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I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets?

Q: I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets?

Recently, I got the Sims 2 Pets.
Before I got this game, the only Sims 2 games I had were the Sims 2 base game, University, Nightlife and Open For Business.
I managed to install them all in order and played off the last disk I installed and I had no problems whatsoever.
However, when I installed the Sims 2 Pets, I started having problems. The first time I played, the game crashed when I tried to create a family with pets. I uninstalled and reinstalled and then it was fine until I actually started playing and for some reason, my pets were white and covered in little numbers, like codes. I reinstalled and uninstalled and had both problems this time.
I thought that maybe I had too many EPs so I've uninstalled University, but I didn't really want to do this.
I checked to see if the game was compatible and it was, despite the fact that my video card driver.
I really want to fix this problem, because I didn't have any issues with the games before Pets and now I don't know what to do? I know this seems complicated, but please help because I've looked all over the internet and I can't find anything to help

Preferred Solution: I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1906 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 729 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152621 MB, Free - 104189 MB; D: Total - 152221 MB, Free - 144075 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PWWAA
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

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I have an absolute legit version of The SIms Deluxe-(Registered with EA) but I cannot find my disc 2. So today I purchased 2 expansion packs but when I tried to install them. It asks for disc 2. I've searcehed high and low but can't find it. Does this mean I will have to purchase another Deluxe just to get the 2nd disc??

A:Sims Deluxe Expansion PAck

unless you have the disc, i think you're up a creek, i'd consider emailing ea games and asking them, as they are the only ones who can verify if your registration is legit or not, but i know that human error, or in this case, lack of orginization skills, is covered under any disk replacement program. There are other means however, but for that I'm afraid, you've come to the wrong place.

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I installed Sims 2 and it worked fine. I purchased Glamor life and Family Fun Stuff and installed them as well. After I installed each of them, I checked it to see if it would run and they do. (I don't play the game it is for my daughter). However, only the last expansion pack will run.

For instance if I click on the family fun stuff shortcut it will prompt me for the Glamor life disk. If I insert the Sims 2 disk, it will prompt me for Glamor Life. I uninstalled Glamor life and now it prompts me for the Family Fun Stuff disk. I don't get why when I insert the disk it prompts me to install one from an application that I don't want to run.

I tried contacting EA games and spent three hours trying to register for support and got no where. Can anyone help me with

A:Sims 2 Expansion Pack - only one will work

OK well with the Sims 2 you are only supposed to install the expansions in order and run the game off the last expansion disk you install. When you run the game it should have all expansion running. It's the same with Sims.


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I have the sims (normal version) and Livin it up (expansion pack)
I installed the sims then the expansion pack, i put it in in the cd rom drive and it says "please put in the correct cd rom and restart application" why does this happen and how do i solve it ?

Please help me eshemma

A:Sims livin it up expansion pack

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I've already loaded The Sims 2 DVD and when I load a 'stuff' CD such as Teen Style Stuff - it partially overwrites the original Sims 2 installation - i.e. when I try to run the Sims 2 DVD I get an error message telling me to imsert the Teen Style Stuff CD!.
I read the instructions and loaded the Teen Style Stuff in a different location from The Sims 2 location - but it still didn't work...

A:Sims 2 Expansion & Stuff Pack

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Is there a way to uninstall an expansion pack without uninstalling the whole kit & kaboodle?

A:SIMS Expansion Pack Uninstall

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omg i am so mad because i just dowloaded some expasion packs like unleashed superstar and hot date and i want to unzip them in my living large file or somewhere but i dont know where to unzip them
i am so mad please help

A:SIMS Expansion Pack Uninstall

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I have a Windows Vista, HP Pavillion much like this one:

I'd been having issues with it for sometime. It would turn on and then lag, and freeze work for a couple seconds and do it all over again making it impossible to do anything on the computer. We figured it was a virus so, we ended up doing a master reset-type thing that erased every file on my computer. It worked and the computer acted normal.

I installed my Sims 3 and it seemed fine, worked totally normal. Then I installed the new expansion pack and after a while of playing, it froze for a couple minutes, played but with this loud repetitive alarm-type noise, then froze again a couple seconds later until the game completely crashed. This happens over and over.

Anyone have any idea of what could be going on? Any input is highly appreciated, thanks for reading!

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ok, so i bought this expansion pack off the internet, and i installed it last night. this morning i got up and tried to play, but it told me to reinstall pretty much everything. so i did. then, i got to play for like 20 minutes or so until i had to turn the computer off. now, i'm coming back to it, and it just made me reinstall the starter pack. i put in the makin magic disk, and it says play. i click play, and it starts the first little square screen, but then almost immediately it says cannot locate the correct disk! help!

A:Solved: the sims makin magic expansion pack

If this The Sims original... you would need to install them in order that they came out, so if you have an expansion pack that is newer than Making Magic, you have to use that disc instead.

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From Origin (or even without origin, just trying to run the game from my desktop alone), I cannot play the Sims 3 or my only expansion pack, the Sims 3 Pets.
I have two other games installed that work completely fine: Plants vs. Zombies and SimCity.

The error happens just a few seconds after trying to launch either of the Sims games, without even opening the launcher. This is what the error message says:

Sims3LauncherW.exe - Ordinal Not Found

The ordinal 304 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll.

Then, after clicking "OK" on the prompt, I get this:



Sims3Launcher has stopped working
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...

I have had 5 chats with 5 different people from the Origin online help chat, and as suggested I have tried all of the following, all to which none have solved my problem.
Logged out & back into Origin
"Repaired" games from inside Origin
Restarted my laptop
Manually uninstalled Origin, then reinstalled Origin from the Origin website
Uninstalled the Sims 3 Pets and The Sims 3 (not manually, I would need guidance for that), then reinstalled both
Updated AMD drivers
Installed Windows updates
Clean booted my laptop
Please help!

A:Solved: Sims 3 & Sims 3 Pets(Origin) - Ordinal 304 Error (Not Found?)

I talked to someone from EA again and was told that the corrupted files are from malware or a virus...

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I have Sims 2 and several of the extensions packs. (All purchased) I have never had any problems with my system or running the game. I recently loaded the new business expansion pack and lost all of my saved families, homes, etc.(three years worth) . Does this always happen? I have Sims University and Nightlife and I don't remember losing all of my stuff....

A:Sims 2 Expansion Problems

I've had some problems installing expansion packs with Sims 2 as well. Try to find the folder containing the saved games and see if yours are still there. If they are, copy them to your desktop and try installing the games and expansions. Then copy your savegames back into the right place, and see if the game recognizes them.

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my computer meets all requirements for sims 2 and i have actually played it a couple of time but it keeps freezing when i try to load a neighboorhood. The nightlife expansion stops at 68% i really don't understand this problem Also i should mention when sims 2 crashes the whole system goes down clt+alt+del won't even work please help me


torreya said:

my computer meets all requirements for sims 2 and i have actually played it a couple of time but it keeps freezing when i try to load a neighboorhood. The nightlife expansion stops at 68% i really don't understand this problem Also i should mention when sims 2 crashes the whole system goes down clt+alt+del won't even work please help meClick to expand...

Since this hasn't been addressed already, I guess I'll try to help . First off, what are your laptop's specs? The requirements to run the base game and the requirements to run the EPs are different, moreover, they are both set ridiculously low so most systems may be able to "run" the games but not run them well.

Officially, straight from the box and the official Sims 2 site, the requirments for the Sims 2 as cited on by EA games are found here and the requirments for Nightlife are found here (note that these are the "minimum" requirements.)

In reality, what you need is more than that. For the base game, it is recommended that you have a 1.5 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM (if you have a processor better than 1.5 GHz you could probably get away with running it at 256MB of RAM), and definitely more than 32MB video card (like the official requirements state) double that should do it but 128MB should run it smoothly. If your running on Vista, you need even more than these recommendations, though.

For expansion packs, you should have like 2.0 or 2.5 GHz processor (somet... Read more

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Hello every1, I am having problems with the sims 2 I have yesterday installed the sims 2 with all 18 expansion packs on to it I have a Windows 7 pc it is a Dell Inspiron it has i5 core processer I have started playing the sims 2 and I have noticed that even though it works I can not do some things such as when I went into boolProp and tried to have my Sim abducted by aliens it did not work and also tried to get my sim to order a service that did not work also.

I have searched on google already and there is some reported compatibility problems with the sims 2, I tried to run it in windows XP compatibility mode like suggested but that did not work so I got windows to try and find a answer to the problem but it said the sims 2 launcher is out of date, has any body got a straightforward answer to how I can get the sims 2 working perfect on my laptop? Thanks, Jake

A:Having problems with the sims 2 (main + all 18 expansion packa) on my windows 7 pc

Please refrain from posting in other peoples thread. If you don't get a response after 24 hours of the initial post, just post in this one and your thread will go to the top of the list.

What do you meant by going to boolProp and are you using this to get your Sim to order something?

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Need help with Pleasantville ! my pets look weird and all kids and babies are as adults ! what can i do to make it normal?

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I have a doubt about the game Sims 2 Pets. How do I create younger people (babies, children, teenagers, etc) or older people (old ladies, etc) rather than the common young guys?


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i've been trying to install the pets expansion pack, but every time over the past 2 days i've tried, the first disc will load 34%, then a box will pop up saying "a problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'TSData\Res\Sound\Sfx1.package" from the media. does anyone know what this means, and furthermore, what i can do to fix it?

A:sims 2 pets

If you purchased the CD recently, return it for an exchange. It's possible that the one you have now is faulty.

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Hello there, yesterday i posted this in the gaming forum but have yet to recieve any help. I don't believe i will recieve any valid help in that forum neither as it seems quite neglected (judging by topic post #'s).
I also believe that posting it in the gaming section was a mistake, because it isn't necassarily an issue with the game, but rather my computer itself.

What i originally posted:
Recently i have gotten into Sims 2 again. I installed the original base game (The Sims 2) along with the expansions Nightlife, Family Fun Stuff and Festive Holiday Stuff. The game ran fine, all installations were perfect etc.

I recently took interest in the Pets expansion, so i purchased that EP today. However, when i put the disc into my computer, unlike when inserting the other EP's the computer stays silent - whereas the fan will usually blow for a while.
There is a disc icon next to my cursor for about 10 seconds (blinking every 2-3 seconds) and then it's gone. No autoplay or anything. So, i clicked start > my computer, but the computer didn't recognize the EP. The computer won't recognize it at all, but recognizes every other game/ep i have.

The disc is not faulty, as i have installed it on 2 alternate machines to where it is working perfectly (all with the same expansions installed.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks alot,

A:Sims 2 Pets help

have you installed it on a vista computer?

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sorry if you've gotten this question before but I could seriously use some help. I have the Sims 2 and just bought the Pets expansion pack. in the manual it said not to install it in the same place as the Sims 2. I have an external Hard drive so the Sims 2 is installed on that and I installed the Pets on the main hard drive on my computer. It installed fine, it was when I went to play the game it all went a little weird. The house flashes red and black at a very annoying pace and I can't add color ot anything to the walls. Even in game play it stays this revolving color. Even when I went to create my sims it did this.

I uninstalled it and then re-installed it on the external, thinking that might be the issue but when it gets past the sims opening collage of stuff the error comes up saying it crashed.

what's going on with this? If someone could help me that'd be awesome!



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Due to recent problems on my computer I had to reinstall the Sims2 pets.
45% into the game and little message pops up saying: " A Problem Occured while trying to transfer the file 'TsData\Res\Sound\Voice3.package' from the media.

What can I do to try an fix it? I've tried the retry button several times, I've cleaned the disk numerous times and now I just can't seem to fix it?


A:Sims 2 Pets Problem

SirensxSong said:

Due to recent problems on my computer I had to reinstall the Sims2 pets.
45% into the game and little message pops up saying: " A Problem Occured while trying to transfer the file 'TsData\Res\Sound\Voice3.package' from the media.

What can I do to try an fix it? I've tried the retry button several times, I've cleaned the disk numerous times and now I just can't seem to fix it?

Help?Click to expand...

Check this thread first and make sure your error isn't here. I haven't read through it. If you don't find anything like your problem here, then let me know and we'll go from there.


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my pets keep falling though the floor :S and i dunno what it is thats doing it, it never did it befor till i downloaded a lot of the sims web site

what can i do to stop them doing this?

A:Sims 2 pets problem

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Well, on my new Vista partition, I installed all of my old Sims 2 games. All of them except for Seasons (which would be my newest one, but it didn't work). So instead my newest one was Sims 2 Pets, which is causing the problem, I think. Okay. I tried playing the game a few times and it worked flawlessly. One time I tried playing it via my VMWare (trial) and it worked fine but eventually I got a generic BSoD. So anyway, I tried it a few times after that and it would go to the neighborhood screen and then eventually freeze. (And I'd have to force restart my computer).

So today, I tried it again. And...this time it went from bad to Microsoft blue.

And...I got another BSoD. This time when I actually was completely booted into Vista via Boot Camp.

And I took a picture in it. (Not so much for the error factor but for the laughter factor). If you ever wanted to see an authentic image of a BSoD on a Mac, then look no further.


As you can see, its almost unreadable. The text was flickering and half of it was off the screen. The best I could make out was "the driver was stuck -" and then it went off the screen.

A:The Sims 2 Pets = BSoD

This is almost certainly a video driver issue. Check the graphics card vendor's web site for updated Vista drivers (I'd guess you're using what MS installed "out of the box") and install those.

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I need help so bad. For my birthday i got sims 2 pets and can't even play it! i got everything installed then i start up to play it and got a message about not having direct x 09c or something like that. I do have it my my computer i downloaded it over and over. help me please!!!!!

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When i first got the sims 2 pets it worked fine in my computer but now whenever i put it in it doesnt do anything. I cant get it to work.

A:Sims 2 pets wont work

What is the exact error you get?

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hey.... yes another question about 'insert cd' ....
i have had pets since it was released n it worked fine... then i got a new computer n i just installed it since i have a real strong and sudden urge to play (no problem with installation!) but when i tried to load it..... yep you guessed it! 'please ensure pets cd 2 is inserted"
i checked the sims 2 site trouble shooting and pretty much everything seemed fine.... i tried to do the start run thing however ... and when i typed in my cd drive it said :"The device is not ready"
what do i do!

P.S i installed the updater package thingy for the sims 2 pets...
P.P.S: im not sure how to do my specs for you ... i keep forgetting how to find it .... but it is a brand new mail order Dell 1 gig ram and 250 HD .... anything else you will have to aid me as to where/how to find the specs ... sorry im so useless

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Nvidia or Radeon? Is either one 'better' when used with the Sims 2? What would you recommend for each one?

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Okay, so I have basically got all the sims 2 packs up to seasons (including seasons) except for the sims 2 celebrations. So I tried installing it and after the little update thingy it says that I have to uninstall then reinstall the sims 2 pets. So I go to the start menu then into all programs then to ea games then the sims 2 pets then to uninstall, and i click on it and nothing happens, the uninstall wizard doesn't even come up. So I go into control panel to remove it from there but it's not there, so thinking i've uninstalled the sims 2 pets ( bearing in mind before i went to the control panel i got a bit upset and deleted the sims uninstall icon!) i try instlling the sims 2 celebrations again and it said that the same thing bout needing to unin then reinstall sims to pets, but according to control panel, the pets aint there, what should i do????

please, please help!!!!!

Sarah xx

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Trying to install sims 2 pets from new dvd and having problems!

Installation process gets so far then I get:

"This product will now ensure that your existing installation is up to date"

Then I get:

"There is not enough free hard drive space to complete installation of the update. At least 200MB is required"

This doesn't make sense as I have approx 30Gb of space free on drive C:

Any help appreciated


A:sims 2 pets installation problem

The Sims tries to install in TWO places (the main 'game' folder - by default c:\program files\...... and your 'My Documents' folder). If you're like me and don't use the default installation paths, you need to check the hard disk space both for where you are installing the game itself, and also the drive on which your 'My Documents' folder is located (Sims expansion packs install to both these places).

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i have had the sims 2 for a long time now. i installed the sims 2 NL it worked perfectly. Soon after i installed Pets EP. It started up fine until i got to the part where i choose the neighborhood. It said something about me uninstalling nightlife[ which i didnt]. I checked and all the files where where in the right place please i need help idk what to do.

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I have sims 2 double deluxe and I installed The sims 2 fun with pets collection about two months ago. everything worked perfectly for about a month. The one day i went to play the game and the start up menu came up fine, but the game would never start. The only thing that happened was a window popped up that says "no disk in drive, please insert original Sims 2 fun with pets collection disk" But the disk was in there. I've checked and double checked and it is the right disk, there aren't any scratches or anything on it either. I know my computer can read the disk, because the autorun window pops up. Its only the game that doesn't seem to know its there. Can anyone help? i really love this game...

A:Sims 2 Pets doesn't recognize the disk

have you run a registry cleaner or shortcut cleaner?? if so do you have a back up?


there is apatch for this on above but only if own the game , http://thesims2.ea.com/update/index.php

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We have a brand new computer with Windows 7, purchased especially for running Sims games. I have installed Sims 2 Double Deluxe which runs perfectly. I have also installed Sims 2 Best of Business Collection which also runs perfectly. However, every single time I install Sims 2 Pets, it says it installs correctly, but when I go to load the game, the bar at the top that shows the loading progress ALWAYS zips thru the first half, and then STOPS midway thru at the same point, and just sits there never going any further. I have installed the updated DirectX, with no results. Does anyone know how to get past this?

UPDATE: Installed first: Sims 2 Double Deluxe....installed second: Sims 2 Best of Business Collection....installed third: Sims 2 Pets.

Just discovered that when Sims 2 Business Collection cd is in drive, and we click on Best of Business icon, ALL 3 games load, including Sims Pets!?!? Typically, you always have to have the last game loaded in the drive and click on the corresponding shortcut to start the games. I have NO idea why it's working now doing it backwards.

Also, originally, we had loaded Sims 2 Double Deluxe and then Sims 2 Pets, and nothing else, and it would not work.

What is going on??? Is this normal? I'm scared to death to load any more expansion packs!!! Any advice as to how/why this is working this way?

A:Solved: Sims 2 Pets installed but will not load

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My granddaughter received Sims 2 for Christmas. It wouldn't load on their old desktop so my son-in-law went out and bought a new computer. It is a Windows 7 Home Premium, AMD Athlon IIX4 620 Processor 2.60 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 64 bit. Sims 2 ran on it fine.

She then purchased Sims 2 Pets and Sims 2 Best of Business Collection. They both said they had installed, but when we try to run them, they start to load, but freeze after loading part way. Can you give us any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: Sims 2 Pets & Best of Business Collection freeze before loading completely

Another person on this forum has the same problem. They finally decided to use the business collection CD to start the game and it worked. I have all the original expansions and stuff packs for Sims 2 and I found when reloading the game that they really needed to be installed in sequence due to patches. I had to load the Holiday Stuff Pack before Pets or I would get an error message saying it could not "Back Update". I don't have the new "Collection" CDs but I'm wondering if this is not the same problem (sorry different issue altogether).

Anyway, try using the Business Collection CD to start the game instead of Pets. Hope this helps.

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Hi. Okay, I have The Sims Complete Collection. I did have some trouble installing it all a while back. However that is fine. It saved Familes from previous copies. But NOW all Pets are named 'Luna' and All Studio Town people are named 'Randy'. I can't risk reinstalling it because Vista has been a pain with it from the beginning. Other than that no issues.


A:Sims Complete Collection - All Pets are 'Luna' AND All Studio Town People are 'Randy'

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I have Sims 2 cd edition, it works fine on my computer, but when I try to install one of the expansions, starting with University, the installation seems to go on just well, and in the very end it says the Installation as unsuccessfull and it reverts the process.
The games worked just fine in the computer I had 2 years ago, and this one is better, so it's not a hardware problem I guess.

I'm downloading the latest Sims 2 patch from the oficial site, do you think it will be of any help?


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Anyone else having a problem ? This update fails repeatedy to instal via Windows Update. I have successfully installed the
System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB947821) [February 2011] and run the hotfix. I have also run the "fixit" routines and allegedly repaired all of the MS Update "problems" but still the service pack update fails ....

A:Problems installing latest WIN 7 service pack KB976932

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I downloaded the sims 2 bodyshop starter pack 3 tiimes and i installed it. when i downloaded it i extracted it to the sims 2 downloads folder. i opened the body shop and still there were no extra items in it. i aslo extracted it in the bodyshop downloads folder and nothing. Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong. And all the downloads end with sims2skin. I been trying to get this to work for months and never got the right answers to solve this problem. I hope this site is the one that can help me. Thanks in advance.

A:Having problems installing sims 2 body shop starter pack...help plzzzz!!!

When you downloaded it, did you just download it straight to the downloads folders?
Or did you open the actually download and drag them to the download folders?
Sometimes its te simple things we forget.
If nothing else write step by step instructions so I can see and give me the address so I can go look.

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hiya i have the sims 2, pets, nightlife,university and pets installed and i have tried installing the sims 2 christmas party pack and festive pack and have installed them but once i put it in the compture it comes up would u like to install it click ok and says it already done then click ok and it closes. but its not installed as not under the programs so cant play on it and when i trouble shoot it says incompiatable appilication

A:sims 2 christmas party pack and sims 2 festive holiday stuff

Some SIMS 2 add-on packs are not compatible with Windows 7.

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Hey guys

I bought Sims 2 and "Open for Business" for my daughter and since installing "Open for Business" Sims 2 no longer functions at all...whens I try to runs Sims 2 it tells me to put in the expansion disk god what an awfull mess this game is.

Any suggestions

A:Sims 2 Expansion

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I have the sims 2 along with the university expansion pack. everything was going fine up until awhile ago when i discovered a problem with the job/careers promotion. Anything to do with the job/careers is blanked out. the activity square at the top left corner and the career logo in the job panel. my sims go to work in their own clothes insted of changing into the uniform of their jobs. I've tried saving the game and reinstalling but as soon as I reinstall my game the problem returns. can u help??

A:the sims 2 uni expansion

i'm afraid to say it but it might have something to do with your save game file being corrupted or there is somehow a bug in it, if you start a new game, does the problem still exist? also did you download any patches available for the game? i know it was newly released so i don't know if any exist yet but at least check.

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I installed the sims 2 glamour life ... now some of my items are blue ... you can tell what it is by the shape... I reinstalled Cep thinking that would help... it didnt ...... please Help

A:sims 2 stuff expansion

can someone help me figure out why my objects are blue?

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I have successfully loaded the sims 2 on my e drive. When loading sims 2 expansion packs on the e drive , when I get to the final step of inserting the 4th disc of theoriginal sims 2 to finish off the installation I am told that 'can't read disc' despite the 4th disc previously being OK. I have previously had all sims 2 expansion packs work happily on my computer. The problem is trying to load them onto the e drive. Is there a particular way of creating folders within the e drive that would help?At tthe moment its like expansion packs can't find original sims 2 to 'talk to'.

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Hi everyone

I have a copied DVD version of the Sims 2, my friend gave me the Sims 2 University expansion pack. When I install it the program will say put in Sims 2 Disc 4, i put my sims 2 dvd but the program dosent seems to reconise it, anyway of solving this???

any help is greatly appreciated

A:The Sims 2 expansion packs

Closing thread, as stated below:

Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out.
Click to expand...



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Hi, I recently decided to install my old Sims 1 games on to my computer which is Windows 7 and brand new so it should have no problems running them. Anyway, Sims 1 installed fine and I played that for a bit just to test it. There were no problems at all, so I decided to install the rest. I popped in the disk for Livin' It Up (UK version of Livin' Large) but I keep getting an error message when I try to install. This is what it says:

Error extracting support files.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

The install wizard gets to about 80% before it pops up with this. I've tried running in compatibility mode and running as administrator. Can anyone please help?

A:Sims 1 Livin' It Up expansion won't install?

It looks like two instances of the installation are clashing with one another.

Run the installation, replicate the problem then open up your Task Manager - You'll see the setup program running under the Applications tab. Right click the setup application and click 'go to process', this will highlight the setup process under the Processes tab. If there is any other instances of the process running it will be under the exact same process name.

If this is the case end one of them.

If not, it is another process is already running the expansion and the expansion itself is likely trying to repeat the execution. It might help to attempt to install it under Safe Mode (if this is possible). F8 is the key to boot in safe mode.

I hope this works for you.

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I installed The Sims 2 quite a while ago, and it plays perfectly fine, no problems whatsoever, however, I'm having some problems with installing the expansion packs.

I install the The Sims 2: University expansion pack perfectly fine, but when it gets to the "Update Game" section, which requires putting in the Disc 4 of the base game, the update completely crashes and cancels the install. It says that the update is stopped responding, and then it crashes.

Could anyone help me, please?

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After i installed the university expansion pack,which i received today,the sims 2 won't start!I get a message along the lines of...

Failed to find directx 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed latest drivers from manufacturer.The application will now terminate.

The sims 2 deluxe edition(one with nightlife and bonus dvd) was installed saturday when i received it and it worked fine then.Failed after the university exapansion was installed today.I also updated my ati drivers from 9.5 to 9.6 yesterday evening although i don't know if there is any connection.I've tried running in xp compatible mode and as administrator,but no dice.Thanks for any help you can provide me.

I'm going to try rebooting to see if that helps.

I have E8400,4GB RAM,ATI Radeon 3850 512MB,Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P mb,Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

A:Sims 2 won't start after university expansion installed!

I tried rebooting,but that failed to do anything!It seems that the sims 2 can't find my video card and/or the driver!Don't know if yesterdays update of my ati drivers from 9.5 to 9.6 caused the issue or installing university expansion pack.Don't know what to do need some help.

I'll go check and see if i installed the wrong drivers,but i suspect not or they wouldn't work!

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I just borrowed Sims 2 University from a friend so I ninstalled the latest one (so i can give her university back) and installed University. But it won't run. The splash screen comes up and then goes away (as normal) bt the game just doesn't come on. Do I have to uninstall everything and put university first? Do they HAVE to be in order? please help

Thanks, Becky x
NB: Never mind, I've worked it out now

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Noticed that sub-folders (for example, folders under OutBox) will no longer stay "expanded" after the recent IE Service pack installation. OE would always retain the layout exactly as you left it. Now, all sub-folders are collapsed upon starting.

Any simular experiences/thoughts?

This suggestion has no effect: "Tools | Options
Uncheck "Automatically display folders with unread messages".

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