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Bsod deleted c drive help!!

Q: Bsod deleted c drive help!!

Long story short: Get bsod, wipe c drive to remove os, cannot reinstall windows as i dont have "drivers"

My computer is neither new nor old, it has a decent amount of ram and fairly decent specs along with 64bit windows 7 OS and has been getting the dreaded BSOD!!!!!

(BSOD Info: 0x0000007E (0xffffffffc0000006, 0xFFFFFB0002F5AA93, 0xFFFFFBB0055... Dont remember the ending of this code hence the dots ... 0xFFFFFBB005527DB0) Sorry codes are incorrect, tried to remember as much as possible!

After having a look around on youtube and google i came to the conclusion the problem was with a driver that had either been installed or needed to be installed. Im not very tech savvy therefore had no idea what to do! At the time these blue screens were happening i had no alternative means of connecting to the internet other than my phone and couldnt start the computer in safe mode...

When tapping a certain button upon startup (F8 i think) i would be taken to a system repair screen. This screen had several options, for example system repair, boot from back-up, and advanced options. after trying all of these options and non of them working (i had no computer backup) i decided to use the advanced options. I suspect these options were added by the man whom built the computer as the name of the advanced options was very wierd... Anyway!! When i clicked the advanced options it opened up a new page identical to the last with about 12 or so other options. I can remember there being one called "hot fixes" or something along those lines.

Again non of these options seemed to work, i still had a BSOD so i decided i would just give up trying to recover my computer and instead wipe it and re-install windows 7. In these advanced options i have told you so much about, one of the options was a program that sort of reformats your computer, atleast thats what i think its done. It gave me two options, to wipe once or 5.2 us national security of defence wipe. I had no idea what the 5.2 us option was, i presume it wipes your hardrive 6-7 times to remove any traces of your existance, as this isnt what i needed i just chose to wipe once. When i chose to wipe once it gave me options as to what to wipe. This is where i got confused as i wasnt really sure what i should wipe to remove the OS so i just wiped (C .....

After this i restarted the computer and a black screen came up saying missing operating system, RESULT! I put in my rather less genuine windows 7 installation disk to run my setup (I have a genuine product key dont worry!) and i keep receiving an error telling me i dont have the required drivers... When i went to browse for drivers i clicked the C: drive and it says that it needs to be reformatted, i selected ok and then it pops up with a window telling me it cant reformat it.

I am completely lost and i am starting to get the idea i may have made this problem worse for myself... Can anybody shed some insight into what ive done, whats wrong and where i can go next? Oh its my first post by the way so sorry if this isnt in the correct place!


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Preferred Solution: Bsod deleted c drive help!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hi all,
I recently bought a WD My Book Essential Edition external hard drive and wanted to change it from FAT32 to NTFS. I was following instructions given on WDs website, however the directions weren't entirely clear (of course only noticed after the fact). I right clicked on My Computer, clicked manage and used Disk Manager. The instructions said to find the drive, right click on it and click delete partition. It didn't mention however, to do that with bottom part of the screen and not the top. So, I think I just deleted the logical drive.

It shows up on the device manager and the "Safely Remove Hardware" window, but the drive letter no longer shows up under My Computer.

Is there a way to fix this? Or did I just buy a $120 paper weight?



A:Solved: External Hard Drive - Deleting partition, but accidently deleted logical drive

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Ok. I tried everything to repair an XP install on my Qosmio GA35-650. The recovery disk was a joke and wouldn't work...I decided to skip all of the DMI junk I read about and clean install a copy of XP.

Put the Raid drivers on a floppy and proceeded with the install. Setup would not install on the boot partition and gave me a "page_fault" error. I went into the bios and changed disk 0 to JBOD from RAID, disk 1 was already set to JBOD. Reentered setup and at the point where you select the partition to install to only one partition was shown. This was not a good thing as I backed up all of my data from the C: drive (Disk 0) to the F: Drive (Disk 1). I went back to the BIOS and set Drive 0 back to Raid and started the Setup procedure over again. Two partitions were showing this time but Disk 1 was not showing an F: drive designator.

The question. Did I lose all of my data on the second 100gb drive in the system? Is my F: drive recoverable?


A:Two HDDs in System. Deleted partition on Drive 0 now cant access Drive 1?

I think it depends on what Raid type you were using, some good info of different types here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?p=597010
Personally I don't like Raid all that much, as I don't think it's fantastic for data recovery or backup (which was its actual purpose, plus speed)

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Hi everyone!
I have an external 931Gb Seagate disk.
I wanted 5 partitions and it came out with 3 logical drives and 2 primary (all healthy)
After an infection with ransonware I had to delete one from the 2 primary partitions but suddenly
at the same time got unallocate one from the 3 logical drives too, like if they was connected (?).
So I lost everything in it which there was very important backups not infected.
Is there an easy way to allocate again this logical drive and find again the files was in it?
Why happened this? Is it normal?
Thank you.

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When the installation on my computer (SysInfo.(3) exe) was done I did not get the CDROM disc & the installation appears as 1386 in My Computer.file. It takes up a lot of space so I copied the file to my D drive. Can I just delete it off my C drive .without a lot of complication. Thanks Gormaur

A:i386 can this be deleted simply from C Drive after transferring to D drive

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Long story short, I deleted my Drive D and now some things arent working anymore.Can somebody please help me out?

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i had installed an antivirus software (Avast) on my sys.
it showed a pop up message of a virus on my sys sometime last week and as usual i moved it to chest.
now recently i realized that my DVD drive has been deleted.
i want to know how to re install my DVD drive.
6QUAD/S-Series Intel 965/945/946 Series Vista Utility CD
Above is my motherboard CD details.
Please help me out with the above problem

A:deleted dvd drive

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I have an hp notebook "win 10" that has the os deleted from the "c" drive. How do I get to the "D" drive to reinstale the os? tks

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So, I upgraded to windows 7 from Vista about May 1/16. Drive D was just about full and I wanted to go to the free upgrade to windows 10. I deleted Drive D, thinking it would just erase any Vista data, but it is just gone. Now what? Can I get it back? Do I need it?Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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I deleted my d drive. How do i retrieve it?

A:deleted d drive

@duster_1?, welcome to the forum. If the D: drive was the HP Recovery partition, you will have to do a full system Recovery to reinstall it. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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my daughter has in a fit of temper deleted the c drive off my lap top can it be restored by just putting in the recovery disc or do i need to take it to a shop to get proffesional help. the lap top is a week old and runs windows 7 64 bit what ever that means.
Yes she has been grounded big time and hung drawn and quartered.

A:deleted c drive

Just load the recovery disk, restart your computer, follow any prompts and your laptop will be restored to its out-of-box state.

Try not to be too harsh on your daughter, she knows how you feel.

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Long story short, I deleted my Drive D and now some things arent working anymore.Can somebody please help me out?

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hey.. I'm here again with my noob problems :S
anyways, i had earlier a problem with "Write-protection" and for mistake i "deleted" my removable disk.. what i did...
run ----> cmd ----> diskpart ----> list volume ----> select volume 5 (it was number 5) ----> remove
and now i don't have it at "My Computer" or at "Send to" list... can i get it back somehow? and can how can i fix the "write-protection" problem?
i attached some of "print-screens" to show what i did, and what i have.. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64x bit.

A:i deleted the removable drive :o

Have you checked Device Manager?

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my laptop has two harddisks. the disk with the OS had started to fail, so i installed win 7 in a partition of the other normal hard disk. Seeing as I would have to replace the damaged hard disk anyway, i formatted the c drive after removing all my data. however, now win 7 won't boot. is there anyway i can get the os to boot from my second drive...


A:Deleted old win 7 from c drive, now new win 7 won't boot

Try this guide.

1.Put the Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start your computer.
2.Press any key if you are prompted to boot from the DVD.
3.Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.
4.At the next screen click on Repair your computer (do not click on Install now).
5.Next screen select Use Recovery Tools at the top of the box. (Ignore the message about the operating system not being listed. If it is listed select it). Click on Next.
6.In the System Recovery Options box, click Command Prompt and a box will open.
Then follow this to get the disk set to active. Each command you type at the diskpart prompt will receive confirmation.
7. At the prompt type diskpart Hit Enter and wait for DISKPART > to appear.
8. Then type list disk Hit Enter (It will show a list of the disks, 0 through to how many disks are installed).
9. Now type select disk # (the '#' represents the number of the disk e.g. you would type select disk 3 to edit disk number 3) Hit Enter
10. Now type list partition Hit Enter
11. Select which partition to use by typing select partition # (you need to select the partition that the operating system you are trying to repair is installed on, again replace the # with the appropriate number).
12. Now type active Hit Enter (typing inactive will reverse the setting)
13. Now type exit Hit Enter then type exit again to close th... Read more

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Hi guys,

I have two hard disks on my desktop PC ; one corresponds to drive C: which hosts the operating system, Windows XP, and the other is a larger volume, drive E: which I was trying to format.

I went on [Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management Local] and drive E: was shown as being only 99% free, instead of 100%
So I right-clicked on it and mistakenly selected Delete Partition and it did just that, Drive E: disappeared from the My Computer folder.

I tried uninstalling the hard disk thorough Device Manager and although the hard disk drivers were reinstalled automatically by windows at startup, drive E: was still absent.

I'm sure this is very simple but I have no clue on how to handle this. Can somebody with better knowledge please help me?

A:deleted drive E: - how do i reload it?

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I have windows XP and was having issues with my extended partition. it kept becoming corrupt so I kept formating it and to no avail it kept becoming corryupt. so on the last format i deleted it thinking i could reinstall it and now it's gone. It is 58 GB of a 200 GB drive but it doesn't show any more not even when i booted up to my windows CD. where did it go and how can i reloacte it and start using it again?

A:Deleted Hard Drive

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Hi guys, first time poster here so hopefully this will be at least somewhat bearable.

OK, so here is what I wanted to do, I was looking around the net and stumbled on to some videos about software RAID with USB drives. I know it isn't a very elegant or practical solution but I thought it would just be cool to see it working. So I found this article How to Create a Software RAID Array in Windows 7 and figured that since disk management in both 7/8 are essentially the same it wouldn't be a problem. I then went to delete the volumes on the flash drives and saw the option was grayed out. So in that state the drives cannot be used for what I wanted them to be used for. I did notice that on his tutorial his drives were described as "Basic" and my drives are described as "Removable" I think that somewhere along the line I saw something about removable drives being hard to work with in disk management so that may be it.
So if anyone knows how to do this all help is greatly appreciated!

A:USB Drive Volume Not cannot be Deleted.

Minitool partition wizard free edition should be able to set up your USB drives anyway you want them. Unless they are encrypted.

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Hey there, most likely in the wrong place but hopefully someone can help me out.

I have an Acer and brought a Seagate hard drive to store all photos and files, all was going fine until I brought a Macbook Air in which my Seagate hard drive was somehow incompatible with, it was not letting me add new folders or store new photos on there. I later found that this was due to the format, so as per the instructions listed on the Seagate website, changed the format to suit my Macbook. In the process I have deleted EVERYTHING that was stored on my hard drive. Is there any way to get everything back? The idea that every photo and video from the first two years of my daughters life are gone is incomprehensibly devastating please help.
Regards, Jessica.

A:Everything on Hard drive deleted.

you may be able to use a recovery program to restore all the images
This is a very old list - so may not all work
OR a few have changed from free to pay for - so read carefully before using
some have a trial that allows you to recovery a few files , but to do the complete HDD you will need to pay for

From a Elvandil Post - 2009

Here's the list, anyway - checked the list in Aug 2015

Free recovery applications:

Dr. Freeware Boot CD (also has partition tool, drive cloner and imager)
DiskDigger & NTFSWalker - nolonger free
Pandora Recovery (Free for personal use)
Recover Files - nolonger free
Roadkil's Undelete
Free Undelete (NTFS only)
Softperfect File Recovery - upto 2GB Free
PCI File Recovery
Disk Investigator


Undelete Plus
O&O Disk Recovery
GetDataBack (For FAT or NTFS)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro
File Scavenger
Recover My Files
Zero Assumption Recovery
[email protected] File Recovery
Final Recovery
Recover4All Professional
Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

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I was at first delighted to be offered the win 10 download but like many I hate it, I downloaded it to three machines two on win 7 one running win 8.1, the laptop with 8.1 was the first to suffer having its hard drive wiped after a win 10 update, then my pc that was on win 7 pro is suffering from memory and hard disc problems, today the latest to suffer the win 10 curse was my old laptop which recived an update and promptly went to black screen, having made a recovery disc I put it in only to find that the win 10 repair disc isn't compatable with win 10, I attempted to reload win 8.1 to my new laptop but it seems Microsoft will not allow instillation with an OME activation key, on the pc that is still working programs are constantly being deleted I cant get into emails and the system has a mind of its own, turn it off it restarts the monitor revolves from a visable to a blackscreen, nothing will down load unless its from the Microsoft shop?, I phoned windows support only to be told by an idopt in india that I have to turn on a wiped computer to talk to tech support, that one would usually have made me laugh if I was in a better frame of mind. ringing uk support is a waste of time as no one seems to work in the office that has the ability to work out how to answer a phone, I write this in the hope that some one from Microsoft my actually care about their customers and read this and have some answers to how I might recover the life of my beloved computers and give me the abili... Read more

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how to undelete deleted driver showing unallocated space

A:how to undelete deleted drive

A DRIVER is software.

For your HD Drive:
Download the Paragon free try Rescue kit:
Rescue Kit Free Edition | PARAGON Software Group - free partition software, hard disk partitioning
Try the undelete partition option.

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I was trying to use my D: Drive to store some data because it was 900+ GB free and my C drive was already full
So I decided to try to listen to the guy in this post and it has now deleted my D Drive???
I got to step 7 and clicked yes and now my 919 GB D Drive is gone? Thanks Dell
I must have blind because there was a box at the bottom that was "unallocated" that I didn't see. I set it up as a simple drive and voila, I can now put files on it. I would delete the post but I didn't see how to. Sorry!

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Im new to these forum, so please bear with me. I attempted to clear some files from my d:\ drive (recovery) and I deleted the entire drive. So I went and did a restore from a previous save and the drive was still not viewable under my computer. The reason I tried this was due to the drive being full and I was unable to create a new restore point. I performed this action under administrative tools.

Any help woulod be greatly appreciated


A:I deleted my d:\ drive (recovery)

Did you look in the recycle bin?

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hello i was in the process of formating my external drive and i deleted it threw disk managment, now i cannot get it back. it is still there in the add hardware. anyway i can get this drive back to use it again thanks

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My Windows 7 USB Drive that I use to boot and install windows was deleted.

After several reboots, reinstalls, etc. and sitting in my computer it randomly stopped working. The files weren't reading.

So I wiped it and formatted it.

I went to the website that I've always went to do download the software and it sent me to windows website.

It says this

"Unsupported Product
The product key you entered appears to be for software that was pre-installed on a device. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options."

Can anyone help me find a work around? Even the message above proves I have a genuine key. It just came preinstalled so for whatever reason they won't give me the iso file.

A:Windows 7 USB Drive Deleted

As the MS site says, MS is not responsible for supporting OEM installs - it's just taken them a while to getting around to restricting the downloads of Windows 7.
You will probably need to contact the machine's manufacturer to get a set of Recovery disks, unless you created the set when you got the machine.

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Hello, I was cracking my ipod and was using a program that deletes partitions, called AefDisk32. Well I forgot to put the drive # in. I did this
aes /delete:1
and that deleted partition one on my D: disk.

I should have went aes 3 /delete:1 (the ipod)

SOOOOO is there any way to get it back? Windows says its unallocated right now. Help. Thanks

Aim TweakGames
msn [email protected]


A:Deleted MBR to drive D: how do I get it back?

Go Start > Run - Type "compmgmt.msc"

In the management console under Storage, select "Disk Management". This will bring up the status of your hard drives. You will no doubt see a portion of Unallocated space.

[This is from memory, so names may be different]

Right click the Unallocated space, and select "Create Partition", or "Create Primary Partition". You will then get the option to choose the size, and drive letter, the defaults should be the full allocation, and d:\. Select OK.

I can't remember whether this asks you to format your drive, but if not, go to My Computer, open D:\ and it will say you need to format it, select ok, then in the Format box, make sure the file system is NTFS and press START.

As for any data, it won't be retrievable.

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I had it plugged into my laptop when I was blowing it off and putting a copy of XP Pro on it. When it said to delete the partition, I clicked on the USB drive on accident. Now plugging it into Win 7 computer, it wants to format it. Is there any way to get my files? I have one word document in particular that has been my life's work. I had not backed it up in over 2 months.

A:Oh please HELP!!! Deleted contents off USB drive.

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I used the computer management utility in windows 7 to delete a disk drive but i clicked the wrong one.

I deleted D: Instead of F:

I right clicked and selected delete volume.

Is there any way to recover the data on D:?


A:Deleted drive. Can i recover?

I think that the free EASEUS Partition Master will do the job.

P.S. - Windows says "drive." Easeus, like everybody else, says "partition."

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i recived the virus yesterday that changes your background red with a biohazard sign saying privacy danger, i followed instructions to remove it and it worked but one problem it gave me hasnt gone, when i click on my computer all my drives are own show except from the c: drive, i dont no where it has gone but i can still access files that are on the C: drive, i need to know how to get this back because i cannot save anything onto the C: file because its not there, please help

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I accidently deleted some files recently, and my CD (D drive won't show up. I can't install it because the CDs I have with the drivers won't show up on the computer. Any help?

A:My D: drive was deleted, and won't read CDs

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i am having a strange problem... I work in a university and we have ahuge domain with around 50k accounts..One of them is mine..

I have some files on my desktop that I want to delete..whenever I delete them and restart my computer files re-appear. Interestingly this appears with files on desktop only. if i delete files in mydocs/mypics or other drives, files are deleted without a prob.. i even tried emptying recycle bin and restart.. still the files reappear.. i tried it in 3-4 pcs in library using the same domain acct..no luck... what could be d reason?

A:files not deleted from drive

It has to do with how your domain or domain account is set up. We cannot help you with it. Contact your domain administrator.

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I was trying to delete photos from a Micro sd card using the Mcaffe shedder. The sd card was the E drive and when I looked down at my screen, it was showing the C-drive, so I hit cancel shredd and it said some thing was deleted. Now my computer seems different. My subcription to mcaffe is done and I already uninstalled the program. How do I see if anything important was deleted? Is the windows defender enough protection? 

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Hi I've accidently deleted my hard drive and when I turn my netbook on o receive the below message,

"Reboot and select proper boot device...."

I have the windows 10 iso file on an SD card which i have in a usb adapter, I need help as I can't boot the iso file, I've tried changing the boot order.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a packard bell easynote r4 laptop recently downloaded itunes and it deleted my cd/dvd drive or will not recognize it at least and am not even able to import songs to my itunes library anyone any suggestions how i could fix it

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I accidentally deleted my hard drive while attempting to delete another hard drive attached via USB.. Everything including the Recovery partition was lost.. When I use the HP Recovery Discs however my computer tells me there is no bootable device available.. I've tried installing Windows 8 and 8.1 and neither have allowed the discs to be read. Any help would be grateful

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hi i have a dell win xp dimension e310 , my daughter has deleted the d drive , she sayed that when deleting simms game she deleted the dvd drive and letter, i have searched and did research and nothing is their, now i am asking for your help, how can i get it back, i even installed a plug and play dvd nothing, because the letter is gone only the c is their help thanks

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I know this might sound silly, but I have a usb 256mb pen drive and I accidently deleted a file which I then couldnt find anywhere. Not in the recycle bin (win xp pro). I thought there may be a hidden recycle bin on the pen drive so I selected the show all files option in explorer which did not help at all.

Hoping that someone else has an idea

Thanks in advance

A:USB pen drive missing deleted files

You have to use some file recovery software. Your USB drive is probably in FAT32 format so undeletion should be easy. Just make sure you don't write anything on the stick - better use the write protection switch right now.

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I accidently deleted my keyboard's driver and I don't know how to bring it back,I tried plugging it to our android tv but it doesn't work,I also tried it on my laptop and it didn't work as well but when i tried to find it on the device manager it showed as unrcognized USB on the USB port menu.Please help me.

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Long story short, I accidentally deleted windows 8 and apparently my hard drive, or at least all its information. I've researched, tried rebooting it with no luck. When I turn the laptop on which is a HP 2000 notebook, the screen is black with lots of codes I don't understand except for it telling me there's "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key." I've tried a couple of boot disks I downloaded from the internet off my old laptop but that didn't work. I've tried hitting the esc button rapidly when turning it on and trying f10, f11, f9 and so on but again, no luck. Finally called HP and was told I would have to buy a new disk and install windows 8 again for $170.00. Is that the only option there is? Re-installation? That's fine but I can't afford $170.00. Also, if I re install the program will it work on the HP? I hope all that made sense. Thank you for any help/suggestions you can provide.


A:Deleted windows and hard drive

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i purchased a toshiba satellite around 6 months ago. on the 24th of january it downloaded and installed updates. after restarting i became aware that my dvd drive is no longer on my computer! i tried the system restore with no luck. the d: drive is not only not powering up, but when i click on computer to view the drives its not on there. its not in the device manager either! if any one out there can help me with this issue i would be very greatful! i noticed when i googled it that there were countless other people having the same issue. i still have few months before my tour in afghanistan is over, and id REALLY like to watch some of movies to make the time go by! thank you.

A:dvd drive deleted after vista updates!!!

If it's not powering up, it can't have anything to do with the Vista updates. Those don't affect power, especially before the OS even loads. Does it open and close? If it does, then it gets power.

If the drive is not in Device Manager, then it may be disconnected. Check all the connections if you can.

The only other thing that could make it disappear are BIOS settings. Has anything been changed there?

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I deleted a file from my "flash drive" that I need to recover. Unable to locate the deleted file in my RECYCLE BIN on my PC that is running VISTA. Is there a possible recommendation on how to recover this file? Locating it through my computer or some software that will perform this function.

A:Deleted Flash Drive File

Windows doesn't put deleted files from a flash drive into the Recycle Bin, they simply get deleted.Only files deleted from a hard drive are placed in the Recycle Bin.However, provided you haven't written anything to the flash drive since that deletion, you may be able to retrieve it using recovery software like this:http://www.softwarepatch.com/software/filerecovery.htmlThere are several others if you care to search on Google, using File Recovery as the search term.

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I have spent the majority of today backing-up files to my secondary 1TB HD on (D. I'm about to perform a full reinstall of Windows 7 on (C where it is originally installed. By doing so will I lose files from my other drive?

Any guidance is appreciated.


A:Will Files on Backup Drive be Deleted if...

Only the partition that you put Windows 7 on (C will be affected. Just as a precaution, you should always backup as you said you did.

== Why do I get the smiley face when I type a C colon? ==

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Hey,I accidently formatted the recovery drive partition in my laptop. Is there any way that i can recover it back.I just bought the laptop 2 days back

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While doing some program testing, I made a small mistake (long story, put a "0" instead of "1") which deleted all files on the root of the C:\ drive, as well as most of my D:\.

I was able to recover the files in D:\, but Windows is now unbootable.

The files that were deleted were:
C:\Boot.ini -Recovered

Is there a way to restore this machine without having to reinstall Windows? I have an XP CD available.

With Regards,
The Panda

Fix files.

A:Deleted Boot files from C: Drive

Hi .IMO, a repair install of XP would be the best way to go and the only way that I know of to truly restore bootability to XP.Well...it's not necessarily the only way, I suppose that you might be able to use a boot loader like GRUB but I don't have any experience using that...and since you have an XP install CD, the repair will ensure that all system files wind up where they should (in proper working order).A repair install takes about 35 minutes and would require reinstall of any critical updates issued since the SP-level of the CD used for the install.How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed - http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=917964 How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install (Stevens) - http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htmOthers here with more experience than I...can probably offer other alternatives.Louis

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Im not sure what i deleted but i deleted a partition or a logical drive while reinstalling windows XP now my second HDD or Partition or Logical Drive is not showing. & when i go to DIsk mangment it does not diplay an unallocated space, RAW drive or unformatted drive its just the C: drive laying there.Is there any chance of recovering the drive but not the files the D drive only.
Please help .

Thank you
Newbie @ techguy forums

A:Deleted a partition or logical drive.

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Hi,  I accidently deleted the HP tools files on the F drive. How can I restore those files?The computer is a HP Pavilion G6 notebook. Help appreciated! Cheers,CPM 

View Solution.

A:accidently deleted F-drive with HP Tools

Hi, Try reinstalling the uefi support environment, although it does usually default to wanting to install on the original D partition - it's on the following link. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61501-62000/sp61632.exe Regards, DP-K

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