both video cards.

Now, anytime I go into something graphics intensive (video games), I get a nearly constant high pitch squelching/buzzing sound.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the sound card drivers to no avail.

Tried my onboard card, and it does NOT give this buzz, but I have two issues with this. First is that for some reason, my onboard sound card only streams sound to the left speaker. The right remains dead. Secondly, I dont wanna use onboard lower quality when I paid good money for a PCI card.


A:Just got a second video card to Crossfire, and now I'm having odd sound issues

What is your motherboards model?

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I just got a new computer and put in it a 6950 HD radeon gfx card with crossfire capability. My older computer was using a radeon sapphire series 9600. I am assuming not, but could I link them both or is the 9600 too old to use or provide any benefit?

A:Crossfire compatibility with older graphics card?

No Crossfire.
6950 would require either another 6950, or 6970, or 6990

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Hey guys,

Ordered a new XFX HD5850 Black edition which is being delivered tomorrow , for the nice sum of ?111

Will be running it in crossfire with my current 5850.

Do I just plug it in and enable crossfire in the catalyst control center or will I need to install drivers for this card first?

Never ran 2 cards before so it's a bit new to me.

All advice welcome.



A:New AMD card coming tomorrow , Crossfire questions

Hello there, Paul.

It shouldn't be a problem... Just plug it in, attach the Crossfire bridge for the cards, and then log on to windows, the CCC should recognize the crossfire and it'd give you the option to enable it.


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I am going to buy this but it states its a Crossfire card

am I able to use this as a single card or must it be crossfired with other cards only ?

A:Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Crossfire Graphics Card

Yes, it will run as a single card.

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Can Vista support more than 1 GPU driver? I am running Vista Ult 64. Looking to upgrade to Windows 7.

I previously had an Nvidia 8800GT as my primary graphics card and also had an 8500GT installed as well on my dual boot XP/Vista PC. They worked fine and the computer recognized both correclty on both OS's I think I didn't have any trouble b/c as I found it all 8 series cards use the same driver.

I bought a new primary GPU, a ATi Sapphire 4870 1GB Toxic. I am NOT trying to run SLI or Crossfire, I need availability for 3+ monitors. Can I have two completely different video drivers? I was under the impression NO, but a computer parts guy said I can install an Nvidia & ATi driver as long as I do not install the supplemental software.

A:Adding 2nd Video Card in a NON Crossfire configuration


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I've done a lot of Googling and Ixquicking, even searched AMD's site without much joy. I can't even find out if the mobo is suitable - only having one PCIe x16 slot maybe indicates nope from the off. The following is very specific, but I'm hoping one of you geniuses can offer advice. Apologies in advance for the headache.

Win 7 64 bit.
Motherboard is ECS GeForce6100PM-M2
CPU is AMD Phenom(tm) 9350e Quad-Core
Graphic card is Radeon Sapphire HD 5670 1GB DDR5 PCIe x16
All of which is AMD stuff.

I can buy an adapter to convert the PCIe x4 slot to a flying cabled x16 slot, and which includes a 12V lead.
I can buy an identical graphic card but with less memory (512MB), but same DDR5 for ?20, which is pretty cheap.

Any hope in hell of that combination working with Crossfire and showing improvements? I enjoy fiddling, and can afford the ?20, but I'll not bother if I get a definite no. I have no idea of the capabilities of the x16 cabled slot from the x4 mobo slot either.

Assuming the mobo, or the x4 to x16 cabling makes it all pointless immediately, would the two cards work in a suitable mobo with 2 PCIe x16 slots. I have read of the 5670 being paired with other cards but not with another 5670 - no examples, I mean, not no success. It's all very confusing.

I'm still searching, by the way, for info elsewhere. I've just spent so long that I thought I'd post this just in case I don't find anything useful elsewhere.

Ta muchly.

A:Crossfire and motherboard/graphic card compatibility.

You can only pair a HD5670 with a HD5670 maybe a 5650 that was like 4+ years ago you could find one on ebay or amazon probably

When mixing and matching cards there is a structure put in place example http://sites.amd.com/PublishingImage...hart_1618W.jpg

This tells you what can and can't be matched now if you would like 16x you will need to find a board with multi slots and even if you do it will run 8x not 16x

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i'm asking this question simply because right now i have a geforce 8500 video card but i want to get a crossfire ready motherboard and sooner or later switch over to crossfire but i was wondering if i would be able to use my 8500 card in the motherboard just as a single video card set up.

A:single sli graphics card compatible with a crossfire ready motherboard?

Yes it will be fine.

I'm running two 8600's on a crossfire mobo without any problems.

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My 3 year old computer is starting to throw more and more BSOD's as I play various games, with my venerable 5870 crossfire configuration.

I think I may have an overheating issue, as recently when I went to check my cards soon after a BSOD, the top card's heat pipes were so hot they were painful to touch.

Maybe time to ditch the crossfire and go back to a single, powerful card setup?

What does my memory dump suggest I do?

A:BSOD when 5870 crossfire under load. Card overheating suspected.

You are suffering from an 0x101 error and given what you have said i fear you are correct about the overheating
Some info for you here STOP 0x101: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT troubleshtg

I would start by installing some temperature monitoring software and check your temps at idle then load up the machine and see how they rise
Have you removed cards and cleaned out the heatsinks

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System detailed in my profile is brand new apart from the card which is about 8 months old.
I can pickup another XFX 5850 Black Edition to pair with the existing one for about 170. Or try and sell the existing 5850 and put the money towards a Geforce 570 or something else?

A:Buy another 5850 and run CrossFire or invest in a newer generation single card?

Tough call, a pair of 5850's in Crossfire pack a pretty good punch. Still, if you can get a reasonable price for your current card I would be inclined to go with the Geforce 570.

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Hi there.
My problem is.. i play Crossfire game in full screen (dextop and in game) and after one hour my fps is decrease 100+ normal to 50-14 and after my dextop resolution 1366x768 is go on resolution 640x480 and scaling "Full Screen" is changing.

So.. i have black borders but not on game , on dextop and i think this is decrease my fps
After change i tryed to change them back but worked only with change "personalize" with "windows clasic" and not windows 7 but when i try to play game is asking me if i want to change settings yes or no. if i press yes i go back to black borders on dextop , if i press no .. i don't play game
i need to restart laptop for play again one hour and again

here is a screen : Imageshack - imag607.jpg
my sistem : Imageshack - 77892738.png
my display : Imageshack - 72362362.png

I also tryed to update Ati drivers .. but when i try to install say "Imcompatible hardware/software"

screen : ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

So , now i have drivers on the CD that I received when I bought the laptop

screen : Imageshack - 75485017.png

But i think thats old.

You have ideas ?

A:Graphic Card radeon hd 5470 playing Crossfire , problem with scaling

after one hour i have many other problems.. but just only if i run this game one hour

Catalyst control center give an error CLI.exe .. C/ProgramFilles/Netframework.. and error code

Imageshack - imag608.jpg

Paint give two errors when i try to save screen

1.Imageshack - imag609.jpg

2.Imageshack - imag610.jpg

Windows media player 11 give same error like paint with memory

Some times internet is disconnecting and i can connect it back without restart.

I try to give more information about problem.. maybe someone can help me .

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is it possible to use my dual lan setup to hook up my playstation 2 to the internet? i have an asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard, rightn now my nvidia lan is used for my main internet connection on the computer but can i hook up my playstation 2 to the 3com port? if so how i had some trouble trying this already

A:Dual LAN setup

if you want to conenct the ps2 to the internet THRU your comp, set up a network bridge. you may need to resolve additional DHCP issues if you do not use a router. different versions of windows have varying ability to operate a network bridge.

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