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Lenovo T420s wont boot (including not entering bios) after having installed win10

Q: Lenovo T420s wont boot (including not entering bios) after having installed win10

I seem to have a very weird problem with my laptop, I am normally a linux user, and have due to work been needing win10. I decided to install win10 on a second internal ssd by unmounting the cd , and mount a caddy with space for another ssd. I removed my linux ssd, before I installed windows, so no os would be able to interrupts the installation procedure, or atleast interfere with it. After completing the installation, I have been unable to turn on my laptop, the only response i see is the power led blinking twice, and thats it. The weird part here is, if I leave it for a couple of days, uncharged and with the batteries out, it will either startup by itself, or start up when I press the power button. And then go back to the previous state, when I turn it off. It should be noted that I have previously done this, without no problems.. So this is a bit weird for me.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo T420s wont boot (including not entering bios) after having installed win10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, recently I decided to upgrade Windows on my old Lenovo T420s computer. After updates there is missing two drivers. Device ID's of them: First (Base system Device): PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21D217AA&REV_04Second (Software Download): USB\VID_0BDB&PID_100E&REV_0100 

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HI, Please skip to paragraph six for the actual issue I am having--the preceding paragraphs include info that may help to identify how to fix this. I am posting this using my HP desktop running Windows 7 as my Lenovo Ideapad 110 cannot connect to internet as explained below: Firstly, Sorry if I am breaking community guidelines in any way with this post. I did multiple searches but only came up with "forgot my BIOS password-how can I reset it" type posts. I am looking for urgent help to get back into the "BIOS" of my Lenovo IdeaPad 110 running preinstalled Windows 10. Everything was running fine until yesterday. This is when I made the mistake of thinking I knew more about the system than I actually seem to lol :/ So, yesterday--I entered the "BIOS" screen upon startup using F2 (function key+F2). I went on to disable wireless connection ability (to test something unrelated), and also switched Boot from strait UEFI boot mode to legacy/UEFI boot-with UEFI being the default boot option.  I don't know if any of the above have to do with the issue I am now having but I wanted to share it just in case. Here is the real issue as of now: Also yesterday at the same time while in "BIOS", I also went on to set an "admin password", the one you must type in before you can even get to the lenovo splash screen to enter "BIOS". Basically I believe this is referred to as a POST password although I am not an expert cleary (hence asking for the experts' he... Read more

A:Lenovo Ideapad 110-Set an Admin PW in BIOS, Now I can't access BIOS after entering the correct PW?

Sorry for the double post but I just saw this information and thought it might apply to me, please let me know what you think: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht500216  

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I put my new graphics card into my pci slot and when i turn on my pc it comes up the gigabyte start up where you can hit F12 to enter bios then it just turnes off and restarts and its a endless cycle. So i removed it and put my old one in and it does the same stuff when it was working fine before i put the new graphics card in. Even when i take all graphics cards out it still does the endless cycle.....

My mother board is a gigabyte H61M-USB3V
PSU is a Corsair CX750
Old GPU is GT 640
The new GPU i tried to instal is a GTX 1050 ti
CPU is intel i5 ivy bridge
Os is windows 7 64 bit

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Hi, I am trying to upgrade my old faithful T420s. I want to give it the typical upgrade of RAM. i currently have a 8GB Crucial 8GB DDR3L-160 SODIMM 1.35v (i see that it can support this voltage) in the first slot, but when i place RAM in the second, the system will not boot up. it works just fine with one slot, but the with 8GB in the second nothing works. i looked at the processor and Intel says it can do 16GB.  I have a fresh install of windows 10 and the BIOS is up to date.  Specs:Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date: LENOVO 8CET65WW (1.45 ), 18/04/2018 any help would be great. Cheers, tim

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Everytime I want to enter the BIOS setup, I get a _ in a black screen. I don't know if this is related to the problem, but I installed Deepin in the (D drive.

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Hi. I have a lenovo y50 running windows 10. It did some automatic update, shut down and when I powered it up again, I got the update being prepared screen then after a while it rebooted and was stuck on the lenovo logo for a long time. I force shut it down and again it froze on the lenovo screen. After powering  it up again, i got a bsod and it again rebooted. Now,  when i power it on i dont get anything on the screen, its totally blank with the leds powering up and also the keyboard backlighting. Any help guys? 

A:Lenovo y50 wont boot. Can't access bios, blank scr...

Hi nikar15 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Would you have the machine number? Check on the machine number from the sticker or check it from here ,just keep your serial number confidential.
Was it previously on Win8.1 ? Did you manage to create a recovery media ?
It would have to power drain the machine by removing the charger , battery and harddrive and to press and hold down the power for 12 seconds. 
Without the harddrive and battery , try going to the BIOS by FN + F2 or use the Novo button to start. If you manage to get the BIOS set up screen , go to the Exit Tab and load optimal defaults and save and exit. Turn off and put back the battery and harddrive and check.
Update us how things go. 

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Hello Geeks, my Lenovo G50-30's screen is damaged so I do everything using the external monitor. Just recently I realized if I try to enter the bios, the external monitor remains blank, please help me view the bios settings on the same external monitor. Thank you

A:Entering Lenovo G50-30 bios using external screen

This has been discussed before. When using an external monitor you cannot access the bios as the graphics are loading after BIOS. When booting you do not see the Lenovo logo, only the Windows starting screen, correct?

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Hi, My G460 wont boot after i tried to update BIOS. There was an error message during the BIOS update and bad that i failed to note down the error code. After reboot, the system is not starting. The RAM light is not blinking. System starts with 3 led and then shuts itself. No display and I am not able to enter BIOS setup too. 

A:Lenovo G460 - BIOS update failed - wont boot

Default BIOS settingsGo to BIOS and press F9 save and exitUnit should boot to the OS

Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo! I dont know what Kudo does but anyway xDThere is nothing like

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This morning updated my working Idea V110-15AST to last bios update on Lenovo support (1PCN63WW) everything looks works ok til bios upgraded sucessufuly and never works again. No Lenovo Logo. No Bios access with Fn+F2 keyboards. Just the CapsLk key have led turn on from beginin and fan runs as never heard before. Need a really good help with this issue cause end a work there!   Thans in advance!

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Hey Guys ,
I Have Toshiba Sat. L745-s4210 Laptop
i have just faced some problems with starting-up the windows 7ultimate-x64
when i press the power button i find that no GUI Boot Screen And When I Press F2 As i Usually Do i can't Enter BIOS And It takes me to some choices ( Safe Mode-Last Known good Config."Advanced"- Start Windows Normally ) And the windows is down
when i tried to safe mode it's stuck at classPNP.sys and start windows normally is stuck at the windows logo and seriously i need help to get to bios so i can change the boot sequence to put the installation or repair disc

A:Enabling GUI Boot - Entering BIOS

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Are you able to access the Advanced Boot Options by pressing the F8 key at startup? It should list the following options:

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Enable Boot Logging
Enable low-resolution video (640 x 480)
Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)
Directory Services Restore Mode
Debugging Mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
Start Windows Normally
I'd be inclined to go for Last Known Good Configuration first.

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Hello and thanks in advance! Here is my problem

Last night I decided to reformat my hard drive (it was already vista) and perform a clean sweep to pretty much just clear up some space because I was too lazy to delete a million 100 mb files hidden throughout my computer. Anyways, I reinstalled and put all the drivers on, one by one, I then noticed that every couple of minutes, vista locked up. I thought maybe it was my monitor since its very old. So I pulled my PC out of the desk and put in my 22 inch LCD that I was previously using for my xbox. The screen went black and I figured I just needed the drivers for the monitor grabbed the cd, popped it in, and rebooted. It offered me if I wanted to go to safe mode, I clicked yes so I could install the driver with ease, the safemode loading screen said please wait for about 5 minutes and I realized it wasn't going anywhere, I tried multiple times and then put the vista install CD in to repair the startup, I go into the startup repair and was recommended to use a system restore, I used that, I waited while that was happening and sadly there was a power outage (off and on type) I turned the comp back on and tried to boot to CD again, I got a blue screen, It didnt really tell me what the error was and in the code at the bottom it was mostly 0's (like x_000000 x_00000 for the technical code) I tried booting into every mode after that and it would get to the green loading bar and my computer would just randomly restart. Now I&... Read more

A:Vista wont boot to any mode, including CD HELP!

With a power surge in the middle repair, I would just bite the bullet and do another clean install. This check out the system BEFORE installing any new drivers, as you may not need them.

Make and model of this machine may help us help you!

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Ok heres the thing, i need to install windows xp on my hard drive but my computer is set to boot from hard drive first... i can not get into bios setup because i bought the computer from a pawn shop and they didnt give me a password to it.... I can however hit esc to see boot menu... but i cant seem to move the devices around....
PhoenixBios 4.0 release 6.0
heres what it looks like

1. +Hard Drive
2. +Removable Drives
3. CDROM Drive
4. LAN (something like that, irrelevant)

is there a hotkey to move these guys around? ive pretty much hit every key on my keyboard to no avail... moving to number 3 and hitting enter doesnt help either. plz reply , any help works... i havent called hp for password to bios because they will require some type of receipt or something to prove i didnt steal it.... i didnt keep my receipt from the pawn shop

thx in advance

A:Change laptop to boot from cd first without entering bios?

You've tried the corresponding 1,2,3,4 numbers? Or hilight the device you want to boot first then hit a left or right arrow?

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Before i boot into safe mode, the laptop can view the normal boot. Then i try the safe mode boot to view if my laptop have any problem since i cant get into my pc setting . After it reboot, the screen give me a black screen with mouse arrow only. I dont know how to fix. Please help. Im using windows 8.1. Asus model x550dp.

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I own Satellite Pro C50-A-1E2.

Default hdd has been replaced by a kingston v300 ssd.I also activated fast boot.
I'm desperately trying to enter BIOS but without success.

I tried every possible combination(Esc,delete,f1,f2,f8,fn+esc,fn f1...)

I found that piece of info via googling : "hold down f2 then press power".But still no success.
Any help with my problem?


A:Satellite Pro C50-A-1E2: Problem entering BIOS after fast boot activation


Fast boot can be enabled and disabled also using the Toshiba software called ?Desktop Assist?. Within this tool you would find the Toshiba HWSetup and this software part should contain the Fast boot option.

Check it.

By the way: for some notebook series pressing INS button and then F2 worked too.

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Hard Disk optibay runs only when entering the BIOS and boot windows 10 stops working, how to set it up?

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t470p stuck lenovo red logo, press F2 and Enter no response, can't get in the bios.  only CTRL+ALT+DEL has response, and it reboot, stuck the red logo again. but if you CTRL+ALT+DEL reboot >20 times, maybe can get in the win10. So i update the latest BIOS, latest drivers. and reboot again. it's the same, stuck at "LENOVO" red logo.  what's the problem?   

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Hi guys, I bought this laptop as per description, I bought it refurbished since I wanted a cheap and light laptop to carry around.The laptop worked flawlessly for 8-9 month then suddenly it started to have problems. At the beginning it started to freeze when using it (screen freezes and that's it), I had to power it off with the power button and then restart it.After 2-3 months of this it started to refuse booting, sometimes it boot, sometimes it doesn't; all the LED are on (power and HD) but the screen is off, it doesn't even show the BIOS screen. The laptop boot about 30% of the times I try to start it, the other 70% nothing but the LED as described above, sometimes it freezes during use but again all of this is completely random, I have no idea why it happens. What I know is this:- I'm pretty sure it's not the LCD panel, I tried to connect an external monitor but it's the same erratic behavior all over again- I'm pretty sure it's not the HD since I tried with a new one, same story...- According to he LENOVO user manual it can be one of these two things (in order of probability): 1 RAM Failure - 2 Motherboard failure. Well, I hope it's the RAM of course (because it's 30 Euros and easy to change), if it's the MB I can pretty much kiss it goodbye because it would be cheaper to buy an other one than buying the MB.Now it has been working for two hours running Memtest86+ to test the RAM, I'm already at the second pass but it detected no errors: "Pass com... Read more

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I have a dual-boot setup on a Dell XPS 8900 that I've had since Feb/March. The dual boot setup has been working fine, with zero issues since then, then this week I just booted into Win7 a couple days ago and it ran chkdsk automatically, erased some files, restarted, and booted into Win7 fine. I used my OS with no issues and shutdown. But this morning I tried to boot into Win7 and my system can't find the operating system.

I bought the computer from Dell with Win10 installed on their standard 1TB HDD and added a WDC 2TB HDD and installed Win7 in Legacy. I can still boot into Win10 with no problem in UEFI, and while using the OS I can see my other Win7 HDD, all the files are still there and I can access them. My system can even detect Win7 in UEFI mode and will begin to boot to that OS (but of course, freezes at the logo screen because Win7 won't run on UEFI). The BIOS detects both HDD's and diagnostics says that everything's fine with both, but when I try to boot into Win7 in Legacy mode I get a no boot device error.

I've run the Windows7 install CD to try to run diagnostics and repair startup files, but all the diagnostics, including chkdsk, come back with zero issues, except 0x01f and 0x495 which only says that something was changed, but nothing specific...

I can't tell if the problem is with my startup files, MBR, or BIOS...

I've already backed up my Win7 HDD, but I'd rather not have to reinstall Windows cuz all my gaming stuff is on that HDD...

Can anyone help?

A:Dual-Boot Win7/Win10 on seprt HDD's - Both HDD's detected, 7 wont boot

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Dual booting with all hdd's connected can be problematic
I personally use one of these to simplify the task after many mishaps dual booting on the same disk.... I never found a better/ more reliable way other than this,
Amazon.com: Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers & Accessories

Installing each os you'd want to remove the other disk completely so each os would have it's own boot loader.
Even though 10 can access win-7 I would not do it this will often trigger check disk to run in win-7.
Not to mention Fast start in win-10 will trigger it too
Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

So yes disable fast start in win-10 is a must do.
Also for good measure disable fast or quick start in your bios too.
I would not share data disks either.

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I have my problem with my Lenovo y50-70 intel core i7, 12gb ram, HDD My y50 boots in 1.20 minutes Thanks for the reply.

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I have been trying to fix my Acer Aspire 5560G for a few days now. I have a issue with Windows 10, where i need to reinstall it because my computer wont boot windows anymore. I have made a bootable usb of the iso image and am trying to boot it up but it isnt working apparently the boot mode has to be in legacy mode which i cant do in my bios there is no option
Help me! should i trying booting from a dvd instead ?

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Hi everybody, I need to install clean Win7 or Win10 but there is always this message of freeze on Starting Windows after boot from DVD or USB key.I've a Lenovo Thinkpad L412 with 1.39 Bios version, that it haven't UEFI option.Someone that has resolve it?Thanks so much

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Well, this is something new.  Curious if I'm alone here, or if others are having the same experience.  I'm actually suspicious of the 2.07 BIOS upgrade for the P70 as being responsible, but don't know that for sure.
I have a dual-boot P70, with Win7 Pro being my default primary environment.  I also have Win10 installed, and last week I applied the 1607 upgrade.  No problems.
I also have Macrium Reflect installed, and have added its "recovery" boot mode  to the Windows Boot Manager menu.
The Win10 1607 upgrade assistant also added its own additional item to the Boot Manager menu, with ambiguous text named "Windows Setup", although this is actually "Windows Recovery" enabling you to revert back to a restore point (or system image) which was taken just prior to the 1607 upgrade.  So prior to upgrading Win10 to 1607 my Boot Menu only had THREE items on it, with no Windows Setup item.  But now it has FOUR items on it.
So in fact my Boot Menu now has FOUR items on it, with Win7 being my 10-second default pre-selected item.  I used EasyBCD to rearrange the four items to my liking (with the Windows Recovery item at the very bottom) to reduce the possiblity that I might actually mistakenly arrow-navigate to the Windows Setup item and thus accidently revert Win10 back to my pre-1607 state, which I don't want to do at the moment.  I may soon actually delete that Windows Setup item completely, as I will almost certa... Read more

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My pc specs * asus z97-p motherboard * intel i7 4790 cpu * bequiet 630w psu * 8gig corsair vengeance ram * samsung 850evo 250gig ssd (win 7pro 64bit drive) * sandisk ultra II ssd 128gig ssd (win 10 drive) * 2x crucial 500gig bx100 ssd (data drives)

i recently rebuilt this into a new case and it had been working fine. Mainly using the win 7 os but more recently using the win 10 os more and more. The way it has been working is that win7 is the default boot and I have to hit the delete key on startup to select win10 to boot from.

today I was on win 10 but needed to reboot to 7. Upon doing so I hit this message:

Secure Boot Violation The system found unauthorized changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers.

It then gave me the option to boot to win10 as it is the next boot option on the list. Win 10 is now giving me the blue screen "memory management error" although I have been able to get into win10 after some more rebooting.

I ran SFC scanner and it told me that there were some problems that it cannot fix.

Everything is unplugged apart from mouse, keyboard hdmi to screen and ethernet cable. Unplugging the win10 drive from the mobo and switching the win7 drive to another port has not helped.

Has my ssd failed? has win 10 done an update that has caused this problem? It did update today, in fact the first error message I got was after win10 shut down, and when I booted into it again it installed some updates before launching.
thanks for any help!

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Hi,I am Dr Simon Andrew casey. I have a Edge 15 that displays the Lenovo logo with dots moving in a circle during booting, it will stay like that for hours. What are my options to fix it besides boot from an installation USB and reinstall the OS?p.s. This problem suddenly appeared about two months ago, I am guessing after installing one of those Win10 updates on its own.

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Hello, My Lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 is barly 5 months old, this morning when i tried to switch it on. it is stuck at the lennovo screen.I treid accssing the BIOS screen but even if the press the button it still wont go past the lenovo logo screen.Please help  Thank you,Shyam Jampala

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-08 at 18.08.07.jpg ?80 KB

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As mentioned in the subject, Lenovo update utility suggested a BIOS update.  The update seemed to go fine but when finished the computer would not boot.  It cannot find media.  There are some blue blurbs and retries but ultimately the computer no longer has a bios.

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Just purchased a G50-30 with win 7 x64. Decided to update the BIOS A7CN40WWW_64 from Lenovo website. The notebook version was A7CN23WW. Upon reboot, after successful BIOS update, Win 7 booted with errors of Repair option or Normal boot up. Even re-installation of Win 7 will yield BSOD - ACPI non compliant.  Have changed BIOS settings defaults from UEFI to Legacy, it still does not work. This BIOS version is not stable.Please help / advise ? Can i request for the earlier version of BIOS ? 


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A:Lenovo G50-30 Bios update crashed installed win 7

I have managed to resolve the Win7 installation issues by the following settings in the BIOS setup (F2) : a) Boot Mode/Priority - set to Legacy over UEFIb)  USB Mode - set to 2.0 and not 3.0 Case resolved. 

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Hi all Another strange issue with a Yoga S1 20CD0038MC. I can boot anything via any port exept if it's with Win 10 on it (just showing logo and spinning wheel) :  Lenovo Companion updated the bios from 1.31 to 1.32. Worked perfectly, warm restart after update, all ok.On next cold restart, Win 10 Home wont boot. Seeing Win 10 Logo and endlessly spinning wheel. (>15 min)Restart: Screen showing "Preparing automatic repair", no progress (>15 min)Booting usb 3 32GB stick with WindowsRE 10: same symptoms. (>15 min)Booting Win10 Original CD (pressed, not self burned) with Samsung usb cd drive: same symptom. (>15 min)Booting Acronis True Image 2017 usb 2GB stick (linux based): works.Bios: loading setup defaults: no help, spinning...Bios: disabling secure boot: no help.Bios: disabling OS optimized defaults, loading setup defaults, boot priority Legacy first, CSM yes: no help (Bios main page sais "UEFI secure boot: Off)Booting all above options via F12, to double check results (including internal HDD and "Windows Boot Manager" separately)Double check all boot media on desktop pc: all are working.Bios: downgrading bios via CD boot to 1.30 (1.31 download link broken for iso file on webpage): no helpBios: loading setup defaults again, tripple-check all other settings: repeating No. 10 above, no help.Original Win7 CD does boot. Have no Win8 media to try.Haven't touched "reset to setup mode" nor "restore factory keys" in secure boot menu at any time.Running the bu... Read more

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Hi, I installed a new battery in my Lenovo T420s. I have Windows 10 operating system. On the taskbar, I see "No battery is detected" message. I tried another battery and had the same result. I have tried searching other threads and tried those steps including deleting the battery drivers, lenovo power manager etc, all to no benefit... Does someone know how to fix this issue for good? thanks.

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Hello,    Does anybody know what is the part number/s for the latching mechanism, whole mechanism/slider etc., that holds the lid/screen closed?    I found some other posts where they were talking about the lid/screen hooks. I'm talking about the mechanism that the hooks get retained in.   I've started to put together a T420s that someone else took it apart and when I finished I realized that I was missing the latching mechanism and I've looked online and I couldn't find anything, not even the proper name/definition for that part/s.  Thank you,Emil

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Hey guys,

I have a Lenovo T420s that is crashing also daily. I've attached some .dmp files as well as the jcgriff2 file and PERFMON html file as requested.
Appreciated any help on this.

? OS - Windows 7?
? x86 (32-bit)
? Windows 7 was origianlly installed on the laptop
? The OS is an OEM version
? 2 year old laptop
? OS is two years old

? System Manufacturer Lenovo
? Exact model number T420s

A:Regular BSOD for Lenovo T420s


In regards to the perfmon:


The device, Cisco AnyConnect VPN Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows, is disabled. If this device is no longer used it may be intentionally disabled. The Plug and Play ID for this device is ROOT\NET\0000.

Is this disabled on purpose?

All of the attached DMP files are of the RDR_FILE_SYSTEM (27) bugcheck.

A problem occurred in the SMB redirector file system.
If we look at the call stack (it's very large so I will only show what's relevant, really):


vv kept going until it hit the bugcheck

b838f7d0 9b28e56e 8724e748 89ba5b90 872810d0 proxyclientflt+0x28fa
b838f7e8 9b28c965 8725be40 89ba5b90 8725be40 proxyclientflt+0x356e
b838f7fc 83076c1e 8725be40 89ba5b90 85ee37d0 proxyclientflt+0x1965
b838f814 9b29eedf 89f5a008 85ee37d0 872810d0 nt!IofCallDriver+0x63
b838f828 9b29a291 872810d0 85ee37d0 89f5a008 proxyclientwebfilter+0x8edf
b838f860 9b2a0044 89f5a008 87274ca0 89f5a008 proxyclientwebfilter+0x4291
b838f880 9b2a3c76 89f5a008 85ee37d0 89f5a008 proxyclientwebfilter+0xa044
b838f898 9b2a11bb 00000000 89f5a008 872810d0 proxyclientwebfilter+0xdc76
b838f8b4 9b29eeed 0f2810d0 85ee37d0 00000000 proxyclientwebfilter+0xb1bb
b838f8d0 9b29f346 872810d0 00000103 89ba5b90 proxyclientwebfilter+0x8eed
b838f91c 9b29f9ba 85ee37d0 0000009f 00000001 proxyclientwebfilter+0x9346
b838f930 9b29a789 85ee37d0 89ba5d20 872810d0 proxyclientwebfilter+0x99ba
b838f95c 9b2a0044 8a955398 00000104 89ba5b90 proxycl... Read more

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Hello ! I'm in need of the .FL1 File for the 1.41 BIOS because I need to downgrade my old lady. Currently running the 1.43.As I searched for it I didnt find a way to extract the FL1 File out of the .exe or .iso file provided by Lenovo. So if anyone could upload said FL1 file for me or give me a hint on how to extract said file with Linux tools I would be very happy. Thanks in advance!

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Changed the Memory setting (advance Menu) from 2.5 Gb to dynamic rebooted and getting 3-1-1-3 Beep error. Is there anyway to clear or reset the bios\cmos..? I tried pulling the cmos battery with only 1 stick of memory in the computer and it still beeps. is there any Usb bios recovery or secret key combination to get to the bios and reset it..?

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I want to run a Virtual PC in VirtualBox and get the message, that I need to enable VT-x. I have updated to the newest bios (1.31) but i still don't have the option to enable "Intel Virtualization Technology" under the Config --> CPU menu. What am I doing wrong?

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A:Enable VT-x in bios on T420s

Look in the Security -> Virtualization menu.

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Hi all Another strange issue with a Yoga S1 20CD0038MC. I can boot anything via any port exept if it's with Win 10 on it (just showing logo and spinning wheel) :  Lenovo Companion updated the bios from 1.31 to 1.32. Worked perfectly, warm restart after update, all ok.On next cold restart, Win 10 Home wont boot. Seeing Win 10 Logo and endlessly spinning wheel. (>15 min)Restart: Screen showing "Preparing automatic repair", no progress (>15 min)Booting usb 3 32GB stick with WindowsRE 10: same symptoms. (>15 min)Booting Win10 Original CD (pressed, not self burned) with Samsung usb cd drive: same symptom. (>15 min)Booting Acronis True Image 2017 usb 2GB stick (linux based): works.Bios: loading setup defaults: no help, spinning...Bios: disabling secure boot: no help.Bios: disabling OS optimized defaults, loading setup defaults, boot priority Legacy first, CSM yes: no help (Bios main page sais "UEFI secure boot: Off)Booting all above options via F12, to double check results (including internal HDD and "Windows Boot Manager" separately)Double check all boot media on desktop pc: all are working.Bios: downgrading bios via CD boot to 1.30 (1.31 download link broken for iso file on webpage): no helpBios: loading setup defaults again, tripple-check all other settings: repeating No. 10 above, no help.Original Win7 CD does boot. Have no Win8 media to try.Haven't touched "reset to setup mode" nor "restore factory keys" in secure boot menu at any time.Running the bu... Read more

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Hi i was hoping someone could help me with installation of M.2  I Bought the Omen from John lewis ax203na is the mdel number. I tried to install a toshiba THNSN5256GPU7 256GB in the empty M.2 Slot. So in the BIOS i changed the secure boot off and Legacy mode enabled.When i try and install windows on the drive for some reason the drive gets picked up as 4 partition with 0mb Available.After a bit of too and fro i downloaded Ubuntu and managed to Format the SSD to NTFS. Following this i installed Windows 10 but then when it gets to loading the windows for the first time i get Blue Screen showing there was a problem reading from the boot drive. i Switch the laptop off remove and re insert the m.2 without the 1tb Hard drive still no good.I thought ill try to install windows 1 more time and the boom the 0mb available with 4 partion show up again i dont get it. Is this the SSD compatibility issue if so what is the compatible NVMe SSd for the above mentioned modelHelp would be appreciated thanks

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The Lenovo Battery Guage on my T420s, running Windows 10, just disappeared on me this morning.  It looks likes Windows did an update overnight.  I checked and the guage is still enabled.  Any suggestions?  ? 

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Hello. I bought a battery which was described as:"Original 100% new Laptop Battery 42T4844 (11.1V 3900mAh 44WH 6Cell) for Lenovo ThinkPad T420s Series 42T4845 0A36287 66+". I suspect it could be fake Lenovo battery. Observation:- fully charged battery has enough energy for only 1 hour of work (with CPU Load on 30%) I collected some info (here come links to files): 1) picture of battery:    Picture2) Screen: Lenovo Power Management:    Picture 3) Batterymon Info:     Picture 4) Performance Monitor (perfmon) collected during discharge/charge process:         comment: red line (described as "Czas procesora %") presents "CPU Time %" which reflects CPU Load.     Picture5) Log collected by Batterymon (txt file):     Log file .txt Based on the logs (after multiple tests) I tried to estimate/calculate real capacity of the battery.Result: ~30 Wh (i.e. ~70% of declared capacity). I'd be grateful for help.Regards. 

A:Fake 42T4845 (66+) Lenovo battery for T420S ?

HelloNo doubt, that's a faked battery.

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Hello, I bought a new battery for Lenovo T420s, which does not work when I install can see that the battery is charging but only reaches 99% and when the power cord removal at shutdown. Team Facts: Model: T420s OS: Windows 10 Old battery: FRU: 42T4845 Li-ion 66+ New Battery: FRU: 42T4847 li-ion 81 +

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My lenovo t420s will gave low or no sound trough the audio port....  I tired updating the Driver and still nothing. Please help. 

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T420s seems to have quite a reputation for high fan speeds even at idle.  Mine (4174-L8U) sits at 4000rpm continuously, despite minimal CPU use and temps in the low 40s  (Windows 7 and Linux). Seems like the fan is set this way in the BIOS, so have tried several different BIOS versions - 1.31, 1.39, and the latest 1.45.  All spin at 4000. I can bring the fan under control using TPfancontrol / Thinkfan, but was wondering if anyone had a T420s that didn't have this issue.  Perhaps there's a version of the BIOS that works better in this regard ?. Thanks.

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Hey guys, Trying to update my bios and all the lenovo products Im coming accross aint working.Im on windows 10 and looking for a point in the right direction.Thanks

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Hello sir, I have installed a fresh windows 10 copy in my old ThinkPad T420s. Before that I was using windows 7 and all the drivers was installed properly. After installing windows 10 I?m facing some driver problem such as Hotkey Features Integration (Fn Key) driver. In the lenovo?s official website there are no Hotkey (Fn Key) driver of windows 10 operating system for this particular machine. What driver should I install to use Fn Key? Please help me out from this issue.Thanks

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So, after updating the BIOS in this laptop it says the update is succesfull and complete and it go to reboot, but after rebooting its not going to Windows. It go to this Boot Menu but I can't choose any option, when I press enter it only blinking once and get back to Boot Menu, I've done trying to boot from my bootable USB but it happens to be not work. Spoiler (Highlight to read)Boot Menu PictureBoot Menu Picture 

A:Lenovo U41-70 Wont Get to Windows After BIOS Updat...

HI.. I have same problem, but finally I can fix it.  follow this link, I have try  and then fix it http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd-on-usb-disk you use hiren's boot for fix boot or restore boot menu. Good Luck..

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