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Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

Q: Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

I bought a backlit keyboard for my latitude 6420 which was only equiped with a non backlit model at the time I got it.
When hitting Fn + >, nothing happens. I read many things on the web and it looks like we have to go into the BIOS and enable the backlit. I've been told that I should find the menu under System configuration and Keyboard Illumination but I don't have this menu...
I also had a look and the hot keys and don't have the ones related to the backlit keyboard... Looking at the Control Panel, Keyboard Properties, I don't have the Backlight tab, "Keyboard Brightness".Does someone know how I can enable my backlit keyboard and have it detected as such?
Prior buying the backlit keyboard, I got in touch with the Dell support to make sure I can upgrade my notebook with a backlit model without facing compatibility issues. They told me that I just needed to order the backlit model as a spare part and it will work... but it doesn't...
Does somebody know how I can get the backlit keyboard working or is it just a bad luck and it will never work? thanks in advance for your help!

Preferred Solution: Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Missing BIOS activation menu for enabling backlit keyboard on latitude e6420

Not sure if this question has been answered but, while I came here looking for the answer I accidentally figured it out on my latitude e6410, hit the function key and the right arrow, it was lumped there with the scree brightness.

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I still have factory BIOS that my E6420 came with. Am I missing much not having the latest? Is it worth dedicating time to go through many upgrades?


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My Latitude E6420 has Bios A7.  Support site has Bios A12 through A23, all of which need Bios A8 to install.  How do I get Bios A8-A11 to prepare for the later ones that are available? 

A:Latitude E6420 Bios update files missing on support site


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Hi, I need some help on finding out whether it is possible to replace my current non-backlit keyboard with a backlit one. (Dell Latitude 3150, service tag:<Service Tag removed> and I have no idea if my laptop supports it)
Thanks in advance!

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I started getting the message "ME is in recovery mode" when booting. Followed these instructions to update the BIOS.
Now I've waited several hours and nothing is happening.
"Updating your system's firmware. Do not power down you system". Also "Flash progress" is at 0% and the message below states it's "Sending Intel(R) Management Engine FW Update".
I have win7pro running on the machine, if that bit of information helps.
Please help

A:Latitude E6420 bios update stuck

Any news on this? I am stuck with my Latitude E6440 on the same screen.

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I have a Dell Latitude E6420. For about three years I had no problems with the keyboard. Recently however, the keyboard occasionally stops working. This usually happens after I undock it from the PR03X docking station. To fix it. I power off the computer, remove the battery, hold the power button for 10 seconds, and then restart. This always fixes the problem. However, I'm looking for a permanent fix because this problem occurs every two weeks. I don't have any other problems. Peripherals works fine. Thanks!Chris

A:Latitude E6420: keyboard occasionally loses power

Hi Chris,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Please use this link http://dell.to/2tEE3uP, to update the BIOS on the system. Install the chipset driver http://dell.to/2u7N9mM,  the Intel management engine interface driver  http://dell.to/2txfHVA. Check if the issue occurs in safe mode, also try connecting an external keyboard and test it?s functionality. Can you try this system on a different docking station and check it?s status.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I have a latitude E 6420, the bios update failed and now the system will not boot, it hangs up.
Thanking you in advance for your help. 

A:How do I recover a failed latitude e6420 bios flash?

Does it hang up before or after you see the Dell splash screen?

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Dell latitude e6420 with an i5 -2520M cant update to the new A8 bios version because am running version A3 now i need update A4 and A 5 updates which i am unable to get from the dell page which only gives me A7 and A8 updates ......could some one help me fined the update 

A:dell latitude e6420 bios update failure

Hi mek007,
Welcome to the Community.
You can try the following links for A04 and A05 BIOS update:
For A04 BIOS Update:
For A05 BIOS update:
Hope this helps.
Thank You,

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I just purchased Inspiron 15 7000 7559. Backlit keyboard was working fine untill i updated my BIOS to 1.1.8 and now there in BIOS it is shown as non-baccklit keyboard. Keyboard lits up  on its own sometimes and when pressing keys it goes dark again.

Any idea whats the problem? 

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After change boot value to UEFI, notebook freeze after display logo DELL, after press F2 or F12 display yellow text only and freeze.

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We have 3 laptops in my family: Latitude E6420 and E6430 and a Precision M4600.
I wanted to upgrade all configs with an mSATA SSD which is placed into the WWAN (mPCI-e) connector.
It works fine with the Precision but I can't use it with the Latitudes. Is there any possibility to use it with the Latitudes?
My first thought was to update the bios of the E6430 (it came with A03), i just downloaded the A07 for that and ran the updater, but it failed somehow (i ran the exe, when the process finished the system rebooted, i saw the update in progress in the post screen and than when it restarted again it said no bootable device, press f2 to run bios, but bios was damaged, could not run) and killed my motherboard. Now it is replaced with a new one but i'm afraid to run an update again (now it has A02).
Could you check up the issue of the failure? Is it safe to try a bios update again? And can it help me to update the bios to use the mSATA SSD?

A:Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue

Hi Otto89,
Latitude E6420 and E6430 are not designed to install the mSATA drive on the system. The slot provided is for WWAN cards. Therefore, I am afraid there will be no BIOS update released to customize the mSATA drive.
Please reply for any queries.

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Bought my machine used, so it didn't come with a warranty. Was strapped for cash after my HP fried, and wanted something to use. Anyway, the backlight on the keyboard won't stay constantly on, like I'm used to. BTW..very disgusted with HP for 3 years. Voiced my opinion to my pc-savy son, and he said that Dell is the step child of pc's. So, naturally I expected tech support, out of warranty like I had in the past with my other machines. Nope! No such animal. was told umpre-emptily that they cannot help me. I'm like ***?
Hope you can help. Right now, said backliight is on, but don't know for how long. Thanks.

A:Backlit Keyboard on Latitude E6410

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you. By the way, what version of windows is on the system? Windows 7, 10, etc...?  

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I recently bought the following of and am having trouble turning on the backlight of the keyboard, you give me a hand?
keyboard layout: Italian

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Latitude 6430u: Is there a setting to keep the backlit keyboard ON?
 Mine times out @ 10sec.

A:Latitude 6430u Backlit Keyboard Control

Hi ironmiketaos,
Unfortunately there is no option to keep the backlit keyboard always on. As and when you type it goes on.

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Hello Everyone!I bought an open box Dell Latitude E5470 today at a very cheap price. Unfortunately this laptop had a non backlit keyboard and a TN (1600 x 900) panel but it had the much needed 6300HQ, so I went ahead and bought it thinking that I can always buy a backlit keyboard later from aliexpress. I looked at aliexpress again today and noticed something I had overlooked before purchasing the laptop and that is that all backlit keyboards available for E5470 have a different shape thanks to the two stupid top mouse buttons that are not present in my variant of E5470. I now have to find a new top panel with frame that has the cutout for those two extra mouse buttons. This is a nasty situation for me as I am not even sure if the required top panel will be compatible with my variant of E5470. Any advise on what I should do?

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How can I verify if my Latitude E5450 is compatible with a backlit keyboard?
Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>

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Hi people,
Do you know if it is possible to take an E5430 that was built with a non-backlit keyboard and upgrade the keyboard in the field to the backlit version?
I gather from what I've read elsewhere that this may be possible with some models (perhaps the E6400) but in others (perhaps the E5510 for example) extra control and/or power circuitry would be absent in a model originally equipped with a non-backlit keyboard, meaning that even with the correct keyboard, BIOS and control software options the backlight still wouldn't function. Assuming these two categories do exist, I can't find a list of which models are in which category.
Any help appreciated!

A:Latitude E5430 - backlit keyboard retrofit?

Hi Brandon,
Belated thanks for the reply. I can see how that would be a useful test for other models, but this one only has a single cable connecting all of the keyboard functions whether fitted with a backlit keyboard or not, and having read other users’ experience of the E5510 (see below) I wasn’t convinced that the single cable, and seeming location of the inverter on the keyboard guarantied success.
Bottom line: This is now resolved for me; I asked a lot of questions, finally found an economical and low-risk way of trying a backlit keyboard, ordered an appropriate part and now have a fully functional backlight! If you want more detail, read on.

It might seem obvious that a backlit keyboard could be successfully retrofitted, but I didn’t feel confident, especially having read this excellent thread: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19442203
As well as trawling the net and asking here I followed the links to Dell parts support and sent them an email. By that stage I had received two replies from sellers of supposedly genuine Dell parts – one selling a backlit keyboard for £20 that strangely (it seemed to me) lacked the trackstick, saying that as my machine was built with a non-backlit keyboard he doubted it would work, and another selling what appeared to be the standard backlit keyboard (with trackstick) for £50, who said ‘it should be ok’. Both these sellers later confirmed that they were offering ... Read more

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Hi All,
Decided to to upgrade my E6320 with an backlit keyboard so i got an new unit from Parts-people.
Now installed to new board in my E6320 but the backlit function doesn't work. everything else on the keyboard works like it should but no backlit. downloaded a lot of new drivers like "dell system manager" and tried so many things.
I'm starting to doubt if they send me an actual backlit keyboard, but it has an capslock button with an lighted led which works and my old keyboard does not have this. so i'm geusing this isnot the issue?
Any input help would be great.
Thans a lot for checking.

A:Latitude laptop backlit keyboard (not working)

Hi Hildo,
E-series Latitude portable systems have the option of a backlit keyboard. With the E3 series keyboard, there are several ways to set the backlit keyboard illumination. One can either press <FN> + <Right Arrow> to adjust the illumination. The other way is to adjust the illumination through Dell Control Point (DCP). From the main DCP screen, choose ‘Keyboard Backlight’. The settings you can adjust are as follows:



Activation Settings:- 

Keyboard light will automatically time out if there is no activity for certain time frame where the setting can be preset from 5 seconds up to 5 minutes.
Resume lighting from time out with default option as 'Keyboard'. This means whenever user presses any key on the keyboard, the keyboard backlight will light up provided the brightness is not set to 0%(Off). The other option available is 'All internal input devices'. If this option is chosen, other internal input devices like the touchpad, will also turn on the keyboard backlight on one touch.

You can also install Dell control point for your computer from link: http://dell.to/XDJhTF 
Steps to download:-

Click on “Download Now”.
Save the driver on your desktop.
Once the driver is downloaded on the desktop, right click on it and select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the prompts on screen and restart your computer.&n... Read more

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I'm looking to upgrade the keyboard on my 5480 i7 7820 to the backlit version.  Is this possible?  If so, what parts are needed?  Are there any procedures after the swap that would need to take place?

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Looking to increase the time the keys stay backlit.

A:Latitude E7250 with AC - can the keyboard backlit time be changed?

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.

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I purchased a Latitude e5470 laptop without the backlit keyboard and without the extra tracking ball you find in the center of the keyboard. I just have a regular non-backlit key board and then the tracking pad.
I've only seen the backlit keyboard with the tracking ball included. This does not fit my keyboard slot. There is an extra edge under the spacebar. I want to know if I can now buy a replacement keyboard that has the the backlit feature and fits in my keyboard slot.

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I was wondering if the backlit keyboard (no point stick) of E5450 or E7470 is compatible with E5470? From the images I have seen the dimensions and mounting holes look identical to E5470's Keyboard (no point stick) .

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Dear colleagues
On my laptop above, I have just installed a new backlit keyboard to replace the old (non-backlit) keyboard. 
The good news is that the backlighting works perfectly.
Once the laptop has been placed on the docking station, one can still type with the new keyboard. However with it on the docking station the backlighting is not working at all. Whatever I do; with it on the docking station there is no backlighting. As soon as I release it from the docking station the backlighting is operational again.
Please does anyone have similar issue with solution or can anyone provide some advice or solution. I would like to be able to use it on the docking station with backlighting operational
With thanks, 

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Under the Virtualization Support bios menu I have the following options enabled:+Enable Intel Virtualization Technology+Enable VT for Direct I/O But when I enable Trusted Execution, the system will reboot, pass the POST screen, immediately restart, and then pass the POST screen again and lock at the Intel Storage Matrix screen. Is this the expected behavior with this bios option enabled, or is it a bios problem?

A:Latitude E6500 - Enabling Trusted Execution in bios causes boot failure.

What does it say the default factory setting is for that option on or off? If it says off keep it off and stop trying to mess with things you dont fully understand untill you read about bios options what they do and if the laptop benefits or supports such active functions.

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Just posted this in Desktop  by mistake so reposting here
Microsoft HAV Detection Tool reported HAV not enabled
So I went into BIOS settings, enabled all 3 Virtualization options, and noticed that one of them indicated TPM also required.  Enabled TPM and selected Activate.
Then rebooted, and re-ran HAV Detection tool
Still indicates "not enabled" 

Any ideas?

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Hi everyone mk1 Bob newbie
Can anyone help with this please. I would like to upgrade to a backlit keyboard having made enquiries some are saying it's a straight plug and play swap , and others are saying that the motherboard must have a 2nd connection in order to do the upgrade does anyone in community know which is correct or are there different generic keyboard some with only connection and others with 2. Cheers for any help offered mk1 Bob

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This morning my HP Omen arrived in the mail, fully functional with everything in tact. After I left my laptop to install the updates from the HP Support Assistant (One of those updates being a BIOS update), I came back to find my computer restarted and my backlit keyboard not working. After trying to use the HP OMEN Control to fix the keyboard, I found that the keyboard will flash briefly when I click "Apply To All Zones", but then immediately turns off again. Is there any way to fix this Backlit Keyboard issue ir can we see an update in the near future that fixes this issue?

View Solution.

A:HP Omen 15: Backlit Keyboard Not Working After BIOS Update

Found a solution! Apparently, the keyboard shuts down after the BIOS update, so in order to turn it back on just push F5.

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I recently bought a 7559 laptop from a Dell certified re seller of refurbished laptops. I didn't get the backlit version but i regret that now.

I see I can buy the backlit board on numerous sites, but im unsure if the connectors are  on my model ready for me to connect it to :(

Any ideas if my NON backlit model with accept a backlit board?

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Hi, I have a new Elitebook 820 G3 which I am surprised came without backlit keyboard which I thought is standard on this model. Can I upgrade it now or is there some extra chip missing and it will never work? Is it just keyboard that needs to be replaced? I know there is an extra connector for backlit and I am not sure if my laptop has it build in (the connector). Thank you very much in advance for any help/suggestions. Regards, Radek


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A:Upgrading non-backlit keyboard to backlit keyboard on Eliteb...

@Radekk1 Everything should be there for you to upgrade to the backlit keyboard. You can make sure by checking if the ZIF connector is mounted to the system board. HP EliteBook 820 G3 Notebook PC - Remove/Replace videos http://h20464.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=7815289&MEID=07E15A5D-4006-405F-818E-406F35690E1B Click on keyboard. REO

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Hello world, I am Kiran.
     As you can see in title i have a problem i am finding solution for 2 days by now. Found many suggestion on what to do on youtube, yahoo answers and many other alternate sites but unfortunately there was no solution for me, i mean i am beginner as compared to many people on this forum and i think there are many thing i haven't tried yet as i know this forum can suggest it.
     Problem is i am not able to navigate or perform any operation in bios once i am there. its weird since if my keyboard wasn't supposed to work in bios i shouln't even able to get there by pressing Del key in the first place; or f12 for boot selection menu. from the menu it like froze up there. it works fine in windows ones i m in, or within that f8 key operations that brings up several options and safe mode during startup. so its only not working in cmos/bios munu snd boot selection.
here's the Detail of hard ware:   
     1. gigabyte motherboard model:g31m-es2l
     2. logitech ps2 keyboard
     3. not necessary i think (core2 duo, ddr2 2 gb X2 RAMs, 2gb Nvidea grafics)
     Things i've already tried:
1. clear cmos by jumper
2. changed cmos battery(since it was depleted after 1 yr of no use)
3. tested with another ps2 keyboard
4. updated bios from gigabyte online services 2 times
5. removed viruses lol and still cleaning
6. countless time pc restart by pressing bu... Read more

A:Keyboard(PS2) not working in Bios menu and Boot selection menu.

If your system currently has a malware problem/situation...this is not the correct forum for such.
Any issues that the system has developed...may be related to malware.  Rather than start a million topics for emerging symptoms...let's see if we can neutralize the malware aspect and then go on to whatever issues may appear.
Moved topic to Am I Infected forum.

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Hi everybody just wondering whether I can replace a non backlit keyboard with the one with and my elitebook has resolution of 1600x900 can I replace it with a full HD resolution? Thanks

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please help me !!! i have dell latitude E6420 Cpu working well !! but Gpu nvs 4200 is very hot. when i test in furmark temperature is 105 c .. i change 1.5 mm thermal pad but nothing change . i install E6420A08 bios but nothing change.. please help me someone

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Hi Friends,
I just bought a second hand Dell Latitude E6420 laptop in working condition. Not being from technical background and to struggle a bit. 
Thought of upgrading it to Win 10 64bit (Clean Install) and it did without any issue.
Later was unable to get the required drivers for OS and the search began.
Had to search the Internet and Dell Support site for drivers and finally everything was in place.
I have made a backup of drivers in ZIP format and shared the same for other members who wish to upgrade the OS to win10 and are facing difficulties in tracing the drivers.
The google drive link is in ZIP format and would require to be extracted first. It contains various folders which have the required .INF files. These are not executable program's and a user will need to manually divert the search drivers path to the extracted folders on their respective laptops.

Thanks for all the developers on Dell forums/Internet forums for their expertise.

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Hi Friends,
I just bought a second hand Dell Latitude E6420 laptop in working condition. Not being from technical background and to struggle a bit. 
Thought of upgrading it to Win 10 64bit (Clean Install) and it did without any issue.
Later was unable to get the required drivers for OS and the search began.
Had to search the Internet and Dell Support site for drivers and finally everything was in place.
I have made a backup of drivers in ZIP format and shared the same for other members who wish to upgrade the OS to win10 and are facing difficulties in tracing the drivers.
The google drive link is in ZIP format and would require to be extracted first. It contains various folders which have the required .INF files. These are not executable program's and a user will need to manually divert the search drivers path to the extracted folders on their respective laptops.
Thanks for all the developers on Dell forums/Internet forums for their expertise.

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Hello Forum,
I received a laptop support request from one of my users... the user insists that there was no "drops" or "water incidents" or "yanking by the screen side". I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and thought I'd ask the community.
What would cause something like this on a laptop monitor?


A:Latitude E6420 - what would cause the screen to do this?!

Bad video chip to say the least . He maybe right . I have seen screens do this to. Either way not a cheap fix .If fixed at all.

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Can I Replace a Keyboard(Non-Backlit) with a Backlit Keyboard in my HP Pavilion 17-e020dx Laptop?

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I just got a T470. Excellent computer! I got the Core i7-7600U model with 4gb of memory and a 500gb non-SSD hard disk (T470 20HDCTO1WW, ordered directly from Lenovo). The 2TB SSD and 32GB RAM I got from Crucial work without problem (yes, I ran a memory tester) ? although, yes, it?s a moderate pain to take off the back panel (even if you have a special plastic tool for doing so). It?s a really great laptop; I like how clear and bright the display is as well as how fast it runs. That said, on to my question: I got the model with the non-backlit keyboard. Is is possible to upgrade this model to have a backlit keyboard? Here is the information I have gotten from my research: * The dealers selling T470 backlit keyboards warn that it may not be possible to get the backlight to work if the motherboard does not support it (for example, https://www.amazon.com/ThinkPad-01AX569-SN20L72890-Backlit-Keyboard/dp/B0727S1H14/ where they claim ?Please check whether your laptop can support backlit keyboard or not before placing the order, if can not, the backlit function of our keyboard will not work!? or https://www.amazon.com/CHNASAWE-Replacement-Backlit-Keyboard-Thinkpad/dp/B071KWWW21/ with a similar ?If your original/old keyboard does not have the backlit, this keyboard backlit will not work.? warning) * There is nothing in Lenovo?s T470 service manual at https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/pubs/t470/html_en/index_en.html#Replacing_t... Read more

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I have a T450S that came with a standard keyboard.  If I bought the Lenovo FRU backlit keyboard and installed it, would it work?  Or is there something different about a system board or machine that was originally configured by Lenovo for a standard keyboard? Thanks.  


Go to Solution.

A:Upgrade non-backlit Keyboard T450s to a backlit?

It will work

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im sorry if im in the wrong forum or discussion.
This was the closest topic or most related to my question.
i have a t520, i would like to replace the keyboard with a backlite one, is there any way? are their backlite keyboards that are compatble with this model?
thank you 
Moderator note: post moved to its own thread.  Subject edited to match model.  Was:  Re: T470 replacing non-backlit keyboard with backlit one

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Hi allMy question is in the titleIs it possible to buy a backlit keyboard and make it work on a thinkpad T560 who originatly didn't have one ?Thanks 

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I recently purchased a T460 to realize that it did not have a backlit keyboard on arrival, I see aftermarket ones online for reasonable prices so I'm curious as to whether or not there is some output on the motherboard I am missing or if it would be just like installing a regular one.  I have seen on forums that people have done it but I am asking specifically for the T460.

A:Can I replace a T460 non-backlit keyboard to a backlit one?

No problem.  Backlight keyboard is just swapped in - no other parts.

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Hello everyone,I'm new on here and I'm in the process of upgrading my laptop. Ram, ssd etc. I've seen backlit keyboards for sale claiming to be compatible and I am wondering is this a possible upgrade?Any help is welcome.Thanks.

A:Can I replace my non backlit keyboard with a backlit keyboar...

OK here is the Service Manual: Manual The keyboards are not sold by HP as a separate part: only sold with the whole top cover. See p. 20 The Manual does not list any keyboard/top cover as having a backlight. However, the keyboard map on p. 15 shows the f5 action key as activating a backlight on "select models".  From this I gather that there is a place on the motherboard to connect a backlight cable if the keyboard has one. However, extracting the old keyboard from the top cover and replacing it with just the replacement keyboard is not easy and there are no directions in the Manual for that procedure. I would want to see one of these alleged backlit keyboards. Bottom line, it is possible, but I would be leery. Do you have an f5 action key with the backlight symbol on it? Have you tried it to see if maybe your keyboard is backlit? If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.   

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Hi. I'm Sam. A Novice IT.

I've been trying to up-grade the Hard Drive Disk on this old Dell Latitude e6420 for some time now. I tryed installing a 750GB WD Black SATA III 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache I got off of Amazon. It failed on all 3 Disk Control Operation modes in the Bios. I return it for another one and the same thing happend.
I found a pdf that stated the Latitude e6420 only supported up to 500GB so I ordered the same type of HDD in a 500GB. And the same thing is happening. I tryed the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drivers but that didn't ether. My Bio is Revision A21 if that helps.

How can I get this to work?

A:Latitude e6420: HDD upgrade for Win8.1

Do you have the latest BIOS installed?

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Okay, maybe this sounds silly.  But I have an E6420 with this fancy HDMI port on the back of it.  And I have a 6 month old Toshiba TV with plenty of empty HDMI-in ports.  How the heck do I get it to display on my TV?  Apparently just plugging in an HDMI cable isn't the trick, because nothing happens.  Is there some kind of Fn+F8 combo like there is with VGA that I need to use or something?  Thanks!

A:Latitude E6420 HDMI Output

Here's what I ran into, and how I fixed it:
We use 6420s, and I noticed in device manager that they have BOTH Intel AND NVidia video drivers installed.  The only conclusion I could find was that Intel was driving the computer's LCD display and NVidia was driving HDMI.  So, if I would use the keyboard (Fn + F8) to change the display, it would work fine for VGA connections, because those fell under the control of the Intel card.  Same thing for if I chose "screen resolution" from the desktop.  All those were only addressing the intel card, which controls VGA and built-in display.
To use HDMI, which falls under Nvidia, connect your cable and then right-click on the desktop and choose the Nvidia control panel.  From there, you can control display cloning and extending the display to your HDMI monitor/display.
Hope this helps someone- I spent a lot of time tearing hair out over this.

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I bought Dell Latitude E6420 few months ago.
It had a severe problem of freezing (I believe it was due to too much CPU Usage since I upgraded to Windows 10 and was using chrome), and I wasn't even able to move my mouse. It happened frequently and it never unfroze
Now what's happening is that it freezes when I'm not even working on anything, and while I am able to move my mouse, nothing really happens. I press windows button yet the windows tab doesn't come out. I can't access to folders or anything.
I thought it may have been SSD problem so I bought another one, but the screws are stripped and I'm not sure how to unscrew them without damaging anything.
Any guess on what's going on and what I can do to fix my computer?

A:Dell Latitude E6420 Freezing

Hello and good afternoon
Considering that you purchased it used it is hard to determine what, if any, hardware has issues. Have you ran Diagnostics?
It is doubtful that everything will pass with your issue so write down the error codes, if any, and post them.
Another option is to restart and when you get the "splash screen" begin tapping the F8 key and your display will offer several options. Arrow down and Chose "Last Known Good" then push the Enter Key and see what happens. Last known good resets the system to when all of the settings worked.
The screws just hold a cover for the SSD so you will not damage it if you are careful. Perhaps you should reinstall the other SSD and then run Diagnostics.
The aforementioned suggestions are a "stab in the dark." However, we never know.

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I was curious what the "SC" slot above the HD on my E6420 was for is it some kind of expansion port? I cannot find referance of it function anywhere on the web site.

A:what is the slot labled SC above the HD on my Latitude E6420

The SC slot and the ExpressCard slot are not the same.  I have a Latitude E6410, and it has both a smart card (SC) slot on the left side and an ExpressCard (EC) slot on the right.  The EC slot is about 3 times thicker.  The smart card slot is for reading smart cards (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_card), and are a way to verify someone's identity to allow them to use the computer, and are common with the government and various companies.  The Express Card (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExpressCard) slot is for expansion devices, like wireless cards or USB 3.0 ports.  ExpressCard is the newer and much faster replacement standard to old PCMCIA cards. 

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