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Programmatically check if outlook(mso) or outlook express(msoe) is installed?

Q: Programmatically check if outlook(mso) or outlook express(msoe) is installed?

so far i know 2 ways to check that
for outlook you can check the registry to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles
depending on os (check default value) if exist user configured outlook means installed
for express u could check for %APPDATA% + "\Microsoft\Address Book\" + %USERNAME% + ".wab" file (adressbook)
if exist user created profile

its working that way only prob now is the profiles are saved on a server
including HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ + document folder (appdata)
means if i login somewhere else and check for both they exist but outlook isnt installed there eg.!?
means i have to find a way to check if outlook is installed
(as msoe is allways installed i have just to check if HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command = msoe then test wab
that way i know its default mail client msoe is installed and default mail client
but mso(outlook) is harder
u could install office or mso single and checking registry for somethings i could use leads me allways to the {guid's}
and i have no clue how to read em
i found on ms website only that article
(1A = Microsoft Outlook 2002 but does that only work with mso2002?
the 1A if it changes it wouldnt help isnt there a easier way to check if outlook is installed on a computer whitout checking for office/outlook and all that garbage?
(outlook is on server btw) means cant check for the exe about installed or not
only HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry could help me as it is on each machine different and not saved from server
(i need that for a program that uses mapi and i want to know if the user has outlook/outlook express installed)
maybe someone can help me about that

Preferred Solution: Programmatically check if outlook(mso) or outlook express(msoe) is installed?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Programmatically check if outlook(mso) or outlook express(msoe) is installed?

Welcome to TSG.

I found a registry key at HKLM\Software\Clients\Mail that contains the list of selections on the IE properties programs tab for the default mail client. The main key has a "Default" value which contains the user's selection and points to a subkey by the same name. The Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express subkeys have an "Envelope" subkey which has a "CurVer" value but I'm not sure that means the current version of the program. I found this info just doing a cursory search of the registry -- I don't know how you would determine from this which version you have.

Good luck with your project. Hope this helps.

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Hey, my dad accessed Outlook Express earlier today.
Then he got rid of AOL Instant Messenger.
Then he tried accessing Outlook Express again, but it said that MSOE.dll could not be accessed. We did a search for the file and it's still there.
He re-installed AOL Instant Messenger, restarted the computer and tried again but recieved the same error message.

I'm about to try copying the file from my computer and replacing it on his, but I don't want to mess anything up. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express, AOL IM, & the MSOE.dll

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Hello everyone,

my computer was overheating, crashed and as a result, whacked out an Outlook Express dll file, MSOE.DLL version 6.0.2900.5512 . I tried to install an older version of this file, but it didn't work. I also tried reinstalling XP SP3, but that didn't work, either!

I have quite a bit of valuable information in my contact list, in OE and desperately need to get it working again.

If anyone can help, I'd certaily appreciate it.



A:Outlook Express and MSOE.DLL

boot into safe mode.

start > run > cmd

ren "c:\program files\outlook express\msoe.dll" "c:\program files\outlook express\msoe.old"

copy c:\windows\system32\dllcache\msoe.dll "c:\program files\outlook express\msoe.dll"

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MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in
module MSOE.DLL at 018f:007c5a39.
EAX=00000000 CS=018f EIP=007c5a39 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000000 SS=0197 ESP=0056f6bc EBP=0056fa08
ECX=00000000 DS=0197 ESI=00000104 FS=6437
EDX=01670e5c ES=0197 EDI=0056f9d0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 08 8d 95 c8 fd ff ff 52 50 ff 91 b8 00 00 00
Stack dump:
00000104 0000175b bff8516b 00000000 00000000 0056f7f4 007c5824 00000000 0056f6ec 00000108 bff8516b 0000175b 1e102220 01c30e67 00000001 00000000

This is Win 98SE, etc.

What to do?

A:Outlook Express 6 getting MSOE.DLL error...

This error can occur if certain rules for handling emails are in place.

Try starting OE while disconnected from the internet, go Tools/Message Rules/Mail. Find any rules that include 'Do not download from server' or 'Delete from server' and clear the check box. Apply the changes and see if that helps.

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When I try to open Outlook express I get the following error message:
*** Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded***

The MSOE.DLL is located on my window system drive so how can I get it to load? For the record, another error occurred - which is probably related to the above - right after I booted up the following error appeared:

*** Unable to load the dynamic link library NWNP3.DLL Some or all of the following feature is not available: NetWare

I can't get into Outlook Express to see if anyone has e-mailed me on this matter so I will continue to check this site/thread. I hope someone can help. Thanks


A:MSOE.dll won't load Outlook Express

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Dell Latitude / 127 RAM / Windows ME / IE 6.0 SP1 / Out Look Express 6.0 / msoe.dll 5.5

Problem: Outlook Express will not launch
message: "...could not be started becuase msoe.dll could not be loaded"

I've read Brindle's posts back on 2-6-03 and tried to replicate his solution but can't seem to get it going. I got to the point where I deleted the folder.dbx file and rebooted. I am thinking that the version number of the msoe.dll file (5.50) is incompatible with Outlook Express 6.0.


A:Outlook Express / MSOE.dll error

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upgraded from outlook express 5.5 to 6.0, and now outlook express won't load. the mister softy knowledgebase does not have the correct registry corrections for windows 2000. here is the error message: "outlook express can not be started because msoe.dll can not be loaded."

A:outlook express v6 msoe.dll problem

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Cannot launch OE. Get error message 'Msimn caused an error in MSOE.DLL.
How can I correct. (the file msoe.dll exists on my computer).

The problem is solved. I searched your site for msoe.dll and found the answer..
*.dbx files registered as read only. After I changed their status everything worked fine.
Will search first next time.

A:WindowsME/Outlook Express MSOE.DLL

Hi, hurljf. OE isn't considered a "business app", so I moved your Q to Email/Web apps.

Glad you got your problem solved.

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I had a virus on my computer and in the process of getting rid of it something happened to my outlook express. When I try to open it I get this message

"Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open Outlook Express message store. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x8007007E, 126)"

So when I click ok I get this message

"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly."

Well I know for a fact I have plenty of memory and my disk space is not full. I think something has happened to the MSOE.DLL being deleted or missing. Is there anyway to get it back? I have some really important emails in there that I really dont want to lose. Please if you can help thanks so much!

A:Outlook Express and MSOE.DLL error please help

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated thanks!

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Outlook express (5.0) won't start from any location. I blame myself. Error message reads: msoe.dll could not load. I have win 98se 4.1-- browser:Internet Explorer 6.0
I was Tinkering in windows set up (control panel/add-remove prgms/windows set up) trying to free up space and, as I wasn't planning to call anybody, shut down address book. Bad move. I understand it is part of the organizational contact architecture used throughout windows. I re clicked address book but tooooo late, no outlook express. Here's a history of fixes I've tried.
Confirmed outlook .dbx files are not read only, from dos I've: run scanreg fix & scanreg restore and leaped back in time a couple of days, run scan disk, run win98 exe and reinstalled windows. Only thing that's changed is my vision from working on this thing so long.
I'd be grateful for any help on this problem. thanks, rcm
ps Before I ran reg restore I was left with a completely blank screen in the windows set up box, and upon closing the box got the following error msg: rundll32. The details read: rundll32 caused general protection fault in module setupx.dll... rcm

A:Outlook Express er msg--msoe.dll won't load

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I am getting the following error when I try to launch outlook. I've searched the net but the instructions are way to confusing. I have win2000, celeron 800 with 128M, IE 6.1 SP1. Outlook was working fine... I had a lot of spyware on my system and still have some I can't remove... not sure if this is the problem. Please help!
Outlook Express could not be started. The application was unable to open the Outlook Express message sore. Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full. Contact Microsoft support for further assistance. (0x80040154,2) Then Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express may not be installed correctly.

A:Outlook Express - MSOE.DLL Could not be Initialized

have a look here

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Hi Folks,
Cannot start Outlook Express as it comes up with missing MSOE.DLL.
Have reinstalled Internet Explorer 6 SP1 as this would also not start originally. IE6 working fine, but still missing dll file in OE.

Any suggestions please oh wise ones.


Using windows 98 SE.

A:Outlook Express missing MSOE.DLL

Hi Stowie

Try the following:

Enable Show Hidden files and folders:
Windows 98:
Open Windows Explorer,
View > Folder Options > View tab,
Verify that Show hidden files and folders is checked.

Find Files:
Start > Find > Files and Folders,
In the Find Field,
Key in:
be sure to include the asterick.
in the "Look in" field make sure your "C" drive or main harddrive is selected, click on Find Now.

Locate the Folders.dbx file and rename it: Folders.old

Attempt to start Outlook Express.

If Outlook Express still fails to start, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where the Folders.dbx file is located
and Move not copy all the .dbx files to a folder on your Desktop.

Attempt to start Outlook Express.
If Outlook Express still refuses to start, what method did you use to reinstall Internet Explorer?

How many Identities did you have in Outlook Express?

See this link also:

Let us know.

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Hello from Canada! I am having problems with my Dell Windows 98 ever since I purchased 2004 Norton System Works and tried to install it; I eventually got rid of it and am sort of back to where I was before I started; I do have antivirus protection, but then in the process it damaged my Outlook Express: "Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded". There is also some further information that goes like this when I investigated further: "OEMIG50.EXE file is linked to missing exportADVAPI32.DLL:RegOverridePredefkey". That's Greek to me! Can anyone help? Thanks.

A:Outlook Express' MSOE.DLL could not be loaded

JJ: I moved your question to Web and Email forum. Outlook Express isn't really considered a business application.

Welcome to TSG, and good luck!

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First: PC is PIII 500Mhz running Win98SE still, with 768 MB RAM. Outlook Express is ver. 6.00.2800.1123.
I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I was removing excess programs (using Add/Remove Programs), and somhow can't launch Outlook Express as a result. I can still get my email through IE or Netscape, but there's no history. Even though I can see the file, MSOE.DLL, in the C:\Program Files\Outlook Express folder, it won't load. Is there an easy fix for this trouble, and is it likely I'll ever see my saved old emails again?

A:MSOE.DLL could not be loaded, no Outlook Express access.

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My dads email wont open anymore, Im running Windows ME and have already tried a Explorer repair in add/remove programs, and adding the address book in Windows Setup. Im not sure what to do next. I would try reinstalling OE but cant find the disc. Any Ideas ?

A:Outlook express could not be started b/c msoe.dll could not be loaded

Outlook Express comes with Internet Explorer. You may have to download IE again to get a current OE download.

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Suddenly. MS Outlook Express refused to load. Reports "MSOE.dll won't initialise" - complaints about disc may be full/ no memory are completely false but I am DESPERATE to get my e-mail working. I am running XP-Pro and Win 2003. Reg-Cure reports no errors with shared dlls and empty reg keys etc fixed but no improvement. Can't risk losing inbox archives/contact list and don't know how to Save without being in OE prog. Can I copy another MSOE.dll from somewhere or what should I do? Please advise - much appreciated! Thanks!

A:Win Outlook Express won't load: MSOE.dll error

Hi Speechtrainer and welcome to TSG.

When OE fails to work isn't the best time to try doing a backup, but this should do.

Click Start>Run>type %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities>OK. The folder that opens is the parent directory for all the OE Identities. Each folder with the random numbers and letters contains the Message Store for each Identity you have in OE.
Copy each of these to your desktop.

You can backup your Address book by Start>Run>type wab /a>OK. That should call up your Address book and then use File>Export to save it to a different location.

Before OE failed to load, was there any problem (crash or something) or simply one time it worked and then it didn't?

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this pretty much explains the situation. whenever i try to open Outlook Express i get the message:
"Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded"
where the heck do i go to recover that file? i HATE DLL files....they screw up a system more than any other problems i come across!!

A:MSOE.DLL file not loaded...cant open Outlook Express

Try this Microsoft link:

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Just recently and I dont know why but I cant open outlook Express..I have tried every thing and searched high and low. I have uninstalled outlook via Add/ Remove and still no joy.

I have read the Articles at mircosoft.com and tried the fixes from the registry etc but still no joy..

I have been to Active Deskyop and removed components as requested in the registry and still no joy.

these are the errors I get..

First one I try to open Outlook Express

Then when I click ok I get the following message..

Im using Windows Xp...most of the help I have read is for 2000 or Me or even 98.

Please help some one as its important I get it up and running..If not I guess a new install of XP will be a quick fix.

Thx in advance.

A:Error Outlook express couldnt start and MSOE.dll erors with Win XP

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I'm get this error ("msoe.dll could not be loaded") when I try to start it. Does anyone have an idea about why this would happen? The dll does exist in the dir.

A:Outlook Express error "msoe.dll could not be ..."

Have you recently made any changes to your software? This behavior generally manifests itself after upgrading/downgrading/changing IE, OE, or installing certain service packs. It can also occur if you remove the Windows Address Boox (which OE requires).

Provide some additional details and I can point you to the appropriate solution for your situation.


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I recently did a full re-install for windows 98. Outlook express has an error saying that it was installed incorrectly. Do I have to reinstall internet explorer or is there a way that I can repair outlook express? Or would I be better off installing a program like eudora instaed?
Thank you for your assistance

A:outlook express was installed incorrectly

Download, install newest version of Internet Explorer ( 6.0 )

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I have a new computer running Windows Xp Home edition. It came with Outlook Express installed, however, the spell check function does not work. When attempting to run spell check, I get a message saying "an error occured when trying to run spell check" Duh. does anyone have any suggestions?

A:outlook express spell check

Welcome to TSG!
Will not have much time this morning since I have to leave early but OE Spell checker as IE spell Checker function use MS Word or MS Office spell checker. If neither are installed or are having a problem OE Spell check will not work or exhibit the the same error.
If you do not have Word or Office installed you will have to do so before it will work. If you do you may have a corrupted file or an error in the registry. Here is an example of the registry for the US spell version. Note the two files that are required.
Hopefully someone else will pick up on this problem, if not I will revisit later today.


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Hello again!
I have two people with basically the same problem...OUTLOOK EXPRESS.

Person # 1 has new computer with XP. unknown rams, IE 6, Compaq Computer, ISP Cable Modem.
Person # 2 has Windows 98, 64 Rams, IE 5, Off brand computer, ISP Netzero.

Problem: Outlook express will not recognise SPELL CHECK. It gives an error message on , #2 and it wont come up completely on #1

#2 has tried to reformat, it didnt work...still no outlook express. Has completely removed it, and downloaded it again, from MSN site, still wont get SPELL CHECK to work for him.
#1 has not done anything. He is waiting for me to give him an answer and come up and fix it.....YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!

Neither one of these persons do a lot of downloading, so I dont forsee any problems with interferrance on any files not being compatiable with outlook express.

these two Gentlemen desperately need spell check, because neither one of them can spell...no edjukashen I reckon???

Thanks for any help....Star Warrior


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My new laptop has Vista but the Outlook Express does not have spell check. I tried a couple downloads but they they won't download. What can I do?

A:Outlook Express spell Check

Windows Mail (Vista's version of Outlook Express) does actually have a spell checker in it. Go to Tools > Options > Spelling.

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I can't get My spell Checker to work on OE6
Csapi3t1.dll is present in the Outlook Directory as well as an add on program that I downloaded.
When I got to: Tools/Options, there is no tab saying "Spelling" present.
Thanks in advance to all who help!!!

Best regards,

A:Spell Check In Outlook Express

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I have lost spell check on outlook express and there is no tab under options for spell check. How can I get it back?

A:Outlook Express Spell Check

Typically you need to install an Office product to be able to spell check in Outlook Express. It is not included with the OS.

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I have Outlook Express 6.0 running on a computer with Windows XP. The spell check is in French. When I click on Tools-Options-Spelling French is the only choice. How can I get an English spell check?

A:Outlook Express Spell Check

Hi hockeykap

Did you recently install Office 2007?

I would suggest using this free spell checker for Outlook Express:

The reason:
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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When I use the spell check in outlook express I have found that the language is French not English. Any idea how to change this?
Thank you

A:Outlook express spell check

Hi and welcome to TSG.

See if the information in this old thread applies in your case:

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I have Outlook Express 5.5
I have the 'automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing.' checked.
Usually this works except in one instance with a certain name I put in and then am ready to send...I click on send and a little "Check Names" box comes up and says I have several matches in my address book, please select who you mean by '--'. How can I get it NOT to do that?
Usually when you start writing a name in the 'to:' box and you have more than one name that starts alike if you don't want the first name it writes then you start writing over that name til it gets it right.

A:Check Names in Outlook Express

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I have Windows XP Pro and using Outlook Express for my e-mail service. In the last few weeks, my spell check is in French and it wants to correct just about every word from English to French. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Please post back you ideas for a fix.

A:Outlook Express Spell Check

Have you recently upgraded to Office 2007?

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weird, this one.............

I have Outlook Express 6 and MS Works 7

Outlook Express' spell check button is greyed out.
Help says:
Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed, the Spelling command is not available.

Most advice places on the net suggest that MS Works spell checker will work in Express.

I have moved a copy of csapi3t1.dll into the outlook folder as suggested on one site. This made no difference.

Any Ideas?

A:Spell Check Outlook Express

This is what microsoft says:http://support.microsoft.com/?id=886562I found this :http://www.tech-pro.co.uk/howto_010.htmlWhich you may have used already. Have you tried the free spellchecker at the bottom?

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When I try to spell check my out going email on Outlook Express I get an error message that says spelling is haulted do you wish to send anyway. I always say ok so my mail will send but it is not spell checked. This feature worked until two days ago when I replaced my printer. My fuse net support told me to reinstall my microsoft works software. I did that but there was no change.

A:spell check on outlook express

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Hello: I'm new here.

Seeking advive.. or something..

I have XP Home, and I would like to have some sorta spell check for my Microsoft Outlook Express.

Is there a free download that I can get without paying for it?



A:Spell Check For Outlook Express

Install Word if you have it
Outlook Express uses the same lexicon as Microsoft Word

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I used to have Spell Check with my Outlook Express.... now it says insert Microsoft Piture it !!! 2002 disk.... which I have mis-laid...... anyway around this (like linking it to Corel Suite 8 disk, which I have ) ??????

A:Outlook Express - Spell Check

Don't know enough about your Windows or OE versions, but you may want to start with this link from the MS KB:


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My wife and I both have Windows XP on our machines and she said she could not use Spell Check in OE.
So I went to "Help" and it stated, "Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs. Word,Excel,and PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed , the Spelling command is not available".
The next thing I did was to download a trial of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.
It has all these programs. After installing it I went back to OE and misstyped an email message then clicked on spell check and I got a box that stated "An error occurred while the spelling was being checked". I then clicked on "send" and got "the spell check on this document was halted. Do you want to send it anyway?".
So even with the Office Home and Student 2007 installed I am back to square one, can't use spell check in OE.
My question is can I do anything else in order to use the spell check in OE? without having to buy an expensive program that does not help in the trial version anyway. Or do I just forget using spell check.
I had no problems using it with Windows 98, it seems to me they always want to get in your pocket by having to buy something additional to make something else workable.
I sure would appreciate any information anyone could provide as to a way to bypass and somehow be able to use SpellCheck.

A:Spell Check in Outlook Express?

Spell Checker for OE (It's Free)


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I have recently moved to Windows XP, which came with MS Office 2007. I am still using Outlook Express for email. In the email, my spell check defaults to checking with a French dictionary. I remember finding somewhere that the email spell check comes from Office. When I found a drop down menu for language, only French was shown as an option. I can't remember where I found this menu now, but that may not matter. Can someone guide me to the location to change the default language to English? Many thanks.

A:Spell check in Outlook Express

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I would like to know if I can check if an email was sent from my outlook express account yesterday between 6pm and 8pm. Someone else had access to my computer at this time. If something was send (a very important doc) it would have been send from word via the Send to: Mail recipient option.

I called my ISP this morning but they can not help they tell me there is no records kept of my mails passing thought the mail sever and told my to check my outbox. Doh! I already did that first. If this document was sent, it would have obviously been deleted from my outbox.

Is there any other way? Is there a log kept on my computer anywhere that I can check down at code level - which I know absolutely nothing about btw.

I don't need to know the content as if there was anything sent I know what it would have been there is only one doc there that would be of interest to this person and it would have been sent to their email address.

Can anyone help. I would be so grateful.
Many thanks.

A:Outlook Express: Can I check if email was sent?

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Hi, a friend has win98se with oe5.5, he says for some reason his spell check option disapeared. any ideas?

A:outlook express 5.5 spell check?

In Outlook Express Check Tools>Options>Spelling and see if the Check before sending is On

Also, I think MSWord(?) has to be installed in order for Spelling to work. You might want to check MSWord Tools for the Spelling options.

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A really long while ago, probably about 10 or 11 months ago, I had my @msn e-mail account in Outlook Express. OE would automatically put in all the necessary info into the fields after I entered my e-mail addy. But now it no longer does that. Anyone know why? I have since reformatted about 2 times since this. Maybe it was a Windows Update? I'm clueless.

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Please help me is it possible spam checking in outlook express ?

A:Spam check In Outlook Express

Built-in: Outlook Express Spam Blocking

Third-party: Mailwasher Free Spam Filter Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker | MailWasher - Mailwasher Free

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When I attempt to spell check an E-Mail, I receive an Message" An Error occurred while
the spelling was being checked". I have Windows XP Home and also have Excel 97 on my

A:Spell check- Outlook Express

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I installed IE 5.1 which installed with Outlook. There is no spell check. I went to "Tools" "Options" and there is no "Spelling" Tab. What went wrong?

Thanks for your help.

A:Outlook Express Spell Check

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is there any way to add words to spell check? I know when you are doing spell check, it will allow you to add a word but for some reason, it doesn't appear to be working?

A:Outlook Express Spell Check

Not sure if this will answer your question, but you can take a look at this page


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is outlook express supposed to correct capitalization.
like at the begining of each sentence?

A:Outlook express spell check?

I'm pretty sure that Outlook Express uses the spell checker from the Word Processing program you have on your PC. I don't think it does a grammer check, or anything other than mis-spelled words and repeated words.

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Today, against better judgment, I set up Outlook Express. Everything was going fine for a while until it stopped connecting to the server completely.

So I wanted to go with Thunderbird instead. This is, of course, after I tried to "fix" Outlook and now it can't find my outlook.pts file even though I CLEARLY know where it is! It just can't be found through the browsing tool!
So now I can't send OR receive ANY e-mail, period!

Please tell me there's someone who can help?
I'm using Windows Vista and it's Outlook Express 2007

A:Tried using Outlook Express, now I can't check my e-mail. Awesome.

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I recently got a new PC (yea!) With Windows XP , however I cannot get the spell checker to work in Outlook Express (6). I have looked in the help menu and it said this:

"To check the spelling in messages

Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed, the Spelling command is not available."

Now that stinks!!! The PC came with Word Perfect Office 2002. Is there another spell check I could load in to Outlook? Or any ideas where I can download a freebie Microsoft Word? Or do I just need to shut up and spend "Order Just Word 2002 ...
If you just need a copy of Word 2002, you can order it online. The prices* are: $229 US for new users "
(found at... http://www.microsoft.com/office/word/howtobuy/default.asp#just )

Ouch $$$ !!!
Just wondering.

Dell Dimension 2350
Windows XP Home Edition
Pentium 4 @ 2.20GHz w/ 512K L2 Cache
128MB shared DDR SDRAM @ 266MHz
60GB ATA/100 7200RPM HD
Internet Explorer 6.0
Outlook Express 6.0
Word Perfect Office 2002

A:No spell check In Outlook Express w/o MS Word ??!!


MS Works also activates the spell checker... should be easier to find than Word

I had a link that explained it ...Ill see if I can find it

edit ...see if this helps you out...http://mywebpages.comcast.net/joeyr76/pc/oespell.html


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For the past 2 days I haven't been able to check my hotmail email from outlook express. I thought maybe my brother-in-law had messed something up when he downloaded msn messenger, but I uninstalled it and still have the same problem. It worked fine up until then. Any ideas??

A:can't check hotmail from outlook express anymore

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