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Start Screen Taskbar

Q: Start Screen Taskbar

It?s no secret almost everyone hates the windows start screen, and after using windows 8 for some time (I forced myself to use it for at least a week) I noticed it?s not that the start menu has been replaced by something big like the start screen, but rather that the start screen actually hides the taskbar. I wouldn?t have a problem with the start screen as long as I can select opened desktop programs even if I am on the start screen.
Another thing that really annoys is that if you are on desktop and click the windows key and go into start screen you can ESC back to desktop, but if you happen to open anything else and go back to start screen, ESC doesnt take you to desktop, and actually doesnt do anything.

So I was wondering, rather than try to recover forcefully the start menu via 3rd party programs, is there a registry hack that I can do to keep taskbar always on top, even when start screen is showing?

Preferred Solution: Start Screen Taskbar

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Start Screen Taskbar

Use the Windows Key to go back to the Desktop. Also please define "almost everyone" in your first line. Is that like 90%. Please give some numbers.
Welcome to the forum.


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Please advise how I can get my Start taskbar to the bottom of the screen again. One day it simply rose like a ghost while I was working and has not chosen to descend. Is it waiting for Halloween?

[email protected]

A:Start taskbar at top of screen

Right-click it and unlock it. Then, grab an empty spot in the middle with a left-click and drag it home.

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When I Start My Computer My Background was all white. There were no Icons, Start Menu Or Background,then my documets poped up . The Only thing I Did before this is that i ran an antivirus scan with TREND MICRO ANTIVIRUS PLUS ANTI- SPYWARE. I Found A Temp Solution. By Running the task manager then writing explorer.exe

I did a scan with Hijackthis This Are the results:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:38:12 AM, on 9/3/2008
Platform: Windows Vista (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16609)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\hpwuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe
C:\Program Files\LimeWire\LimeWire.exe
... Read more

A:White Screen, No Start Menu TaskBar or anything.

try safemode some times antivirus mess up the files in charge of color and style. If safe mode works send me a reply, I know how to fix it.

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It started a few months ago with me being locked out of all of the security permissions of my files. I went through and changed them to where I have admin. privlages. Then I shut down the computer one day and didn't turn it on again for about 3 or 4 weeks because I was using my laptop. Eventually I turned on the PC again and it booted up no problem but it wouldn't shut up for a long time.... i.e. the hard drive stayed busy for about 5 min after turning on. When I went to shut it down it had the icon notifying me that updates were going to be installed before shutting down. When I booted up the PC the next day it informed me that windows was configuring the updates and not to turn off the computer. 1 thousand 3 hundred and something updates.... WOW!!! O.K. it updates and it boots up just fine until the next day.... Computer turns on .... loads windows.... Welcome screen.... (Everything is going fine....) Bam! No Desktop!!! Just black screen with arrow. Only way to start programs is through Task Manager. I start searching the internet for answers as to why I am getting the Black Screen and read that it could be recently added updates so I delete all of the updates that were added the day before. That didn't work so the next idea I read was that the video display was incorrectly set. That didn't solve it. I shut down the computer and go to bed. Wake up in the morning and I have lost ability to go online. Computer is not reading the modem at all. So I look aro... Read more

A:Black screen on bootup with no start menu or taskbar

In your log file you have some unknown applications running. At the left top of this forum click on the forum - Security & HJT to post your hijackthis log. -------- (since you wrote a lot) If you can try something simple. In Safe Mode - Start - Control Panel - User Accounts - If allowed open a new account with adminstrator priveliges. If you can do this and the account works proper than delete the old account. You must have an account with adminstrator pervileges. Did you turn your Firewall Off ? Do you have an antivirus ? Microsoft has a free antivirus and their is Avg and Avast that are free.

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I think I have a similar virus that others are describing as the Alpha Virus.this virus:blocks F8 SafeMode from runningWindows loads with no desktop or start button nor screen taskbarOnly allows Task manager to runLsass.exe, winlogon.exe, sass.exe run in Taskmanager and can't be stoppedWhen attempting kill the exe's or other selections I get a message that the URLmon.dll can't loadI was able to get SafeMode to run via MSCONFIG boot.ini changeI burned Malbyteware to a CD and was able to run through Taskmanager, however it ran for 3 hours and then stalled and not finding anythingI burned Superantivirus to a CD and when I tried to run it, I got a message that the Administrator doesn't allow this file to be run.Smitfix tool didn't find any issuesSasser removal tool from Symantec didn't find any issuesThanks for any suggestions. PS Not sure how I can copy any logs from this machine, any suggestions?

A:No desktop icons, start button or screen taskbar

Please download and scan with the VIPRE Rescue Program <- the size of the downloaded application is large. Be sure to print out and follow the instructions provided on the same page..Save the rescue program to your computer's desktop. If you cannot use the Internet or download any programs, download from another computer, save to a USB drive or CD and then transfer VIPRE to the infected machine. Double-click on VIPRERescue****.exe (**** represents numbers for the current version)When asked, "Do you wish to extract the VIPRE Rescue Scanner to your computer?" click Yes.You will be prompted to extract (unzip) the file to C:\VIPRERESCUE (default install location), then click Unzip. Make sure the checkbox for When done unzipping open: .\deep_scan.bat is checked.Click Ok at the prompt to open a command line window and run a deep scan.

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Hi, I've been getting another problem sorted in web&email / malware and I've been advised to post here for finishing touches so to speak.

I was having problems opening sponsored links and so after going through all the security related things it could be and any malware things it could be, it was finally discovered that BISS Hosts Manager was causing the problem. BISS Hosts Manager was uninstalled and as soon as it uninstalled all of my on screen fonts changed to an italic font - Segoe UI. I was advised to go into Themes and change the fonts, which I did to Arial (don't know what fonts were used originally but Arial looked pretty close). Anyway, this only partially fixed the problem as the fonts in my taskbar are still italic, the fonts on my start-up welcome/logging off/shutting down screen are italic plus other areas, such as the Personalization screen - screen shot attached.

If anyone wants to take a look I would appreciate it, I don't know if there are other implications involved with this "italicization" for want of a better word!

Also attached is a link to previous thread for any detailed background information:-

A:Solved: Italic font in taskbar, start-up screen etc

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64. One day I turned my computer on and it booted up to just my desktop background. My icons, the task bar, even the windows login screen were gone, it was just my desktop background. I could see and move my mouse, and right click for the desktop menu, but nothing else would work or show up. CTRL+ALT+DEL would just make the screen go black.

I read about how it could be a corrupt user profile or something like that. I followed most advice I read, disabling non-microsoft services, booting to safe mode, making a new user profile, deleting certain registries entries, running system restore. Nothing worked (Although everything would appear in safe mode).

I was getting mad so I said screw it, and just formatted the hard drive and and reinstalled Windows. It installed just fine, but when it booted up to the desktop for the first time, everything was gone again. So I used a separate Windows 7 Home Edition 64x I have for my wife's computer, and installed that to just see what happened, same thing.

I have no idea where to go from here >_< Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Taskbar, Start button, Icons, login screen gone.


formatted the hard drive and and reinstalled Windows

Is this a Desktop computer or a Laptop?
Can you please supply the specs:
Computer Make and Model#
Video Card (make, model#)
Power Supply Unit (make, model and Wattage)
HDD capacity (manufacturer)
When you turn on the computer, do you get the computers Logo screen, or the Black POST screen? Have you tried a different monitor? Did you try replacing the video card? Can you boot into Setup (Bios)?

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I restored a disk image that I've restored several times with no problems.
This time though, After installing al Windows updates the task bar shows on the bottom of the start screen. (I place my task bar on the bottom.)
I found that it doesn't do this when In place the Task Bar and the top or right side.
It only occurs when the Task Bar is on the bottom or the left.

Never heard of this one.
Any ideas?

A:Taskbar Shows on Start Screen After Windows Updates

Hello James,

The taskbar showing on the Start screen is a feature added in Windows 8.1 Update. If you like, you can uncheck the Show Store apps on the taskbar box in Option One of the tutorial below to not see the taskbar anymore on Start.

Taskbar - Hide or Show Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Update

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Hi there

1st defect found already !!!!

When using the latest build (11099) with a 4K external monitor as primary / only monitor - after a while the taskbar disappears and the start menu is also gone.

This defect doesn't seem to happen if 1) you set the 4K monitor as a SECONDARY monitor, or 2) you put the taskbar at either the left or right hand edge of the screen (i.e not in the usual places top / bottom).

However the file progress bar on copy / paste is now working again.


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I am querying whether its possible to migrate start screen tiles from Windows 8 to 8.1 using USMT 5.0?

We have had a look at doing this but cannot find a way to achieve this task.
Any ideas?

A:USMT 5.0 Migrate Pinned Start Screen Tiles and Taskbar Icons?

This is part of the CONFIG.xml, USMT can migrate these settings.
<component displayname="Taskbar and Start Menu" migrate="yes" ID="appearance_and_display\taskbar_and_start_menu">
<component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-stobject" migrate="yes" ID="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/cmi/microsoft-windows-stobject/microsoft-windows-stobject/settings"/>
<component displayname="Microsoft-Windows-explorer" migrate="yes" ID="http://www.microsoft.com/migration/1.0/migxmlext/cmi/microsoft-windows-explorer/microsoft-windows-explorer/settings"/>
The Start screen replaces the Start menu in Windows 8\8.1. This option still can be used in Windows 8\8.1
You can find more information in this link:
What Does USMT Migrate?

Yolanda Zhu
TechNet Community Support

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Hello all,
So about a month ago I restarted my computer and when it came back on all my programs pinned to my task bar and everything that was in my start menu was gone. From there I could not unlock the taskbar and nothing would pin in either the start menu or taskbar. I researched everywhere about it. I tried unlocking the taskbar in properties and registry with no luck. I finally found some posts about how my user profile was corrupt and from there I went on and made a new profile and copied everything and BOOM it all worked fine now. Well today it happened AGAIN! I restarted my computer and everything disappeared. So I think it is still a corrupt profile, but this is the second time it has happened. My question is. 1) is there another way to fix those two issues besides creating a new profile? and 2) What could be the cause of this happening twice in a month. Would a reformat fix it or is it a hardware issue?

ADD: I forgot to mention my outlook email profiles are gone too. Those somehow got erased as well.

A:Cannot unlock taskbar AND cannot pin anything on taskbar or start menu AND Outlook Pr

Did you run chkdsk on your drives to eliminate possibility of file corruption or cross-linking ?

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The other day my Windows 7 desktop changed. I do not know why. All of my Start Menu icons are on the Taskbar and I cannot remove them. Any help appreciated. Cheryl

A:Win 7 taskbar all icons from start menu on taskbar

Please create and upload a screenshot.

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I have a client that has laptop with windows 7 Pro. He had a faulty network card, so I have added a new, usb network card. That said, He can not pin anything to taskbar or start menu. I cleared both folders of shortcuts(567 of them) but to no avail. He also has no options under his desktop Context menu for New. He is also using a roaming profile, of which I will disable next time I am there. I have a feeling that might be the issue. I did scour the internet trying all the usual suggestions, but do vaguely remember something about an entry in cache somewhere that if it is too big or corrupt, it could cause this behavior. I am unable to find that post anywhere now. Any thoughts? I would appreciate it. I mention the network card because one post had taskbar issues until he disabled his faulty network card. I have disabled the faulty network card.

A:Cannot pin to taskbar, start menu or unlock taskbar

Theres also settings in the performance options that can affect the ability to pin things to the taskbar at least. Have you ran a sfc/scannow on this machine?

Welcome to the forums btw.

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hi guys!!
can anyone help me with my problem? i had a desktop pc. i shut down the computer and when i start it again the desktop icons, taskbar and startbottun does not show anymore.. but fortunately the pc is not hanging. i can still use the task manager in opening some file... please help me!!!!

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Hi, I am very limited to my knowledge of computers and how to fix the problems. If anyone can give me any advice about my computer I would very much appreciate it. I turned my computer on about a week ago, it froze up, I restarted it and was missing my taskbar and my files where opened in a separate window. Nothing simple works. The obvious things do not work. I have no start button. It will not do anything. If I go into control panel, cannot open it from there. Please help!

A:Missing Start Menu, Taskbar, No Start Button

Try doing a System Restore back to before you experienced this problem.Windows XP System Restore Guide

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When I start up my computer, my Steam starts up, then I manually start Chrome. Chrome comes up fine, Steam does too, but when I try to right click on Steam and click friends, all it does is create another steam process running at 100-108 K. Then if I close Chrome and try to reopen it, it will do the same. This happens with EVERY program after I start up. There's a 5 second window where I can open programs without issue, then after that it will only start 108 K copies of them. It takes me around 30 restarts just to get it working properly, if not more.

A:Unable to start most programs from taskbar and start menu

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The program icons all disappear from the task-bar when I start or restart in Windows 10. But, if I right-click on the task-bar and select: Task Manager > Windows Explorer (right-click) > restart, I get all my icons back until my next start-up or restart and then they?re all gone again. How do I fix the start-up process or is it something else?

Thanks in anticipation!


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My first real problem with win 8.1.

Problem Defined.
I have a shortcut on my desktop. The same shortcut key on my desktop task bar. The shortcut when activated loads the windows 8.1 start screen where my tiles are.

The default DPI in this windows 8.1 is 125%.
I changed the resolution to something other than 125% (You go to personalize then display). Log out and log back in.

Now whenever that shortcut is used, the horizontal task bar over the windows start button opens, but my tile START page does not.
I had to set DPI back to 125% to make the shortcut activate the "tile" start.

Any ideas?

A:Start screen shortcut opens the wrong start screen!!

Hello quovadis,

I'm not sure which Start screen shortcut you used, but please see if the one in the tutorial below may help if it's not the same one.

"Start" Screen Shortcut - Create in Windows 8

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I have successfully managed to upgrade, add a shutdown tile on the start screen, add a classic start on the desktop screen and get the right tiles on my desktop and remove the initial screen. I have a usable OS on my laptop again and it may sound strange but I like both interfaces and use them equally.

A few things I am really stuck on.

1. The right corner (charms bar) can take me back to the start tile screen from the desktop screen. However, it would be nice to have an icon on the desktop screen to take me to the start tile screen. I cannot find a way to do this. Please help.

2. I would like to pin my tiles so they never move. There are some tiles I want fixed nicely in the place I put them but each time I want to add a tile, and move it across, all my tiles move about.

3. It would be nice to colour my tiles individually. Is there any App to do this?

4. Some tiles cannot be made bigger (i.e. existing applications). Is there a way to do this?

A:Windows 8 Start Screen Link + Start Screen Questions

Originally Posted by xyciana

1. The right corner (charms bar) can take me back to the start tile screen from the desktop screen. However, it would be nice to have an icon on the desktop screen to take me to the start tile screen. I cannot find a way to do this. Please help.

Hello xyciana and welcome to Eightforums

I'm not sure if there is a way to make a shortcut icon to take you to the start screen. But you can use the Windows logo key on your keyboard to take you to the start screen. Just 1 press on the key and you are there.

2. I would like to pin my tiles so they never move. There are some tiles I want fixed nicely in the place I put them but each time I want to add a tile, and move it across, all my tiles move about.

I don't know if that can be done. In my knowledge, No.

3. It would be nice to colour my tiles individually. Is there any App to do this?

No, sorry to say that again, but that's how it is. No way to change the color of the tiles individually. But you never know, in the future somebody might come up with an application to change the color of the tiles For now, no is the answer.

4. Some tiles cannot be made bigger (i.e. existing applications). Is there a way to do this?

Well .... No again.

Hope I could help

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help ! my start taskbar is now on the left side of my screen . How do i get it back on the bottom. i can't find out where to change it like in win 98

A:start taskbar

If the whole taskbar is on the left side of your screen just click and drag it back to the bottom

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Hi all,

I'm stumped on a small problem...

I have a small taskbar app that I would like to start up on boot and show up in the taskbar area. It does reside in the Notification area, and even though I have selected "Show Icon and Notifications," it still won't start and show after boot. I have to manually start it each time.

In XP, I can open the taskbar utility on the Start menu and add the app so it will start up in the taskbar area on boot. But I can't figure out how to do that in Windows 7... I have even tried pinning it to the start menu, but still have to start it up each time - it won't start automatically on boot.

BTW, the app is called Moon Phase...

Can someone give me a heads-up on this seemingly simple problem?

Thanks, Noels

A:Having a Taskbar app start up in 7?

I have never tried this before, but you can try dragging the program into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

You could also open up a copy of regedit, and navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

Right click in an empty space in the right pane, and select Create New>String Value. Name it what you want, and then right-click on it and select Modify. Then point it to the path.

For example, to run a program from my desktop, I would try "C:\Users\Jonathan\Desktop\programname.exe". Include the quotes.

Disclaimer: I have not tried either of these. I have no idea if they will work or not.

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i recently been having this problem...
when i start my com and goes into window after it load a while but not finish (sometimes when it load finish) the taskbar will be hanged...
like u cannot click the start buttom or see the taskbar icon at the left side of the click...(i mean when u point at it no names or desprtion come out)

can anyone tell me how to slove this?

i went to shc ot format my com but after installing a UT client 4 from sch i get this problem again...btw i get this problem after i install the ut client...so is there any way to check if it is the cause for the problem?
i tried uninstalling it after that and the problem still happens...how do i fix this?

pls reply asap thx i need to use my laptop in sch...T.T

A:taskbar hang at start up

It looks like the program you've installed is causing explorer to hang on start up. Try searching for an updated version of the program.

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i am in a huge predicament now...got some essays and coursework to hand in on monday and my laptop has spazzed out. it started yesterday when it said that i had a w32.jeefo virus. i have followed all instructions about how ito get rid of these i.e. delete svchost.exe file etc. i've done all of this and reboot the laptop and found that now my taskbar, start etc are missing and i cant go into any of my files although they all still appear. there is also no sound when i try to play a cd in it!!!! what do i do now???

A:start, taskbar and sound gone

What happens when you try to double click on one of the icons?

Try this to get the taskbar back.

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For about a week I had my computer unplugged and now that I hooked it back up ,, I cant find my taskbar at the bottom or my start button. Don'y want to sound to stupid,,,but please help!!!!

A:start button and taskbar,,,HELP PLEASE

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!

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My start menu and taskbar are malfunctioning. I simply get the hour glass icon when I place the cursor over either of these. The time stamp remains on the same time for weeks now. I can access anything on the desktop but not my start menu. I have tried several restore points and starting in safe mode with no luck. I want to save my pictures and then just strip down the hard drive to new and start over. It has been excessively slow anyway. Does anyone know how to:
1. Get the start and taskbar to work again? and
2. Strip down the hard drive to new?

A:Start and taskbar frozen

Hit control + Alt + Delete to bring up task manager

Goto the process tab, sort it by process name column by clicking on the column name.

Find explorer.exe, click on it once to highlight it and click end process, it will say warning, click yes to accept the end.

Take a look at your Performance tab and see if the CPU is constantly above 50%+

Once all your items disappear goto File > New Task and type in explorer.exe

Report back how it goes.

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There is no pin to start menu or taskbar option in the right click menu, help.

A:Pin to start menu or taskbar

Hello Ready, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Could you give us more details on about your problem? For example, what type of file are you right clicking on, what is it's location, etc.....

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The 'start' taskbar on my computer has gone and i cannot get it back working. i've tried restarting my computer and it shows the taskbar for about 20 seconds and then it goes.
i dont know what to do and its really frustrating.
please help!!

A:Solved: 'Start' Taskbar gone!!

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At first, I couldn't open windows explorer in start menu. then slowly but surely, I've not been able to open other programs (system information, incredimail, My Computer ...). These all work fine in safe mode though.
I've uninstalled everything that has been recently installed and reinstalled incredimail. Still won't open in windows even when navigating to the program directory. Google search didn't help any. Anyone got an Idea?

A:Start Menu And Taskbar

Are you getting any specific error messages.
Have you run any spyware or antivirus scans?
Have ya cleared your temp internet files and history lately?

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I accidently lost my start button and taskbar from my desktop. It is not hidden and the taskbar is not locked. How do I get it to display if I can't find it anywhere? Please help.

A:Start button and Taskbar


taskbar is missing


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I am trying to help a friend of mine get her new computer to her satisfaction.

We both have Windows 7 and on mine (a few months old), I have both the large buttons on the taskbar at the button in addition to smaller icons to the left of them. She does not have to have the small buttons (Big ones are easy to setup) however, when she clicks on her Internet Explorer (and other programs she has pinned like Word, Excel, etc.) button at the bottom, it won't open up multiple sessions. Whereas on mine, I can click on the small IE button to the left and get as many sessions as I want.

I am also attaching a screen shot of my computer. As you can see, I have both big buttons and small buttons to the left. How does one get those small buttons? Thank you all VERY much for your help!!!

A:Taskbar vs. start menu

This should help you
Quick Launch - Enable or Disable

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A:No Start Menu and Taskbar

Have you tried Task manager>applications>new task and typed explorer.exe.

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I don't want to get ride of the start menu, but i do want to hide it from the task bar. And be able to just press the windows button to make the start menu pop up. I know it's possible , just need to know how. Anyone know how and could give me some ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:how can i hide the start orb from taskbar?

Their is a little tool called " Start Killer " which will hide the start orb.

Start Killer - Remove the Start Button from the taskbar

It can be configured the way you requested.

Hope this helps.

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I have a dual boot system - 32 bit XP Professional and 64 bit 7 Professional.

My Windows 7 system got badly infected with viruses. After fighting with it for two days, I went another direction.

When I originally installed 7, I had only an 80 Gb drive to put it on. Since then, I did a partition copy onto a larger hard drive. I could never get it to boot, though.

Today, I took the 80 Gb drive out, booted with the Windows disk and fixed the boot record.

Now I can boot in either system, just like before. The only problem is, in 7, I get only a light blue screen. No START button, no Task bar. No icons.

In Task Manager, I can see many processes running, no applications.

I can see the hard drives from another computer on my network. I can connect to the computer from another computer with Remote Desktop with identical results. No START button, no task bar.

I can boot up in XP and connect the old 7 drive (the 80 Gb one) with a drive caddy, so I can copy files from my old Windows 7 drive to my new one.

Is there any way to fix this or am I basically screwed?


A:No Start button or taskbar

No you are not screwed because you have crippled installs and you are here where we have helped millions have the best install of WIn7 possible. So look over the steps to get and keep a perfect Clean Reinstall Windows 7,
boot the installer to delete all partitions on one of the hard drives with the other detached, then install and set it up following those steps which will assure you get and keep a perfect install.

Not one of the 1.4+ million consumers who've used that tutorial have come back here with a problem or complaint, as long as they stick with the tools and methods given. So you are hardly screwed, and actually quite lucky.

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Hi all,

Can anyone think of any software that can customize the taskbar so that I can have larger start orbs?

As you can see from the image, I would like to enable longer start orbs but cannot for the life of me find any


A:Taskbar/Start orb customization?

There might be some help for you in these tutorials:
Start Menu Button - Change
Customize Your Windows 7 Start Menu Button
How to Create Custom Start Orb Image

And check this thread, as well:
StartOrbz Genuine Creations

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don't have taskbar or startmenu to do above, have in safe mode but not administr, at wits end with microsoft techs

A:No Taskbar or Start Menu

don't have taskbar or startmenu to do above, have in safe mode

Some non-system applications cause this.In safe mode go to


Check error messages in Application and System sections,pay attention on errors which appears with system start.

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ive had vista for about 2 months and this problem keeps happening to me more and more frequently...
my taskbar keeps messing up and freezing, so i cant see the time and the programs that i have running. and i cant see the start menu. The only way to fix it is to reboot the computer
is there any way to fix this ?

A:no start menu/taskbar ?

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i dont have access to my start menu or my taskbar until i sign on to my isp,all i get is an hour glass

A:my taskbar and start menu

Is this a new problem? Can you boot into Safe mode? Does anything work normally in Safe mode?

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I have an unusual problem. Everytime I start my computer, my taskbar freezes for a couple of minutes or more, and it would just be faster to use the task manager (ctrl-alt-del) to end explorer.exe and restart it.

The past few months i've had this problem, i've just been ignoring it by turning on my computer in the morning before I brush my teeth and eat breakfast and stuff. Right now, I just want it fixed!

I've did a few virus and malware scans (Nod32, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, Kaspersky, etc.) but none seem to get rid of the problem.
Also, nothing really starts up with my computer besides nVidia stuff and NOD32. No AIM, no MSN, nothing. Just Volume, Safely Remove Hardware, and NOD32.

Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Taskbar freezes on start-up . . . ?

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I have a question about taskbar start button!
My taskbar now looks like that -
ImageShack? - Online Photo and Video Hosting

If it`s possible to move the button down? Like that? -

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A:TaskBar Start Button.

Your second link does not show any picture, but I am guessing you want your start button at the bottom while you have your taskbar on the left side if that is what you are wanting the answer is no it cannot be done sorry

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first, how do u change the task bar to something different? Is this only customizable when changing the theme?

second, how do you change the start menu icon?

A:taskbar and start menu help

first = Google

second = Start Menu Button - Change

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Hi. My husband has an eMachines T2341 running Windows XP Home Ed. He just reinstalled XP & upon completion found there is no 'Start' icon in the taskbar. I had him open 'My Computer' from the desktop & go to 'Control Panel'. From there, open 'Appearance & Themes' & then 'Taskbar & Start Menu'.
'Taskbar & Start Menu' will not open although 'Display' & 'Folder Options' will.
I'm stuck here...suggestions on how to pin the 'Start' icon to the taskbar?
Thanks for your help.

A:Start Menu Not Available On Taskbar

WARNING:This is a registry edit. If you're not comfortable with working in the registry, DO NOT ATTEMPT.Improper changes to the registry could render your computer inoperable.Remember to backup the registry before making any changes.Instructions, on how to do that, can be found here:How to back up, edit, and restore the registryTry this:kellys-kornerRestore Taskbar and Start Menu - #117, on the Left

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Alright....i dont think they are GONE, but they are not visible whatsoever.....I think they are positioned off screen somewhere.....tried switching resolutions and everything. Any ideas for help??? Please? I think there is a way to get it back to its usual position, but i dont remember....please help me out, thanks

A:Start Menu and Taskbar GONE

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Hi. I'm new to this site & sincerely hope you can help me before I go crazy! To begin, when I boot up I get error messages: "Could not execute Main...etc", "Runtime error" & sometimes "Installation
error". I click "ok" to get rid of them & when I go to "Start" or to my task bar an hourglass appears & won't go away until I go on-line. Once on-line I get all these website pop-ups jumping up all over the place and it keeps changing my home-page, or I keep getting kicked off-line every few seconds. When I go to my Task Manager it's showing an "on line dialer" which i think keeps kicking me off-line, plus those websites. I "End-Task" them and they'll keep popping up several more times. Please help me before i loose my mind. Anything you can tell me we be greatly appreciated.

A:[Solved] Start/Taskbar...etc.

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I have searched the web and tried several things.

I ran task manager and explorer.exe process is running. I closed it and ran it again.

I went to the registry and found the shell data and it is explorer.

I have tried ctrl+esc.

None of these things work!

Any ideas please?

A:no taskbar or start menu

Please reply in other thread I don't know why there are two, Thanks!

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I loaded easy creator5 on windows xp ..Didn't like it so I removed it by windows add/remove. While trying to load a CD_RW on recordnow ,I got the message I needed Direct cd to load.I hit ok, not thinking it was connected to easy creator.Now on start up I get the message" Direct cd will cause windows to become unstable,Windows has prevented these drivers from loading" Its a balloon above the taskbar how do I remove it

A:Taskbar Warning on start up

Uninstall recordnow, then re-install Easy Creator and then uninstall it (by its own uninstall program if it has one). Now, do a Search in Widows (with hidden and system folders unhidden) for Easy Creator and delete any remaining fragments. Next do a Registry search for Easy Creator and zap all resulting keys (back-up first, just in case). Finally, re-install recordnow.

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Hi, I don't get here much. I just install Vista SP2 on a lappy (DellVostro 1000).
1. Can the file tree be changed in Explorer so it shows Computer?
2. How do I get the start button to say Restart instead of Lock?
3. I want to turn off the security center popup about UAC ans Windows updates.

A:Taskbar/start button help

Hello Gary,

Q1) If you like, you could use the method in the tutorial below to drag the Folders top border up and down to show or hide what you like.
Favorite Links - Hide
Q2) Not sure that can be changed, but you can click on the arrow to the right of the Lock button to see Restart.

Q3) The tutorials below can show how to disable the Security Center alerts, and for the Windows Update alert.
Security Center Alert Warning NotificationSecurity Center Specific Alert NotificationWindows Update - Enable or Disable Start Menu Power Button Alert

Hope this helps.

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