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How to print image from US paper size to A4 size 1:1, precisely?

Q: How to print image from US paper size to A4 size 1:1, precisely?

Not sure which sub-forum to post this; apologies.

I want to print this image, 1:1 precisely: http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-conten...hone-scale.pdf

In Europe we use the A4 image size; and I guess the original was formatted to US paper size (different). I am not a printing expert; do I need any sizing or adjustments?

To add insult to injury I even do not own a printer; I have to bring this thing to a print shop and possibly instruct them accordingly. By the law of large numbers, the print shop will likely use Windows; the 7th.

Preferred Solution: How to print image from US paper size to A4 size 1:1, precisely?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to print image from US paper size to A4 size 1:1, precisely?

The print shop should have no problem adjusting the print size on there equipment.
The adjustment are not made with Windows 7 they are made with the printer program that came with the printers they use.

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I converted a Word doc to PDF using the Acrobat Pro add-in. The document page size is 5.5 x 8.5; press-quality option selected. PDF view of file is perfect. However, when I go to Print, the page size previewed is 8.5 x 11. I tried to select a page size from this print menu (Page Setup) but 5.5 x 8.5 is not listed. I've tried several options (Fit, Choose Paper Source by PDF size, etc.) but nothing works. Maybe it has to do with the selected printer -- an HP Laserjet Pro 200 Color.

I'm sending this file to a commercial printer and want to be sure that it will print exactly as formatted in Word doc and exactly as I see the PDF.

Please help!! Thank you.

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Hi, I need to print on 3.3 x 8.0 card stock.

From Page Setup, set the custom page size and margins. Margins are set
outside the printable area message comes up when I try to print.
From the print properties I try to create a custom page and get the
following errors:
"The custom paper size you have just defined will not become available
for selection until you have exited and re-entered the Printing
"This custom paper size could not be modified because it is currently
in use. Please close all applications and try again."
"Function address 0x4f4abe05 caused a protection fault. (exception
code 0xc0000005) The application property sheet page(s) may not
funciton properly." When you click Ok the screen goes crazy and you
have to cancel out.
This template has been used by other departments and we cannot figure
out why we cannot use it.
Thanks so very Much!

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Hello Friends,
                      We have DELL R730 servers running windows 2012 R2 and we are using microsoft windows backup option to backup our servers everyday. I used to check backup of our servers everyday and I've noticed that the wbadmin shows backup successful and data transferred 502 GB whereas the actual file location has 700 gb of data with 4 hard disk image file. I am having this issue for long time and whenever I see this, I delete my backup files, run backup manually and reconfigure backup schedule. This function is wokrking fine for next 3 or 4 days (means wbadmin and backup files are as same size) and again I am getting the same issue. Backup files are huge compared to the one showing in wbadmin (More 200gb).
What cause this to be happened all the time ? How can I stop windows occupying huge space ? Actually if the space in wbadmin and original location are same, I dont have any issue. I suspect the backup functionality on my servers. Please advise   

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Hey all. I'm running Word 2003 on XP Pro, and I have a real throat-slasher of a Microsoft Word problem on my hands that I have posted far and wide on many forums, to no avail.

I have a picture that I am trying to post as a background image to a Word document. To do this, I go Format - Background - Fill Effects - Picture - Select Picture, then I choose the picture. The picture shows up, and when I view the file in Print View at 100% Zoom, it is at the perfect scale to my liking. But when I print the document, the background image is shrunk to a fraction of its original size and tiled in the background, behind the document text.

I have posted this on several different forums already, and the only answer I have received so far was from Garfield-n-Odie, who suggested the following:

"In Word, try turning off background printing in Tools | Options | Print. In Windows, try turning off print spooling and advanced text services in Start | Control Panel | Printers | right-click on your printer Properties."

"Check the setting of the "Print body text before header/footer" option on the Compatibility tab of Tools | Options. If the box is checked, clear it and vice versa and see if that helps."

"If you can you print to a different printer, try that."

I've tried these all, on a couple of different computers. No dice. Any ideas? I'm really at the end of my rope. Thanks a million in advance.

A:Background image does not print at the right size in Microsoft Word

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Hi All,

I have a weird situation I don't understand and am concerned it may due to an infection and would like some advice.

The last two backups I performed using Acronis True Image WD edition are around twice the size as before and are around twice the size the program says the image will be when setting up the backup.

This started in Feb of this year. I have also noticed weird behavior of my wireless keyboard and mouse- sometimes not responding immediately. I have also been having intermittent freezing of the computer when left unattended.

I use Norton Internet Security and run Malwarebytes scan periodically but nothing has come up as a threat.

Any ideas how to figure out what the extra space in the backups is from and should I be concerned?

Running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Acronis True Image WD edition from 2009.

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I have a suspicion that I am missing something very basic indeed. But if I don't ask, I won't know.

When I download images from my digital camera and view them, they show a certain amount of content. When I print them, usually in 6x4 format, a small part of the image gets chopped off - usually the top of someone's head! Could someone please tell me how I can ensure that what I print is what appears on the screen without reducing the content of the original image?

Many thanks

A:Print size is different from screen size

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I went to SSDs on all of my computers some time back, but I still use WD RE4s and 2.5 inch WD Black HDDs for a variety of backup tasks and for storage in which the data will not be accessed for a period longer than is ideal to use a non-powered SSD for. On my Macs I am using El Capitan with OS X Journeled, GUID map, and FileVault 2 encryption. On my SP3 and desktop I am using NTFS with Win 10 64-bit Pro with BitLocker enabled on both machines. The OS and third party programs are currently up to date.

I've generally used ExFAT and the GPT partition map because it allows me to use it on all of my computers, and I have always used the default cluster size. However, I do not think the default size was the best decision for me because the size on disk is over TWICE the actual size.

If I am correct, the default Win 10 cluster size is 4k, and that going BELOW that is useful for the drives I have many smaller files on. Is this correct? Additionally, the smaller cluster size I go, the slower the drive will write, correct? Also, if so, how low do you advise going? I am still torn between reformatting outright or trying one of the programs that allows changes to a currently in-use drive. Any advice? Thanks!

A:Hard drive cluster size issues? Size on HDD over twice the actual size

For the a sector size of 4k to double your disk utilization you'd have to have a really tiny average file size. From your numbers shown the average size if I calculate it correct is 132kb (unless you have 1 massive file and 17,711 tiny ones) so a 4k size will make no difference.

You could check with TreeSize Free - it will tell you if you right click on the status bar and select it to be displayed.

EDIT - having checked the default for ExFat is 128k for drives over 32GB (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/140365) and when I tried to format an external USB drive that is what it picked. According to macbook - Reformat exFat with specific Device Block Size and Cluster Size - Ask Different OSX picks 128k also.

So if you had 128k as your cluster size minimum disk utilization would be 17,772 files * 128k = 2.17GB. So if all your files were just over this (say 132k which looks like your current average size) you would be using 4.44GB add a couple of big files and it could easily be 6GB.

I would check your average file sizes and also your current cluster size (you can use chkdsk as described in the AskDifferent link above).

The default is 4k for NTFS and I have always formatted ExFat as 4k also. Depending on your current setting reformatting 4k looks like a good idea.

As for how - copying the data elsewhere, formatting and then copying it back has to be the easiest, safest and most likely fastest way. You'll also get the disk defragmented automatical... Read more

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I want to change the paper size on my printer but the printer doesn't offer the size I need but it does offer a users defined size..I don't know how to use this as I have no manuals on the printer and can't find anything related to that in any books that I have...Can any one help???Would appreciate it very much....

A:Paper size

It would help if you told us what printer you have.

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Excel Paper Size

PlatForm: MS Excel 2002 - (10.4524.4219) SP-2


FILE/Page Setup/Paper Size

does not give option for my required paper size:

14.7/8" wide by 11" tall which is a wide tractor feed style paper.

Question: How do I set the paper size or set up a custom paper size?

The spreadsheet is wide and requires 13.5" of space to write across.

Landscape option is not an option for my needs. Must use portrait setting.

All feedback welcomed! Thanks, nt

A:Excel Paper Size

Excel 2002 determines the paper size by reading the settings from the printer driver. This differs from earlier versions I believe.

The answer would likely be in the printer driver itself, is it the correct one? If so, it should return the required sizing options for selection.

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Cannot connect with HP support in any way--On a Deskjet 970, how can I modify the paper size to 8X10? Or can I?--In properties I can go to user defined size, no way I can see to define it. Moving the paper "sliders" doewn't help. Am I missing something??

A:HP printer paper size

Go to Start, Settings, Printer, right click on the Deskjet 970 and Click on Properties. Click on the "Setup Tab" then click on the arrow next to "Paper Size". Go to the bottom and click on "User Defined Paper Size". A window will pop-up where you can then type in the paper size you want to print too, click "OK" then "Apply" and it should print that size.
If you don't have a window pop-up after clicking on "User Define Paper Size", you may have to download a new driver from HP at http://www.hp.com/cposupport/eschome.html

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I am not getting custom paper size when i m installing dotmatrix printer in windows XP!!!!
is ther anyway to get custom paper size in winxp??pls help me

A:Custom Paper Size

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When I print index cards from microsoft word, there is a paper size option for 4x6. When i print on the same printer from microsoft publisher. I cannot print index cards because the paper size will not come up index cards.
Please help. It is much easier to create on publisher.

A:Paper size won't show up

In Publisher, under Blank Page Sizes, select "Create Custom Page ..." and create a 6" wide x 4" tall blank page named Index Card.

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Back again. *sighs*

I've got a tough one for you this time. Well, maybe.

I need to create a custom paper size for an Epson LQ-590 dotmatrix printer. Currently running Windows XP Pro, and got the latest printer driver from Epson today.

I've gone into the "Printers and Fax" window, opened the "Server Properties" window in the "File" drop down menu. In the "Forms" tab, I've created and saved the paper size I need.

I go back to the "Properties" for my Epson, get to the "advanced printing preferences" and open the dropdown menu for paper size....and my form is not there.

What the heck am I doing wrong? This is the same procedure I used for my previous printer (OkiData Microline) and everything was cool.

I suddenly don't like Epson.

A:Custom Paper Size for Epson LQ-590

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I am not sure how or when, but my default paper size in both Notepad and Wordpad has changed from the standard 11X8.5 Letter to Tabloid. MS Word and other applications seem normal.

Any idea where this default setting is stored? I tried walking through the registry looking for 11X8.5 or Tabloid, but didn't see any entries that looked like it was setting the defaults for these two applications.

A:Paper size in Notepad and Wordpad

Im not sure if we're talking about the same thing but there is a paper size selection in "Page setup" under "file" . Hope that helps

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How do you change the default paper size from letter to A4. ALL the paper I buy in the UK is A4 and the letter size, although only slightly out, throws out my formatting, particularly when I do a mail merge or print a document with a header or footer. Again, Help.

A:Changing the default paper size

Originally Posted by SUE43

How do you change the default paper size from letter to A4. ALL the paper I buy in the UK is A4 and the letter size, although only slightly out, throws out my formatting, particularly when I do a mail merge or print a document with a header or footer. Again, Help.

Open Settings app, select Devices. Select your printer, select Manage:

Select Printing preferences:

Select Advanced:

Select your preferred paper size:


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HP Officejet J5750 All In One -- reverts to post card size printing after every job...........how do I correct this. Thank you

A:Solved: setting paper size on HP All In One

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I have a set of PCs, each connected to a label printer via USB.  I need to set them all to have a non-standard default paper size (7.2cm x 3.7cm rather than the standard the driver gives me) for all users. 

The users aren't using Office, so amending the standard normal.dot won't help them - they each pick up the paper size from the device in 'devices and printers'.  There are a lot of pcs, and a lot of users, so even though it sticks for each user on each
machine, they hotdesk, so could be at any machine.
I've hunted the registry, but can't find a default paper size in anything obvious.

A:How to set default paper size on printer for all users

1. I would address printer vendor support with this problem.
2. Make sure that program that users are printing from support target size.
Both seems to be beyong the default settings.

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Is there a way to force all documents sent to the printer to be printed on the A4 paper rather than the printer asking for US letter size.

I have asked the xerox printer supplier for help, they have configured the printer to do as i ask, but it is being over ruled somewhere along the process. I have told all staff to select A4 as the default paper size both in the word application and in the printer properties tab. I'm not sure what else to do, I have heard mention of doing something with the printer drivers on the server, but am afraid that is a bit beyond my abilities, I am happy to google and give things a go, but I do not have full admin rights where I work and would have to be confident that what I am trying, will work; and be able to fully explain it to the computer illiterates that do have full admin rights.

A solution to this problem would be gratefully received.

You can consider it your good deed for the week because you will be helping a charitable organisation

A:Permanently stop US Letter Size paper

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I am in the UK, using a PC running Windows XP Home Edition with IE6.

Like the rest of the world outside North America (as far as I know), we in Europe don't use Letter size paper, so I want to set my default page size to A4. I've made sure that all my regional settings are on UK, and that my printer settings in Control Panel are on A4. I've succeeded in changing the defaults in Office (well, Word at least - haven't tried the others yet) but can't find a way to do it in Internet Explorer / Outlook Express.

I know how to change the page size for a single session by opening IE and going into File > Page Setup, but the problem is that I have to do this EVERY TIME I OPEN INTERNET EXPLORER - it always defaults back to Letter size. (Sorry for shouting, but I've posted this question in a couple of other places and people just keep telling me to do what I've already done, so I want to make it clear that this isn't working for me!)

I can't find anything about this problem on the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and my PC supplier seems to be stumped by it too.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:(Resolved) IE/OE - setting default paper size to A4

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On the Word Starter that is preloaded on my HP 2000 the paper size has been srunk down so small I cannot even read what I write. I need to get back to the right size. I hit somethings that made the paper size small but I cannot find how to get it back to the right size. Help me out

A:Microsolf Word Starter/paper size ?

Should be in the Page Setup, change to the wanted size and then select the "Default" button.

The Default button sets the current entries as the "Default". It does NOT reset back to what was default as a lot of users think.

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I am having trouble changing the paper size of a particular report. I am able to change it in the page setup but after I do this it immediately changes back to the default of letter size. Anyone have any ideas of how to remedy this?

A:MS Access: Cannot change paper size on report

I have seen this before, but I can't remember what was causing it.
Have you tried coying an dpasting the report design to a new report name to see if it does the same thing?
Have you Compacted and Repaired the database?
When you set the paper size do you then go back to design mode and save the Report design?

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I have a Vista 32 laptop and want to use "Monarch Envelope" or equivalent on the Internet "Page Setup." Since "Monarch Envelope" is not in the list - can it be added? If so, how? If not, any idea what the equivalent is? Thanks

A:Page Setup - Paper Size question

Are you trying to do this in MS Word?

If Monarch Envelope is not an available option, you might be best off using Custom, measuring the size of the envelope and adding in the dimensions manually

If doing it in Internet Explorer 7, Envelope Monarch (as opposed to Monarch Envelope) should be an available option, though the options differ depending on whatever your default printer is

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I am using Microsoft Word97, my printer is a HP Deskjet 5470 connected to a USB port. When I try to print an envelope I get a "Paper Size Error" from the printer. It occurs on both #10 and #6 3/4 envelopes. This was working fine before I had to reinstall Windows and all my applications.(Moderator edit: added Topic Description. jgw)

A:Paper Size Error printing envelope

Just solved my own problem. On the "Paper/Quality" tab of the Printer Properties, I changed the "Type is" setting from "Automatic" to "Plain Paper".

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8169 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 451338 MB, Free - 226907 MB; D: Total - 238459 MB, Free - 227683 MB; E: Total - 238479 MB, Free - 186426 MB; R: Total - 25584 MB, Free - 14607 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., G74Sx
Antivirus: Kaspersky PURE 3.0, Updated and Enabled

I am needing to add custom paper sizes to my primopdf printer for printing drawings. I have been able to enter one new size but I haven't been able to find a way to enter additional sizes.

A:Changing paper size in PrimoPDF printer

Have you tried adding a "Custom" size?

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I tried to print pictures and put 4 X 6 paper in the printer. Ever since then anything I have tried to print from my Iphone wants to print on 4 X 6 paper. How do I change it?

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I use Carlson Civil Suite 2009 in Autocad Map 3D 2009 and have a Canon iPF8000S Plotter. The problem I am having is that it doesn't save my sheet size when I save my pc3 file. It keeps going back to 8 1/2X11. How can I fix this. I haven't tried to see if there is a default setting on the plotter itself yet. Thanks.

A:Solved: Printer paper size default in Autocad

On the plotter it says keep media size is off, there are only default paper basis sizes of ISO A3 and ISO B1. I think it is a software issue.

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Hello, I am hoping that there might be a Xerox tech here or someone who can help me to override the printer defaults somehow. I have a Xero Phaser 7700 printer. We recently acquired a lot of custom size paper to print large tri-fold brochures with. This paper is 9" x 18". The Phaser 7700 can print up to Extra Tabloid 12" x 18" but I can't seem to find a driver that will allow me to either select a custom size within the print window or on the printer itself. I really need to use this paper, as I got at least 100 cases of it. Any help or suggestions with be GREATLY appreciated! The computer doing the printing is running windows xp pro sp3. I have gone into the printers area on the computer and made a custom size, it just is not an option when printing to my Phaser. Also, if I tell the Phaser through the front panel that I have 12x18 tabloid in the tray and try to load my 9x18, it flases yellow and says paper mis-match. Thank you again very much!!! I hope I can figure this out, I am getting desperate!

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Hi fellow members,

I'm facing a problem about my printer under Windows 8.1. I cannot create custom paper size.

My previous printer is a HP P2035 printer. According to HP, the driver is built into Windows 8.1 and thus does not offer any driver for w8.1. The printer is detected correctly and I'm able to print, except I cannot create a custom paper size.

I raised this issue on the HP forum and a couple of members explained that the printer is pretty old and thus there is no incentive for Microsoft nor HP to develop a driver for Windows 8.1

Then I change to Fuji Xerox DocuPrint p355db. Again this printer is able to print just fine by Windows 8.1 built in driver, except the driver just won't allow me to create a custom paper size!

Help please.

A:Printer Driver - No Custom Paper Size Option

Hi gnulab and welcome to the forum! There is a driver for the Xerox posted on their site: Fuji Xerox Printers : Downloads

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I have an HP Officejet 6700 Premium printer and I'm trying to print a custom size sheet. Specifically a sheet that is 6" wide by 9" long. Does anyone know how to do that? I'm printing wirelessly.

On my old Officejet 6310 which was a USB printer, I could trick it into thinking it was an HP Photosmart 3300 and then specify any custom size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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we have a FX ApeosPort-II C4300 fuji printer. we recently updated to Office 2007 from Office 2003.
When we were using Office 2003, i was able to specify paper size for the document i wanted to print in printer's properties, however, since updated to Office 2007 i can't. Actually, i can specify the paper size by choosing custom print then edit the size i want to print but as soon as i click okay button and reopen printer properties i can see paper size did not change. I have already changed the paper size in page set up by the way.
I checked the our printer's properties and it shows under security tab for everyone can "print" section clicked. But "Managed Printer" not clicked. Only power users and administrators have that privilege.
so my question is: the reason i can't specify paper size in the printer properties because i am not a power user and don't have administrator privilege?

A:Solved: Can't specify paper size in printer's properties Office 2007

Off the top of my head, I'd be inclined to think you simply need to update your printer driver. Have you done so lately?


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I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0. This is a new quirk. I have a PDF file which shows/fits perfectly on the screen for viewing and/or when emailed shows up on all screens as a single page. However...when I try to print it it only prints a small centered box on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. I have tried printing to scale...printing to fit paper etc...but I still get this single centered box with a few words in it on the center of the printed page. I think it has something to do with the original scanning settings into Adobe Pro

On the jpg attached please note the size of the view screen which shows the properly fitted page.

How can I reduce this PDF to properly print on a normal printed page. I'm sure the printed page has something to do with it...but can't figure out how to get it to print page size as it shows in the Adobe working screen on any PC via any of the printer print setups ?


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My 8550dt does not take the inputs for custom size paper I specify in the print setup. I will specify 5x7 paper and the control panel on the printer is asking for 8 x 11.67, for example. I have tried multiple drivers. This is the 5th xerox phaser printer I have owned and have never had this problem before. I print invitations and it is very important to be able to print on different size papers. I am running Windows 7 if that may be an issue with this problem.

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In IE7 my default print size always starts at "shrink to fit" - I have to change to 100% - when I "X" out and come in again it is again "shrint to fit"

Can anyone tell me how to change the default to be "100%" every time I enter print preview?


A:IE7 Print Preview - change print size

I think this is controlled by your printer. From the IE7 FAQ page:
" Why do I have to reset the print options every time I open Internet Explorer?
Printing changes made within Internet Explorer are always temporary. To make changes permanently, you need to change them in Windows. For information about changing Windows print options, see Choosing print options."

I didn't see anything in that link particularly useful though ... and when I tried to simply force my printer to print at 100% through the print driver settings, it would always reset itself to Actual Size. Worth a shot for you perhaps, via Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults > Effects (but that's when using my HP LaserJet 2420 ... will be different depending on make and model of printer, and some printers may not even support this option)

You may need to contact your printer manufacturer if it's bugging you that much, see whether your printer can handle it

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I dropped something on the keyboard and everything got smaller.I knew how to get the size back on Win 8 but not on Win 10.How do I get everything back to normal?

A:Print Size

press & hold CTRL and then the 0 key

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I hope someone can help. Nothing prints according to my size selection in PS 5, example canvas set to 5x7 300px. It always prints smaller than my settings. What am I doing wrong?
with thanks,

A:how to set print size in PS

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When I print out an email I get very small font size -probably an 8. I have the compose font size at 12 in OE. Printing from other programs is OK. This just happen all of a sudden and I cannot find a place to change it in OE 6. (It looks OK when composing a note and on the emails received.

A:OE Print Size

When you are viewing an email, select view>text size

You can adjust it there.

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Good Morning,

My wife prints out her astrology reports once a month. The print size is very small and hard for her to read. Is there a way to increase the size of the words before she prints the reports out? Thanks for your time and help.


A:Small print size?

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When I draw a line or square in Word 2010 and and specify the size, it will come out slightly smaller than what it should be (like 9,2 instead of 10 cm). In Photoshop, the pictures comes out with the correct size. The printer (Brother HL-2250DN laser) has been updated as far as possible with the help of the Brother support. Has anyone heard of this problem before? Is it a bug in Office 2010?

A:Wrong print size

I want to know if it is the printer or Word 2010 that causes my printouts to be of the wrong size. Is there anyone out there who could try and print a line that you have specified the length of and see if it comes out with the right length? It doesn't matter what printer you have, but it would have to be Word 2010.

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My wife likes to print her monthly astrology charts. The print on the website is very small. Is there a way that we can make the print bigger when she prints it? Even when she has her glasses on the print is very small. Thanks for your time.


A:Web Site Print Size

In IE, click on View> Text Size> select: Large or Largest

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I have Windows XP. I am trying to print a Post Script file to a Generic Color PS printer from Publisher. The files vary from 20M-40M. I have 32G free hard drive space. I get the prompt that it successfully printed to file, but it is nowhere to be found. The problem is the allocated space on the print spooler is way too small. Anyone know how to increase size of the print spooler -or- how to move it to where more space is available?

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can not make print size larger when printing from pdf results are so small cannot read trying to increase scale dosen't work have hp officejet 8610 running Win 10 do i have to cut &paste some place else an then try to print articule

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Here is what I am doing

I scan a cd inlay to the computer and have it ok in MY pics folder,now then no matter what I do I just cannot get it to print to the size I need,which is the size of the inlay,tried custom settings and everything else but it eludes me how to get this right,what do I need to do?

O/S Windows XP

A:print to specific size

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How do I make my HP All-in-one print a jpg image in the exact dimension I want. I have a jpeg image that I want to print in a 2"x2" square but can't figure out how. I get so many different sizes I am running out of paper trying.

A:Print size control

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Have Windows XP Home Edition and an HP Deskjet 722C printer. Problem: When I 'print' the font size is sometimes normal .... often so small I must use a magnifying glass to read .... occasionally very large. I can't find any pattern, though it appears that the objectionable very small print emanates from a web site either directly or indirectly. Printing e-mail messages doesn't appear to be a problem. This has been occuring over a 6 month period. I am using IE 8. The driver on the printer is uptodate.

A:print size control

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