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How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

Q: How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

hi. i have 2 hard drives. and and windows xp home one each one of them. how do i uninstall one of them without causing problems with the other operating system.

Preferred Solution: How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do i Uninstall one operating system with multiple operating systems

could format one drive from another...take all data needed from one to another

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I already have XP on a laptop and need to install windows 98 se on it. I was hoping that the setup feature would allow me to create another partition for 98 to run, instead it tells me that it cant run setup because I already have an operating system. I have done a little searching around before posting and seem to get the impression that Windows 98 needs to be installed first. The problem with this is that install disk for XP on the laptop is a recovery disk and will try to install a drive image instead of a new installation and therefore needs to be done first. Any help on this would be much appreciated

A:Multiple operating systems

You are correct in assuming that Win 98 has to be installed first. It doesn't have a boot loader that will allow a choice of operating systems, but XP does.
I think you are going to have to obtain a full installation disk for XP in order to accomplish your goal.
You'll need to repartition (2 partitions) and format the drive using fat32.

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How do i run multiple operating systems in one pc?

Without virtual machines
will that effect/affect me?


A:How do i run multiple operating systems in one pc?

Originally Posted by PSPx000

How do i run multiple operating systems in one pc?

Without virtual machines
will that effect/affect me?


pretty vague question but you can run different OS'es on one machine as long as they have a seperate HD partition. So you can run vista, XP, and wun 7 all on the same machine but not at the same time

Hope This helps


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I have a new computer (well, mostly new) and the builder transferred the license for my XP home to the new computer as NTFS file type. I would like to install my old 98SE to the new computer using Partition Magic 8.0 At 86+ years old I find the users guide to Partition Magic almost impossible to read and remember. So I have a couple of questions. Would I run into trouble by using the task list on the screen and following the instructions to change the file type for the C drive from NTFS to FAT 32? And the second would using the task list to install the new operating system be ok? I guess a third would be should I install 98SE before or after XP home or would it make any difference? I am not too confident about computer things.

A:Multiple Operating Systems

Install 98 first. Then install XP. If you dont care about the data on the hard drive right now, just wipe it out and start all over again. No need for partition magic if you are just going to reinstall everything.

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I have a small secondary drive (40 Gig) that's been partitioned into several sectors and has about 5 Gig of unformatted space. I was wondering if I would be able to install Windows 3.1 just in that unformatted sector, without causing any probrems. I know this may sound weird, but I'd like to see that operating system and some of the ancient software I have running, just for the sake of nostalgia.

Any helpful hints will be appreciated,


A:Multiple Operating Systems

It would be a lot easier to just put it on a virtual machine. Check out vmware and see if it'll do what you want to do. The VMWare player is free, but you'll have to find a utility to build the virtual machine yourself.

But with 3.1 as old as it is, I think it would be more trouble than it's worth to try and put it on a separate hard drive, since you'd need to add an entry for it in the bootloader (and there's a good chance it woudn't be able to use more than 2gb of your 40gb drive, since it uses FAT16).

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I want to ask certain questions about using multiple operating systems on a single PC ( Windows XP and Windows 7) together.
1. Can I directly install windows 7 on my PC while I am having XP installed to have both of them on my PC?
2. Will having multiple OS affect the system performance or slow down the PC or have any other negative effect on my PC?
3. Suppose I get a virus on one of the OS, then can that virus spread to another windows also while one of them gets corrupted? Or if one of the windows gets crashed and if I am not able to start my PC with one windows, then can I start it using another PC?
4. Can I access files in one of the OS from another installed OS?

A:Using multiple operating systems.

You can set up XP mode in Windows 7 http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/8247-windows-xp-mode-install-setup.html
Or Dual Boot http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/8057-dual-boot-installation-windows-7-xp.html

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I tried to install Win XP last night on my PC, using the upgrade option but I could not do that because I had WIN 2000 NT Server, so I went ahead with the re-install option.
I assumed this would erase WIN NT as it said files would be lost.
Win XP installed ok and it's running, but when I boot it asks which operating system I want to use WIN NT or XP. I looked around files and folders and WIN NT stuff is still in there.
I checked my C drive to see how much room is left and it's 50% full before I put anything on it.
I went and deleted a folder called WIN NT, which took a long time to delete.
This morning I tried to do FORMAT C: and this is the message I got after it said all data will be lost, click Y to continue-

"Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Format may run if this volume is dismounted first. ALL OPENED HANDLES TO THIS VOLUME WOULD THEM BE INVALID. would you like to force a dismount on this volume? Y/N"

I chose Y and it still was unable to format.
How can I get rid of WIN NT off my system all together?

A:Multiple Operating Systems

I would fdisk and then format. Do you have a win98 boot disk? If not let me know and I can emal one to you. If you have one boot to it and select to start with CD Rom support. at the a:\ type fdisk and hit enter. You will want to delete all partitions and create the primary dos partition and then format. Then you can install WinXP from dos. Before you do any of the above read THIS, HOW TO: Start Windows XP Setup from MS-DOS (Q307848) Make sure you understand it. Otherwise you can create a set of boot disks for winXP but I dont know how to do it as I have only used the way in the article mentioned above

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Is there a way to have multiple operating systems on a pc. As in be able to switch from vista to xp? I saw a post in a different forum where someone said "I am useing a dual boot vista 32 and xp pro 32." I don't know what that means but if it means there is a way to run vista and xp on one machine somehow and anyone on here knows I'd like to know how.

A:Multiple Operating Systems

You can either dual-boot (by using 2 separate partitions on your hard drive)
or you can run one of the OS's in a virtual machine on the other OS

When dual booting you've got to shut the system down in order to boot into the other operating system
When using a virtual machine, both operating systems can run simulateously.

In my case, I use the virtual machine because I'm not real concerned with the performance of the OS in the virtual machine.
For things like games, dual booting would be more responsive.

So, in short, it depends on what you want to do with the 2 OS's

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In the past, with Windows 95, 98 and ME, I have always run 2 or 3 operating systems and selected between them with BootMagic. To do this, I make one installation and using the copy/paste method create the other OS?es. As the OS?es change over time, I make copies of them and hide them in an extended partition on another hard drive. Then, if I develop a problem with an OS, I delete/copy/paste and save the time and trouble of trying to fix the problematic system. All data items are kept in other partitions.

I will be getting a new computer soon and will use Win XP Professional exclusively. I plan to run 2 or 3 operating systems. Because of the way Boot.ini is developed and managed I am anticipating problems:

1. I understand that I cannot use BootMagic with the NTFS file system. True?/False?

2. Because of the way Boot.ini is developed and managed, do I have to do a separate install for each of the OS?es, or will the copy/paste method still be OK?

3. If I am in OS #1, for instance, and I delete OS #2 and then copy/paste a new OS #2 from a hidden file somewhere, is that going to cause a problem in the Boot.ini files?

Your help and suggestions will be appreciated.

Stu Culp

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I bought a new dell dimension 4700 for my sister and two months later it crashed. Well she spent 6 hours on the phone with dell and all they did was a half assed restore which allowed her to keep her files but everything else barely worked. She brought it to me and I formatted the drive in xp setup and reinstalled xp pro. The computer runs great but when it boots up it asks me which operating sytem I want to run; the old xp home or the new xp pro. Then when you select the xp pro it boots up but that white line goes by real slow and it takes a minute or so to boot. Once it is booted it runs like a champ but how do I get rid of the old xp pro. I don't get it since I formatted the drive and removed the old partitions. Am I missing something?

A:multiple operating systems

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Hello all, when I startup my computer it goes through the BIOS screen, then before the Splash screen I get left with three options.

"Which windows would you like to boot" (something of that nature)
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Professional
The first one is the right one..

How do I remove the other two?

It also says "Press F8 for advanced options"
That is no help for this.

Please help me!! Thank you!!

A:Multiple Operating Systems, help?!

Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Go to the Advanced Tab :
In the Advanced Tab the last option states " Start Up and Recovery " click on the corresponding settings button > A new window called system start up will pop >
There you will see " to edit the startup options file manually, click Edit " > do that > and remove the one that you do not want !! save and close the notepad and reboot !!

all the best !


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As a matter of general interest, for the sake of posterity. Who am I kidding... I'm showing off! This is my only claim to fame in the world of PCs.

Going back a few years to the dark ages of Win98, as a sign of goodwill by Microsoft, I was given a free "consultation" with a Microsoft techo re loading multiple OSs on one PC. I was told it was not possible to make the system work unless I loaded Win98 first, when later versions of Windows, such as XP, were to be added. Win98 had to occupy the 1st partition on the hard drive.

Just for the hell of it, I wanted to see if it was possible to get around this and load WinXP first, and then Win98. For anyone who's interested, I was able to do this using the following method.

1. Create two partitions on the hard drive, with the 1st partition vacant and the 2nd formatted as NTFS.

2. Load WinXP on the 2nd partition. The boot material is loaded into the 1st partiton.

3. Use third party software such as Partition Magic to split the first vacant partition into two partitons, with the 1st partition formatted by Partition Magic as FAT32. The boot files are preserved in the second partiton. You now have: 1st partition FAT32 empty. 2nd partiton boot files. 3rd partition XP OS.

4. Set up a Boot Manager using 3rd party software such as Boot Magic. If you don't, the boot set up by Win98 will over-ride the XP boot and you won't be able to get back into XP.

5. Load Win98 onto the 1st... Read more

A:Multiple Operating Systems

How to edit the Boot.ini file in Windows XP

Please follow all steps in that link

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hi how many operating systems can i run. at present i have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit running on my d/partition its 200gb in size. i also have windows xp sp3 home edition on c/drive.i also have E/partition on my pc its 220gb in size. my pc is capable of running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. i have 3GB memory [ram] my pc has amd sempron[tm]processor 3000 plus 1.8ghz. ive heard of a free program called VMware does anyone else have multiple operating systems running on there desktop pcs thank you

A:multiple operating systems

Each OS will need a partition, as you say,you have three partitions, OS = three.

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My friend currently has linex (ubuntu) and xp home edition on his desktop. Normally on startup you have a choice of which OS to use. It use to be just xp and linex to choose from. but now all of a sudden its just 5 different choices for different versions of linex. xp option has disapeared. you cant even change the boot sequence or even boot from the xp disk. an error occurs, but linex runs perfectly once started up. Any help on getting the windows option back?

A:multiple operating systems

It sounds pretty weird to be honest.
When you've installed both OS where they on the same Hard Drive (split partition). If not you can try to go in the boot menu and change it to be the windows partition (or Hard Drive) even if that fix the problem, you should consider restarting from scrath. Example: instead of booting from C: for linux , boot from D: for windows.

Good Luck

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My computer has Windows XP sp 2 and I was wondering how to install Windows 95 on my computer without screwing anything up. I dont want to overwrite xp, I want to have XP and windows 95 on my computer.

A:Multiple Operating Systems

This is possible, using Dual Boot, however, you'd need to install Windows 95 on the system FIRST, then, utilising either a second hard disk, or a second partition on the first hard disk, install Windows XP with the dual boot option (FYI, when setting up Dual Booting computers, the operating systems generally need to be installed in order from oldest to newest).

Whilst technically an unsupported issue (when using any OS that's no longer supported by Microsoft), there's a pretty good walk through for it HERE.

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multiple operating systems install

I've given up on XP got lots of old copies i cant use, but own, and new genuine ones u cant buy ???

so i own win 7 ultimate and win 8.1 both 64 bit, but also just down loaded linux mint 16 "petra" xfce

seen as i have to start all again whats the best way to go installing these together ??

A:multiple operating systems install

Are you talking about dual-booting?

My suggestion is to install Windows 7 first as normal. Then install Windows 8 using this tutorial:
Dual Boot Installation - Windows 8 and Windows 7 or Vista

Then use this tutorial to add the Linux distro:
Dual Boot - Windows 7 and Linux

It would be safer to install Linux to a separate HDD, or via virtual machine if possible.

You will need to use BIOS, and not UEFI for this setup.

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Hi, upgradeing my computer i ran into a problem... i lost my xp disks

i got my friend to lend me his hopeing i would find the key writen down somewhere, but all i fould was a xp proffesional corperate edition i got from a friend but when i went to install it, it came up with a blue screen saying that it couldnt find one of the files on the disk...

i installed the xp home edition with the key from my friends, and ended up geting vista.. i installed and it works fine, but now when i start my computer it wants me to select the os i want to use includeing the vista, older version, and th xp pro setup which dosnt work...

i found the file folder and deleted it... but now i dont know how to get rid of the option when i boot

can anyone help me?

A:multiple operating systems... all i want is vista...

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I would like to install DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 98SE along with Windows XP.
That is simple enough, but I would like to use XP with the NTFS.
Everything I have read strictly prohibits this. i.e. Microsoft Knowledge Base, Partition Magic Help files, etc.
I have found little direct discussion of using multiple hard drives with multiple OP's.
Could Partition Magic be used to set up FAT, FAT32 and NTFS on one system if they were on separate drives?
The limitation seems to be the system files which must be read by each OP. Can the system files be place in a FAT partition separate from the boot partitions of each OP?
Also, Microsoft states that a system can only boot from the first hard disk. Does this remain true if a boot utility such as Boot Magic is used?
This would be a clean install using 2 or3 hard disks.
Thank You,

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I had some problems a while ago and reinstalled XP. I now have 2 hard drives with XP home installed on each of them and each one works fine, only problem is every time I have installed windows it created another operating system choice entry on the start page (the one after the bios page). I wish to keep the first entry choice as is, delete the second one and rename the third one. How do I do this?
Thanks for any help, oldaz.

A:[SOLVED] Multiple operating systems

I haven't used Windows for quite some time, but from memory: Click Start, Run then in the box type msconfig. Click on wini.ini. You will see all the installed versions of Windows. Select one and delete it.

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I'm currently trying to install two operating systems on my pc: Windows 7 (which is already installed), and either Windows XP or Windows 98, whichever one works. However, I'm definitely not doing it right. What I've done so far is shrink my C:\ drive partition and left 10 GB of unallocated space. But the installation still won't work for 98 or XP. Any ideas?

A:How can I install multiple operating systems?

See this excellent tutorial by renowned tutorial writer and MVP Shawn Brink: Dual Boot Windows 7 and Vista.

You might have a tough time getting 98 and 7 to play well together.

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Hi!! I'm running an IBM Thinkpad 1834.

Was trying to install XP onto a bootable flash drive, which failed twice (gave up after that). Problem I'm having now, is when the laptop starts, I get a multiple operating system bootup option (ie it gives me a screen to boot from diff operating systems), except, all three available options are XP.

Trying to select the bottom two "XP's" tell me it cant find the path (I guess this is becasue its looking for the flash drive), top "XP" obviously works, as its the current operating system.

How do I get rid of the other two failed options?? Tried reformatting the hard drive, no effect, I guess that particular information isnt stored there. Tried resetting the BIOS to its default options, no effect either.

Where is the multiple operating system info stored?? In the BIOS's flash ROM??

Anyone got any idea how to make this annoyance dissapear??


A:Multiple Operating Systems Bootup Problem


The information is stored in C:\Boot.ini on your primary HDD. And a format will delete it along with any OS on the HDD.

Ntloader will look to Boot.ini at system startup to display a list of Operating systems to start. Thats where the information is stored.

With the XP that is working, go into "My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery>Settings>System Startup>Edit"

Copy what you have there and post it back here.

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In my first partition I have windows xp, and in the second partition windows 7.

Is it safe to use only one swap / pagefile from only one partition (first one where resides windows xp)?

My pagefile size is set to be in the first partition and at fixed size (minimum 4096 Mb maximum 4096 mb).

Or should I make/move/user a swap file from the second partition (windows 7 partition). Far as I know from my benchmarks the hardisk is faster in the first partition (first 20 GB), that would be the xp partition, fast in the second one (from 20 to 50 gb) after this the speed is decreasing.

I am using windows xp because Photoshop and some games seem's to be far more resposive and faster than in windows 7, and I use windows 7 for internet related & other stuff.

A:One Pagefile / Swap - Multiple operating systems

Quote: Originally Posted by doctortonic


In my first partition I have windows xp, and in the second partition windows 7.

Is it safe to use only one swap / pagefile from only one partition (first one where resides windows xp)? NO and IMHO you wont be able too.

My pagefile size is set to be in the first partition and at fixed size (minimum 4096 Mb maximum 4096 mb). Fixed amount isnt a good idea especially with PS.

Or should I make/move/user a swap file from the second partition (windows 7 partition). Far as I know from my benchmarks the hardisk is faster in the first partition (first 20 GB), that would be the xp partition, fast in the second one (from 20 to 50 gb) after this the speed is decreasing. If there is any variation in HD speed it is minimal and you wont notice any speed change.

I am using windows xp because Photoshop and some games seem's to be far more resposive and faster than in windows 7, and I use windows 7 for internet related & other stuff.

PS and some games seem to be faster because you are thin (very thin in 64 bit) in RAM

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Hi, I just finished setting up a triple-boot-system with Windows 7 and 2 Linux distros, and it got me thinking about the perils of making backups.

Should I treat every individual partition as if it is it's own Hard Drive, meaning I only Image 1 partition at a time?

Or should I image the whole drive as one, imaging all partitions?

As of right now I'm currently using Macrium Reflect to do my backups.

A:Backing up a HD with multiple partitions and Operating Systems.

Quote: Originally Posted by bishop101

Hi, I just finished setting up a triple-boot-system with Windows 7 and 2 Linux distros, and it got me thinking about the perils of making backups.

Should I treat every individual partition as if it is it's own Hard Drive, meaning I only Image 1 partition at a time?

Or should I image the whole drive as one, imaging all partitions?

As of right now I'm currently using Macrium Reflect to do my backups.

Pro's and con's to both. Personally I would do them separately, that way if you stuffed a windows partition you wouldnt have to pour a linux ditro back. Its faster and cleaner..

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Multiple operating systems to enhance security

How do you comment about the security benefits of such a setup?
Drive C: Empty or dummy OS
Drive D: Windows XP Pro SP3 (for normal usage)
Drive E: Windows XP Pro SP3 (dedicated for online banking, shopping and the like)

Security benefits:
Non-default drive letter: Minor benefit but you are *slightly* less likely to be hacked if Windows resides on a drive other than C since the vast majority of people install Windows to their C drive. I know it's minor benefit but it doesn't hurt to do

Dummy OS for easy target: You may optionally install a dummy OS. Its purpose is to sit and wait for infection. It's to give a false target for the hackers to attack.

Dedicated Windows for mission-critical tasks: You only boot from this system to perform online banking, shopping and the like. Login --> Go to bank website --> Do transaction --> Log off. It's next to impossible to get infected in this case. You can install no security software or just a firewall in this dedicated Windows.

This setup is much better than the expensive security setup with anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-spyware, HIPS etc. Still they can't help getting infected by the ever-changing malware technology.

This setup is 99.99% safe against new unknown malware, and even personalized/rare malware, unless this setup becomes so popular and malware writers start to write virus to infect multi-operating systems.

What do you think? How true i... Read more

A:Multiple operating systems to enhance security

Hi Wai_Wai,

Welcome to TSG!

In the setup you propose, it appears to use Windows nomenclature (C:\, D:\ and E:\), there is one hard drive partitioned three ways, or possibly 3 drives. If malware gets onto drive C, and gains root access, then the game is over.

A more ideal setup is to have two or more cores with the other cores watching and monitoring in real time what is going on in the first core assuming the system is constructed with shared memory between all of the cores.

The first core boots up a firewall, AV, AS, router protected Windows installation - take your pick. The second core boots up a different OS and monitors what is executed and gets pulled down or pushed from the Internet to the first core and automatically scans it in real-time for malicious signature. You could even have a third core that uses a different approach other than in addition to a signature based, aka a pattern based heuristic approach. It is also a good idea to have a HIPS, and real-time monitoring security agents running on your first core - that after installation has been battened down with extra security enhancements and useless software removed.

Your description seems to infer something like a honeytrap to capture malware which is not a bad idea in and of itself but would surely need more expertise to know what to do with it.

It is advisable that with whatever scheme you dream up, you have a hardware router connection to your ISP, and that once installed, you change the admin passwor... Read more

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Hiya folks

At work, we install a lot of different operating systems on computers, both for use within the school and for staff members' personal computers. In order to make things easier, we want to be able to create a USB pendrive that contains all of the operating systems we want to use and some form of menu to start the installation of each. The problem is, I've not been able to find guides that explain how to do exactly what we want. The operating systems that would be going on this are:

Windows XP Home OEM
Windows XP Pro OEM
Windows Vista Home Premium OEM (32-bit)
Windows Vista Business (32-bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit)
Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit)
Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
Ubuntu 9.10 (32-bit)
Ubuntu 9.10 (64-bit)

We have the CD/DVDs for all of these, but we don't like wasting consumables by writing multiple CDs (and of course they get scratched easily) and they fill up a lot of space when they're in those CD wallet things. Plus, my experience with installing from USB drives has been quite positive and seemed to go much faster than installing from CDs and DVDs.

Now, there are a lot there, but we have drives big enough. I know that I could use WAIK if I was only going to put Vista and 7 but as far as I am aware I can't use that with XP and I wouldn't even think that there was a remote chance of installi... Read more

A:Install multiple operating systems from single USB drive

You could use the Automated Installation Kit for Vista and W7 and the good old-fashioned unattended installation of XP across the network. Saves time, consumables and shoe leather.

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At work I am running xp home but I have another harddrive in the bow which has Win 2k pro with a program on it I use weekly. How can I set the machine up so I can boot from either drive. I have tried everything I can think of but can't figure this out. I placed the drives in cable select mode but only the xp drive shows up in bios setup. When the box boots up I can see the win 200 drive but can't open the program from the xp drive. This program will not work in xp. Long story short is the boss is cheaping out and will not upgrade the program

A:How can I boot from multiple hard drives and operating systems

http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1Should do it. I don't use it but it looks like it should be simpler and more windows centric than what I use.There are other boot managers. I use grub to boot Linux and three different versions of windows on the same machine. Grub is a bit complex but is integrated into multiboots that include linux

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I've been stressed about having my personal PC hacked for a while, and think it is about time to do something about it.  While I want security, I also want convienence.  I am thinking of creating a dedicated interface for "critical" purposes, and then remote into it only via a local LAN only when needed.  Critical purposes would be limited to online banking, doing TurboTax, doing quickbooks, etc.  Options are:
Use a dedicated PC.
Should it be Linux or Windows?  Day to day, I use Windows and my wife knows nothing but Windows?

Create a virtual server
On my primary Windows PC used for day-to-day use
On my Linux PC used for website developement
On a dedicate a PC just for "critical" purposes. Should the host be Linux or Windows?  Should the client be something different?

Please provide recomendations
Thank you

A:Keep me safe with a dedicated/virtual PC of multiple operating systems!

I can tell You what I did. Whether that will be right for you I can not say.
Back when Windows 7 was just released I bought a $329 laptop. I only use it for online banking, Bill paying, Income tax software, Shopping at major websites.
No Email, No Browsing of the internet.
I keep it up to date, Current Antivirus, No Flash player, no Java.
I turn it on, I plug in the AC adapter, and the Ethernet cable. Twice a month. Do my financial stuff. Turn it off and put it back on the shelf til time to pay again. I use as my dedicated financial computer only. Nothing else. I have a nice desktop for everything else.
If I need a laptop I grab the other general purpose laptop and use it. The financial laptop stays off.
Slightly expensive but I'm a bit paranoid about my money. I worked to hard for it.
Also, You could use a Netbook instead of a laptop to save a little money. I wanted the bigger screen.
Good Luck

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I do alot of downloading and trying out different software. My antivirus has recently expired and now my computer is acting weird, slow, and i have alot of unwanted stuff on my computer. So I reformatted my entire harddrive and installed a fresh copy XP. What I would like to do is install two operating systems on one hard. Reason why is because I don't wanna spend 80 bucks for another antivirus. Anyhoo... My plan is to have two operating systems, one for downloading music, videos, movies, installing not so credible software... expendable and one for personal use primarilly for school work, banking, and purchasing online. This way, when the expendable operating system craps out i can just delete and reinstall a fresh copy without affecting the other OS. So to sum it up... how do i install multiple copies of xp on one harddrive? i tried reading up on it, something about partitions, but i'm still not sure how to do this.

A:How to install Multiple Operating Systems on one hard drive

Windows, what ever version, MUST I repeat MUST always be the 1st OS on the 1st Partition.( Reason, if you load any other OS windows will take over the MBR and you won't see the other OS). If you want two versions of Windows i.e. W2k and XP, then the oldest version must be installed 1st.
If you install Windows then Linux , Linux will offer to partition the drive,( it's usually ok to accept the default setting) and will install a Boot manager.
With two versions of Windows , the last installed version will install the Boot Manager. You will also need to create two Partitions prior to installing the 1st version of Windows.
I have never installed two versions of Xp, so I don't know what will happen although I think you might have probs with the Register.

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I'm currently running linux from a disk after some prolems with my version of windows vista, but I've been wondering; I have a 500GB external USB hard drive, so would I be able to install linux to the laptop's hard drive and use a vista installation disk to install vista to the external drive?
Any help with how I would go about doing this would be appreciated, thanks

P.S. I'm completely oblivious to the inner workings of computers whether it be hardware or software so try to explain as if you're talking to a small child, thanks ^_^

A:Multiple operating systems (install Vista on an external drive?)


Well that depends if you have the Windows Vista installation disk. So, do you have the Vista Install disk?

You also could try to clone (copy) vista over to the new drive, but any problems would go along with it.

If you would like, you could partition the internal drive and have Vista and Linux be on the same drive. (you could chose which OS on boot up).

So just let me know what you want to do, then we can go from there.



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A friend of mine asked me to fix their laptop, there was two main issues, the first was the battery was dead, unplugging the machine caused it to power off. So I got a new battery and that issue was solved.

The second issue was that Windows Vista install would constantly sit at the loading screen. Not a big deal I thought, I've dealt with that sort of issue many times. So I tried Last Known Good Configuration and Safe Mode. No joy. So I tried both a recovery and install CD and the same thing would happen, it would sit at the loading screen never booting into the recovery options. So I tried a USB. Same thing again with both the Windows Recovery Disk on USB and with an Ubuntu Live USB.

Having the same issue across multiple OS's suggests to me a hardware issue, but what?

Any help you guys could offer would be great.

A:Solved: Multiple Operating Systems Stuck at Loading Screen

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sir i have got windows 7 ultimate version of operating system on my system, . but i also want to install windows xp in it for some reasons related to my education. can i install an other operating system along with the existing one, such that at every start up i could select the required os to be functioned, if so send me the required commands sir./

A:two operating systems on a same system

Yes, you can install two operating systems on the same computer, but you need to have an empty partition large enough to contain the second operating system. This empty partition can either be on the same physical drive as Windows 7, or on a separate internal hard drive. Such a setup is known as a "Dual boot system", and every time you switch on your PC you will see a prompt asking yo to select which version of Windows you want to use.

There's a tutorial here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/8790/dual-boot-your-pre-installed-windows-7-computer-with-xp/

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I just finished up an install on an offline computer i have ... but for some reason it has it's previous OS which is 98 but on the largest of the HD's is XP Pro ... how can i get rid of all the 98 files on the other HD's so there nothing of 98 left????

A:Two Operating Systems on the same system help !!!

I think you made a strategic error when you installed XP. Since you installed in a different partition from the original O/S, it's not on the C: drive. You need to install it on the C: drive or you'll forever be regretting having a non-standard conjuration with XP on a different drive letter. Also, you need some boot files on the C: drive anyway, so you can never fully clean up that mess.

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I'm currently acquiring windows 7 (6956).
I have 3 hard drives (500Gb, 500Gb, 160Gb), i want to install windows 7 on one of my 500gb hard drives but i still want to have the choice of using xp on startup. Anyone know how to do this?
(i want xp to only use the other 2 drives.)

A:2 Operating Systems (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

Welcome to TSF!!!


I am going to move your thread to the Windows XP forum. The folks over there will have a better idea how to set you system up and the like.

Hope everything goes well for you.

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I am having trouble with xp home edition operating system. Everytime I go into window, I immediately get this message "XP SYSTEM SHUTDOWN NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM" and the pc shutdown within 60 seconds. Please help - Thanks

A:[moved from Other Operating systems]Xp System Shutdown Nt Authority System

it sounds like the blaster worm virus i will move you to security,ms have a patch for it
follow the 5 steps here

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My daughter-n-law's computer quit working, the company she bought it from came, and looked at it and told her the harddrive was no good. She paid $100 for them to tell her that, then I got the computer,looked at it and when I booted it up and the error message read "No Operating System". So I installed an evaluation copy of Windows XP to see if it worked or not and it works fine. Now my question is, how do I uninstall that evaluation copy before it expires? At the time when I installed the evaluation copy, I didn't have access to her "Windows XP Home Edition" copy that came with her computer.

A:Operating system uninstall

You might want to go to the HD manufacturer's web site and get the utility to check out the drive. I haven't worked directly with an evaluation copy, but by coincidence got asked about one yesterday. Is there anything that prevents you from booting from the XP Home CD and wiping out the partition with the evaluation copy?

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yesterday i re-installed my xp(i selected new installation option).
but after the installation i found that the previously installed one has not been removed.

so now i have two operating system(both windows xp)...how to remove the old one..?

i restarted my computer in safe mode and went to ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS option but there was no option called UNINSTALL WINDOWS XP

A:how to uninstall an existing operating system?

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I have downloaded Reimage some how on my computer running windows 10 and do not want it and can not uninstall it.

A:how do I uninstall reimage on windows 10 operating system

I think you should post your problem in the 'Am I Infected' forum for advice on how to remove this scamware, or whatever you like to call it. It seems to require more than one program to fix it, apart from uninstalling.

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This is going to be a long winded question ... so I apoligize first!

I just picked my desktop computer up from a technician that replaced the power supply and upgraded the memory for me. She also reported that there are some MAJOR viruses on this system due to me not having any anti-virus software installed as well as keeping up with any updates, etc. So in the interest of wanting to save money, I told her that I could do all of the updates, rather than paying her an hourly fee to have my system just sitting there doing the updates all by itself ... BUT and here is where my question is .... she also told me that because of all of the viruses, I would need to completely wipe my operating system off this computer and then reinstall it all. Is this really necessary? Isn't there a good (preferably free??!!) anti-virus software out there that I can download and it would take care of the issue with out having to go through this entire process of uninstalling and reinstalling my operating software (Windows XP Professional). Also to make matters worse, I don't even know if I have all of the proper discs that came with this computer to be able to reinstall it all properly. HELP!!!!!

A:Uninstall / Reinstall XP Operating System due to virus?! HELP!!

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Hello Everyone
I am new to this forum and it seems I will be needing quite a bit of help in the future with Windows XP Home.

I am running Windows XP Home and would like to know if it is possible to run multiple operating systems without removing XP. Also have a 80 G. removable hard drive in addition to my original 60 G. hard drive.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

A:Multiple operating system

Depends on how you want to achieve this.
I have partitions on a 40G hard drive and have Win ME, then Win 2000 Pro and Win XP.
Best advise is install the operating systems in order, oldest first.
Install Win 98, then install XP and it will create a boot log for you.

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I would like to say thank you to all of the people who help make this site so great. You know who you are. Ok, on with my issue. I want to have to os on my pc i have a 80 gig hd. my question is if i do this can i use windows xp on each of my partitions. what i am trying to do is i want to have an os for just surfing the internet, word documents and so on then i want to use the 2nd i want to have the other operating system to store all of my downloads. my thought process is if i do it this way it will help to keep my internet surfing faster if i have somewhere to store my downloades. I am not suer if this is possible and if so does anyone have any ideas of how to do so? ty in advance

A:multiple operating system

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I am building a second computer. To spare the expense of duplicate software, I was wondering if I can use win xp on my second computer without registering it? Yes-No-Maybe so, what are the implications?

A:Multiple use of operating system

You can not use windows xp on more than 1 Machine !!! PERIOD

This thread will be closed due to the nature of the subject

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Hi guys, i have installed two operating systems in my computer. Windows xp(hard-disk 1) and Windows 7(hard-disk 2).
I have two hard disk, I have installed Windows xp on one hard disk and windows 7 on another hard disk..
Recently My windows Xp got corrupt so i re-installed Windows Xp. After installing Windows xp, i'm not getting the option to choose which operating system i want to boot, Earlier i was getting the option to choose between Xp and Win 7, after re-installing my XP, i'm not getting this option, it just directly boots up Win Xp, Can any one help to get these option to choose between Xp and Win 7.

P.S. Win 7 is still installed on the 2nd hard drive.

A:Need help..Multiple Operating System/Boot ?

Download EasyBCD from here -


Then you can read about how to get the W7 bootloader back (see:Setting Up The Dual Boot) here -


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This whole issue only started today when I realized I couldn't open any images with the Windows 10 "Photos" app.

When I boot up my computer, everything seems fine until the user login page where instead of my chosen background and a text entry box for my password there is just a black screen with what looks like a command prompt box in the left corner with the name "C:/WINDOWS/System32/LogonUI.exe" where it asks me to use ctrl+alt+del to unlock, then asks for my password.

After I do this, it appears to load up my desktop normally. However, clicking my start button or Cortana search box ends with no response and attempting to run anything as an admin results in a blue error message saying, "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software developer." It even says this for Windows programs, for example I tried running WindowsPowershell as admin while following a guide and got this same message.

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hi, first post.
dell studio 1747, win 7 pro x64, intel i7 1.73, 8gb ram, norton int. security; 4 computer home network, protected linkysys router

a while ago the computer would suddenly slow extremely, almost freeze. i would power off and restart until that occurred again, then repeat. after some weeks (?) the computer made some croaking sounds and froze. on powering up after the initial screen shot w/bios and setup, a black screen with 'no operating system' appeared. using windows repair disc via cd boot, no problem was found, so i retrieved a recent image from the backup lacie drive. when rebooted, the same 'nos' appeared. using a norton bootable recovery disc i am able to write this on the computer and do all functions, and i find that the image of a few days ago is what i'm working with. the computer can still slow and almost freeze at times

i ran full norton scan including rootkit (tho on reboot had to go from the recovery disc) and norton power eraser, as well as malwarebytes, with no infection found.

once before and this am i received a msg that windows detected an ip address conflict, that there was another computer on the network with the same ip address.

when i look at the network connections i see all 4 of the computers including this one. none share with this one. the other three show a single ip (related) address to one on my computer. however, mine shows 2 additional ip addresses if i look at my wireless connection: 1) fe80::90e:52... Read more

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Hi guys, i have installed two operating systems in my computer. Windows xp(hard-disk 1) and Windows 7(hard-disk 2).
I have two hard disk, I have installed Windows xp on one hard disk and windows 7 on another hard disk..
Recently My windows Xp got corrupt so i re-installed Windows Xp. After installing Windows xp, i'm not getting the option to choose which operating system i want to boot, Earlier i was getting the option to choose between Xp and Win 7, after re-installing my XP, i'm not getting this option, it just directly boots up Win Xp, Can any one help to get these option to choose between Xp and Win 7.

P.S. Win 7 is still installed on the 2nd hard drive.

A:Need help..Multiple Operating System/Boot ?

When you formatted and installed XP, it probably overwrote/deleted the boot information for W7 on XP`s drive and therefore XP doesn`t `see` it any more.

Maybe a techy guy could jump in here and advise but I reckon if you ran a repair on W7 using the installation disk, that should put the boot info back on the XP drive, giving you the option of either OS.


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Hey all! I am pretty new to this kind of Win7 issues, so I hope some of you will be able to help. Story goes...

After few hours of gaming the computer died. (It happened right after switching keyboards.) Now, on every setup BIOS(?) comes up with list of options (F2 enter BIOS, F11 boot options, F6 Flash etc.). After that a black screen with error message comes up: Missing Operating System.

I tried rebooting from USB (since I have no disk-drive) and I keep on getting the answer: Error Loading Operating System.

Any ideas?


A:Missing Operating System/Error Loading Operating System

All unlikely, but possible - (a) your HDD died. (b) your bios became corrupted (c) your HDD boot sector became corrupted (d) your HDD partition is corrupted.

Does the drive spin up when you switch on (feel it)?
Check the bios to see if the HDD is reported correctly and is at the top of the boot order.
Find a bootable CD - an OS installer, or create Easeus partition manager bootable CD http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm and boot from it. What does the HDD look like with Easueus?

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