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General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

Q: General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

I am becoming more and more concerned about my laptop's battery each and every passing day. When I check the bottom right of my computer screen to check if my computer battery is completely charged, it says "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". I have had to buy two new batteries because of the same thing and they also read "0% available (plugged in, not charging)". When I unplug my laptop from the power source, it turns off automatically. I cannot even bother calling Dell to check this issue for me because I bought this computer off the street for $35.

My question in general is how do I get this problem fixed and how do I keep an eye on how my laptop computer charges correctly (or not)???

Preferred Solution: General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: General Question about laptop battery charging AND 0% battery

Some reading and testing for you

Why is my Laptop battery not charging? – Drivers.com updates

Laptop Battery Not Charging | PCWorld


The common method is:
- Create a System restore point
- Uninstall (Under the Batteries category in Device Manager) the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
- WARNING: Do not remove the Microsoft AC Adapter driver or any other ACPI compliant driver.
- click Scan for hardware changes

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Hey, I really need help. I'm having problems with my laptop. It's a dell inspiron 7559 and was bought around January. Recently I have seen that the battery has no longer been as hot as it used to be when I first started using it. Along with the sleeve on the tip of the screen power adapter (below the part where the adapter lights up) has started to come off, exposing the wires. The battery has continually dropped down its percentage rate ever since I bought it, and it won't go back up. It is currently at 0% battery life and it says when you highlight over the battery icon ( plugged in, not charging). It also happens to show the BIO setup when I start the computer and shows that the batteries wattage and type cannot be determined. In the BIOS setup, the ac adapter type is unknown. The battery has not been through any harsh conditions along with the laptop. I have tried removing the battery, starting up the computer with the ac adapter (which is 130 watts), then adding the battery back, and ac adapter, then turning it on, but it had no effects. If I remove my ac adapter while my computer is on ,it instantly turns off. If someone can support me with this issue, it would be gladly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Laptop battery not charging, battery not identified, 0% battery life

It sounds likely the charge circuit on the mainboard is damaged.  Contact Dell to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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I just got a new HP laptop and noticed that the battery would drain more than 10% when it's not in use for around a day. Now I've been using a macbook for 2 and a half years and the battery would barely drain even after 5 days of non-use. Maybe it will drop to 96% or something. On my HP it will drop to 89% after one day of non-use. Is this normal?

A:general laptop battery question

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HP g6-1b60us Notebook PCHere is the situation and symptoms. Battery not charging. Battery icon indicates battery being charged, but it sits at 5%. Have bought a replacement HP battery and that battery will not charge also (it sits at 50%, which I assume is the initial charge it came with). Run the HP Support Assistant and both batteries fail the test saying that cell 4 is bad (cells 1 to 3 have charge, but cell 4 has a 0 reading, even in the new battery). (Is there a problem accessing/charging cell 4?)When the battery is installed and the AC adaptor is unplugged, and the laptop is turned off, the battery charge LED shows a white LED (red/amber indicates that it is charging the battery); now the only time the LED goes out is when the battery is physically removed. Before the problem began, the battery charge LED would be off when the battery was installed and the charger was not being used. Now the battery charge LED goes off only when the battery is physically removed.What I have tried:Cleaned the contacts.Bought a new HP battery.Tried the complete discharge method of turning the laptop off, removing the power cord and battery and holding the power on key for over 30 seconds.Have done safe restarts.Reset to HP recommended settings.Suggestions/recommendations?

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Dear All,I have Lenovo Thinkpad T460S purchased almost a year ago. Today I suddenly faced problem in charging battery. Charger is plugged in and battery icon is showing "plugged in, charging" but actually it is charging very slowly. Normally battery is charged in one hour or so but today it took more than one hours to reach only 24% or so. Furthermore, soon after plugging in, battery icon shows "filling in process" for few seconds then stopped i.e no filling in process. Furthermore, after whole night charging, battery is now 94% charged, battery 2: 100% charged, fully charged; battery 1: 0% charged, not charging (please attached images).Please guide how to get rid of this problem?Thanking in advance. Shahid

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I have purchased a replacement battery for my HP G42 laptop that is not an original HP mainly because its a lot less cheaper. So my question is would this battery have any effect on the other hardware components of my laptop? Btw, I noticed that sometimes it randomly shuts down as if you have physically removed the battery without shutting it down..

A:General Battery Question

A generic battery will work in your laptop with no adverse effects provided the specifications are an EXACT match to the original OEM battery's specs.

The important part is: Output voltage.

After that the important thing is to buy batteries from a seller with good reviews and a good rep. There are just some poorly manufacturered batteries out there.

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Please help me,I have a Lenovo laptop G series with windows 8,my laptop problem is that the battery is not charging but when I click battery icon "plug in charging" but it still not charging,why?

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I am having a problem with my laptop computer. I figured out that my laptop, when being charged or using the Power Outlet, runs at 100% CPU at times, and slows me down when running and working on some open applications. At first I thought I had tons of spyware or even a virus, and even posted a Hijackthis file here. Nothing was found.
I figured out that my cpu runs at 100% when using the power outlet, or when my computer is chargnig. When I unplug the powercord and use the battery life, everything runs GREAT!!!!! my cpu drops to a normal 4-8% usage with multiple applications running. WEIRD huh? Can anyone relate to this ?? Is this and indication that my battery is going bad???? Can someone help me with this or suggest what is going on? I am running windows XP home edition, and have a compac presario 1500 series. Pent 4..


A:CPU runs at 100% when charging laptop battery, when not charging its fine. HELP!!!

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If I charge my g50-80 even when it reaches 100%, does it spoil my battery?
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A:G50-80 - Battery charging question

@kevmatt56 wrote:
If I charge my g50-80 even when it reaches 100%, does it spoil my battery?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

If your battery is fully charged and you leave it plugged in, it will not hurt it.  The battery has imbedded electonics modules that controls the rate of charge, discharge so it will not over or under charge it.
If you need more information on "best practices" let us know.

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This is my first Hp Notebook i've always Used a Desktop computer. So I'm not too familiar with Hp notebook or laptop sorry. My question is should I let my brand-new Hp notebook drain all the way down to the point where it shuts off Hp notebook in then recharge it ? Or charge it before it drains down and shuts off ? Thank w
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Can someone help me with this problem? So I just received my brand new Dell Inspiron 15 3000 and the battery is not charging. It says it's "Plugged In, Charging" but it never goes up and stays at 0%. At first I thought I just need to plug it in for several hours but it's been 5 hours now and still the battery stays at 0%. I tried running the BIOS Diagnostics just to see if there are problems and there's none. The battery status says everything is running normally and the Battery State says it's Idle. I tried draining the flea power several times, removing and reattaching the battery, but to no avail. I'm getting really frustrated and I'm really close to throwing this laptop back to Dell. 
I read somewhere that I have to update the BIOS but it won't update unless the battery is charged at least 10%. Someone also suggested that Windows 8.1 is causing the problem. I haven't even started using this laptop and it's already giving me a *** ton of problems. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys! :)

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Hello.  I would be grateful if someone can help me with solving the following battery issue.
My XPS13 9343 (with Windows 10, 2015 model) recently stopped charging when connected.  I have conducted BIOS test, stress test, system test, battery test recommended on Dell forum, but could not find any issues.
Then ran device manager and checked & updated drivers, tested for virus, scanned the system, but could not detect any issues.
Lights on AC adopter is on (static) , and the front light under the touch pad turn on white briefly when connected then turn off immediately when plugged in (when disconnected, orange light comes on).
It seems charging is disabled...I might have touched keys without realizing (I checked whether there were hot key to enable/disable charging, but could not find one).
Since it is an ultrabook, and the battery has no issues, I have not opened the back to take out the battery.
I brew into the connecting hole, but it did not solve the issue.
Please help!

A:XPS 9343 (2015) battery not charging - no issues with battery or AC adopter when tested

Dear ejn63,
Thank you very much for the quick reply.
I just did F2 at powerup and found the adapter was displayed as 'Unknown.'
I would order the new AC adapter today and see how it goes.
Will report when solved.
Thank you again.

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The battery status toggles between not charging, not used, and unauthorized battery after it was calibrated using one key. Before that, the battery was working perfectly, lasting close to 5 hours. Now the laptop shuts off when unplugged and the battery status is constantly changing. I've had this laptop for approximately a year now and it was unused and left in an unopened box for the first 8 months. 

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HI , I'm have ing trouble with my HP Pavilion 15p077TX  Notebook (1yr 6 months old), its battery charge got stucked at 2% (nor further charge loss nither is it getting charged), I'm currently using it via my AC Adaptor and the irony is that I'm posting this from it in the same condition. Things i've tried so far:- Updating the bios (Current BIOS Version/Date : Insyde F.42, 18-03-2015) {I have a doubt about the bios version here cause when I tried to check the current bios its showed me this one and F.7 for Intel Processor, not sure If its the proble with this case.}- Uninstialling the ACPI -Compliant Control Method Battery andn then redetecting it- Updating the support assistant and running the battery check which gives an unknown 93 error (tried both VERSION: and VERSION: )- Unpluging the battery and the ac adapter and holding the power button for a whole minute-Tried HP Diagnostic Tools' Battery Check which took like 10-15 minutes and responded as no battery is pluged in. Right now I don't have much in my mind to try on this, If anyone knows anything please do share, that might me helpful.Thanks in Advance.Enigma 

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A:Battery check Unknown 93 status, Battery not charging, stuck...

Hey @EnigmaDimirti, Welcome to the forums. I'm here to help. I would strongly suggest Testing and Calibrating the Battery. Should that not solve the issue, I would suggest calling in for support to see about replacing the battery, as it should not be displaying "no battery is pluged in" when you run a battery check. Please use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html If this helps, please hit that Thumbs Up, and Accept as Solution. Cheers,TechSurge.

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If the CMOS battery for the BIOS becomes dead, and it is not replaced with a new battery, what are the not so good effects beyond the day and date system clock ? Will it keep the default BIOS settings in the CMOS for a long time without a good battery ? I did replace my 2006 Gateway battery mainly for the day/ date and to be able to change boot device order.

A:Solved: the CMOS battery for the BIOS general question

It will revert to the factory CMOS settings which of course include date and time. You would have to reset all of your BIOS Settings such as boot order, Drive recognition and such each time you booted up. But as far as permanent damage you won't have any just because the Battery was dead, unless the battery also started leaking, not likely with the coin cell batteries.

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i have an mp3 player (creative zen vision m) that i am recharging. it has a dongle that goes on the bottom and gives you a usb out that you can recharge the player with. it also has a 5v in next to it. my psp charger is 5v and fits. however, i noticed a significant change in the amout of time it takes to charge when it is on usb as opposed to my psp charger. i attribute this to the fact that the psp charger is 2000mA and usb is lower (i forget the exact number). Will charging it on this increased amperage lower the number of charges i can get on my battery, or is it better to use because of the decreased charging time? thanks.

A:quick question on battery charging

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is it possible to run this laptop without the battery pack? my last laptop  had a removable battery but this model appears to be fixed? there are screw fixings but im not sure if these will detach anything, would welcome any information on this.
when the battery is fully charged can the adapter remain plugged in? or should i remove it? i was wondering if there is a cut out for when full charge is reached or it just keeps charging as i use it, this is why removable battery packs were standard a few years ago and the laptop could run off the mains with the charger plugged in, i would rather do this than eventually have to replace a worn battery later on at more cost etc,
thanks for your help in advance
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A:ideapad 110 - Battery charging question

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
As you found out, the battery for your model is not removable by the consumer.  A simple solution to your problem if you are using Windows 10, which I'm guessing you have, is to use the Lenovo Settings app.  One of the options of Lenovo Settings is Conservation Mode.  That mode will maintain the battery at a 50 to 60% charge level which will allow you to power the laptop by the adapter without continually charging the battery.  The Lenovo Settings app is available in the Windows 10 Store if you do not have it installed already.  Just search the store on the word Lenovo to easily find it. 
Once in Lenovo Settings just click on the battery icon on the left menu.  A new screen will open on the right and in the middle of that screen will be Conservation Mode.  Just enable it.  In the event you need a 100% charge to go portable with the laptop, just disable Conservation Mode.

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I have just replaced my CMOS/BIOS battery today, as , I have faced some critical problem regarding regular BIOS date/time reset after system shutdown. But I want to know how do i recognize, that my new batter is totally ok or functional.

Battery Meter gadget shows that "battery Not charging"
Is it a gadget problem?

Is there any method available so that I can track that my new installed CMOS battery in PC is working fine?

Please help me.

A:Battery Meter shows CMOS battery not charging

The battery you have replaced is solely there to maintain the clock and other BIOS settings (if you have changed them from their defaults). It will not prevent you from booting your system if it is dead/missing; all it means is that you will have to enter the BIOS each time and make the correct settings and time. This battery is not rechargeable.

Do you still have to enter the correct time, or is the BIOS maintaining this now you've changed the battery?

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I have an older SL510 laptop, which has been working very well. But recently the battery power was continuing to diminish until recently, it stopped holding a charge altogether. At this stage, the orange battery indicator started to blink continuously at a rapid rate. I am still able to power up the laptop with my power cord connected. Purchased a new battery to replace the old and assumed light would go to green after charging. Unfortunately, after several hours connected to the charger, the battery light continues its constant orange blinking. Went through the process of uninstalling the ACPI file as noted in another post. Followed these steps:1. Disconnect AC2. Shut down3. Remove battery4. Connect AC5. Startup6. Under the Batteries category, right-click all of Microsoft's ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and select Uninstall (note that it is all right if you only have one).7. Shutdown8. Disconnect AC9. Insert battery10. Connect AC11. Restart your computerAfter completed this process, battery light continues to blink rapidly and battery doesn't seem to want to charge, or provide any indication that battery is inserted in computer. This happens whether I'm using either of the 2-power adapters I have for this laptop.What can I do to get this fixed??? Thank you in advance for any assistence provided!!!

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Laptop will only charge to a max of 86%. Battery test indicates OK. After recalibrating batterythe max charge was reduced to 76%. Will a new battery solve this or could this be something more die?If new battery is necessary, can HP provide it or am I forced to go to 3rd party supplier?

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A friend recently purchased a XPS 13 9343.  Apparently she had problems with the battery not charging when she initially set up the computer.  She claims she was instructed by the staff at the Microsoft Store not to operate the computer on the power supply, but that she should run the battery down and recharge it overnight.  She is under the impression that this is the way Dell intends that the computer be operated.  Given that she is not very technical, I'm a bit skeptical about this.  I suspect she may have misunderstood these instructions.  Is there any truth to this? Is this an initial "conditioning" procedure?  I did read another post that described a similar procedure to reset the battery meter. Does that procedure apply to this computer?  I've searched the Dell site, but I can't find any specific instructions for this computer.  If anyone can point me to some more info, I'd very much appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:XPS 13 9343 (2015) Battery Charging Question

I am not sure if the information was given incorrectly or it was misunderstood.
Customers can use the laptop either way they want(with or without the charger), however it is advisable not to keep the charger 24*7.
Once the battery reaches 100%, Let her use the machine on battery power till the charge level reaches anywhere near 10%.
In simple words, It must be in charge and discharge cycle.
Thank you

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Hello. My dell laptop has been working fine last night but this morning when i charged it, the battery keeps charging on and off when I wasn't even moving the cord or what. Then my laptop just shut down when  unplugged the cord. that's when i realized that it won't turn on if it's not plugged in and it's not even charging properly. Please help :( 

A:laptop charging battery

Check the condition of the contacts on the battery and the mainboard - if they're dirty or bent, clean or straighten them.
Is this an M18x?

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Hi guys, Just bought a G41-35 laptop and I noticed it is not charging over 60%. Looked around the internet and saw articles that said threshold can be fixed by the Lenovo Setting app but apparently mine is not working. Tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but still just crashes. I am using a windows 10 SL OS. Please advise on alternatives to fix battery charging threshold other that Lenovo setting app. Or, how to fix the app so I can work on charging threshold.  Thanks much, Maboroshi

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I have noticed lately that my battery for my laptop is always charging and is now hot to the touch. I have an Averatec 3260 series laptop. I purchased it three years ago and I have never had a problem with my battery until now. I hardly ever use the battery except for brief moments, so it never fully discharges and then recharges. I have calibrated it twice within the three years. Why would it constantly be charging now? My computer says that it is on 100% power and the battery isn't charging, but it still is getting that charge.
Any help would be great.


A:My laptop battery is hot and always charging

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hey all, hmmm im wondering if anyone could help me, my laptop battery isnt charging, the only way i can use my laptop is if I have it plugged into the mains which is quite annoying seen as its a laptop and I want to use it outside of the house, im not sure whats wrong the charging light comes on and flashes but does not charge.

A:Laptop battery not charging

If it's an old battery then it probably needs replacing, they don't last all that long!!!!

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Hello all. I have been experiencing this problem since I got this laptop from a friend about four years ago. It is a Dell Inspiron e1505. I have run XP, 7, 8, and Ubuntu all at different times, and each OS has always been unable to detect or charge the battery. I have tried several different cables, and at one point, I got a new battery, probably two years ago. It worked for a few months, and then stopped working after about 3 months. I am currently running the latest version of Ubuntu on the laptop. Any ideas on how I can get the battery to charge?

A:Laptop Battery Not Charging

Based on recent experiences, update your BIOS from the manufacturer's website. I just recently had to update the BIOS of 300+ Dell Inspiron laptops for the same reason.

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Dear Sir,
I use a Laptop with Windows 7 system. What is the right way of charging the battery?
1) Should I always keep the battery constantly charged from the mains while I operate the computer so that the charge level always remains at 100% OR
2) I should charge only intermittently i.e., I should use the laptop without charging the battery for some length of time and charge only when the battery charge level falls below say 30% or when the reminder pops up for charging the battery?
I normally use the computer for around 4 to 5 hours every day and often at one go.
Thanking You
Yours faithfully
R. Chandrasekharan

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my hp laptop dv 5000 series has stopped charging suddenly 2 days back
and a blue light keep on flashing hopefully suggesting that it not charging
but 2 3 times it got hibernated when i fuggot to plug in ac but it charges for 1 to 2 min i guess enough to start and then same story blinkng starts again
is this my battery problem or something else and if so how much does a new battery cost approx
my laptop no is hp dv 5218nr

A:hp laptop battery not charging

some pcs have a utiilty to tell the battery condition and if replacement is needed.
have you looked on your pc for like that yet?
batteries are pretty high unless you do some serious surfing
40 to 100 plus dollars

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My Laptop's battery does not charging, and I bought another battery , but also the same problem, and also not charging when laptop is on or off. My laptop properties:-HP Notebook 15 r107-newindows 10 64bit  what is the causes , and what is the solving?

A:Laptop Battery does not charging

Is it a genuine HP battery or a "compatible" 3rd party battery? Have you tried going into the UEFI diagnostics (F2 as you power up) and run the battery diagnostic tool on both batteries and report what is found.  

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I have an Alienware Sentia M3450 which is about 2 years old now and for the past couple of months, I have been completely tethered to an outlet as my battery will not charge. I called the tech support and of course i was told that my battery was dead, but that is not the case as i have tried a brand new battery with the same results. When the computer is on, the taskbar icon shows that it is charging constantly, but when the ac cable is unplugged, it continues to tell me that its charging. The problem with this is that if the ac cable is somehow jarred loose but not to the point of falling out of the socket, it does not tell me and unless i notice it quickly, the very small amount of battery power left depletes quickly and the computer shuts off, with no low battery warning or anything of the sort. I was thinking perhaps the problem lies in charging circuitry, but if someone has a better theory, I'm all ears. If it is found that the circuit board is the issue, where might i find that part? Thanks in advance!

A:Laptop battery not charging

is the battery connection clean (on the computer)?

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My Toshiba Laptop battery is not charging. It's not even a year old. It only charges to 7% and when I unplug the power cord the laptop shut off without warning. Any help in diagnosing this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Laptop Battery Not Charging

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I have Inspiron 15R Laptop with original 65W charger.
Recently I noticed that the battery is not charging. I have tried all the tricks available on the net but none of them worked. I purchased a new charger but problem not solved. I can use my laptop only with AC mains.
What should I do?

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I have a Toshiba laptop and wanted to know how to charge the battery. I have my laptop plugged in most of the time. I left it unplugged for a while until it reached 6% then the laptop went into standby mode. When I plugged it back in and turned it on, I quickly plugged it back out and in again to check the battery which was at 14%. I have it plugged back in at the moment. I wanted to know, is the battery charging right now or do I have to do anything else for it to charge?

A:Charging laptop battery

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Just got a laptop on eBay that contains a Lithium-ion battery that holds a 2+ hour charge. Question: is it okay to leave the laptop plugged in overnight? I wouldn't want a meltdown. Thanks.

A:Laptop Battery Charging

no prob!

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I have a Advent 7011 laptop, and the charger reciver on the laptop is broke, but both charger and battery are both working.

Is there any other way that i can charge the battery or fix the reciver/


A:Charging a battery without laptop

Hi lightmas, and welcome to TSG.

You will probably not be able to find any kind of device that will charge the battery outside of the laptop. The laptop has specialized electronics between the charger input jack and the battery. The electronics limits the voltage and current to the battery to prevent fire and other hazards. Any kind of external charging hardware would need to be matched to that particular model of battery.

Depending on the exact nature of the failure of the power input jack (charger reciver?), a repair may be as simple as some careful re-soldering of the jack to the printed circuit board in the computer. More serious damage may require replacing the jack or the entire motherboard.

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I upgraded to Windows 10. After that my laptop does not charge the battery anymore. I have re-installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. Still does not charge. When power adapter is plugged in, it shows it is charging on the side and infront of the laptop. Even the battery icon shows it is charging. In device manager the other devices shows Base system device is missing (X3) and the last one is Unknown. A friend says the drivers for power management is missing. I cant seem to find those. Under battery it shows Microsoft AC adapter and ACOI complient control andcompodite battery.

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Hello everybody,

My laptop is acer aspire 4520 and it is not charging when i boot up my computer .When i shut down , i can charge it.I can only use battery power when i am using my laptop.So i have to face a big problem . Please guide me what should i do for it .

A:laptop battery is not charging while in use

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I have an Acer Aspire 5534-1096, and the battery will not charge, no matter what I try. If I plug the charger in without the battery inserted, the laptop will run perfectly fine. But, as the battery will not charge and is now dead, if I insert the battery with the AC adapter plugged in the laptop will power on for a few seconds, then will just die. I have tried replacing the battery; the issue persists. I know that the AC adapter works because the laptop will run solely off of it, and it will charge the battery of another laptop perfectly fine. I've tried reinstalling the BIOS with the latest version and holding the power button to release excess power. Nothing seems to fix it.
Do you think this could be a motherboard problem? I have removed the keyboard and shell, and there seems to be a cable in front of the DC power jack which says "TO I/O". Could it be an issue with that cable? I'm all ears, so if any of you has a suggestion that might work, that would be greatly appreciated. I'll post this with a picture of the I/O cable in front of the DC connector.

A:Laptop Battery not Charging

Hi johamanee24 and welcome to TSG.

Hard to tell exactly which cable you mean. The silver coloured cable comes from the screen, the red and black (and possibly white, can't see for sure) wires with the black sleeve with 125C on it carry the power from the DC socket to the motherboard and it looks like they connect underneath it. Not sure if the I/O label applies to those wires or not.

The trouble is the laptop wouldn't power on (without the battery in) if those wires were not connecting properly.

There's a lot of similar stuff on the 'Net about this but fitting a new battery is the recommended solution.
Was the 2nd battery you tried new ?

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Hi, I got my laptop for over 5 yrs and we had a problem with power supply. When the lead was connected the power indication light was flickering and we needed to fiddle with the end of the lead connected to the laptop to have steady power . Now it just does nothing. I bought new power lead but the laptop is just dead. No light and no life what so ever. Question is: is it gone gone or should I try to buy new battery (the old one didnt hold any power at all). Help please

A:Laptop battery not charging

You don't need a battery to operate most laptops. You can and shoudl fact take out the battery and see if it works with just AC.

Otherwise you may have a damage jack in the laptop, they commonly break especially if the power cable required fiddling around with. It's also possible the new power adapter is faulty or that the previous one damaged the motherboard.

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I have had a Y50-70 for about 2 years now.  Just in the past 2 weeks i started having issues with my loptop not charging at all when plugged in.  It finally stopped charging and when i investigated it i found that the connector for the charging jack was burned at the connector to the motherboard.  I ordered a new one and had no issues installing it.  After waiting about an hour, because my battery was dead, i turned on my laptop to a partially charged battery.  Unfortunately the battery only charges when my laptop is off.  I have looked into this all over the internet and havent found any good answers.  I have tried to toggled between power saving modes, some reprted that this helped, to no avail.  I then tried to see if the energy manager was the issue and it was not installed on my laptop.  While i was checking out the energy mode, i also uninstalled the battery drivers through device manager, the smart one not the basic driver, and updated all drivers and the bios, but that didnt help either.Next i replaced the batter and hcraging cable, but still no help.  I now have another charging port cable on the way hoping that maybe the last one was bad. While i was waiting for my cable, i thought i would reach out here and ask if anyone has had this issue and has a fix for it.  I looked through the batter thread and didnt see anything like mine. Can anyone help?  

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I'm using my laptop as a desktop replacement and hardly ever have it unplugged from the mains, will i be doing my battery any harm with it being constantly charged or should i remove the battery completely?

A:Laptop battery charging

Batteries need to work for their living so I suggest you switch off mains power at night, let it charge it's batteries and work with them the following day until they run low, then switch to mains again so they can charge while you're still working.

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Hello Everyone,
I have an HP Mini 110 running XP SP3. Keyboard was faltering and I replaced it and works fine in that regard. Unit was sluggish so I decided to format hard drive and reinstall XP Home which it came with originally. All good except now the unit will not charge the battery, sits at 0% all of the time. Battery is rather new with about 5 recharges on it, did not have a problem as it held charge easily for 3.5 hours until I did the repair and XP installation. Computer runs fine plugged in so I don't have a clue why battery won't charge. Could it be that I erased a partition that held something battery related? I updated the BIOS, still no luck. Any ideas, suggestions graciously accepted,
Thank You,

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I bought a HP pavilion dv6 laptop! I just want to know is it bad if I leave my laptop charger connected all day even if its fully charged?

A:Charging laptop BATTERY!

Hello rnavagamuwa and welcome to Seven Forums.

You may get different opinions on this, but no. You shouldn't have any problems leaving the laptop plugged in to the AC power. Some people leave the AC adapter plugged in all the time when using the laptop at home. Others just remove the battery and run off of AC power. Still others (and this is what I do) will remove the AC adapter every so often and run on battery power only. When the low battery alert appears I plug the AC adapter back in and let the battery recharge.

Every modern battery has a limited number of charge/recharge cycles so eventually, every battery will lose its ability to hold a charge. This is usually a gradual process and you'll notice that instead of having 3 hours of battery time it's now 2 hours, and then 1 hour, etc.

Why do I leave the AC adapter plugged in? One primary reason. I live in an area that experiences frequent power outages. If the main power goes out I still have the laptop battery available so my laptop doesn't just shut down. The same thing could be accomplished with a backup Universal Power Supply.

Notebook Battery Guide

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For a few months now, at some point my battery would indicate nn% (plugged in, not charging) and would maintain that charge as long as it was plugged in. Running on the battery, the charge would eventually diminish and in order to get the battery to charge again, I have gone through to process of uninstalling the ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery in Device Manager. Usually within 24 hours, things would revert back to plugged in, not charging. However, that is no longer remedying the problem. (When this was an issue the indicator light next to where the AC Adaptor plugs in would flash blue. Also, I upgraded from Win 8.1 to 10 a few weeks ago, but this issue has been occurring for a few months now). Now the battery reads 2% (plugged in, not charging) and when I use the HP Support Assistant to check the battery, I get the message ?HP Battery Check was unable to access the battery?. I have performed a hard reset, reset the BIOS, and updated the BIOS, all to no avail. If I unplug the adaptor, the computer shuts off. Any suggestions for additional fixes? I have seen one additional suggestion to do a system recovery but I have not yet made a recovery disk for win 10 (I do have one for the win 8.1), and would it make any difference anyway since the plugged in, not charging problem was occurring under win 8.1?

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I was notified of the battery recall and removed the battery to get its serial number.  After putting the battery back in it will no longer charge.  The light next to the power cord plug in also is no longer lit even with the power cord in.  I ensured the powere cord was properly pluged in.  Everything was fine pior to removing it and putting it back in.  Very strange.  Is there something that has to be done once a battery is taken out and put back it?

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For quite some time now i am having a problem with my battery not charging.
My laptop model is "DELL INSPIRON 15R SE 7520" running "Windows 8.1".
Sometimes when i Switch ON my laptop i receive an error saying "WARNING: The battery cannot be identified. The system will be unable to charge this battery.Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup utility."And when i press F1 computer starts normally but it doesn't take the charge from the adapter.
And sometimes it would just start normally without any warning. It accepts the charging and everything goes well.

Purchased a new battery "DELL ORIGINAL 6 CELL Li-Ion Battery".(old one was a 4 CELL battery).
Tried using 2-3 different adapters of the same model but no luck.
Tried using 2-3 different batteries(all 6 CELL as no 4 CELL battery is available in the market nearby). This too didn't work.
Tried removing the battery and using computer with only power adapter connected. Doesn't give any message and worked properly.
Tried using laptop with only battery having some charge in it. Gives the warning on startup. And won't charge if adapter is connected(shows plugged in,not charging).
Tried updating the BIOS driver.
Running hardware diagnostics when receiving the warning at startup gives:Error Code- 2000-0132Validation- 115087Msg: Battery- The battery is reaching end of its usable life.
Running hardware diagnostics when no warning appears at startup give:Al... Read more


If you've tried multiple adapters and batteries to no effect, the only thing left is that the mainboard is bad.

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