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Powerpoint - End of Show slide

Q: Powerpoint - End of Show slide

In Powerpoint 2003 you can choose to not have the really lame black slide at the end of your show that says "End of Show, click to Exit".

However, when you play your show using the Powerpoint Viewer 2003 the "End of Show" slide still pops up.

Anyone know how to get rid of it, or write a macro that auto ends the show before the slide has a chance to play?

Preferred Solution: Powerpoint - End of Show slide

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Powerpoint - End of Show slide

why don't you just include your own slide at the end of the show, either blank, or with a picture on it, that serves as a reminder to the speaker that it's the end of that presentation. As long as there's no timed transition on that slide it will just sit there indefinitely. I run enormous slide shows for international conferences and I just insert what we call a 'holding slide' at the very front, inbetween individual presentations, and at the end. It's usually a logo of the product/project of the meeting, photoshop'd on a nice textured background.

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I recently made a PowerPoint slide show for my sons wedding reception and burned it to a DVD. When I played it in my DVD player, all I got was the music on the TV with no video. How can I view the slide show on my TV and get both audio and video?

A:PowerPoint slide show

Hmmmmm...not too sure, but I know there is software out there that can help.
You see. This is what I found out:
.."With some compromise in quality, distribute presentation videos on a DVD that you can playback on a PC as well as on a standard DVD player. Typically, the display resolution of a PC is 800 x 600 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. On the other hand, a standard DVD video has 720 x 480 pixels (NTSC) or 720 x 576 pixels (PAL) resolution. Hence, when making presentation videos, Video Edit Magic will resize a video at 800 x 600 pixels (or 1024 x 768 pixels) to 720 x 480 pixels (or 720 x 576 pixels). As expected, you will experience an inherent loss in video quality. The important thing to notice here is that Video Edit Magic resizes a 1024 x 768 pixels screen video to a 720 x 480 pixels for DVD. You will loose more video quality than when you resize an 800 x 600 pixels video to 720 x 480 pixels. For the least loss in quality, make sure that you keep your display resolution to 800 x 600 pixels or lower when My Screen Recorder is recording your PowerPoint presentation. A standard VCD video is 320 x 240 pixels (NTSC) or 352 x 288 pixels (PAL). In this case, the resizing involved is so high that you will almost loose the entire video quality. Hence, it is not advisable to distribute screen recordings on a VCD. " Burned PP slideshow on a DVD for a friend for her birthday and didn't look great at all. Well just something to look into.
Reference this link:
ht... Read more

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I have created a powerpoint PPT and when i do a lide show, it shows me the first slide. When i hit "Enter" the slide show exits.

Any idea how i fix it


A:powerpoint slide show

Are there multiple slides? Hit the spacebar once you start the slide show.

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Hi Guys,
I would so much appreciate it, if someone could explain to me how get my slides arranged in an alphabetical order.
I have got series of song lyrics which i want to present to an audience but i need to arrange them in alphabetical order for ease of reference rather than the numerical order which is the default.
Thanks for your anticipated responses

A:Powerpoint Slide Show

The only way I can think of is open the "Slide Sorter" and drag them in the order that you want.

There is NO sort slide command, that I know of.

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to put together an extra special Christmas present for one of my best friends. I'm trying to take all of her wedding photos and put them into a PowerPoint slide show. In the slide show I would like some neat things. I would like different music playing in the background, a nice transition between pictures, etc.

Has anyone ever put together something like this or does anyone have any advice on where to look to do something like this? Any help would be appreciated!


A:PowerPoint Slide Show Tricks

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I have made a slide show in PowerPoint. Now I find I need to rearrange the slides. I have the slide show on two computers, one has PowerPoint 2000 and the other has 2003 version. I have no user manuels for either one. I need to know the procedure to change the arrangement. Also, there are a few slides that needed lightening. I am having a hard time replacing the original one with one lightened in Photoshop Elements. Any help with these problems will be much appreciated. Thanks lilart

A:Solved: PowerPoint-how to rearrange slide show. etc

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I am running Office 365 in Windows 10.  When creating a PowerPoint presentation everything looks fine in the Normal View. However, when I put it into Slide Show View the text is distorted, with the original text duplicated but turned through 90 degrees. 
If I put this presentation onto a PC running PowerPoint 2016, and not running Windows 10 there is no problem and Slide Show view works perfectly.
I have just spent an hour+ with MS Office Support and all they could do was uninstall and reinstall Office 365.  The problem was not solved.  They then told me to contact you!  Not a very impressive support response!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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I am creating a web site for someone. She sent me a CD with a Powerpoint Slide Show on it-- I need to add music to the Slide Show and I also need to post this musical slide show to a web page I have created for her. How do I go about doing this?

A:How do I post a Powerpoint slide show on a web site?

I was with you up until the sound part.. not sure if that will work easily. You could try the simple method though of just going to the menu and selecting save as, then going to "other formats" and selecting Web Page html. Might do it with sound, I don't have a powerpoint with sound to try though.

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Hello Folks,


I am using PowerPoint 2007 and display to a projector,
what I want to know is how to navigate to any slide during a slide show presentation without showing on the projector but only on my laptop screen. What short cut or technique?
In another words, the audiences can only see the current slide while I am trying to navigate the slide without the audiences see what I am doing on the display to the projector. I hope this is a clear question if not,
feel free to ask and I will try to clear it out as much as I could.

Thanks Folks,


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Hello, I have set up a powerpoint presentation that I wish to e mail for sales purposes. I want to email this in the format of a slide show, but when I send it, it just opens it in normal editing format in Powerpoint. Is it possible to set this up so that when the receiver opens the attachment, it automatically opens as a slide show?, or do I need other software to achieve this?

A:Solved: Emailing Slide Show - Microsoft Powerpoint

In Powerpoint save the file as a Powerpoint Show (.pps) file.

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Has anyone tried viewing Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Show using two screen? I had tried connect the two laptop COM 1 port but still cannot. Anyone know why?

A:View Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Show on Two Screen

The best chance that you might have would be to go to www.microsoft.com/powerpoint, find, download and install the free "Powerpoint Viewer." Open the presentation once on one display, then click once on the presentation file (.ppt), hold down the Shift key, right-click on the file again, choose "Open With..." and find the Powerpoint Viewer application to use. That way you'll actually be using two separate programs to open the file, lending two separate displays.

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I am a Special Education Para pro who is designing a Power point to train students with autism how to communicate with others appropriately. My Power point has embedded audio that plays while they see a picture of someone they know greeting them. I also have audio that plays when they click on the answer to a question asking the appropriate response. What I am wanting to do is this:

1. have the students record an audio response (during slide show) to the audio they hear
2. save audio file to play back later in slide show
3. play back the audio recordings made during the slide show in order with the embedded audio I insert

The purpose of the Powerpoint is to create a conversation simulator of sorts where the student can record their own voice in response to embedded audio I created in the slide show. At the end of a couple of slides they would hear the audio I embedded as well as their portion of the conversation they recorded as they watched the slide show.

Is this possible and how can I do it.

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PowerPoint lets you embed OLE objects like and excel spreadsheet in your PowerPoint Presentation where the DATA resides in the external spreadsheet.

On such a link you can right click to refresh, and also set it to "automatically" update - which really means that when you load the presentation next time, it will prompt you asking if you'd like to refresh it.

But when you run the presentation as a slide show with the file extention .pps, it does not prompt you or update the embedded links with changes in the external files.

You can invoke a method from a VB routine or script that will do this if the script is executed:


but I can't get the script to run except by attaching it to a control that you must execute manually (with the mouse during presentation). When the slide show loads unattended and there is no one there to press a control on one of the slides.

So I think my obstacles are one of the following:

How can I get the external links in the presentation to refresh automatically (during the show or upon loading)?, OR

How can I invoke a VB sub or script to execute in an unattended presentation?


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I'm having a family reunion on Saturday at which there will be a screen for a slideshow of photos. We have a folder of around 1500 pictures which we want shown on the night. I tried windows movie maker, spent hours arranging the photos so that they were in no particular order and in the end it couldn't deal with the large file size. I have also tried smilebox but it won't let me import the photos en masse and I can't be bothered individually clicking 'add' on them all.

Basically I want a simple software that will allow me to add all 1500 photos at once and will jumble them up for me so that they're not in alphabetical order (the way shuffle would work on an ipod, no picture would be shown twice). Any suggestions welcome asap. Thanks

A:Simple slide-show software to create random slide show

I'd use the freeware Irfanview and have it make a slide show.

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I know basics in PP but need to do a slide which falls out of my realm of knowledge. The values for the bar graph range from 500,000 - 505 million. How can I show the bars so that they don't look so disproportionate? Because of the large difference in the values, the 500,000 bar is just a strip of color vs. the 505 million bar which is very long. I know it makes sense but how can I show it so the 500,000 shows as more than just a line of color?


A:PowerPoint Slide Help

Do the graph in Excel, choosing a logrithmic scale, then paste into PP?

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Is there someway to insert a [screensaver] type slide in the slide show so when you pause you can show a different slide other than the one where your pausing on?

It would be the same slide throughout, but when you feel like pausing you can call it up instead.

Just point me in the right direction and I'll get it going.

Thanks for helping

A:Powerpoint slide question

Hi there, welcome to TSG.

I haven't done much VBA coding with PowerPoint, but my first thought is to write a global event handler for the pause event. I don't even know if you can write a global event handler in VBA. If you can, it would probably be a standard module with something like a Public Sub OnPause() (but I'm sort of making that up because I don't know the actual code). And in that sub you'd display your slide. You'd have to figure out a way to unload the slide on unpause.

I'm really just trying to generate some ideas here, since I don't know any better.



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I like the way that Mac users can present a slide show in PowerPoint (I assume), but see on their screen the current, perhaps last and NEXT slide. That would seem very handy. I have waited for years for it to show on Windows, but no go. Is there such a tool available for Windows 7, or some aspect of PowerPoint that I am missing?


A:Powerpoint Slide Preview

I'm not sure about other versions, but on PowerPoint 2010 you can (I assume you can also on 2007).

Click on the Slide Show tab on the top > click "Use Presenter View" (top right). From there you can change resolution and what monitor it shows on.

Hope this helped!

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How to replace default slide master with a slide layout? Attempted to do so using task pane but layouts are unavailable from slide master. Can the default be replaced with another layout?

A:PowerPoint Slide Master

If I'm reading you right TR then click format, slide layout and choose from any of the 23 other layouts available.
Whatever you have already done will auto convert into the layout/style of your choice.

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I want to start slide numbering at 1 on the second slide in a presentation. How do I achieve this ?

A:Slide numbers in PowerPoint

On the File menu, click Page Setup.
Under Number slides from, Change to Start number to 0

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I'm editing several existing PP presentations. All were written/designed by different individuals, and I'm trying to make them close to uniform. I've edited the slide master, but the changes aren't applying to all slides. Some do not include the logo required, others are taking the set bullet formatting, etc. Am I missing something really basic? Help!

A:PowerPoint slide master

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When I go to powerpoint and click on Tools, slide layout I get the panel on the side however the thumbnails do not show up in it. If I run my mouse over where they should be I get outlined boxes of the templates but it does not show the template.
I deleted the normal.dot and it worked for a little bit but now its not working again. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I am working reinstalling office but wanted to find out if anyone has seen this and knows what the fix is if a reinstall does not work.


A:Slide Layout not visible in Powerpoint

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2 questions:-

1) I'm trying to load Powerpoint with a blank slide. Not what Powerpoint describes as a blank (empty slide but with "click to add Title" and "click to add subtitle"). Just a completely blank slide. Also, for all new slides to be blank also.

2)Is there a way to set the default slide to be for A4 paper. At some point, which I can't remember, I get a request to "fit" and I have no idea what the two options mean.


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In normal view the outline pane is available but the slide pane is not there. It's Powerpoint 2000 and Windows XP. This is a computer that was donated for use running Powerpoint in our church and is not hooked to the internet. Should I bring it home and run updates. I use Powerpoint 2003 for personal use.

A:Powerpoint 2000 Slide Pane

Is it just hidden? I can see it on mine, and I am using the same version.

Perhaps you need to adjust the pane. There should be a vertical bar -splitter bar - that you can resize with your mouse button.(left hand side)

Hope that helps,

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This is the first time I have used PP, I need it to produce a slide show for the web.

I have inserted a number of jpg images, but on viewing them I notice they are cropped to a certain degree

Is there anyway to be able to see ALL of the picture ?



A:PowerPoint Slide Size Query

How did you "insert" them in to PP?

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I am trying to insert a slide into a new presentation from an existing presentaion on a CD, i was able to do this but i have a split slide and when i try to insert a second slide into the first one it creates a new slide and does not insert into the first one ?


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PowerPoint slide masters affected All my presentations using the "master slide" format on PowerPoint are not displaying properly. Could this be the result of an infection? By clicking on "design" Powerpoint simply exist und starts new.

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I get the following error message when attempting to edit a slide in a powerpoint presentation:

"Microsoft Powerpoint can't start the application required to open this object. An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Would you like to repair this feature now?"

Once it runs something called application server....it gives:

"There isn't enough memory available to read chart"

I'm running WinXP, 256mb memory.

Anybody dealt with this before? Thx.

A:Error opening slide in XP Powerpoint

Look here for help:

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Every so often, friends of mine send me some really nice Power Point slide shows of animals, places in the world, outer space, etc., and I was wondering if there were Internet sites where these types of Power Point slide shows could be downloaded either for free or for a fee? Thanks for any and all suggestions.

A:Solved: Where to Buy PowerPoint Slide Shows?

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Is there a way to fix slide numbers in PowerPoint so they don't change when I drag slides to another presentation? I want a master list of slides that I can choose from for different presentations.

A:Permanent slide numbers in PowerPoint

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Does anyone know how to add time advancement per slide in PowerPoint 2010? I used to be able to do this in PP 2007 but can't find where to do this in 2010.

A:Time per slide in PowerPoint 2010

Found it!

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All my presentations using the same "master slide" format on PowerPoint are not displaying properly. Could this be the result of an infection?

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I want to create a Powerpoint slide and have this be my desktop background

Is this possible?

I just want to put reminder notes for myself!

(Else, is there a 'sticky note' program somewhere?)


A:Can I make my Powerpoint slide be my background?

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I am trying to create a PowerPoint slide-show whereby I want readers/users to ONLY follow hyperlinks, rather than press Space or Enter (as this messes up the order required).

I know how to diable Slide Transition by Mouse Click, but cannot find how to diable key-press transitions.

Does anybody know the answer?

Thanks in anticipation,

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How can I edit slide designs in powerpoint? because I want to make some portions of the slide to be light, so when I typed a word there, the audience can read it.

Can I get the picture used by the slide and edit it with my image editor?

A:How to edit PowerPoint Slide Designs?

Yes. Right click on the background image (if its an image in the Master template, get to it by View - Master) and selecy copy, then paste it into an image editor. Alter it, delete the image out of the (master?) slide and replace it with your altered one.

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is there a way to create 'slide layouts' in PPT???? I would like to be able to create and add them as a slide layout template window....

A:Creating 'Slide Layouts' in Powerpoint

View-->Master-->Slide Master.

If that's not what you mean, could you be more specific?

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I'm trying to understand Slide Master, Title Master, and then Design Template a little bit better. What is not clear, is where is the Slide Master that I have created? Where is it saved, and under what name. Can you have more than one? I understand how to view it, but not the above. How does it differ from the Design Template? Also, most importantly, how does changing one, affect the other?


A:Powerpoint 2003 - Slide Master

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Hey everyone, I am using a Sony Viao with Win 7 64 4G ram and Powerpoint 2013.  I have designed a presentation with six pretty simple slides, just a few fades and that sort of thing.  When I open the file it takes for ever to load, and there is a blue x over the second slide, on the lefthand side of the screen where the thumbnails of the slides are.  Also when I autoplay the slideshow the animations are jerky.  I deleted the slide and the problem went away.  I rebuilt the slide and the problem came back.  The slide contains six jpeg's and a couple blocks of text, so it should be pretty simple...what should I do to fix this?  Thanks!

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Hi guys!

Working with PowerPoint 2000 - is there any way to format the slide numbers? I have a deep plum background and the little black numbers in the bottom right corner just don't cut it - they are difficult to see.


A:PowerPoint Slide Numbers - format?

Go to View-Master slide.

Select the slide number box in the bottom, right-hand corner. Format it as desired.

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I have a template on a powerpoint slide that I would like to make as my website background. How can I do this? I have MS Publisher, Webexpressions, Frontpage and just about anything I could need to do this if it's possible.
I just need to know how to do it.

Thank You

A:How to Convert PowerPoint slide to Webpage

Hi there,

Not sure what version you're using, but if you view the Slide Master you can see the picture. Just copy it and upload it to your website, or use in your web programming app of choice.

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Is there a way i can copy all my master slides that i accidently completed into slide view because i do not wish to type all the information again.


A:Powerpoint - Made Slides in Master Slide

PC Doctor
I could be wrong, but basically you are applying formats etc in master view and not what you type.
Consequently whatever you have typed will not transfer to normal view slides, only the styles, formats etc.

However, what you could do, is to go into each master one by one and select the text that you have typed and copy. Then go back to normal view and paste the data into your slide.

Whilst in that slide, click on the Format menu and select Slide Design....

You should see the slide design panel appear on the right hand side of you screen.

You should be able to find the slide that you want to use (Whatever name you have given it) - you just click on it and the format is applied to your current slide.

You then do this for every other master slide you have created, by repeating the instructions above.

I know it will take some time, but at least you copy and paste your text, and then apply your formats. Better than trying to do it from scratch.

Anybody got a better idea?

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I am looking for VBA code to export a deck of PowerPoint slides to a table in MSWord.

The table is 3 columns wide, and the slides need to be imported into the 1st column. This is for a Lesson Plan format I need to use.

I am able to export the slide _notes_ into the 3rd column and the slide _title_ into the 3rd column.

I can get the Export ( ) function to export the slide images into jpg files, but how do I get the exported jpg to go into the Word table cell and not a separate file?

A:VBA to Export PowerPoint Slide to Word Table

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I'm almost done my slide show in PowerPoint 2003. The audio file is a Windows Media File I downloaded through Napster (legally), burned to a cd, then ripped to my hard drive. The song is almost 5 minutes long but I can't figure out how to get the song to play past the first slide (there are 49 slides, 6s each). I tried "right click" Edit sound object/loop until stopped but that still won't get it to play!


A:PowerPoint Audio, can't play past first slide?

When you insert an audio make it play on click instead of automatically.
customize how you want it to start.....most likely on click.....

go to the edit audio properties/animations again and see when you want it to end........

it should be repeat until end of slide....."this means the end of the slideshow"

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Ok, I am going to learn this by process of elimination. This I have found out...

1. You cannot apply a new "Slide Layout" to an existing Slide. I hit "Apply to Selected Slide" and it does not change it. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Just installed PPT 03 w/W2K. The slide that auto-opens on launch is a title slide. I'd like it to open with a plain, blank slide (no text boxes). How can I make that change, pls?\

A:Solved: Powerpoint 2003 Start Slide

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Is there some way to copy slidemasters from one presentation to another? I don't want to have to recreate them for my new presentation.

A:Powerpoint 2003 - copy slide masters to another presentation

Have you saved the slide master?

Save As > Save as type = Design Template (*.pot)

Save in the default folder that will be auto selected and it should appear in the Format Designs pane next time you open PPT. From here it can be applied to other presentations. If it doesnt appear use "Browse" (at the bottom of the pane) to find it.


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ok I only have 2 days left for a funnal im doing for my brother. My girlfriend Is making 5 pps,s for me, Why 5 ? because there big and cant get them to upload and download in email.

So here what i got to learn is how to burn these 5 PPS,s on CD or dvd and make the run one after the other automatic. can it be done? If so can you explain how please

A:Solved: Running multiple slide shows In powerpoint

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