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Having Issues with multiple audio drivers getting audio sync issues.

Q: Having Issues with multiple audio drivers getting audio sync issues.

hey guys. I recently been having so many problems with audio sync issues when mounting a 3D image. Video plays fine in my media player. (have tried totalmediatheater and poweriso11 seems to be the best so far). anyway it seems like it plays fine in 2D but 3D is giving it audio sync issues. I think ive pinpointed the problem and ive found that disabling my motherboard audio driver (intel) and enabling nvidia audio seems to have a better effect in 3D playback (again mounting). ive tried a few different 3d image backups by the way, i also didnt have a problem with intel hd drivers playing 3D but intel drivers started to give me a BSOD which lead me to buy a nvidia card for 3D. So back to the issue. Is there a way to have both audio drivers installed becuase I switch from tv to monitor for display and I have external speakers that I would like to use instead of my tv audio. I also have the latest nvidia drivers, chipset drivers, directx and most up to date bios. im running windows 7 64bit, gigabyte mobo, geforce gt 520, 12gb ram, intel i5 2500. Also says nvidia hdmi output not plugged in, in windows sound properties if someone can explain that. sorry for such a long typed problem.

Preferred Solution: Having Issues with multiple audio drivers getting audio sync issues.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Having Issues with multiple audio drivers getting audio sync issues.

I have to enable intel driver then reboot so I can use my external speakers, any easier way without rebooting and keep switching audio drivers.

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I have a strange thing happening. I am producing some clips which are CGI that are all put together in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Encore 1.5. I have a problem that when I preview in premier or encore there is a massive out of synch issue with the audio and video. This problem occurs also when I view any finished avi files using Window media player 11. The problem is not there if I view using quicktime. The bizarre thing in WMP11 is that if I just tweak the brightness slider then the video catches up and everything is ok. The main issue is when I am editing the clips and previewing them in prem and encore, there is no slider for me to tweak to see if I have my timings correct etc.

Maybe I am wrong but it would seem the problem is shared between the adobe stuff and WMP11. Is there any codec issues maybe as it seems strange that the clips work fine in QT.

I look forward to your advice.


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I have included youtube links showcasing my problems, not including Audio/Video Delay when watching digital movies.

Screen Tear: http://youtu.be/E1IzZ1IWiBc
Mouse Lag: http://youtu.be/CdIs2n_qqd0

I've been having issues with my computer doing some strange stuff and I can't get it to go away. I went 15 hrs testing my overclock on Prime 95 with no problems, rolled back drivers, 970 GTX SLI overclock changes, I changed my mouse from a wired to wireless, new ram, Malwarebytes Virus, you name it. I can't get this to go away and I don't know if it is a hardware issue or what.

I built a new computer using almost completely new parts, except for my hard drives. Two SSD's and a WD Black 7200 1TB I brought from my old CPU. The problem carried on to my new computer and it seemed to come out of nowhere. I formatted and erased my old Windows 8.1 and installed a new copy on my Samsung 840 PRO 128 GB. I have not been able to get it to stop.

I found this tidbit in a thread. It is similar to what I have, but I don't believe it's an overclock issue:

"i dont know about pc slows down... but i think i also experiences this. when i underclock my cpu after overclock, my pc slows down and running at full usage. but, after a shutdown / few restart, i gained normal speed.

i think that the windows are not sync the cpu speed after changes of cpu speed at first. it just likw when you oc for the fist time, you will feel boost speedup and almost never at full ... Read more

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Hi, so I had to disable and install a new audio driver in order to hear through the speakers, since the speakers cut out every 5-10 seconds. (CONEXANT AUDIO HD). Since that's the problem I want to listen through my headphones/earphones completely, but they dont appear in the Sound category. What audio driver should I download to be able to hear through my headphones. Also because my headphones are plugged in my laptop ignores that its in the audio jack and just continues playing.

I got just had to replace harddrives am I suppose to be getting the low on memory mesage?

A:Audio Drivers Issues

Oh and I have a Toshiba Satellite L750D

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Hi guys. I have my TV connected via HDMI through my video card to my computer and also run sound through my computers speakers with the onboard sound. Normally I just change the audio device before opening a program depending on whether I want it on the TV speakers or computer speakers. The problem is that sporadically when I select the device for the TV speakers it doesn't provide any sound and no combination of turning the TV on and off, changing the audio device back and forth etc will let give sound on the TV speakers (but when i change to the computer speakers it works fine). I can't seem to reproduce the problem either, it just happens sporadically and the only solution is to restart the computer.

I have vista 32 bit ultimate. Any suggestions?

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i used to use my motherboards onboard sound (msi Z170A gaming m5), until a few days ago i started having issues. all audio would basically be delayed. even a simple thing as going into playback devices->speaker properties->advanced and pressing test would play the sound very delayed and with lots of crackling. videos in VLC would freeze 1 or 2 frames in and only after a few seconds and after audio was clackling would they play. streams on twitch.tv using firefox would 'run' with <0.1 fps and no audio. opening a video in vlc while simultaneously having twitch open would then for some reason make the stream run. videos on youtube would all freeze in the start and only run after a few seconds after audio crackled. skipping ahead or behind on the timeline of the video would also cause freezing and crackling of audio.
i thought the issue was my motherboards onboard sound. USB headsets did work without a problem. then i noticed that uninstalling the driver and allowing windows to install its default audio driver would get rid of the issue (but that driver cause volume to be low and my mic picked up tons of static).
i then decided to buy an external soundcard (asus xonar u5) and the same exact thing happened. first, windows installed its default driver, everything ran fine. then i installed the driver that came with the soundcard and the exact same issues described above showed up again.
i am totally lost what could be causing this issue... Read more

A:audio drivers causing issues

I have a similar issue with a laptop that my church has used for several years as our music and video source. Suddenly there is noise and distortion in all audio sources, and even external sound devices have the same problem. VLC also starts to lag once the noise in the sound increases.

A deep analysis of hardware turns up a motherboard issue with audio sources that means the laptop is done being used for the purpose. We have acquired a new desktop system that is working 100% thus far. The laptop is now used exclusively for office and e-mail purposes only, replacing an aging desktop system that was starting to fail after 7 years of yeoman service.

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I purchased my Inspiron December 2016. I've had several issues with Hey Cortana not working at all or occasionally after a reboot.
The only way Hey Cortana would work however, is when I have audio or video playing in the background. It doesn't matter if I had headphones, playback volume down or muted so it wasn't because of ambient noise.
Issue was reported issue to MS Insider 3 moths ago.All drivers were up to date using Dell update for my device. I then did a clean installs of both Windows AU, re-ran Dell update as well as Creators Update and the newest audio drivers from Dell didn't help.  I finally went to the Realtek site and download their drivers directly to the latest revision 2.81 version Jan 2017 solve the issue. The drivers for the i5559 need to be updated.

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i used to use my motherboards onboard sound (msi Z170A gaming m5), until a few days ago i started having issues. all audio would basically be delayed. even a simple thing as going into playback devices->speaker properties->advanced and pressing test would play the sound very delayed and with lots of crackling. videos in VLC would freeze 1 or 2 frames in and only after a few seconds and after audio was clackling would they play. streams on twitch.tv using firefox would 'run' with <0.1 fps and no audio. opening a video in vlc while simultaneously having twitch open would then for some reason make the stream run. videos on youtube would all freeze in the start and only run after a few seconds after audio crackled. skipping ahead or behind on the timeline of the video would also cause freezing and crackling of audio.
i thought the issue was my motherboards onboard sound. USB headsets did work without a problem. then i noticed that uninstalling the driver and allowing windows to install its default audio driver would get rid of the issue (but that driver cause volume to be low and my mic picked up tons of static).
i then decided to buy an external soundcard (asus xonar u5) and the same exact thing happened. first, windows installed its default driver, everything ran fine. then i installed the driver that came with the soundcard and the exact same issues described above showed up again.
i am totally lost what could be causing this issue... Read more

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I'm not sure whether to system restore or fight to try and fix my laptop but here are the problems that I am aware of.

- Recently the audio turns off randomly, USUALLY it turns off if I turn up the volume on the computer.
- The laptop has been getting progressively slower over the years
- The Icon Tray at the bottom, near the clock is broken, when I click the little arrow to expand, it takes about 10 seconds to load and then pops up as a huge, white, empty box. It takes a good few minutes for the box to close if I click on another window and the whole computer freezes up during that time.
- When I go to "Folder Options" and then go to "View", the icon for "Files and Folders" is a black square, and where "Hidden files and folders" is, there is another black box next to that with the two options listed in caps lock; "NOHIDDEN" and "SHOWALL". Both of which are un-ticked and cannot be ticked (I can provide pictures for any of these claims if that helps, I'm not the best at articulation).

Over the years I've tried various methods to fix problems that I just pick up from the internet when others get help, I've never actually sought help that applies directly to me. Here are my FRST and Addition logs.

Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:28-08-2015
Ran by Hero (administrator) on KAPPELLAJ (28-08-2015 21:23:27)
Running from C:\Users\admin\Desktop
Loaded Profiles: Hero (A... Read more

A:Slow laptop, Audio Faulty, multiple issues

==================== One Month Created files and folders ========

(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the file/folder will be moved.)

2015-08-28 21:23 - 2015-08-28 21:24 - 00025617 _____ C:\Users\admin\Desktop\FRST.txt
2015-08-28 21:22 - 2015-08-28 21:23 - 00000000 ____D C:\FRST
2015-08-28 21:21 - 2015-08-28 21:21 - 02186752 _____ (Farbar) C:\Users\admin\Desktop\FRST64.exe
2015-08-28 18:52 - 2015-08-28 18:52 - 00001945 _____ C:\Windows\epplauncher.mif
2015-08-28 18:46 - 2015-08-28 18:46 - 00002123 _____ C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Security Essentials.lnk
2015-08-28 18:45 - 2015-08-28 18:46 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client
2015-08-28 18:45 - 2015-08-28 18:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Security Client
2015-08-24 12:51 - 2015-08-24 12:51 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\com.playsaurus.heroclicker
2015-08-24 12:49 - 2015-08-24 12:49 - 00000222 _____ C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Clicker Heroes.url
2015-08-24 12:49 - 2015-08-24 12:49 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Steam
2015-08-24 12:45 - 2015-08-24 12:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Steam
2015-08-24 12:45 - 2015-08-24 12:45 - 00000000 ____D C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\CEF
2015-08-24 12:39 - 2015-08-24 15:39 - 00000000 ____D C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
2015-08-24 12:39 - 2015-08-24 12:39 - 00000973 _____ C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Steam.lnk
2015-08-24 12:39 - 201... Read more

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Hi all,

I am running an Asus M5A97EVO board on Windows 7 64bit. I run a Logitech G35 headset. So, I left out of province for work last year and was away for 8 months, once I returned I had a Hard drive failure and had to re-install windows on a new harddrive.

I cant recall exactly but I think the following issues came up after the install, they were definantly not there before I went away for work.

I play a PC racing game that uses audio
I use Teamspeak
I listen to Windows Media
I watch YouTube

I used to be able to do all 4 of these at once if I choose to. Now, If I have teamspeak open its hard to get my racing game going, sometimes I have to shutdown teamspeak, then get the game going then try teamspeak again. I cant listen to windows media and youtube videos wont load when I have my game and teamspeak running. If I close them, everything else works normally.

Its like I can only use 1 - 2 audio items at once, its really weird and I am at a loss as to what might be causing this.

Hopefully I have included enough information, anything else let me know and ill get it for you.


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I have been trying to use my (win7.x64) Dell l502x laptop with my folk's new samsung lcd tv.

I finally got the sound bit working (opening nvidia control panel refreshes the audio playback devices list), but I have several erroneous devices that appear (and disappear) when connecting the TV.

I tried the same device (TV) with the same cable, with my brother's new toshiba laptop, and there were two playback devices (as expected) - speakers, and TV.

Mine looks like this

Can any l502x owners confirm (re driver install) if they did follow these instructions


R300420 Video: (Do "Custom Install", Uncheck HD Audio) nVidia GeForce GT 435M, GeForce GT 420M, GeForce GT 445M, Stereoscopic 3D, GeForce GT 525M, N12E-GE-B(LP)-GT 550M, N12E-GE-B ( GT555M), GeForce GT 540M, v., A07 (155 MB)

willing to try anything to attempt to get this configured "properly".

also having issues with nvidia display driver crashing when external is connected, despite underclocking gpu as advised

A:Dell l502x (NVIDIA 540M) HDMI Audio issues (multiple devices)

I have multiple HDMI audio entries listed in the Sound Panel/Playback section. Mine are AMD HDMI audio as I have an AMD Radeon video card.

You have an NVIDIA video card so the reason for the NVIDA listings. The Toshiba may only have the basic Intel Video, for example, and the reason for only one entry.

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Hi. I opened my 2017 .pst file in Microsft Outlook. All 11069 emails in the file are showing as "sync issues". The sync issues are coming with a couple different error messages depending on the email. Below is an example of 2. Please help! I have
used the scanpst.exe file already but it did not show that the .pst file was corrupted.

Example of 1 error:
8:56:20 Synchronizer Version 16.0.8625
8:56:20 Synchronizing Mailbox 'My Name'
8:56:21 Error synchronizing folder
8:56:21                   [8004010F-501-8004010F-0]
8:56:21                   The client operation failed.
8:56:21                   Microsoft Exchange Information Store
8:56:21                   For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
8:56:21                 Link to microsoft error: err=8004010f-501-8004010f-0
8:56:21 Done
Example of another error: ... Read more

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Hi there, I have audio problem in my HP Pavillion G6 2254ca laptop. Audio not working after the upgrade to Win10.1Hence i have uninstalled all the related Audio drivers, and restarted the machine. System default audio drrives were installed automatically and audio started working. But the sound is too low.When I tried installing the 'Dolby Adavnce Audio driver', its errored out as incompatible. Also i coudnt find the compatible version in HP website. Can you please help, as the audio input/output is too low. Need advice to install the compatible version for Dolby Advance Audio driver. Regards, Ram

A:Audio Driver - Dolby Advance Audio v2 - Issues in HP Pavilli...

Hi, Please try:    http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=ob_151294_1 Regards.

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After having my motherboard, graphics card and RAM replaced due to a power surge, I have been experiencing high audio latency, along with very poor sound quality which includes static noise, crackling. The sound is similar to that of an untuned radio.
The sound quality is decent when I am running limited audio programs, but when I run multiple (Such as Skype + Youtube), the sound quality starts to become poor.
The sound quality also becomes poor quite frequently when I am only running one audio program.\

I've already tried going into Device manager and disabling/reenabling drivers to see if they were the cause of the problem.
I've also tried updating the drivers to the latest version.

Not really sure what to do now, help is appreciated gratefully.
System specs:
Windows 8.1
Intel i5-4570 @3.20GHz
8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3
Sapphire HD 7850 OC 2GB GDDR5
ASRock B85M Pro 4 New Version

EDIT: Searched online, pretty much have 0 dedication to fix this myself, and decided it was time for a fresh windows 8.1. So I reinstalled windows :3

A:Audio issues (Static + crackling) and high audio latency

FWIW, the DPC Latency Checker is not fully Win 8 compatible (there is notice on their web site) and it can give you false latency hits.

The Resplendence Latency monitor is Win 8 compatible.

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First of all here are my specs:

Computer is an E-Machines T2642.
Motherboard: IM845GV
OS: Windows XP Home Edition (service pack 1)

Now my problem. About 4 days ago my sound stopped working on my computer. I checked the device manager and found multimedia audio controller listed as an other device with a question mark next to it. The properties lists the device as not having any drivers installed. I have tryed installing and rolling backthe drivers to no effect.

Another problem that I seem to have is my network connections shows a local area connection as having a network cable unpluged, with the device name being Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC. I have tryed unintalling the realtek device and adding it again, but when I do it seems to generate the unknown multimedia audio controller which I suspect is the source of my problem.

So any advice on what exactly I need to do to fix this and get the sound back? At this point I suspect that the "sound card" on my motherboard may be fried. Help would be appricaited.

A:No audio/sound. Multimedia audio controller issues.

Start here:


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I've been having problems audio problems in general on my Inspiron 15R N5110 that runs on windows 7 (windows 7 pro) more specifically my computer speaker the issue is when I unplug the headphones or shut off my computer it resets to the speakers and my speakers are muffled and screeching also I need to update my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver i've tried many things and I can't seem to fix it please help me without any costs I'd gladly appreciate it

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Hi guys,

Can you guys help me? It has been bugging me for sometime now. I reformatted my PC after it crashed (XP keeps on freezing) and installed all the necessary motherboard drivers after. The installation went smoothly and the device manager show no conflicting drivers or whatsoever.

However, i noticed that i am hearing no audio. I checked the following:

Control Panel -> Sounds & Audio Devices
- Speaker Settings is grayed out (meaning unclickable)
- Device Volume is grayed out

- In the Sounds tab, even the 'play' button is grayed out.
- In the Audio tab, both Sound playback and Sound recording are showing no options.

I tried some troubleshooting by going to Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control and tried to place the volume icon into the task manager, it is saying that i have no audio hardware installed.

I visited the MSI & RealTek sites, searched, downloaded and installed the latest SiS 745 and AC97 drivers but to no avail. I am also installing the chipset driver first before the audio drivers. Onboard audio is also enabled in BIOS. I also even tried reformatting twice. The problem still persists.

These are the items under Device Managers -> Sound, Video & Game Controllers
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Media Control Devices
Video Codecs

I notice no instance of any RealTek drivers in that.

Note that my PC was already on WinXP before i reformatted it, so it *should not have* given me any p... Read more

A:Audio issues with SiS 745 chipset and AC97 Audio

The easiest way to see if this is a driver/windows problem and not a hardware one is to boot using a knoppix/ubuntu LiveCd, since these are intializing the sound devices without any drivers.

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ok this was all working fine before i did a system recovery now it isnt working...
no matter what kind of media file it "skips after every 5 sec or so,
doesnt matter what program i use, movies, mediaplayer videos, itunes songs, or even youtube videos....everything was working finr now im at my wits end trying to figure this out.... im about to give up and buy a new laptop....

things i have done....
installed the k-lite mega codec pack
up dated all drivers from the hp site...
tried different media players
tried disablying my antivirus

currently downloading vista sp1
any ideas?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 for a few years already.
A few weeks ago, out of the blue, my speakers wont work. Theres just no audio.
I can get audio only when I connect earphones.
I tried to uninstall the audio driver (Conexant smartaudio HD), and windows 7 automaticaly installs High Definition Audio Device. When I did that the speakers worked, but there was no sound when I connected the earphones. When I reinstall conexant it happens again - no sound from speakers, only from earphones.
Tried reinstalling several times, tried updating the driver, I even formatted my computer and nothing helped.

Please help me find a solution.

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Ok My specs are as follows first

Windows XP Pro SP2
Asus P4P800 SE Delux board 478 socket
Pentium 4 2.8ghz dual core
3 gigs of ram
GeForce 7800 GS
Realtek 97 onboard audio (disabled in bios)
Just bought a Sound Blaster Xtreme Audio to hopefully help performance in games... /fail

Installed card as required, drivers on everything are up to date. Bios is vanilla and I hear about dual core processor drivers but I can't find any.

My problem is. While performing some strenuous tasks on my computer I.E. Gaming and listening to a media player (I used to be able to do this no problem)doesn't matter which one I get terrible crackling noises and frame rates bite the dust hard. I don't even have to have a media player open sometimes it just starts failing in the middle of a gun fight and I have watched processor performance in the task manager and it is insane, both cores up at 50% just idle and if I grab the task manager window and wiggle it it shoots to 80% on both cores lol... if I open the Creative Driver Device and click Default... everything goes normal for a little while (like right now I am posting this and listening to Winamp). as long as I don't do anything to demanding. Pretty new to anything audio here... it started doing this before the soundblaster card though just not as bad so either it is getting worse or the card amplified the problem. Please someone save me from my own destruction I used to run CS:Source at max settin... Read more

A:Serious Audio Issues

I've never heard of an audio device directly affecting frame rates so this almost sounds like a directx or software problem to me. Do you get any error messages at all or program crashes? I would run the directx diagnostics tool just to see if there is any file corruption and to test out the sound options. It might also be a good idea to disable hardware acceleration for the new sound card and see if that effects anything. If it doesn't then the problem exists someplace other than directx or sound card drivers.

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Hey all. I started having weird audio issues w/ Windows 10 lately, mainly regarding switching between headphones and stereo output. Normally, I would just plug in headphones and and my laptop speakers would mute and the headphones would start playing the sound and vice versa. But a few weeks ago my audio randomly stopped completely, and after restarting, I have to manually choose headphones or speaker output as the default. Plugging in headphones won't change it. I tried uninstalling my NVIDIA High Definition Audio and VIA HD Audio drivers, which were reinstalled on the next boot-up, but the same issue is here.

When I right click the sound icon and hit "playback devices", this is what appears:

Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems:

Headphone (VIA HD Audio)

Would you like to disable Driver Enhancements for this device?

It then repeats this for Speakers (VIA HD Audio).

Any help would be great! Thanks!

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I am having issues with the sound outputting very low even when the volume is up all the way. I have checked every setting and everything is fine. The laptop does get pretty hot which I believe may be adding to the issue.  I had to send my laptop off a few months after buying it (several yrs ago) to get the same issue fixed and now I am having it again and it is not in warranty. Is there a specific part I should replace or what do you recommend?

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Hi everyone. I recently reset my pc which has Windows 10. Everything else is fine and works perfectly. The only problem is the sound. It says there is no audio device activated, and I already tried to do the whole "update driver" thingy. When i use the that windows problem solving menu or whatever it's called, it tells me that the audio services are not answering.I've tried loads of solutions from many different websites but nothing worked. What can I do? PS: I'm here because I already asked this exact question on Microsoft's forums, and one of the things they told me to do was to come here. I've searched for drivers on HP's website. without success. I can only find drivers up to Windows 8.1 I think, and none for Windows 10. Best regards.  

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My realteck speakers are low volume and are distorted on video. Eluktro pro 15 Windows 10 home edition. Realteck HD audio speakers. Have tried changing settings and updating driver.

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I recently purchased a pair of Bose soundlink BT headphone. Paired them up and starting using the. Over the weekend my laptop updated windows and now I cannot play music though my Bose, I can only use them for the communication feature. It pairs up fine but when I try to play music it will not allow me to connect that feature. Does anyone have any idea why this is. I'm looking for previous gen of driver so I can uninstall the newest and go back the last gen driver. All I can tell is that it is a Intel BT device on this PC

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Alright, so, I posted an issue with video, got that fixed, but now...no audio. I've tried almost everything I can think of, going to Intel (they make the board), looking around the internet, and so far, nothing works...

I've recently installed Windows XP Pro on a brand new hard drive and everything worked, although I don't know if the sound ever worked..oh well...and now this happens. The little icon doesn't even pop up for Volume control.

Any ideas?

A:Audio issues..

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For no reason my Audio servises have stopped working all together, ive updated my laptop and restarted and it still is not working. I cant play any sounds on my computer at all. Help  

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okay so here are my specs.. i have a NVIDIA nForce 3 250 Chipset Based k8n Neo platinum motherboard disgned for AMD atholon 64 processors. with a creative SB Live! audio card with a amd sepron processor 3100+ 1.81ghz with 1.gb of ram. I am running windows xp home ed. ver. 2002 w/ sp2.

NOW... with the issue. suddenly out of nowhere my sound has been weird.. by weird i mean, it plays sound on some areas of my computer but not others.. it will play sound while playing mp3s, wavs, wmv, wma, mpg, avi, dvd's... now it will not play windows sounds or java sounds or any internet based sounds.. ( flash,java etc.) i have tried a bunch, updated sb live driver. reinstalling all of the audio drivers... if anyone has either had this issue, or knows how to solve it please give me a hand.. thanks


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Ive recently purchased a xp13 (of the newer generation with 7th generation processors) and have been experiencing constant audio issues.
The first is the static noise emitted from the laptop, it seems to mostly happen when either the speakers or headphones are in use but does not emit from either, and persists if you play music with out any sound enabled (so the track is playing but without producing any sound- works with videos too). I have not found a strait solution for this on the forums yet, just lots of 'are you sure its the laptop' stuff. (yes, btw i am sure). This problem is regularly intermittent, not occurring all the time but fairly frequently. 
 The second is the awful sound quality the laptop kicks out. it sounds like a load of light static over all music. This i managed to fix to a certain extent by reinstalling the audio drivers form realtech. This seemingly disabled the Maxxaudio app (no window popped up on inserting headphones) and made the headphones sound as they should. All was well until the Maxxaudio app reappeared without me enabling or installing it and it brought the bad quality audio with it. Is there a way of permanently uninstalling/ disabling this or a way of preventing it from automatically coming back?
Ive also had problem with the laptop infrequently producing a loud whining / static sound through the headphones or speakers. It sounds very similar to the sound produced when a guitar amp is plugged in wrong. It seems to be more... Read more

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Okay, from what I can tell I have a Lenovo Ideapad z510, and the audio is really messed up. It's been like this for about a year, and I have no idea why. I don't really see anybody else with this problem and I can't figure out what's causing it, but a tech guy I know told me it probably had something to do with moisture. So basically: No sound at all without headphones/external speakers. Headphones/external speakers only play through one earphone/speaker, which is really frustrating because I've tried multiple pairs of headphones and all of them have the same problem. But, (this is the weird part) if I pull the headphone plug out a little bit and twist it, it'll play what should be through only the right earphone through both. Please help?

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Okay, i just got this today.. i was opening up cod4 and then when i got in.. it was at like 11 - 20 fps.. i started the game and it jumped up to around 30 fps.. but obviously that doesn't help.. the video and sound was choppy.. soooo... i exited that.. thoght i'd let the computer cool down because it was a pretty hot day amidst a really dry summer.. soo.. i go back around an hour or so later.. computer cooled.. seemingly ready to go.. I get on same thing.. so i close the game and just surf the web with some music on.. but i noticed that when i was scrolling down pages.. there was static in the music as i scrolled.. ALSO the music began to slow down with the scrolling.. which i've never had before.. i noticed that the static would appear as well as skips in the music even when i did simple tasks such as change from web to images on the google search page. plz help.. this is kind of weird and i have no clue as to what it might be

my specs are
vista 32-bit home premium
1.8ghz core 2 duo
2GB ram
onboard sound card i believe... when i roll over the sound thing on the desktop bar.. it just says high defintion audio device. :\ i dont know which updates to download.. i tried a sigmatel one and then for some reason when it was done installing.. the cmd prompt popped up to try and start the sigmatel audio service.. but said that it started and stopped because it wasn't being used immediately by any other device? (i was playing songs on WMP at the same time... Read more

A:Audio issues?

If this problem only started today, have you tried a system restore to a few days ago? Also I would suggest that you don't use a third party tool to check for drivers. I wouldn't suggest updating your drivers unless there is a specific reason to (Example: If an updated driver fixes and issue that you are experiencing).

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I recently bought a LiteOn DVD drive but cannot listen to DVD's. Music files are heard fine. I am currently using Nero 7 and Windows Media 11 both with the same problem, no dvd audio. Any help will be useful!

A:audio issues

Is there no one out there that can help me with this? I 'm pretty sure its a codec but have no idea which one to install. I could be wrong. C'mon someone step up, pleazzz!

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So I have a question for anyone that may know the answer. I am using a program called manycam and when you are in it you can pull up videos and stream them like it is your webcam. Now my problem is that I can't get them to stream the audio with them. I can get my mic to work but it won't broadcast the videos audio.

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I am trying to get my headset/mic to work.
My headset is a headset/mic with a mic in jack and speaker jack.

I am using windows 7 and have used the windows updater to install the realtek hd audio stuff

Basically I can't hear anything. I don't know what is what.

I just want my simple headset to have sound play into the headphones and be able to speak (its just like this http://salestores.com/stores/images/images_747/EP007.jpg )

hopefully these images will describe my problem better


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Hello everybody! I'm having problems with the audio. No matter what I do, I can't fix it. I have lost count of how many times I have updated the driver, uninstalled and reinstalled the device and I got different outcomes: the device disappears and I get the infamous "no output device is installed"; then I get code 10 or code 45 when I manage to install it again. Other times, after the installation, every thing looks fine, but there is still no sound. Needless to say, I'm at my wit's end. I would really appreciate if someone could come to my aid. Many many thanks.

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Hello there. Ive been having issues with my audio. When i troubleshoot it tells me that im missing a driver and im not sure what to do to get my audio back. PLEASE HELP

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I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming series laptop. I have been getting static noise on the audio. It happens with the internal speakers and when I have headphones plugged in. It happens every few minutes. Please help it is very annoying when I am trying to listen to audio. I took a recording of the audio to show an example this happens with and without headphones.

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I am using windows 9 at the moment, and my laptop says that I have no audio devices installed. I have tried methods such as going to the device manager, but none of these methods work. How can I fix this?

A:Audio issues

First off there's no windows 9. Can you confirm weather you have window 8, 8.1 or 10?

Second, please provide the FULL make and model info of the computer in question.

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hi everybody,
i've got an intel D945GNT board with XP pro installed. at my initial installation, the audio installation was smooth and there are no audio problem, but suddenly (after about 3 days) the volume control on my bottom right of the desktop is missing and checking the the Control Panel>Sound and Audio Devices>Volume; Audio; Voice were greyed.

I have done the following but cannot solve my audio problem:
1. i've formatted and freshly installed the XP pro, then after this, installed Intel's Express CD, but intel audio failed in the installation.
2. Checked the audio on the BIOS (the Audio & Legacy Audio was enabled).
3. Checked the Run>Services.msc>Windows Audio, it indicated that it started.
4. Uninstall the ff: Control Panel>Add or Remove Program>High Definition Audio Driver Package -KB835221, and Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>System devices>Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio.
then installed again the Express CD-it failed again.
then repeat the uninstallation process above, then installed the latest audio & chipset drivers at Intel's Website, but it also failed to solve my problem.

Can anyone help me with these??? i've been on several day in solving my problem with no success...

also, if i had a busted onboard soundcard, does anyone know any software to confirm that it is really busted.

A:Audio Issues, please help

in addition to that

i have also checked the Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and there are no yellow triangle with exclamation point indicating that there are problems with hardware installation. but the audio problem remains...

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has issues with the x64 sound drivers for the Delta series of M-Audio soundcard/hardware?
Mine keeps cutting out randomly, I think iTunes may be the most guilty (usually happens whenever I stop/pause then resume my sound dies).
Before the patch I figured out a way to get around it about 75% of the time, I would just close iTunes and any sound/media based program and re-launch them and it would work again. But now it seems that that does not work anymore
Any suggestions? (I have their (M-Audio's) latest drivers)

Thanks in advance

A:M-Audio Issues

I've got a Delta Audiophile 2496. Decent hardware, woeful software (drivers). Having first waited literally years for 64-bit drivers, their "1.0" driver effort has been a further disappointment.

This doesn't help you at all, but I wanted to put up my hand and say you're not alone.

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I have never had problem with my PC's audio, but after a car ride with it yesterday, there is a constant crackle in the right ear of my headphones from it. I know this is from the PC itself because I have tested the headphones and the same cords on different devices and there was no crackle. Is there anything internally I could have loosened on the car ride that would be creating this issue?

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Hello. I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong category, and if it is, please direct me to the right one. I am running Windows 10. I am having audio issues, and I've had them ever since I bought this PC. No audio comes out of my PC. But also let me clarify this: I do get audio when I plug in headphones, nut that is the only time. I originally thought I wasn't getting audio due to the fact that I did not have a DVI cord. I bought one today and plugged it in, and it did not work. I don't know if I bought the wrong one. I also cannot get any microphone to work on my PC. I have two separate jacks, one for headphones, and the other for the mic. Neither work for the mic. I am very uneducated when it comes to alot of computer related things, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello! I recently purchased a P52 and for the first month, it's been a great machine.  However, 2 days ago, audio stopped playing and I have not found a way to get it started again.   I'm getting a message stating: "Audio Services not Responding"   Not Fixed I have tried to implement several solutions online, none of which have worked.  Anyone have some experience with this?   Thank you in advance,

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Ok this is a fresh OEM install of windows 7 on

this computer also has a hd radeon 4350 with up to date drivers in it.

I'm trying to get a simple headset (mic in and speaker jack) to work, I want sound come out of the speakers on the headset and i want to be able to talk.

I've used windows updater to download the drivers and such for my computer because the factory drivers on the website were not working properly.

I have zero idea what options to select with all these things to get this to work, on my older pc I simply plugged my jacks into the front of my case and it worked.

I'm getting quite frusterated and about to just buy a new soundcard.

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I have spent hours trying to fix my audio on my computer tonight with no avail, so I'm reaching out here hoping that someone can offer me some kind of helpful troubleshooting that I haven't tried yet. 
Initially I have had my speakers, which are fairly new, plugged into a rear jack labeled "sub"...and I'm actually using bass speakers along with a sub for music that are all one unit of external speakers. Since the newer Windows 10 update about a week ago...that jack stopped working. It seems almost as if the computer isn't even able to detect a device being plugged in that jack at all. My initial "fix" was to roll back to the previous Windows Update...which didn't fix my sub jack but did resolve other issues I was having (mainly my computer not being able to be awoken after going into screensaver..I literally had to hard shut down my computer and start back up to use my computer....) BUT I digress....besides rolling back the update I really just decided to plug my speakers into my headphone jack via the left panel of my computer and it honestly worked great.
Today I noticed that the configuration panel for my Beats Audio that came with my computer had various settings grayed out. I thought to myself "maybe my device driver is out of date and that is what is causing my jack/configuration issues. I'm really good at staying on top of updating my drivers so it took no time at all for me to realize this was NOT the problem. I looked up some videos related to... Read more

A:Serious Audio Issues: Please Help!!

Are you using an integrated sound card or a PCI card? You can try to do a Windoews Restore to a time before the trouble started. I'm thinking your sound card is bad.

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I don't know if this goes under operating systems or software but im having issues where everything to do with sound is bugging out such as when i go to sound in settings or click the sound symbol in the bottom right it just freezes and i have to exit or click on something else also no headphones will work and when i plug them in all sound bugs and can start randomly going through my monitor and just constantly switching between i have also tried resetting my entire pc just get rid of it and not have to deal with it but it wont even let me restet it gets to about 50% and stop and says there was an issue

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