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Fabric Carrier

Q: Fabric Carrier

I have just become interested in putting my images onto fabric but didn't want to use the T-shirt paper transfer that Epsom offers as it comes with a plastic coating that adheres to the fabric. In my search for something else I found a paper they call "Fabric Carrier". It has a tacky substance on it and when pealing off the protective layer you can place, I presume on a reasonably thin fabric, and adjust it to lie smoothly then trim it to the size of the paper and feed it through my printer (an Epsom Photo 820) and end up with a result when pealed from the page that is just a printed piece of fabric with an image directly on it.
I was hoping rather then order it from the States, I live in Canada, and then pay shipping, duty and perhaps delivery charges, I was hoping to find this product in Canada or create my own. I was thinking that someone may have found a spray or mix that I could apply to my own paper and have the same result. Does this sound reasonable or is there too much chance of ruining the printer with an overflow of the product during the printing session?
Does anyone know of a Canadian source or how to create this on my own?

Too much spare time on my hands.

Preferred Solution: Fabric Carrier

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Fabric Carrier

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IT has Been a night And IT has been stuck for maybe 10 hours plz help

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I was trying to restore my pc, this did not work but after a few times it did work.
Now i can not start my pc, I get the error that a certain file is missing.
I also can not restore him anymore, I get the error that a partion is missing.
Can anyone help me? I am sorry for my english, i'm a non native english speaker!


A:Fabric restore problems

Is this a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8?
Which as been updated to Windows 8.1?

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Dear , i have bought a brand new pavilion notebook 17 , 17inxh version with Windows 10 .1) laptop startup just blocks On the HP logo2) did a esc multiple times to enter troubleshooting3) starting the setup to Bring everyrhing to fabric settings , but at 50% the blue screen pops up that there is a problem with putting it back to fabric setting .I need to clean the laptop because this was a showroom model and had an store account on it !Any help ?Manu greets

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Brand new Hp right out of the box and as best as I can describe it, it looks like a bed sheet if you placed something down on the bed, you would see the fabric ripple 360 around the object.   looks better straight on, but worse from off angle.   First if this is a thing, whats it called? Also I assume this is not a troubleshoot kid of thing, I beleive the screen is a bunch of layers and this would be a defect of one of them.  Although it is lessened by looking straight on it is still visiable and more so depending on the colors displayed.  So is this covered under warrentee? I purchased thru Amazon, would I be better off just returning and getting a new one.  Is it a common issue with this model?

A:Brand new screen looks like it has fabric ripples.

Hello @miyanc, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the issue with the display, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that it seems like your display is damaged. If you believe the notebook is having an hardware issue out of box, then you should try to return it to the place of purchase.  If this is not possible, then you may consider contacting HP Phone Support.  Please use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region.http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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New item custom printed backpack new stylish school bag girls
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Capacity: 28 L
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Guangzhou, China (Mainland), GuangDong China (Mainland)
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Backpack bag
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Shipped in 45 days after payment
Quality Control:
Quality Control:
1. Inspecting the quality of the material and the metal accessories after they arrived the warehouse;
2. Inspecting the material pieces after die cut by mould;
3. Inspection the workmanship and the stitching during the production process;
4. Final inspecting the finished product before packaging;
Why choose us?Our Advantage:
1. High quality & competitive price & excellent service.
2. With large production capacity.
3. On-time shipment.
4. OEM is welcome.
5. welcome trial order with small quantity.
6.Welcome to inspect the finished product before delivery.
7.We are responsibility,we will solve the problems for the clients as prompt as we can.
If you want to know more, pls feel free to contact with me!Custom Nylon Fabric Backpack brands

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Our History
Our company was established at 2007, from one printing machine now expand to 5 printing machine.
Our Factory
From one printing machine now expand to 5 printing machine, and two factory.
Our Product
Now we have decorative base paper for wood grain design, marble design, fabric design, cartoon design.
Product Application
For HPL/ Particle board/ MDF/ plywood and so on, which after impregnated and then with the press machine pressed on the board, and can be used as floor/ furniture/ door/ public establishment and so on.
Production Equipment
Three normal speed printing production line, and two higher speed and four colors printing line.
Production Market
Nowadays, 70% in domestic market, and 20% in Bangladesh market,10% in India market. And nowadays we are still expanding our market to other country.
Our service
Before produce , we will have check and get confirmation from customers. After finished production, we also need to maintain all as requirement by customers. After ship out, and all docs finished, we will continue give service, and give any positive attitude to fix any possible problems come out. In every step, we have special person to follow and work with.Spiricle Design Fabric Decorative Melamine Impregnated Paper For Furniture factory

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Hi All,
I am using List control in SPFx web part and implemented "View more" button click functionality to fetch items in batches. I am facing flickering issue while scrolling towards the window end or on multiple clicks of view more button. 
Please suggest on the same.
Environment- SharePoint Online
Webpart - SPFx with React.
Thanks in advance!

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I accidentally deleted my nvidia graphics drivers, and the latest version doesnt work. Knowing the drivers which came with the computer will let me re install them. Thanks.

A:Lenovo flex 3 1580 Nvidia graphics drivers fabric version

You might check to see if the earlier drivers are still present on your system by doing the following Right-click on StartSelect Device ManagerLeft-click on Display Adapters to expand.Right-click on your display adapter, and select Update DriverSelect "Browse my computer for driver software"Select "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer"This should provide a list of drivers previously installed on your systemTo switch to one of them, choose an older driver and click Next.It would be hard to know exactly what driver was installed when your system was new, because Lenovo does not provide release notes for its drivers as its certifies them, but older drivers for the Nvidia 940M card should be available from Nvidia, as well as newer driver versions that those release by Lenovo that may resolve your problem. which can be found here https://www.geforce.com/drivers Good Luck,     

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which one is your fav. e-mail carrier?

A:fav. email carrier?

Gmail I guess. It's free, it's (nearly) fully compatible in outlook, outlook mobile, iOS, Android etc. and the web interface just for a new design which rocks. Plus the adverts are discreet and the spam filter works well.

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Can anyone explain what is carrier board mean?

A:What is Carrier Board?

Answered in the other forum post.

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not discuss about which carrier Erorectin Male Enhancement utilizes nor does Erorectin Male Enhancement discuss about whether customers get tracking knowledge for offers moreover definitely 100 % 100 % totally free or for the next cost. There is also no knowledge about whether offers offer on weekends. Likewise, the site does not identify when offers are expected to offer out of accomplishment facilities after the purchasing is given. At once as most item suppliers offer out within 24 time, this is likely to be the problem here the same as well. This particular producer would do well to inform the site through all valid distribution details. A lot of prospective customers may discover this lack of detail relating to such a important transactional function, to be repulsive and still irritating.

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yepp, here i go again! I cant find the charge at the carrier level and i dont know where i will set the charge when i found it!! i have been stuck on this level for ages!! I need all help i can get!! And cheats does not work!

A:Far cry carrier problems2

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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i got a problem on the carrier level..i cant finish it! i have killed everyone and put the boat into the water, but when i jump into the boat and drives away the guy or whats his name are tell me that i must find out the ballast or the balance of the carrier to proceed... and i cant find anything on the carrier at the top of it. and if i drive away i get killed by another hellicopter...
what im i searching for, what do i have to do to finish this level??? please help me!!

A:FAR CRY carrier level promblem!! PLEASE HELP!

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I have a Lexmark X73 4-1 Printer and the power light is always blinking. The instruction book says that the power light that is blinking means that the cartridge carrier is stalled. Does that mean that the cartridge carrier is hung up inside? I don't want to destroy the inner workings of this printer by digging around in a delicate area. Could it have something to do with leaking cartridges? I can move the cartridge carrier back and forth, but the cartridges cannot print on the paper. The Paper Feed does feed the paper through manually.

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Dear Friends,
following the instructions provided by Sony, I got the number from them and unlocked my sim card for my Sony Vaio sz220 laptop. Everything worked smoothly.
What I did then was to put in the sim card of my cellphone to see if it worked but the message was a ERROR 679: the system could not detect the carrier. What do I have to do now? I am in Italy and I would prefer not to call by phone the States: it is too expensive.
Could anyone help?

A:error 679: the system could not detect the carrier

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how can use wifi if airvoice is my carrier. when i can access wifi, i get an alert that the page cannot be found. it is a jack i637 phone.

A:at&t phone using air voice wireless as carrier

You can't. Cellular and wifi are two completely different technologies.

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Hi, I was hoping somebody could advise on this Mobile Broadband issue that I have encountered when using SIMs provided by EIR in the HP Elitepad 1000 (and possibly the Elitepad 900 also, but I have not checked this). So the problem is that when the EIR data SIM is inserted into an EPAD with no pre-existing APN set, one has to set an APN manually in order to access the internet. Conversely, if one inserts a SIM from any other provider that we have tried (Vodafone, 3 etc) into a device with no pre-existing APN set, the device automatically detects and sets a default public APN for the inserted SIM, no user intervention required.  Note that if one manually sets a relevant public APN for the EIR SIM on the device everything is fine, works okay, retains the APN between reboots etc. However, a problem arises in that another process that we use clears the Mobile Broadband APN when exiting for various reasons. So this is why we need the APN to be automatically detected and set for an EIR SIM when it is installed. Just like happens for Vodafone, 3 and the other SIMs etc So I took this to be an issue with the SIM and went to EIR with the issue. Below is their response: "I have just checked with our Tier two team and they have come back that the issue is not with the sims it is with the HP devise. The tablet is not configured to hold Eir APN settings but may be for Vodafone, O2 etc. ... the "Carrier bundle" on the HP tablets needs t... Read more

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I have an HP multi-media laptop, DV9207US that has provisions for a second 2.5" SATA drive. I'd like to add this drive for additional storage, since this is the machine I'm going to be taking to clients and doing development on. One fly in the ointment.

The drive has a little metal carrier that attaches to the drive and holds it into the drive bay. I'm sure that HP wants about $500 for this piece, anyone have an idea where I might find one of these at a reasonable price?

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I heard that it is not possible for viruses to infect two device with different platform(e.g windows, Android, Mac).

but is it possible for one of them to not be infected but become a carrier and infect another when they are both connected to the same network? (this is in the scenario where no file is being transferred between the two)

A:possible for external device to be a virus carrier?

Quote: Originally Posted by junjun

I heard that it is not possible for viruses to infect two device with different platform(e.g windows, Android, Mac).....

Of course that is possible.

You might be thinking about the fact that the same executable cannot* run on different platforms (except within a virtual machine like Java), but an app running on Windows can definitely write a file to an Android device.

The Windows malware can:

1) Create an infected app on the Android device

2) Infect an existing app on the Android device

3) do all of the above.

Connecting an Android device to a Windows device via USB makes it easier for the infection to go either way. Transmitting/transferring the infection between platforms across a network is a bit harder because there are authentication features to overcome.
*perhaps someone will find a way around that too someday.

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Hi All
I too was infected with this but Broni helped me clear it  Hopefully this information stops some infections.
This morning I updated my video codecs, the package carries it and installs automatically unless you choose custom.  Really annoying used this program for years with no issues now bundled with junk.  I thought I'd let everyone know though in case it helps.
Above is a screenshot to show the codec etc thats infected.

A:Hope this is helpful - Spigot infection carrier

Hello -
That shows a Media Player Codec download "Accept Option" and it asks you if you accept certain terms.
These terms include installing Toolbars and Add-ons.
Always read the terms when you download any program from the internet.
Today you will find that over 50% of downloads can include many unwanted extras.
This even includes some Antivirus programs, Adobe updates, and if you use it, even Java updates try to install extras.

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I am not sure if you can help but would greatly appreciate it if you can. I have been trying for months to remove 2010 and although it appears to be gone there is more wrong still. Specifically, spamming being done, and I believe it is the computer listed below. Can anyone tell by the info I have provided, before I start checking the other 2 machines on the network?

I have downloaded the latest Malware removal and the attached file is the most recent. I can browse internet sometimes and others it is hijacked. MUpdate is not accessible. I also downloaded AVG 8.5.435 and it ran again last night with no problems detected. I am running it again now because of the report below from malware remover.

My Vault still has warning and infections from when it ran earlier this week. they are listed below

Various tracking cookies
(tj) trojan horse
tj Generic16.ammi
tj Generic15BYSQ
tj Clicker.AEIA
tj Generic15FQN
tj Generic15AKJY
tj Generic15ADZT
tj Generic15AFEN
tj Generic15AKZX
tj Generic15ALAH
tj Generic15AEWL
tj Injector.GR
tj Vundo.IH
tj Vundo.IJ
Virus identified Packed.Hidden
tj Generic15AKLG
tj Generic15AKJC
tj Generic15AKIW
tj Agent2.ZVJ
tj Generic15.AWZC
tj Generic15.FQN
tj Generic15.BHJZ
tj Hiloti.D
tj Downloader.Generic9.NRQ
tj FakeAlert.NG
Virus Found Win32/Cryptor
tj Agent_r.QB
tj FakeAlert.NO
tj Generic15AZXH
Virus found Win32/Heur
tj FakeAlert.NL
tj Vundo.JU
tj Generic15BAEW
tj Vundo.IJ
tj Vundo.IH
tj PSW.Generic7.APIQ
tj SHeur2.BPSH
tj PSW.Generic7.APIQ
tj Generic15.BIQG... Read more

A:2010 and internet carrier warns of spam being sent

I just ran AVG and while it appears to have run complete, (finding no problems) the computer was locked up, ctrl/alt/delete, brought up task manager and said AVG was stil running. I couldn't end task and the only way to do anything was to power down manually. Any sugestions?

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]ok guys i'm gonna try to make this simple. I've been using my netgear router for about 5 months now while living up north. No issues at all and was pretty much plug and play for me. I'm by no means a computer genius but i'm really really good with certain things. Recently I moved down south to pursue some things and am staying with my cousin. I pulled the router out of the box and connected it right to his DSL modem , which was from a different carrier then I had up north. Then I connected the ethernet to his desktop computer and powered it all up. To my surprise the router seemed to be working and I had full internet after I manually enabled it through the desktop computer. I then grabbed my cell phone to check for wifi status and sure enough I had perfect signal from the router. Then I grabbed the little wireless adapter I bought when I purchased the router and plugged that into MY desktop computer set up in his spare room. Turned my comp on and had perfect signal and full access. I was still to this point feeling a little strange because everything was working right away and too good. So thats BOTH computers AND my cell phone working to perfection. The next step was my xbox360 which I use the xbox wireless adapter to connect to Xbox Live. I turned the Xbox on and right away was connected to xbox live. Played Guitar Hero a few times and then went to the guitar hero website and saw that my songs I just played had registered telling me everything was a GO... Read more

A:Router + New High speed carrier = AHHHH!!!!

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My prepay phone is by At&t. It cost 27 per 3 months for service. At&t rolls over its minutes to the
next prepay card because I have autopay set up on it. I noticed that T-moble has a 10.00 prepay card for
3 months but I don't know if the minutes roll over to the next prepay card if I set up T-Moble on Autopay.
Anyone know about T-moble prepay service and minute roller?

Thank you,

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Where can I buy a hard-drive plastic carrier (or caddy) for a Dell XPS 8920? I have look everywhere (including Dell) and I cannot find the right one. Seems like Dell redesigned these carriers (or caddies) and the previous versions do not fit a new Dell XPS 8920.

A:Hard-drive plastic carrier or caddy for XPS 8920

You do not need a hard drive carrier or caddy for the XPS 8920. The hard drive cage can be removed and you install the hard drive into the cage with screws. See the service manual.

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My installer set up Thunderbird for e-mail use. I would like to use Windows live mail. Will this mess up Thunderbird if I ever have to use it again.

A:Making Windows Live mail my default carrier

Hello Hobie, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Not at all. You will be able to use both of them at the same time if you like. All that matters is which one you would like to set to open emails with by default.

Hope this helps,

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I bought this software carrier e20 HAP 4.61 but I got this big problem or error;

during installation;

(SSNDBU10) run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object.

and when running the program;

(xycfgfix) fatal error 429 loading data: ActiveX component can't create object.

appreciate much if anybody can help decipher this for me. I'm using 32bit vista.


A:runtime error 429: activex component can't create object carrier e20 HAP 4.61

Hello, and welcome to the Tech Support Forum :)


This problem can be a bit of a pain to diagnose.

Please download a copy of Process Monitor: Process Monitor

Get your installer ready to go, and just before getting to the error, start Process Monitor. OK past any Process Monitor Filter Dialogs without changing anything.

Start the installer going if necessary, and as soon after the error message has occurred as you can, select File > and UNcheck "Capture Events".

The important things to ensure is that Process Monitor was recording just before and just after the error message.

Then, go File > Save, Leave all options alone, just change the location to somewhere like your Documents folder, with a name you can remember.

Finally, please upload the file to a third party website (it will be too big for here).

If you have a Microsoft Account, Skydrive may be a good option: https://skydrive.live.com/

Make sure to set the file to be publicly accessible so I can access it, and send me a link in your next reply.

Fingers crossed it will be clear from the logfile what the problem is. Then we only have to work on a fix! But there is also a chance it will not be clear from the logfile. We will just have to wait and see.


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Could anyone explain the difference between domain (controller)switches and full fabric switches? (or direct me to a page/site which would do the job)


A:domain switches vs full fabric switches

Depends on what context you're talking about. Your statement is a bit "Apples and Gorillas" The two really aren't related to each other.

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I have spoken to the tech services department of my University Campus-- they are relatively incompetent in most of the cases I have brought up to them in the past, this issue included. Their advice always rounds out to... REFORMAT.
I have done that once already, at their advising, but I am once again in the same boat as my External Hard Drive probably got contaminated by the Laptop before it was reformatted.
I was unknowing, as always is the case-- that the External device could become contaminated and thus reinfect the computer itself. No one ever mentioned that to me from the IT department or otherwise.

I need to know if there is a way to clean both my Laptop and my External and any other devices (Ie. Palm, Zune and flash Drives, etc ) that have be in contact with my Laptop (if Cleaning the Zune and Flash Drives is even Necessary--I just acquired the Zune as a gift and so I do not know very much about it-- as is my luck.) And if there is a way, how to go about it safely without obliterating my saved files. As a writer my life is on my External Drive and so you can probably just imagine how heartbroken I was when they tried to tell me the only way to fix this is to blitz everything and loose all of my work (not to mention all of my much loved music).

Firstly, I should give you some of the details as to what I am working with at the moment and the problem(s) at hand.

I am using a Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Windows XP service pack 2 installed on it which came... Read more

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Hello, WE use a program called Priority1 here, it basically compares shipping rates for different truck lines etc. Everything in the program seems to work except this one pop up box or window (Carrier Profile). Tec support is stumped also. Below are things we have tried to fix the issue.

1. Un-installed the program, and re-installed, several times.
2. Tec support sent me there working program to try via email, with same problem on this end.
3. Java is not loaded.
4. have tried switching default browsers from Explorer, to Chrome, to Fire Fox.
5. It seems like something is deleberatly blocking that part of the program or window from opening. That is why I am writing to see if anyone knows of a way that windows may be blocking this window?
6. Firewalls are turned off, User account control is disabled, and I do not see anything in Eset to block this window.
7. Program installs on another machine fine with no problems, & the window "Carrier Profile" opens no problem. Carrier Profile allows you to change the discounts for the different truck lines in the program.

Thank You in advance for any advice or help.


A:SMC3 Priority1 "Carrier Profile" pop up box will not display

Welcome to Seven Forums Craig. I may not be able to help specifically to that program, but perhaps suggest a troubleshooting method. First, try booting to Safe Mode with Networking, and see if the program works OK there:

Safe Mode

If the popup box works there, try a Clean Start to see if you can find what is interfering

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

You can also try creating a new account, and see if it works there

User Account - Create

You could also see if the program works in the hidden Admin account

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

A Guy

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I use Winfax10. Some of the faxes I've been sending haven't been going thru.

I get a message "no carrier", and the fax doesn't go thru.

Here is what I have checked:

1/Hyperterminal check.
2/Modem set at maximum 9600 transmit speed.
3/Negotiation time has been changed from s7=55 to s7=120.
4/Made sure the modem is recognized on my computer as a Class1.

Anybody had and solved this problem?

A:Computer fax show "No Carrier" msg

Have you ruled out problems with the line itself? Plugged in a phone and such? Do you share it with your home line, and do you have phone mail/call notes with a stutter tone when you have messages? "No carrier" means "no dialtone."

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Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.

I have a second DVD recorder that's an IDE connection. The PC I just built doesn't have any IDE connectors and I don't want to mess with adding anything. I'd like to connect the DVD to use when needed (yes, I have SATA DVD burners in the box, but this one is a lightscribe unit)...

The external carrier has both SATA and IDE connections and connects with either USB2 or eSATA... It works FINE either way with hard drives. But, when I plug in the DVD, although it spins up and appears to be fine, Windows just says it's an unknown drive that's uninitialized...

Is there an easy way to change something so the system will recognize this DVD drive?

A:Attaching a DVD drive using an external drive carrier?

Are you sure it is getting enough power? DVD drives generally need more juice than hard drives.

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