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1 MONTH AGO, I BOUGHT A LAPTOP LENOVO Y700 8Y WITH WINDOWS, BUT SOME KEYS DOESNT WORK, for example NEVER WORK THE KEY 4 OF THE NUMERIC KEYBOARD AND SOME OTHER KEYS LIKE DAMAGE, DELETE, DELETE, A, S, D BETWEEN OTHERS, BUT THIS KEYS WORKS SOMETIMES.I do not know if they are the drivers or indeed the physical keyboard is damaged, since I have tried with a usb keyboard and all the keys work. Sometimes the mouse also stops working TOO.

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I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Help the four button on my keyboard doesnt work. when i press it it makes a camera sound and nothing comes on the screen. and no i dont have filter keys on

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My G50-80 laptop is facing issues with keyboard.When booted initially, only few keyboard keys work. While other keys cannot be entered, Enter key doesnt work. At the same time, same keys dont even work from on-screen keyboard either. So I cannot even enter my password.I can hardly login by clicking forgot my password, then again switching back to login page, suddenly keys start working! while being logged on, same keys problem reappears, this time I again use bypass to logout and login.Then keys start working.Pleaseee can some one help for this issue.My OS is windows 10. 

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I have this keyboard: http://www.sunbeamtech.com/PRODUCT11.html

Sometimes I will be doing something and some keys will become unresponsive. As in I press the key but it does not function. Most commonly it’s the “g” and “h” key that stops working. However I am fairly sure it is not the keyboard because sometimes I can unplug the keyboard from my tower and replug it in and the keys will start working immediately. Sometimes not. I tried downloading and installing the latest driver off their site and it just overrides the current one. I did it many times so the driver is there. Any ideas?

A:Sometimes some keys on keyboard dont work?

The link you provide is not pointing to a keyboard.You could try cleaning the keyboard with some presured air.

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Happy Thanksgiving US residents!
The keyboard that came with my family's eMachine, has buttons that don't work. The buttons are the extra features such as copy, paste, open internet, adjust volume, etc. Those extra buttons don't work but the standard keys do. Is this a driver issue? How can this be fixed?

A:Some keyboard keys dont work.

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I have a problem with my laptop. today allof a sudden some keys of my keyboard wont work. I ve tried shutting down my laptop but it still doesnt work. also when booting into safe mode the keys wont work. Im using a samsung ativ 8 laptop using windows 10. Im sincerly hoping one of you might help me since i have to continue writing my masters thesis

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Hi All, Good Day. My keyboard keys are not functioning, Especially the function keys and along with those, delete, home, end, pgup and pgdn keys do not work. This has been very irritating and disturbing or halting my work. I had tried to find solution for this online but was unable to.Hope i get a solution here and be happy with my work again. Regards,REHAN

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My comuter just did a self critical Bios udate and now some of my keyboard keys stopped workinglooks like p [/-0 keys have to use my onscreen kyeboard to get them.Bois is N11ET46W (1.22 )Any way to roll back to revious version?Thanks 

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I own a hp stream 11 laptop and i have done nothing to it, all of a sudden 8 of my keys including my windows key have stopped working, this includes; h, g, esc, F4, F11, Backspace, and apostrophes. These keys only work once in a while, and sometimes i have to copy and paste the letter to do it. I hope someone answers this because i am tired of copy and pasting.

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The following keys on my HP EliteBook Laptop sometines work and sometimes dont.2, w, s, x

A:Some Keys on my Laptop Sometimes dont work

Plug in a USB keyboard the next time it happens to test the PC. Press the same keys on the USB keyboard. Do they also not respond? If that is so, there is an issue with the notebook's system board  Power on your notebook and immediately begin tapping the F2 key.  The HP PC Hardware Diagnostic  UEFI utility should open. Click on Components and then click on the keyboard selection. Click on Run Once. Please post your result here in your thread. If the result is a fail, it means one of a few things. Either there is a sticky substance (sugar from coffee, tea or a soft drink) on the keyboard or there has been a failure at the keyboard connection on the system board or a problem exists on the system board.   A Warranty repair will resolve the issue. Write down the failure ID and contact HP Customer Support by email or chat.

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Attempted a restore in Safe Mode. System came back up with all icons as normal. Issue start button doesn't work, icons open file but there is not text or data...there is what appears to be wire frames where the information should be. All files still on drive but cannot access.

Safe mode does no good because everything is blank and there is no text

A:Win 7 Ult x64 Start doesnt work Icons dont work

Welcome to our forum.

Read this tutorial I think it might help you.

By Brink:
Safe Mode

Using Last known good configuration.

Another tutorial that that can be very helpful

By Brink:
System Recovery Options

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Ok i own Fujitsu Siemens AMILO notebook pa 3515 laptop(runing win vista).
So recently i have this problem that is driving me mad.
After i type password and login, if my laptop is charging, the keyboard stops working(touchpad also). This is when im only charging my laptop. The problem is getting worse. Now i cant launch my laptop without it charging. I also cant shut it down cuz the shutdown button wont work. The only way to shut it down is to pull the battery out. If i shut it down fr0m start menu, instead of shutting down a white screan appears and just stays there. Please any help would be greatly appriciated.

A:Laptop keyboard doesnt work

please i need help

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Hello everyone. I have one big problem. I reinstalled my 8.1 pro (legal copy, disk been fully formatted) and it was okay for few hours. Next time im starting the laptop, my keyboard and touchpad doesnt work. I plugged USB mouse and keyboard and it works just fine. I went to device manager and besides Standart PS/2 keyboard and mouse icons there was orange triangle meaning that i have problem with drivers. I searched drivers online, but unsuccsessily.. After few hours of trying to fix it, my Standart PS/2 Keyboard turned into Unknown device and now im completely lost. Adding photo of device manager, i hope someone will help me here.

A:8.1 pro laptop keyboard and touchpad doesnt work

Since we do not know the make and model of your laptop.
Should try the laptop manufacturer's website to see if you can find the drivers for this. Does look like there missing.

What does it tell you when you right click the ones with yellow exclamation points ?

You can right click and select update driver software, either search automatically or browse your computer, select signed driver from the list is shows you.

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So I bought from iBuyPower a laptop a year ago. It's been pretty good overall. Very fast, but there were a few quirks with it here and there. Sometimes it randomly blue screened, but those problems went away after some driver fixes. But then, after about six months, the keyboard started to behave strangely--specifically, some keys do not respond on the bottom part of the keyboard I used KeyboardTester, here, to figure out which keys were not working for sure: Keyboard Tester

And here are the results:
The following keys do not work unless I press hard/ really hard on the key: Left arrow, numpad's 1 and 2, left arrow, right control.
The following keys absolutely do not work, as far as I can tell / as hard as I'm willing to press: Left control, fn, windows key, numpad's 3, home, end.

I could care less about home or windows, I can work without those. But my muscle memory works with left control, and fn is a very useful key to have. But I absolutely need my left arrow key to work without a hard press.

A while later, something broke in the laptop that caused it to stop charging, and after taking it in to Supergeeks for repairs, it seemed that not only did it stop charging, but the jack thing that is used to take in energy from the character was FRIED, and the motherboard itself may have fried, too (when they tried to boot the laptop, it displayed a pure white screen) so we ended up sending it to iBUYPOWER directly, since it was still under warranty. (We didn't do... Read more

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I have been having problems lately with some of the keys on my laptop keyboard. Sometimes when I press some of the keys they won't work, and sometimes pressing a letter once will make it register twice in a Word document. The laptop is about 4 years old, and I know that you can't do anything really about a laptop KB since it's built in, but is there anything I could try to see if I can fix the problem? It doesn't happen all the time...maybe I just need to buy some KB cleaning supplies to try and get under the keys?

Thanks in advance..

A:Keys on laptop keyboard won't work?

I had a HP that had similar problems, and it was indeed a bad keyboard. Luckily for me it was still under warranty. For low tech cleaning, you might try some compressed air to blow out dust/hair etc around the keys. If it is a bad keyboard, you may be able to replace it yourself.

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Within the last week my Sony Viao laptop keyboard started acting up. The dash key, delete key, home key, no. six key, and a few others just don't work anymore. More and more are not working.

I use it everyday, several years old. I do eat food over it occasionally. Tried cleaning under the keys. Didn't fix.

A virus (I had a recent virus attack so bad had to reformat hard drive; but keyboard worked immediately afterward).

Any guidance greatly appreciated. I'm afraid I'll soon lose all keyboard functioning and will be up the creek. I don't have a lot of money, can't just buy a new computer.

Sony Viao laptop
PIII, 25six ram
11 gig hard drive
Windows 2000 pro final service pak rollup

A:Viao laptop keyboard some keys won't work

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Its been like this for 3 days, my enter, ctrl, up, left, right keys doesn't work. I tried them with on screen keyboard and there it worked. I am having a hard time without these keys and i replaced this keyboard like 7 months ago. Can someone help me with this
Sometimes they do work but they only work one time and than they act weird (like my mouse clicking when i hover on something) backspace working by itself when i try to write something

A:Some keys in my laptop keyboard doesn't work

Ninetails mate try running these for starters.


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/433-disk-check.html< if necessary include the /f switch in the command line as per Option2




ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans

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i have a emachines E725 laptop, pentium dual core CPU, T4400 2.20 ghz, 3gb, 64 bit
at random times the keyboard goes out (it doesn't type) it's only a couple months old which is odd. I usually just switch user and log out then resign in and the keyboard is back in use.

what could be causing this?

driver update? not too sure.

A:Solved: eMachines Laptop Keyboard doesnt work at random times?


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Keyboard and USB dont work in windows but work in BIOS, i have also tried a ps/2 keybaord also not working in windows, i have tried safe mode, disabling driver sig enforcement, using different mice/keyboards, restored bios to default settings, ran sfc /scannow no errors detected, and still no luck any input would be amazing. I wanted to do a upgrade repair install of windows but you can only do that inside windows , basically trying everything before i have to wipe the HD and reinstall windows, i ran memcheck as well and no errors also as a sidenote it says my gpu is not found, when i have my monitor plugged into it, i am still receiving internet from ethernet.

I have windows ultimate x64
2.66 gHz processor 8gb of ram
1 TB harddrive 760 GTX GFX card

All devices work on other computers.

A:Keyboard and USB dont work in windows but work in BIOS

What were you doing on your computer when all this happened.
It's very unusual that not even a ps2 keyboard doesn't work.

Does you system boot at all into Windows 7 Normal mode of Safe Mode?
Your post is not clear to me.

If you can't boot Window 7 here is a tutorial with lot of test to do.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

What power supply is in your system?

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Spilled about 1l of water on my entire laptop...
I wiped water from it, and turned it on. The only parts that don't work: Mouse, Keyboard.
What should I do?
P.S: In the BIOS the keyboard works(and other stuff before the OS actually loads)

A:Spilled water on entire laptop, mouse and keyboard dont work.

First and foremost ...... are you SURE everything is dry inside? I spilled about a half glass of water on mine last winter and it was a couple of hours before it was dry enough for me to even try it. In my case I was lucky as everything was fine. Have you tried a system restore to a point before this happened? (I know I know... but simple things first.) An sfc/scannow will check for corrupted/bad system files and possibly repair them, have you tried that? Heres a link to a tutorial on how to do that : SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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Hi, Any help will be possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302, and some of my keys on the keyboard doesn't work. What can i do to fix this issue? I have a windows 8 operating sys.

A:Some Keys work and some keys on my keyboard doesn't work

This is not a software problem.
Your keyboard needs to be replaced. You can get another one from Ebay. Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 keyboard | eBay Here is a video explaining how to replace it:

You Tube

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Hi, Any help will be possible. I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302, and some of my keys on the keyboard doesn't work. What can i do to fix this issue? I have a windows 8 operating sys.

A:Some Keys work and some keys on my keyboard doesn't work

This is not a software problem.
Your keyboard needs to be replaced. You can get another one from Ebay. Toshiba Satellite C55-A5302 keyboard | eBay Here is a video explaining how to replace it:

You Tube

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All of this started a few days ago. Suddenly, some of my keys stopped working.
They work sometimes and they go out.
It's like on and off.
Here are the keys
(q,u,t,p,j,1,3,left arrow and maybe a few others.)

I'm new here btw.
Thanks for the help in advance.

A:Certain keys dont work


Sounds like a bad keyboard.

A bit of computer info, perhaps (e.g. fill in the "specs" in your profile), might help.


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Dont know if this is the right section for it, but oh well.

My problem is that some keys on my keyboard doesnt work, which is a little bit annoying. Mainly the Apostrophe (which i use alot) and the squigly thing next to the *1* key.

I tried another keyboard but i got the same result.

A:Some keys dont work.

Go to Control Panel/Region and Language. Go to Keyboards and Languages tab and click Change Keyboards. Make sure you have the Keyboard for your Region (ex) Keyboard US, or wherever you are from. Also do the same in the Advanced Key Settings tab.

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I have HP notebook 840 G3 with windows 10 installed, all drivers installed and updated by HP support assistant yet some of the function keys doesnt work like the audio up/down works but brightness up/doen doesnt.

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Hi, i'm from Paraguay and my english is very limited. In Paraguay, we don't have technical support, so leave your notebook to tecnical support is not an option. I change de palmrest from my Y700 15IKS (I bougth a new one from ebay). I reassembly the machine and the power button stop working. When I push the power button, the screen turns on and the lenovo logo appears. After 4 o 5 seconds, the power go off and the machine turns off. I isolated the motherboard and it turns on normally with the power button. When i put the motherboard on the palmrest, the problems appear. The funny thing is, using the novo button, starts normally. Can somebody help me please!!

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Hello, my brightnes key (F11-F12) are not workig for a while..anyone know how to ix it? i have a Z40-70 laptop,can you please halp me? 

A:Brightnes keys dont work

In the BIOS you need to set

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I was streaming some anime then out of nowhere my computer blue screens, it restarts fine, windows runs fine but a few letters on my keyboard stopped working. Windows 7 is OS dell inspiron n5010 is my laptop. P,o,i,u,w,e,r all do not work on my keyboard there might be a couple more that i have not noticed. no i don't remember the error sorry it was too fast. I scanned using advanced system care 5. It fixed a lot of bugs among other things but i don't think it did anything to help my situation.


A:Bluescreen once, keys dont work.

System Care will only damage your system. It will do more damage when the system already has a problem. Use System Restore to get an undamaged registry back and remove that program.

Start > Run: sysdm.cpl
Under the Advanced tab, Startup button, uncheck the box that says to automatically restart so you can read the blue screen next time.

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I had a small issue with my XP Pro...so I put in my cd and of the three options, I selected the first one...hit enter and on the next screen I hit R to repair it....after it was done doing its thing, the computer restarted and showed the installation screen.

When it got to 33 percent...a window opened asking for the 25 product key.

Here is the problem...The real XP Pro cd, I lost but I had made a backup...which is the one I used to do the repair...so I entered in the key code that I wrote on the cd...but it didnt work...it said "product key not valid".

I dont know why it does not work...so I tried the following. I downloaded the "Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder" installed it on a 3.5 floppy disk, then I put the cd "MiniPE" cd and turned on the laptop...I worked my way to a explorer type app and selected the A: drive...clicked on the Keyfinder app...it didnt find anything on its own..until I clicked on browse and selected the C:windows folder...then it found a XP Pro Key code. I tried to point the keyfinder app to a few different folders but none worked.

I restarted the laptop with the copied xp pro and entered in the key code that keyfinder found...but still did not work.

I dont understand what is wrong. I thought maybe it was because the key code I had was either no good or bad...so I went online and bought a OEM Xp Pro cd...I received it today and entered in the product key from the back and STILL does not work.

Do you think I ne... Read more

A:Reinstall XP Pro, All Product Keys Dont Work

first of all, your computer is not elgible for the new oem xp pro. oem is only for a newly built system that never had an os installed on it.

was the original installed the one that came with the computer? You will either need to go to the computer manufacturers site and get a replacement or if it was a retail version of xp, you can go to microsoft and get a replacement cd.

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I have a few "unknown devices" which result in the prompt at Vista startup to find their drivers..

If I choose the option: dont show this message again for this device

On the next reboot it asks once again...

Anyone know of a fix?


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when i logged on to my windows account:
vista reverted to classic theme;
i cant access my documents, My computer, the control panel. i cant go on windows explorer or access any files whatsoever;
there was an error message that said: 'catalyst control center: host application has stopped working.' ;
also there was an error message that 'C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable' (or similar);
google chrome doesnt work: google chrome cannot read or write in its data directory.;
opera doesnt work:" Startup Error:Opera has failed to access or upgrade your profile. This may have occurred because your computer has insufficient resources available or because some files are locked by other applications. You may have to restart your computer before Opera will start again.";
the same thing happens with many other programs.;
i cant seem to do anything that requires admin privileges (i am on an admin account but not the root admin): for example when i click show processes for all users(in the task manager) it doesnt do anything.;
the computer is about slower than usual(logging on took a long time, start menu freezes up a bit, search doesn't work);
to me it seems like a number of files and folders where moved or deleted (like in program files or something).
could this be a virus, or just a buggy or incompatible software(I just installed Miro)?
please help.


A:classic theme; programs dont work; ccc & desktop dont work; slower than usual; etc.

Can you boot your computer in safe mode and access your documents, computer, and control panel?

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Hello !

I recently had a Problem concerning this Laptop -Toshiba Satellite L50D-B-18W, with windows 10. The half of my FN-Keys dont work anymore. Searching for Solutions i wanted to get the newest Drivers. But that didnt help, also not to change settings of the keyboard back.

Keys that dont work: the "four", brightness lower, sound louder, sound on/off, ESC

Shall i uninstall one of or both tastatures ? (HID-Tastatur and PS/2 Standardtastatur) ?
If yes, how and what to do after that ?

I hope theres a solution to fix this !

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Arrows keys wont work in flash games were they are required to move the player. They work fine in other programs for scrolling for example. This is my daughters computer,a Dell inspiron 1521 w/ windows vista and AMD processor.

A:Arrow Keys dont work in Flash Games

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7100 @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 320 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 281611 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: None

A:FN keys dont work on sony vaio vgn-fz140e

You may need to also press the"FN"key at the same time.

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Hi I have a problem where my microphone do
doesnt actually work what it does when i try to talk anywhere ,such as a game or skype, is that it will playback all of my computer audio(Ex if im talking to someone on skype they will hear themselves instead of me) ive tried many things such as getting a sound card and messing around in the audio device setting in windows 10 but nothing seems to fix it. I am slowly losing hope. I am pretty sure this is a software problem but i cant seem to put my finger on what it is.
My computer specs:
Phantom 530
MSI Gaming 5 z97
16 Gigs of Kingston HyperX Fury Ram
240 Gig Sandisk SSD
Generic 2 TB Toshiba 7200 RPM HDD
Optical Drive:
Generic (Rarely Use It)

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Hi Guys,

Some important keys dont work in win xp?
these are: capslock, ctrl and delete.

these keys dont work in word, paint or in the desktop?

Please can you advise on how to either rest the keyboard config or to sort this out as i cant use any shortcuts?

Thanks in advance.

A:Some imprtant keys dont work? (capslock, ctrl and delete)

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SO WHEN I TYPE THINGS ARE IN ALL CAPS hitting the key reverses caps sometimes and i cannot use the numeric keypad the upper row number keys display the symbole allow me to type one two three four it displays [email protected]#$ shift does nothing same for the period key and comma key they display <> some others follow suit ive factory reset and all sorts of stuff but cannot for the life of me find the issue heard it could be the hp assitant causing the issue but not sureHELP MEand sorry for the long explination

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hello i have newly instalalled windows 10 on my hp a6 vision AMD but garphic option do not work and brightness keys also do not work i dnt know what more problems are there..

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Hello all,Recently my keyboard started causing me issues, first my del key would shut down my computer so i system restored it, now my left alt key puts my computer to sleep, ctrl keys don't work, my number keys about the QWERTY keys don't work, and my windows key shuts down my computer.I've tried changing USB ports, Malwarebytes, doesn't catch it, the problem doesn't persist with the onscreen keyboard.I'm currently running windows 8, I've searched around for a solution but for some reason all of the solutions they've offered others haven't worked for me. So if anybody could please help me point out and fix this annoyance, that would be greatly appreciated.Thank you,Nate

A:Alt shuts down computer, windows sleep, number keys dont, work, and more.


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Hi, The laptop is 2 months old.16 GB RAMWindows 10 Home 64 bit I have issues with internal keyboard.Every +- 2 hours the keyboard stop work.Mouse work, touchpad work, power button work too...The keyboard not respond at all...Just restart resolve the problem.Windows have latest driversUpdated BIOS to latest one. It happen when use Chrome, Adobe Illustrator. I think it might be related to Windows Anniversary Update. It not happend before this update, but i'm not sure.Please help if someone have an idea.... Thanks  

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Hi. I have upgraded to Windows 10 and just signed up on this fourm... However, the problem is that if it try right arrow key, z or ESC. they dont work.... Please help!

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well today i went on my computer, i typed in my pass and logged in.everything seemed fine so i decided to play combat arms. i got on and started playing but after 15-20 min it stopped working. the weird thing is that right after i died the keyboard stopped working. i tried 2 hours later then my keyboard was working but then wen i went on combat arms, right after i died. it stopped working. i managed to close combat arms but my keyboard was not working at all. i went to device manager and cheked if my keyboard was working but it didn't even show. i tried unplugging and plugging but no chance.HELP PLZ! and i used on screen keyboard to write this

A:keyboard doesnt work!

Go into the BIOS and there will be a setting for USB keyboards on start up, make sure it is disabled other wise you can get problems, also make your BIOS is up to date.

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The up-key on my keyboard doesnt work as its supposed to. It works in some games i play on steam and origin, but other than that it wont work normally. I bought a new keyboard because of this, but still the same. It works perfectly when i enter the BIOS! Im on windows 8. help?

A:Up key on keyboard doesnt work

It works in some games i play on steam and origin, but other than that it wont work normally.
What does it do when doesn't work normally?

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Only my volume keys do, but #s and letters do not.
im running Winxp sp3
Usually a system restore fixes it, but thats no longer the case. Sorry for being vauge, typing with a oskb.

A:Keyboard doesnt work

roll back keyboard driver?

does the keyboard work on another computer?

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Hey i need some help -
i reinstalled windows yesturday and when i logged on initially it worked fine, however today after i logged on this morning it was fine but then it automatically installed drivers and now i cant use my keyboard but i can use my mouse. I tried restarting but all that did was make it impossible for me to actually log on.I've checked the bios and everythings good. Im completely bamboozled and i want to play some gamessss

A:My keyboard doesnt work

Hi jezzalenko and welcome to the vista forums

First we will need to know the type of keyboard and how it connects to the computer.
if you can post back with this info will see what can be done

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