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Need a Certutil command to find the list certificates based on their Template Names

Q: Need a Certutil command to find the list certificates based on their Template Names

Hi Team
Is there any certutil command to list out all the issued certificates on basis of certificate template name.
In simple one output for each certificate template.

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Preferred Solution: Need a Certutil command to find the list certificates based on their Template Names

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello Everyone,
I have done a bit of searching, but haven't found any reference to my specific requirements in using CERTUTIL.  I did see the Technet thread referencing the deleting of personal certificates on a Windows 7 computer using the following
certutil -delstore MY <certificatename>
However, I would like to remove all the personal certificates using the command line while logged onto the computer with a specific account.  What is the syntax to remove all of them?  The goal is to use this along with other commands
in a batch to clean up the profile as the system has to exchange hands to another student.  Unable to delete and recreate account/profile.  Unable to re-image system due to infrastructure restrictions.  There are a large number of systems needing
to have these personal certificates removed (mostly 3 each) and all certificates have different names.  What could be used in place of the <certificatename> that would cover all certificates in the Personal tab?
Chris Z.

A:CERTUTIL Command Line to Delete Local Personal Certificates

So you might want look into the Capicom SDK http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=25281
It includes a vbscript to delete certificates from the store
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft CAPICOM SDK\Samples\vbs>CStore.vbs delete -?
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Usage: CStore Delete [Options] [Store]

The Delete command is used to delete certificate(s) from a certificate store.
You can use the filtering option(s) to narrow down the set of certificate(s) to
be deleted.


  -l         <location>      -- CU or LM (default to CU)
  -a                         -- Include archived certificates
  -sha1      <hash>          -- SHA1 hash of the signing certificate
  -subject   <name>          ** Subject Name of the signing certificate must
                                contain this name
  -issuer    <name>          ** Issuer Name of the signing certificate must
                                contain this name
  -root      <... Read more

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I'm trying to figure out a way to use use command line only to automate the deletion of all trusts/certs that are listed in "Trusted
Publishers -> Certificates" in  in order to clear the list.  This would be a huge help if anyone knows how to do it.  If I can wipe out all the certificates in "trusted publishers -> certificates" without listing each specific
cert serial number, that may even be easier. This will be used for driver QA. We are trying to prevent oversight of WHQL warning messages when we run driver installers.  Once a publisher is always trusted, this appears to be the only way to get the popup
warnings reset so they come back  Being able to clear all trusts with a script would be very helpful.    If we can't delete them all at once, is there is a way to gather all of the cert serial numbers in trusted publishers -> certificates
using certutil?  

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Could you please direct me to a place where I can find a complete list of "command prompts" for Window 7 Home Premium?

Thank you

A:How can I find the list of command prompts for Windows 7

Hello Melita,

Here you go. It's for Windows 7 as well.

A-Z List


Command-Line Reference

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I was wondering if it's possible configure a Windows 2019 IIS v10 hosted Web Server to perform OCSP checking of client certificates that are used to authenticate?

It is my understanding that typically the Responder URL that the Web Server contacts in order to validate the client cert is extracted from the AIA attribute in the client certificate. But is it possible to override/supplement this with an additional Responder?

For instance, what if I set up an OCSP Responder in the same domain as the Web Server and associated its revocation configuration with the SUB CA binded to the IIS Site. Now if client certs come in for authentication  and have an unrelated OCSP Responder
in their AIA, can I somehow tell the Web Server to check also the aforementioned Responder that has been stood up in the domain?

A:OCSP Based Validation for Client Certificates Using Responder Defined by Web Server

Per a reply from Mark B. Cooper at PKI Solutions this is indeed possible. You must edit the following GPO in order to override the default behaviour of the web server which is to only check the Responder URL specified in the client certificates' AIA extension.
Default Domain Policy > Computer Configuration >  Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > expand Public Key Policies
Once a custom Responder is specified in the CA / SUB CA's revocation properties the above GPO will allow it to check that custom Responder URL first, then ocsp as defined in the AIA extension and then CRLs
Thanks Mark!
Will post reference links once MS verifies my account.

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Hi everyone,

I have a Dell XPS laptop, which was working fine up until yesterday when this morning I got the black Windows Recovery screen telling me that Windows had failed to start. I went onto Startup Repair but this didn't work, and tried starting normally which just kept restarting my computer.

Luckily, I have a Windows 7 DVD, so I can reinstall with no problem -However I have lots of files that I really want to save.

I booted from the DVD and ran the command prompt so I could transfer my hard drive to my external USB drive (they're both about 250GB) before I reinstall Windows. I ran the Disk Part/List Disk command but it cannot detect my USB drive; it can only find the internal hard drive.

When I use another computer, it does detect my USB drive using List Disk, so I'm thinking that the USB drive is fine.

I read something about Windows XP not being able to detect removable media in this way, but shouldn't this work under 7? What am I doing wrong?

I am kicking myself for not backing up this data! Learn the hard way, I guess.

This site has helped me out a lot of times in the past so thanks for any help.

A:Command Prompt Disk Part/List Disk cannot find USB drive (Windows 7)

Get a Live Linux CD (download), either ubuntu, or fedora. Run linux from the CD use the file manager to move your files to the USB drive.

Once you have all important data saved, reinstall Windows.

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In word 2010, is there a way to have a Customized Ribbon Tab open on the ribbon when a new document is opened based on a template other than the Normal template?

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Hey all,i`m looking for a template i can use for an equipment list.Maybe something which has a row for the equipment itself,date it was last checked,any repairs done,and a name and date of whoever last checked the list............tks !

A:list template

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We have many trusted root and intermediate certificates in the cert's store by default. Where to check these lists? To exclude "not default", "maybe potentially mаlware" root certs.

A:Trusted Root&Intermediate system certificates. Where check the list?

You can find certs as shown in the guide here: https://www.sslshopper.com/move-or-c...ws-server.html

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As part of a job assignment I need to find about 600 addresses and phonenumbers based on the name of a company within the next week. I have been looking everywhere for a free tool that looks up this data as an output, with company name as an input. I am convinced that something like this exists, but I'm just not able to find it. Alternatively, a huge list containing company names, addresses and phonenumbers would do the trick as well. As a company we may be willing to pay as well, but I haven't defined a budget for this.

This is part of a data completion action. It will not be used for making commercial contact, in case anyone willing to help may have moral reservations

Does any of you know of a solution for this?

A:Lookup Corporate addresses based on Company Names

Maybe Wikipedia maybe of help.


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A functioning Numbered list style that when applied to multiple sections of text allows each section to be a new list whose numbering starts at ONE.
A numbered list style based on the built in style "List Number" that when applied the first time creates a normal numbered list, when applied to a second section of text makes another list continuous with the first in the numbering.

If it were in a document it would look like this:

The following items are included in concept XYZ:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​
The following items are included in concept LMNOP:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​

The following items are included in concept XYZ:​1. first, one​2. second, two​3. third, three​
The following items are included in concept LMNOP:​4. first, should be one​5. second, should be two​6. third, should be three​

My template already has all the outline level styles created and fucntioning correctly. I just want to finish the template with a numbered list style that works the way it usually does when you click the numbered list icon in the normal template!

If I select "restart numbering" after clicking on the #4 shown above and then push ctrl-z, it will restart the numbering temporari... Read more

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Hi Everyone,

i have been looking for weeks for a way to do this and i have tried so many applications but i just cant seem to get it right, i was hoping that you guys my be able to help me out here with this one..

i have two folders, at the moment with identical file names in the ( they are images names are the same but one is a before and one an after ) and i need to move them into a third folder but create a file based on the image name and then a sub file for them image from folder one called ALT_1 and for the after shot subfolder but separate folder ALT_2

so the two inputs would be for each image

output folder would be
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_1\a01052.jpg (raw shot)
\Desktop\DNA-FINAL\a01052\ALT_2\a01052.jpg (after shot)

ive never done any programing before and im really stuck on how to sort these two out .. any help anyone can give would be really appreciated, or even if you can point me in the direction of an application that i can use for this one that would be awesome

oh yeah BTW i am running win 7 64 bit..

thanks so much in advance

JP !

A:BULK creating of folders based on file names, and then moving files in

Hi JP and welcome to SevenForums!

I'm sure I or someone else here can create a batch file for you for this. Some questions:

We basically only need to loop through all files in the DNA-RAW folder, assuming that DNA-AFTER holds the same file names?
Is it all files or only jpg?
And the files should be moved, not copied.

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I have a worksheet with gets updated regularly. (Sheet 2 in the attached file)
Now, In Sheet1 I have two Drop Down Lists, on Selecting from first drop down, the corresponding values should be populated in the other Drop Down list.


A:Excel Query: Populate Drop Down List based on another Drop Down List

Made possible with link cell in dropdown 1

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I hope the title isn't too long, this is my first time posting ...

My auction site is really starting to take off, and my handwritten inventory list isn't cutting it anymore. I have created an Excel doc with all of the relevant subject columns, and have started filling in the info.

I would LOVE to be able to export, or populate, a whole row of info (the product) into a Word Template. I have seen some examples (macros) online that seem to be what I need, but they fall short or just don't run correctly. I suspect that my mac might be running macros differently than a windows machine? Also, some of the macros I've come across are from 4 years ago, and I am running the latest version of Office (2011 = Word and Excel 14) and the latest Mac operating system (snow leopard 10.6) ...

Ideally I would like the Word doc to read in plain english, not be a an excel row regurgitated into another data sheet. For instance, if I have entered in "excellent" (regarding the items condition) into a cell in my in my "inventory" spreadsheet, I would like the export to read: This item is in excellent condition. I assume I can type a "form" sentence into a Word doc &#8211; this item is in BLANK condition &#8211; and have the BLANK be autofilled.

However, this might be too advanced, and I might want to start with just regurgitating the spreadsheet row data into a "product spec" sheet.

Here is one example that partly worked, howe... Read more

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I have a list of 38 names. I want to use execl to shuffle these names into four lists in which the order is randomly different. Can I do this in excel?


A:Shuffle names list

You could add a column and use a random function. " =rand()*(38-1)+1 " and auto fill down your list. You can use an a-z sort on the cells with the random numbers. The order will change each time you sort them.

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- Winkey, ?cmd?
- ?cd e:\media\trainingvids?
- ?dir *.* /s /b /a -d > c:\temp\dork.txt?

So, with that I'm opening a command prompt, changing to the correct directory, doing a directory listing of all files (including sub-directories (/s), no headers or footers so 'bare' format (/b), and trying to NOT display the directory (/a -d) ? and then sending/piping that (>) to a file I've designated to be named and created (dork.txt) in a temporary directory (\temp) that already exists on my c:\.

The problem is that it doesn't work. I'm not able to find a way to NOT include the full path along with the file names. I want a resultant file that JUST has the full file names, and could use some quick help with syntax, or maybe I've got it all wrong and it can't be done in this way.

I need the process to work for both Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines, so hopefully there is no difference in the DOS syntax between the two, as I know there were slight differences with much older DOS versions.

Of course, if there are sexy new ways to achieve this list in Windows 10, I'm all ears.

- dir (command) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A:I'd like to generate a list with *only* file names

You can try this:

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How do I get a list of Domain names that a Win NT/Win 2000 box can see
According to MSDN:

Specifies the list of operating system domains browsed by the workstation.
The domain names are separated by blanks.

But I just cannot seem to find

// Demo ::NetServerEnum() level 101 with a variety of mostly useful
// parameter settings.
void CSQLdbImportDlg::EnumerateDomains()
The NetGetDCName function returns the name of the primary domain controller (PDC).
It does not return the name of the backup domain controller (BDC) for the
specified domain.
Also, you cannot remote this function to a non-PDC server.


The WKSTA_USER_INFO_1 structure contains user information as it pertains to a
specific workstation. The information includes the name of the current user,
the domains accessed by the workstation, and user account information.

typedef struct _WKSTA_USER_INFO_1
LPWSTR wkui1_username;
LPWSTR wkui1_logon_domain;
LPWSTR wkui1_oth_domains;
LPWSTR wkui1_logon_server;
Specifies the name of the user currently logged on to the workstation.

Specifies the name of the domain in which the user is currently logged on.

Specifies the list of operating system domains browsed by the workstation.
The domain names are separated by blanks.

Specifies the name of the computer that au... Read more

A:How do I get a list of Domain names on NT/2000 box

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Complete list of Ransomware, Browser Hijacker, Keylogger, Adware, Toolbar, Trojan Horses, Computer Worm, Spyware and Bot?

A:Where can I find a complete list or comprehensive list of these malware

With the very general nomenclature you ascribe to each form of malware. It is highly unlikely you will find a single repository for a comprehensive list for each category.

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if anyone off the hand knows of where i can find a free website template like this one, I need a sales type template like that one.... ...thanks in advance as always....dano


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Can someone advise me how to specify files names that contains a space, e.g.

the name "this file" in Command Prompt.

I tried using " and ' to quote the file name, but none works


A:Use of free form file names in Command Prompt

Quote: Originally Posted by ffrree

Can someone advise me how to specify files names that contains a space, e.g.

the name "this file" in Command Prompt.

I tried using " and ' to quote the file name, but none works


Welcome ffrree, long file names with embedded spaces require a full set of quotes
starting and ending with no spaces at the front or end.

cmd "xxx readme.exe"
if this was an executable.

c:\> copy "file1 stuff.doc" "rrr is a file name.doc"

will work
notice the starting and ending quotes.


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When editing the address quick list that appears in Hotmail the group names don't appear even though they appear in the full listing. Am I missing something obvious?

A:No group names appear in Hotmail edit list

Hotmail will only allow you to place individual contacts in the quick list and not a group listing. Unforunately your stuck with going into your contacts folder to selsct your group list I'm afaraid.

Hope this helps


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This must be very simple to you computer experts.
A friend left my country and returned to the States. But she left her pendrive behind. I call it pendrive but in many places they call it flashdrive. Same thing we are talking about I believe.
It contained only a small variety of country music that barely made a dent in her 8 GB flashdrive.
She apparently is no fan of classical music except for Chopin and other relaxing stuff. But she is curious.
I think that, if she begins to listen to some other classical music, of which I have a vast collection, she may begin to appreciate some. There are very many composers who have produced smoothing tracks like the ones she says she likes. Even J.S. Bach, whom she says she cannot bear.
I copied different tracks from different composers and put each composer in a folder + some important tracks of a few composers on another folder.
For instance, I put Bach (a small selection of works) in one folder, but opened another folder for Brandemburg concertos and another for major organ works.
In the case of Mozart there is one folder dedicated exclusively to his famous Requiem.
In all, I created 101 folders in the pendrive and filled it up. And 7.48 GB of music is a hell f a lot of music.
But I am a music fan and have a very extensive collection from which I chose some tracks and, depending on the composer, put those tracks in a folder which I named by the Composer's name.
Now I... Read more

A:How to copy only the names of a list of folders containing files to txt or doc

You can use the dir command.dir $PATH /s >> "%userprofile%\Desktop\List.txtSwap the $PATH with the path of the folder with all the music (if it's a pendrive, the letter is fine, like E: or E:\Music) and then launch the command in the command prompt. This will output a list of all the folders, subfolders, files, etc. in a file called List.txt that will be created on your desktop. Example...
Le volume dans le lecteur C s'appelle Disque Local
Le num‚ro de s‚rie du volume est 2C58-824F

R‚pertoire de C:\Music

2016-10-14 14:52 <DIR> .
2016-10-14 14:52 <DIR> ..
2016-10-14 14:52 <DIR> Bach
2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> EDM
2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> Mozart
0 fichier(s) 0 octets

R‚pertoire de C:\Music\Bach

2016-10-14 14:52 <DIR> .
2016-10-14 14:52 <DIR> ..
2016-10-14 14:52 0 Track 1.txt
2016-10-14 14:52 0 Track 2.txt
2 fichier(s) 0 octets

R‚pertoire de C:\Music\EDM

2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> .
2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> ..
2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> 2016 EDM Stuff
2016-10-14 14:53 0 Track 1.txt
1 fichier(s) 0 octets

R‚pertoire de C:\Music\EDM\2016 EDM Stuff

2016-10-14 14:53 <DIR> .
2016-10-14 14:53 <DI... Read more

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Anyone else have this problem with long file names?
When using the folder view of list, it cuts off the file name past a certain point. I've looked around and can't find a setting that allows me to modify this setting.

In Vista and previous versions of Windows after switching to list view you could just hit refresh and the cut off file names would appear and the invisible list columns would maximize accordingly.

Just wanted to see if there was any way to resolve this before submitting it to MS.

A:Folder view - list (file names cut off)

Quote: Originally Posted by Cyphon

Anyone else have this problem with long file names?
When using the folder view of list, it cuts off the file name past a certain point. I've looked around and can't find a setting that allows me to modify this setting.

In Vista and previous versions of Windows after switching to list view you could just hit refresh and the cut off file names would appear and the invisible list columns would maximize accordingly.

Just wanted to see if there was any way to resolve this before submitting it to MS.

Maybe its because your viewing it in libraries? See if it acts the way you want it to in a normal folder.

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Back in my MS-DOS days I could get the directory of a folder and direct it to a text file. Now I'd like to do that again, but I can't figure out to make it work in Windows Explorer (for XP, but I also have Vista on my notebook).

Any suggestions? Do I have to run a DOS window. Is the syntax the same? (Can I remember it?) Are there any shareware or freeware program managers that provide this function?

Thank you.

A:How to save a list of file names in Explorer

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As I intimated in the title, is there a list of all the generic folder names like %appdata% and %systemroot%?


A:List of generic folder names, like %appdata%?

Open a Command Prompt. Type set and press Enter. That's the complete list.

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Just browsing around when I stumbled on the following at Wikipedia. Probably useful basic CPU information for anybody either choosing, identifying, or overclocking a CPU.

Intel Processors ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_microprocessors

AMD Processors ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_microprocessors

Nice to find a useful wiki article for a change. lol

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When I go to start , programs and look for programs that are listed on my add and remove list , they do not appear. I tried to delete from my add/remove list but it gives me an error message sayiing it cannot remove program some isu file is missing.

I have used the function -search files and cannot find any files related to the programs thus meaning its not in my computer.
How can I get rid of their names on the add and remove list?

A:Cant erase programs names from my add and remove list

run regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/uninstall and delete the entry. Make sure to be extra carefull ok!

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I'm using Vista on an HP 9200 series laptop and when I try to find some way to delete a name/e-mail address there just seems to be no way to do it. Any suggestion (within reason!) will be appreciated.

A:Trouble deleting names from e-mail list

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Hi all:

When I go to open a file in Windows Media Player (and indeed many other programs), there is a box to put in (or click on) the file name. On the right end of this box is a little down arrow which, when clicked, provides a drop-down list of previously opened files. A picture of what I am talking about is below:

My question is simple: is there a way to delete this list? I cannot really find a way to do it in the Options settings for the program. Alternatively, is there a setting somewhere that can be adjusted to not store these settings?

Thanks in advance for any help!


A:Deleting the Names in the File Name Drop Down List

possibly run a disk clean up it will get rid of temp files and certain cached info,
Delete files using Disk Cleanup

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I have a workbook that has two sheets. I need macro to save the data from sheet 1 to sheet 2, in sheet 1 i have data i have copied from a web page from where i need to find some specific text and numbers and get pasted in sheet 2 in a specific cell.

below are the items header i want to copy from the web page:

Company Code
EMP(Deliver to)
Requestor name
Email ID
Serial #
SCS String
Cost center
Supplier address
Ship to address
PR #
PR value amount

I would just need a macro which can find copy the above details and paste in sheet 2 below the headers
I really appreciate any help provided!!

Thanks in advance

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I'm trying to find and alter the original default template or maybe set a new termplate i created as deffault.. how do i go about either of these tasks, and are they possible

A:Find and alter default excel template,

Have a read of this page

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Hello-I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this. I have a mailing label merge template set up in Word. Some folks in our database only have one address line so whenever I perform a merge the second line on the label for those people is blank. I have to a find and replace to fix it each time before I can print the labels.

Does anyone know how or if there's a way to get the template to automatically find and replace so I don't have to do it each time?

Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Auto Find/Replace in a Word template

There are other fixes for this, such as altering the merge field code. For instance, this article tells you how to do it in Word 2000:

However, a quick F/R would be:

Put ^p^p in the FIND box.
Put ^p in the replace box.
Replace all.

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Hello.. is there a command line command that will show me all the pc names in my subnet in list form...


command line command

workstation3 etc.. etc...
and their ip addresses?

if so, that would be so cool.

thanks for any info.

A:Solved: command line trick to see all pc names/ip's in a subnet? Admin Help

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Open CMD as "Administrator"

Before we enable the Hotspot or Broadcast the network we need to make sure that the Hotspot access is an available feature with the Laptop and is enabled.

Command to check the Hotspot feature check is "netsh wlan show drivers".

The Option " Hosted Network Supported" should be enabled.

Then to enable the network Type:-
"netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nameOfwifihotspot key=yourpassword"

Type in exact way and it should set the hosted network mode to allow.

Then To Enable the Broadcasting type:-
"netsh wlan start hostednetwork"

We have to make sure that once this process is done, we will have to Enable the Sharing option on our Main Network and that sharing option should point to the Network that has just been broadcasted..

Click on the Network Icon in the Taskbar -> Click "Open Network and Sharing Center" -> From the Left Click " Change Adapter Setting" and then Find the network name that should look like this:- Local Area Connection 10 or Local Area Connection 12 or something like that.

You know should be able to connect to a Wifi enabled Device and browse.

A:How to broadcast an LAN based Internet as Wifi Through command Prompt.

There are tutorials for this all over the place.

How to: Create Wireless Hosted Networks in Windows 7

Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Use Wireless Hosted Networking to Share An Internet Connection Wirelessly | FAQ/Tip content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

You can even do this without using the command prompt.
How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Wireless Computer-to-Computer Network

You can also use the Virtual Router software to set this up.
Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2 - Home

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I recently had my Thunderbird service restored. In the past if I clicked on Sent to see names of people I had sent e-mails to, it would show their names opposite the appropriate e-mails. Earlier today it was showing my name all the way down the list because I sent the e-mails. I tried random ways to fix it and now it shows no names at all.

I would like to get back to seeing the names of individuals I sent specific e-mails to so that I can find a specific one quickly. How do I do this? I now have Thunderbird 9.0.1.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Thunderbird- Want to see list of names I send e-mails to.

Open your Sent folder. In the right pane at the far right of the column headers there should be a button that says "Click to select columns to display" when you hover your mouse on it.
Click it and check or uncheck the columns you want displayed.
Recipient would be who the mail was sent to.

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Hi Everyone,
Im new to visual basic and was just wondering if it is possible to list all the folder names from a specific directory in a combo box? If so, could anyone point me in the right direction?!

Thanks a lot

A:Visual Basic - List folder names in a combo box

Try the following code.

Private Sub Command1_click()

Dim strFolder As String

strFolder = Dir("c:\*.", vbDirectory)

Do While strFolder <> ""

If Not (strFolder = "." Or strFolder = "..") Then
Combo1.AddItem strFolder
End If
strFolder = Dir()

End Sub

Where I have specified c:\*., you will need to put in the folder you want to check, for example "c:\windows\*.". Remember the file pattern "*." (asterix followed by dot.

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I would like to print out a list of names of scanned image files in a single folder, but cannot seem to find an easy way of doing this, except if I do a screen capture of the folder, but I would like to make the list into a spreadsheet or database file.

I would also like to apply this to music files later.

Tried Nero 6.3 "Print Disk Cover" but do not see a way there either. Windows help files do not appear to have any info either. Nor does highlighting all names, then trying to Copy then Paste into a wordprocessor.

This is Windows XP, if it was a Mac I would not have a problem!

A:How do I: Print list of names of files in a specific folder

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Hi everybody,

I really didn't know how to call this question, but I will try to make it clear.

I got an Excel sheet which contains in total over 1000 names and adresses. These adresses contain a lastname, surname and adresse etc.

Cell b10 contains for example, "Klaasen, P"
Cell c10 contains the adress of this person.

Now I would like to get the content of the b10 cell to "P, Klaasen" instead of "Klaasen, P"

Is this possible in any way? I can't find any options in Excel for doing this and I can't find anything on the internet.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Adress list excel changing names

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I have a a list of forenames in B column and a list of surnames in C column. In the A column I need to display the first letter of the forename and the surname so for example andrew smith becomes asmith. I also need to prefix this with PADD1_ so i finish up with PADD1_asmith. An added difficulty is each name begins with a capital letter and it needs to be converted to lowercase in the process.

I have a list of approx thirty names to convert into the A column. Is this possible? thanks in advance

A:Excel Formula or Macro needed for names list.

Type this is in the first row and copy down
="PADD1_ " & LOWER(LEFT(B1,1)) & LOWER(C1)

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sorry for stupid question, but I can't find out how to hide names (make invisible to other memebers of my list) on my distribution list in M$ Outlook 2000

Would be extremly grateful for help

A:(Solved) Outlook 2K: How to hide names on distribution list

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I need to take a list of names from a worksheet and assess how many times each person appears on it. This is a long list with duplicate names down the same column.

It sounds easy enough but I just can't find out how to do it.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

A:Ms Excel 2000 - Calculate Amount Of Times Names Appear On A List?

Not much information to go on in your post.So I'm guessing as follows:You have a worksheet. In that worksheet JOHN appears x number of times, TERRY appears y number of times, is that guess about right?All the names are in one column. Is that right?If not, you have to provide more description.If yes, a filter can help a lot without any fancy formulas.Click Data, then Fileter, then AutoFilter on the column heading[I assume you have a column headning such as Name above all the data]Filter for the name on the dropdown listNow look on the status line at the bottom.Do you see a count?If not, right click it, and select count.It'll tell you how many.If you can't use the filter, and must have a formula, assuming your names are in column A, the counting formula will be=COUNTIF(A2:A11,"John")where A2 to A11 is the range where the names occur

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I have been asked to provide a co-worker with many links presently organized in my Folders Center within several different named Folders (and subfolders) within my IE Explorer~Favorites.

Yes I can individually select each 'Favorite' folder, drill down to each link which I have named as per MY mental tag: and then copy the links individually to some other form , or worse yet sending several dozen links individually by email.

I would prefer to locate and copy whatever database or location these reside- and bulk copy (export to a spreadsheet or word format) so that rename certain items in a manner which might make more sense to other users - then post to a shared drive for future reference by the entire department.

Surely this stuff exists someplace as a DB or file within the Favorites Center under headings
1: named folder,
2: Sub-folder name
2: renamed 'tag' and
3: actual URL link.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

A:Viewing Favorites links _not_ 'names' in list format


Hope this helps

Go to file import export. You can export the fav to a HD, finger drive etc; you can select individual favorites. Then import to another hard drive etc, for the use of your group.

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I have about 300 Contacts stored in Outlook 2007, most of whom relate to one of two work projects. I have now gone through them all laboriously and assigned each one to a category (red & blue for the projects, yellow for personal). It took forever, but it's done. So far so good.

Now I want to be able to create distribution lists based on those categories, but I can't figure out how. I can search by "Name only" which is useless as I can't remember which names relate to which project, or I can select "More columns". But that just brings up a search box asking me (I think) to name the column I would like. And it doesn't recogniose "Category".

So how can I create a distributon list for, say, just my RED contacts?

Thanks for your time.

A:Solved: Distribution list based on category colour?

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Hello all,
I am writing a silent installation script that uses the certutil.exe for one part to install a certificate in the store of the current user . The call is as below:
certutil ?f -user ?p %PFXPASSWORD% ?importpfx Mycertificate.pfx
When I make this call to certutil the security warning window pops up saying: "You are about to install a certificate from this authority... Windows can not validate the certificate is actually from here, blah blah blah. Are you sure u want to install? 
After clicking Yes the certificate imports successfully. Is there a way that I can just force the import without this message coming up? Having to click Yes defeats the purpose of it being in silent installation script

A:Using certutil


try to run it with the NoRoot option:
e.g. certutil.exe -f - user - p password -importpfx cert.pfx NoRoot

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Access 2007 and I want to:

Populate a List Box with values based on the selection in a Combo Box
Then I want to be able to select a value from the List Box to find a record on a form.

The scenario here is that Jobs have multiple Items and I want to be able to see the details of an individual item by first selecting a Job then selecting the item from a list of all items in the selected job.

I'm fairly new to this and this is a big jump in complexity for me, I'm looking forward to hearing your responses.


A:Solved: Selectable List Box Values Based on Combo Box Selection

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I am writing a database to monitor the fitting of kits to vehicles. What I want it to do is as follows:

1) I will have one combo box with vehicle Models in it (approx 30), another with Derivatives in it (approx 15 per Model), and another with Kit Names in it (approx 3 per Derivative). By selecting a model, I want the list of Derivatives to be limited to show only the appropriate Derivatives. Based on the Derivative selected, I want the list of Kits to be limited to only show the appropriate ones.
2) When I select the kit, I want to return a list of the Kit's contents. A Kit consists of between 1 and 6 parts. Each part has several fields - Part Name, Part Code, Part Price, Fitment time (which will be multplied by an hourly labour rate in queries) and some parts have an additional Materials cost.
Number 1) above, I think I can do based on info I found on the net.
Number 2) above, I'm less sure of - how do you return a list of items that varies in size depending on your selection? Fundamentally, I need to work out how to set up the tables to store this data. My initial thoughts were I'd have a seperate field for each Part Number, but now I find there are up to 6 parts, it would mean selecting the Kit would return 24 fields of information (6 Part Name fields, 6 Part Code fields, 6 Part Price fields, 6 Fit Time fields and 6 Materials fields), which seems totally impractical.

Other things to note:

- The part details such as Fitment Time and Parts Price... Read more

A:Access 2002 - return a list based on combo box selection

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