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T450s can I replace my HD while still keeping the recovery disk

Q: T450s can I replace my HD while still keeping the recovery disk

Hey guys, my T450s 's harddrive is starting to give me problems and I am thinking about replacing it. My plan was to [1] backup all data externally, [2] replace the HDD, [3] recover OS and system setting with the recovery disk and [4] reload my externally-backed-up data. However, my concern is that I am not sure where the recovery disk is located, and my worry is that by replacing the HDD, I would have removed the recovery disk too. (In which case I may need something like Acronis to capture an image). Does anyone know if the recovery drive is tied to the HDD? Below is my laptop configuration: Intel Core i5-5200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.70GHz)? Windows 7 Professional 64 preinstalled through downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro? Windows 7 Professional 64 preinstalled through downgrade rights in Windows 10 Pro English? Security Chip Enabled? 8GB DDR3L-1600 4G Base+4G (1 SoDIMM)? 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, 2.5"? 16GB M.2 Solid State Drive Single? 3rd M.2 SSD slot Thank you


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Preferred Solution: T450s can I replace my HD while still keeping the recovery disk

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: T450s can I replace my HD while still keeping the recovery disk

Hello and welcome,

I wrote up something about that ... a long time ago. Should still apply:

ThinkPad T450s: SSD migration & OS Installation: Clean, Clone, and Recover


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Based on my own experience.Guide for everyone who wants to replace/upgrade his Lenovo T450s or T450 screen.IMHO it can be useful for Lenovo T460s or T460 and similar models.I spend a lot of time to collect all this info. I hope it helps somebody!And it worth to replace if you have TN screen now. LG to AUO - only if you really need little better colors.1. You should be ready to lost hardware brightness control. Brightness set at max always. Some solutions possible - read the guide )   If you have replacement screen from manufacturer or "dead" laptop of the compatible model - you are lucky!2. Sometimes you need to replace eDP cable. It cost additional money and require more skills and time.3. Screens market is terrific. Everybody wants to sell you "same" screen at a high price.   You need carefully check seller if you want original AUO display or at least LG display.Brightness control:1. Lenovo replaces the name of a screen in EDID (screen "BIOS"). For example "LG LP140WF3-SPD1" -> "Lenovo LP140WF3-SPD1".2. Lenovo writes all changed names in EDID table in BIOS. If your screen name not in BIOS -> brightness always at maximum.Brightness control (possible solutions):1. Change BIOS EDID table to correct values. Change screen name in EDID. Require very special skills.   More info here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/w550s-t550-lcd-screen-replacement-brightness-set-at-max.7741...   Users with "old" bios 1.04 - 1.19 (for T450s) re... Read more

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I've Windows 10 Insider Preview 14279 but it has several bugs that affects me.
I'd would like to remove it.
I've tried to install Windows 10 (the regular version) but it doesn't offer me the option to keep all my apps and personal settings.
How can I force it to keep everything and just upgrade?

Both are the Professional and x64 version.

I don't have the backup folder anymore.


A:Replace Insider with regular Win10 keeping your apps?

You can't.

To opt out of Insider Preview, you will need to do a Clean Install.
Clean Install does not allow keeping files, nor settings, nor apps.
Backup the files you want to keep first.
You will have to reinstall all your 3rd party programs after clean install.

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Recently I decided to upgrade the internal hard drive of myThinkPad T450s to a Crucial MX300 275GB SSD. I wanted to start afresh with the SSD, so I decided to re-install the operating system with the Windows Recovery Media I have downloaded from Lenovo's Support website (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/lenovorecovery).When trying to create a bootable USB drive with the USB Recovery Creator tool, the program copies the files successfully, but says failed validation after reaching 100% validation.I tried to install the OS on the SSD anyway. On booting up the recovery program, after allowing it to format all drives, the program stops saying "Product Recovery Failed".I'm not sure as to whether it is the SSD or the failed validation that is causing the problem. The digital media was untouched, I kept the files exactly the way I received it. And I have restored the system before with the exact same RMF as before, and it completed the process successfully. Then I've decided to restore the recovery media to the original HDD the product came with, and that fails too. I don't know why that is happening. That means the SSD is definitely not the problem.

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I have windows 7 pro downgradable rights from windows 10. I had to do low level format on my HDD. I did a bootable recovery USB before formatting.Tried booting with it, it is booting normally, but it is showing that there is no operating system image on the computer. While on the USB there is factoryrecovery folder with large SWM files. is there is a way to reset the computer to the factory defaults?

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Have a T450S  and the HDD  is corrupted so  I cannot do Fsomething to get a restore and need to therfore get it going afresh , so  - need to get Windows recovery / install ISOs/USB/Discs - HOW? I put my serial number into the Lenovo site that handles this and it said my laptop is not eligible for something , presumably getting it from MS. OK, fine. NOW, how can I get the OS to run? I cd not even contact Lenovo on this presumaby because it is out of warranty? thanks for any help. In the old days, they'd give you the disks, then they wanted to save $ and no disks, but you cd go to MS and get it as long as you give a valid product id. WHen I did this, it said this is a Windows from a premade machine; contact your manufacturer.

A:have a T450S - need to get Windows recovery / install ISOs/USB/Discs - HOW?

If your system came installed with Windows 8.1 or 10, your product ID is stored in the BIOS, so just skip by the part where it asks you to enter the PID and it will complete the install, and activate automatically.   If you have Windows 7, there should be a product key label on the bottom or under the battery. You can download Windows  and create installation media from Microsoft for free at the link belowhttps://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15088/windows-create-installation-media If you are in the US,  and want to order recovery media to restore the  drive and all its partitions to the factory state, you need to call Lenovo Support at 877-453-6686  and they will send you the media (for a price of course).     Good Luck,

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i bought a new 2.13GB penrin toshiba satelite L505-10P laptop. it has a
500GB harddisk with 3 partitions in it, the 1st is a the 400mb recovery
partition, the 2nd a 232gb NTFS with a 64bit french win7 home premium in
it, the 3rd is a 232GB NTFS contains recovery files: msdia80.dll,
R11461FR.tag N a directory: HDDRecovery contains several subdirectories.
i want to repartition the HD but i'm new to toshiba and to win7 n 64bit
systems. i'm planning to do:

1. copy the recovery files in the 3rd partition to a removable media
2. shrink the 1st partition to the minimum possible. should i? how many
3. shrink the 2nd/win7 partition to maybe 100GB (any advise?)
4. del the 3rd partition
5. make an extended partition in the place of the 3rd
6. make some logical partitions in it, with specifics drives for:
a. general data
b. music n multimedia (actually i have nearly 70GB of music, plus
some videos/records)
c. backup where i'm gonna put the recovery files from the former 3rd
d. a linux swap (how big? i have 4GB of RAM)
7. make the 4th primary partition for 1 or 2 distro: ubuntu or kuliax
(an indonesian debian derivee suited for IT learning n programming)

my questions are:
1. what i know is that a HD can only contain 4 primary partitions.
please CMIIW
2. if i proceed like that, will the recovery process be always
fonctional? will the recovery image not be alterated? can i move
freely the contains of the former 3rd partitons into an... Read more

A:repartition n keeping the recovery files

You ask many questions, but I will try to answer some.

Only 4 primary partitions on a MBR formatted drive.

400 MB isn't much, so you may not want to shrink it, plus you might not be able to get that space back anyway.

100 GB for a Win 7 partition should be fine, but only you would know for sure.

I do not know if Linux will load in a logical partition, you might check first.

Since I do not use a Toshiba, I cannot guarantee the recovery system will work if you do what you seem to want to try.

Your warranty might be affected if you change all these things.

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I have a Windows7(Home Premium) pre-installed Sony Vaio Nw20SF/S laptop in which i tried to create Recovery disks(2 DVD's)... using Vaio Recovery disk Software(Inbuit). It stopped(or hanged donno) in the middle while creating the 2nd DVD then that was cancelled, but a new partition with no FileSystem is created for about 9.3 GB when i look in the Computer Management tool present.

Now, i have two questions to ask...

1) Does Sony Vaio models with Windows 7 comes with Hidden Recovery Disk Partition(D:... something like that or not)???
2) What to do or how to make use of the 9.3GB partition present???

Please Help.
Thanks a lot in Advance...

A:Regarding Recovery disk and Recovery disk partitions in Sony Vaio NW series...

Help please.....

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If you have a recovery drive - that includes the recovery partition - made on one computer, but have a toshiba laptop with a bad drive (but the recovery partition is ok), can you replace/copy the partition on the recovery drive with the recovery partition from the bad laptop HD?

My friend's laptop would not boot, and would not factory recover, reset, or refresh. I tried to clone the hard drive before I started messing with the disc. It would not clone, but I was able to copy the recovery partition to a USB drive.

He never make recovery discs, so could not re-install, but I can borrow the recovery drive that my aunt made for her laptop.

A:replace recovery partition in recovery drive?

There may be a couple problems with that. The Factory Image is too large to be just copied to a Fat32 partition, so it has to be divided in sections. You could do that using DISM and put the .swm files in the sources folder. Not even a guess as to whether it would work.

There is other information concerning the configuration of the computer making the recovery drive. If it was made on a different computer, that info would probably be incorrect and not allow a reset.

I have never tried, but you might be able to copy the Factory image to a drive formatted as NTFS and then set the recovery to look for that file for a reset. Maybe you have already copied the entire recovery partition...

If you assume the factory image is the same for both systems, can you copy the entire Recovery Image partition from the bad drive to the good drive?

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I just downloaded Windows XP(Service pack 3) and mounted it to a USB disc.

Problem is, it doesnt work. On the boot screen it gives me the message invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue and then when i press any key, it boots into my hard drive/Windows 8.

Originally i thought something was wrong with the boot but now i think it may or may not be. All help is highly appreciated.

A:Unable to boot, invalid system disk. replace disk and press any key to continue

Few, if any, downloadable copies of WinXP are legal. The 'Invalid System Disk' error message is the tip off.

You'll need to buy a copy from an authorized source. There is no way to trick the system into recognizing an illegal copy of Windows.

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Hello I have a Toshiba L645 which is on win7 but i'd like to downgrade to XP. The laptop has a hidden recovery partition which I would like to keep intact to restore at a future date.How can I downgrade to XP and not delete the recovery partition as it is on same HDD but hidden partition. Thanks.

A:Downgrade to Win xp keeping recovery partition intact

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I want to reinstall windows xp with a windows xp recovery disc i have bought but i am worried about losing microsoft office as i havnt got the discs. Is there anyway i can do this without losing microsoft office even thou i havnt got the discs.

Many Thanks


A:xp recovery disc and keeping microsoft office

If you have proof of purchase see this: How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs, and replace product manuals

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My friends computer froze up and she had to reboot and when she did she got this black screen, etc. when she tries to hit F8 key it says keyboard stuck, her tower light doesnt even light up on her dsl, etc. she cannot type into this black box which has a blinking line where she should be able to type. Can anyone help?? Thanks alot!!

A:black screen, invalid system disk replace the disk and press any key HELP!!

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I have a friends computer that won't boot anymore. I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada. No one home at all. Hard drive seems to be OK. I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use. The recovery repair (2nd option) runs just fine but won't boot upon startup.
I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine. It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....
It was running windows home. I honestly don't remember if it was premium or basic. All I want is to be able to get it up and running so my friend can get his info/programs/whatever all in order until he can get a new machine.
I formated it properly, but something is wrong with the original image that just won't allow me to boot. My vacation time is fast running out. Every time I need to redo the image I lose 3-4 hrs .
I did attempt to write a new mbr. I either did it wrong or that wasn't my problem.

Thank you for your time and asistance,

A:Non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready.

Well...if it IS the motherboard...which aligns with your suspicions...I don't know what to suggest.

<<I used driveimage xml to make a backup of the drive before attempting a recovery in another machine that wasn't in use>>
System manufacturer and model?

<<I figure it was the motherboard since swapping out power suppy with known good one still resulted in a dead box. No lights, nada>>

The PSU sounds like a good suspect when there are no signs of life, IMO.

<<I can do an "upgrade" install of another OS (resulting in windows.old file), but drive is too small for such a thing. I can do a full install on that hard drive and it will boot and run just fine.>>

What drive are you talking about...the original hard drive? If that's true...it would appear that the motherboard is not at fault.

<<It's the image that I can't get to boot. I currently have it imaged on a healthy 75.4 gb drive which...won't...boot....>>

What's the error message when you try to boot the image on different hard drive? Is that when you get the error message you cited?

Non-system disk means that the boot options are wrong, generally speaking. Have you checked the BIOS settings? A bad/failing CMOS battery could also be reasonably expected to possibly produce that error.


Did you check the cloned drive...for the proper boot.ini file?


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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

A:Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready...Please Help!!

One of the more common reasons you may see this error would be if you have a USB flash drive or an external hard drive connected. It can also happen if you have something in the DVD drive.

So, if you have any of those types of things connected, disconnect them, make sure nothing is in your DVD drive, and try starting the computer again. I wouldn't be surprised if the error message changes slightly to something about there being no boot device found. In which case it would mean that your laptop's hard drive failed and presently your computer is looking elsewhere to try and find an operating system to load and failing.

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Hello there, I have a very limited knowledge of computers and I really need help. My 2007 hp laptop wont work. I have Windows Vista on it. Everytime I turn it on this message pops up. "Non System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready". I have no idea what to do, please help me!!

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Invalid system disk
Replace the disk, and then press any key.Click to expand...

I get this error from time to time, even when there is no disk in the computer. There's no CD or floppydisk inserted. To solve the problem, I restart the computer, and all is fine.

I'd rather not go through the problem, and want it solved once and for all. Does anyone know the problem and solution? I already went on Google to see what others said, but no luck.

1. The computer has no viruses. I have NAV.
2. There are no HD (harddrive) problems, according to ScanDisk.
3. All cords and cables are attached to where they should go.
4. The first boot location is on the HD (C, according to BIOS.
5. There are no disks inserted.

After all this, what could be the problem and what can I do? I've heard it could be a slow OS (slower than the BIOS), or a worthless HD. Before I conclue its worthless, I would like to know how to make the OS faster in starting it up (or making the BIOS slower so that the OS can catch up).

My information:
1. I am using Windows 98SE.
2. The primary slave is a Maxtor HD.

A:Invalid System Disk - Replace Disk Error

Please will you fill in you full system specs in my.TS.forum at the top of the page(click on edit profile)

Why is you Hard drive connected as primary slave?

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hi, okayy so this all started just today, but the day before the computer just wouldn't work right and i didn't know what to do with it because it would immediately go to a blue screen after login in my account or any account and then shut off then restart itself. Then today i tried turning it on and all i see is a black screen with typing on it then immediately goes to another black screen that says &quot; Non-System disk error, replace and strike any key when ready&quot; and i don't know what to do with it because it simply just won't do anything (it just stays on that black screen saying that) and im not a computer genious so i would really appreciate someone's help Ohh and i have the HP ProBook 4425s just in case anyone needs to know.

A:Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key wh...

Its the hard drive. Likely needs replaced. Tap F10 as you power on and see if you can get into setup and there is a hard drive self-test you can run to confirm.

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My labtop is saying non-system disk or error disk .how can I get rid of it please.help me

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I recently restored my system to restore point set prior to a failed upgrade to W10 . The restore was "successful" but then... When I boot up, I get normal login but when I enter my password system tells me it is setting up my desktop??  Then it stalls in never never land. When I  boot in safe mode I get my normal desktop but not much works including networking. Most anything I try yields an explorer  error message that the file or resource cannot be found, etc.  Curiously I can open any PDF file with Acrobat and I can even browse and load  other PDF files on the hard disk from within acrobat. I ran boot log and in fact most of the the drivers other than sysroot... did not load. I tried all of the repair options provided by HP and microsoft without success.  So I decided to restore using a set of disks I dutifully prepared when I recently moved my system.  Unfortunately the restore from disk option cannot find the boot file on disk #1.  When I put the disk in another machine I see a normal set of foders including one named "Boot"??I REALLY want to get my system back to what I had when I exeuted  the restore to restore point!

A:System Restore issues Recovery from recovery disk set disk#1...

Be sure disc 1 is clean and no scratches and try again,

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If I had a OEM computer which I wanted to reinstall Windows 7 from a retail disc, can I keep the system recovery partition if I do a custom installation and only choose the partition with the operating system on it?

A:Install Windows 7 retail over OEM keeping System Recovery partition.

When installing win7 you select on which partition to install (or in unused space). Win7 comes there. The win7 bootmanager and bootmenu come in the partition where it always was.... or (if no partition was marked active) in the win7 partition itself. So ... it doesn't touch the recovery partition

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Hi, I have been using windows xp, installed on a ATA hard disk. Recently I bought a SATA hard disk and installed windows 7 ultimate on it. I installed the new windows unplugging the previous hard disk and it boots ok. But now I don't want to switch from win XP to windows overnight, since it is a home PC and every one is used to the previous settings and all.

Now when I plugged in the old hard disk, there is no option to boot from my new windows. And the new hard disk's drive letters start from the previous one's last drive letter, where I want the new hard disk's 1st drive to be C:.

Is there any way to keep the previous installation and choose in boot time from which windows I want to boot from? Also how can I make my new hard disk's drive letters start from C:?

Thank you

A:Want to boot from a new hard disk with windows 7, keeping the old XP

The Windows 7 C:, will only show C: when you boot Windows 7.

To boot the HDD, use the One Time Boot Menu.

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A while back I accidentally uninstalled Windows Media Player from my Windows 7. Yeah, sure, no big deal. Download it again! There are none! Go Microsoft! Or even better, crawdad, you can go turn it on again in the features menu! Wrong. It says it can't run or be updated due to it being registered newer than the older program.

So, I gave up. Here lately I've decided I need to reinstall Windows 7 (for A LOT of reasons, namely lack of space). But, what I want to do is increase the drive size. I have another partition which is a good 10 times the size (yes, I wasn't thinking when I made the w7 partition), but the problem is I can't just back up the big partition and erase it because I install ALL programs to that other drive. This other drive also has an operating system on it. Vista.

So I'm curious; how on Earth can I reinstall Windows 7, while restoring the one I have now, but keeping these programs on it and not corrupting ALL OF THEM. I have games installed that take longer to download than the time it'll take hell to freeze over.

I need to reinstall windows 7 (restoring the one I have, after), but keeping programs on a seperate partition with an operating system on it from being destroyed, thus keeping programs intact.

I am just assuming there is no way to do it and I should quit while I'm ahead. Drive letters won't match for programs thus rendering them unusable. Sigh.

A:Fresh install into restore while keeping programs on another disk.

Apps must be reinstalled after OS reinstall.

Do you have Windows 7 OEM (came installed on system) or full retail version?

If OEM, OS reinstall would leave HDD as it was when the system was new, partitions and all.

If full retail, wipe the HDD with KillDisk, install Windows 7, then use "shrink" feature in Disk Management to create partitions, if you wish.

Format HDD - sysnative.com - MVP

Partition or Volume - Shrink - Windows 7

Regards. . .



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hello i have win 8.1 and i'm confused about the differents about these disk i mentioned.
1)can you tell me what are the differents?
if are three different disk:
2)how can create each of them?
3)where is usefull each of them?
4) can i create these disks to usb?
also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1 (my preinstalled os was win 7).i have created a windows image backup.the backup is anything from that?
5) for automatic repair which disk i will create?
sorry for my bad english

A:system repair disk-installation disk-recovery disk

Originally Posted by vasilis

also i have not any installation disk of win 8.1

How to download and create a bootable Windows 8.1 installation media. -> link

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We did buy the laptop in 2012 with Windows 7 installed. We used the option from Microsoft to upgrade to Windows 10. It was all working fine till the anniversery update. After the anniversery update of Windows 10 we have issues with the laptop. To solve these we like to reinstall Windows.For performance upgrade we replaced the HD by a new SSD (120Gb). Recovery media is available. What did I do:Remove HDPlace SSHStart from media I get a message in Dutch (I translate it for you) "This media is not usable for this laptop" I have made this media a day ago with the same laptop. On the support forum I found 2 messages:One message was solved after a update of the BIOS of the laptop. I have downloaded the last version of the BIOS for this laptop and I did install it. (Prev. version 3.7, new version 4.8). After this I did replace the disk again and I did try to recover again. No success. In a support document was information of an update of the Recovery manager. In that document I read to update the recovery manager and then recreate the recovery media.Update done and after that it is not possible to recreate the media. How can I reinstall Windows on a HP laptop after replacing the HD by SSD? Please help.

A:Recovery after replace HD by SSD

Vincent_Hemel Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!You're up against several problems ... First, the Upgrade to Win10 corrupted the HP Recovery information, so even if you could make Recovery disks now, they probably would not work. Second, if the Recovery had worked, it would have sent you back to the former OS, and completely erased the entire contents of the hard drive in the process -- that is how it works. Third, the Recovery function is designed to restore to the original drive, or to another drive of the same size.  Replacing the original HDD with a 120GB SSD is guaranteeing that the Recovery would not work. Basically, you're NOT going to be able to do what you want -- use HP Recovery Media to restore to the 120GB SSD.  I have been told (by others) that it IS possible to do such a recovery to a 250GB SSD, but when I tried that with my HP laptop, it failed.  It did NOT work until I used a 500GB SSD -- the same capacity as the original HDD. So, you would probably have to do the same.  

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Hi I've recently bought an oldish HP Vectra xe310 it came with the XP back up cd so I decided to format the hard drive, after the format it had installed XP but then asked for a second cd the image library and diagnostics system ILd, so I went to the HP support website only to find out I'd bought a pc that was not sold to home users. They said that the cd was obsolete. Can anyone tell me were I could buy one. I've got the part number:
5970-4641 model number is P7609T.

Cheers quest63

A:cant replace xp recovery disc

Welcome to TSG.

does your computer have the COA label with an OEM license key?

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HP probook 4510s windows 7 32bit
I did a "disk sanitizer" and the laptop isn't rebooting right or reading my operating system cd it says "NON-SySTEM ERROR OR DISK REPLACE AND STRIKE ANY KEY WHEN READY"
1) i removed all assceraries from the leptop
2) ran a diagnostic test all passed
3) here are some photos attachments
4) i think i deleted the partition and the OPS wind.7
Please thanks

A:HP 4510s windows7 "Non-system disk or disk error replace..."

What is a "Disk sanitizer." Sounds like a disk wiper, or some optimizing or registry cleaning crapware that ruined your Win7.

Try booting into the Win7 DVD or Repair CD to System Restore to before you ruined the OS as shown in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start which also provides the DVD if needed.

If you can't get it started with any of the steps given there then get the superior Clean Reinstall without the HP crapware which is the worst in the industry and throttles Win7 from its native state.

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My mom has an HP Compaq nc8430 computer. She recently encountered this problem this morning. Does this mean that the hard drive's dead? Any help is appreciated greatly

A:"Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready"

DId ur BIOS detect ur HDD? Also check if ur sata cable is loosed or not. U can try another pair of sata cable & test it if it works or not..

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I upgraded my Asus Vista laptop to windows 7. I have completely removed Windows Vista from my system except for the Vista recovery partition (restores the computer to factory settings) which still remains. So when Ii needed to use the recovery partition it installed Vista back on my computer and I needed to install Windows 7 all over again. Is there any way to replace the Vista recovery partition with a new Windows 7 recovery partition? So if i need to use the recovery partition my computer installs windows 7 not Vindow Vista.

The Vista recovery Partition is hidden on my computer.

For my comp info just check my system specs.

Admins, feel free to move the post if i have posted it in the wrong section.

Thanks, Simon

A:How to replace Vista recovery partition

Hi Simon-

Make your Vista recovery disks so you have a path back to factory condition in case you want to sell the computer but keep Win7.

Next boot the Win7 DVD, press Shift F10 to open a Command Line, type:

SELECT DISK 0 (confirm this is target HD #)
CLEAN ALL (applies zeroes for deepest clean, takes awhile)

Now boot back into Win7 installer to Custom install using Drive tools to create New partition(s) as you wish, format before installing to first partition.

There is no need to create a Win7 Recovery Partition on the same HD as they do at factory since with built-in Win7 backup imaging you can save an image of your finished install externally so that it will be useable if the HD fails.

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We created a USB pen with the recovery software on, we need to remaster the laptop but cannot find the USB pen, is it possible to get the software again?

A:Lost USB pen with recovery media on, how do we get a replace...

 The only way I know of is ordering it from HP.https://support.hp.com/gb-en/contact-hp/

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The M2 and spinning disk are configured as a single Drive "C."  If I clone the original drive C to the new SSD, will it correctly substitute for the spinning disk, with the M2 SSD still in palce? I am concerned by how the 32 GB M2 SSD will interact with the new 1 TB SSD as it relates to the software installation-cloning.
Thanks to any that might help clarify this question.

A:dell 1520R with preinstalled 1 TB spinning disk and M2 32 GB-replace Spinning disk with 1 TB SSD?

Best bet is to remove the mSATA SSD - it is not needed with a native SSD (and in fact can actually slow the system down relative to just using the SSD by itself).

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I recently purchased a 2nd hand computer thru a local ebay dealer - HP DX6120 ST 2.6 GHZ 80GB HDD 512MB RAM DESKTOP PC.

When i boot up, it displays: Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key

Then i reboot and press F8 & del and it doesnt go to bios settings, it just gives me a screen that gives me an option to "boot from..."

I select the hard drive.
Get the same response... "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
Then I put in a windows XP pro Disk (the computer has an official XP Pro License Key on the case, as stated on the specs on selling page) and then rebooted.
I still get the "Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"
I change the boot to CD and i get Windows Set Up options.
I pick install Windows XP and the it starts loading dll's etc.
Then it says i have no previous version of Windows idetected and wont let me go any further.

I assume that it is trying to upgrade, but i dont get an option to do a fresh install, just "Install Windows XP"

I am not sure if ;
there is a windows actually loaded,
I need to reformat,
The bios battery is flat
or if i need to do something completely diferent.

If i am to reformat, i cant remember the cmds/or how to do that when there is no windows to do it from.

I hoe you can help me.


Old Fart

A:"Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key"

Find the make of the hdd, go to makers website and download and run
the diagnostic utility.
If you want to wipe the drive do a google for killdisk, its free. Run it
this way you are assured of a clean drive.
The diganostic utility may also be able to write zeros to the drive, doing
the same thing. At this point dont take the short route out and format
with windows, leaves to much garbage behind. But after the drive is
wiped you will have to format with the wind disk and install the os.
Sounds like you have a bad drive, or a confused drive..
I dont think that board does raid, but you should double check in bios.
If raid is enabled disable it..

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Note I have a OEM windows product key .

No Recovery disk, Repair disk and Installation disk came with my computer.

Do I have to go to Microsoft web site or the manufacturer of the computer web site to download the recovery disk, repair disk and Installation disk.

Some one said you can download windows ISO from Microsoft web site if you have the product key is that true?

If not where do you get the Installation disk, recovery disk, or repair disk?

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Dear Guru,This my first HP so need help as: Planning to get a SSD to become boot hdd.  Original will become data/backup hdd.1) How can i port over the original hdd recovery partition to here and install the new ssd as the boot windows hdd so next time anything happen to my ori hdd i still can do recovery from the new ssd with valid windows license? 

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My system says the following can be repaired using the recovery console...

What command Must I type to fix it, and what must be my current directory when I type the command?

All help appreciated, thanks

A:What command will replace this file when using the recovery console?

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I purchased a sony vaio VISTA vgnww130j/s in October as my computer died. It came with a free upgrade to windows 7 which I have done.

I would like to replace the recovery partition with windows 7 so that I don't have to carry around the upgrade CD's and make system restore a longer process than it needs to be.

Sony says that you can remove the recovery partition but not change it.

I am even willing to purchase a new windows 7 full install cd/dvd just to be able to do this, even though I already own a license.

Any constructive thoughts?

A:replace vaio recovery partition with windows 7

Hi and welcome to TSF here are some links to info,I have not tried this so cannot confirm anything http://en.kioskea.net/faq/4093-windo...very-partition

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I have a HP Pavilion p6804 QP725AA that has been getting ever slower, to the point it takes more than an hour to boot up and each click of the mouse more than 20 minutes.  Now I know why... Harddrive Imminent Failure warning has appeared.  I am going to replace the harddrive.  I am backing up what I can.  I hope to use recovery cd's to start the new drive.  My concern is that the recovery cd's were created on Windows7 when the computer was new (5 years ago).  I did do the Win10 upgrade.  Will Windows 10 remember this computer or am I going to have to pay for it now? And is it really as easy as just sticking in the Recovery CD once the drive has been changed out? Will the partition(s) be created, etc. or is there more to it?  I do my own comp maintenance (simple stuff) like add a PCIe card, change out power supplies or bad dvr drive, even the fan in my laptop, but I have never done the hard drive.  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello, The hard drive in my computer has ceased to properly function. Thus, i want to replace it. However, since this is a pre-built computer, it seems that I am limited to the OS provided by you guys. The thing is that I can't find the recovery file on the website or a physical recovery disk on any other website.  Is the physical recovery disk still available for this computer? If not, are there any available alternatives? I understand that one such is purchasing a new OS, but that's a little too pricey, which I think doesn't justify sticking with the PC(it's 5 years old after all). So it would be preferable if the available alternatives aren't so expensive. Thank you.

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Hard drive crashed do t have a recovery disk,help

A:Hard drive crashed replace it with new one need a recovery d...

Hi: Your notebook originally came with W7 64 bit. You can order W7 64 bit recovery media from HP at the link below. http://support.hp.com/us-en/mediaorder/HP-Pavilion-g7-1100-Notebook-PC-series/5082232/model/5128929/...  

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Hello,my laptop is Acer E5-573G, with Windows 10 in dual-boot with Kubuntu 14.04I'm thinking to replace the hard disk with ssd, because the start-up of Windows is very slow,I would like to know if this operation is very difficult, I never tampered with laptops, but I assembled my desktop pc.There is a guide on the internet for that operation?Thanks.

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I have an older HP Pavillion a6319fh desktop that has a failing hard disk ,and needs to replaced. the failing HD is 360mb and I would like to install a larger capacity HD. My question is how big can I go, and if there are any restrictions? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Manufacturer: Asus
microATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
Northbridge chipset: Intel G33 Express
Southbridge chipset: Intel ICH9R
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz

Pentium E2200
Operating speed: Up to 2.2 GHz
Bus speed: 800 MHz

4 GB


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I am installing a new harddrive and I am getting a I/O disk Error- Replace....blah blah blah. I have checked all cables on the hardware and the motherboard. I need suggestions please as to what I might check/do next. this is driving me nuts.

A:I/O Disk Error - Replace.....

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HP NX 6110 Laptop
XP Pro, SP3 1.0 GB RAM
This laptop is running slowly. Full scan with Malwarebytes and MSE finds no bad files. Slow startup and shutdown.
Defrag is OK.
Lots of free drive space. Minimal programs loading
Chkdsk /r took approx. 8 hours to run. Event viewer reported lots of I/O paging errors (Event 51).
Drive fitness test reports all OK.
Now, chkdsk /r will not run on reboot. Chkdsk aborts and reports errors.
Crystal Disk Info reports "Caution" and many values over threshold, but I don't know how reliable this software is. (Screenshot attached)
Should I replace this drive?

A:Solved: Replace the disk?

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I have HP Pavilion G7 1232sg laptop with broken HD. I was looking on internet for that specific HD but I didnt find it.
How can I find it and does it need to be for HP Pavilion G7 1232sg or I can use any HD I want.

A:How do I replace hard disk with right one .. ?

Seems you've got a 500Gb Sata 2,5" running 5400RPM in your laptop.

You could pick up the same HDD brand running 5400Rpm or one running 7200Rpm, but be aware that the 7200Rpm will produce more heat while running faster.

You could also upgrade to a SSD 2,5" but at cost for less GB but running much faster than traditional magnetic HDD.

If you're on the way to change your laptop Hard Drive, i would recommend to make Recovery DVD to save the hidden recovery partition of your laptop.

You should find it in the HP Software (HP Recovery Manager) how to make those Recovery DVD before replacing drive.

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Can anyone please help me figure out how to replace the 500GB spinner the laptop shipped with? I see it is snugly affixed in there with a black rubberish frame around the drive. There is also a tab at the front but I am afraid to pull it with much force for fear of damaginng anything. Is there a screw holding the hard drive? Nothing is budginng at all. The plastic frame around the drive seems pretty tight and the pull tab does not seem to make it budge at all. I feel silly even asking how to do this but drive is packed in there quite tightly. Can someone please explain how the primmary hard drive spinner should slide out along with the rubber/plastinng strip around it? Do I first remove the plastic frame around the drive? Thanks so much!


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A:P70: Help Replace Hard Disk with SSD

Okay so I actually found the process described in the repair manual but still I am stumped. It seems I should pull on the tab atttached to the black frame but the frame is not budging and I am afraid if I pull much harder that I have something might break. Is there something I am missing in pulling this tab/frame around the hard drive? https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/p70_ug_en.pdf  

DriveReplacement.JPG ?243 KB

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Hi I have done some testing and I got a Replace Hard Disk1 dos it mean need a new hard drive  and if I need a new one what kind of hard drive can I use  Thank you


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A:Replace Hard disk

A classic. One of the best laptops HP ever made but now getting a little long in the tooth.  You definitely need a new hard drive. Here is the Service manual: 6910p Manual It does support SATA hard drives and could theoretically run a solid state drive. See page 44 for replacement "how-to". You have to remove the hard drive from the caddy by removing the four screws at the corners of the drive, and then replace it with the new one. The biggest drive offered from the factory was 160 gigs which is laughably small by today's standards. Now hard to find anything smaller than 320 gigs.  https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Momentus-7200RPM-Internal-ST9500420AS-Bare/dp/B001R4BBLU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1482634689&sr=8-3&keywords=2.5+inch+500+gig+7200+rpm Above is a 500 gig 7200 rpm drive that would be bigger and faster than what you have. Post back if you need any more help with software migration/reinstall or anything else.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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