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WD15 -> XPS 12 9250: Everything seems to be working except external display (miniDP)

Q: WD15 -> XPS 12 9250: Everything seems to be working except external display (miniDP)

I recently received an XPS 12 9250 and a WD15 dock. I have followed the driver installation and troubleshooting steps as outlined in the 2 sticky posts. I have gone back and updated ALL the available drivers that are labeled "urgent" and "recommended". Everything seems to be working EXCEPT external monitors. I have 2 Dell U2414Hb monitors that are DP daisy-chained. I am using a miniDP to DP cable from the dock to the DP input on the first monitor, then a DP to DP cable from the DP output on monitor #1 to DP input on monitor #2.
Currently I have a Dell mouse and keyboard, a 1TB Western Digital external HDD, a charge/sync cable for my mobile phone, Creative Labs speakers, and a CAT5e/RJ45 ethernet cable attached and all appear to be working normally.
I would appreciate some insight.

EDIT: I should note that I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that was working using the same monitor setup.

Preferred Solution: WD15 -> XPS 12 9250: Everything seems to be working except external display (miniDP)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: WD15 -> XPS 12 9250: Everything seems to be working except external display (miniDP)

Have you tried plugging in Headphones and then playing a video? I'm currently seeing issues where the audio drops and then video is interrupted. When i unplug the headphones, sound works fine from onboard speaker.

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This model is with Xeon CPU, Quadro P2000 graphics card and 1080 screen. The model of the monitor is Dell U2713HM.  When I connect my P52 to this dell monitor via a miniDP to Displayport cable, the monitor model is recognized in "Nvidia control panel" and "Display settings" of Windows, but in Display setting it shows "second display is not active". The screen remains black with a floating window: "no signal received".  Attempts so far: - In BIOS, I tried switching the graphics option from "hybrid" to "discrete", and set the start-up delay to 10 seconds. When I restart, the start-up Lenovo logo and the BIOS interface is displayed on the external Dell monitor. However, as the machine enters windows, the external display goes black (and so does the laptop display, until I unplug the cable).  - Also, I tried the miniDP to DP cable on other machines and the same screen. Works fine.  - When the laptop is connected to the same screen via a miniDP to DVI-D connector and a DVI-D cable, the Dell display works, regardless of whether I am in "discrete" or "hybrid status". However, I need to set "customize resolution"  in the Nvidia control panel to "2560x1440 40Hz" manually. (Dell display should work at 2560x1440 @ 60Hz, but it does not). Anyway, it shows that the miniDP port is not broken.   - The monitor works alright when connected to Lenovo D20, a desktop computer that I... Read more

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Hello,I have ThinkPad T480 and want to connect Lenovo L2250p external display (it has only DVI and VGA inputs) The display is currently equiped with miniDisplayPort to DVI cable (I used it with older T450)I borrowed USB-C to MiniDP(female) adapter, and try to connect USB-C Thuderbolt 3 port, but the signal didn't went through. iThe adapter must be working because in office I tried to connect the same way also Projector beamer (equipped with MiniDP>HDMI adapter) and signal went through. I thought the USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port is capable of sending DVI signal, or is there too many conversions/adapters connected? Does anyone know what can be the problem? Thanks a lot.

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I have a new XPS 15 9550 that I really like and it has a fantastic display. When I connect it to an external Dell monitor with the WD15 the display image is very washed out. I've updated my BIOS and all drivers to the most current version. It makes the use of the external monitor difficult at best. What's interesting is that when I reboot the laptop connected to the Thunderbolt connector the initial external monitor image is fine and then after a second or two flickers and then changes to a washed out display. I've found that if I keep the laptop open so it's display is up, at times the external monitor's display is OK and not washed out. The WD15 is connected to the Dell wide screen monitor with a VGA connector.

I used this monitor with a Dell Latitude E6420 with no issues at all for years. It still works perfectly with the Latitude. There seems to be an issue with this WD15 or the Thunderbolt connector.
Please investigate this issue and find a solution. It's very frustrating.

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Everything works on the dock but video.  I had it working by installing all the suggested drives and it di work for one day but never again.  Called support and they had me run the things I had already tried then asked me to call HP about my monitor. 
I have a standard HP2159m monitor plugged into the HDMI port.  But every time I try to turn on Multiple Display in the Intel Graphics, it only shows one monitor.
Any ideas will be tried!  This screen is ok for limited mobile use but for business use, everything is too small.


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I have an XPS 13 9360 connected to the WD15 dock. I've noticed that regularly the external mouse and keyboard I have attached to it stop working.
Here are some things I have observed:

When this happens, the mouse and keyboard are still recognized by the computer. i.e. when I plug and unplug them I can see them show up and disappear from Windows Device Manager. Also, when I view the mouse and keyboard's device status in Device Manager it reports "This device is working properly."
The USB port on the dock seems to be working fine. I know this because when this happens I can unplug the mouse and plug in a different peripheral (e.g. external hard drive) and find that it works fine. But when I replug the mouse, the mouse still does not work.
I know my mouse is fine, because when it stops working I can unplug it from the dock and plug it directly into the laptop's USB port which causes it to work fine (but if I unplug and replug to the dock it does not work).
The laptop's built-in keyboard and touch pad still work fine.
This usually seems to happen sometime after coming out of sleep especially when waking the computer using the power button on the dock (but not always as far as I can tell so far).
Sometimes restarting the computer fixes (temporarily) the issue.
Sometimes unplugging and replugging the dock fixes (temporarily) the issue.

Steps I have taken to try to fix:

I have upgraded my laptop BIOS to the latest which is currently 2.5.0.
I have install... Read more

A:When Using WD15 Dock External Mouse and Keyboard Stop Working Occasionally

This is admittedly a rather long shot, but try installing the latest Thunderbolt firmware for your XPS 13?  I know the WD15 is just regular USB-C and that the USB-C controller firmware is updated as part of the regular system BIOS update, but I'm wondering if the Thunderbolt controller might still be in the hardware path somehow and therefore a firmware update there might fix something like this.

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Any idea why suddenly the miniDP works only when connected to monitors Display port.MiniDP -> Adapter -> VGA = Not workingMiniDP -> HDMI = Not workingMiniDP -> Adpater -> HDMI = Not workingMiniDP -> DP = WorksMiniDP -> Adapter -> DP = works Updated all drivers, but didnt help. Another computer with same monitor works, so its not cable or monitor issue. Is it a setting somewhere in Win7 or is the MiniDP port just broken somehow.. it used to work until few weeks ago... 

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Recently got i5 7567....GTX 1050 Ti ...I have an old AOC monitor which supports VGA input....through HDMI to VGA adapter connected my laptop to monitor... On duplicate screen mode and second screen only, it works.....but the monitor goes blank saying "input not supported" on 'extend display '.
display settings has detected the external monitor...while intel hd graphics setting and nvidia control panel are not detecting the external monitor... 
Need help folks...!

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It was working just fine for quite some time but then suddenly it is not functional any more, I cannot get any external monitor to be recognized. Tried with multiple TVs with miniDP-HDMI cable and computer monitor with miniDP-DP cable.
Could it be that the port died, or is it a software error?
PS: using Windows 10.

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Surely it's possible to manipulate it somehow? Surely windows can run both audio services, so my Realtek HD audio and AMD GPU audio would run at the same time! :/

It would be ideal as sometimes my lass likes to watch me play the odd game but she prefers to stay in the living room as im based in my passage lol. But i would prefer to still use my pc SPEAKERS * and not just getting audio through the graphics card. I know i can switch it over to what has sound, but i would find it convenient for both. Guess it's a no go :/

A:Is it possible to have both audio working when rigged miniDP to HDTV

Audio is set up that you can only have one "default" playback device - thus either the "Speakers" (sound card) or the HDMI.

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When I put my laptop to sleep, the display would not turn on.  However, the HDMI output still works with an external monitor.  I reset Windows and the display worked fine again.  Then, after putting the computer to sleep, it went black again.  I don't want to reset Windows as there appears to be some type of bug in the BIOS/Windows drivers/Intel drivers.  Has anyone experienced this type of issue and been able to resolve it?

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I've been poking around the inter-web a bit looking for a definitive answer regarding 9350's and external monitors. What is the highest resolution you can achieve? In my case I'd be connecting through a WD15 (which still has no working USB ports - had to get that in), and... and... which connection method offers the best results; mini DP, HDMI, or VGA. My instinct puts it in that order but I read a review on the WD15 that had a pretty bizarre set of results using these different selections (along with one and two monitor setups). I'm looking to connect to a Dell U2515H (2560 x 1440) but would be fairly disappointed if I couldn't muster more than 1080. Thanks.

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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Before update, when I plug my closed 7480 to wd15 dock, primary display swtched to external monitor, end i can work on it without any additional actions.
After update 1703, after plug external monitor turns on, but closed laptop screen remains primary display, so i cant work without open laptop and closing it. After closing primary display switch to external monitor, and I can continue my work. It is very uncomfortable, looking forward to fix this error

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I don't know what happened to this thing but it is getting frustrating. I unplugged my 9250 this morning and pressed the power button to turn it on. The tablet vibrates like normal when you turn it on. but the screen never comes on. It stays black. So I plugged in the dell adapter to connect it to an external display and the screen still stays black. So I thought maybe it is caught in a power saver loop. I opened it up and disconnected the battery for a few minutes. Plugged the battery back in and closed it up and I get the same thing. It does the same thing with the ac power plugged in as it does without the ac power plugged in. Any ideas what it is going on?

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Hi guys
Im in a serious problem, and have no one else to turn to. I live in a remote place (maldives) so i cant take the card for repair if its really broke.
heres the problem.
I use windows xp with service pack 3. I upgraded ( or degraded) my graphics card from a Nvidia Geforce card ( dont remember version) to a Ati graphics card. When my pc came it already had all divers installed. Then i faced problems and reinstalled xp.
I didnt care much to upadate the graphic driver as it was working fine.It said my Graphic card was a Ati Radeon 9200 and Ati Radeon 9200 secondary card (both displayed in device manager, my Acer AF715 monitor(plug and play) was on Radeon 9200)
then i got few colors our of line in monitor ( not a problem, really) and thought to update the driver. So i downloaded Ati Catalyst suite for my card and installed it.When i restarted my boot screen had broken lines an dots on screen and log on screen didnt appear at all!!
I booted on safe mode and un installed catalyst driver and restarted.Problem didnt solve. then i again started on safe mode and set my resolution to 1024 * 768 , color depth to 16 and refresh rate to 60. This time it i could log on!
Still the lines and dots are there ( getting worse) and working at 16 depth i cant watch any movies and all!!
Now my graphic card says its Ati Radeon 9250 and Radeon 9250 secondary! Wierd!!

My sys specs:
I use mixed pc..with
Gigabyte 868p chipset
Intel pentium 4 cpu (3.00GHz)
Maxator 6y040p0 hard driv... Read more

A:Radeon 9250 display problem

Hello Name22 and welcome to TSF...
Your new graphic card, is it new???
Do you see colored lines and dots in Safe Mode???

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We have two XPS 13's with WD15 in service at the moment, with two more waiting in the wings.
One system seems to work fine, with the XPS 13 cover open and using the XPS 13 keyboard along with a Logitech Unity wireless mouse and an external monitor + Ethernet hard wired to the WD15.  The other system was problematic, the difference being that it was trying to be used with its cover closed when connected to the WD15.  We finally figured out that the XPS 13 needs to be first connected to the WD15 while open, then turn off the Wi-Fi before closing the cover.  This seems to have "fixed" the problem.  The problem being that the Ethernet adapter would disconnect, shut down, whatever and then come back on briefly.  After a few minutes (or less) of this the external monitor would go off.  Opening the XPS's cover would usually bring things back to life.
Simply turning off the Wi-Fi before closing the cover seems to be the key for us!  We have the settings set in the Power Setting so that Nothing should happen when the cover is closed.
We have Installed the latest updates (as of 11/22/2016) including BIOS 1.4.10.  Lowered the Wi-Fi power output down to 75% as suggested elsewhere, etc.  This didn't correct the problem, only turning off the Wi-Fi before closing the cover has helped.  
Even with the Realtek Ethernet Adapter disabled, and the Ethernet cable disconnected from the WD15, when we shut the cover of the XPS 1... Read more

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I've got a XPS 15 R2 with a NVIDIA GTX 970M and a Dell Monitor (SE2417HG). They are connected using a HDMI cable.
Videos from Windows 10 apps like Netflix of TMN Go aren’t shown when they are displayed on the external monitor, but they are displayed on the laptop screen. I’ve tried with the latest NVIDIA driver from Dell support web page ( and from NVIDIA web site (372.70).
Is there a video setting or configuration that I’m missing?

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Hello there,
I have been trying to connect my xps 13 9350 to a Hanns.G monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 using a DA200 adapter without success. The display is detected, but the built in monitor just goes blank and the external monitor shows nothing.
Has anyone had any success connecting this laptop to an external monitor?
Many thanks in advance.

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I connect external display via vga, but it show's that there is no signal?!
what can I do to make external monitor work?!

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I've been searching this and other forums looking for answers. Any help is appreciated. I've got a ThinkPad P50 and I'm attempting to connect it to a Sceptre U405CV-UMS 40" 4K HDTV and get a 60Hz refresh rate. Currently, all I get 30Hz. Some more details;The HDTV has HDMI v2.0 PortsI've tried a variety of cables, and am currently using a USB C to HDMI Converter, plugged into the Thunderbolt port.I'm using a new HDMI Cable rated High Speed with EthernetI've seen people looking to get dual external displays working (at 4k 60Hz). But, haven't seen any problems with just one. Am I being greedy trying to get a HDTV working as an external monitor? Thanks for any help.

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I just picked up the card yesterday, and it seems as if my computer recognizes that the card is installed,

Control Panel > System > Hardware > Devices > Display Adaptors Radeon 9250 + Radeon 9250 secondary >Properties

"This device is working properly."

Yet, after following the instructions provided with the card for installation, and installing the software on the CD that came with the card, I reboot, and get this message:

"The ATI Control Panel failed to initialize because
no ATI driver is installed, or ATI driver is not working properly. The ATI
Control Panel will now exit."

I have been searching for hours on the ATI website on the ATI site I tried downloading various relevent software and got the same result. So far I have not been able to find any answers elsewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

And yes, my issue might be newbie related, this is the first time I have ever installed a video card. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:New Radeon 9250, system does not recognize ATI display drivers

have you d/led the latest version of catalyst? if not i advise you do so and install it.

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im using radeon 9250 and after playing warcraft3 for a couple of minutes it's starting to lag and then my desktop resolution changes but not the game resolution the desktop resolution follows the resolution of the game(if i set the resolution of warcraft to 800x600x32 after a minute or two the desktop resolution follows it even though i set the desktop to 1024x768) making the game laggy there's an error message the problem is that i dont know how to send it to you guys the error message says that "vpu recover has reset your graphics acceelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands"

some of my friends and the tech support of ATI says that i need to reinstall my videocard driver maybe i made a mistake in installing so i i formated my pc for a fresh start the problem is still there even though i follow all instruction here's the steps i do after installing windows xp

1. i installed the driver of my motherboard and download the updated ones and installed it

2.i installed direct x9.0c and .netframe 1.1 which i downloaded from the hyperlink in their site they said that i need it

3.installed the driver cd of my videocard which is ati 8.241

thats the steps i done but still it did'nt work afetr playing for about a couple of minutes it still adjust the resolution of my desktop and follows the resolution of the game which i have set making it laggy thanks hope you can solve my problem

sorry forgot to add this AGP texture accele... Read more

A:gecube radeon 9250 display and games resolution

Sound lik you need to uninstall the video driver,install your mothrboard drivers so
the AGP driver is installed,the reinstall the video driver.
Lack of an AGP driver is forcing the video card to run in PCI mode.

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Hello Community, I am looking for your assistance regarding a topic with the external display I am currently using. I am running a Windows 10 on my laptop and after an update of the nVidia drivers - I have an issue with the signal going through the HDMI cable. While the External display is plugged in - it is using the Intel Integrated. I have came across a similar topic in here:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-P-Y-and-Z-series/Lenovo-Z50-70-HDMI-not-working-when-connecting-... And I have done almost everything except the "RESTART" option. I have checked the HDMI cable and it is High speed - and yes, I am sure - the issue first appeared when I updated the drivers. Now I have reverted to older version of the drivers but still experience the issue.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1012 running Windows 7 Starter SP1 and I've got it hooked up to my Protron 42" LCD screen with HDMI cable. I changed the flicker rate to 70 Hertz without checking the Proton's maximum flicker rate - yeah, that's really SMART - so now I've got an issue with my external display.

It worked okay for second but then my laptop screen turned black and the external display reads "Signal Out of Range" (duh, the Protron works only up to a 69.8 Hertz flicker rate, which I SHOULD have checked BEFORE changing it, but what's done is done -_-).

Now, when I plug in the HDMI cable, my laptop screen goes to black and the external display still reads that same message. I can't change the flicker rate without seeing the menu on my laptop screen.

Any advice on how to change flicker rate back to 60 Hz?

A:External Display NOT WORKING - Need to reset flicker rate

Hi mc4wit and welcome to seven forrums, I would connect the hdmi cable and press and hold the windows key and press p once and then press the enter key. Now you should see your laptop screen. Now you can change the flicker rate. Hope this makes sense

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Hi, My p50 display just stopped working out of the blue yesterday. When i connect an external monitor or HDMI (TV)  the screen pops on the tv or external monitor. Everything works fine. It's just that the screen on the p50 is just blank. To make it more complex, the touch is working fine. Just to be precise. The black screen is also during post and boot of windows so i don't believe it's a driver issue. The only thing i can think is that the display is broke but don't understand why touch works. Is there a way to reset perhaps bios to default or does anyone have a good idea before i raise a RMA?. The p50 is working still fine but just the screen. Thanks  Ivan

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Hello, I was using my samsung tv as an external monitor using a USB-C -> HDMI adapter without any issues since the day I got my T470.Since a few days, when I plug in my adapter, nothing happens anymore, as it is no longer recognized at all, using the HDMI port works fine though.I tried with a different USB-C -> HDMI adapter and got nothing either, so I assumed it is an issue with the port itself. Here are my thunderbolt options in the BIOS :   Then I checked in the deviced manager to see if the Thunderbolt controller is showing, it's not.  I redownloaded the Thunderbolt software from T470 support page and reinstalled it, version is I downloaded the Thunderbolt firmware update (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/id/fr/downloads/DS121681) and ran it in Administrator mode.The update fails with this message "no thunderbolt controller found, or thunderolt software is not present in the system"  I saw in that similar post (https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/Thunderbolt-TB3-NOT-found-in-device-manager-f...) that turning off the option "Thunderbolt BIOS Assist mode" in the BIOS made the thunderbolt controller appear in the device manager, but this option is not available in the T470. Everything is up to date according to Lenovo System update software.Trying to restore windows to a previous point failed at each attempt.My current windows 10 build is 1607 (14393.2214) I'm running out of ... Read more

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I have been searching in several forums but have not been able to fully fix this problem. It was fixed temporarily and failed again.
This the system I have:

HP TouchSmart tx2 tablet pc with Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (Home Premium) x 64 bit
AMD Turion (tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-82, 2.2 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

I have been working for over a year with an external display Dell ST2310 flat screen monitor and working fine with the "use external display only" setting . From one minute to the other both screen went black so I forced a restart and again the same problem. I decided to manually disconnect the external display by unplugging the VGA cable from the laptop which automatically switched back to the main display as it would if I disconnected the display. When I plugged the VGA cable back in again the same issue both screens were fully black. I disconnected once again the VGA cable so I could change the settings in Windows Mobility. I plugged back in the VGA cable after changing the settings from "external display only" to "mirror monitors" and after playing for a bit with the Windows Mobility Center I got the external display to work back again to my regular settings: "external display only". This solution lasted for a day and now the main display works and the external display screen is fully black.

Solutions I have tried unsuccessfully:
- Changed VGA cables, still experiencing the same issue.
- Tested monitor ... Read more

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We have the problem that the usb mouse and keyboard does not work lots of times with the Dell 5480 & wd15 if Citrix Receiver is installed, did any of you try that.

we have the same problem with the 5 Dell 5480 that we have in the company.

A:Dell 5480 USB not working with WD15 & Citrix Receiver

That's a known issue on the TB16 dock due to the ASMedia USB driver that it requires to be installed. That driver is not required for the WD15 docks, but if you installed that driver anyway on those systems, it might affect them as well.  The fix is simply to update Citrix Receiver on the affected systems to at least 4.9.  This Dell support article explains the issue and provides a link to Citrix to download an updated Citrix Receiver client: www.dell.com/.../tb16-dock-losing-connection-to-peripherals-and-network-on-reboot-with-citrix-receiver-client-software-installed

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Hi everyone,
I got a WD15 dock and made sure all the drivers and bios were updated. plugged it in and started having issues. First it wasn't working with my keyboard and mouse when plugged into the Docking station (with the lid closed). No biggy plugged the into the laptop and continued working. Now it acts like the Ethernet Cable is being unplugged and plugged in constantly (lid still closed). Sometimes everything will work with the lid open, other times if acts like I unplugged the dock making the monitors flash on and off. Please help!

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 Hi  I have recently picked up a T460 , but when its docked and the lid is closed down the external display monitor connected doesnt workI have to have the screen open on my laptop for the external screen to work Any ideas please ? Thanks In Advance Alan 

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I just bought a 40" samsung so I want to use this PCI card with my other ATI Radeon HD 4800 card.

I think its possible from the discussion here: http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-c...d-problem.html

I just can't figure it out. I can't seem to install any drivers at all as it defaults to the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Drivers. Right not it says "This device cannot start." It has been out of a computer case just laying around for about a year... is it possible its broken? I haven't got anything out of my third monitor. If I needed to replace it can anyone recommend me a new one?

Much appreciated... and yes I did just join these boards to ask this question after a google search found the previous thread.

A:ATI 9250 PCI card not working

Quote: Originally Posted by TTU

I just bought a 40" samsung so I want to use this PCI card with my other ATI Radeon HD 4800 card.

I think its possible from the discussion here: http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-c...d-problem.html

I just can't figure it out. I can't seem to install any drivers at all as it defaults to the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Drivers. Right not it says "This device cannot start." It has been out of a computer case just laying around for about a year... is it possible its broken? I haven't got anything out of my third monitor. If I needed to replace it can anyone recommend me a new one?

Much appreciated... and yes I did just join these boards to ask this question after a google search found the previous thread.

TTU hi and welcome

You have download the driver for the vdeo card and tried to install it, but cant?

You can re-try to install in safe mode (F8) where the cards video driver isnt used.

also you can go into device manager>display>your card to see if it is listed and working (probably not). to go into device manager type it in search
Kenn J

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Ok i have a problem, every time i try to install this driver my comp tells me to setup my "display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup." My question is where do i get the VGA driver

MY computer
windows xp home
pentium 4 2.93GHz
120GB hard drive
Ati Radeon 9250 256MB PCI

And when i try to run DOD my video card resets itself, Steam said i need version for my card to play that game

A:My Radeon 9250 is not working right

In Device Manager, click 'video controller', click 'driver', click 'update driver', follow the wizard. This should install the standard vga.

If it does not, click 'update', click 'install from a specific location', click 'don't search I will blah blah', click 'have disk', type 'c:\windows\inf' in search box and you should see standard vga. Click that.

Let it install the standard vga driver, reboot, then run your setup

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I got this ATi Radeon 9250 on this Pc-chips mobo... when i get into adv. config, in that smartgart section it says AGP is deactivated. And when i try to raise it to at least AGP 1x, or 2x, or 4x... once rebooted it says AGP is still deactivated... what should I do?

If you read the post of this guy , he had the same problem and somehow solved it, but the difference is he's using an ASUS mobo.

A:AGP not working with Radeon 9250

I believe the eventual solution to that poster's problem was updating the drivers for the MB first (although the ASUS site can be very busy and not always cooperative ) and then installing the drivers for the video card. Have you gone to the PC Chips web site and looked for what you need? What model board do you have. Did the Radeon board replace onboard video? If so is the onboard video disabled in BIOS in necessary? In BIOS is AGP enabled?

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I have had a Dell XPS 12 9250 that I bought in new packaging 13 months ago. About 6 weeks ago the WIFI stopped working. There is the red x that shows no connections are available. If I do a network reset the WIFI has become available when I go to a place that has a new connection. If the WIFI did not work at school, it will work when I turn on at home after the network reset, or will work at school if it did not work at home.  The computer always detects the Bluetooth but not WIFI.  I ran updates through Dell and Intel two weeks ago. When the tech staff at my school inserts a USB 3.0 to Ethernet PXE Boot, the device is recognizable but still not the WIFI.  Previous posts on the WIFI not being recognizable on the XPS 12 were answered in the context of Windows 8 or older. Is there a solution for Windows 10? There are no connections that are currently recognizable on my device.

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Ok i got this computer built from parts, all new
so i fresh installed windows without any problems, installed everything
except for the crappy onboard stuffs, the motherboard supports 4x, 8x
agp, my video card says its 8x agp but when try to use that smartgart
utility to enable 8x agp it doesnt work. i have the latest drivers, and i have set it to enable agp fast write, 8x agp support with a 128mb graphics appature in bios. not that it matters because at this point ive tryed everything. i have never installed and other video cards even the onboard card on this computer. the first time i booted it up i disabled the onboard card. and enabled the agp card. but it just wont turn on the agp. for some reason. i dont know what it is but im not impressed with radeon this far. since i have a nvidia geforce FX5700 in my other computer and it runs and has had no problem. im sure me sharing this problem with you all will come with support for fixing it otherwise i wouldnt make the post. but i meen i cant think of anything else to do.

A:Radeon 9250 128mb Agp 8x not working

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Hi I have dell dimensions desktop and needed somewhat of a better video card. So I bought the cheap walmart one, Radeon 9250. I disabled my onboard video card and then shut down the computer. I then put the card in the PCI slot and plugged it in and turned it on and bam it appears to be working then it stops and says "No signal input or cable disconnected" (it says this after the windows logo is "loading"). I'm not so sure what is wrong with it the software for the card is setup I disabled the onboard video card. Help is appreciated! Thanks in Advance!

A:Solved: Help Getting ATI Radeon 9250 working

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I've been using my Dell XPS 15 9550 for a couple of months now and everything was fine, i decided to connect it to an external monitor P2715Q through a Dell WD15 Type-C docking station, which working fine except for having the Monitor at 30Hz versus 60Hz. i've been facing alot of Blue Screen Errors, and one day found there was a firmware update for the Docking Station, the Monitor went blank and found the firmware was updating usually when i startup my laptop and it's connected to the docking station it gives me a warning message about the power being less than 60W so i unplugged the Type C cable connecting the dock to  the Laptop mid installation, it rolled back and i then figured i shouldn't have disconnected it. This morning i connected my dock as usual but it wasn't being recognized it's as if the Type C wasn't reading the Dock, i connected a Type C to Display port cable direct to the monitor to check if it was the port but that worked instantly, please help what should i do? 

A:DELL WD15 Type-C Docking Not working with XPS 15 9550 after failed firmware update

Unplugging mid firmware update is a no no. Try the firmware update once or twice or so again, with nothing else connected to the dock. If that fails, try Dell service. Mine updated the second time but said failed at the end, then third time reported to be updated, and now seems to work just the way it did before.
I've had horrible issues with the WD15 initially, all sorts of devices disconnecting and not working properly, including plain wired USB mouse and keyboard. After tens of driver and BIOS updates, things eventually stabilized (although the screen developed a flicker meanwhile). Now it seems to work stably, as long as the laptop is in airplane mode, otherwise I still get temporary freezes. Many people blame it on some sort of the Dell Wireless 1830 adapter with USB - some say wifi power should be reduced to 75% in driver settings, but that replacement with the Intel 8260 is a better solution. Please report back if the airplane mode helps with stability (wired Ethernet now stable here, if you're on wifi regularly and worried about withdrawal symptoms during a possibly prolonged airplane mode testing period).  
30 Hz is max for a 4K display on the WD15, there's not enough bandwidth for more via the USB protocol. Recently a revised version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the TB16, has been released, and perhaps even works finally with a fan built in, supporting even two external 4K displays @60Hz. 3rd-party TB3 docks have started appearing too, but make sure... Read more

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The title says it all. I'm very frustrated with this problem since I really need to connect my laptop to an external monitor for work. I've read and tried all relative topics in this and intel forums (e. g: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-920-can-t-connect-to-any-external-mon...), have done all steps mentioned (including firmware, bios and windows update, windows reset, ...) but the problem still persists. Apparently, most users that had faced the same problem been able to get it worked after installing "Type C Firmware for Windows 10 (64-bit)" or the BIOS update provided by Lenovo. I installed them successfully but nothing changed. I am sure it is a software issue since there is no sign of any hardware one (all devices are fine as device manager shows and diagnostics app found no problem). It was just working fine until suddenly stopped working (probably after some recent windows update). I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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hi.. i bought  the xps 12 before two months ago and this is the first time I face this problem it's suddenly can't detected from the tablet i did every thing i know  and no thing after 24 hour and when I went to sleep detached the tablet and it's worked!?  i don't know how but it's worked and after 12 hour still working until suddenly the window 10 Freeze and that force my to restart it with power button after that the keyboard didn't work
i did every think updating the drivers with latest update from dell and the window with latest update too
and i tried to uninstall the drivers from device manager with restart nothing had changed
i even rest my PC and bios and still not working
should to mention the keyboard no worked even in UEFI menu
well i became desperate and thank you in advance for any help
sorry for my English it's not my first language..

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Please help out a fellow windows 7 owner. I did a clean install to my old computer
Build date 2005
Model HP a1120n
Intel P4
4Gb Ram
200gb data
OS: 7 Ultimate 64bit

I did a search all over the internet and tried many drivers and still I can't get it to work. Right now my video card is installed and using the vga and dvi of the new card. I check my device manager I see a yellow quotation mark on my "Video Controller"

A:Radeon 9250 128mb video card not working

Try the 9.7 Catalyst driver/suite first. Due to it's age, that card is considered a legacy card. Not all Catalyst driver version support leagcy cards.

From here:
ATI Radeon 9250 drivers

I assume you're aware you still won't get aero or 'fancy' effects due to the 128MB limitation?

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I have a Dell XPS 15 and a Dell Dock WD15 which has been working fine for a long time but recently the WD15 dock has been acting up after it is re-docked to the laptop.
Everything works fine if I start the laptop with the dock plugged in but after re-docking the USB ports and Network (cabled) stops working. Everything seems fine with the drivers and as said it only happens after re-docking.
I've tried to rollback drivers and even downgrade the FW on the dock but the problem remains. The only way to "fix" it seems to be to restart the laptop after re-docking.
Running Win10 64-bit.
Any suggestions?

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I was hooking my T530 up to my TV just fine with a MiniDP-to-HDMI adapter and a regular HDMI cable up until a few days ago. Then, I was in a situation where I wanted to watch video on the TV, but have the audio go to the headphone jack and not to the TV. Got that working by disabling something in the HDMI settings. (Before that, if I plugged in my headphones, audio came through both the TV AND the headphones.) But now, I can't watch anything on the TV any more. Same cables, same setup, but the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel doesn't recognise the TV, and the TV doesn't think it's getting any signal. I'm guessing I have to re-enable the HDMI somehow, but I can't find anywhere to do that. Help! Running Windows 8.1 Pro.  

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Has anyone else seen this problem? I have external VGA display 1920x1080, in Win10 it is set as primary display.Both Intel and Radeon video adapters are enabled. Most of Win10 "modern" aka "metro" apps (Mail, Store) fail to render correctly when their window is bigger than the built-in LCD (1366x768).At least it looks like this. When I resize these apps more than certain size, the added area does not render and stays transparent or filled by background color.Moving the window around, further resize does not help. This behaviour started in version 1708 and still continues after 1803 update.   Please advice how to fix this. Very annoying. Thanks,Pavel A.

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Hello everyone, As described in the title, I have an issue with my Yoga 720 15" with the GTX1050 and external monitors. The external display disconnects whenever I launch a game in fullscreen mode or when I change and apply display settings in Windows 10 (for example when I change from extend to pc screen only and then back to extend). Basically whenever the screen has to turn black and reload new graphical settings. The only solution then is to replug the HDMI cable on the monitor.  I have tested this with multiple monitors and TVs as well as different types of connections such as usb-c to HDMI cables and usb-c hubs with integrated HDMI ports. Graphics drivers are all up to date.  Can anyone help me out here?

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