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laptops getting locked after wrong BIOS login attempts

Q: laptops getting locked after wrong BIOS login attempts

Hi All, We have disabled the 'Flash BIOS Updating by End-Users' setting in all ThinkPad laptops in our organization, becuase we don't want activities with high risk to be performed by end users, Recently 1 remote user with ThinkPad T440P received a popup window to install drivers updates through the Lenovo System Update utility, the System Update tried to update the BIOS and asked the user for the BIOS Supervisor password, the user tried to type his domain password 3 times and eventually he received a message that "Supervisor Password retry count exceeded. You have to reboot the system and try again.",The problem is that after the user reboot, the laptop shows a message of "0199: System Security - Security password retry count exceeded. Press F1 to enter setup",And the laptop doesn't alllow the user to boot at all without entering the Supervisor password, this is a problem becuase remote users will not be able to boot, and obviously we can't provide the password for users, I see that in T460 there is a BIOS setting of "Password Count Exceeded Error" which can be disabled to prevent this behaviour, so the laptop will not require to type the supervisor password in such case,But the T440P do not have this setting to prevent this behavior,My question is, what could be done to configure T440P laptops not to require to type the supervisor password in such cases, as this have serious impact on remote users who can't boot their laptops at all, Please advise, Thanks,

Screenshot_281.png ?7 KB

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Preferred Solution: laptops getting locked after wrong BIOS login attempts

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I am facing an issue with a user which is getting his Account locked out every day, we have tried all the possible troubleshooting,
network drives, drivers, applications, mobile device, etc ,  we even built a new machine and it same is happening. Everyday there are 5 incorrect password attempts. This is happening even if the machine is off.
The DC is not showing the source, it is just marking it as \\Localhost: , this is happening to random hours, not at the same hours everyday

on the local machine I found these events:

An account failed to log on.

Security ID: SYSTEM
Account Name: PKC000122436005$
Account Domain: ADS
Logon ID: 0x3E7

Logon Type: 7

Account For Which Logon Failed:
Security ID: NULL SID
Account Name: Konrad Jablonski
Account Domain: ADS

Failure Information:
Failure Reason: Account locked out.
Status: 0xC0000234
Sub Status: 0x0

Process Information:
Caller Process ID: 0x3ae8
Caller Process Name: C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe

Network Information:
Workstation Name: PKC000122436005
Source Network Address:
Source Port: 0

Detailed Authentication Information:
Logon Process: User32 
Authentication Package: Negotiate
Transited Services: -
Package Name (NTLM only): -
Key Length: 0

This event is generated when a logon request fails. It is generated on the computer where access was attempt... Read more

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I am Arun Kumar Kushwaha and I have discovered one Big Loophole/Security Leak in Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System worldwide.
through which we can Access/Delete/Copy/Replace Important Data without Cracking/Resetting the Login Password in Windows 7 OS
and for this we not need any 3rd party Software/ CD/ DVD/ Pen drive/ CMD/ Script/ or any other means of hacking Devices/tool.

only through Windows 7 OS we can Access anybodies Computer Around the world, and user will never get to know that his/her computer has accessed by someone else.
This is purely Microsoft's Negligence towards user's Around the world.

U can assume how much serious is this Issue, if anybody can steal confidential Important data of Company/ Govt data/ or any other Sensitive Personal data of anyone who are using windows 7 OS.

I have Talked through telephone to MS India regarding this Issue and they told me that there is no loophole in their OS and can't be accessed by anyone without having Login Password or User need to Reset login Password with tool/software available.

also i have mailed to MS Technical support Team and also asked about this issue on Windows worldwide official support forum, but not get any meaning full response from them.

I am asking this message to here, coz i want to Spread this issue around the world, so every user can secure their Data and also MS can rectify this issue by releasing an OS Update.

Thanks for reading ..

Your's Truly
Arun Kumar Kushwaha

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My computer has been locked by ransomware, and I have been unable to unlock it.  I am able to run the computer in safe mode, and I began by running Malwarebytes.  It identified infected objects, but (upon rebooting my computer in regular mode), the issue had not been solved.  In addition, it appears that the infection turns off my McAfee Firewall.
Any assistance that can be provided is much appreciated!
DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64 MINIMAL
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
Run by Ian at 17:19:49 on 2013-06-30
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium   6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.8151.7476 [GMT -4:00]
AV: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware *Enabled/Updated* {ADA629C7-7F48-5689-624A-3B76997E0892}
SP: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware *Enabled/Updated* {16C7C823-5972-5907-58FA-0004E2F9422F}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: McAfee Firewall *Enabled* {959DA8E2-3527-57D1-4915-924367AD4FE9}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Windows\system32\wbem\wmiprvse.e... Read more

A:Computer Locked by Ransomware, Removal Attempts Unsuccessful

Hi and welcome.Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure which version applies to your system download both of them and try to run them. Only one of them will run on your system, that will be the right version.Plug the flash drive into the infected PC.If you are using Windows 8 consult How to use the Windows 8 System Recovery Environment Command Prompt to enter System Recovery Command prompt.

If you are using Vista or Windows 7 enter System Recovery Options.

To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account an click Next.Note: In case you can not enter System Recovery Options by using F8 method, you can use Windows installation disc, or make a repair disc. Any Windows installation disc or a repair disc made on another computer can be used.
To make a repair disk on Windows 7 consult: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/2083-system-repair-disc-create.html
To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:Insert the installation disc.Restart your computer.If prompted, press any key to start Windows from t... Read more

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I've got a couple PCs running XP that try to login to a domain. After entering their UserID and password they get a "Domain Not Found" message even though the domain is active and countless others have logged onto it.
After trying to login anywhere from 6-25 times it will finally take and they are logged in.
What's the cause of this and how can I fix it so it only takes one attempt?

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854893149 is the code that appears when 3 wrong attempts are enterd please help

A:84893149 is the code that appears after 3 wrong attempts ple...

@rickup? Enter    31791189 Regards, DP-K

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Upon entering my password, the system begins to load and then halts at"C:/Windows/System32/Wllogin.dll"After about 2-3 minutes, it goes to the desktop but has no accessibility to the desktop icons or taskbar at all. At this point I attempt to access the task manager, which after about 3 minutes or so will pop up. At this point there are several "svchost.exe" processes running and when I "end process" on a specific one, all my desktop icons and taskbar appear.Following this, I am able to open folders and view the contents, but when trying to access files or other folders within, the folders crash explorer.The situation explained thus far happens frequently but not consistently. Such as this very moment, everything booted fine and it's working like a charm. I've run NOD32, AVG, Spybot, Adaware and Trojanhunter and everything is clean as far as I can tell. Mind you, these programs were installed and used separately, so there are no conflicting programs at hand.Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.P.S. Here is my hijack logLogfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 12:14:54 AM, on 1/15/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svcho... Read more

A:System Hanging After Login Attempts

Hello and welcome to BC.
Apologies for the long delay in response. We have a large number of HijackThis logs to handle and it?s taking us longer to catch up. If you haven?t received help elsewhere already and still require assistance please post a fresh HijackThis log and I?ll be happy to help you.

Thanks for your patience.

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I am using windows 7 and I just went out. Some stuff in my room was moved around by my brother while I was gone. I think that he tried to log onto my computer (but I have a password so he wasn't able to). I did some research and was able to get my computer to track failed login attempts from here on out but is there any way to check if anyone tried to log in in the past 2-3 hours?

Thanks for the help & happy holidays.

A:Previous failed login attempts?

If you are using Win 7 Home, then some logging is automatically enabled. But if you are using Professional or above, you have to manually enable logging of events first, in which case there would be no track of your brother's login failures.

Start Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Create a custom view with these event ID numbers:


for By Logs: event logs: pull down and checkmark "Windows Logs".

Name the view "Login failures"

This will show you all login failures and their time.

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I have Windows 7 and run G Data Software for firewall and virus removal. It is constantly blocking a site per Message below:
Virus found while downloading content from the web.
Address: http://iad-login.dotomi.com/commonid/match?user_token=AQEHjJjxkZvrWAEBAQErAQEBAQE&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia%2Efastclick%2Enet%2Fw%2Fget%2Emedia%3Fsid%3D79568%26m%3D11%26vpaid%3D1%26refurl%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fmlb%2Ecom%252F%26vcpdid%3DAQEHjJjxkZvrWAEBAQErAQEBAQE%26no%5Fcj%5Fc%3D1%26ccs%5Fstatus%3D0&tok=rEikOzgb7js%3D
Status:  Access denied.
I have run the following programs in safe mode twice per Securitytango.com and I cannot get rid of these constant attempts my firewall is blocking. It makes my browser and computer come to a crawl.
Mawarebytes Anti Malware
G Data
How do I get rid of this??

A:continuous attempts by http://iad-login.dotomi.com/

Scan with Malwarebytes AntiRootkit
Please download MBAR and save it to your desktop.
Run tool as Administrator, tool will extract itself, and then launch.
Click Next to accept terms and conditions, and click Update to obtain latest definitions.
If malware is found click on Cleanup button , but make sure that Create restore point option is checked before proceeding !
Program will ask you to restart, allow it to do so.
Note: If you're experiencing internet connection issues or other anomalies after running MBAR and removal of rootkits, it is recommended to run fixdamage.exe located inside mbar folder. Run it as Administrator and press Y if asks you do you want to continue.
Step 2

Scan with Norton Power Eraser
CAUTION: NPE uses aggressive methods to detect and remove malware,so do not touch any of settings !
Download NPE by Symantec and save it to your desktop.
Run the tool as Administrator,accept license agreement,and click  Scan button. 
Program will ask you to reboot to continue scanning (includes rootkit scan),so allow it to restart.
After restart program will automatically launch itself and start scanning. Scanning takes 5-10 minutes,so be patient !
If malware is detected,make sure that Create restore point option is checked,then click Fix button. After that,click on Restart now to complete removal.
Attach logs from Malwarebytes, TDSS Killer (located in C:\), ... Read more

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So i formatted not to long ago, then upgraded to windows ten, however something seems amis. Random things are happening when im not on my computer, such as netflix just popped up and started playing, also random search query i don't remember typeing. My email has login attempts from quite far away,(thank go for double verification) I'm afraid i may have been hacked. Im usually fairly security conscious so i want to be sure. here is my FRST log as requested by the forums. Thanks in advance!
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version:14-08-2015 01
Ran by Cameron (administrator) on CAMERON-PC (14-08-2015 21:12:24)
Running from C:\Users\Cameron\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: Cameron (Available Profiles: Cameron & DefaultAppPool)
Platform: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (X86) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: FF)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\nvvsvc.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvSCPAPISvr.exe
(Creative Technology Ltd) C:\Program Files\Creative\Shared Files\CTAudSvc.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForce Experience S... Read more

A:Strange Computer Activity, Login Attempts

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Press the windows key + r on your keyboard at the same time. This will open the RUN BOX.Type Notepad and and click the OK key.Please copy the entire contents of the code box below to the a new file.



() C:\Users\Cameron\Desktop\05gcgizk.exe
Winlogon\Notify\SDWinLogon: SDWinLogon.dll [X]
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer: Policy restriction <======= ATTENTION
U0 pkkycy; C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\mwntpmtn.sys [52440 2015-08-14] (Malwarebytes Corporation)
U3 kxddafog; C:\Users\Cameron\AppData\Local\Temp\kxddafog.sys [104960 2015-08-14] (GMER) [File not signed]
U3 idsvc; no ImagePath
S3 wfpcapture; \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\wfpcapture.sys [X]
U3 wpcsvc; no ImagePath[/B]

Save the file as fixlist.txt in the same folder where the Farbar tool is running from.The location is listed in the 3rd line of the Farbar log you have submitted.Run FRST and click Fix only once and wait.Restart the computer normally to reset the registry.The tool will create a log (Fixlog.txt) please post it to your reply.===Also post the Addition.txt file that was created when your have run the Farbar ... Read more

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Hi everyone.

I'm running Windows XP. Whenever I enter an incorrect password about 6 times in a row, all fields on the login box become disabled for approximately 30 seconds. How can I disable/turn off the 30-second delay?

PS: This was originally posted in the Windows XP section, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to go here, so moderators/admins please move this to the correct section.

A:Disable delay on multiple failed login attempts

The 30-second feature is there as a security measure. Is there a particular reason why you'd want to enter a wrong password 6(+) times in a row or circumvent that feature?

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Hello, my brand new Envy 17 laptop's fingerprint reader usually does not recognize my fingerprint and Windows 10 Hello locks me out from my machine. I can login using my windows password, but I want to login using my fingerprint. (This is why I bought this laptop.)  How can I change the three login attempts to more -e.g. to 5 attempts- in Windows 10 Hello login? Is it possible? Maybe in registry? I found the settings / accounts / sign-in options but there are no such option.Can someone give me a little hint how to change this?Thank you! 

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So I am really stuck, not realising that I didn't have my restore points turned on..which is frustrating as I had it from windows 7 when I updated..but anywho one of my hard drives crashed (not OS) but froze the computer and on restart I got this crazy flashing bellow is a video I made of what is happening. I left it overnight to see if anything but still was flashing

I have read through a lot of stuff about graphics cards drivers etc..so I've removed drivers, even tested with other Nivida Cards.

In safe mode and in command prompt I tried then SFC which failed then DISM but being not the latest version of Windows build I tried getting a matching WIM (older build of Win ISO) and still getting the not found error..so not sure where to go from here..surely there is gotta be a way to get passed it..its already in windows as I tried the windows + P and that came up and some accessibility stuff but thats it..alt+ctl+del not working..

Hope someone has figured this one out..thanks in advance

Windows 10 Flashing, Unable to fix - YouTube

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I was given a laptop by my friend. I attempted to fix it cause it kept crashing on him. So my first idea was to try a fresh install. I can get the computer to install Windows fine. It will load up the first time fine. Once I attempt to install updates, or sometime around then is usually where it begins to go downhill. I don't know if it's caused by me trying to install updates or if the computer is just crashing after a certain amount of time.
After the first time it shuts down it will attempt to start, get to right before the login screen.(when the screen first turns blue) It then begins an endless loop of restarting and trying to load. It then tryed to scan the hard drive for consistency, which got it back into windows for maybe 5 secs. Then back to the loop.
I have changed the battery, harddrive, ram, and the processor seems to be staying at a good temp. I have been able to keep it on if I stay in bios or in the menu when im reinstalling Windows.
I am all out of ideas so if anyone can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

A:crashes just before login, attempts to restart itself in an endless loop.

Please say the computer specs. And if possible post a event viewer log.How to post a Event Viewer Log:Search for Event ViewerDouble-click Windows Logs.Click the System 1 time and then click action Save All Events As and choose your file.Do the same thing but use the Application File this time. Then upload it to a file sharing site like Mediafire 2shared 4shared Mega etc. RegardsLaith

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Ok, so this is my work PC and I'm currently absolutely sh*tting myself (if you'll excuse the language) because of the constant alerts from Norton 360 about intrusion attempts being stopped.Normally I just assume Norton's having a hissy fit or misfiring but this one looks bad...____________________________Here's a screen shot of the latest attempts that were blocked:____________________________This has started happening since this event, which occured just after I unzipped a file I downloaded from a forum I use (massive error on my part, I usually scan everything and this one time I didn't):____________________________and there were a few other strange entries straight after which I thought I'd screen shot as well:____________________________Here is my DDS log:DDS (Ver_10-10-10.03) - NTFS_AMD64 Run by Owner at 15:17:36.21 on 13/10/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_20Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.44.1033.18.6135.4067 [GMT 1:00]============== Running Processes ===============C:\Windows\system32\wininit.exeC:\Windows\system32\lsm.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunchC:\Windows\system32\nvvsvc.exeC:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSSC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestrictedC:\Windows\system32�... Read more

A:[Trojan.Nebuler!gen2]Constant intrusion attempts, but none of my antivirus software can find anything wrong... uhoh [screen...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. You can subscribe by clicking the Options box to the right of your topic title and selecting Track This Topic.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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Can anyone help me by looking into this report and tell me what is going on.... Laptop started running slow. do not know how it hapened.I tried Malwarebytes didnt do much.
IE: Send image to &Bluetooth Device... - c:\program files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\btsendto_ie_ctx.htm
IE: Send page to &Bluetooth Device... - c:\program files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\btsendto_ie.htm
TCP: DhcpNameServer =
FF - ProfilePath - c:\users\Kolang\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xk1fsn62.default\
FF - prefs.js: browser.search.selectedEngine - Wikipedia (en)
FF - prefs.js: browser.startup.homepage - hxxps://encrypted.google.com
------- File Associations -------
- - - - ORPHANS REMOVED - - - -
Toolbar-Locked - (no file)
HKLM-Run-APSDaemon - c:\program files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\APSDaemon.exe
HKLM-Run-Aimersoft Helper Compact.exe - c:\program files\Common Files\Aimersoft\Aimersoft Helper Compact\ASHelper.exe
AddRemove-01_Simmental - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\01_Simmental\Uninstall.exe
AddRemove-02_Siberian - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\02_Siberian\Uninstall.exe
AddRemove-03_Swallowtail - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\03_Swallowtail\Uninstall.exe
AddRemove-04_semseyite - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\04_semseyite\Uninstall.exe
AddRemove-05_Sloan - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers\05_Sloan\Uninstall.exe
AddRemove-06_Spencer - c:\program files\SAMSUNG\USB Dr... Read more

A:Laptops runs slow, anyone can help me and guess what is wrong by looking into th

Hello kolang and Welcome to the BleepingComputer.   
My name is Yılmaz and I'll help you with the cleanup of malware from your computer.
Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.
Please complete all steps in the specified order.
Even if tools don't find malware, I want you to post the logfiles anyway.
Please copy and paste the logfiles directly into your posts. Please do not attach them unless you are instructed to do so.
Read the instructions carefully. If you have problems, stop what you  were doing and describe the problems you encountered as precisely as  you can.
Don't install or uninstall software during the cleanup unless you are told to do so.
If you can't answer for the next few days, please let me know. If  you haven't answered within 5 days, I am assuming that you don't need  help anymore and your topic will be closed.
I can not guarantee that we will find and be able to remove all  malware. The cleaning process is not instant. Please continue to review  my answers until I tell you that your computer is clean
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic
As my first language is not English, please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to understand.
Please open as administrator  the computer. How is open as administrator  the computer?
Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, as they will  interfere with our tools and the removal. ... Read more

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A:Other companies have already announced new 2019 laptops, nothing from Lenovo yet. What is wrong?

What? New thinkpads (L & E series) have been launching all over the place already. Not only that, Lenovo hasn't even presented yet. Why would they announce something at CES when their event is still an hour and a half away? Link:11AM PST 7JAN19 https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/events/ces/ Though their UK site shows an extra day.

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Hello , I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Vista Home. I am trying to access the system BIOS and it has a red password log in screen. I tried to guess and enter several log in passwords including  the word DELL and none of them worked. I didn't want to enter too many wrong passwords because I didn't know if the system would lock me out. Can anyone help me by pass the BIOS log in password or some how disable it ? Thank You in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 530 BIOS is locked with password requesting help to unlock BIOS

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Request you to contact Dell team for the BIOS password either via DellTechCenter in Facebook or @DellCaresPRO on Twitter and they will be able to provide you a BIOS password once the ownership of the system is confirmed.
Do reach back for any query.
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Hello, I recently purchased a HP ProBook 6360b Laptop, and to my misfortune, have realized there is a password on the BIOS, which the previous owner knew nothing about, nor did I.  I need help restoring the BIOS functionality by removing the password that is locking it up. Thanks,Peter J.

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I have a hp probook 4330s ,Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit , i3 2310m , 4gb ddr3 ram , 250gb sata 2 hdd and intel hd 3000 with 64mb dedicated video memory. So i wanted to increase that memory to 256 or 512mb and i went to BIOS and in BIOS  i couldnt find the advanced tab , so if i may ask how do i increase my video memory or enter the advanced bios tab where i can do it .Advanced bios tab is not priority my priority is to increase my Intel HD 3000 vram to 256 or 510mb if possible, but i thing it is by loocking to some YouTube videos bun non of them could help me so please let me know if anyone knows how to increase my vram , thanks. Sory for bad english i am from Serbia Have a nice day !

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I am trying to help my 90 yrs. old friend to unlock her Dell Inspiron One 2320 touchscreen computer. She has used the wrong password once, was able to change to a new password. It worked once, but the next time it didn't let her in, so she tried to log in with the old password. Now she is locked out for 4 days. I don't know much about Windows 8. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:locked out because using wrong password

Look at the answer I gave to this thread to reset the password
Lost access to Admin account - urgent help pls

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For a good couple of weeks now, Norton's has given me a slew of pop-ups that indicate "A recent intrusion attempt on your computer has been blocked," or "A recent attack attempt on your computer has been blocked." I've attempted to trace the IP addresses of the attackers, but they seem to be coming from everywhere, and seemingly random locations I've never heard of. The only real clue I have is that some of them have tried to get in through Firefox, but not all of them.Copy of DDS.txt log follows:DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Michelle at 9:03:05.17 on Mon 06/07/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_20Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.1535.717 [GMT -4:00]AV: Norton AntiVirus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {E10A9785-9598-4754-B552-92431C1C35F8}============== Running Processes ===============C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcssvchost.exesvchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exesvchost.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\EPSON\EBAPI\eEBSVC.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcSoft\Connection Service\Bin\ACService.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Bon... Read more

A:Unknown problem attracting attack attempts and intrusion attempts

Hi Time Lord,Welcome to this forum. I am going to assist you with your problem.Please refrain from making any changes to your system (scanning or running other tools, updating Windows, installing applications, removing files, etc.) from now on as it might interfere with our fixes. Download http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/farbar/TDLfix.exe and save it to your desktop.Disable real-time protection of your security software and make sure it will not run at startup after reboot. They may otherwise interfere with the tool. (Information on A/V control HERE) Close all the open windows.Double-click TDLfix.exe to run the tool, a command window opens.Type (or copy the following and right-click to paste) in the command window and press Enter:cdromThe application shall restart the computer immediately and runs after restart.Tell me if the computer rebooted and ran to completion.

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I just got my new installation running smooth-booting smooth and all my harddrives recognized when I decided to eat supper. It had just restarted so I left without logging in. I came back after about 20 minutes and there was my log-in screen but under the password space was the word "locked" and my cursor wouldnt move and I wasnt able to type my password in ! All I could think to do was push the power button to OFF. Ofcourse upon restarting everything was normal. My question is this, will this happen everytime I leave my PC for a period of time ? How can I change this ? Thanks very much !

A:locked out at login

HI jwill58

Control Panel


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Hey,I locked the session of my Slatebook with my regular password before switching it off. I must have typed it wrong twice. Earlier this afternoon, I switched the tablet on, entered the password, and the display says "wrong password". I have tried dozens of variations (including the cap locks), nothing works.Is there a way to reset everything, even if it means reformating the tablet?Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks   

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Just installed Windows XP, just started updating drivers, had to leave it a while, came back to it and the login screen was locked and only passwords let me back in, problem is I haven't set any passwords yet, can anyone suggest anything?

A:Login Screen locked out

Solved problem,after several reboots eventually reset itself, thanks for all the help.

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Locked out of XP virtual login in W7 pro


XP virtual running fine for 5 mo with daily access.
Tried to access today, got the following error msg:
(Web link includes screen captures & PC/sw specs)
http://www.testing1234.info/xp/XP virtual.html

Is there a solution or do I have to remove XP virtual & reinstall?


---(_)/ (_)
* * * * * * * *


A:Locked out of XP virtual login in W7 pro

Sorry but we can not assist you with passwords. It is against thw forum rules.

Thread Closed.

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Yeah, My 10 year old cousin and his friend were screwing around on his computer and typed their password in wrong so many times that finally Windows locked them out. He can't login to his account or adminstrator account. When I type in Administrator and type no password I get this box come up. The system could no log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case. I can't even login under guest. I tried to login doing safe mode. There has to be a way to get back onto Windows without having to reinstall. Someone help please. Thanks.

A:Locked out of Windows Login!!!

There are tools you can use to reset the password, but, forgive me, this sounds a little odd. I have never heard of Windows locking someone out for not knowing their password and as far as I know there is no limit to the number of login attempts. Are you sure they didn't change the password?

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I made a big mistake! I installed W7 on my SSD partition 1. I have my users & data filed on HDD data partition X:\. I locked the X:\ I apparently do not have TPM. I get to the login screen & of course it fails to log in any user because the drive containing the data to continue is locked. In safe mode, repair startup I cannot unlock the drive as the abilty to type letters is not yet available. So, when I enter the key..... it only has numbers. In safe mode with command prompt I can unlock the drive with the password but I have no idea what to do from there in the cmd prompt & when I restart of course the drive is locked again. What can I do? Also it says it can't access the file when I attempt to unlock using control panel in safe mode. the password is accepted but can't access a file. doesn't list the file. I have the key file. I can access it as I am dual booting with ubuntu. I can also access it in safe mode. But, i have no idea what to do with it. Can I just put that file onto a usb by simply copying it over & then have it plugged in at boot? Please help asap! This is my school PC, first week, & of course we have twice the work. I should never have turned on BL without reading the whole file but i did & now what?

edit (response merged):
unlocked drive:

boot into safe mode with command prompt:
manage-bde X: -unlock -pw
(enter password)
manage-bde -off X:
(wait awhile)
manage-bde X: -status
(continue until you see drive fully decrypted. it will ... Read more

A:Locked out of W7 @ Login due to BitLocker

Followed method 1. I am back in:
Error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

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Yeah, My 10 year old cousin and his friend were screwing around on his computer and typed their password in wrong so many times that finally Windows locked them out. He can't login to his account or adminstrator account. When I type in Administrator and type no password I get this box come up. The system could no log you on. Make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case. I can't even login under guest. I tried to login doing safe mode. There has to be a way to get back onto Windows without having to reinstall. Someone help please. Thanks.

A:Locked out of Windows XP Pro login!!!

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I have two computers here. When you lock one of them, it looks like this:
Good computer locked screen
When you lock the other computer, the locked screen looks like this:
bad computer locked screen

The second one has the following problems:
1. Username is shown as ComputerName\Username (DELL5410 happens to be the windows name for that computer), instead of just the username. (note that neither of these computers are joined to a domain)
2. The picture is not right for that user - should be the sun image like in the first photo (the sun image does appear elsewhere for the user... on the start menu for example)
3. The text "How do I logon to this computer?" appears under the password box

What is going on with the second computer and how to do I make it look like the first computer? How do I get the image to be the user's image rather than that Dell logo?


A:Login and Locked screens not right

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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my laptop will boot to the login window and then i will have to turn it off because it just keeps rebooting to the login screen. Can anyone help me fix this ?

A:locked in login loop.

evednia said:

my laptop will boot to the login window and then i will have to turn it off because it just keeps rebooting to the login screen. Can anyone help me fix this ?Click to expand...
How long has this been going on? If you've had the problem for a few weeks, have a look at Cookiegal's Sticky Post at the top of the first page of this Board. Does this also happen if you try to log in as Administrator in Safe Mode?

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When I sat down to my normally sleeping or scanning computer this morning the screen said I was locked out. I thought it was odd because I hadn't restarted or entered my PW. SO, I restarted and got the same thing. I then tried safe mode and command prompt which all sent me to the locked out screen. I tried last known good configuration thinking the power may have gone out in the night. That didn't work either. I waited 20 minutes and retried, still locked. Any ideas on what to do? I am going to wait longer maybe an hour, but I really need to use my computer for work and school. I have scoured this forum and others and all give information on how to fix it for the future and assume you are past the lock out, so you can perform changes. I can't get in at all. This has happened before but when I used last known... I was in.

A:Locked out at login never got to enter PW

Quote: Originally Posted by Tomb27

When I sat down to my normally sleeping or scanning computer this morning the screen said I was locked out. I thought it was odd because I hadn't restarted or entered my PW. SO, I restarted and got the same thing. I then tried safe mode and command prompt which all sent me to the locked out screen. I tried last known good configuration thinking the power may have gone out in the night. That didn't work either. I waited 20 minutes and retried, still locked. Any ideas on what to do? I am going to wait longer maybe an hour, but I really need to use my computer for work and school. I have scoured this forum and others and all give information on how to fix it for the future and assume you are past the lock out, so you can perform changes. I can't get in at all. This has happened before but when I used last known... I was in.

Hi Tomb27,

I understand that you wish to reset the windows password on the system. If you have not created the password rescue disk then it is possible but difficult. You would need the windows installation disc to perform the same.

Please check this article which would help you reset the password or create a different profile on the system:

Password Reset

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.

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Hey folks,I got my T61 last week and been very happy so far. I installed Windows yesterday and did all the updates and driver installation with the automated Matrix program (not sure what it's called). One of the updates was a BIOS update.I tried to access my BIOS afterwards and it asked me for a password (it has never done that before the update). I never set one, so I just tried to hit enter and to double check also my usual computer password (I set that for Windows but not for BIOS, I just wanted to double check). Now I can't access my computer nor my BIOS anymore.Any idea what I can do? I am sure I never entered a password and so I am pretty frustrated. Thank you. Robert  


Go to Solution.

A:Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

You need to provide more information before one could suggest anything concrete. However, here are some generic suggestions. Is the machine totally dead?Take it to service.It starts up and then acts up asking for password.If you have set up password recovery in ThinkVantage Security Solution, you could recover the password.You may have to use ThinkVantage Blue button at the start up.Have you made Windows Password Recovery disk?This would help you recover windows passwordAs last resort try to set to factory setting and re-install to original setup.But before that go to service, particularly if the machine is under warranty.

Sushil_________________________________________________________________ThinkPad T61, (7658CTO), T7500, Integrated Graphics, 320 GB HDD, 3 GB RAM, 1 GB Intel Turbo Memory, Vista (32 bit) Business

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I need to enable Wake on Lan in BIOS for 300 laptops. Is there a utility like Dell's DCCU that I can run an .exe to update the BIOS settings on these laptops. We currently using Carbon's and Yoga's. 

A:Enabling WOL in BIOS for 300 laptops.

Welcome to the CommunityYou might do it even remotely using WMI scripthttps://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht100612Or use the tool from Lenovo developershttps://thinkdeploy.blogspot.ru/2016/08/the-think-bios-config-tool.html

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I have W8.1 and have the login password turned off but I know there's a login password lurking on the system because I set it and don't have it written down. Is there a way to "uncover" what the password is?
Again, I'm NOT locked out ..... I just don't want that password to stay unknown.


A:Login password - not locked out but it's lurking

Hello Flavioguy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Is this for a local account or a Microsoft account?

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This has happened about 3 times now if not more than that.

The Issue is:

I just locked the system using win+L. When I came back, the screen is alright waiting for me to enter password. After entering the password, it should resume from where I left last, right? But surprisingly, I see all the open apps are closed and windows behaving as if it's been restarted.

Note: Whenever this has happened, I gone out immediately after locking, so do not know what happened after that. Hope this is not some devil's work

Help me, please

A:Locked Win 7 & Surprised to see that it's been restarted after login

Welcome to Seven Forums karthickk3. Are you the only user on this PC? If so, you can see the last login time

Start> In search box type cmd> Right click on cmd.exe in results above and choose Run as administrator> When command prompt loads type Net User (Your user name) IE: Net User karthickk3> Enter> Scroll down to last login

A Guy

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Please help guys-- she locked her pc on login page and doesnt remember user name!! she knows pass but not username. cant access start page or anything. gettin ready to deploy and need to see webcam!! please help!! thanks. mike

A:Need girlfriend help!!--pc locked on login page!!

Hi mike,

Is there an administrator account you or she can login to - or is that the only one?

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I'm helping a friend who was unfortunate enough to take the call from the scammers and they got him a beauty. Even managed to suck $5k out of his bank while still on the phone to him. Poor bugger - anyway now to undo the crap those mongrels did. Here are the improtant bits.
Windows XP Home edition
After boot up but before getting to the desktop a little box pops up labelled "Windows XP Startup Password". Inside it says "This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up. Please enter the Startup Password below."
I've tried to do a recovery from the XP boot disk but that didn't work. Bought windows password key resetter program but no joy there. Went in through safe mode but still got the same little box. I'm thinking that a clean wipe might be the only fix but I thought I would throw it out there for the masses to shed some light on this issue.
Hope someone can help. Cheers.

A:MS Phone Scam - PC locked and can't login

Something I found:
Good luck.

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So today, a random file got downloaded as i was updating a few programs on my PC.

before i realized it, the file was running in the background and soon pop ups started showing up left and right as i was trying to kill their processes.

1 min later i get a notification saying im being logged out, with only a OK box, tried to kill it, but it logged me out, i tried to log back in and got a ransomware screen.

i tried all of the things listed in the troubleshooting guide but none have worked.
(system restore cannot use the last restore point, 8/31/2016 because its corrupted, other restore points are tooooo far back to use)
(when i try and run the hitman pro, my system just keeps "attempting to repair" which always fails.)
(the rescue disk shows no virus or malware)

attached is my FRST scan.
please help

A:Ransomware locked on login - Windows 10

when i login to windows, i get the ransomware/malware-
Windows Activation Error! Code: 0x43098


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I have a T460 running Windows 7. I downloaded the Lenovo Fingerprint Management software in order to set up my computers fingerprint scanner. I was in the process of setting it up (never scanned a single fingerprint) when the setup process had an error and quit. I ran to grab lunch, locking my computer before I left. When I got back and entered in my username and password, I was greeted by the following message- "You are limited to use fingerprints only to login. But the fingerprint system is currently  not available. Please contact your administrator." Problem is, I am the machine local admin... And I can't get in. I have work files on the computer I need, and I need access to my machine. What can I do? This is extremely frusturating. I work remotely, so shipping my computer to IT would be a process that would be a huge pain, and they cannot remote access my machine if I can't log on to connect them.

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I have only one user account in the login screen. Recently, when I try to log in after my laptop has gone to power saver mode my password is rejected (initial login @ startup is not a problem). I try multiple times being very careful and it always gets rejected, every time, for 3 days now. It says "locked" under my account icon, above the password entry field. I hit the "switch user" button and the screen refreshes showing my icon and says "logged on" above the password entry field. I can then successfully enter my password (excatly the same as I did before) and it is accepted. CAP LOCK is off! Nothing changes accept the word "locked" changes to "logged on".

What is happening and how can I get rid of this annoying feature/bug. I have not installed new software. I already changed my account password to see if that would help. I also deleted the ASP.net account. Neither one did anything. After reading I probably should have keep the ASP.net account...

Help with this new login problem on resuming from sleep mode would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Login locked until i switch user

try a system restore from a few days before the problem
System Restore

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Not sure how it happened but I have manages to lock my self out completely from my laptop. Can you please help?

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Just a plea from a new member who is wondering:

I have a school laptop (I am at a boarding school), and the ICT support put lots of applications / programs on the computer prior to me buying it - they in essence set it up so that us uneducated ICT people will be able to use it hassle free.


There is a problem, SECURE LOGON seems to be locked - that is to say, I cannot access it!

I want to turn it off to have more freedom on my computer such as customized logon screens, but I cant as the tick box for secure logon is grey and I cannot click on it (inaccessible).

I am assuming that this has something to do with my laptop setup before I got it: but I would really appreciate ANY help with this!

I am open to perhaps more risky methods of fixing it:

One post I got on an old forum was that using regedit would work?

Anyway, please do help if you can!

Thanks so much guys, even if you just read this post.



A:Windows XP Secure Login is locked. Please help!

When you sign in, you should see three lines 1) Username 2) Password and 3) Log on to:. Does that 3rd line say "(This Computer)"?

If it does not say "This Computer" then your comptuer is part of a domain and receives security instructions from the domain controller. The only way for you to change the secure sign in would be to remove the comptuer from the domain. Doing so would limit your access to school computer resources (I would asssume).

If it DOES say "This Computer" then the account you are signing in with is a local account and does not have the required permissions to make the change you are requesting. You would need to sign in as a local administrator to change the secure signin settings.

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Today I changed my language options and happened to come across a BSOD.
When I restarted, I found out that the input language for my password has also been changed, and my usual key combination for changing languages does not work. Thus, I cannot enter my password to change my language back to English.
Could you please help me find a way to change the input language on the login screen please?

A:Locked out due to different language on login screen

Hello Deliagwath, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if you may be able to do a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before this happened to hopefully undo it so that you are able to sign in.

Hope this helps,

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Good morning! I have a problem with a computer that I use almost every day. It is running XP, it is not connected to the internet or our company' intranet. It is connected to our water conditioning pumps and cooling towers PLC. It NEVER gets turned off and when I checked my water temps Fri night, it looks like the cleaning girl must have bumped the plug. The computer was at the login screen. I "thought" I remembered the password...after several tries, I got the message Windows cannot log you in because you have been locked ou. Please contact your system administrator. Our sys admin is off til tomorrow and hasn't checked her email it seems. Is there a way to unlock the login? I have the right password NOW, I just can't use it!

A:Solved: Ctrl-Alt-Del login locked out

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Goodevening, goodafternoon or goodmorning, whatever it implies for you.Today i would like to share some information on recovering bios after bios update failure or bad bios.Please follow the following steps.Disclaimer:- This would work for laptops with signs of life but may work for dead laptops.Download pheonix crisis tool and the respective bios files first. Now extract the zip file to the desired locationRun the bios .exe application where it will extract the main bios file. Go there and rename the bios file For.ex 30cn71ww.wph from that folder to bios.wph.Copy the Renamed bios file to the folder where you extracted the pheonix crisi tool.( extract it with wincrisis.exe file).Plug the usb stick ( not more than 4 gb or about 2-4 gb )Run wincris.exe > start > ok > ok > noNow plug the usb in the affected laptop and remove any power source such as battery and ac adapter.Hold Fn+R or Fn+f or Fn+B or Win+B key and then plug in adapter. Just after Plugging in the ac adapter, Press the power button .After this you will see the usb light blinking and hear the the fan running(yippe!!)You will then hear beep sound indicating that the bios is bieng reflashed. Leave the computer for about 5-10 Minutes. It will automatically restart. If it doesnt then restart the laptop manually. If everything went well then yippe your laptop is back and the bios recoverd with flying colours.This has been tested with the Lenovo Ideapad Y560 and it was suucesful!!!Hop... Read more

A:Bios Recovery For ideapad laptops!!

Good Info should help those who are looking for Bios recovery .
I had tried similar for my S10-3 and it worked

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