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Dell XPS 8500 orange flashing power button, 4 short beeps

Q: Dell XPS 8500 orange flashing power button, 4 short beeps

Have just come back from holiday and powered on my XPS 8500 PC and instead of powering up, I heard 4 beeps in a row and a flashing orange power light. I have searched for the same issue and found a few similar for this model but they were dated back in 2012 and nothing more recent. The machine is significantly out of warranty having been purchased in 2012 and would appreciate any advice as to how I can boot this machine up. HAve never built or opened up a PC before so if that is needed, please can you give some simple guidance,

Many thanks for any help!

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 8500 orange flashing power button, 4 short beeps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS 8500 orange flashing power button, 4 short beeps

mobile73,The 4 short beeps refer to RAM Read/Write failure Memory failure Reseat the memory or replace it.Dell xps 8500 Online Manual

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HP G5246sc just beeps fast, and power button flash orangeIt doesnt boot into Windows.I can get to Bios , but I see nothing wrong there.I have tried disconnecting USB cables and DCROM and HDDWhen disconnecting HDD, it doesnt beep, but thats because startup halts and show no boot device on the screen.  

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I'm having issues with a Dell XPS 8500. The power button does not power on the computer at all. I tried the usual reseating everything including the battery and holding the power button in with no power cable. I ordered a new power supply and put it in but now realize it's for an 8700. The only difference is the 8700 psu has the test button and the 8500 doesn't.
If I hook up the computer to a monitor/keyboard/mouse and hold the test button in on the psu, the computer boots and functions as normal. If I let go of the test button it shuts off. Is there a way to turn the test button on all the time because that would fix it.
Is there a special way to test if the power button is broken? I unplugged the button on the board labeled F and I read something about using a screw driver to connect the pins to turn on the PC?

A:Dell XPS 8500 Power Button No Power

Thank you for confirming all the troubleshooting steps that you have performed.
Now to confirm if the power button or the power button cable is faulty turn of the system and disconnect the power button cable which is connected to the motherboard.Then power on the system by connecting it to the wall socket then connect a monitor to the system ,we are trying to power on the system directly from the mains.
Hoping this helps.

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I have a dell t3400 (core duo e8400, 4gb Ram...) which was powered by the oem psu, but I changed it to a corsair vs450 so I could power my gpu. Two months later, after taking the gpu and psu to another pc, I put the oem psu back into the dell, and tried to power on, but there is a blinking orange light in the power button. I doubt it is a mobo problem, because it was working today. Any ideas?

A:Dell T3400 orange blinking light in power button

Blinking Amber power button is Bad Power supply.   Solid Amber power button is Dead motherboard.  T3400 with X38 Express Chipset 
525W Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) power supply.
M1J3H, 7JVXX, D525AF-01
PSU may be bad or USB Ports may be damaged creating a short on a main power rail. (PS_ON asserted, PS_PWRGOOD not asserted)


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As I press the power button, it stays orange and I hear a 1 small beep noise. The computer does not turn anything else and fans are not working. And there is the same color light on the motherboard. When the power button is off there is a green light near the power plug and then it turns off as I turn on the power button.
Before this event, the power button was orange and fans were all working. Next the power button flashed between orange and blue then stops and continues about 3 times. Then it turned off all fans and the power button stays orange. (Both senerios were unable to power the monitor, mouse, and keyboard and does not emit a green light around the ethernet cable.)

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I have an old Optiplex GX240 that had its power supply break, I recently got another power supply from a different computer. The Power supply is working however there is an orange light on the motherboard and power button that doesn't flash. The ABCD lights on the back of the computer are also not lit.

A:Orange Light On Power Button and Motherboard - Dell Optiplex GX240

GX240 requires specific NON PFC power supply.  This unit is 16 years old now and has 512 meg ram of the PC133 variety.   A newer model like an optiplex GX620 or better is still viable.  This system is TOO OLD and TOO Slow to be of any use.

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Help needed!!!
I need to connect 3 additional monitors to my All in one desktop in order to get an extended Desktop on my PC. I need to use different windows on each monitor. Can you advise me how to connect them. Should I use hdmi splitter or usb to hdmi adapters etc.?

Another issue is LCD on my All in one desktop going black once every 3 days and the power button turning orange, Only way to bring it back is to completely plug it out and plug it in again. What could it be and how to fix it? 
Any help and advice is appreciated 

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After upgrading to win10 from win7- problems with boot up. Right now- the pc beeps 5 times/long. I tried a boot disk from win7 is/prior to upgrade- at that point I got a boot up screen. When I selected state Windows- I got a black screen- and the PC started beeping. Also- I have to unplug the !!$&!PC to stop beeping /shut off power.Any ideas - hardware; bios, power issue, OS ISSUE??

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For some unknown reason my dell dimension 8100 will not boot up...it just sits there flashing the usually green on button with color orange..I can unplug and the flashing orange shuts off...plug back in and it starts flashing orange again...whats going on...assistance please!

A:dell flashing orange

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i have dell demension 3000. i have tried the dell forums and they move so slow.
i jsut bought a ati x1550 pci video card and a 450 watt rosewell power supply. and when i try and turn the computer on in place of the power light there is a orange flashing light and the forums guy say it is a power supply faliure how could it be jsut got it. the motherbaord has the green light lit up so its fine idk wut is wrong though so werid any other suggestions

A:Orange flashing power light

Have you the option of re-installing the original powersupply to test (if still working)
Also confirm all powersupply and m/b connectors are securely plugged in

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I was using my Dell XPS 14z today and the battery light started blinking orange 4 times then white once. It stated that my battery had crashed was no longer charging. I read here that that might be a bios problem so I updated my BIOS to the current one for my system and that was a A06 (according to this website). After flashing the new BIOS, the problem persisted. The Next recommendation was to remove, wait, then replace the battery, but there is no way to remove the battery from this unit. 

My battery health check says it is working normally. However, it is not charging and is still slowly draining even on the AC adapter. Any help?

A:Dell XPS 14z Flashing Orange Light

I had a very similar situation with my Dell XPS 14z. I've got installed A03 bios though.
On startup It said the message:
"This battery charging is temporarily disabled. Press F2 entering BIOS Setup Menu, Battery Status for details.
Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup the utility"
To fix it, I entered the BIOS Menu with F2 -> Advance -> Charger Behaviour -> Disabled
Hopefully the problem will go away in my case!

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Running XP pro Sp2, IE 7 & Mozilla 3.6 8 . Using Mozilla, facebook, farmvile game. Mozilla has the file plugin-container.exe, which taskman shows hogging resources. Out of the blue my pc started the beeping randomly while using mozilla. When I close, no beep since. All other apps are standard, usual and up to date. No new hardware or software. Recent past & some random scroll bar moving by it's self, have not found a fix. That happens on both browsers. Should I remove or disable the plugin-container.exe, & would it affect mozilla & farmville? I read where it suppose to stop the browser from crashing, but it doesn't. Also have virtually the same setup up on another pc routed with this one. Please give me some insight!
If this is the wrong forum, please direct me. Thank You, bikinibeegee

A:2 short beeps, one short beep, & a rare long series of beeps

Mozilla Forum Discussion, Container.exeLouis

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Have a Flex 2-15 running Windows 10.  Just picked it up and the power light was flashing orange and would not power on. It was plugged int the charger. With charger unplugged it still flashed and refused to power on.I had to disassemble the laptop and unplug the battery to stop it.  Plugged the battery back in and it powered up as normal. I can find on help on the Lenovo site any body got any ideas 

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I have a TV/Monitor ( magnavox ) . It doesnt power on. The power light just flashes greenish-orange. Does this mean I need a new power supply?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, my V3 371 558L's power light (that's the light next to the bulb icon on the laptop) has started flashing orange.  The battery is fully charged and the Acer Care Centre app is returning good battery health.  Any ideas why this has started flashing and how to stop it? Thanks Mark

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Hi everyone. I'll get right to it:

Yesterday I was running my Dell Inspiron 9300 on battery power until I got the 'low battery alarm' (I think it's set for when the power level reaches 13 percent). I seldom do this, but I lost track of time.

Anyhow I plugged the adapter back in and the laptop switched to AC power. However, the battery status light started to blink orange.

I've looked at my power settings and they indicate that the battery is 98% charged. It's been at that for awhile. Even when I unplug the power source it still blinks orange.

The only thing that works is removing the battery altogether. As it stands, the computer functions just fine, but that flashing light is driving me nuts. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 9300 - Flashing Orange

From the manual:
CHECK THE BATTERY STATUS LIGHT — If the battery status light flashes orange or is a steady orange,
the battery charge is low or depleted. Connect the computer to an electrical outlet.
If the battery status light flashes green and orange, the battery is too hot to charge. Shut down the
computer, disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet, and then let the battery and computer
cool to room temperature.
If the battery status light rapidly flashes orange, the battery may be defective. Contact Dell.Click to expand...

If your laptop is more than 1-2 years old, suspect the battery is defective. Some Dell batteries have built in status LEDs built in that may tell you more.

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I bought a Dell Dimension 8400 last year and it's great up to a point.
Occasionaly it will refuse to boot and will just display an orange flashing light on the box. I then have to hold the power button on to power off completely.
It does this when I haven't used it for a few days, when I've just used it for a few hours and other random times.
It also sometimes just dies when I am using it - sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after a longer time. It will then go into refuse to boot mode as above.
I try and boot again and after a seemingly random number of times, usually as I'm about to hurl it out of the window it will boot up quite happily. It does not perfom chkdsk or any other diagnostics at this time.
I have scanned with AVG virus scan - no viruses. I have used adaware and Spybot remover so the machine is clean of spyware.
I have used Dell's hardware diagnostic software and the machine appears to be clean.
Is there anything else I can try please??????

A:Dell Won't Boot - Orange Flashing Light

Here's a quote from another post of mine. Please follow the directions in it and let us know what error messages that you find.Next, please go to Start...Control Panel...Administrative Tools...Event Viewer. Once EventViewer opens there will be 3 categories listed in the left hand pane (Application, Security, andSystem). Please click on each one (in turn) and view the messages for that category in the righthand pane. Look for any error messages around the time of the last problem. Then right click onthe error and select "Properties". In the window that opens will be a text description of theerror - please copy it down and forward it to me. The error text should generally be in the format of 0x0000007a - with the last 2 letters'numberschanging depending upon the error. Also, usually another 4 sets of these numbers follows theerror message - they are important also. Finally, at times there is a file name mentioned withthe error message - please let me know what it is.If there are too many errors to choose from, please let me know and we can proceed a bitdifferently. Also, generally speaking, the usual location for this type of error will be in theSystem category - but there is a possibility that it may be in the other areas. Please do noterase your log files until we're finished troubleshooting this issue.

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On the power button there is a orange flashing light not letting you turn on your machine.

Well Iv'e got a simple fix

Just do what I do:

First check your cables are connected securley

Secondly Press the power button.

Thirdly Remove the power cable.

Wait 10 seconds, Cross fingers.

*Important Part* While Inserting the power cable quickly press the power button.

The post should not come on.

Then simply power on your machine.


Your Welcome

A:*Fix* Dell Optiplex Gx280, orange flashing light

It is working
thanks a lot

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How do i fix this . It has an orange power button and it wont turn on . i can hear the fans and like the computer start up but it wont turn on ?

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Hi there,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 which is now refusing to start at all. When I plug in the power, the orange battery light on the front edge flashes continuously. If I press the power button, the fan starts up, but I am getting nothing on the screen and no other lights at all.

Situation the same whether battery attached or not.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be gratefully received.


A:Dell Inspiron 1525 won't start up - flashing orange light only

Im going to guess a failed battery, power supply problem, or a bad motherboard.The battery will be easy to replace the other ones may or may not be easily fixable.

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Hi all , My daughters PC was working just find until the on and off button started shinning ORANGE?
The computer does not turn on anymore but when it decides to it switches off by itself ! PLEASE HELP !!

A:Power button has Orange light !!!!

make and model of the pc
what windows version

Lets try doing a hard reset
Unplug the Power Cord
Now hold the Power Button down for 60 seconds
Plug the Power Cord back in
Start the PC up
If the PC starts OK, then all should be fixed


often its
Orange lights on dell are power supply issues.
replace power supply


but i have read here of a fix, for Dell., not tried, but appeared to work for the poster
1. Plug the computer into a power strip that has an on/off switch. Turn the power strip on. Press the computer power on button to start as normal, but after after one second turn off the power strip switch just long enough for the fans on the computer to slow down, but the amber computer led doesn't turn off and then turn the power strip switch back on. Computer should start and run fine. Computer typically can be shut down for up to 5 minutes and restarted normally--any longer and you have to sue the power strip power switch routine again.Click to expand...

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It's a Dell Inspiron one 2305. I bough the power supply box and tried yesterday but it keeps doing the same.  

A:Dell Inspiron orange button

The system isn't completing its poweron self test (POST).
Unplug the system and hold the power button for 30 seconds.  Remove and reinstall the memory modules.  Try powering up again.
Service manual\
if that doesn't get it going, the next step would be to reseat (remove and reinstall) the processor.
Failing that, it's likely a bad mainboard.

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Right out of the box plugged it in and power light began to blink orange work do anything else.
Any help with this?

A:Xps 8900 power button blinking orange

Try this:

Power off and remove power cable from rear of PC, not just from the wall
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reconnect power cable to rear of PC
See if it boots now with only mouse, monitor and keyboard connected

If that doesn't help and you purchased it directly from Dell, contact Dell Support right away. Within the first 30 days from invoice date (not delivery date) you can send it back. Then order another one from their sales site.
If you purchased it from a "Big Box" store, take it back to the store and exchange it for another system.

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I was changing the graphics card of my PC to a GTX Gefore 730. After I installed, a orange light on the motherboard came up when I plugged in the power cable. Now the power button doesn't work (nothing happens when I press it). What happened? Did i install the graphics card wrong or is the power supply faulty?

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im new to this situation and my first encounter sorry for being noob my laptop power button flashes orange while i am charging and the lid was close. any idea what happen to my laptop?

A:Laptop power button flashes orange?

The flashing orange light usually means that the battery is being charged from the mains-powered charger unit.
When battery is charged fully that light should change to green

Laptop makes may differ though .. for example when my laptop is charging the orange light is on, but it does not flash .. it stays on orange until it is fully charged, then changes to green

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I first logged out of my computer and came back and I noticed an orange light on the power button. I shut it of and turn it back on about two times with the same results of an orange light. I then shut of the the extension that houses 10 plugs. When I turned on the extension I turned on the computer the power button didn't give off a blue light or orange light. The VGA cable, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cable are all plugged in. I later removed all the connects to the computer gave it a minute and plugged it all back in. There is a solid green light on the back under the power cable. The fans turn on there is noise coming from inside the computer a soft humming and light fan from the back of the computer. But the power button will not turn on. The monitor light is orange and says "No Input signal Input 2,Go to Power Save." When I switch to input 1 it reads "Cable Disconnected Go to Power Save." What internal issue could this be?

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Dell E510 Intell Pentium D, 1g memory, WinXP

I have been having a problem starting my computer from the tower.Called Dell* the first time but it just happened to start up while I was talking to them. They said I probably pushed the button on a slant?
Well it has happened twice since. I shut down normally last night & this morning pushed the start button (made sure I wasn't "slanted") same thing . I get a flashing orange light and then a voice that says "Press repeat button to receive setup instructions".

Where is a repeat button? I have held the start button in for a minimum of 3 minutes but it won't shut off. Pulled power & let it sit for 15 min. & tried again..flashing orange. So I just let it continue flashing and this time it finally shut off. Went to start again..walla..it started! Now this is the third time and I am afraid the next time it won't start ever.
Someone out there able to help?

*Was surprised at Dell trying to sell me tech help in North America so I could get faster response time & a North American. This was before they would start to answer my question!

A:Can't start, tower has flashing orange light on start button,

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I am having the exact same issue, but with an added wrinkle being that my PC is plugged into a tv into the hdmi/dvi input, but the tv isn't recognizing the PC. I've tried two other monitors as well, one being a tv and the other being a monitor. I was using the dvi to HDMI cable that I've been using for years now, and nothing has changed having to do with settings of either the pc or the monitors, but now I'm back to just using my pic monitor with a dvi to dvi cable connecting it to the pc tower.I tried the hard reset and everything that I've seen on other threads, but I need specific help with my case here. Now it's turning on for a few seconds, but then it's turning off again and just repeating the process. Any ideas please? :'(

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I was using my Dimension 5000 when it shut down unexpectedly. The power button now blinks orange unless I press and hold it when it does not light at all. Pressing it again only produces the steady blinking light. I have some important work on it that I need to transfer to my laptop so if anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful.

A:Blinking orange power button on Dimension 5000

I was using my Dimension 5000 when it shut down unexpectedly. The power button now blinks orange unless I press and hold it when it does not light at all. Pressing it again only produces the steady blinking light. I have some important work on it that I need to transfer to my laptop so if anyone can help me, I'd be very grateful.
Are there any 'Beeps'?
A blinking amber power button light,usually indicates a power supply issue.
Try installing a known working power supply to see if this makes a difference.
The Dimension 5000 does not use a Dell proprietary power supply, most standard ATX power supplies with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with, or without the on/off switch can be used, a power supply with two SATA power connectors is needed. You should be able to buy a replacement power supply from a local or online computer store.
Regards to transferring the important files to your laptop, you could use the following:
Remove the hard drive and use an USB adaptor similar to THIS and attach the hard drive to a USB port of your laptop and transfer the files to the laptop.

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Hi! I have an Acer Aspire switch 10. About hours ago, I charged it, and after a hour or two I opened it and saw critical low battery thing, I tried charging it in different outlets in our house, but all I can see is an orange blinking light in it's power button, I know that it should be steady, Please help! I'm charging it for almost a day, and still the battery is low, sometimes a recovery thing pops out the screen.

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I have a Precision Tower 7910 desktop. Every time I try to restart (or power off and on), the power button starts flashing an orange colour. Following suggestions from previous posts, I took the CMOS battery, and held the power button for 15 seconds. When I insert the battery the computer works perfectly until the next restart where I have to repeat to same procedure. The computer works fine even if I leave it on for a month (assuming no restarts). 
Can anyone suggest any solutions?
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Power button flashes orange every time I restart

Most of the Precision Tower documents state this =

What are the diagnostic LEDs during the restart failure?

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How do i fix this . It has an orange power button and it wont turn on . i can hear the fans and like the computer start up but it wont turn on ?

A:Orange power button (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

A power surge could damage a PC, do you have a surge protector power bar ?

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Hi all, I checked the forums and couldn't find a post related to my issue. Some of the other posts were related to bios upgrades. All was fine with my S230U Twist in the morning then I went out for a few hours and when I came back it seemed to be hung (black screen and wouldn't come out of hibernation). I hard powered it and when it started to boot there was only a black screen and then 5 short beeps and a pause then 5 more and nothing happened. The only thing the manual says is to proceed immediate to bootup but that never happened with mine. I don't get any messages or ability to do anything like get into the bios etc. To the best of my knowledge the last update (Windows 10) was about 4 days ago and all was fine. Does anyone know what this is? I have seen some posts related to the bios and others to a dead CPU but they were for machines other than the Twist. Thanks.

A:S230U 5 short beeps pause 5 short beeps then won't...

Try the following to see if this helps.     While the computer is turned off Disconnect any external devicesRemove all power sources from the computerTurn the laptop overReset the system by inserting a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole for about 10-15 secondsTurn the laptop back overHold down the power button for 10-15  secondsReattach the ac power adapterPress the power button to startup.  See page 46 for location of Emergency Reset Hole (Bottom View,  item 2) Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad S230uhttp://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/twist_hmm_en_0b48943.pdf Good Luck

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My g570 laptop is 4 years old, so probably time for a new one...BUT I'd like to get some more life out of this if I could.  Currently I'm running only on battery power. The power button (upper left right above the F1 key) is solid white however when I plug it in...it'll start charging for about 10 seconds and then it stops charging and the power button starts flashing white.  I've tried the shutting down, taking out the battery and pressing the power button and also holding the button to discharge. Still the same outcome. I've also tried turning it on with the battery removed and just the AC power source and it turns out and makes it past the Lenovo splash screen but loses power before getting to the windows loading screen.  Any other suggestions? Or should I just assume the charging circuit on the motherboard has failed and I should rescue my data while I can?

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I have an Inspiron 3650 i3 desktop pc that is a few years old and seldom used. When not in use it is in sleep mode.
Yesterday i tried taking it out of sleep mode, with no luck, and noticed the power button light was solid orange. After a few tries I hard reset the pc and it would not boot up completely. The fans come on and the harddrive sounds like its working but i get no video and the power button remained solid orange. After troubleshooting from several forums i ended up disconnecting everything from the motherboard and taking out the battery then after replacing it and trying to boot with just the cpu fan plugged in. same result, solid orange power button. The PSU seems to be working fine after troubleshooting it so im thinking its either the processor or mobo that has gone bad. Any suggestions?

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Sometimes when I plug in my laptop to the mains the charging light goes to orange to signify it's charging the battery. After a period of time it goes off, and starts flashing like this:
This is whilst it's turned off. When it's turned on the power button light starts flashing orange and a darker orange.

It seems to happen sporadically. One day it'll be fine, the next it won't.
I've put a voltmeter on the charger plug and that reads 18.5volt whilst plugged to the mains. When I plug the charger in and place the voltmeter on the negative and ground connectors for the battery it reads 0.8volts.
The battery works, I've recently replaced it because the old one died. I've also checked that when fully charged with the voltmeter and that works as specified in the user manual (found at http://www.2shared.com/file/3900367/f777f80e/SG_AS7720_7720G_BOOK.html?s=1)
Whilst it is like this the battery does not charge and the computer runs as if it were on battery power, not plugged in, whilst the lights flash. When I remove the plug it stops flashing and the left light shows a solid green, as does the power button light.

Does anyone know what these lights are supposed to indicate? It makes no mention of it in the guide.
Thank you for your time,

P.S. the missing key still works, it's just missing. I've not gotten round to get a replacem... Read more

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Greetings all, Shaun here, new to the forum.
Thought I would post this, so someone somewhere may see it one day, and it may help them. Also, maybe someone here has an idea as to what may be causing this, as I don't believe i have fixed the underlying issue, just allowed myself to continue using my machine for the time being.
So, got up this morning, made my coffee, went to the desktop - Dell Dimension 9150. Hit the power button, NOTHING. Looked at the button, and it was flashing amber, probably once every 4-5 seconds.
Great. Opened it up, checked all connections. Unplugged, held power button for 20 seconds or so, until the green LED on the MB went off. Unplugged all peripherals, plugged back in, same deal.
Opened up spare, non working PC, that has a known good power supply (700 watt), threw that into the Dell. Sane deal. Started reading different forums. Decided to try jumping the green wire on the main power cable (24 pin), WHILE PC IS PLUGGED IN. I found, that as long as I would hold the jumper into the green / black wires, it would start the fans up, everything sounded like it was starting up. Problem is, I was nervous, as I didn't know if this was going to damage anything, so i didn't want to sit there and hold it for any longer than I needed to. Well, as soon as I took out the jumper, the PC would go right back to being OFF, indefinitely.
Original power supply back into the Dell.
Read somewhere, that someone was able to jumpstart their power supply, then plug... Read more

A:Woke up to No Power Up, Flashing Amber Power Button

Replaced the motherboard battery lately?

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Hi everybody,
I recently inherited an unused PC from work. It's an Optiplex 780 with a faulty power supply.
I replaced the power supply with a working one from an old Optiplex 740 and also had to buy an standard ATX 24 pin to mini ATX 24 pin cable in order to use the 740' PSU in my Optiplex 780.
I have plugged in the power cord (but no mouse & keyboard because I don't have any USB keyboard available) and I expected the computer to show DELL logo as well as on screen POST messages during power up but instead I can see the following :
1) Power button in orange color. No blinking. : according to service manual it means PSU is probably OK and PC has reach booting stage 2.
2) 1,2 & 4 green diagnostic lights are on. This combination (1,2,4) is not listed in service manual so I have no idea on the possible kind of error.
Any suggestions about the possible error and how to fix it?
Kind regards,

A:Optiplex 780 - unknown diagnostic light code 1,2,4 plus orange power button

Hello!  I would unplug everything go into the computer and unplug any cards you have like graphics card and network cards etc. Also unplug your HDD and Optical Drives and plug them all back in and see if that clears it.  I looked at the manuals you did and just combined 1,2 and just 4.  

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When I power on my Compaq Presario, the screen remains black, the key next to the power button is orange, the Caps Lock key is blinking and a light blinks above the "home, end, num lock keys", in the upper portion of the keyboard. I have tried taking out the battery, unplugging the power and holding the power button for 60 seconds, before trying it again, and I am not getting anything...HELP!!

A:Compaq Presario CQ61 Black sreen-orange button next to power

Try re-seating the Ram. If that doesn't help remove the Cmos battery for a few minutes then put it back, it looks like a silver coin and should be visible near the ram.

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Hi there,I have a problem with my optiplex 745, it is not giving display, and when i turn it on it shows a still orange light on power button, and 1 2 3 lights that usually blink when computer turns on, are not even turning on, and fun runs at high speed, cd rom is working fine,I have tried various solution, e.g. changed power supply, cleaned rams, and unplugged all accessories , changed cmos battery, still no display, and all the capacitors on motherboard are in good condition, it seems i am caught in a big problem as my computer has a lot of data , my exams are near and i will lose all my data, also i need to get it repaired quickly,I took my pc to many computer repairing shops, all are saying replace your pc, it is not repairable,Kindly tell me some solution to this problem, I will be very thankful to you,Thank You,

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My area had a freak high humidity event earlier this year, that caused water to condense on basically everything overnight.  It got to my laptop.  It doesn't power on when the power button is pressed.  However, I tinkered with it, and realized I can force a start by detaching the power button board from the motherboard, then briefly shoving the wire ribbon into the socket until it makes contact, then removing it.  The laptop can then boot regularly.  It can't successfully boot if the ribbon is left securely in the socket.  I never touch a button during any of this.  It seems this is likely a ruined button pad, right?

A:Z570 has a short, is it in the power button board ...

I agree

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I have a 3-4 year old Compaq Presario SR2017CL desktop and recently (maybe a month or so ago) the power-on button (green) began flashing when the computer goes into hibernation. I saw this a year or so ago and there was usually an update to Adobe, Microsoft, iTunes, etc. that needed installing. I've checked all those and can't find anything to explain the infernal blinking! I even downloaded an update to the BIOS and that didn't do any good, either. Can you think of any reason for the light to blink? It's actually the lighted power on button and not an indicator inside the box. Other recent changes I've made to the system: removed Norton Antivirus using the registry since there was no uninstall for the program (also a puzzle to me????) and uninstalled my Kodak printer for reasons I won't go into right now. Would appreciate and help you can give.

A:Flashing Power-on Button

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I tried to turn on my PC but when I press the "power" button, the screen doesnt show anything. nothing seems to happen except that "power" button keeps flashing!

does any1 know why this is happening to me?!

and how to fix it plz?

i need to get on really quick.

A:Flashing "power" button

Does the light on your monitor turn on?

Do you hear the hard disc starting?

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Hello All,
I have a Dell XPS 8500 tower system.   My original issue started when i got 'no bootable device found' during bootup.  I had updated 3 month before to Win 10.  I changed HD but it did not appear to be the issue.   Put original HD back and modified BIOS several times, which at times it would start successfully but it would crash after a couple of days and i would get 'no boot device found' again.  Now, when i try to start PC, plug in power cord I get amber color light in power button.  Mobo light is also amber color. 
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

A:Dell XPS 8500 amber power light

delosrec,Product not tested for Windows 10 upgradeDell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.For an amber colored power light  below is information. Steady Amber System is in standby.orThis is a system fault error condition, including the power supply. Only the +5VSB rail on the power supply is working correctly. Press the power button to bring the system out of standby mode. Ensure all power cables are securely connected to the system board. Ensure the main power cable and front panel cable are securely connected to the system board. A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your computer. NOTE: If the system was turned off abruptly, you need to disconnect and plug in the AC power cord, then turn on the system. Otherwise, you may see an incorrect power LED state.

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Just bought an ATC-710. When I put it into sleep mode, the power button keeps flashing bright white, and it driving me up the wall. Is there a way to stop the blinking in sleep mode? Thanks,

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Which is the power supply best match with the AMD Radeon HD 7770 video card for my new XPS 8500 desktop computer ? The original graphics card was the nvidia GeForce GT 640, but then Dell emailed me that the order has been changed due to that nvidia card no longer available for a Windows 7 XPS 8500 PC. So now they changed my graphics card to that AMD 7770 which shows a 500 watt power supply minimum is required, but the 8500 has a 460 watt in it. So I did email Dell Customer Support about this issue, but since I do not play any games or high graphics use applications, will the 460 watt work okay or not ? Or the other OEM type AMD Radeon card available from Dell for this computer is the HD 7570 with lower power supply requirements at only 400 watts ?

A:power supply for a AMD Radeon HD 7770 with a Dell XPS 8500 ?

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