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Will changing the computer name affect my restore drive?

Q: Will changing the computer name affect my restore drive?

After completing installation of Windows 10 and my programs, I created a usb restore drive. Afterwards, I decided to change the computer name. Does anyone know if that will cause a problem with using my restore drive? (hope I never need it)

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Preferred Solution: Will changing the computer name affect my restore drive?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a Seagate Barracuda 300 gig drive. I had it installed on mb that doesn't support higher transfer rate. I have a new comp with a new board. I took out the drive changed pin settings and installed in new board. (Running Vista 64 in new comp) I'm not exactly sure what happened as I wasn't paying close enough attention, but the short of the story is the drive had unallocated space. Fearing I lost my data, I reset the pin to the slower rate and installed back into my old comp. It showed up as blank as well. I read an article in PC Stats about recovering data. I followed the directions and got my data visible again. Now I'm gun shy about pulling the little pin and putting back into the new comp. Any ideas would be great. (note-running xp in old comp).

I forgot to add the question....thus the edit. Will changing the pin change the way the drive is read by the os? Or will using vista change the way the drive is read.

PS Ive searched forum after forum and haven't found info on the topic regarding the pin. If this thread was already discussed I do apologize.


A:Will changing transfer rate pin affect current partions on sata drive

Nope, changing the transfer rate setting will not affect the disk contents.

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Hello all, I made a post regarding the performance/failing of one of my hard drives

The conclusion we came to has unfortunately not resolved my problem and I am beginning to think my Power Supply may be the culprit


Before I go into details here is my current Hardware:

Q6600 @ 3.0GHZ
6GB PC2 6400 800mhz (2x 2gb/2x 1gb)
Nvidia GTX 275 896mb (requires 2x 6 pin power adapters)
Asus Xonar 7.1 soundcard (requires floppy power adapters)
Windows 7 x64
Jeantech 1000W PSU (modular PSU. 4 PCI-E nodes and 8 nodes for other devices...)
500gb HDD (operating system)
1tb HDD (data)
1tb HDD (data)
2tb HDD (data - added recently)
My original problem (in brief)

Upon accessing certain files in one of my 1TB drives, I hear a distictive "click/lockup/halt" sound and then the entire system crashes (first the drive will become inaccessible, then windows explorer will crash, followed by the mouse and eventually a BSOD after a minute)
I bought a new 2TB a month ago to replace what then I thought was a failing 1TB drive. Since, the problems have become "random" and happen across all four drives (1tb, 1tb, 500gb, 2tb)

I am now considering my PSU the cul... Read more

A:Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance?

a 1000Watt shouldn't have any problem coping with the components that you have, i would recommend that u borrow a power supply from a friend and try it out on your computer, maybe the power supply is old and is not supplying proper voltages on all the rails....

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I'm just curious about something.

I have several email addresses associated with my domain name. My old hosting company did not have any spam filters and I used to get TONS of spam (most of which was, thankfully, caught by my own spam filter).

Then I switched to GoDaddy for my host (and kept the same email addresses). I do *not* have their email spam filter enabled and yet my spam has been reduced to almost nothing.

Was this just a coincidence or can changing hosting accounts from one company to another affect the amount of spam you get?

A:Can changing web hosts affect amount of spam?

Well, if you changed from xxxatyyydotcom to xxxatGoDaddydotcom (or whatever their email is), it would make sense to me that you are getting less spam. If it's a new email address than the spambots haven't harvested your address (yet) to send junk to. If you're still using xxxatyyydotcom, then I'm not sure at the moment.

I type out the words 'at' and 'dot' just in case. Wouldn't want anyone who has those emails (if they do) to be harvested accidentally from here.

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Hi, I would just like to ask, does on-the-fly changing of my mouse's DPI affect my touchpad's (Synaptics) sensitivity? Will DPI changing cause system instability in terms of the mouse cursor (cursor jumping around the screen, etc.) ? Thanks

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I've changed interface language of Windows 8 to English but parts of the system (including default Metro Apps, like Mail) are still in the language Windows was originally installed with. How can I get rid of this annoyance? I would like to have everything in English.


A:Changing interface language does not affect some apps

Language packs are available for Windows 8 and for Windows RT

Hello and welcome to eight forums ,did you follow the instructions in this link from Microsoft ,good luck

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I wouldn't have thought changing the name of one of my custom libraries could affect the files it points to, but I had a problem today. After changing the name I lost the icon for an exe file. When I clicked on it's taskbar shortcut it could not find it. I clicked on the file and it ran fine. After that, the shortcut works, but the icon on the file is still gone. The icon on the taskbar is still there.

It's not really a problem, just a head scratcher. Anyone have any thoughts on it?


A:Can changing the name of a library affect the files it points to?

Hi,So I tried this today and did find a small problem - not sure if it's quite the same as yours.When I created a shortcut to a (.exe) file in a custom library, the shortcut path was Libraries\OldName. So if I then put this shortcut onto my taskbar (desktop, etc) and changed the name of the library, the shortcut still pointed to Libraries\OldName rather than Libraries\NewName.Strange! I'd have thought that really the shortcut should have been created the actual location of the file rather than a place in a library. Perhaps this explains your problem too?Casey

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Do vista power settings on laptops affect just the screen brightness and when it turns off, or does it effect performance itself, such as the processor speed? If they do affect processor speed, by approximately how much (i.e. a percentage).

I'm running a dell xps 1330 with 2gb ram and 2.2 Ghz processor.

Thanks as always,

A:Does changing power settings actually affect performance?

On computers that have processors with SpeedStep (Intel) or Cool'n'Quiet (AMD) it will clock down the CPU when not under load. It can also power down hard drives, etc. It will not slow a computer down in regards to performance.

Edit- You want max battery on your laptop though and having the higher power setting over performance will keep your laptop cooler as well.

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When I first setup my Windows 8 (now 8.1) notebook I used an email address for my Microsoft Account that I now no longer want to have associated with this account.  This is the MS Account that I use to login to my notebook, Onedrive and Office
365 to manage the 5 installs that are provided.  In reading several MS forums, it now appears all you have to do to change your MS Account email (alias) is to set up a second alias, then move that to your primary alias. 

This sounds easy, but how does it affect your Onedrive and Office 365 installs that are linked to this.  I know the Onedrive and Office 365 setups use the MS Account also, so will they all just magically change too?  I'm just a little leery of
doing this and then finding my Office no longer works or I can no longer login to my notebook. 

Does anyone have experience with this and found it to work? 

A:Will changing primary alias in Microsoft Account affect use of Onedrive and Office 365?

Ok, guess I answered my own question.  I switched the Microsoft account off the Primary Alias and substituted my new email address for it.  When I turned the notebook on it of course still had the old email address showing, but allowed me to
login just fine.  After a few minutes I kept checking it by going on and off the lock screen where the email address is displayed and it changed by itself to the new email.  Also all the Apps and Windows store eventually updated to the new email
address.  The only thing that hasn't yet is Office programs such as Word and Excel.  They work fine and sync with the Onedrive still, but remain showing the old email address.  When I did the switch a dialog box came up and said it could take
48 hours for this to process through all applications, so not worried about that yet. 

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So, I'm an idiot. I need someone to help me reset ownership and permissions for the c: drive on a hdd. I'm not well versed in cmd so I can't seem to figure it out.

My bf's laptop overheated (so I thought, he was streaming a baseball game, not much else I think, when it shut down unexpectedly last night) and wouldn't reboot. It displayed the Toshiba logo, but when that disappeared the dos type text cursor appeared and then stopped moving, where it normally blinks a few times before showing the windows logo, logging on, etc.

He's using a Toshiba A665-S6095 laptop purchased in 2010. HDD most recently replaced about a year ago with new drive. Running Win 7, i5 processor. Used mostly for web surfing, word processing, nothing taxing.

I somehow got it up boot into windows from the 'incorrect shutdown' menu (repair, safe mode, start noramlly, etc.), and decided to restart thinking it would be fine, but again wouldn't boot just like last night. I connected it to my own laptop with a sata cord and was able to see the drive and all its contents. I ran chkdsk in cmd and found no errors, but when I tried to run /fixboot it gave me an access denied error. I did some searching and thought I could change permissions to get recboot to work, and found these instructions (method 1):

Access denied on external hard drive. - Microsoft Community

I should have known better when the cacls promt came up with ARE YOU SURE? but I did it anyway.

After this I put his hdd back in his lapt... Read more

A:Restore Access Permissions on C: Drive after changing in cmd

Boot into System Recovery Options via F8 or disk to run System Restore as far back as necessary.

Go over your install or try other Troubleshooting steps from tutorials linked beneath my wave pic below.

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A few days ago I got the smitfraud virus (The one that changes your desktop background) and did everything I know to get rid of it. I'm currently no longer plagued by the background changes and rampant popups, but my computer's been performing very slowly, and I get a few random pop-ups every now and then.

Which brings me to my point; If I system restore to a time before I ever got the virus, would my computer's performance improve? I've tried everything, and I'm still being plagued by the sluggishness. Once more, my antivrus programs still detect the same viruses on my system whenever I run them.

I just want this nightmare to be over... What will system restore do?

A:How will System Restore affect me in my situation?

If in two days you do not receive help here, click the small, red outlined triangle in the upper right by the post #. Then request that your Thread be moved to the "Malware Removal and HighJackThis" Forum.

This link is to the first "Sticky" at the Malware/HJT Forum. See for info re how to proceed there, if you are moved:


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I accessed Windows via the command prompt, but how can I go to the 'Documents' & 'Downloads' folders? How can I copy the contents to my SD card which is read in the drive letter 'H'. The cmd. 'xcopy' will copy a whole directory & 'copy' will copy individual files.

I read that System Restore doesn't affect personal data, but what I read mentioned only the Documents folder. It also mentioned something like the data had to be protected, so I'm wondering if only data in the Documents folder won't be affected!

A:Does System Restore affect any personal data?

It usually does not restore the user folders. But by precaution, I would back them up anyhow before restoring. Better safe than sorry.

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I've got Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux on different partitions, so if I were to recover windows 7 by the Advanced Recovery Method restoring to factory condition, would this action delete/affect my precious Ubuntu in any way? Is the restoring applying to that partition or the whole computer? Has anyone done this before?
I guess I could reinstall Linux afterwards if it will be deleted, but I'd prefer not to (recustomizing one operating system is enough ).

A:Windows 7 Reinstall/Restore will affect Linux?

I'm pretty sure that would overwrite grub and replace it with Windows boot loader. but you can reinstall grub via a live CD, Have a look here. Hope this helps.

Edit : Also it would be wise to backup your home folder in Ubuntu before trying anything. This would save a lot of time if disaster were to happen.

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i have a folder which causes, "windows has encountered a problem and needs to close", to appear when i open it. also, when i try to use system restore it goes through all the steps but when it's almost done it tells me that whatever restore point i chose could not be restored to. could there be a connection? these are driving me nuts! thanks, boyd.

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For my computational biology course, I have an Ubuntu BioLinux VirtualBox setup on my Windows 7 laptop. I wanted to know, how does System Restore deal with my VirtualBox?

A:Does having an Ubuntu VirtualBox affect my system restore sizes

System Restore deals only with system files, including applications like VirtualBox. It ignores your data files, including those associated with Ubuntu. Thus, your system restore point sizes should not be effected.

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I fear that the virus on my windows xp affect the other HD that has Ubuntu can a virus move through partitions?

Also another question is:
If I execute a virus on wine can it affect the entire os?

Las question:
If I open an email that's meant to infect my pc just by viewing it can it affect any OS or does it depend on the browser?

A:Can a virus that affect Windows affect a linux partition on the same PC

(Admins delete my post if I'm not allowed to respond to this topic)

I don't think it can, unless it's a cross-platform malware like the Boonana trojan. Windows malware downloaded on Ubuntu can affect Windows, though (not sure it it has to be moved to the Windows partition manually or not).

I think since Wine is virtualization, it shouldn't affect Ubuntu, and because Ubuntu is a linux/unix distro, it shouldn't be able to run anyway (but don't take my word on that).

Not sure about the last question.

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My computer is old (but I love it). And recently I hear funny clicking noises from my C drive and it cannot always be accessed. I have win2k installed on drive C and winxp on another physical hard drive D. I am using only winxp on D.

If tomorrow my C drive is dead, will I still be able to boot xp on drive D? I read that the boot file is always on C. So if that is a problem, how can I fix it before C dies?

A:Solved: Old C drive might die any moment, will it affect booting winxp on D drive?

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hi, i am using vista home premium. Now i am facing a problem. when i plugged in pen drive then my pen drive icon changes to like a folder icon and a autorun.inf file is created in the pendrive. this autorun.inf can not be deleted. if i format the pen drive then autorun.inf is deleted and pen drive icon is chaged to the removable device icon. but after removing the device and plugged in the device again the same problem is occured..
what is the solution for this without formatting the windows..? pls help me..


A:virus in vista that affect pen drive

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

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After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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Does dye transparency of a disk affect how well my cd drive can read it? I bought a 50 pack, store brand, CDRs. My dvd drive is slow in recognizing back up copies of disks, but my burner does fine. These disks are more transarent than what I have seen before and others say this shouldn't have any impact on the quality of the disks.

I also have one Verbatim CDR disk with azo blue dye and I'm saving it for the ultimate backup. It's very pretty with it's deep-dark blue bottom, kind of like PS2 disks. My logic tells me that having a darker dye will produce stronger contrast after recording and thus cd drives will pick up the disks a lot faster.

Also, when I look at the ATIP of these disks, it says "long-strategy" or "short-strategy"; what do they mean?

A:Does the transparency of a disk affect how well my cd drive can read it?

Hey erwin1978,

Check your CD-R manual or web site for listed types of media. I have found some to work great and some that didn't I try to shy away from "white label" store brands and stick with name brands Like Fuji, Imation, and Pengo.

Those brands have never given me any trouble. I used a major makers "Black media" and have had less than satisfactory results.

Good luck

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Didn't know whether to post here or in Hardware forum...hope this is the place?

Have a 1 T external usb drive used for system & file backups on 2 machines. Lately it seems that the speed to save a system image is slowing down considerably...particularly on the 2nd networked machine ?

The drive is about 80% full now...could this be the reason the performace/time to save/restore an image seems to be growing longer ?


A:does the capacity/used space on USB drive affect performance

Quote: Originally Posted by trinaz

Didn't know whether to post here or in Hardware forum...hope this is the place?

Have a 1 T external usb drive used for system & file backups on 2 machines. Lately it seems that the speed to save a system image is slowing down considerably...particularly on the 2nd networked machine ?

The drive is about 80% full now...could this be the reason the performace/time to save/restore an image seems to be growing longer ?


Defragmenting that drive might help

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Heyo forum-goers, what I am trying to do is sort of complicated but I'll try my best to explain it. Basically I'm trying to squeeze every ounce of potential out of my nearly outdated machine.

First, my relevant system specs:
- Windows 7 Pro 64bit
- 2 IDE Hard drives - 5400rpm 80GB Maxtor, and 7200rpm 160GB Seagate
- 2 Gigs of generic grade RAM

OK so earlier today I found out about virtual memory, AKA a paging file, and about how it acts like a sort of RAM buffer, increasing performance. I also found out that I can put a paging file on each hard drive and that I could get the greatest benefit if I had each hard drive on a separate IDE channel, so I ripped open my case, rerouted the cables appropriately, changed the master/slave jumpers, reset CMOS, and booted up Win7.

Now here is where I make things more complicated . In the interest of getting every drop of juice out of this rotten orange, I want to move (clone) the entire Win7 partition from the Maxtor to the Seagate to take advantage of the extra RPMs. Except when I attempt the cloning process via Seagate Disc Wizard, I only get the option to clone the Win7 partition and not the reserved unallocated space used by Windows Recovery Environment. I am unaware of how Win7 uses the reserved space specifically, but I assume that if I just created the unallocated space later it wouldn't instantly restore WinRE functionality. I know enough to know it has to be more complicated than that. How would I clone the Win7 partition ... Read more

A:How will a hard drive clone affect WinRE?

If you are referring to the 100MB System Reserved partition, that isn't unallocated space, it's an NTFS partition that contains the boot manager and other things if Bitlocker is enabled.

You could use some other software that will clone the System Reserved partition. Acronis True Image Home 2010 will do it. You can use it on a trial basis to do the cloning:
Complete hard disk recovery solution, backup, drive copy, clone and image computer software

Also, Paragon is well regarded and I'm not sure if the Backup & Recovery 10 Free edition will clone, per se, but some of their other software will, and free trials are available from them, too.
Paragon Software: Download free partition software for home

As for the page file, Windows creates and manages that as a separate file, pagefile.sys. You can modify its size and location under Advanced System Settings.

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I have a notebook computer with Win XP and a 20 gig HD. That HD just isn't large enough for my traveling files. I am going to install a larger HD and I was looking for some way to just make a DISK image of the whole thing onto an external drive connected to the notebook through the USB port. I really don't want to start from scratch and reinstall everything. I currently have the main disc partitioned into 3 partitions. C: for the OS, D: for applications, and E: for data. F:, the external drive, is strictly for backup.

If this can be done, how do I do it? Do you know of anywhere I can find a step-by-step plan to do the job I want to do? I am pretty much a dummy on this sort of thing. Any help you can give me on this will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, Bob

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I have an HP dv9500 laptop that was giving me some problems, so I bought two external HDD enclosures so that I could take out the hard drives and transfer the data to my new laptop. To avoid confusion with other external drives that I've attached, I renamed the two hard drives H: and P: on the new laptop.

After I transferred the data, I put the HDDs back into the original dv9500 and was going to run the restore disk. However, now it won't even power on, as if the motherboard has gone out. I had the motherboard replaced last August, so I really hope that's not the problem now!

I'm wondering, since I renamed the C: drive that hosts the OS on the new laptop, will it change the letter in the original laptop as well, causing it not to find C: in order to boot? Just trying to rule some things out before I write it off as a piece of junk. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Will changing drive letter of HDD on one computer cause it to change on another?

A drive letter assigned on one computer has no effect on a different computer. However, if you modified the system drive letter (C in Windows while it was booted up, you'll have all kinds of problems, and I doubt the computer will even boot up again.

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Hello all. I need some more space and I have a extra 1tb external hd. I want to turn my usb 3.0 external into a sata internal. Will this be the same performance as a regular internal drive with same specs(like if both are 7200rpm). Isn't it the same thing? Or external not made to be as good as internal drives?

A:External Usb 3.0 hard drive used as internal affect performance?

A hard drive will only run at a certain speed.

An external drive is used for storage, no reason for it to be super speedy.

If you want to take apart a perfectly good working external drive to gain a millisecond or 2 of speed, that is your choice.

USB 3.0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Difference between SATA I, SATA II and SATA III

Need more space, just buy another hard drive for the pc.

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Just a basic user here so thought I would ask somewhere on the internet before attempting. Have windows7 installed on drive C:, and have win7 and winxp installed on two other partitions (E: & F: ) on the same hard drive.

Last year I used EasyBCD so that 7 and XP could dual boot as options.

Now the main partition drive C: has way too much crap on it, want to just reinstall windows 7 all over again but leave everything else alone. Will reinstalling windows 7 to drive C: affect the whole drive, i.e. Master Boot Record, special boot loader or anything like that -- do I risk damaging other partitions in any way or any precautions I should take / be aware of?

A:OK to do clean re-install windows7 drive C:? Affect other partitions?

Hello and welcome extra mate I am NO expert but if I understand you correctly you have 7 installed ?twice? and will end up with three installs of 7 plus the XP if you go ahead.

I stand to be corrected but I think you can install again on the same drive it will keep the "old" Windows there too.

Any chance of a screen shot of the Disk Management screen? and some system specifications would be real good too.

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I thought I'm giving up my OS today. Everytime I start up my OS, it tells that it failed to start because of the previous hardware setting blah blah. It shows a file in system are corrupted or missing. Although even if I succeeded in starting up after a long long system check run by CPU automatically. It always freeze almost everytime, it can still be operational after that. All programs, Mozilla, Google, folders etc. that are opened were seen "not responding" for long 20sec to 1m. Even my antivirus won't let me scan. Some of the files are missing or corrupted. System is freezing almost everytime. I tried system restore and it became ok for 1 day, although it failed to fully restore the previous point but then the problem went back. This is where I believed my OS is full of virus. I've never experience such issue until today. I thought this is a virus but when I tried to give it a chance to clean the dust. The problems are fixed?

Some system 32 files are corrupted or missing bcos of dust? are they still missing after cleaning?

A:How dust may affect your computer?

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I've received notifications from HP  about Cyberlink being a risk to my computer. What is Cyberlink & how can it affect my computer. I don't remember installing it, so where did it come from?

View Solution.

A:what is cyberlink & how can it affect my computer

Cyberlink is one of the softwares that will often be pre-installed when you recieve the computer. The HP notification may be saying you are at risk due to it being out of date. Cyberlink is a company so there are many different possibilities for which software is causing the issue. If you could outline which software it is that is causing the issue to allow more help

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IS it possible that spyware or adware can affect your computer monitor? I replaced my monitor just 6 months ago and the other day when i started up Windows XP - the computer monitor was very fuzzy and the colors are not crisp. I tried using the HELP function but did not make any progress. Any one have a suggestion?

A:Can It Affect Your Computer Monitor?

I'm not aware of any spyware affecting monitors directly ..affecting their color contrasts and brightness levels may be another story. Besides checking those settings, make sure your cable going from the monitor to the back of your computer is secured tightly.

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so here is an oddball question. how would i go about reconnecting to a network share drive, after changing the ip address of the computer im using, using a command prompt?

A:reconnecting to a network drive after changing computer ip address

You'd connect to it the same way as before. Changing a computer's IP address shouldn't prevent you from connecting to a network share unless you gave the computer an IP address on a different range, in which case you'd need to change that devices IP address to match the new network IP scheme. Can you clarify what you did and what IP addresses the network device and the computer have?

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hi, i think my computer has a quite serious problem, yesterday i tried to install a few programs n maybe one of them contains a virus, when i did the virus scanning, i found there's trojan virus there.
i cudn't open my c: or my documents, and almost all.

i tried to cleaned them up using my antivirus program (AVG 7.5, free ed)
and it works

after that, i tried to do another scanning, and the result shows that it has no viruses anymore,

fyi- before there was 8 file were infected, most of them are from system32

the new problem is, even though i can open all my drives like normal, but the icon of my drive c now has changed into a red cross symbol, as shown in the attachments, "screen"

and when i turn my laptop on, there's a box appears, shown in attachments, "error1"

can u please tell me what is going on with my laptop?
and what should i do?

thanks a lot.
waiting for ur reply


A:why does the icon of my computer (drive c) is changing to a red cross symbol?

Click here to download HJTInstall.exe

Save HJTInstall.exe to your desktop.
Doubleclick on the HJTInstall.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
Click on Install.
It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log should open in notepad.
Click on "Edit > Select All" then click on "Edit > Copy" to copy the entire contents of the log.
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.


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Dear Forum

I know that this may seem to be a silly question.

I notice that on occasions when I have been troubleshooting USB Flash Drives - the letter say (F will change.

Does Windows change the drive?

As when I have my D: - I has it as not shared. When I insert the USB Flash Drive into the other computer it takes on E: and it becomes shared.

If someone could please assist me, that would be great.

A:Why does my computer change the drive letters when changing computers

The assigned drive letter is specific to each computer, not the drive itself.

As for it sharing on one and not the other, likely different sharing settings between the two computers.

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When I setup a screensaver slideshow on my Win 10 computer it also sets itself up on my wife's Win 10 machine. How do I stop this? Is this something to do with a network setting that I don't want or need?

A:This change to my computer affect my Wife's computer.

Do you sign into the machines with the same Microsoft account, if so it sounds like it is syncing your settings
This might help

Sync Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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When the cable of an external drive is awkwardly plug in and cause the following error (not exact wording)

'An error was detected on device during paging operation' and 'unable to flush data to transaction log'.

Will there be a long term effect on the drive since the problem is only cause by not plugging the cable properly.

A:Will sudden cable connection problem affect hard drive in the long run

Hi LearningTeam, welcome to the Forum.

I doubt the hard drive will be affected but there might be a problem with the data transferred during that time. So check to see if the data is still working correctly.

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Hi, I am having this issue I have been wondering about for quite some time and finally decided to ask around and see if I can get some constructive answers to my issues.

I used to have a laptop which I used for doing my internet surfing and it was a good computer like 1,8 dual core procesor with 2G + RAM (approximate info). When I first acquired the USB modem which captures the signal from a mobile phone provider that offers the internet service I didn't have many problems with it. After a while my USB port on the laptop started having problems and as I remember also my internet performance dropped and I had many automatic disconnections or network dropouts. That laptop died a few months ago (actually just needs some repair, but didn't bother sending it to repair) and currently I am using an old desktop computer with a 1,3 AMD duron processor and 993 RAM.

Her is my actual question, that was just to fill in the details for the upcoming question...Could it be that my internet is constantly disconnecting because of bad computer circuits (first the bad USB port on the laptop and now an 8 years + old computer whos circuits could easily be ruined by time or other factors)?

Now this is just an educated guess and am trying to get an oppinion from someone who has more knowledge and info about these things, since the USB modem sometimes literally drives me crazy because of the poor performance and am unsure if it is ITS fault or the computer/s on which I used it or am us... Read more

A:Can bad computer circuits affect USB internet performance?

USB Wi-Fi adapters draw the maximum current provided by a USB port. Essentially no room for error, so if the adapter draws a little extra or the port is not supplying quite enough it may even lose power completely and then come back on. That happened to me with one adapter and several different USB ports.

Since mobile wireless modems are also radios, I'm guessing that they may also be drawing maximum power, with the above possibilities.

But unless your modem is actually losing power (maybe a LED to indicate, or the "USB device has disconnected" sound) I don't know how to tell if your problems are power related.

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I have a windows vista laptop. About three weeks ago my internet started to not work. Mozilla Firefox would not load all of the way; it would just say (not responding) and freeze up. Internet Explorer would load, but wouldn't let me go anywhere on the internet without stopping and saying (not responding). It was incredibly difficult to exit out of the windows as well.

I have done several virus scans, I have disconnected and reconnected my wireless network, I have uninstalled mozilla firefox, and I have downloaded all of the updates for my computer. To make matters worse, the problem with my internet has now caused my entire computer to slow and sometimes other windows display the same message that says (not responding). It is so frustrating! I am at a loss as to what to do. I thought that the whole thing would blow over, but unfortunately is hasn't.

Hopefully someone can help. Thanks,


A:Problems with my internet starting to affect my computer

As it is continually getting worse I would scan for rootkits
I will move you to the proper forum

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i have heard that more files we have in libraries folder (document, music, picture and videos)the slower the performance of computer will be.............

is it true

A:storage usage of libraries affect on computer performance

No. They are "stored" on the hard drive, but unless a file is needed it's never accessed by the hard drive. Thus it's not interfering with performance. That sort of goes along with the FALSE theory that constantly accessing the computer's memory (RAM) will wear it out.

However, a highly fragmented drive can very slightly slow down performance. If, for example a word processing document is fragmented and parts of the document in several locations on the hard drive, instead of just accessing one location to get the document, the drive must access several locations. Periodic defragmentation of the hard drive will take care of fagmented files. But even with a drive that is very fragmented with the speed of modern computers it may not even be noticed.

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So, I play the game Battlefield 2, well I guess I had the trial version of a anti virus, so basically it ran out and I didnt get a chance to download and install AVG Anti virus until a week later. So I guess during that week without any antivirus, I received a trojan. So thats when I downloaded the AVG anti virus and had it scan my computer. It found it and cleared it off my computer. During this whole time I been playing Battlefield 2 on and off and now when I play Battlefield 2 I get frequent random lags where like if I am flying a airplane, it would lag and the next thing I know I crashed in the water...or if I'm infantry it will lag and I would be like a different place the next second. So basically before I got this trojan the game was perfectly fine and I cant figure out if it is affecting my internet connection or my game disc. I am able to use the internet and browse any website fine so I'm not sure. Do you guys think the trojan could have infected my game where uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game still doesnt fix any of those frequent lags, so should I go out and buy a new Battlefield 2 game disc or...??

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I'm thinking about reformatting my harddrive because a couple of games have been crashing and windows media player also crashed a few times. (I've tried everything else I can think of) But I have 2 hard drives hooked up. One has Windows and all of my programs on it. The other is a storage hd for documents, videos, etc.

My question is, could a virus or something on the storage hard drive be causing the problem even though Windows and my programs aren't installed on that drive? There's no way I'll reformat my storage drive but if that drive is the one with the problem then it would be pointless to reformat the other drive.

A:Question about how multiple hard drives affect computer operation

You should be able to virus scan the data drive and be pretty sure there's no issue there. Most data files aren't targets for virus infections, with the exception of stuff like .DOC and .XLS that run macros. Why don't you try an on-line virus scan, then a spyware scan to see if you can identify the issues? I'd start with the Trend House Call on-line Virus Scan to make sure you have a complete virus scan.

Next, download Ad-Aware and install it, update it's signatures, and do a complete scan. I also use Spyware Blaster to prevent spyware from loading in the first place. Finally, if you still have a problem, download HijackThis and CWShredder and post a HijackThis log.

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So, I play the game Battlefield 2, well I guess I had the trial version of a anti virus, so basically it ran out and I didnt get a chance to download and install AVG Anti virus until a week later. So I guess during that week without any antivirus, I received a trojan. So thats when I downloaded the AVG anti virus and had it scan my computer. It found it and cleared it off my computer. During this whole time I been playing Battlefield 2 on and off and now when I play Battlefield 2 I get frequent random lags where like if I am flying a airplane, it would lag and the next thing I know I crashed in the water...or if I'm infantry it will lag and I would be like a different place the next second. So basically before I got this trojan the game was perfectly fine and I cant figure out if it is affecting my internet connection or my game disc. I am able to use the internet and browse any website fine so I'm not sure. Do you guys think the trojan could have infected my game where uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game still doesnt fix any of those frequent lags, so should I go out and buy a new Battlefield 2 game disc or...??

A:Solved: Could a Trojan virus that was in my computer affect a pc game I'm playing?

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i try to restore my win 10 computer and it says i need only 680 mb more space so i need to delete some files but i seems ive done that anyway

i want to restore the dumb thing--it keeps updating so i only have 6 gig free space

why did i buy this stupid thing?

A:just crazy computer has just 32 gig drive-cant restore

Have you ran disk cleanup on the drive? I'd also recommend cleaning out redundant system files and any old restore points, since this will often yield several GB in freed-up space.

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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite C-650. I entered the factory recovery mode by pressing "0" upon startup. The factory restore mode continued as it usually does (I had done this a few times before for maintenance). Right after the Warning screen I received an error: f3-fff6-0011. No one on the Toshiba forum was able to identify this error.

What I want to do is take the HDD from the Toshiba, plug it into my Acer and either factory reset the HDD from my Acer or create a factory restore partition from the Acer, and then put the HDD back into the Toshiba. That way the windows copy that is tied to the Toshiba motherboard will still work... if this is possible.

Unless of course there is a way to exit the factory restore screen (which I am currently unable to exit on the Toshiba). I am unable to boot to Safe Mode as of the most recent boot attempt.

A:Factory restore hard drive through another computer

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Hi, a friend of mine has an older Dell Windows 7 Ultimate Intel Core i7 that is overheating and shutting down very frequently. It had a lot of dust inside and in the vents but even after cleaning that, it still shuts down if you do anything even the least bit taxing. So...

They bought a new Dell Windows 7 Ultimate computer that is a new Intel Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) with much more RAM etc. Very nice system.

Can an image from the old hard drive be used to restore the system to the new hard drive in the new computer? That way they don't have to reinstall all their programs, restore data, etc.?

NOTE: they are also running a Windows XP XP Mode image for a few programs that don't work in Windows 7.

A:New Dell computer - old hard drive restore

No way. That is not going to work for a whole list of reasons. With the new PC you'll have to start from scratch.

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I read in one of the posts that 3d party defrager could mess up start speed and comp performance, whereas vista's built-in defrager keeps certain files in ceratin places to increase efficiency and speed. Any truth to this? What about Auslogics?

A:Is it true 3d party defrag software can affect computer start time/performance

Short answer? It is true for all third party defrag software if you disable Windows defrag. Windows defrag learns and optimizes the file positions of your first load and frequently used programs. So, if you want the best optimization you would be defraging twice, first with your third party software and then with Windows defrag, which sort of defeats the purpose, no?

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Hi all--
After a Laplink transfer of data from my slow Windows 7 computer to faster Windows 7 computer, I discovered many of my programs and my data and photos were gone, or at least inaccessible, and I will assume gone.
I disinfected with Malwarebytes  (which found and eliminated hundreds of items) and then Kaspersky TDS Killer anti-rootkit (which found nothing it disliked.)  
Now I wonder if restoring my data/programs/photos which are backed up to my Seagate external hard drive could carry over some of the same malware that attacked my data in my computer.  Is there some way I can examine and disinfect my backed up data without contaminating my computer?
Thanks for any suggestions,

A:External hard drive restore to hopefully disinfected computer

Sorry for the wait. I hope the drive in question is not hooked up to your computer. First we disable Autoruns.Go to How to disable the Autorun functionality in WindowsScroll down until you see the following section:Click on the FixIt circled in blueDownload it, let it run, and reboot your computer when promptedNow reconnect your driveNext up is an online scanner called ESETESET Online ScannerClick here to download the installer for ESET Online Scanner and save it to your Desktop.Disable all your antivirus and antimalware software - see how to do that here.Right click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe and select Run as Administrator.Place a checkmark in YES, I accept the Terms of Use, then click Start. Wait for ESET Online Scanner to load its components.Select Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications.Click Advanced Settings, then place a checkmark in the following:Remove found threatsScan archivesScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyFor Current scan targets click ChangeOn the window that pops up place a checkmark on the drive you want scannedClick Start to begin scanning.ESET Online Scanner will start downloading signatures and scan. Please be patient, as this scan can take quite some time.When the scan is done, click List threats (only available if ESET Online Scanner found something).Click Export, then save the file to your desktop.Click Back, then Finish to exit ESET Online Scanner.Post the contents of the ESET export file in y... Read more

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I have a strange problem on my computer. Windows 7 is installed on my computer. There are 3 drives on my computer C, D and Z. When I start my computer in the morning Z drive disappears and cannot be seen on my computer. But when I restore the computer at earlier point (24 december) the z drive appears again. I want to know why I need to restore my computer everytime to get the z drive. I have lot of data on my z-drive and don't want to loose it. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


A:Z drive disappears unless I restore my computer to earlier point

What type of drive is it, Internal / External. Does it show up in Disk Management? What changes happened on the 24th so the drive won't show up now.

To bring up Disk Management, type diskmgmt.msc in the Search Box.

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So we are going to be hypothetical here. 
1. I backup my entire system onto a 200gb external hard drive
2. I COMPLETELY erase windows from my computer, and all of it's data
3. I plug in the external hard drive. 
is it possible to re install windows at that point? Or would I need disc/usb flashdrive 
ALSO: Is the "Systems image" with no other data enough to restart windows? Thanks! 

A:Will an external drive backup restore a computer fine?

Creating an image backup of your entire hdd is a wise thing to do. Some time in the future your hdd will become unusable. Sometime in the future
your OS will become unusable. How often you create an image backup of your hdd or just your personal/ business files is dependent on how important your files are.
Another option.....You can clone your hdd to another hdd of the same size or larger.
Read the info in the links below and if you still have questions, please ask.
What happened to Backup and Restore? - Microsoft Windows Help
How to refresh, reset, or restore your PC - Microsoft Windows Help

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