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RDP to Linux servers from Windows no Windows estra software needed

Q: RDP to Linux servers from Windows no Windows estra software needed

Hi folks

I know a load of you have things line NAS servers etc on Linux boxes -- and running them headless is the usual way.

It's simple though to control them from your Windows computers --works fine in W10 too.

1) On the Linux side install XRDP (usually comes in your package manager) and start the XDRP service. You need the X-Server on your Linux box and chkconfig --levels 5 xrdp on.

2) Now on your Windows box simply use RDP as you would to any other windows box -- just enter the IP address or the Host name.

3) you've now got your Linux server desktop on your Windows box and can control it from there.


Preferred Solution: RDP to Linux servers from Windows no Windows estra software needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: RDP to Linux servers from Windows no Windows estra software needed

From Part Six of RDC - Connect Remotely to your Windows 10 PC - Windows 10 Forums

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i want to install linux software in windows 8

A:How to install linux software in windows

You can't do it normal, Linux software are .sh extensions and Windows uses .exe extensions.
I suggest you to have a look here.

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Hi me know nothing about how to program but I still have questions regarding the development of software programs. Like what's the best programming language you could use for Windows and then doing an identical port or whatever it's called to Linux? And at the same time aiming for efficiency and lower-end-PC compatibility.

I read about BitTorrent and these are my thoughts on the subject:

1. Python-based application written by Bram Cohen,
as far as I know Python works equally well on both Windows as in Linux. So not much porting work to be done here, right?Click to expand...

2. java-based clients like Azureus.
Can be demanding on the PC hardware. As I see it you will loose a lot of users based on this factor.Click to expand...

3. C++ applications in the form of BitComet have also spun off from the original client.
Is C/C++ based programs a good way to start porting to Linux?Click to expand...

In general how should a programmer start to think/plan if they want to make programs that work both on Windows and Linux, Macintosh as well for that matter. Sharing the same networks and such and not splitting up the community in different technological camps?

A:Making software for Windows & Linux?

Python, PHP, and Perl are all interpreted languages. They run more or less the same on Windows/Linux.
Java is designed for class-platform compatibility, and also works well across operating systems.

C++ can also be compiled for just about any platform, as long as you aren't using Windows-only APIs.

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I recently aquired 4 server for $5 each along with another that cost $110 and I have no idea what to do with them or what they can do for me.

The least powerful one has dual xeons at 450Mhz and weighs 325 lbs and is basicaly a mobile rack with lead acid battery backup 3 PSU's 16 (yes sixteen) Hard drives 10 of which are in an external bay.

The most powerfull ones have 16 RAM slots and quad P2's

Give me some good ideas! I may consider web hosting or becoming an ISP for my neighbors

A:Linux servers

the HD farm could be used for a File server; Massive storage space to retain
1) archives
2) backups
3) large volumes of infrequently access files.

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I am doing a report for a Tech Class. We have to create a secure server for a goverment facility.

I was wondering what other peoples opnions are,would be the most secure server including it's o/s. This would be very helpful. Thank you.

A:Linux Servers..

Security is a pretty abstract concept. Nothing is really 100% secure unless no one ever sees it or uses it.

If you have to write an essay about security, then google search these topics:

public private key encryption
security permissions
users and groups
secure sockets layer
password attacks
dictionary attacks
port scanner
IP Spoofing
secure shell

the list kind of goes on forever and ever but basically theres a healthy mix of topics there to look at.

now, you need to work out what a government facility would be able to do. be protected from the outside? Well, probably not, because anything really secure that like would be protected from the rest of the world and not even given an internet connection. Security policy would be more focussed on internal employees, what groups you put users into and what groups can do. only system admins should be able to perform admin functions.

If I talk about this any more then I will be doing your homework for you, which I can't be assed with. But there's some ideas.

Believe it or not, there are some governments interested in running linux for security and so forth so if you google search on these things I am sure that you will find a story to pad this out with as well.

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Microsoft is heavy handed lately in forcing the operating systems WE PAY THEM FOR to re-configure platforms that they do not own.  This morning my business system (I work from home) was updated (with out me being prompted) and deleted my Cisco VPN client.

I bloody well needed that software to connect to my office and now I am loosing money due to this bloody heavy handed tactic.  Supported or not, I could have continued to run the client in compatibility mode.  The company is in the process of upgrading
the VPN systems, but it is a process and not a simple flipping of a switch.

How can I replace my Cisco VPN client and force the operating system I AM PAYING FOR... to NOT uninstall MY APPLICATIONS THAT I ALSO PAY FOR?   I feel like a thief has stolen money right out of my pocket.

Thanks in advance for the support.

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I updated my windows 8 to the newly launched 8.1 just today. I used to run a software named "Diet Odin" on my laptop but now it just doesnt start. Well, I would understand if it gave me some sort of error or compatibility issue, but it doesnt. The thing is, I start the software by double clicking it and nothing happens. I tried the troubleshoot compatibility and clicked on test program and nothing happened.

What can be the problem here? Please help. I need to run this software badly, its really important for my business.

A:Help needed with running a software program on Windows 8.1

I tried the troubleshoot compatibility and clicked on test program and nothing happened.

Per this image below, it appears that you have to install it in the compatibility mode. I'm not sure what you meant by "troubleshooting compatibility mode" but since this was originally designed for XP, and most of us are not hard-core traders, I would strongly suggest you contact their software support group because I see lots of patches and no explanations for how and/or why they are needed.

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I'll be helping a friend from work build his first computer this weekend. We have all the parts and he has a new copy of Windows 10 Pro 64bit. When I do clean installs on Window 7, I usually install MSE ( I know 10 has Defender so MSE isn't needed). I also install MalwareBytes, and Speccy. What other programs should I install? The computer will be used for gaming/streaming.

A:buidling a new Windows 10 system, software needed?

Originally Posted by HarryD

I'll be helping a friend from work build his first computer this weekend. We have all the parts and he has a new copy of Windows 10 Pro 64bit. When I do clean installs on Window 7 installs I usually install MSE ( I know 10 has Defender so MSE isn't needed). I also install MalwareBytes, and Speccy. What other programs should I install? The computer will be used for gaming/streaming.

Autoruns - to control what 'bloatware' is loaded
Classic Shell - better than the Start Menu IMHO. Configure to use mouse hover to open Classic Shell & left click to open Start Menu
Windows Live Essentials - if you want the programs offered
Macrium Reflect Free - for image backups
CCleaner - for PC cleanup
Google Chrome - I find it more useful than Edge
Mini Tool Partition Wizard - if you need to reconfigure disk partitions
Tree Size Free - to see what is using up your disk space

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Hi there, sure hope someone can help. I have an HP dv7600 sff computer with xp pro service pack 3 (4 years old). After original errors including missing or corrupt hal.dll, following many instructions to expand from operating cd, now new error message as above. Going into R with the cd (repair), there are limited commands. In looking in the LISTSVC it shows many processes as disabled, including Abiosdsk, dmboot,mraid35x,Ntfs,RemoteAccess,seclogon. Not sure if related or what to do to repair. From d:, I have expanded hal.dll and kdcom.dll and ntoskrnl.exe to c:\windows\system32 and all said 1 file copied, chkdsk /r shows no errors. Anyone have a fix for this issue? Computer was working fine yesterday, then in middle of another program, screen popped up multiples saying i was about to change file pathnames etc did i want to do this, but when i said cancel or no it just kept popping up the screens over and over and wouldn't close. I thought when I got out of all the programs I could do a system restore, but then that disappeared and when I restarted computer got the 'missing or corrupt hal.dll' and have been working on it from there with cd bootcfg etc. I had a registry program (regedit? can't get into computer to verify what program) 'fix a couple of file paths and registry errors about 2-3 hours before this. Oh yes, when in R mode with cd, when I look in c:\dir, it shows 0 bytes on Program Files and Documents and Settings plus a bunch of other files w... Read more

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Goal: Dual boot Windows 7 and Linux and have an NTFS partition for both OS.

Problem: When creating Logical Partitions with any Linux partition tool(Gparted, cfdisk) the Linux swap and ext 4 partitions shows up on Windows 7 as primary partitions outside of the Extended partition while the NTFS partition shows up inside the Extended partition as logical drive. Disk management shows 5 primary partitions and 1 logical drive inside an extended partition.(As seen in Disk1.jpg attachment) I'm using MBR.(not UEFI)

I can create the partitions in Windows 7 disk management and choose not to format the two logical partitions used for Linux. I can then use the mkswap and mkfs.ext4 command to format the partitions.(See Disk2.jpg attachment)

Why is Windows 7 disk management not showing my partitions correctly when I use a Linux tool to partition the disk? Will this cause any problems with Windows 7? I'm afraid of making Windows 7 unbootable.(although it booted just fine I do plan on using EasyBCD to add an entry to load the grub bootloader for Linux)

If I partition my disk with Windows 7 disk management(as seen in Disk2.jpg) will that cause any problems for Linux?

What is the recommended way to handle this? What are the downsides to each way?

Note: I'm a bit of a linux noob.

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A newly discovered ransomware is attacking Linux Web servers, taking aim at Web development environments used to host websites or code repositories.
Russian antivirus maker Dr.Web came across this malware and said that the ransomware needs root privileges to work. Additionally, the company also says it does not yet know how the ransomware infects computers, but taking into account previous Linux-based malware infections, the main culprit may be an open SSH port with weak credentials

The ransomware uses AES encryption to lock down files
As for its modus operandi, when the ransomware launches, it starts to download the ransom message, and then a file containing the public RSA key. The latter key is then used to store AES keys used to encrypt the local files.
When this happens, the ransomware adds the .encrypt extension to each file and places a ransom text message in each folder where it encrypts data.

The ransomware has a taste for Web pages and their associated file extension
The malware specifically targets files in folders that are generally found in Linux Web server setups, or in coding and development environments.
This includes directories like /home, /root, /var/lib/mysql, /var/www, /etc/nginx, /etc/apache2, /var/log, and any directory that includes terms like git, svn, webapp, www, public_html, or backup.

The ransomware also looks for files that have extensions specific to Web development environments like .js, .css, .properties, .xml, .ruby, .php... Read more

A:Ransomware Found Targeting Linux Servers and Coding Repositories

Home users of Linux distros reading the above should not be concerned about being a victim of the above reported malware IF
you are not running as ROOT and are not allowing REMOTE CONNECTION to your desktop. Remote connection is not allowed by
default in popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu. If you are not sure your particular Linux distro is allowing remote connection to your
desktop then you should confirm it isn't if you don't need to access your computer remotely. 
I should probably mention that securing your router is very important, too. If you haven't changed the default password and blocked
remote connection if unneeded.....that should be done, too. While in the router settings...check for firmware update, too.

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Hi there

I usually run a LINUX HOST for testing Windows VM's - but I need to test some new releases of various Linux distros so I've created some VM's --easy enough and running them on a Windows Host.

However I can't attach a USB drive with a Linux file system (XFS) to the VM as the Windows HOST rejects the HDD wanting me to format it !!. There's 2.7 TB of media files on it - I want to test running media server in a VM.

Anybody know how to bypass the Windows nag prompt about the HDD and be able to attach it direct to the VM.

(The other way round is no problem -- never a problem loading NTFS HDD's on to Linux machines -- however the NTFS file system is SLOW compared with XFS -- on USB3 device on Native windows transfer rate of 1 TB of files from fast NTFS HDD to NTFS USB3 device is max 82 Mib/s - average for whole transfer. On same machine with Native Linux and XFS to XFS (using same HDD's and USB 3 port avg speed is 350 mib/s !! -- HUGE difference !!!).

Note I have to have a Windows Host for this --I know I could run Linux VM's from a Linux Host but in this case I do have to use a Windows Host as that will be the destination system at the end of testing.

BTW I'm running VMWARE workstation 12.1 on W10 Pro Host.


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Xnote a new multi-purpose backdoor Linux trojan authored by ChinaZ, converts Linux systems into botnets
Security researchers at Dr.Web have discovered a new multi-purpose Linux Trojan that opens a backdoor on the target Linux machine and convert into a botnet.  The zombie Linux PC or entire network is then made to participate in DDoS attacks as directed by the trojan handlers/authors.
The researchers have named the malware as Xnote and they believe it to be authored or at least handled by a Chinese hacker group called ChinaZ.
The researchers have noted that the Xnote is delivered on the target computer through a brute force attack and once the brute force is successful, the malware establishes a SSL connection with the machine for further communications with the Command and Control server.
Once installed on the Linux driven machine, the trojan checks for a copy of itself on the machine. If the trojan finds a existing copy of itself already running on the machine, it makes a quiet exit leaving the predecessor to continue with its illicit work.


Security researchers with Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web have examined a complex, multi-purpose backdoor for Linux. This malicious program can execute various commands issued by intruders such as to mount DDoS attacks and to perform a wide range of other malicious tasks.
To spread the new Linux backdoor,... Read more

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I have SUSE 9.3 Installed on a 19GB partition of a 40GB hard drive. I heard that it is possible to dual boot with Windows with Linux being the first installed OS, but it's complicated. Can anyone tell me if I can pull this off without having to make Windows the first installed OS? Here is how I have my partitions:
hda1=1GB [swap]
hda2=17.8 / [root]

A:Linux/Windows dualboot machine with Linux first?

The easiest way: Make hda1 bigger and install Windows there.

You will have to restore GRUB later using the SuSE CD and also create the GRUB menu entry for WIndows..

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Really need some help on this guys, if anyone has any experience of Citrix please help a sysadmin in need.

One of our 3 citrix servers is refusing to load balance with the other 2.

in the Load Manager monitor it is showing 100% CPU usage, even though in the task manager on the server it shows normal CPU usage 10 - 20%.

Anyone know why this is? seen this before?

I switched it's load evaluator to using Server user Load instead and that seemed to work for a short while.

However once again it just stopped letting people on, this time it's load manager monitor was reporting 0% (as there were no users on it), but it is just not balancing them out.

I have uploaded this screenshot in the hope it may help.


The server is Windows 2000 server, Metaframe XP FR3.

So far I have tried rebooting the server, removing it and re-adding it to the farm.

Refreshing and re-creating the LHC.

Please help me this is giving me nothing but greif.

A:Citrix help needed! One of the servers is not balancing.

Problen is now solved.

Thanks anyways.

We solved the problem by checking the performance monitor dll's and found the PerfOS was not enabled.

We enabled it and re-published the desktop on the offending server and all is now well and good.

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I need to read windows files on linux for Red Hat Linux 9.x.
Can some one tell me the way, how this can be done or some setting which enable to read files from windows on linux.


A:windows files on linux for Red Hat Linux

If you need to read an NTFS mounted drive in that machine then you'll need to add kernel support for NTFS. Try looking http://www.linux-ntfs.org/ for that info. If you just want to hit shares then just mount them via smb.

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Hi i hope i can ask this and not offend anyone or if i'm even in the right category.

I am having trouble with a certain forum i visit and for some reason I was banned for reasons i do not know .I have tried to contact the admins and moderators of the message boards but they do not answer the question as to why i was banned.So i tried another user account and a new email account and did get back on the boards but only to be banned again.I have done research and started to use a proxy software for my identity privacy and was guaranteed that it would take care of the problem.Well the forum didn't know my IP alright and my identity was private even with a new email account and new user again i went to my fav forum i have no trouble accessing a new activation but when i post posts they boot me again.I clear my cookies although i was told i didn't need to but for some reason they catch me everytime.This forum uses web beacons but i have my email block html's graphics but its no good i can't stay on there long enough to even talk to the moderators to find out anything as to why i was banned ! I have appologized but my emails are sent back to me saying failure to deliver no such user.So my question is did they do right by me and don't they at least have to tell me what i violated? And is there some other way contacting them.Its a very popular website and tv talk show. Any info i would appreciate it.And also i hope i didn't violate anything here.Th... Read more

A:using proxy servers software

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My laptop was not detecting my wireless kodak printer so I shut the laptop down and on restart..... It went into constant reboot mode.

Tried safe mode and same thing would not have it.

Was getting stuck at a file called mup.sys.

used the original MS XP PRO disk to launch the windows recovery option and followed instruction on the below link


However when typing
copy c:\windows\system32\config\software c:\windows\tmp\software.bak

I get ... The file could not be copied.

I dont really want to partition a part of the disk and reinstall windows if io can help it.

Anyone got an idea on this one???



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Hello, TenForums.

I run Linux Mint on one SSD and Windows 7 on another.

Linux Mint SSD is on SATA 1; Windows 7 SSD is on SATA 2; 500GB empty drive on SATA 3.

I upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 and after getting it all set up and pretty, I decided to reboot and use Linux for the rest of the night.

Well, with my Windows Drive Connected, I tried booting into Linux but received the error: "Cannot mount drive /mnt/sdb1". So, I booted back into Windows 10 and everything Windows-wise was cool.

Here comes my screw up:

Fast forward to today (roughly 3 days later). I tried fixing my Linux Partition by unplugging the Windows Drive (since that would be the /sdb1 drive) and received the error: "The Disk Drive for UUID=<Drive Name Here> is not ready yet or not present". Using a LiveUSB, I tried mounting and using chroot to try and fix grub, but to no avail. I also tried reinstalling Linux Mint while keeping my /home partition, but with no success either. So, I decided to install another SSD that I wanted to add for games & misc. files since it was bigger. So, I opened up my computer, reorganized a bit and put all of the SSDs in (in the config at the start of my post) and connected all the power/SATA cables.

I had previously read that Windows 10 gets really pissy if you make any changes to hardware. Well, here comes the confusing part:

1. When only the Linux drive is connected, I get the "Disk Drive UUID" error. ... Read more

A:Installed Windows 10. Now I can't boot Windows 10 or Linux Mint.

With the configuration that you can boot Windows 10 from, we need a full screenshot of disk management with the columns expanded so we can see all the information in them:
Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Forums

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How do I access the file on an external USB hard-drive recorded with a, now defunct, Humax HD Fox T2 set-top box?

Please note this is a HD Fox T2 not a HDR Fox T2.

A:Reading a non-Windows (Linux?) hard-drive with Windows 8.1

I don't own the box but most of those are using either EXT2 or EXT3 format and this is what I use with my DLINK-323 NAS to copy/transfer/delete/format etc... it is much faster than going thru the router. If this is true then download:
Download Ext2 File System Driver for Windows from SourceForge.net
With the HD connected to your PC. Install the software then run it. You'll see a screens as shown below, Note that Drive L is in Ext3 format (initially no letter assigned) containing Linux Mint. Double click on it, you'll get the next screen that allows you to assign a Letter then click Apply. You can now open as a Windows Drive in File Explorer, use drag and drop, format/copy/delete files as you usually do with Windows Drive.

Hope this helps !!!

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First of all I would like to say thank you for allowing me to join the forum. Back in 1999 when I was medically retired from the British Army after sustaining a spinal injury on Operational Tour, I retrained myself in computers. My OS of choice back then was MS Windows, however after Windows XP I moved to OSX.

About two years ago I knew I needed to get back involved with Windows and bought my Lenovo Laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I then installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a different partition and upgraded to Windows 8 Pro when it became available.

I am now looking to install a distro of Linux and can't seem to find any information of doing so. I don't know which Windows partition it would be best to install it on 7 or 8. Also I understand that Ubuntu have a Windows Installer wubi, but I have heard horror stories after the installation.

My main fear is losing Windows 7 or 8 and if the entire process is too risky I'll just leave it altogether. So I guess my question is has anyone installed a Linux distro on a PC which originally came pre installed with Windows 7 and then added Windows 8 to a partition; if so can you help me out. I apologise if this question offends anyone who may think I should have posted this on a Linux forum, I just thought I would get a more concise answer from the Windows Forums.

thank you all so much for your help and time in advance.

A:Windows 7 and Windows 8 dual booting then adding Linux

It would be best to install your Linux distro on another HD with the WIndows OS HD unplugged. You can even run Linux from a boot CD or flash stick.

If you decide you want to try multi-booting it with Windows I'd back up a Win7 backup image of your Windows installations first so you have a path back to where you are now.

I'd also look over this tutorial written by one of our top members here: Dual Boot - Windows 7 and Linux - Windows 7 Forums.

You can discuss this further with the tutorial's author in its comments section or ask him there to chip in to discussion here. You'll get help that like him is Golden.

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Ive been having some windows issues as of late and last night my PC just decided to no longer boot to windows. When I try and boot into safe mode (with and without networking) when it gets to loading CLASSPNP.SYS it says "Please Wait..." but sits and does nothing, it will eventually load the repair program and do a scan looking to see what the problem with the computer is. It doesnt ever find anything. I try and boot to windows normally and it just sits and the Starting WIndows screen for ever. The Windows Logo is pulsing so i know it hasnt froze up. When I try and Launch Startup repair it doesnt ever find anything wrong. So at this point Ive given up on this install of windows and want to get my files off. So I throw in a copy of Knoppix and boot the live DVD. It boots without fail. Only when I try and access my HDD that has windows installed (I have two HDDs in my computer, one for windows and programs, the other mainly for media storage) it wont let me access it. Ive tried follow tuts online to allow me to access the drive but nothing work. Is there anything I can do at this point to allow me to get my data off the drive, or repair it to boot? If I have to reinstall I can, but would rather not have to till I get my data off the drive.

A:Windows fails load windows, cant access HDD from Linux

See this tutorial by theog on sevenforums.com for a neat trick to use to allow you to Copy & Paste from the Recovery Console to save files and folders.

Should be able to save your data that way.

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Just for the record I'm a Mac user, and for these kinds of reasons. SO if anyone DOES decide to help me, could you make your explanation VERY vivid seeing as I am VERY bad with windows? Thanks

So a friend gave us an IBM Thinkpad with windows 2000 installed. This gave me the opportunity to use the Suse Linux 8.0 we had lying around. I partitioned the drive so both windows and linux could work on the same computer using the "easy installation" process.
All was well until one day, out of the clear blue I was rstarting Windows and an error message popped up:

Checking system C:
the file is FAT32
Windows is checking for consistency

"some random numbers such as serial number"

/bootex.log not a valid allocation, windows will try truncating it."

the checking finishes and i proceed with starting up windows, but then, as soon as I get into the desktop I get the blue screen, it only pops up for a few seconds so i dont have the chance to copy it all down but it says something about
"ntoskrnl.exe" and Dumping Physical Memory

then it reboots and either does the same thing, or goes into my suse linux.

So what can I do to stop this? I'll do anything, even if it means deleting Linux(which i cant figure out either)
Oh and by the way, the WINDOWS 2000 start-up cd never starts up when i retsrt my computer, even when i choose to boot from CD-ROM in BIOS setup, it still ignores the CD.
PLEASE help me
thank you.
&n... Read more

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ok i was messing around with ftp programs and i got bulletftp program to work and my friend using cuteftp was able to connect and we shared files. im on dsl and he is on cable. bad thing is that the fastest we could get steady was about 30k a second. is this normal? is there better software for speed and one that allows both of us to edit eachother's hard drives? im new to this ftp thing any feedback would be cool thanks

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Does anyone know what DNS server(s) are defaulted to if you specify "Obtain DNS server addresses automatically" in your TCP/IP settings? Also, do the same server addresses get used by all versions of Windows or does it differ between XP, Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8?

Lastly, is it possible to READ (NOT update - I know that only senior DNS gurus will ever be able to update) the entries in the default DNS server(s)? If so, how does one do it? Is there a special tool that is required or will notepad/wordpad be sufficient?

I have reason to believe that the default DNS server that I get is missing entries to at least two legitimate websites but I'd like to understand a bit better how things work before working to resolve the problem. Actually reading the entries in the DNS server would go a long way to proving/disproving my suspicions.

A:Windows Default DNS Servers?

The default DNS addresses are supplied by the router or the modem depending your setup. Typically the address is provided by the ISP unless you change the settings manually.

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Hi All,

I would like to know the maximum CPU and RAM limit for Physical and Virtual in the below mention Windows Server.Anyone help me out?

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Windows Server 2012 Standard

Windows Server 2012 Datacenter

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter

Windows Server 2008 Standard

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

Windows Server 2008 Web

Windows Server 2008 Standard

Windows Server 2008 Enterprise

Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

Windows Server 2008 Web

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Dear All,
I have a question about which windows update server is used for which Microsoft application ( e.g. Mobile, office, Windows7-8-10)
I want to prevent windows updates during network peak hours and only allow them during off peak hours.
I have found the list of update servers here on technet.

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What of the following features does Windows 2000 advanced server support
Can it be installed as?
Stand-alone operating system
Client operating system in a network:
Peer-to-peer operating system
Client/server operating system

What of the following file systems does this operating system support?
File allocation table: FAT-16
File allocation table: FAT-32
New Technology file system: NTFS version 4.0
New Technology file system: NTFS version 5.0

What of the following file naming conventions does this operating system support?
8 characters long
256 characters long
Hybrid: 8 256 characters long

Does it offer local security?
Is it Multi-tasking operating system?
Is it Multi-threading operating system?

Does it support graphical user interface (GUI) feature?
Is it 16-bits, 32-bits, and/or 64-bits based operating system?
Is it plug-&-Play compatible operating system?

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I recently purchased a new ASUS computer that is working great but, after an automatic update from Windows I can no longer connect to any chat servers. Do the updates have anything to do with this or is it a setting in my computer?

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Hypothetical question but logging into Windows 10 is heavily reliant on the MS account and I wonder what would occur if MS servers were down (or maybe your own ISP is having problems)?

We always get met with a login screen as we have several family users (all MS accounts as opposed to local). I presume on login there is some kind of handshake/authentication with MS servers? But what happens if the MS server was down for any reason? I assume it would still login ok and in effect act as a local account - would the login pause/stay on 'logging in' for a set time waiting for a MS response before timing out after a set period?

it only got me thinking because my wife logged in earlier. Normally after a couple of seconds she's on the desktop but earlier on it took a bit longer on the 'logging in' phase - it wasn't anything to write home about, say 10 - 20 secs. But it got me wondering whether on this occasion she was just the victim of a sluggish MS server response or something like that. We did test again a bit later on and she was back to logging in within a second or two.

A:What happens to Windows 10 login should MS servers go down?

An easy test is temporarily disable/disconnect your network connection and see how everything works.
For me, it's more likely my ISP service will go down, and i don't have any internet connection possible.

As a backup precaution, create a Local Admin account.
Then you can login in with that if something happens to MS servers/accounts and no-one can login with a MS account.
You can have it PW protected where only you know the PW, so you can do whatever needed in case of emergency.

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Looking for opinions here on windows updates and windows servers, do you update or not. Talked to a few other techs about the situation and they do, but yet they don't have a clue what's being installed.

Recently, we had a tech into one of our clients and he updated all 4 servers (exchage, terminal, pdc and dedicated GPS) complete with all the updates and i've had nothing but issues getting them talking again after the fact.

What's your take on it.

A:Servers and Windows updates

Many folks with servers download the service patches and batch them after analyzing what they're applying. Also, if you batch them and you have an issue, you can roll them back and be back on the air.

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As a long term user of MS FrontPage web program, I was disappointed when GoDaddy and other web site hosting firms stopped supporting the 2003 version of Microsoft's web development efforts.
So, I switched to Microsoft Expressions 4 software to redevelop my site ... http://www.reserections.com.
My problem is that I wish to redirect the old pages to their newer version ... doing a '301 Redirection', so that I do not loose the several years of work that has my site on the first page of Bing and Google searches.
It would be a straightforward change, as there are no domain moves, etc.  Just switch the htm pages to their corresponding html versions.
There should be a lot of Microsoft people in my situation.  Expressions 4 seems to be a clumsy and unfinished application, but it is the one I want to stick with.
Would appreciate straightforward instructions on how to implement this.  Everything I find on the web diverges into complex and partial solutions that invite experimentation that could screw up the whole site.

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I have already a Windows VPN server installed on a windows 7 laptop.
Now, I'm trying to setup a DIFFERENT windows VPN server on another windows8.1 laptop.
Both laptops are on the same wifi network.

The problem is that port 1723 forwarding is already used for the windows7 laptop.
It seems changing port 1723 is not allowed.
Is there another way, to set up a second different windows VPN server on the same network?
Thanks in advance

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I have 3 servers all running Server 2003.

System 1 can see system 3
System 2 can see system 3
System 3 can see system 2 & system 1

System 1 can't see system 2
System 2 can't see system 1

All systems are in the same workgroup, on the same subnet.

Any thoughts as to why these two boxes can't connect?

A:Windows servers can't connect

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Hey everyone I have a little problem with my Windows 10 Professional computers not seeing either one of my server's both servers are Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard. What I was trying to do is set up a domain log in on 3 computers one mine and two of my kids and have a network drive mapped when they log into the domain server but I can't seem to get Windows to see any of my servers on my network map. I've tried to reboot my servers and computers and check my server config and everything seems to be set up correctly as I've had them working about a month ago but I had to move. I did have them working months ago when I was running Novell Suse and using Novell login and they would map the network drives no problem. Any idea's anyone?


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I tried to add my ISP's pop3 email account, but I don't see any option to do that.

Am I missing something?

A:Windows 8 Mail and Pop3 servers?

Originally Posted by pmbAustin

I tried to add my ISP's pop3 email account, but I don't see any option to do that.

Am I missing something?

I don't think you can add it as yet I downloaded windows live mail and have been using that

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Currently use Symantec. Want a different product for AV.


Windows Server 2008 using as App server - not an email server
Intel Xeon x5460 3.16 (2 processors)
64 bit

recommendations? likes and dislikes?


A:Solved: Recommend AV for Windows Servers?

Trend Micro



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I just bought and installed Windows 2000 professional for my workstation. It used to have Windows ME on it. We have two servers in the office and it only sees one of them. I have tried everything I could think of to have it see the other server. The server that it does see is a Novell server. The server it can't find is a Windows ME station that we use as a file sharing server. When I choose Map Network Drives and try to map it as the T:\ drive (works on other stations running Windows 98 in our office) It just says that it can't find the network path. So everyone else in the office can get on that server (they are all on Windows 98) but, from my workstation my Windows 2000 professional operating system can't even see it. I need to know how my workstation can map to the T:\ drive. Please help soon, I'm going bald tearing my hair out!

A:Windows 2000 Connecting to Servers.

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. To optimize performance for remote administration when you use Terminal servers, you should do following:
A. In the specify the RDP-TCP properties dialog box on the terminal server specify: Automatically end disconnects sessions, disconnect idle sessions after 5 minutes and disable wallpaper.

B. In the specify the RDP-TCP properties dialog box on the terminal server specify: Disconnect idle sessions after 5 minutes, disable wallpaper and in the registry set the entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\current\controlSet\Terminal Server to 0.

C. In the specify the RDP-TCP properties dialog box on the terminal server specify: Automatically end disconnects sessions, disconnect idle sessions after 5 minutes, disable wallpaper disable windows printer mapping, LPT port mapping, clipboard mapping and in the registry set the entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\current\controlSet\Terminal Server to 1.

D. In the specify the RDP-TCP properties dialog box on the terminal server specify: Automatically end disconnected sessions, disconnect idle sessions after 5 minutes, disable wallpaper and in the registry set the entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\current\controlSet\Terminal Server to 1.

E. In the specify the RDP-TCP properties dialog box on the terminal server specify: Automatically end disconnected sessions, disconnect idle sessions after 5 minutes, disable wallpaper and in the registry set the entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\current\controlSet\Terminal Server to 0.
&... Read more

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I have a network (primarily Windows NT and 98) with 3 servers. 1 server is the PDC, the other BDC, and the third a member server in the domain.

1. The Server Manager in PDC cannot see the any servers OR the see both PDC and BDC as BDC

2. When I promote the BDC to PDC (let's call it PDCNEW), the new PDC (PDCNEW) can view every thing fine (i.e. the PDCNEW, BDC and member server)

3. The BDC and member server can ping (by name and IP address) the PDCNEW BUT unable to use resources in the PDCNEW e.g. cannot view the shared folders, cannot connect to the database (SQL 7) in the PDCNEW.

Would appreciate greatly if anybody has any suggestions

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Hi All I just purchased a new Computer 64 bit with windows version 7. like most people I have problems finding a Email server that I like and actually works with it. I do not like Windows live at all and as you would know can no longer get just Windows Mail. I have been looking around for free or paid email programs that are completley Compatible and have been somewhat disappointed, although many forums suggest that the latest thunderbird is compatible or Eudora or paid Poco programs I have tired them all, no problems about them installing OK however they all give the same problem ie, when on a Web site and you wish to use the Web contact email, it does not reconize it and tells you that the Email program is not the default server or configures as the default, when you go into configure default it will not let you do it!.

Try as I have even with patches and registry changes recommended by Poco Help still no go!!! I have now left the Poco program on as I do like its setup and for that small inconvenience it is worth the $45 AUST, I have tried all the other recommened programs for 64 bit machines and they all!! do the same thing ie, do not recogize the Email program as the default server!

Poco has said that a new version will be issued fixing the problem but no date is forthcoming. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem or can give any suggestions to this problem. I am a bit disappointed that many software programs that operated with XP do have compatibility iss... Read more

A:Windows 7 Compatible Email servers

Here is a list. If I were you, I would install each after making a system resore point. If not liked you can get rid of the entire program, using System Restore, without remaining remnants or registry changes.

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Why would Windows need to connect to Hotmail servers?

Sporadically I notice that svchost, rundll32 or WShost want to connect to Hotmail servers, but by the time I start capturing packets and give access to the internet to see what it?s doing, it?s stopped. Furthermore, it doesn?t seem to try again, which makes it even more difficult.

I don?t use Live, Messenger or any other apps/software that would need to connect to Hotmail, so am curious what it?s doing. I was thinking it was maybe something to do with Windows Update (well, WShost anyway, due to App updates for pre-installed apps), but like I said, it doesn?t seem to do it very regularly and appears to be pretty random.

I don?t suspect any kind of foul play, so am just curious really, as I can?t seem to catch it in the act to monitor what it?s doing. Any ideas?

A:Why would Windows need to connect to Hotmail servers?

Ah, just found it's to do with Windows Update afterall. Not sure why they use Hotmail servers (presumably because Windows Store is linked to Hotmail), but it connects to request the following:


Note: 'Windows 8' above should be 'W_8' (without space), but this site changes the text automatically for some reason.

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Seems like previously I connected to Microsoft servers for windows updates (at least the download IPs were listed by ARIN as MS. . I'm in the process of reinstalling windows and after installing what seemed to be a ton of validation stuff, I got about 30 critical updates on the 1st run, then I checked it again and it said I got them all and no more were listed to download. I decided to recheck a day later after installing my FW, and it showed that I needed about 30 more critical updates and when the downloads started they were coming from 4 IPs listed to Level 3 communications, Broomfield, Co. This seemed strange to me, as 1) why does MS say on the 1st run for critical updates that you've got them all, and the very next day you need 30 more (are they limiting how many critical updates you can download at a time?). 2) In the US, do windows critical updates not come direct from MS servers anymore? or servers that are listed by ARIN as MS? (for some reason this bothers me). Does your copy of windows verify somehow that these critical updates are the real deal from MS?

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The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is available in Windows Insider builds of Windows Server. Now developers and application administrators can run tools they use in Linux environments alongside Cmd and PowerShell.

If you want to jump straight in, the installation guide is available here.

Why include WSL on Windows Server?
We want Windows, including Windows Server, to be a great place for developers. We know developers, system administrators, people managing services and people building services all occasionally need tools available on Linux. Many more would like to run Linux tools as part of their workflow as a matter of convenience.

Previously, there were a few options:
Run something like Cygwin and rely on Win32 ports of common GNU tools.
Cygwin is a great toolset but it runs into issues when using tools that haven?t been ported to Windows. Many tools simply aren?t available. This is especially common when trying to build and run Ruby & Java solutions, which utilize some Linux-only Gems, libraries and components.
The tools available through Cigwin and other Win32 ports are also notorious for being out of date ? which is understandable since updating them requires recompiling them for Windows. For Windows users, however, this is both inconvenient and often leads to troublesome compatibility issues when running, building or deploying software.
Use Linux in a virtual machine.
Virtual machines are designed for production workloads on Windows Server. They are... Read more

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Allright well what happened was i was trying to install linux on a usb drive so i could easly have a portible computer in my pocket but when i ran the linux for the first time meaning the portible usb worked it reformatted my windows 7 ultimate and ALL the data i had on it i do need this data but i can deal without it all i need is to format my computer back to windows 7 ultimate.

i do not own the install disk for windows 7 ultimate and i really cant afford buying another which is why i came here

Thanks for reading my forum topic and if you can please help me.

A:windows 7 got reformatted by linux please help me restore windows 7

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