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iPhone kills home network

Q: iPhone kills home network

Every time I connect to my home network with iPhone 4 my whole network stops working. Windows 7 is not reporting any problems with connection, nor is my router. I have cable connection with my PC and wireless with my laptop, they both just stop working without any visible reason. Even the iphone i connect with wont work, but of course it says its connected and everything is ok.

I tought it was an iOS 5 problem, so I reinstalled it. It worked for an hour then its all back again. I even tried sharing my PC connection so that my iPhone is connected to PC and not directly to router. But that produced the same results.

My roomate's iphone 3gs with iOS5 works normally.

Any ideas? Thnx.

Preferred Solution: iPhone kills home network

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A: iPhone kills home network

Is your network slowing to a crawl, or really not working? Can you still ping the router from one of the computers?

I've seen a few people report that with the latest iOS update all their "stuff" is automatically uploaded to 'the cloud" and that has seriously limited any other use of their network. I believe that there is a setting telling the iPhone to not do the backup until further notice. If this turns out to be the issue you can let it do the uploading when no one is trying to network.

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I have a wireless home netwerk using at&t 2wire. It uses WEP encryption. I have heard that the IPhone does not work with WEP and WPA/WPA2 should be used instead. I'd like to get some feedback from the experts on this forum as to whether this would make the IPhone usable on a home network and whether making this security change is a good idea. If the change to WPA is made, is there anything else required to make the IPhone work on the network, or will it then be automatic? Everything works fine right now on my home setup and I want to make sure I don't mess anything up by making changes. Please comment. Thanks very much in advance.

A:Wireless home network and IPhone

Well, WPA or WPA2 is far better than WEP in any case, so even if the iPhone works with WEP, I'd move up to real encryption anyway.

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Trying to help a friend with an Email issue:

Setup: An Asus Notebook system running Windows 7 Starter, Email accessd thru Windows Live. A Dell Laptop running XP, Email thru Outlook Express. A Blackberry Curve. His wife uses an IPhone. Email thru Charter.net, two accounts. (His and his wifes)

Problem: He set up both of the accounts on all of the computers, his Blackberry and his Wife's IPhone. Everything works fine until the IPhone is turned on, then no mail is delivered. The Error message says "Another prrogram is accessing the account" When turning off the IPhone after about 30 minutes, everything works, mail sails right through.

The IPhone, when it is on is preventing EMail from being delivered.

Anyone ever hear of anything like this?

A:Iphone Kills Email

there maybe a setting on the iphone to not be permanently connected to the account - I had that on my nokia - and set to access every 15mins only

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There's a program I use (Pocket Informant iPhone Outlook Sync) which requires that my PC and iPhone be on the same network in order to sync.

The problem is that it works only when using my home network. When I'm at home, from my PC I am able to successfully ping my iPhone, which is connected to my WiFi network. This works whether myh PC is also ethernet-connected or WiFi-connected.

When I travel, however, even though I successfully connect to the WiFi network on my iPhone and PC, I am unable to ping my iPhone.

I have tried disabling the Windows Firewall and I get the same result!

I can't believe that all these different WiFi networks I connect to (airport, hotel, work) that they all have a configuration issue, so I'm thinking that the reason for the discrepancy must be because of some setting/configuration on my PC/home network.

Is there anyhing else besides disabling the Windows Firewall that I can try?


A:Unable to ping my iPhone on any WiFi outside my home network

You wouldn't want your devices pingable from a public network... thus the reason they're configured this way.

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I already have a home security camera system. What I'am looking for is software I can put on my desk top that will notify me on my iphone when motion detection is activated. As well as allow me
to monitor the cameras from my iphone.

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Hey all,

This is a very strange problem, and I have been unsuccessful in Googling it/searching it here. Go figure, the words "network" and "disconnect" bring up a lot of irrelevant hits, and no amount of search engine math could solve it.

On my Vista laptop (Home Premium), I wirelessly connect through a router. I also have an XP Pro machine that is hardwired in. I am trying to set up file sharing between the two.

On my Vista machine, every time I go to the "Network" page (Start > Network) to view shared folders, I get disconnected from my network. The icon in the tray takes several seconds to update, but I immediately cannot access web pages, etc. The stranger thing is that my desktop loses its network connection too, although there is no tray icon that says so. The various lights on the router all indicate that things are normal.

Restarting the router does not fix the problem - even if I exit the Network page, then restart the router, there is only a connection for a few seconds before it is lost again. I have to restart my laptop, and then restart my router.

I KNOW that it is something to do with this Network page... I will have a perfect connection for days, and then when I click Network, it stops working.

I am computer literate (though admittedly less so when it comes to advanced networking), but I do not have even a clue as to what could be going on. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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I have had a network issue for the past few months. My internet would drop out and the router would have to be restarted. Sometimes it would happen every 5 minutes. Sometimes maybe once a day.

To try to quickly explain all the troubleshooting that has been done, it was determined to have a direct cause of my computer which is windows based. The issue can be directly replicated only with this computer, no other device on the network has been shown to cause issue. (Lot of component isolation going on there!) We use an airport extreme as our wireless router.

The network seems to cut out randomly when my computer is connected to the network. But, if I try to download anything (using any web browser or even software meant for downloading like speedbits download accelerator) after about 5-10 minutes it will crash. After the first crash, trying the same activity once reconnected seems to crash the network much faster, sometimes immediately afterwards. Web browsing on the computer with any of the browsers can randomly cause the crash. It seems to happen in sync with loading a page. The computer cannot communicate with devices like appletvs or a plex server (using both roku and ps3) The computer and device will see each other, but will never connect. Furthermore, attempting to stream to an appletv has caused the network to immediately crash when trying.

I have reinstalled windows 7, tried it across 2 clean installs with software fully up to date and only itunes being the additiona... Read more

A:Windows kills my network!

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I have tried many things to get a new Yoga 910 laptop on my RT-AC5300 wireless. The router is rock solid until the Yoga 910 connects via wireless and BAM: both the Cable Modem and Router become unusable. The Router Admin UI is not reachable, and a simple reboot will not clear the problem. I have had to do a factory reset 3 times now on the router.I have turned off Wifi Sense and Hotspot 2.0 options as well.I have reset the network adapter, flushed DNS, flushed ARP, etc. etc.I have updated drivers, searched for similar problems and get nothing.The WIRED connection on the new Yoga works fine.Any ideas??jim

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I have some issues with my newly bought laptop. Once i try to connect to the wifi, if keeps (instantly or after a couple of minutes) shutting it off. It is only the home network, i can connect to my phone's hotspot and it works well. I have all the drivers and they are the most up-to-date. What can cause the issue and how should i try to fix it? I am not an expert in the topic so please write in details Smiley Happy Thank you,

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i need a step by step on how to connect remotely from iphone 3gs with mochaVNC from outside LAN or WAN i can connect and view on my LAN n\p. but my routers IP 98.xxx.xxx.xx even with VNC ports 5900+5800 forwarded and VNC added to Windows exceptions and with remote desktop active (windows7) i still cannot connect i get this error host has closed session after 30sec of VNC negotiation. i desperately need to check my work away from home over 3g. any insight on configuring my router or RealVNC on my pc would be helpful

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Hi - The sister-in-law came for the holidays, and when she tries to hook in to our network, the whole thing goes down. Unplugging her computer doesn't help; rebooting the router & cable modem (with her disconnected) gets everyone running again, except her. I've got to get her off my computer! Which will only happen when she gets hers to work on our network.

So: our network has never had a problem with any other computer like this. Likewise, she swears she's never had a problem connecting to (or killing) another network besides ours. I'm running a Linksys cable modem, then a D-Link WBR-1310 wireless router. Further downstream, there's a switch or two. The behavior is the same whether she tries to connect via WiFi or cat5. She's running Win7; I think most of our other computers are Vista & XP.

Any advice on where to start?


A:Sister-in-law's laptop kills the network

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I just signed up for DSL, bought a network card for my desktop, and plugged it in. My computer detected the card, but when I tried (several times) to install the software, I got an error message, which, unfortunately I cannot recall verbatim. It was something about a key that couldn't be found, and something missing. After trying several times to install the software, the computer finally froze, and when I tried booting up, I got this message: "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer. System halted." STUPID mistake #1: I never made a rescue disk for this computer. But I can't get to that point anyway. Every time I try to boot, I get as far as the splash screen, then I'm asked to pick "normal", "safe" , "logged", etc., but whatever I choose, I get the same windows protection error message.


My computer is a 500mHz AMD, running on Win ME. The card is a Network Everywhere Model NC100U-WM.

A:network card kills windows!

Kind of a shot in the dark, but see if you still get the error after removing the card.

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My daughter-in-law asked me to fix her laptop (a Gateway MT6728 with Vista Home Premium); it had a virus and a ton of adware. I had no issues getting rid of all the junk?everything operated fine, including wireless internet connectivity. I noticed her Norton Internet Security was long expired, and since I hate that product I decided to remove it while I updated Windows. As it turns out, the Windows update that came to the forefront was SP1, consequently, it took about an hour and a half to complete that task.

After SP1 finished and I rebooted, I didn?t remember if I tried to access the internet, so I wasn?t sure if my sudden lack of connectivity was caused directly by SP1. I do remember going to the add/remove application and uninstalling all of the Norton/Symantec programs. It was after this that I noticed that my SSID was connected as an ?Unidentified Network? with ?Local Only? access. I then connected the Laptop directly to an Ethernet cable and got the same results.

I decided to do a system restore, which would only allow me to go as far back as the SP1 install last night. I went back to the Service Pack install?but before the Norton/Symantec removal. Well, I have my connectivity back! So it was not the SP1 update.

So my question now is: what is it about uninstalling Norton Internet Security, Symantec AV and Live update that causes my internet not to work? I really want to get rid of it and install Kaspersky. If I run the Norton Removal Tool pr... Read more

A:Uninstall of NIS kills Network connectivity


The answer is residual "Stuff".

Download & try this Norton removal/ clean up tool: -

Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall your Norton product | Norton Support

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I own several computers, connected to a top of the line Netgear Wireless Gamefuel Router. I have mostly Mac computers, but I do have a Sony Vaio on the network. The wife installed Myspace IM on that machine and if it is even connected to the network the router will reboot periodically. If I disconnect it from the network the rebooting stops. Just to be sure that it was MySpace IM that is misbehaving, I installed it on the BootCamp partition of my Mac Pro and now if Windows XP is running on the Mac Pro it reboots the router.

Myspace does not have to be running.

Anyone else have this issue, or a workaround?

A:MySpace IM install kills my network

Uninstall Myspace IM, delete all the Myspace IM files.

Download and install Pidgin @ http://www.pidgin.im/

Problem solved.

Pidgin is hands down the BEST multi IM interface to date. Can be logged into multiple buddy lists from multiple carriers at the same time. All buddies in 1 list, all conversations in 1 tabbed window.


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well, we have a four person network in our house, im running xp home and whenever my comp is on, after a while ( no exact time frame) the internet will stop working and we have to reset the modem. i cannot for the life of me work out what the problem is...if anyone have any clue what going on PLEASE reply....i am majorly stuck.

A:my comp kills net on our local network, have no idead what is going on...

Sorry carnt help you , but ask a mod to move this tread to the network forum and you should get better help there.

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A:these services settings kills network in win7, which ones?

DHCP client.

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Hi guys,

I've been trying to set up a wireless network between three machines as follows:

Host machine runs Windows XP and has broadband internet access through a USB cable to a Speedtouch modem.

Client A runs Windows XP, and Client B runs Windows 98.

The host machine has a wireless USB network card. The two clients are both laptops, and have PCMCIA wireless network cards. There is also a Safecom NAT wireless router which is not physically connected to any machine.

Now, I'd like to set up a wireless network in which the host connects directly to the internet and the two clients connect through the host's broadband connection. I have run the network setup wizard on all three machines and the network seems to be in place, all three machines can "see" eachother and share files. However this only works when the host computer's internet connection is not set up to be shared! When I change the properties to allow other users to share the connection, the host computer disappears from the network and only the two clients can see eachother.

I've been trying to sort this out for days, and it's driving me insane. Another peculiarity is that the router has a control panel which can be accessed by entering it's IP address (192.168....) in an internet browser. However only the two clients are able to do this, if I try with the host computer I get a DNS error. One of the control panel options is a DHCP clients list, this shows the name, MAC... Read more

A:Internet Connection Sharing kills network

Are you trying to use Windows ICS software to share the connection from the host PC to the internet through the Speedtouch modem?

ICS is a piece of software that effectively makes the PC running it a router. ICS acts as a DHCP server and issues IP addrs in the 192.168.0.x / subnet. Your wireless router is also a DHCP server, seemingly issuing IP addrs in the / subnet. And therein, I believe, lies your problem - namely using (effectively) two routers, and certainly two DHCP servers, on you network. They don't get on! As soon as you switch on ICS it clashes with the router and you see the results you describe.

You could seek to disable DHCP on the router and use the wireless router just as an access point. Perhaps manually give the router an address such as in the ICS subnet and try it from there.

I know you probably don't want to hear the solution: get a DSL modem with an Ethernet connection, connect the modem directly to the WAN port of the router, ditch ICS and allow the router to share the connection with all the PCs. But ultimately that is the easiest and most robust solution!

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I previously used a D-link router which died after an electric blackout. This was replaced by some unknown brand router ("Mici") which seems to be some cheap copy. On a 2mbit (A)DSL connection this new router gave me only 0.5mbit speed. Recently, this router has been giving me trouble, with difficulties to connect etc. I've had to restart it, the computer, and reset things in some random order. I've also had some issues with trojans and mal/spyware, on the main computer (there's 3 computers connected).

Yesterday, the router stopped cooperating at all, and refused to connect despite several attempts to reset it and reconfigure the settings to the default. So, again, it was replaced, this time with a D-Link DIR-100.

Using the main computer, I set the new D-Link up using the CD that came with it, but at the final stage (Verifying your internet connection) it gives me an error telling me to check my cables and internet settings.
Trying the same procedure on one of the other 2 computers worked however.

Issue: Computer number 2 and 3 can now connect to the internet through the new D-Link (though still only at 0.5 speed..!?). The main computer can't connect at all, and simply plugging it into the router makes all 3 computers unable to access the internet!? Plugging it out solves that problem. The main issue is the unability to connect, the reduced speed is not as big of a concern, although that has been bugging me for a long time now.

Since ... Read more

A:Solved: Single computer kills network through router

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a very odd one, that has me baffled.

My Asus M4A78-vm AMD 955 4ghz 2010 built PC has a legacy issue that when it is booted it kills my LAN at home and mostly shows up when trying to get onto the internet. It does this at power up (pre-windows 7 pro 64bit). It also does this when no network cable is plugged in.

I have tried disabling the Logitech wireless keyboard in case this was killing my router wireless (etech adsl 2/2+ router) but no fix, and anyway wireless not used on desktop and only for my phone.
I tried disabling wireless on router in case it was a hardware electronic signal issue from the desktop but no fix.

I re-installed windows 7 and no fix, but its PRE-windows start-up.

It can be fixed if the router is rebooted, ok so your now thinking router is the issue, but I have a second desktop and a laptop that both present no problems like this day in day out. It?s only the desktop that causes the failure.

I am at the stage where I am going to strip parts out of the desktop reboot and see which bit fixes the issue, maybe its something spiking the router? long shot?

Any ideas or tests please do share.

Ex Network consultant (this is embarrassingly hard to fix and my wife is not impressed at my skills!!!)

A:Desktop kills internet even when no network connected, on boot

Halt the booting of the desktop by going into BIOS. If this kills the internet, then the issue might be power related. Perhaps a voltage drop as the desktop starts up.

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I have an Acer Aspire that shows my home network and at full strength, but won't connect. It will however connect to other wifi, as well as my iPhone hotspot. Other devises in the house will also connect to the router, so the problem doesn't seem to be there. I was told that my settings are probably off and that I needed to create a new home ip address. Tried doing the ipconfig/release and then renew, but that doesn't work if I can't connect to that IP address. How can I get it to recognize the IP address?


A:Acer won't connect to home wifi, but will to IPHONE

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My home network loses internet connection when Windows 7 is active.

I have three machines with XP, one Apple and my current laptop with Windows 7 all connecting to the internet through the same router. After about 5 to 10 minutes of Windows 7 running I lose internet for the entire network. I have been able to replicate this problem six times consecutively. The router will indicate that the internet connection is active, but it is not. If I reboot my laptop to XP I must also restart the router to regain the internet connection to the entire network. Also, all computers see the network as active and running properly even when there is no internet.

Windows 7 machine is a Dell Precision M6300 fully updated with necessary updates and drivers from windows update.

Router is a Westell VesaLink Model: 327W this a standard issue wireless router from Verizon DSL

Many thanks in advance,


A:Windows 7 kills internet connection for entire network on Westell Router

I updated the Firmware in the router. Seems to have fixed the networking/internet disconnect issue.

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This alas, is a very well known and oft posted problem (www.whirlpool.com.au) and appears unresolvable!

Basically my Iphone - sitting on top of the router - will not consistantly connect AND maintain the connection.

If I keep at it over and over again it will eventually connect but then lose same in a matter of a few seconds.

As this NETGEAR modem also handles my wife's PC and a laptop without any problems, I have to believe it is in the iPhone settings that the problem exists!

OK, I have done the following:

1. Done a factory reset on the NETGEAR modem
2. Reset the iPhone to factory (Yuck!)
3. Reset over and over again the NETWORK SETTINGS on the iPhone
4. Set up "another" network with NETGEAR to see if the default one it finds is "faulty"
5. Pretty well done everything that has been suggested on the www.whirlpool forums where, as above, thias is a very common problem, all to no avail!

Everything points to a weak, poor or broken NETGEAER conection but the little connection ICON comes in loud and clear and when I do finally get a connection it works fine - for a few seconds!

The iPhone worked well on this exact system setup after purchase and it is only in the last few weeks that it has gone bad!

Wonder if I reset the phone back to original via iTunes if that would work?

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My old computer crashed and I'm now on a new PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
I installed the latest iTunes successfully, but found that my iPhone 4 is now not syncing with it.

It can detect the phone, but it's not adding or deleting anything - apps, music or photos. I used to be able to select a Photo Folder to sync from the PC hard drive, but now it no longer works. It, however, works well with my notebook which is running on Win Vista.
There is no error message, the sync and backup apparently goes on only for a few seconds, and then iTunes says it is searching for which apps to install but nothing changes. Even when I've clicked Apply.

I've also tried closing iTunes and I've rebooted the phone but no dice. I've also uninstalled iTunes to reinstall. Doesn't work either. And yes, I installed with the 64-bit installer.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

A:Unable to sync iPhone 4 with iTunes on Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

Did you install the latest version of iTunes?

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Hello. I would like to think I am not computer illiterate but I cannot figure this one out. I have searched and searched for a solution and I feel I might be the only person in the world with this problem. (feeling a little insane)

In June I installed Windows 7 on my computer and moved to a new place. We have wireless internet with four computers connected to it (including mine) Sometimes my computer works fine with no problems but most of the time when I am browsing the web, certain websites (facebook, pandora, hulu) they won't load (cannot find server) or while streaming video (lost connection) I notice it being my most frequently visited sites but I might just notice it BECAUSE I visit them frequently At first I thought, perhaps there was something wrong with my computer. The antivirus I had on my last computer expired and I haven't had the chance to buy a new one yet. I thought maybe I picked up a virus or something.. but then I got the new iPhone 4. When I am connected to WiFi on my phone at home, I have the same problems on my phone. It won't load sites and it constantly tells me 'Server not found' but when I am browsing the internet through my wireless network data plan, it's fine. Also when I am using the wireless connection through my employment, it's fine!

Because of the similarities between these two, I am forced to believe it has something to do with my internet connection.. but why are the other computers using the same conn... Read more

A:PC and iPhone 4 having same network problems

Who is your ISP? What networking equipment (modem, router, switch, etc.) do you have? Brand and model of each, please.

Please show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Hi All,
Problem is the Vista Machine connecting to the shared HPG85xi AIO on the network.
I am working on installing a Vista Home Premium Gateway PC on an existing network that consists of a 98 machine, two XP home PC's and an XP home laptop.
With the exception of the laptop, all PC's are connected via ethernet cabling to a Linksys WRT54G sharing cable internet access.
One of the XP home machines and the 98 are connected to a Dlink switch which is wired to the Linksys router. This XP home machine has the HP connected locally and shared.
All PC's have printer and file sharing enabled. All PC's are in the same workgroup, all PC's can see and share files bidirectionally. Including the Vista machine. All PC's with the exception of the Vista machine can connect and print to the HP.
When you try to connect the Vista to the HP, and it doesn't matter how (using Network and connect, using Printers to add a printer, using add a Printer to set up a new network printer and entering the path...whatever), the error message is "Access is Denied" before you can even install the drivers.
I used my IBM laptop running XP Pro to serve the HP via the USB connection (same as how the XP Home PC is doing it), the Vista can connect and print no problem; so it would seem there is an issue with the access rights in the XP Home PC sharing the HP.
I also tested the Vista PC on another network that runs XP Pro and it connected and printed with NO issues.
I trie... Read more

A:Solved: Vista Home Network Printer Issues, XP Home Network

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I can't figure this out .........

I have a wireless broadband service (ie not BT / Virgin or down a satellite link) 'cos I live in a remote rural area; the service is great and the wireless receiver is on my house roof. Indoors I have a Belkin wireless router that allows me to access the internet via lap tops and desk top computers; all of my computers are either Dell or Samsung. My wireless router is secured with a password (WPA2). No problems here.

I have an iPhone 4 and have a number of 'Apps', one of which is 'IP Scanner' that will scan all the bits of kit connected to ..... I know not what. Now the weird thing is, when I run this app, it is picking up all my neighbour's Apple kit; it picks up his iMac, Airport Extreme, Apple TV, file Sharing thing, the lot. It picks up about 15 separate items and gives me IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc etc. I can 'ping some of these items from my own desk top computer. My neighbour lives about 500m or so from my house so too far for me to pick up his own wireless network. So I'm puzzled.?? Why is my iPhone 'seeing' this ??

The only thing I can think of is the wireless BBand provider has put up a relay transmitter thing that sends the wireless signal to his house and I'm somehow picking his stuff up through that?

Any 'Sherlocks' out there ; any help would be appreciated.


A:iPhone and my wireless network - a puzzle

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I have set up a system where my ipad and iphone connect to my computer, my ipad as a screen and my phone as a keyboard and tool selection (usually for photoshop). this works like a charm when i am at home. but unfortunately i cannot connect when i am at school (using a different network) the app i have installed is called ERG mouse. and iDisplay for the screen viewing part, although i can access the screen from another network through an app. if there is ANY way i can connect my phone to my computer at home and use this app while at school it would be greatly appreciated :) thanks

A:use iphone as a remote mouse to a computer on a different network

Remotely? If so you will have to have a talk to the School Network IT to ask for permission. I would think they would not give you access for security reasons.

Other than that we can not help you.

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Hi, can anybody please help me set up a wireless access point?
I have an Acer aspire 5315, recently removed Vista and installed Xp SP3 with SATA Drivers. I'm trying to use an Atheros AR5007EG network adapter to set up a network. My computer comes integrated Intel/PRO Wireless 2200BG Acer InviLink 802.11b/g LAN connection, and i'm using a usb vodafone huawei broadband modem to connect to the internet. I need to learn how to configure internet connection sharing and to create a connection so i can access the internet on my iphone.

I've updated the drivers for my network adapter but im pretty clueless on how to go about it from here... any help would be incredible.


A:Solved: help creating a wifi or ad-hoc network to connect my iPhone

You need a broadband wireless router. I would recommend Linksys, although that is just personal opinion.

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Hi guys.

I have an iPhone 4 which has internet tethering. I can either connect this via the USB cable or wirelessly via my intel 6300N wifi card.

When I connect to my laptop via USB cable, the 'Set Network Location' box comes up, which I select Home Network. It is simply named 'Network', but I then go in and change 'Network' to 'iPhone'. This then shows up in the Network and Sharing Centre as iPhone on a Home Network. This works perfectly, is super fast and when I'm finished, I disconnect the USB and shut down.

When I next turn on my laptop and connect my iPhone internet tether via USB cable, I am once again asked to ''Select a location for the 'Network' network''. Windows 7 netwkr and Sharing centre isn't recognising the same iPhone is connected and asks me to set up a home network again.

I've gone into 'Merge or delete network locations' and the original 'iPhone home network' is set up (not in use) as well as the new 'Network' location that it's asking me to set up. If I merge the second 'Network' and original 'iPhone network', this removes the second network and I'm left with the 'iPhone Home network (in use).

If I disconnect the iPhone and reconnect, it asks me each time to select a network location for the 'network' network. If I don't merge them, I end up with Network 2, Network 3, Network 4 etc all the while still having the original iPhone network not in use as well as any other not merged or deleted.

Can somebody please assist? Why won't it recognise ... Read more

A:iPhone network location doesn't save when disconnected

The problem may be renaming your network 'network' to 'iphone'. Try deleting all your network locations that are related to the iphone, reboot your computer and iphone then try connecting them. Also try connecting wirelessly and see what happens.

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I am running Win7/Pro x64. My System Spec is in my Profile.

I do not have iTunes installed on my desktop. I do have an iPhone 5, a hand-me-down from my son.

Yesterday the phone needed to be charged. I attached it to a USB port. I was asked by the phone if I trusted my desktop. I said yes. I was told that there were no new images on the phone to import, a fact I already knew. I've encountered this dialog before. It seems to be part of the procrustean Apple way of computing.

What troubles me is that a process started about the time I plugged in the phone. At a rate of 5-10 files/sec the 'modified' date was changed on over 3,500 jpg files on my data drive. I've not analyzed the order in which they were processed but suspect that it was A-Z on the file names and also on folder names.

Could this behavior result from iTunes running its 'sync' process? If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?

If we have no Apple OS experts on this forum, does anyone know of an 'Apple forum' that is as respected as sevenforums is in the Windows world?



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OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 52940 MB, Free - 22528 MB; D: Total - 19061 MB, Free - 15717 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., , , . . .
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated: No, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled
Started laptop and couldn't connect to wireless network, which used to work. I tried "netsh..reset.log" , "netsh.." , Repairing the network connection but still not working.
HELP anyone please. lost

A:Can't connect to wireless network but capable of connecting to internet thru iphone

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I just got the new iPhone 4S and I have a 3GS as my old phone with no way to transfer my contacts. I was told I could save a backup of my 3GS to itunes, then load the backup onto my 4S.

Well my 3GS won't backup, it keeps saying "iTunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred" without any error code. I've wiped my old backup, I've cleared sync history. I'm using a PC with itunes with the latest itunes version 10.5.

What can I do to get my contacts over to the new phone?

A:Error backing up iPhone - trying to transfer contacts to new iPhone 4S

You may have to load them one at a time.

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How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

A:How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

Here's a paid one....
Seems to be a few listings.
Google search.

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I have a Yoga 13 running Windows 8.1 that has recently stopped connecting to my home wireless network. All the latest Windows Updates are installed at this time.I have uninstalled the Realtek Network device and the related drivers, rebooted and tested without luck.This unit sees the networks and if I enter a wrong password, it asks for a re-entry of the correct password.  When the correct password is entered it says "Checking Network Requirements" then fails with "Can't connect to this network"None of the troubleshooting services have been successful.All my other devices connect without any issues. I am runniing a Netgear R8000 Nighthawk wireless router. What is odd is that this laptop will connect to my iPhone 6 hotspot without any issues. I suspected a windows update may be the cause so I downloaded drivers from Lenovo for the wireless adapter.  Uninstalled the current ones, rebooted, and then installed the Lenove supplied drivers.  Still no joy. Any other suggestions short of a reinstall of the OS? Cheers! Hawkeye007

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5 month old Dell XPS 8500 Win 7 64 bit Pro as main computer connected by Wired Adapter, Upgraded Gateway 5632E also running Win 7 64 bit pro as second connected by Wireless. Both running Kapersky successfully. no network problems for 5 mo.

Both were successfully linked using homegroup. Had to take Gateway to a remote location to do a business demo. While there had to link to a local public WiFi. While connecting made mistake and left homegroup.

When Gateway returned to homebase a few days later it was fine, had no problems finding wireless but could not see or rejoin Dell machine homegroup. It would let me set up a new homegroup.

Went to Dell box and found 1) homegroup no longer existed, 2) router and network and wireless printing no longer found - Red X on the taskbar) even though internet was still working fine.

Took nearly a week of trying differernt fixes, on adapter- off adapter- different adapter reboot network, router, even updated router firmware (Yes I went through every ipconfig reset, renew, redecorate etc. I've used netsh functions to try to get evrything to reset. Changes services.msc settings per other posts. Finally in desperation, deleted every sub key in the registry related to network locational awareness and got the Dell to find the network, let me set it up as a "home" network and then even see the invitation to join the Gateway's homegroup.

Then I hit a wall- when I try to join- Win 7 says I can't join the homegroup becau... Read more

A:Home network set but Win 7 says can't join homegroup, no home network

Just a thought - if running Kaspersky Internet Security (with inbuilt firewall) check that your Internet connection in the settings is set to Home or Private Network vs Public.

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We have 3 16 port switches connected to our router. Everything has been in place and working well since last May.
Beginning this week, as soon as one employee arrives and turns on his pc, every pc on that switch loses internet access. Not network access - can still see other pc's - just no internet.

The pc causing the problems is the oldest on our network, but it is running Win10 like the others. When I check the stats on the router for his IP address, his has the highest transmission numbers.

We are scheduled to replace that pc within the next 2 weeks, but is there something I can/should look at doing in the mean time?

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I am trying to get my SMS,contacts and pictures on my iPhone to be put either onto my computer or onto iTunes and I don't know how to do this.
Any help or advice would be greatly received.
Thanks in advance.
Could you suggest a transfer???

A:How can i backup iphone 3GS sms/contact to new iphone 4?

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can also transfer Music/Video from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer.

Backup Photos to Any Folder on Computer
Backup SMS to to Computer with Multiple File Formats
Backup Call List to Computer with Multiple File Formats
Backup Contacts to Computer with Multiple File Formats
iPhone Disk & file Utilities


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1) I have Laptop and PC connected with lan cabel. They are both with Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit.
They both have no problems with internet.
They have the same WORKGROUP names.
Both have real IPs.
I see each other on the Network but i can not connect to them... (it was all OK when I was on XP...)
>When I try to connect from the Laptop to the PC i recive: "Error code 0x80070035", I click on Diagnose and I see this.
I tried to turn off the Firewall and the NOD32 antivirus, but ... nothing changed ....
The Sharing and Discovery Settings are OK, like this.

2) I give share permissions to my network.

3) May be I have to install "Client" for "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" but is no listed 'Client' or 'Servise' to use.

4) I found I have to allow permissions in the firewall to some ports like:
-TCP 139
-UDP 137
-UDP 138
-TCP 445
... I did this ...
Give me some help how to manage with my network so I can browse both computers, copy files and so on ...
Thanks in advance

A:Home Network Problem on Vista Home Basic 32bit.

I can't help but just wondered why you have made another post not long after your first post with exactly the same question ?

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can someone help me sort this? I have a bunch of devices on my lan, some by ethernet some wireless.
One Windows 10 Pro desktop, on ethernet, serves all the other devices - at least in theory. Working well, no big issues.
But with my Windows 10 Home edition on a Zenbook, with networking on, network discovery on, public folder shared, I can RDP into the other windows 10 machine just fine, I can map network drives etc. Life's good, right?

With my 'droid, using ES File Manager, I can move files easily between windows 7 machine, Windows 10 desktop, other droids, etc. However, the ONE MACHINE it cannot get coherent is the Zenbook running Windows 10 Home. It simply will not connect with the correct IP and credentials. I can "see" the machine by scanning the network map with the Droid, access it, setup the credentials, but cannot get in. I am wild-guessing the firewall may be blocking but I have no trouble doing what's needed with the other Windows 10 machine, so ...... stumped. Both are fully updated to latest win 10 updates, both are essentially set same way networking-wise to my knowledge.

Anyone have a clue here?

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Windows 7 home premium sp1
Bitdefender tell me it become unresponsive an recommend to reboot
system message tell me  Windows update is deactivated
window defender full scan found nothing
comodo antivirus deactivated and cannot be reactivated
a reboot do not change anything
can you help me please

A:W 7 home cannot conect internet and home network even in safe mode

Welcome aboard
Can you operate computer normally?
Are you running two AV programs (BitDefender and Comodo)?

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I did not set up my pc's to share over my home wireless network, but suddenly today I see that all drives and the printer are available between each computer. I had tried to set up the computers to share months ago, but never got it to work and gave up.

The desktop is old, running WinME, one laptop is running WinXPpro, the other laptop is running Vista. They are all connected to a Westell router/dsl modem for internet through Verizon.

So, I turn the desktop off daily. Today I go to turn it off and it says the WinXP laptop is connected and do I really want to shut down. I go to windows explorer on both machines and sure enough I have access to the other drives on each computer. I start the Vista machine and see the same.

Am I compromised?

A:MY home computers suddenly sharing over home wireless network

If you didn't make the change to share all drives, then somebody did. I would assume the worst. Time to reformat and reinstall.

Windows ME is past end of life, and no security updates are provided by MS. I wouldn't run it anymore. Maybe you'd want to try out some linux distros, some are quite good on old hardware. See this review:

It seems you don't have a separate router, I would advise you to get one. I have a modem/router too but I also have a separate hardware firewall/router. The modem/router does NAT but I constantly see connections/attacks making it past the modem/router to my firewall. Having a separate router is a good thing.

Since you are using wireless, did you enable the encryption? If you have WPA or WPA2 use them and setup a long and complicated passphrase. Use WEP if you have no other choice cause WEP can be broken into real quick. You must enable encryption because with wireless, all your machines are sitting ducks when you have close range attackers, whereas with wired, at least you still have a perimeter which you can fortify with a firewall. Also it is especially important to have software firewalls on Each PC when using wireless.

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Not sure how actively anyone is tracking user needs here, but figured I had nothing to lose by asking for help...unable to find an understandable answer here so far.
I had been happily running Virtual PC 2007 on a Win 7 Home system, printing on a network physically connected via usb cable to a Win XP system.  I have now replaced the XP tower with a Windows 10 tower, with that printer attached to that tower, and
functioning normally.
When I run Virtual PC 2007 on the Win 7 system, it "sees" the Win 10 system, but on trying to install the printer, it is asking for a password to the Win 10 system.
I am guessing that it would require a ton of tweaks to get around this, and although I am not a full blown novice, I never like fiddling with too many settings that might screw up everything else that is working.
So, long story short, is there in fact a reasonably simple way to work around this, or should I just give up to progress and new operating systems?
Thanks to anyone who might be willing to point me in the right direction.

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I have a home desktop computer, and a work laptop. Over the years I've changed laptops and home computers, and have always been able to get network sharing working so I can transfer files between them by using \\<hostname>

I've had my current setup for about 6 months now, and have been able to share files. Let's call my home computer "alien" and my work computer "laptop".

A couple of days ago, I found I was not able to connect to alien from laptop, but I could connect the other way. Also, alien can ping laptop, but NOT vice versa. alien has a static IP of, and laptop has an IP address of via DHCP.

Any ideas about why laptop cannot ping alien (which would explain why I can't connect to it)?

A:Can no longer connect to home computer over home network

Quote: Originally Posted by mbh9700

I have a home desktop computer, and a work laptop. Over the years I've changed laptops and home computers, and have always been able to get network sharing working so I can transfer files between them by using \\<hostname>

I've had my current setup for about 6 months now, and have been able to share files. Let's call my home computer "alien" and my work computer "laptop".

A couple of days ago, I found I was not able to connect to alien from laptop, but I could connect the other way. Also, alien can ping laptop, but NOT vice versa. alien has a static IP of, and laptop has an IP address of via DHCP.

Any ideas about why laptop cannot ping alien (which would explain why I can't connect to it)?

You may want to disable the antivirus software for testing. With the ping not working it would seem like something is blocking the connection. Do the machines appear in the network folder under network?

Obviously you should make sure that Network Discovery and File and Printer sharing are turned on in the Advanced Sharing settings.

Make sure they are on the same Workgroup etc. and that file sharing is enabled through the sharing tab >Advanced Sharing> of the C:>Users folder.

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I have three computers networked together at home. They have different OS's on them. One is Vista Home Premium, another XP Pro and the third is XP Home. My problem is that I can't copy or move any folders or files from the XP home machine to the Xp pro machine. I get an error message that access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use. I can go to the XP Pro computer and go through my mapped drive and click on the same file and copy it without any errors. Why does this only work from one machine? I know XP home only uses simple file sharing and XP Pro has more security. Is there a setting that I should check on the firewall or within XP Pro?
I made some changes to get the XP Pro computer to be able to map a network drive to the Vista computer. Will this effect the ability to copy files from XP Home?
I have researched this issue and have not found an answer that will solve the problem. None of the computers are password protected or are any of the files password protected on any computer.

A:Solved: Can't copy folders from Xp Home to Xp Pro on home network

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I have windows 2000 on my laptop and on 3 of 4 computers on my home network. i have 4 pcs and the laptop all networked and are all on cable connection. is it possible to dial into my home network so i can read the harddrives and use files from them on my laptop from a remote location? if so how?

A:Way to dial into my home network from laptop away from home

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