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Replacing keyboard set (from AZERTY to QWERTY)

Q: Replacing keyboard set (from AZERTY to QWERTY)

Hi I am about to buy a new x360 laptop, but here in France they are all using AZERTY configuration. Is there a way to replace the keyboard configuration just after? Is is safe/easy to do and is it easy to find QWERTY keyboard set (at HP support for instance?) Thanks

Preferred Solution: Replacing keyboard set (from AZERTY to QWERTY)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacing keyboard set (from AZERTY to QWERTY)

Hi @mclarenfan, In this case do you need replace the keyboard.Check service maintenance guide page 43:http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04807803 I hope that helps !Can I ask you a favor ?If the question is clarified, mark my answer as "resolved" and click on the icon of the "hand" to provide "congratulations" in recognition.Have a nice week !Im a volunteer in the HP Forum !

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My friend has a QWERTY keyboard and would like to have an AZERTY on-screen keyboard. Also, he does not want the on-screen keyboard to come up every time he re-boots.

Is there any way of doing this please?

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I ordered a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series laptop. I live in Belgium so the keyboard is AZERTY. Despite repeated requests to QWERTY keyboard, Dell refused to change it saying AZERTY is standard and cannot be customized. ANyway, so can I just pop out the keys and replace them physically? I know i can put stickers, but thats a last resort. 

A:Need to change keyboard from azerty to qwerty.

if you can get the keys off without causing any damage, please be careful. Some keys are not the same at all. The alphabetic ones can be changed.

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I have a Yoga 3 14 with azerty keyboard and I want to replace that with a qwerty keyboard, a physical one not just to change Windows settings or anything like that. So my question is; do I have to do anything else besides get the qwerty keyboard and replace the current keyboard with it (yes, I'm fully capable of doing that)  or do I also need to do some BIOS confiqurations or something like that?

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Any ideas on how best to do this? I can get keyboard stickers but they will look a little tacky or a new laptop keyboard however lenovo's website in Australia doesnt seem to list these parts for sale (The model number I would need is 39T0958) I have already changed the setting in XP so that it believes that it is a US board Your thoughts would be appreciatedMessage Edited by Runnamuck on 08-28-2008 08:40 AM


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A:Converting from AZERTY to QWERTY keyboard on Lenov...

Welcome to the forum! Have you tried locating the keyboard that you're looking for on eBay? Z61 shares the keyboard with T6x and R6x units of the same screen size...that shouldn't be much of a problem. Good luck.

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i have a laptop with an azerty keyboard,
i wish to install an english version of xp pro

how do i do the install please

laptop hdd is empty

thanks guys

A:azerty keyboard

stapletonpound said:

i have a laptop with an azerty keyboard,
i wish to install an english version of xp pro

how do i do the install please

laptop hdd is empty

thanks guysClick to expand...

first off, install the OS. Then see if you can change it in keyboard settings. Try setting the keyboard to a French layout, instead of the default USA.

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Hello everyone,I want to change my UK keyboard to a french azerty keyboard on my Thinkpad p51 but I can't find any place to buy one...Could you help ? Thanks

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Hi, I recently purchased a Pavilion 15-bc203nd. This notebook has a AZERTY keyboard. This keyboard however has a strange/wrong layout compared to a normal azerty key board: a right CTL key is missing, the < key is on the wrong place, my return key is too small etc. See this picture as comparison:   Is it possible to get a notebook with a correct AZERTY keyboard, or is this just the way it is with HP notebooks and should I return it? Kind regards. 

A:AZERTY keyboard has wrong layout

Please click the below link which might help you resolve the issuehttp://sharpkeys.codeplex.com/ Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,KNRKAlthough I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

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First sorry I don't speak well English.
I have a problem with my PC model: http://www.toshiba.fr/discontinued-p...ite-c55-a-15e/
The keyboard doesn't work and I want to change it.

I have two questions:

1- I searched but did not find where I can buy the keyboard.

2- There is not a French Azerty on my PC. Maybe belgium Azerty or other??? I don't know.
Is it possible to change the version of the keyboard.

Keyboard Ref : MP11B56B0-5281B

Thank you.

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Hi,I'm soon going to buy a Y540 laptop on the french website and I wanted to know if there was any option for a QWERTY keyboard ? I also wanted to ask if it was possible to ship in hungary (where I am based) if I buy the laptop from the french website?Thanks a lot.

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Hello, When looking for a replacement to switch from a US to an Azerty BE backlit keyboard, 2 different references appear:- NBL KBD,BE,DFN - 01HW247- NBL KBD,BE,CHY - 01ER957 What's the right one or what's the difference? Thank you for helping. 


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A:Several references found for a P51 Azerty Belgian keyboard: which one is the right one?

Two different suppliers of the keyboard.  Darfon (I think) and Chicony.  There may be some differences in exact "feel" or other aspects, but the base functions should be the same.

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Dear all,  I have an AZERTY keyboard which does not look like any other azerty keyboard so i have not been able to get the exact software keyboard that matches the physical keyboard of the laptop. Please find the image below.

A:The right language setting for my strange azerty keyboard

Hi!, @Elite_B: Welcome, to Forum !. Can you, see ? ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/8499326/model/9111887/document/c0373893...

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Brandnew HP Envy x360 with Belgian azerty keyboard The key 2 positions right to the spacebar, marked as <>\ does not generate those values, but generates the code for the CTRL key instead. This can not be a virus or other issue, as this is a "just out of the box" fresh system. I really suspect a "Bug" here in the testing of the azerty layout for this particular model The keyboard driver layout is the standard one provided with the OS by microsoft, called "Belgian Azerty decimal point"The operatings system is on the latest patch levelThe HP drivers are on the latest patch level I guess this must be declared as "a problem" and not an "incident" Cheers,Stefan

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I was just in the middle of writing a rather large and important assignment (using Microsoft word 2008) for an English Class when a peculiar thing happened...

It seems as though whenever I go to type an apostrophe this - ? - pops up instead. It's the same for these other keys;

< = '
> = "
/ = ?
? = ?
[ = (nothing)
{ = ??
] = ? (lower case)
} = (upper case)

Can someone please tell me what is going on?

A:[SOLVED] !Please help! QWERTY keyboard problem

Hi. . .

I would suggest that you go into Device Manager and un-install all of the drivers related to the keyboard. Vista will re-install them upon re-boot.

START | type dev into the start search box - select Device manager uptop.

Expand the keyboard tree and un-install the drivers 1-by-1 until they are gone. Then re-boot.

Good Luck to you. . .



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Hi, so i was busy doing stuff on my pc when suddenly my keyboard changed from AZERTY to QUERTY.
I've tried everything to get it back to azerty, changing the region thing and such but nothing worked.
PLEASE help me
PS I use windows 8

A:My keyboard suddenly changed to QWERTY

Though this procedure is for W 7, try it

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Hi all

I would like to buy a new US keyboard and replaces my old dirty french one (qwertz) with it.
Since the US keyboard (qwerty) has less characters than the French Keyboard (qwertz), I am wondering if the connector on my laptop is compatible ?
Thanks for your help

Model: satellite pro S500-10D bought in Switzerland.

A:Changing keyboard from qwertz into qwerty

I have changed keyboard several times and connector is always the same. Just be sure you will order right keyboard. I mean keyboard for S500 model.

Do you want to exchange keyboard alone?
Can you do this?

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I have tablet and the only keyboards I can use are the split keyboard and the one keyboard the does not have the numbers on the top row. The QWERTY keyboard icon is there but is greyed out. I cannot add any third party programs. It is windows 8.1 Enterprise. The password complexity rules make it very difficult not to use the QWERTY keyboard.

Thanks in advance.


A:QWERTY Keyboard Disabled at logon screen

Who manufactured this keyboard and what model is it? Do you have Legacy USB enabled in the bios?

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Hi guys,i will be gratefull if somebody can help me!wel i did format my lenovo laptop G530 and installed w7 ultimate on it,everything did fine with all drivers till now so far,but the big problem is the kboard {qwerty}when i go to control panel to change to belgium{us} or english united states doenst match a few caracters as backslash,forward slash,traces,points,commas and so one,and my question is:does somebody know how to set this right?because im tired to try everything in qwerty without no luck at all,i buied this laptop hier in belgium!
Thank you all.

A:Lenovo G530 keyboard qwerty belgium issue

Although there are two languages and several keyboard layouts in Belgium you would probably have a French Belgian keyboard.

Control panel > regional and language > keyboards and languages > general > installed services > add > and select either Belgian Comma or Belgium French as matches your keyboard.

Then remove the prior inappropriate entry(ies) and OK your way out.

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When trying to configure the new XPS 13 (9360) on the Belgian webshop with an Internal US/International Qwerty Backlit Keyboard, an error about compatibility gets displayed. This error makes us unable to order the notebook. 
Error message : 
"Compatibility Instructions

The selection - Palmrest for Belgium, Czech/Slovak, French, German, Italian, N-EEUR, Portugal, Spanish, Swiss, Turki is incompatible with Toetsenbord(=Keyboard)"

I have noticed the same error exists on other European webshops that offer the option to pick an Internal US/International Qwerty Backlit Keyboard. Any news on when this gets fixed?

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how can you type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console where it looks like it is all querty but i think it is still different from querty because i tried everything.
i need it to copy a file

A:how to type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console

If your keyboard is similar to this:
Belgian keyboard layout
The colon seems to be below the L key to the right.

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if need it for keyboard function, where do i find one? what is accurate name for this piece? 

A:Replacing my ideapad z570 keyboard & i lost plastic insert that slides on with keyboard tab.

Hi SPea63,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It would help if you can add a snapshot of the part to help us get perhaps specific part number.
If this is one specific with a single key, I don't think there are available parts as OEM would replace the entire keyboard (page 44). Other non official key replacement provider may be helpful instead like this as example. 
Update us soon as convenient.

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I am currently having HP Pavilion laptop (Product number: Z3D15EA; Product name: HP Pavilion -15-au191sa) which has a standard keyboard/Is it possible to replace this with a backlit keyboard?

A:Replacing HP Pavilion laptop keyboard with backlit keyboard

Hi,Yes you can.It only comes along with topcover and touchpad assembly.Go through Pages 3, 55-56 for the part number you need to buy: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05273198RegardsVisruth

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So I purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga in Japan and I absolutely hate Japanese keyboard layouts (anyone that has used one after using a US keyboard knows what I mean - a space bar that is smaller than the enter key, poor placement of certain keys, specifically ", ', and @. There is just no logic behind any of it and honestly, there is no need. One can easily type in Japanese, just fine, with a standard US English layout keyboard. Sorry, I guess I didn't need to state that, but perhaps it will help with SEO to ensure someone finds this page when searching for those keywords.  Anyway, I finally found the information I needed to swap this keyboard out (and throw it in the trash), even though Lenovo support in Japan basically told me it's not possible. It does seem like a huge undertaking though (as you basically have to dismantle the entire laptop to get the keyboard out). But it does seem as though the English keyboards are compatible with all X1 Yoga laptops (even my Japanese X1 Yoga). The Lenovo customer service staff told me to get FRU PN: 00JT864 (00JT864 N KBD,US,LB,screw,CHY,Backlit), which is the US English replacement keyboard. It's also specified on the PDF document  on this page (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/PD103738 ) for the 20FR and 20FQ. Scroll half way down and you will see it.  However, I am having trouble finding the keyboard from a seller in Asia, with the same FRU #. When searching for 00JT864, the only source I can... Read more

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I want to upgrade/Replace my HP Pavillion 15 N203TX standard keyboard with a Back lit keyboard, does the particular laptop model allows to replace the standard with a back lit one, and if it is so how can i do so..do revert me with a valid suggestion as soon as possicble.

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I am using toshiba tecra a4. Can somebody tell how to lift the keyboard so that i can change it.

A:replacing keyboard

amardeep said:

I am using toshiba tecra a4. Can somebody tell how to lift the keyboard so that i can change it.Click to expand...

The following link will give you an idea of the fun involved in removing your keyboard. (hope this helps)


(Steps 5-7 are probably the most helpful)

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I have acer aspire 5750g and i am considering to change my keyboard to acer aspire v5-531 keyboard. I know that they dont look the same, but i want that one because of design and backlight. So my question is can i connect it to my laptop, is it same connector and will its backlight work because my curent keyboard do not have backlight? P.S i am aware that i may need to cut little laptop shell case, but i am fine with that.

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Is it possible to actually replace the Fn and Ctrl keys on a P51 keyboard, ie not just remapp them? Looking at the keyboard, it seems like it could be a challenge but doesn't hurt to ask

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My Sony laptop has 2 keys missing. I want to just replace the keyboard. Has anyone done this before on a laptop? And do they have any advice on were to buy one?

A:Replacing keyboard for laptop

eBay to get a replacement keyboard.

Since you didn't share your model, I have to guess.

Replacing a keyboard on a laptop is pretty simple.

Right above the keyboard there is a plate, it is called the Keyboard Cover, there are usually buttons and light cover on this plate.

On some laptops this cover is attached to the hinge covers, if this is the case, there would be a screw holding each one and have to be removed from the back, then you use a flat head screw driver or a flat blade to carefully pry up the right hinge then the cover working your way to the left till the whole cover pops loose.

If the plate is not attached to the hinge covers, it would be the same with the exception that there are no screws to remove and you start working on the cover itself from the right side.

Now you should be able to see 3 or 4 screws at the top of the keyboard, remove them.

Raise the top of the keyboard, then lift the keyboard up and out of the notebook. Be careful not to pull on the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the notebook.

Lay the keyboard face down on the top case, forward of its normal position, and disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard.

Lay the new keyboard face down on the top case forward of its normal position, then reconnect the ribbon cable.

Slip the metal tabs on the bottom of the keyboard into their slots in the top case, then lower the keyboard into place.

Put the screws back in.

If hinge covers were part of the ke... Read more

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HP 1000-1310LA Notebook PCModel #: C7B24LA I bought this laptop while in Colombia, SA.  So it's model number doesn't match, when I search for anything online in Englsih. I managed to match up a new English keyboard and now I need step by step instructions with photos, in English for installing the new keyboard.   that's all i need.  Thanks!

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Can anyone help guide me through this so I don't screw up the laptop.

I have a used keyboard replacement for our Gateway 7320GZ. It didn't come with any instructions and I can't find anything on Gateway's support site for this model. I just need to know which screws to remove and how to pop the existing keyboard out so that I don't break anything or unscrew anything I don't need to.

As for actual installation, I can handle that. Thanks a bunch.

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Was recently given a Gateway 200STM which had coffee spilled on keyboard.......I have located replacement keyboard on EBAY but wondering if anyone out there could describe procedure for switching out the keyboard....I am not shy about opening cases of desktops, but have heard laptops can be tricky but on the other hand I have been told swapping laptop keyboards takes only a few minutes once you know the tricks , especially what screws and tabs are necessary for removal......

I think this computer is worth saving..........

Any help is greatly appreciated....


Drew in the Virgin Islands.........

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hi, i wanted to know if anyone could supply me or point me in direction of where to get instructions on how to fit a keyboard on a laptop nec versa p440,im not sure which topic i should post under.....thank you joe lewis

A:need help replacing a laptop keyboard

This page has a service & reference manual with instructions ........


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I am trying to replace the keyboard on my Dell Studio.

I got the touch panel off and began unscrewing the keyboard panel - but one screw was in there really, super tight. Well, now its stripped.

I have tried the rubber band and that didn't work. I am not sure how much it will cost to take it to a repair shop, but I need some advice from those who know a little more than I.

Is it worth taking it in?
What about the Grabbit? Would that work on a screw this size?
Should I just leave it and update my laptop (which I've been considering anyhow)?

What would you do?

A:Replacing Computer Keyboard

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how do i replace my internal keyboard on my laptop?i have an ACER ASPIRE 5004WLMI and i dont want to mess anything up so any advice would be great.

A:replacing my laptop keyboard

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Hello, I am trying to replace my Lenovo Keyboard and noticed that there are some plastic rivets that are attaching the keyboard to the case. I was wondering where i can find replacements for this? Thanks, Jack Zheng

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Hey guys! So I have already opened up my laptop to replace the keyboard and I have gotten pretty far with it. Unfortunately, HP is has lousy customer service. They wont help me with the repairs or instructions nor do their manuals contain any information on keyboard replacement. With that, I was wondering if any of you know what are the next steps once I have completely removed the top cover.   Thanks!

A:Replacing the Keyboard HP Envy

As you have already found, the keyboard is not considered a separate removeable part by HP. Only the whole top cover is "spared" as a replacement part. The Manual provides no clues and the quality of your pictures does not lend itself to trying to figure out how to get the keyboard out of there. There is a decent view of it at about 15:45 into this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0klWU-cfsQ It seems from a quick look the keyboard is held in by a couple screws and pops onto some plastic retainers. Do you see any removeable screws on the back of the top cover? 

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I have an old gateway solo 1150 and I have determaned that the keyboard is bad.
I bought a new one and am attempting to replace it. I believe I have all the screws out and got the front part open about an inch and feels like it's stuck on something in the middle. I don't want to pull it apart to hard and break something.
I've done extensive searches on the web including Gateway with no success.
So I'm looking to you guys for some help.

A:Replacing a notebook keyboard

Does the new keyboard work?

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HI everyone. I spilled coffee and broken the keyboard last week. my laptop's Machine Type Model is following: 20FAS5F301 I found that original keyboard's Part No is 01YR088 Can I buy keyboard with 00PA493 00PA411 Part no. and replace my old keyboard?   

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I have a Dell and my keyboard is in pretty bad shape. Some keys are sticky and the key covers (not sure what they are called) are missing making it difficult to type. Are there refurbished ones that would work? Is changing out a keyboard a hard thing to do? Will a generic keyboard work or would it have to be a Dell?
System Information:
Microsoft Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2
Dell Inspiron 1501
AMD Turion(tm) 64X2 Mobile
Technology TL-50
1.60 GHz 896 MB of RAM
Physical Address Extension

A:Solved: Laptop keyboard needs replacing

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My son has a Gateway Solo 5300 laptop at school. He kept using it after the fan stopped, so now the keyboard is warped (and maybe more.) It's not under warranty. Gateway says they'll repair it for $600. I'm a tinkerer, so I'd like to do it myself even tho there may be other parts deformed. Does anyone here know where I might find instructions for doing this? Are special tools required to open up the case, etc.? The local PC Warehouse guy says they can't handle it.

A:replacing laptop keyboard and fan (gulp!)

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So liquid spilled on the keyboard of my 13-7352 Laptop and immediately after the keys started acting wanky.  Like if I would hit the shift key it would type "g" and sometime another random letter.  90% of the keys wouldn't work at all and the backlight was stuck on.  In all honestly, it wasn't a ton of liquid but obviously enough to do some damage.  I shook out any excess liquid, wiped the keyboard and let it dry.  Now the keyboard doesn't work at all, but the backlight remains on.
I am good with hardware so was confident in taking it all apart, which I did.  I had everything removed (and didn't see any sign of liquid damage) but even with everything removed it didn't look like the keyboard itself could be detached from the case.  Does anyone know if it's possible to remove it?  I saw replacement keyboards on eBay so I assumed I could but am at a loss. 
Thanks in advance.

A:Replacing 13-7352 Laptop Keyboard?

It looks like the keyboard controller might have gone faulty due to the liquid spillage.
Download the service manual - http://dell.to/24cXhl1 - and try removing the keyboard if required.
If the system is under warranty, write me a private conversation with the service tag, your name and email address. If the system has accidental coverage, then the parts could be replaced under warranty. If there is no warranty, then we can help with a paid service call if required.
If there is no warranty on the machine and you are looking to replace the parts yourself, then you could contact a 3rd party Dell parts seller - http://bit.ly/25rWpyV
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi! I need to replace my laptop's keyboard. I've got an Acer Aspire 5742Z. I simply need to do what the guy in this video does: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPaJXTniTw8

But it's not easy as it seems. I'm trying with a very thin screwdriver to lift the keyboard by pushing up the clips that keep the keyboard there, but they get back into their position and nothing happens to the keyboard. Could anyone give me suggestions about it? Thanks!

A:Solved: Replacing my laptop's keyboard

Here is your model

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Can anyone help i need to replace a number of keys on a number of Fujitsu-semens Amilo Pro laptops some children at one of the schools i provide support for have vandalised the keyboards so i could do with help to source the keys and some instructions on how to fit them
many thanks for your help in advance

A:Replacing a key on a fujitsu Amilo Pro keyboard

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Have had to get a new keyboard as the old one was faulty.  Have watched a number of videos but cannot find any relating to a  Pavilion1085sa.  Have taken as many screws off the back plate as I can but unable to get one of them out. It would help to see a video of this model.  Would be most grateful for any help offered

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I am having trouble with my Philips Freevents X55P.
I turned it on this morning and found that every key with a button that can be replaced by an 'Fn' shortcut comes up instead of the normal letter.
For example:
'-' comes up instead of 'p'.
'0' comes up instead of 'm'.

I need to find out how to stop this happening.
Please help me resolve this problem.


A:Keyboard Trouble - 'Fn' key replacing letters

Maybe this is a silly question, maybe not. Have you tried hitting the Fn or (if you have one) the "F lock" key? Function keys are toggles; hit once, and every key performs a special function, hit it again and it reverts back to the normal function.

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I am looking for a replacement keyboard for my UK inspiron 6400. I have looked on ebay and found that the US inspiron 6400 keyboards can be got significantly cheaper than the UK ones.

Will the US keyboard fit to my UK laptop? Are they compatible?


A:Replacing an inspiron 6400 keyboard

Anyone know the answer to this?

I realise maybe the order of the keys will be different on US and UK keyboards. But will I be able to fit the US keyboard to my UK laptop?

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