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Outlook Express Screen Disappears

Q: Outlook Express Screen Disappears

I have an Outlook Express problem that just recently started happening.

When I click 'reply to sender' on an E-Mail I want to reply to, my whole Outlook Express screen disappears and I have to restart Outlook Express. There's no error message or anything that might tell me what the problem is. As soon as I click on the Reply button, The Outlook Express screen immediately disappears.

Does anyone know what could be causing this.


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Preferred Solution: Outlook Express Screen Disappears

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I encountered a strange problem while using Microsoft Front Page 2000. While compiling the program, I embedded a link for the browser (IE6) and email (via OE). I tested both and the links were working fine.

However, when I went back to the desktop, I could no longer find the IE6 or OE icons. I then went to the Program Menu and they were not there either. I also looked in the Control Panel (Add/Remove Program), and it (they) were not there to be removed. I did find the folders for each application in the Program Files folder, and the appropriate exe program for each application.

I reinstalled IE6 and d/l-ed the updates and still, they did not show up in the Program Menu.

I was able to copy/paste the appropriate icons to the desktop and I can get them work properly, but why can't I 'see' them on the program menu.

A:IE6 & Outlook Express disappears

Not sure to be honest...what windows version?

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What causes messages in the inbox of Outlook Express 6, in Windows XP sp3, to disappear and what can I do to prevent it?

A:Inbox Disappears Outlook Express 6

In OE go to Tools/Options/Maintenance. Uncheck Delete New Messages.... etc.

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Just this one folder; and has happened for the second time. Is there a limit on the number of messages one can store? Also, I backed up the *.dbx files as suggested, but how to open to be readable from the backup?

A:Outlook Express Email folder disappears

When is the last time you manually compacted your folders?

Outlook Express Maintenance:

Close all programs except Outlook Express, including any antivirus programs you may have running.
**Adjust this setting first** in Outlook Express, Tools>Options>Maintenance, uncheck the option for: Compact messages in the background and leave it unchecked from now on. It has been linked to loss of message stores and corrupted folders.

File>Folder>Compact all Folders. Leave the computer alone until it has completed compacting.

Sometimes a warning message will appear saying the folders.dbx file is in use, so it cannot be compacted. If this occurs, let Outlook Express complete compacting. Close Outlook Express, reboot the PC, open Outlook Express and select the Outlook Express folder. On the Menu, File>select Work Offline. This should allow the folders.dbx file to be compacted without the warning message.

See this site for more information on backing up folders along with a free program to extract messages.
Outlook Express FAQ

Let us know if this resolves the problem or not.

BTW, I believe the limit for messages in a folder is limited by the amount of hard drive space you have available. Currently, I have one folder with over 70,000 messages and growing. I compact at least every other day. It takes over two hours to compact all my folders since I have so many messages. If you have thousands of messages, you might consider setting this up to run during the night.

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I have new computer and am having trouble with outlook express accounts. I have transferred my files etc. from old computer. When I send and receive I am asked for logon password. I have gone into properties and set password with box ticked. Send>receive get a logon on box asking for password with save password greyed out.
I have telephoned freeserve but all they could suggest was uninstalling and reinstalling. this did not work. I still have to logon with a password on each account.
It was suggested that I was typing something wrong, but not 3 times and 3 times on different accounts.
Thank you.

A:Log on screen in outlook express

If you mean your logon to your ISP look here.

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My OE 6 has started defaulting to less than full screen each time I switch views. I can correct by maximizing but this is tedious.  I thought there was a way to correct the display by dragging the borders but I can't get this to work.  Can anyone remind me what the secret is?  [the help file was not much help]
I am running Windows XP.  Thanks.

A:Outlook Express 6 screen

Make sure that your Restore Down and Maximize toggle (the middle one of the three in the upper right hand corner) is in the restore down mode(two sheets of paper, not single one). Resize to a smaller frame that's suitable for you. Then toggle to maximized, click the red x to exit to maintain the toggle sizes. When you open it again it should open full size and you can toggle back and forth full size and the previously set restore down size.Hope this helps.

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Frustrating problem.
I'm running Trend Micro PC-cillin 2006, WINXP PRO with plenty of Ram and disk space.
My default email is through outlook express 6.
Now my problem:
If I disable SCAN OUTGOING MESSAGES SENT etc in my email antivirus options, and try to send an e-mail through outlook express (6.0) my computer immediately CRASHES with a blue screen and I get :BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER
0X000000FE etc .
This happens every time and the odd thing is that if I activate this option it works fine.
Any insights?


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I don't like the bottom of the screen automatically showing the contents of whatever mail is highlighted. I don't even want the bottom of the screen there. How do I get rid of this? Thanks

A:outlook express 6: bottom of screen


Welcome to TSG!

It sounds like what you want to remove is the Preview Pane.

To do this, in Outlook Express go to View > Layout.

Uncheck the 'Show preview pane' box and click OK.

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When I open Outlook Express there is just a blank screen but I can see that I am receiving mail. I can access my addresses and folders.

A:Blank Screen When Opening Outlook Express

Hi Priorian

Is Outlook Express starting in the Inbox?
If so, you may have the View set to show a specific type of message.

In Outlook Express:
Click: View > Current View > Show All Messages
Let us know if that helps or not.

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May be the wrong forum but I was getting nowhere on the others. When I send an email message my PC reboots just before showing a blue screen. There is text, I assume error messages, there but it is only displayed for a sec. or 2.

PLEASE advise!


A:Outlook Express crashing. Blue screen.

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I am an old guy. I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I finally got it customized in terms of text size and layout the way I like. I am used to it. But, it seems to have some kind of fatal flaw - that every year or so MS OUtlook Express's InBox gets corrupted and makes either or both sending or receiving email no longer possible. It is as if after working properly for a year or two the InBox file gets to a certain size and goes haywire. Is there any remedy for this? Is there a more stable version of Outlook Express or another mail program that is very similar but more stable than OE that I can import my settings into?

A:Alternative to Outlook Express?I tend to like Outlook Express. Some years ago I fina

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My wife's place of business uses Outlook Express as their office e-mail utility. She doesn't have speakers attached to her PC; & she works mostly in DOS based applications, the work area of which fills the entire monitor screen. Is there a way to configure OE to have a splash screen or window pop up when she receives incoming office e-mail?

Thanks in advance,


A:Outlook Express - Mail Notification Splash Screen?

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Hi ...this problem started occurring after a friend techie was surfing in the wrong areas..it's insidious...(p.s. all virus scans were negative) I will begin to use IE and then 3 seconds later..I get the standard error screen pop-up message "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." and of course when I use Outlook Express it takes about 10 seconds I get the standard error message again "Outlook Express has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Now originally I would click "no" don't send the report and of course the application would automatically close..HOWEVER when I don't respond at all to the error pop-up window and just move it at the bottom of my screen I can use these applications as normal...However whenever I open up a new IE window I get the error-message pop-up window again...this also happens when I use Windows explorer although it is more random...So here I am using the applications with these error window pop-ups and the bottom of the screen..it's driving me crazy...also

Upon investigation of the dumps that you can view via these error message windows they all have the same thing in common the beginning of the report starts at "AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 7.0.5730.11 ModName: unknown
ModVer: Offset: 00130711

All of these error reports have ModName unknown and when I open up the dump it has the Sys... Read more

A:Continous Error screen pop-ups when opening IE and Outlook Express


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Is it possible to hit print screen and go directly into a new message and paste the screen shot in Outlook Express without having to save it to paint, etc first? I know I can do it in Outlook, but for some reason OE doesn't give the option....Thx!

A:Solved: Pasting Screen shots in Outlook Express?

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As user "A", I sent two emails with picture attached, using the option in MY PICTURES, "send to email recipient" and both went out ok. I then opened Outlook Express from the desktop and got this:

The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'pop.cmaaccess.com', Server: 'pop.cmaaccess.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

In addition there was also something about an AVG error. As user "B", OE showed the same error, and said there were two messages in the outbox, but if I select SEND, the same error popped up, and I could not find these messages anywhere. As user "B", all I could access was the inbox. Also, as user "B", the email scanning of AVG would quit every couple of minutes. I could restart it only by deactivating AVG from the task bar, then opening AVG from the desktop, which I did numerous times. As user "A", it never did this.
I finally decided to uninstall AVG. After a few seconds I got this blue screen message:

...device driver attempting to corrupt the system...
***STOP: 0x000000C4 (0x00000060, 0x00000000, 0x0000164C, 0x00000057)

The 164C in the fourth group might be I64C, I can't read my own writing at this point. At this point the desktop AVG icon was a tile, and when I tried to open it, it was searching for the now-missing avgw.exe file. Tried to uninstall AVG again, got the same blue screen error. So now I have... Read more

A:Solved: Outlook Express not connecting, then a blue screen

I have since managed to uninstall AVG in safe mode, but the OE problem remains the same.

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Hello. The 'Connect To' screen of Outlook Express only ever used to appear when I clicked the 'Outlook Express' button. Now it pops up as soon as I turn on my computer. Can you please tell me why this is, and how do I stop it?


A:Outlook Express 'Connect To' screen appearing as soon as computer turned on

Go to Start\Run\Msconfig\and uncheck Outlook Express if it is there.

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This is a strange question, but I am really puzzled. I have Windows XP and Outlook Express 6. Recently when Outlook Express checks email, my screen image goes completely blank, to the background color; if I roll the mouse over the screen, parts of the image become visible. This happens even if Outlook Express is minimized--whatever image is on the screen dissolves like this. I have McAfee VirusScan protection, Sygate Personal Firewall, and I run Ad-Aware and SpyBot frequently. Any ideas? Thanks for taking time to read my message.

A:Screen Image Breaks Up When Outlook Express Checks Mail

Did you install or uninstall any software around the time this started? Change any settings to other programs?

Does OE continue to work even though the screen is blank?
Are you scanning the emails? Turn off McAfee (competely) (temporarily) and see if makes a difference.

Try System Restore:


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can anyone give me a step by step description, how i can export my Emails and the Address book from Outlook Express 6 to another Computer which runs also Outlook Express 6?
I tried already to export the Address book but it only allows me to export it as a *.csv-File and after i put the data on my usb stick and try to import it on my new computer by File - Import - Addressbook, the program keeps asking me for a *.wab-File? (btw: i can only use the: "Text File (Comma Separated Values))" Option, when exporting the address book.

Export and Import from email messages doesn't work either.

Has anyone a really step-by-step description how to do this??

Thank you very much in advance for your help


A:Solved: Import & Export from Outlook Express 6 to Outlook Express 6

Hi wizzle2003

When you are ready to Import the .csv file on the destination computer,
In Outlook Express,
File > Import > Other Address Book
You should then be given the option to choose a Text File (Comma Separated Values)
Then Browse to the .csv file to complete the Import.
Enable Show Hidden Files and folders:

Open My Computer,
Tools > Folder Options > View tab,
under Hidden Files and Folders, verify Show Hidden Files and Folders is selected.
Remove the check mark for Hide Extensions for known file types.
To locate the directory where Outlook Express keeps it's message store:
Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > Store Folder
Note the location, then Cancel out of the window.

Navigate to that directory, copy all the .dbx files to a folder on the Desktop.
Copy those files to a folder on the Desktop of the destination computer.
If you are using a Flash drive to transfer the files, it may take a couple of transfers to complete.

Once all the .dbx files are on the Destination computer,
Open Outlook Express,
Tools > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 6 > Next
Select: Import mail from an OE 6 store directory
Click: OK
Browse to the folder containing the .dbx files on the Desktop.
When you reach the Finish button,
You should see a "Congratulations Your data was successfully imported"

If there is more than one Identity in Outlook Express, switch to the other Identities in Outlook Express and repeat the steps above.

... Read more

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Windows XP login screen shows inaccurate amount of emails in Outlook Express. Is there a patch or setting for this?

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Dear Forum ;-)

One of our artists is going to be moving from a Mac to a PC (Windows XP), and we need to be able to move his existing Outlook Express messages from the Mac to the PC version of Outlook Express. I did catch this thread:


but the link to the "OE Exporter" is broken. It looks like it worked, too. Does anyone have any suggestions, or a new link to OE Exporter?

Thanks in advance.

Marc Hoffman

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We want to import our emails and folders from our old computer which uses Outlook Express 5 to Outlook Express 6 (our new computer that uses Windows XP). The problem is when I click on import, I get the wizard which prompts me to click on the 'old email program'. There is Outlook Express 4 and Outlook Express 6...no 5 to choose!!!! So how do I import these files!!

Please help!



A:How to import files from Outlook Express 5 to Outlook Express 6?

Hi Melissa, Welcome to TSG! First, make sure you can view hidden files and folders and do a search for your OE5 .dbx files. Find > *.dbx
Remember the location!

Then to import from OE5 into OE6, click
File > Import > Messages > OE6, then select "Import from an OE6 store directory" and Browse to the folder containing the OE5 *.dbx files. Make sure they are not set to 'read only'.

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Hey Folks

I am trying to import OE5 .dbx files from a Win2k machine to a completely different machine (Win2003) with OE6. Everytime I try to import the DBX files I get an error message stating:

"No messges can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open..."

The thing is I have even tried copying the DBX files from the old machine to the new machine and importing them from a directory on the new machine. I stil get the same message!

Another strange thing is the impor facility on OE6 does not provic an option import OE5 files, only OE4 & OE6.

I've already imported my mail accounts and address book, just not my messages.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thx in advance.

A:(Solved) Outlook Express 5 import to Outlook Express 6

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I just worked through a malware problem I had here. It seems to have screwed up Outlook. When I open it I get this warning.

Sorry about the bad crop job, I was in a hurry. If I click OK on that waring Outlook opens for 10-20 seconds and then closes very quickly. Where should I start? BTW, it looks like I have lost all of my emails but I am hoping to save my contacts.

A:Outlook 2003 disappears

That is a problem with Avast! - - not Outlook.
Suggest this sequence

uninstall Avast! & Reboot
open and test Outlook
now address getting a fresh copy of Avast!
and install it anew


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I use Outlook 2003. My signature comes up automatically for a new message as I have selected and therefore it should. But when it reaches the recipient it's gone. If I include my own address as a recipient it is gone when I get it as well. I tried removing the signature and doing a new one and it worked for awhile and now it is doing the disappearing act again. Anyone have a clue?

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I'm not sure how to really word this in a descriptive way, so up front I'll apologize for a possible long winded post.

I have a bunch of users that when they get Emails from a particular company they will go to reply or forward the message. All of that goes normal with the exception of one problem, the only part of the email that shows up in the window (even right after clicking on the forward or send button) is the original email's header and footer - all of the rest is missing.

Now on my side, we are on Exchange 5.5 (ya..I know - that's some of where I come in..upgrading their environment) and Outlook 2003.

The other company is using Lotus Notes. I know that with Notes you can set mails up to be sent with a "Prevent Copying" flag; however, none of the other recipients of mail from this company are having these issues.

Hopefully I've typed this out in an understandable way. If so, does anyone have any ideas on what might make this happen?

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I had my Outlook 2003 program open when I had a disk error and my XP Pro box rebooted. When it cam back up I started all my apps up and when I ran Outlook it said it could not find the PST file!! and it is gone !!

Is there ANY hope of finding it again ??


A:Outlook 2003 pst file disappears!

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I'm trying to paste an MS Word Document in Windows 7 with a Page Border into Outlook and the Border disappears.
I've tried Googling and nobody seems to have this problem.
I've tried Control A to Copy Text
Control C to Copy All
& Control V to Paste & the Border disappears.
The recipient is requesting a Word Document as opposed to putting it in Notepad.
Please help
Thank you

A:Border Disappears When Pasting into Outlook

Even if you change a setting in the e-mail message that shows the border, that doesn't mean the recipient will see it the same way. If the recipient wants a Word document, send it as an attachment.

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I just upgraded from Office 2000 to 2003 running on Win XP Professional. I am receiving email in Outlook 2003, if I open an email (without an attachment) go out of Outlook 2003 w/ Service Pack 1 and come back into Outlook 2003 my emails that I have opened are gone. I've gone through all my folders and can not find any of these emails. My emails that have an attachment are automatically sent to the "Large Mail" folder. I've gone through filters and settings with no improvement.

I hope someone can help me find my emails and resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

A:Emails Disappears in Outlook 2003

Hi atomicdigita

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

In Outlook 2003,
View > Arrange By > Current View
Select the setting: Messages
Check that this view is enabled for all your message folders.
Do the messages reappear?

If not, have you checked in the Rules to see if Outlook 2003 is moving the messages to another folder?

You can create a Custom Search folder that looks for messages that have been read.
Look under the column labeled Folder and it will show what folder the message is in.

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After restarting my computer outlook disappears off to the right of the destop when I click on the icon on the bottom of the toolbar. Was working fine before.

Any ideas?

A:outlook 2010 disappears when lauched!

There are more things you can do, but I'm trying to be the FIrst POster ;-)

So, just try to do the following:
Start > Run > "Outlook -safe"

Then if it does start, go File > Exit and then start it normally again.

That may fix the issue. If not, let us know and we'll post more hints =]

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This problem is begining to happen more frequently for me. What happens is I will type an email message complete it and send it. When it sends, only a portion of what I typed is being sent. I am verifying that all text is there and then hit send. I usually cc: myself on email I send and have check those as well and a majority of text is missing. Can anyone please shed some light on why this may be happening and what I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Thank you

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By mistake it was wirten SOLVED but it is NOT !!!
Please assist me on

I run Outlook 2003 for many years.
Lately I had to format my computer.
When downloaded and try to operate Rules and Alerts, I noted that it vanished completely.
Strange to see that immy after click on it, it shows a very fast box, which was not possible to read.
In addition, it disappears.
Regret cannot use it any longer.
I have rules exported but cannot make use of it because there is no screen for Rules and Alerts
Any hint ?? In details, please, as I am a novice !
Please help

A:Again, Rules in 2003 Outlook DISAPPEARS

it still marked unsolved - and you can change that with the button at the top of the thread

so no need to start another duplicate post

closing this post

continue here

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I have Offiice 2000 running. My Outlook just started to do something strange.
I open an email, I can read it, I can print it, but when I close it, it disappears. It's no longer in the inbox and it's not in the trash.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

Any help would be great!!

Running XP Pro

A:Outlook 2000 mail disappears

Have you recently made any changes in your Outlook settings? Perhaps you have set it to "auto delete after reading email?" You might try this tip found at another forum:

Go to View, current view and switch to All Messages view.

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I have Outlook 2007 set up in Vista Home premium. On several occasions I have set up a second user account in Vista and then fired up Outlook 2007. After successfully setting up POP addresses, contacts etc everything seems to work fine. After leaving for a few days / weeks and then trying to access Outlook again through that account, it fires up as if I have never used Outlook before - asking for user name / POP settings etc etc. All previous e-mails seem to have gone.

On the odd occasion, I have entered outlook and got the new user issue; then re-booted and the old account and e-mails are present. But mainly, all previous history and settings seem to disappear.
Thanks for your help...

A:Outlook 2007 user account disappears

I think that it is a bad install or an install that has become corrupted. Why not set a system restore point, unistall using revno uninstaller and then try installing again.

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I run Outlook 2003 for many years.
Lately I had to format my computer.
When downloaded and try to operate Rules and Alerts, I noted that it vanished.
Strange to see that immy after click on it, it shows a very fast box, which was not possible to read
In addition, it disappears.
Regret cannot use it any longer.
Any hint ?? In details, please !
Please help

A:Outlook 2003 Rules and Alerts Disappears

Looking in other similoar problems, I went to outlook.exe /cleanrules, and the Rules ans Alerts come back to my tool bar. Now just a curiosity if someone can tell me": is there any limits to the numbers of Rules after which ths soft did not work anylonger ? Another : as it is a bunch of Rules, when go to Run Rules Now have I to go box by box ( item by item ) or there is any way to click all them once. Using Control A did not solve the question. Any hint, please ??


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Just like the title says, when I send email it exits the outbox as if it were being processed properly, it disapppears, but it never makes it to the "sent items". As such, I have no record of the email, and I cannot tell if it made it to the recipient. I did a couple test emails to other accounts I have and the email arrived, but I do not know if this happens in every case. Does anyone know why this would happen? The "save email I send in sent items folder" option is still checked, and I have unchecked and checked it again to see if that helps, but it does not. Any suggestions? It just started happening out of the blue. No new software installations, etc.

A:When Sending in Outlook 2003 Email Disappears

Tools-->Options, Email options. Make sure "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder is checked". Also, if you have messages in other folders BESIDES your inbox, maybe the sent message is there instead, which will happen if you have (under Advanced Email options) the "In folders other than inbox..." checked.

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Despite my setting Outlook to send in an HTML format, (as suggested in "{Solved} Emailing a table in Outlook", the formatting for my tables in Word (row height, column width) reverts back to a default uniform size and shape. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?


A:Word Table format disappears when sent in Outlook


Have you tried setting Word to be your default email editor?

In Outlook 2000, go to Tools, Options, Mail Format tab, and check the box marked Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages
If you are using a different version of Outlook, then tell us, but even so, you should be able ot find the option in a similar place.

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I use Briefcase to synch my pst file between my laptop and my desktop before going on the road. This process has worked for me for years without any issues. However, last night I returned from a trip and synched my laptop to the desktop, opened Outlook on the desktop, and received a message that my inbox was corrupted. I ran the inbox repair tool and it seemed to do its thing and I was able to open Outlook normally. Unfortunately, now whenever new mail arrives it dissappears. It doesn't go into Inbox or any other folders. I checked my email server via webmail and sure enough the mail had been downloaded and cleared from the server. I ran Outlook on the laptop again and everything worked just fine, including incoming email. I re-synched again and again, re-running the inbox repair tool each time. The result was always the same - Inbox repaired, Outlook launched normally, new email vanished. Thanks in advance for your help - I can't find an answer to this issue anywhere and I need to get email up ASAP to run my home business.

A:Outlook 2003 - Incoming Email Disappears

How big is your PST?

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This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for any faux pas in my postings. I'm in hopes that someone out there can help with this problem.

We've had several users in the office run into the problem of the message text disappearing from an e-mail when they send it. (No, it isn't user error.) No error messages appear, everything seems fine. However, when the user looks at the message in the Sent folder (to print it for reference or whatever), the text of the message is gone. The addressees receive blank messages. Any attachments are still attached, but the text of the message is not there.

What causes this? How do we fix it? Any ideas, anyone?


A:Outlook 2003--message text disappears when e-mail is sent

have you checked for a virus/spyware?

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Hey, all.

I have a user with a weird issue: Opening a new message (or forwarding/replying) user starts typing the message. After a short while (say, 30 seconds) the window suddenly disappears. No error message or nothing, it simply disappears. We're talking about Word 2003 as an editor for email messages. The issue does not occur when using Outlook as an editor - but obviously I get less features.

Anyone stumbled into something like this? Both Windows and Office are fully updated.

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My mouse pointer disappears whenever it goes on top of text in XP MS word, outlook, IE, etc.
Not sure why. And can not find setting or option to correct it.
Operating System is XP Pro.

A:Mouse pointer disappears whenever it goes on top of text in MS word, outlook, IE, etc

Your pointer should disappear over words. It should change to an I BAR.

I am using W98 so XP may vary - but first I would go into CONTROL PANEL and MOUSE and look at the POINTERS tab and see what you have listed for TEXT SELECT. It is usually one of the "Beams". If it is blank (and I don't think it is allowed to be blank) then you need to select one. XP might let you choose a color which may have it look missing.

Go look and see if that helps and if not get back to us.
- Castleheart

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I am posting this as a warning and hoping that someone might be aware of a solution. With a fully patched Win 7 x64 Pro system with Office 2010 (x86) Pro Plus: If I resize an appointment in the Calender, the Subject disappears. This seems to happen repeatably.

A:Outlook 2010 - bug: Subject disappears when appointment resized


Can you give more explanation about what you mean when you say "resize"? What calender View are you working with (e.g. Day, Week or Month)?


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I want to export messages from Outlook Express on my old machine to Outlook Express on my new machine. How do I do it if I don't have Microsoft Exchange server or don't want to export them to Outlook. I'm using Micosoft Office Pro 2003. Thank you in advance.

A:exporting Outlook Express to Outlook Express

The files you are looking for are in a folder called Outlook Express and will have the extensions .dbx

They will be in a directory path similar to the one I've include below except for the number enclosed in braces. If you don't find a path similar then just do a search for the directory Outlook Express.

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{F71B2263-58F5-45EF-8A2D-B337C0C73961}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Just replace the .dbx files on the new machine with the .dbx files from the old machine.


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My OS crashed this morning (a corrupted NTOS exe file), and I couldn't boot, so I tried to boot from the installation CD and wound up installing W2K Pro again. In the process, all my mail messages were erased/displaced. I actually have a copy of the .dbx files in another folder.

I have imported OE mail messages (dbx files) before, several times before when I changed systems and HDs and have done so successfully. However, on this day, I cannot seem to 'get it right'. Here is what I did:

I copied the dbx message files to a folder on the C-drive (mail mesages 0523105). I then opened OE and under File, clicked on Import, then messages, them OE6, then OE6 store directory, then Next....The process imported only 12 of the 42 folders I had on the list, and no matter what I did, it only imported mail from those folders and none others.

Is there anything I am doing wrong, or should do in addition to what I have already done? Is there another method for importing OE6 mail messages to another OE6 application?



A:Importing Outlook Express into Outlook Express

I have done some experimenting since I posted the first message.

I created several .dbx files from the list of dbx folders I have for the messages. It doesn't seem to matter which folders I include in the dbx files, the same identical 12 folders show up as mail folders to be imported....even if they are not included on the list I created.

Apparently, there is a default list of folders that has not changed, or does not change when I select the mail folders to be imported. I guess I need to find out where these are and change them.



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A:screen disappears

What do you mean by dissappears and more specifically are you doing?

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