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creators upgrade problem

Q: creators upgrade problem

I have an Acer aspire e1-571 I have tried several times to load 'creators upgrade' using the upgrade assistant app: It loads to 85% and then says there is a problem. I have tried a reset, but choosing to 'keep files' or 'remove everything' I get the same 'there is a problem'. I then downloaded the 'refresh tool' from Microsoft, that ran for 45mins,and failed. Any ideas please.

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Preferred Solution: creators upgrade problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I didn't see this article posted anywhere on the forums:
Dell Knowledge Base:
This article designates the Dell laptops and desktops that have been tested for upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update (Build 1703). If your device is not listed in the tables below, Dell is not testing the device and drivers have not been updated for that model.
Computers tested for upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update ...

A:Computers tested for upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update

Yay another reason to not like windows 10

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On My T420 I have just upgraded from Windows 1611 (Anniversary Upgrade) to 1703 (Creators Upgrade). As a result Device Manager reports a conflict in a basic system install stating no driver is installed for VEN 1180 - DEV E822. This is the Ricoh Multicard reader.Under Windows 10 1611 it had worked without problems. It works fine under Ubuntu 16.04 (has dual boot system).I have tried installing the latest driver version released 8.6.2015 stated to be for Windows 10 and although no conflict occurs during the install, following a reboot it still shown as missing under Device Manager.The T420 is not listed under Lenovo's list of tested devices for Windows 10 1703.Has anyone else had any expereince or knowledge on what can be tried?Maybe I will just try the Windows 8 driver (version 2.22.18) from the Windows 10 driver was produced from.

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guys this update refuses to download its stuck at 0% download, its the KB4013214 creators update and its causing my cpu to idle around 50 degrees and shows in the task manager cpu usage at 30-40%, is there any way to cancel to stop this download or do i need to reinstall windows? please help me im so stressed by this

my pc specs

my specs

Windows 10 Home 64bit
intel i5 4690k stock clock
maximus vii gene motherboard
8gb ram
gigabyte windforce gtx 970 4gb ram
crucial ssd 256 gb
psu corsair 600 watt

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My touchpad not working properly all the time. The gestures, using 2 fingers for scrolling quits and sometime I need to reboot to get it to work. Ive tried uninstalling then reinstalling the Dell drivers package. Didnt fix it. 

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My touchpad not working properly all the time. The gestures, using 2 fingers for scrolling quits and sometime I need to reboot to get it to work. Ive tried uninstalling then reinstalling the Dell drivers package. Didnt fix it. 

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Just installed Win10 Creators..... PROBLEM: When I close the lid on my Lenovo U430p then open the lid, all the open windows on my desktop get resized and re-positioned to the left of the screen. It's like the resolution is changing when I close the lid, then changing back when I open it. Fo a split second while opening, I can see the screen has shrunk to the top left corner of the screen. I have the settings to do NOTHING when I close the lid. So the computer is NOT set to sleep and is NOT set to turn the monitor off when closing the lid.   Tried downgrading to official drivers from Lenovo site Tried updating manually to latest INTEL version So that's three different versions that all have the same problem.....   Any comments or solutions? 

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I'm using a Carbon X1 (20A7) and when I close the lid and after on open the lid again, all the windows (even minimized ones) on my desktop get resized and re-positioned to the left of the screen. I'm using the newest graphics drivers and also tried downgrading to official drivers from Lenovo.Also other updates from Lenovo are already done. When opening the lid I can see my whole desktop way smaller ( 1/4?) in the top left corner.No other display is connected. Any comments or solutions? Best regards.

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Hi! I am using a C40-05 All in one, it comes with an A330 AMD Graphic Card.  Since I updated to Windows 10 Anniversary, and also with creators update, it detects the graphic card as an M330, which causes huge problems, like a lot of time to startup windows, and an eternal lag once it starts (i'm talking about 10 minutes just to move the mouse, or even other tasks).  I have tried diagnostic utilities, and they all say it is ok (both hardware and software).  The only way to use the computer is to go to device administrator and disable the graphic card, however, once disabled the computer losses a lot of performance of course, specially in graphics. Please help me, I have tried even to reinstall Windows from 0, with the option to format and download directly windows from MS website. 

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Dear Dell,
Yesterday my laptop Inspiron 14- 5459 was automatically updated with Windows 10- creators update. After successful updating and restart, I was working for some time on the laptop.  Then I tried restarting the laptop. The laptop didn't restart properly. It kept on showing the black screen post dell logo display. I tried repairing the windows using the windows 10 Home edition 64 bit recovery medium and even after installing it, no boot device message is displayed. Previously before repairing the window, when epsa diagnosis was run, no hard ware issue were found.
Can you please let me know how resolve this. My service tag has technical support in warranty. Can someone call. And clarify.
Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop Inspiron - No boot device found - problem started after Windows 10 Creators Update

My name is Sriram. Please advise how to sort this out.

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I want software to convert files to ISO images. The files types that I want to convert include txt, pdf, and exe.

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New computer. In past, I?ve had/used various PDF makers e.g. Adobe, Foxit etc. and had problems with all of them. I?ve been reading reviews and, so far, all seem like gibberish to me. I?m looking for suggestions about an easy to install, safe, easy to use, PDF maker that doesn?t install with extra, sneak in stuff like what is posted here: http://goo.gl/HK28Rd
There are many free ones. I don?t mind buying one if the recommendations and reviews are good but, of course, as is so common now, I don?t want to be tricked into something. Can someone offer such suggestions and/or possible links to reliable reviews about them?

A:PDF Creators for Windows 10

Hello jmdraft, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Foxit Reader is a good free program to create and view PDF files.

Foxit Reader - Secure PDF Reader | Foxit Software

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I know it is buggy and did not volunteer but the damn thing installed itself. It installs normally, restarts and gets to 100% complete on blue screen then system boots normally but gets as far as the alien's head and stops there. No loop appears telling me what percent is installed just the alien head. I left it like that for an hour and nothing so hit power button and computer shut off. Hit again and computer booted normally but got a message that windows update had failed to install. I did it again after uninstalling Norton but same result. I uninstalled all my peripherals and tried again same result. Ideas?


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After last week's MS Patch Tuesday I have had KB4013214 installed (Upgrade and Privacy Experience update) and I was wondering when Creators Update will start appearing there soon. I did also spot that HP Assistant has updated itself either - which may (or may not) be related. So this poses the question: Did anybody here get Windows 10 Creators Update installed automatically (sort of, not via Upgrade Assistant) via Windows Update yet? Apologies if this question has been asked already... 

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Anyone use any of the free PDF creators? I was thinking of getting the Adobe Profesional but then I found 2 sites listed under the freeware replacements page. I was wondering if they work well. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Free Pdf Creators

Have you looked into the .pdf feature in Open Office 2.0?

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Hey, I was wondering which dvd movie software is the best. I have roxio 8.0, i'm not that impressed with it. It has a lot of features, but it takes a very long time and when i make chapters the sound doesn't match the motion. I saw that Roxio 9.0 came out and can burn blue ray which i don't plan on getting soon but it's something to think about. Are there any outstanding programs out there? thanks

A:Movie Creators

Paintedeyes said:

Hey, I was wondering which dvd movie software is the best.Click to expand...

That's relative to your needs and budget, IMO the best DVD authoring software is DVD without completely breaking the bank is Workshop by Ulead but it's not cheap and the video editing features are limited. For something similar to Roxio look there Movie Factory or Video Studio product.

but it takes a very long timeClick to expand...

That would be realative to the speed of your machine and a few other factors. All things being equal different software may be slightly faster or slower but it won't be a significant amount.

and when i make chapters the sound doesn't match the motion.Click to expand...

Do you mean when you hit the chapter the sound is out of sync for the video? By your statement I'll assume this only happens when you use chapters?

Anyhow Roxio and Nero both are not very good tools when it comes to video, try some of the trials from above.

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HID-compliant touch screen driver missing after installing windows 10 creators 

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Just wondered if someone could answer a  question I am being prompted to do a Windows 10 Creators Update is this something I need to do.      Many Thanks  Shedval

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Does anyone know of free, excellent software that can:

(1) create pdf files from any sources document; and/or

(2) merge existing pdf files, or delete pages from existing pdf files.

Many thanks for your input.

A:Free pdf creators/editors

It may work I never used it PDF Converter — #1 Free PDF Creator — PrimoPDF , But the way I know is OpenOffice.org - The Free and Open Productivity Suite . Works gr8 .

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Anyone want to share their experience with the creators update for PC? Any HP Envy 700-414's?

A:Creators update status?

Hi: It messed up the audio on some of my HP desktop and notebook PC's. The audio worked, but it was replaced by the generic W10 HD audio driver in all PC's. I had to reinstall the audio drivers. Some of my PC's have no W10 audio drivers, so I had to reinstall the audio drivers for the most recent supported operating system available on the support page. A total of 4 desktop (dc7800, 8000 Elite and two 8200 Elite's -- Realtek HD audio) and 1 notebook PC (350 G1 -- IDT HD audio) were affected.

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I have tried to update to windows 10 creator but everything fails (had contact with Microsoft about it)At the end I had to erase everything and start a clean installation with a bootable USB.  This was also failing and all the partitions are cleaned up. (including the system and recover partitions ) I have tried to install the BIOS again (sp69946.exe)  but the installation on a bootable USB-stick fails with an error: IHISI: Get support mode fail in SMI! and a second error: BIOS did not support InsydeFlash! Is there someone how can help me please?

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Windows Blog
Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, these are the Windows 10 Mobile devices we will officially support in the Windows Insider Program going forward:

HP Elite x3
Microsoft Lumia 550
Microsoft Lumia 640/640XL
Microsoft Lumia 650
Microsoft Lumia 950/950 XL
Alcatel IDOL 4S
Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL
SoftBank 503LV
VAIO Phone Biz
MouseComputer MADOSMA Q601
Trinity NuAns NEO
UPDATE: We?re seeing that some small percentage ~0.1% of eligible Mobile devices, including variants of the Alcatel IDOL 4S, are not being offered Build 15204. We?re working on updating the targeting to include them for the next flight.

Devices not on this list will not officially receive the Windows 10 Creators Update nor will they receive any future builds from our Development Branch that we release as part of the Windows Insider Program. However, Windows Insiders who have devices not on this list can still keep these devices on the Windows 10 Creators Update at their own risk knowing that it?s unsupported.

A:Only 11 Phones to get Creators Update

Love my Elite x3 here's hoping the update doesn't break anything.

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After installing creators update. Problem with fingerprint reader. It looks like it is installed fine but cannot use it in windows hello.3D driveguard driver not compattibile in this version of windows.

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Hi, I updated Windows 10 with "Creators Update" and since then, the Windows cannot identify my notebook - HP 255 G2 and I cannot findy any driver. HP Support Assisstant does not help.  I found a website, where HP shows type of products that were tested for the Creators Update, and HP 255 G2 is not listed. Therefore, it has not been tested yet, I suppose. I do not wonder, therefore, why my OS cannot identify the notebook, but my question is: Is the model HP 255 G2 going to be tested and will it be resolved in order to be recognized by Windows 10 after Creators Update? Thank you 

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I ran Spybot - Search and Destroy just a few days ago to remove this diseased leech from my pc and today TEN MORE Clientman files showed up when I scanned. This time I ran the immunization option which (I pray) will block this plague from my system forever. Can't we file a class action suit against these intruders for pain and suffering, illegal entry... Pitch in and hire a bounty hunter.... Burn them at the stake.... something? ANYTHING? This is my dream.

Thank you for listening.

A:Odysseus: a thousand pox upon you and your creators!

Well....whilst toiling over my special little cauldron this very eve, I shall pray that the fleas of a thousand camels infest the very arse of its creator...
Hows that?

failing this...insertion of the rough end of a pineapple by applied to said creators rectum?

ask and thy will shall be done!

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Creators Update includes many changes and tweaks varying from important to cosmetic. I have selected 7 of these changes that I think that everyone should be aware of. Other Members will hopefully add theirs to this list....

1. New Privacy Controls

These have been significantly revised and you will need to check and reset your privacy controls after applying the Creators Update. The controls are now more granular and provide a more user-friendly way to protect your privacy.

2. Settings Improved

The Settings app has had a rework which results in an improved layout and easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. After the update check all your personal Settings as some of these may have reverted to "default", which might not be what you want.

3. Improved Windows Defender

WD is starting to become a mature app with a much more modern "Look & Feel" and now boasting a Security Center. But be careful...... the option to reset your computer to Factory Settings has been moved into WD - you would not want to do that by mistake... WD gets bad press in most magazines - you can believe those reviews if you want to but my personal experience is that WD provides more than adequate protection for anyone who uses just a little "common sense" when online.

4. Start Menu Reorganized

I use the word "reorganized" because whether this is an "improvement" will depend on personal preference - but you will have to take a good look... Read more

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Hi everebody, i recently bought a HP Stream Laptop 14-ax007nl with a 32GB hd. I tried to install the new Windows creators update, but i always get in return an error message saying that's no room enough on my hd to complete the installation. Has anyone tried to do the same thing with the same machine? If so, how was the problem worked out? Many thanks in advance for you answers. JayBlue 

A:Windows 10 creators update

Hi,There are a couple of options.First lets perform a disk cleanup and try to create space on drive. Right-click on the drive c: in any folder and click on properties.  Now click on disk cleanup and wait while the space gets calculated, In the next window click on clean up system files and wait for further calculation. Now in the window that appears mark all the unnecessary file (such as old updates, temporary files etc...) and press OK and delete the files. See if there is enough space for installation.Insert a Usb pendrive with at least 10 GB of free space and start computer. During installation of the update if there is not enough space it should give you the option to use the drive for installation purpose. After the installation is complete you can remove drive.Take a look at this link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/not-enough-disk-space-for-annive...Hope it helps,David 

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When I turned on my Win10 computer I saw a pop-up with something saying there was a new update or upgrade for Win10 'coming' (Windows Creators Update) and that we should check our Security Settings. Does anyone know what that was all about?
What do I have to do? I don't know that much about computers, especially Win10 which I am just starting to use and learn about.

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Hi, thought this might cause some confusion so I thought we should look at it.

Open a cmd as admin (need to mod the system to get back cmd prompt from win + x, replaced by powershell) OR use a powershell prompt as admin and type:- cmd.exe, this opens an elevated cmd prompt within powershell.

With an elevated cmd prompt, copy paste the following cmd:-(highlighted in red)

tasklist /svc /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe" > 0 & notepad 0

Press enter, notepad will open with a list of all svchost processes, you will see a lot of them, (if you open task Manager, you will see windows processes have greatly increased in number). MS have no longer grouped svchost processes, they are now all single processes and have individual PID's.

The original idea to save on memory has been deprecated, MS now believe that most systems have sufficient RAM for processes to be individual, if you have less then 3.5 gb the processes will still be grouped, if ever you needed an argument to increase RAM, this certainly helps. I think this makes tasklist much easier to interpret and improves system diagnostics, so I am for it.

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I have a DELL Inspiron 7560 with two SSDs; the OEM Sandisk and also a 1TB Crucial MX200.
When I upgrade to Win 10 Creators Update, it fails to see the second (Crucial) drive. (To compound the problem, all of my user libraries, desktop have been relocated to the second drive). I rolled back to the previous version of Windows and all worked fine; I upgraded a second time to Creators Update and the problem recurred.

PS I have some history with this drive. When I first installed it in this laptop, it was built in legacy mode and the laptop BIOS (in UEFI mode) failed to see the drive. After some help (Macboatmaster) I managed to get the second SSD recognised by rebuilding it in UEFI mode in another laptop. It has worked perfectly for a few months. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/crucial-mx200-not-recognised-in-uefi-mode.1184572/

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Hi all Since I installed Windows 10 Creators Update (someday in April) I am having an issue with the mouse cursor being very small in all citrix applications and on some parts of the screen in Word. This totally drives me nuts since i support most of my customers in citrix applications. After browsing the forums with no results whatsoever I decided to roll back to the previous version of windows and give the Creators Update another go in a year or so. Since I couldn't roll back to the previous Version of Windows in the Windows Update app (the option just doesn't show up),  I did a full restore by means of the function provided in the Lenovo BIOS. That did work fine but it just reinstalled with the current Version of Windwos (1703 wich is still Creators Update). So no joy there. How can I restore to the Windows-Version that the Notebook was shipped with? I can see a unmounted partition of 1 GB in size. That sounds promising although a bit small... Any ideas? Thank you Markus

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2 PCs in our house have installed creators update and they are both showing the same problem. Certain USB devices which worked fine before are now not being recognised.

I can see the devices under "Devices and Printers" as USB Flash Disks but there are not appearing as disk drives in This PC.

The devices still work fine on PCs that have not upgraded to creators update.

Has anyone else seen this problem? I'm tempted to rollback but then I will need to stop the update on other PCs too

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Can you suggest softwares for Wifi Hotspot creation for laptops

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As a regular user, why spends 99% of the internet time, reading and browsing, do I need The Windows 10 Creators Update? I never played a game on PC and not using it for work. Would I notice any difference if I decided to install it? At the moment, everything on my Desktop works absolutely fine.

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Get to Know the Windows 10 Creators Update with These 150 Screenshots

The 150-picture gallery
Microsoft Edge is one particular app getting improved, and in addition to features such as pinning tabs aside and more extensions, the browser is also benefiting from new security tools, such as click-to-run for Flash content you come across online.

Windows Defender is evolving to Windows Defender Security Center to group all security features in the OS, while the new blue light filter is there to make sure that you can continue working on the PC during the night by reducing the amount of blue generated by your monitor.

The Creators Update is undoubtedly worth installing, and the huge photo gallery below is supposed to help you get to know the new OS version before you actually proceed with the deployment. There might be other new features that we didn?t get to include in the gallery, but the 150 pics should be enough to help you get an idea of what?s to come in this update.

In the meantime, if you want to try out the Creators Update yourself before it goes live via Windows Update, you can download the preview builds that were released to insiders. Build 15063 is RTM and comes with the same features as the one you?ll get April 11.Click to expand...

Get to Know the Windows 10 Creators Update with These 150 Screenshots

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Please help someone

i recently brought a new gaming pc with an i7 6700 and a gtx 1070
it has been a wonder to game and edit on but last night I shut it down (software didn't use power button) and it turned off then turned back on and the fans spun and the lights were on

But nothing was on the screen so i though hmmm ah well ill just turn it off and it will be fine tomorrow (have had this happen with my old laptop but was fine the next day)

When i turned my pc on the next day it ran really slow, so i restarted, same thing really slow. i turned off some of the background processes like razer and auto cad and other such things (nothing major) and restarted. Black screen, only mouse is visible, spent ten mins looking around and found something that said to jsut hit space bar then type your pin or password, which i did screen stayed black but the hard drive spun up like it was loggin on! but nothing happened just the black screen and cursor.... i moved it round and saw the cursour change to the line thing with an arrow at each end (like when you hover over the edge of the task bar) after exploring the screen blind i released it had logged on but the screen was just black like the PC was blind.

so i waited a bit then restarted now all i have is a black screen with the cursur and the windows spinning white dots

note: motherboard logo does pop up but i cant access bios to try boot to safe mode because it flashes past to quickly and i cant remeber what button i need to... Read more

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HP 3D Driveguard for Windows 10 is no longer functionnal in Creators update.Package can install but got message that 3D accelarator is not compatible. After reboot Drivers appear with yellow ! and software fire a error . Only solution is to disable Driver. Please provide an update. Thanks

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Hi guys, would really appreciate some help with this. My go to art program - after all these yeare - is still PSP4. It's a program that I rely on and see no reason to change as it does what I need and fast.(Unlike later versions of same program). Anyway, after installing the creators update today, I have an odd issue. PSP 4 works ok for a couple of times or so, but after that, just stops working.

Clicking on the icon, it does (as it always has) go to the UAC permission screen, but then after clicking ok, nothing happens?? Would really appreciate any help.

Not techy really, but I think this would be the event log required?

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 13/06/2017 15:31:29
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: HPDesktop
Faulting application name: Psp.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x354888aa
Faulting module name: MFC42.DLL, version: 6.6.8063.0, time stamp: 0x4a79281a
Exception code: 0xc0000409
Fault offset: 0x0003bb34
Faulting process id: 0x2b54
Faulting application start time: 0x01d2e451bdff518c
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\PSP\Psp.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MFC42.DLL
Report Id: 5c97cc45-6862-42ad-acf2-ca1fecb8026d
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Application Error" /&... Read more

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Windows Ink is about transforming the way we think about computers, from a tool that is great at getting things done, to one that harnesses your personality and your emotions into the things you create. It?s about bringing back the human aspects that a mouse and keyboard (and even touch) cannot express fully, it?s about making personal computers more personal, and an extension of yourself, not just a tool. We want you to feel empowered to create from the moment you pick up the pen, and have the confidence that Windows understands you, knows what you want to do ? by understanding your handwriting, your words and your expression. This is the journey we?re on.

With the Creators Update, Windows Ink is now better than ever! When used with the Surface Dial, it allows you to discover new ways to work and interact with Windows. With Windows Ink, we continue to make it possible for you to do more than with pen and paper. Applications like Photos and Maps have added incredible inking functionality in the last year, and continue to evolve and expand. With Paint 3D in the Creators Update, Windows Ink can now create 3D objects! As we evolve what Ink means to users, we?re also introducing new Smart Ink capabilities to Windows Ink. These capabilities allows developers to understand the ink that is being laid down by the user, using AI to help create, connect and complete user actions on ink. We?ve also improved and added features to the building blocks for Windows Ink, introduc... Read more

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Microsoft collects Windows diagnostic data to keep Windows up-to-date, secure, and operating properly. It also helps us improve Windows and, for users who have turned on ?tailored experiences?, can be used to provide relevant tips and recommendations to tailor Microsoft products to the user?s needs. This article describes all types diagnostic data collected by Windows at the Full telemetry level (inclusive of data collected at Basic), with comprehensive examples of data we collect per each type. For additional, detailed technical descriptions of Basic data items, see Windows 10, version 1703 Basic level diagnostic events and fields.

The data covered in this article is grouped into the following categories:
Common Data (diagnostic header information)
Device, Connectivity, and Configuration data
Product and Service Usage data
Product and Service Performance data
Software Setup and Inventory data
Content Consumption data
Browsing, Search and Query data
Inking, Typing, and Speech Utterance data
Licensing and Purchase data
Click to expand...

More details on the link.

A:Creators Update Telemetry List

No content-based targeting. We take steps to avoid and minimize the collection of customer content, such as the content of files, chats, or emails, through the Windows telemetry system. Customer content inadvertently collected is kept confidential and not used for user targeting.Click to expand...

... reassuring for sure ...

To completely disable Windows Telemetry:
Manage Windows 10 Telemetry and Data Collection settings

The above article has a link at the bottom where you can customize individual settings if you do not want to disable it entirely:
Manage connections from Windows operating system components to Microsoft services (Windows 10)

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So i think it will be a good idea to collect bugs/issues encountered by our members , and if possible gives solutions/fixes.

Please don't report several time the same issues , if it was already mentioned , just quote it to show that you encountered it.

A:Windows 10 Creators Update - MT's Bug Tracker

#1 Start Menu issue
Issue: Start Menu freezes and crashes.
Procedure: try to add my apps icons to the start menu right panel, one app can be added , the second will freeze the menu and it will crashes; the 1st app added before the crash will disappear.

Fix: I cannot manage to find one, tried various methods without success. I reverted to my Windows 10 AU

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hello, just wanted to know if everything went well before installing myself. Windows 10 Creators Update should be available started April 11th (the day I post this comment) in "settings" -> "update" on every Windows 10 device (except some Lumia phones) Thanks,

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I have just upgraded to Windows 10 Creators. I download and install the trackpad driver correctly from the offical support site of HP but it still not working after I restart my computer. Do you have the solutions?

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Next week, Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update for just thirteen handsets, but the rollout has already begun for PCs. Last week, Microsoft began to push the latest version of its OS to PCs through Windows Update, but it's not making its way to all machines at the same time.

Microsoft said that "the first phase will target newer devices, especially those we tested together with our OEM hardware partners", before gradually expanding to more devices. Last year's Windows 10 Anniversary Update deployment took several months to complete, and the company has said the Creators Update will take a similar amount of time.

It's not yet clear exactly which PCs Microsoft is prioritizing with the first wave of its rollout, as there's no definitive list of those devices. But if the Creators Update isn't yet showing up for your PC in Windows Update, Microsoft has made it easy for you to jump the queue and upgrade to the latest version right now.Click to expand...


A:Have you upgraded your PC to the Windows 10 Creators Update yet?

Updated on two computers. Works very well and love the Smartscreen improvements.

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ISO files for Windows 10 build 15063 (rumored to be the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build) recently appeared on Microsoft?s servers and there are two ways to go about the installation process.

As The Verge notes, you can grab the ISO files (in your choice of 32-bit or 64-bit flavors), mount them using Windows 10?s File Explorer and run the setup.exe file to upgrade to the Creators Update.

Optionally, as Neowin outlines, you can pick up a new version of the Windows 10 Update Assistant and use it to update to build 15063. Be warned, however, that if you have the previous version of the Assistant tool on a PC running the Anniversary Update (or an earlier version of Windows 10), it?ll tell you that your device is up-to-date and leave it at that.

Microsoft as of writing has not revealed when it plans to officially roll out the Creators Update to the general public (it hit the Windows Insider fast and slow rings last week). Although this appears to be the final RTM build, it?s always possible that Microsoft could squeeze in a last-minute bug fix or two between now and the public launch which most expect will take place on April 11 (Patch Tuesday).

Via Techspot

A:Creators Update arrives early on the PC

Thanks @BoraMurdar, I plan the upgrade in the next few days.
Also, reading about those who have already installed it: the update file weighs about 3 GB, and at the end of the installation you will be prompted to restart the computer to complete the installation and setup. The download time depends very much on the speed of your line, while the actual installation is in about forty minutes, but even here very much depends on the power of the computer.

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Windows Hello does NOT work on Creators Update on my Kaby lake late-2016 HP Spectre x360 Convertible.The camera gets detected in device manager but Windows Hello cant turn it on. Hopefully HP wont let this just slide like they love to do it...so please HP fix this ASAP, update the drivers.    

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