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Disc drive wont read my game disc.

Q: Disc drive wont read my game disc.

Ok.. Well, I bought Final Fantasy IX (11) for my PC. The game disc reads only on PC-DVD-ROM Software. I don't know if I have the right kind, this is what disc drive I have


Is that the correct one?

Preferred Solution: Disc drive wont read my game disc.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disc drive wont read my game disc.

Looks like the right kind... It might be worn out

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Hi, I've never posted before, and I don't know if I'm in the right area, but you guys seem to know lots.

I recently got Bioshock as a gift - a legal copy from Best Buy. I tried putting in the disc, but neither of my 2 DVD burner drives can read it. They CAN however, read both CD's (game or audio) and DVD movies. I've tried several of each type.
I next tried loading the disc into some different computers. Boots up fine on both that I tried.
I then took out the DVD drive from a system that successfully loaded the disc, and installed that DVD drive it into my tower. Nothing. no change at all. So now I am confused.
I've tried running all kinds of anti spyware software, and registry fixing software to no avail. I also followed a promising sounding tech tip for the program hijackthis, which fixed some problems for me, but not that one. I am reaching the end of my tether, at least with trying to figure this out on my own.
I don't see how it could be a firmware issue since another disc drive which I know is capable of reading the disc, still can't read it when installed on my system.

I should have mentioned this part sooner.
My first disc drive barely tries to spin up the disc, but shows it as a cd-rom disc that is blank. no files on it.
the second drive seems to try and spin up the disc, but not the sound it normally makes when i've put in other dvd's, and it gives me an error message saying that &q... Read more

A:DVD game won't read, but it seems like it's the computer, not the disc drive

Welcome umyeahnstuff :wave: to TechSpot

If other discs work in the drive and this one doesn't it must be the CD/DVD drive itself
If a known working CD/DVD drive, still does not work, (on one disc) then it must either be:

CD/DVD data cable - either faulty, or too long
Disc scratched or marked or non original
Computer Power Supply - Not giving enough voltage to the drive

Computer Configuration: Device manager - Confirm DMA set to on, in IDE/ATA controllers
Insufficient Memory: Paging File set too low
(the last 2 found in "System" in Control Panel

Also you may want to go to Device Manager and remove all Cd/DVD drives, restart, allow Windows to find and install them automatically.

We may need more details of your configuration too.

Howmany drives inside?
IDE/ATA or Sata ?
Windows Version?
Power Supply wattage?

Some of this information can be found by using System Specs.
Most of this information can be added to your Profile

This will help us diagnose the problem further.

Note: The best test is with a New CD/DVD drive.

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my disc drive quit reading anything after i restored,anybody please help me

A:disc drive wont read

Try this fix:

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I have an Advent Laptop, the DVD drive is a slimtype DVD RW SOSW-833S. I am not brilliant with computers and have tried everything I have seen written to fix it. Iv deleted the upper and lowrr filters, didnt work. Reinstalled them, still didnt work. Reinstalled Itunes, didnt work. Iv run different diagnostics, they all say that the drive is working properly. Iv tried system restore, didnt work. I cant play games, dvds, cds or burn anything. When there is a disc in the drive it still tells me to insert one. Im at my wits end!! Please....any suggestions greatly appreciated. Samantha

A:My Drive wont read ANY disc!! PLEASE HELP!!

Hello, have you checked the BIOS chipset drivers yet ? Run free program of Speccy : Speccy - Download . Get free version, look at the motherboard information and take note of Bios information, you may need to go to the motherboard manufacture or the computer manufacture, get latest Bios chipset for your computer and motherboard type, and if needed , go ahead and install new ones, you may have a driver issue or you may not, I got my chipset from my computer manufacture, which would be my first choice. See if this helps out, failing the chipset drivers being bad, with all the other diagnostics you have done, it would seem as if the drive is having hardware issues.

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I have a HP laptop running Vista Home Premium. I have a DVD+/- R/RW with Lightscribe drive.

After I burn any type of CD or DVD, either in iTunes or using the default program that came with my computer, no CD or DVD will be recognized by my computer until I restart the computer.

If I go to My Computer after inserting a disc it will show an icon for "CD-Rom" (i put in a audio cd) and if I double click on it will prompt with "Insert a Disc" and eject my drive.

The fact that if I restart and it works is alright, but it's stupidly annoying if I'm trying to back-up my computer and I have to restart every time I want to burn another CD.

What can I try to do to fix this?

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Okay i just went out and bought Aion Online, My most anticipated game yet. Well.. I go and put disc one in, No problems.. Put in disc two,, And hear a clicking like its trying its hardest but wont.. I put disc one back in.. and it works,, The disc two works fine in my other computers but i dont use them for gaming. Any help would be appreciated.

A:New game Disc 2 will not even try to read.

Put the disc in one of your other computers and share the DVD drive across your lan. On your gaming PC, access it and make an .iso of it to the hard drive. Mount the .iso with PowerIso.

If you don't know how to make an .iso, Google it. It's easy.

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After inserting a disc it does not read...window pops up asking me to connect a device...also when I open windows 10 media player it tells me disc is empty...lenovo g50-70

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After inserting a disc it does not read...window pops up asking me to connect a device...also when I open windows 10 media player it tells me disc is empty...lenovo g50-70
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G50-70 - disc wont read

Hi pe1, 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
You can try to go in the BIOS (FN + F2 on restart) to check if the drive is detected, if not then you may try to reseat (remove and place back) the drive as shown here in the hardware manual page 36. If the same issue, then replacement drive is recommended.
Booting from the drive with a bootable CD can also help check if the lens can still read it else if cleaning doesn't help then replacement again is the option.
To best check for hardware failure, using a spare drive can be done and likewise testing the original optical drive on another computer can isolate the failure.
Hope this help answer your query.
Update us how it goes.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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Please help 'disc read disc error occurred' on start up and I cannot get XP to start,I have put a recovery disc in and got to the dos menu started scandisc seems to be taking for ever (5% in 3hours).can I recover my doc's for my University course:help anyone
Thanks for looking

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I have recently invested in a new system and whilst installing my cd writer
I have came accross a problem. I am using windows xp, my system bios has detected my hardware and windows has detected my hardware, it is on a separate IDE channel to my other dvd-rom and hard drive but when I insert any cd's the activity lite on the drive in question activates but nothing happens nada and I am unable to use windows whilst this is happening. I have tried uninstalling and installing both IDE and Drivers.
When I try to install the software for the drive it said that it cannot find a suitable IDE channel. Everything else is working A OK, in Device manager there is no exclamation marks and no conflicts.


A:cd-writer wont read any disc's

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I can burn music discs but not dvd+R movie disc when I go to burn movie disc says insert blank disc or no disc I tried multiple burning software and theres also a clicking noise coming from dvd burner anyone no what the problem may be

A:dvd disc wont read to burn

Hi mariaw2011, and welcome to TSG.

Have you ever been able to successfully burn DVD+R disc with this particular computer and burner set-up?

If so, were you ever able to successfully burn a DVD+R disc from the package of discs that is now giving you a problem?

What is the brand and model number of the burner?

Some possible causes of the problem may be that you have an older drive and you have a newer, faster blank disc that it can't handle, or the DVD portion of the drive has gone bad. Separate laser pickups are used for CDs and DVD and the DVD one could have failed on your unit.

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I own the sims 2 and i burned the disc so incase i loose the actual one, ill have the burned one. i put the CD in the laptop and the sims 2 logo comes up. usually it would stay up for about 10 seconds. It stayed up for-ever. I realised there was a problem. nothing would run until i ejected the disc. All my sound cards,video cards and other things are alright. HELP!

A:sims 2 wont read disc

Hi helppleeseman54...

Did the original disc come with any software encryption/protection to prevent burning?

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The cd is in the cd drive but when i click the shortcut to the game it acts like it cant read the disc. IN MY computer it doesnt read it either. I dont know why .It just started this a bit ago and i am desperately in need of help .

A:My computer wont read any disc....plz help!!!!

Are any other CD's readable or is it only this one that is having problems. Can it be read in any other cD-ROMs?

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i got a little problem....i just cleaned off a hdd with disk scrubber...i made a raw disk ! when i tried to install win xp pro on the hdd it the( cpu) wont read my disk the disk is good i installed it earlier today on the same stuff but the computer was reading as 2 gb when it was 10 thought starting with raw disk might help guess not!i tried another cd rom it does the same it starts up ..the cd rom...but nothing it just wont read the disk on three of the rom i tried...by the way i changed the ribbon cable to check that too!it worked fine before i erased the hdd only like i said the drive showed up smaller than it was! i have an asus a7v266-e mobo with a amd athlon xp 1600 + processor!why wont it work now? any ideas ...it says when booting...checking ide drives.......then it says....no array....what is this and how do i fix that or do i need too!

A:Solved: wont read disc

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I'm trying to install a game on my computer but it wont read the disc.
It works on other computers but it wont work on mine.
Any suggestions?

A:Computer wont read disc

Have you tried playing Music CD's? Do you hear the CD/DVD drive spin up?

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I don't know if this is the right place for this question but I need some help!! My computer all of a sudden won't read a cd...when i incert a cd it says please incert cd and in iTunes when i try to burn a cd it says disc bunning software can't be found. It ahs been working fine for 2 years now won't work at all. When I go to device properties and click on device status it gives me code 37: Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware.
Please Help!!!

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I,ve purchased a freecom disc reader,installed the software,but when I try and access my data,it appears scrambled and unreadable,The data stored was from another computer,and I think it may have something to do with that,but I don't know what to do?Hope someone can help,thankyou in advance.

A:data on disc wont read

If the disk was burned on a Vista machine, it was defaulted to the Live file system. This means that you need to finalize the disk on that machine or reburn the disk in the Master file system.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A505/S6005 laptop, and it will not let me play [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]The [COLOR=blue !important]Sims[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] 3 game at all. I was able to install everything, and update all the software. When I try to run the game, it loads, then tells me that there isn't a disc in the drive, and I need to insert it. Well, I have the disc in it, and no matter what I do, it won't let me play. Im SO upset that I recieved The Sims 3, [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Ambitions[/COLOR][/COLOR], Late Night, Outdoor Living Stuff, High End Loft Stuff, and Fast Lane Stuff. I read somewhere that you have to install them in order of their release, so I did that, and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!


A:Wont Recognize Game Disc??

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Any help much appreciated as this is driving me crazy.

Basically as the title says my PC wont recognise either Windows 7 disc, 32 or 64 bit.

I'm currently running Windows 7 but trying to reformat. Its worked before with the same PC and disc.
It wont boot when I choose to boot from disk on BIOS and it wont recognise the disc when I put it in. (when Windows is loaded up).

Now here's the kicker.

The DVD drive is fine as my PC is accepting other DVD's I have (I even tried 4 to make sure) and the same Windows 7 disc works fine in my laptop.

So the problem isn't the DVD or the DVD drive. What have I done?

As I said there any help much appreciated.

A:PC wont read my Windows 7 installation disc

Try using a USB Pen Drive.
For UEFI & x64:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

For x32:
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

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Sorry about the console thread, i recently received my PS3 from a promotion, (about 3 days ago) and played it heavily since, i only have one game to date GTA IV, just today, i upgraded the firmware to 2.4.2 or something like that (the newest one anyway) and played for a around an hour and the game froze, had to turn it off by the power. Turned it back on and it refuses to play it anymore, DVDs work fine and it loads alright, but the game refuses to load, it loaded once and then wouldn't load anything other than the "safehouse" in the game. It seems like a bit of a coincidence that a 3 day old PS3 screws up JUST after the software update. I dont know how warranty will go after i got it from a promotion so there is no receipt with the PS3 on it, itself only the Sony Bravia.

EDIT: It seems this is a VERY common problem, probably cause' 8million people own the game.... I don't want this turning into an all out gaming console thread so heres a thread for anyone else having problems http://boards.ign.com/ps3_lobby/b8269/163314669/p2 Still any suggestions are welcome.

A:Solved: PS3 froze and now wont read disc

An interesting problem, even the Sony tech seemed stumped when i asked them about it, have to return the Playstation unfortunately, certainly not the game being the problem here, hopefully ill have better luck with the next Playstation... Might as well mark this one solved...

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I have done a clean re-install of XP,installed service packs,drivers,other software etc.
When I insert my Soundblaster Extigy soundcard installation disc into the cd/dvd drive,it won't read it.
The disc works fine on other PCs.
My CD/DVD drive plays other discs ok.
I have downloaded a copy of the installation disc and mounted it virtually and this doesn't work either.
Any suggestions please?

I have - Athlon XP 2.8,512MB,160GB,SP2

When I put the disc in,it spins for a while,timer on cursor etc.
Then screen goes black(as it should before programme starts),then nothing,stays black.
Have to shut down PC with the off button.

When I try the virtual disc,I get - "The file format is invalid or unsupported."
With the disc,I sometimes get the "Windows has encountered a problem...." message,but not always.

At first,the CD/DVD drive did not not even recognize a disc was in it,but does now,just won't play it.

A:windows wont read installation disc

It is totally unnecessary to use an optical drive to install drivers.

Drivers can be downloaded and then installed from the desktop.

You might try that.


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Hi.I Have a problem yesterday i was able to burn dvds.But today Heres My Story.

first i put the disc in,It show that it read it cause a pop up,pops up saying what do u want to do with the disc.But then when i open up my dvd backup program it always says insert writable disc ..well i have a writable disc in there that has nothing on the disc.I dont get it ?what can be the problem?I know it aint the problem with the program cause i've tryed 6 diffrent programs today but the same on all of it? WHy is this happing?What could have happen to it from yesterday to today ?

A:My DVD BackUp Program Wont Read My DIsc

Is anything on this Microsoft guide of help?



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I desided to reformate my computer, farly new computer and windows 7. so im using the 3 recovery disc that I burned when I first got the computer. so now i deside to reformate, started reinstalling...it went through disc1, when it asked for recovery disc 2 (at around 50% of installing) I put it in and it just spits it back out and doesnt want to read it, now im stuck the computer wont even boot up fully (wont boot to desktop, however I can access the bois but i have no idea what to do with it without computer assistance, im not that good with it but i can follow directions )what can I do to fix this?

I think either when I copied the disc it didnt get copied right (disc2)because disc1 worked fine) or something is just wrong with the disc 2 dvd (has no scratches on it though) but im stuck how can i get it to work or even get windows to start back up to the desktop?

A:windows 7 recovery disc wont read

Put the disc in another computer and open it (don't run)and see if the disc is blank or if it contains files.

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I have a viao laptop. It came with a pioneer dvr-k12d dvd-cdrw. It simply wont play anything, nor record. I have already bought new decoder, and tried uninstalling the driver, but when I go to the win mesia player, it wont even give me the option to play a cd or dvd. It does eject the cd/dvd when I hit eject, so I know it recognizes that the drive is there, but it simply wont work. It wont even play a dvd that it created (that it did play before, numerous times with no problem). Anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you

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hi, my friend gave me his old VAIO, cause my computer was shot.
It has a pentium 2 in it and 233MHz(66x3.5),sometimews it says(266mhz(66x4.0)) with 512mb Ram. It origionally had a 2gig hard drive with windows xp prof. on it. the hd kept on filling up almost immediatly so I put my 80gig(westernDigital Caviar-100mbps-7200rpm)hard drive in it as the slave to beef it up.
What i origionally wanted to do was leave the 2gig in with only the operating system in it and use my 80gig for everything else,(completely bypass the 2gig.) But could not figure that out. If that is even possible I would still like to do that.
Now I have formatted my 80 gig hd, and the comp no longer has the 2gig drive in it. I have the jumper set to master(80GIG), with the master ide line in it. I have a win xp home disk, and I want to install it to the 80gig drive. my cd rom is working as well as the hard drive. (as seen in windows with the 2gig drive). I changed the First boot device to the cd-rom in the advanced BIOS features.
(second boot device:HDD-0
Third boot device:LS/ZIP
Boot other device Enabled, Everything But first boot is default.)
When comp starts up it goes to the memory test screen and reads my 80gig hd fine, then: PRIMARY HARD DISC FAIL. Or sometimes: Cpuis inworkable or has been changed, check cpusoft menu.
I press F1 to continue: blah blah verifying Dmi pool data....
Disk boot failure, insert system disc and press enter. I press enter and goes to blank screen the s... Read more

A:disc boot failure, disc is in, still wont work. need help.

Welcome to TSF

Doesn't seem to be booting to the cd rom, try tapping the F12 key to boot from the optical drive in order to install windows.

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it wont let me play it takes to long to play. when i first got it it was slow as HELL

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Hi, a buddy of mine's POS laptop isn't booting since he lent it to his friend. (Great friend huh?)

It's got Vista home premium, I've had a play with it and it wont boot in safe mode, the recovery tool fails, he has no restore points, and it's basically bricked. (BIOS sees the hard drive, the memory test tool doesn't report any problems, so HD is fine as far as I can tell)

He's happy to lose his C: drive, and I'm not willing to spend any effort on it. However, he's not happy to spend any cash on it, which is a problem because he doesn't have a windows disk.

The hard drive also doesn't have a recovery sector.

Is there a way to legally download Windows Vista? If I'm going to go through the effort of pirating a copy of Windows Vista, to then use a legal key he has stuck to bottom of it, then I might as well just download a OS that isn't terrible tbh.

So yeah
Vista Broke. Need disc, is there a way to download a .ISO for Windows Vista without infringing copyright laws? Or is it a case of "Put hand in pocket."

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My DVD RW drive in my Toshiba laptop will not read a DVD+RW disc. It will read and record on a CD disc, though. It will not read a movie DVD or a blank DVD. The drive makes a small noise like it is trying to read, but that is the extent of it. CD's are fine, though. I have used a DVD laser lens cleaner, but that did not solve the problem. The DVD's used to work, but now does not. What should I do?

A:DVD drive won't read DVD disc

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I put this in Windows 98 forum by accident but I do have XP....
The other day (Sunday) I bought four new CD's and started ripping them to iTunes to put on my iPod. Well I got three of them done and then when I try to get thew fourth done my disc drive wont load. I went back and put in the other CD's that I just got done ripping and they didn't work either. When I put the one that has yet to be ripped to my library the disc drive acts as if it is loading it but then it just stops. When I got My Computer and go to my e:/ drive it says "No disc in drive", this is also what I get from iTunes and WMP.

SO what went wrong? I've updated my drivers and everything but it still doesnt work

A:Disc Drive Won't Read Cd's...

Try another CD - maybe that one is bad.
Try playing a CD in the drive. Also, try accessing it using Windows Explorer

Go to Start...Run...type in "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter - can you see the drive listed?

Go to Start...Run...type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter - do you see any red x's or yellow !'s there?

In Device Manager, locate the CD drive, right click on it and select "Uninstall". Click yes when it asks you if you're sure. Then reboot the system and let Windows re-detect and install it. Does it work now?

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Help me please! I am not very computer saavy and I am at my wits end trying to figure this problem out. I cannot get my computer to recognize any discs. I put them in, it starts to spin, then it says to put a disc in, but its already there. I have tried updating the disc drive but it keeps telling me my drive has the latest updates and nothing is wrong.

I thought maybe it was my game disc, but I put in others and they won't work either. This just happened to me the other night, before that it had been working. Pleeeeeese someone help me!!!!!

A:disc drive won't read any discs

Hi and welcome to TSF please try this http://support.microsoft.com/gp/cd_dvd_drive_problems

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Im having trouble. When i bought counter strike, i was planning to install it on vista. I put disc one into the dvd drive and when i waited nothing popped up. I tried going to the computer and opening the cd drive but all it says is Please insert a disc into CD drive (E. All it could open is norton and spy sweeper. nothing else. please help

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[ATTACH][/ATTACH]My computer won't read my disc drive...any ideas?
Thank you,

A:My computer won't read my disc drive

DVD/CD Disc drive? Can you post a screenshot of your device manager and what is in My Computer? Follow the Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums guide.

Device Manager:Click Start Menu
Right click Computer
Device Manager from the list on the left
Expand DVD/CD-Rom Drives
Alternatively:Click Start Menu
Control Panel
Hardware and Sound
Device Manager from under Devices and Printers
Expand DVD/CD-Rom Drives

You can try:
Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media
Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows

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I have a DVD Burner and a CD Burner installed and both drives work fine the first time either one of them is used to access a CD when the computer has been rebooted.

When I remove the disc, neither drive can read any CD until the computer is rebooted.

The DVD burner works normally with DVD's at all times.

Any thoughts??

A:CD/DVD Drive Can't Read CD After Changing Disc

I had a similar problem when one application (that i installed) disabled
Open regedit and have a look at this key:


Make sure autorun is set to 1
See if that helps.

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I bought a used Compaq Presario, as my HP hardrive had died.
This is a 32 bit system with Windows XP SP3.

I put in my data from flash drives, and proceeded to put in the programs.
All went well until I put in Photosuite 4 and nothing happened. The dive flashed its green light and then stopped.
I waited and waited - nothing.
So I went to the next program...all went well and the next...all well.
Tried again with photosuite - still nothing.

Then I tried putting in AT&T voices Crystal and MIke.
This is a 2 disc affair. Crystal goes first and then Mike.
Crystal has the "engine" they call it. So it appeared to take Crystal and got to the window that said "Finish".
Next I'm to put in Mike - so I did and I get a Message saying that Windows cannot find Crystal!
Also retried this several times.

Does anyone know what the problem is here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Drive won't read certain program disc

Copy/Paste the Photosuite install software from your flash drive to your desktop & attempt an install from there.

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the cd/dvd drive won't read my printer disc  what's the drive letter for the cd/dvd drive?

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Hello, I need some help with Windows cant read the disc in drive E:\ in Windows 7 I'm trying to burn a files to my CD and but all I'm getting is Windows cant read the disc in drive E:\ Make sure that the disc uses a format that Windows recognizes, If the disc is unformatted, you need to format it before using it.

It was working last week.



A:Windows cant read the disc in drive E:\

It can't read the disc you're trying to read from or it can't read the disc you're trying to burn to? Do you have two optical drives or just one?

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Hello everyone out there. When I insert a dvd disc in my Sony AW-G170 DVDRW drive it shows a CD Drive (empty) in my computer. However, if i use tools such as ISobuster, it shows me the disc with the data on it.

Additinoal Info:

Windows XP SP3
RAM:768 Mb DDR1
Processor: Intel Celeron 2.0 Ghz
DVD Region currently set on sony drive is Region 1

..Waiting for any of your suggestions....

A:DVD Disc read as CD Drive in Windows

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I have tried a few different discs. both dvd as well as cd. It keeps coming up with a message saying that Windows can't read the disc at all. I have checked the device manager and it shows no problems at all with the device itself. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers just in case as well. Windows found the device no problem and reinstalled them. I have gone into the registry editor and looked for the lowfilter and highfilter values to see if that was the issue. there were several things listed under the registry value for the dvd+-r/rw 0000,0001 etc and the last section being properties. when I clicked on properties however it came up with a message saying that I could not view it because it was corrupted. I am unsure how to fix that issue, nor do I know what could of caused it. I tried the fix it tool I found on the microsoft website for dvd issues, however it didn't detect any problems. any ideas on where to go from here would be much appreciated.

A:windows can't read the disc in drive d:\

were those empty disks? What was on those disks, what did write them?

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I have a problem with my DVD+-RW drive.
It dose not recognise blank discs, but can read data discs.

Computer Specs:
Summary Operating System MS Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit SP2 CPU Intel Pentium E2140 @ 1.60GHz 42 ?C Conroe 65nm Technology RAM 1.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0RY007 (Socket 775) 40 ?C Graphics DELL SE197FP ([email protected]) Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family Hard Drives 156GB Hitachi Hitachi HDS721616PLA380 ATA Device (SATA) 37 ?C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H73N ATA Device Audio Realtek High Definition Audio Operating System MS Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit SP2 Installation Date: 08 October 2007, 20:27
I have previously used this drive to burn discs and it used to work fine. I can read all discs I have burned.
When I put in a blank disc I always get the message:
Windows cannot read the disc in drive E:\
I have tried various discs, both CD-R and DVD and all cannot be read:
CD-R 1x-52x 700MB 80 min
DVD-R 1-16 SPEED 4.7GB

But it will read previously burned data files using these discs.

Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

A:Windows cannot read the disc in drive E:\

I posted this problem 5 days ago, I'm suprised no one has replied.

I did hava a 'Windows Recovery' malware a few months ago. This malware hijacked some of my computer setting and hid most of my files. I managed to remove it via a previous post. I was wondering if this may have caused my drive to stop recognising blank discs to burn data. Could there be a fault in the drive registry???

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I painted my girlfriends grandma's house, and in return she gave me her old computer.
The computers operating system is Windows ME. Anyway, she had told me that the orginal cd-rw drive that came with the computer had failed, and she had a tech replace it with a new one.

Well, I've had the computer for nearly a year now, and now the new cd-rw drive doesn't read the disc. The light flashes, and I can hear the disc spinning, but nothing else happens. I get a:
'"Please insert disc into drive D:" response when clicking on drive D.

Recently, I had to re-install Windows due to a techinical issue, and afterwards is when I noticed this problem.

I though that the cd-rw was missing a driver and I needed to download and install it so the cd-rw would function properly. So I pulled the driver out and got the following info:
CDRW 52x24x52 OEM
Model Number: 52X24X52 CD-RW
P/N: 91.3ED37.025
S/N: 30306900JE E2

I did a search online I couldn't find any drivers for this specific model. I don't know for sure if this is in fact the problem because I'm not a tech, but usaully am able to fix quite a few things.

Anyways, I'm totally lost. Does anybody know what the problem is? Can anybody offer any knowledge about it?? Is the drive broken crap? (I know Acer isn't good)

Also, the reason that I need my cd drive at this very moment is that I just signed up for DSL
and have no way of installing the DSL software that is provided ... Read more

A:CD-RW drive doesn't read or load Disc. Help!

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Hi guys, there is some seriously issue with my optical drive. When i put in any DVD inside it just have a sound "like the DISC is running" for 3 times and it stopped. I tried a lot of different disc. It doesn't read the Disc at all...

So is it my hardware problem?? ARG...

A:My optical drive doesn't read DISC

It sounds like a hardware issue. You could try to put it in another computer as a test, or look for updated firmware.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467, The DVD/RW drive is a Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-850S ATA Device and it will not read blank CD's or Cd's that have been burnt. It will read everything else what do I do?

A:DVD/RW drive won't read blank cds and burned disc

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I've never posted here before but I have been looking for help with this everywhere and can't find any answers. so, my computer stopped reading certain discs a few months ago. it won't read music CDs or any of my sims 2 expansion packs. but it used to, and I didn't change anything or add anything to make it change. it still reads my original sims 2 disc (its the sims 2 deluxe with nightlife) fine. it will crash occasionally but other then that its alright. and I don't know what to do. I have a compaq presario windows xp 2002. any help would be great cause I really don't know very much about computers and have no idea what to do.

A:disc drive suddenly won't read some discs

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Hi All,
I know this is 'against the rules' as I have posted this in another section as well but I got no replies so thought I would try this instead.

I have a toshiba satellite L750 running Windows 7 home premium, when trying to burn anything onto a blank disc I get as far as selecting my items and asking it to burn but it keeps telling me to insert a blank disc (which obviously I have). I have tried several different types of blank disc but it dosnt seem to recognise any of them.

Would be very greatful if someone could help.

Many thanks in advance!

A:Burning content - disc drive not recognising blank disc

Hmmm tricky are you sure they are blank? your drive also may need a firmware update.

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I've spent hours and hours trying to fix it, and have found nothing really worthwhile online. I'm coming here in the outside chance someone else may have experienced something similar.

Basically, my Windows 7 laptop will no longer allow me to play dvd/cds (burned or store bought). The drive shows up in My Computer, is enabled, bios look good, etc, etc, but if I put a disc in it never autoruns or shows up with the disc name in My Computer,
and if I double click the disc drive I get a "please insert disc" dialogue box and the drive door pops open. I've tried absolutely everything I can think of, and (for what it's worth) I don't think its a hardware issue because after I sent my computer off
to Samsung for this same repair it came back completely reformatted the disc drive worked for a second. Then I started getting rid of some of the bloat ware in here (bought it at best buy... big mistake) again, and it shut down.

Here's what I've done or tried so far:
- Uninstall, reinstall the drive
- Updated the drivers
- Updated dvd/cd drive firmware
- Ran Microsoft's "Fix it" utility
- Cleaned the lenses/laser
- Remapped the drive to a different letter/path
- Checked registry to ensure filters weren't an issue (the upper and lower)
- Restored the laptop back to just after I received it back from the Samsung repair people (didn't work)
- Undid the restore
- Checked BIOS (I'm by no means BIOS-savvy, but it appeared that everything was in line with ... Read more

A:DVD/CD Disc Drive Installed, But Doesn't Recognize Disc In Tray

You could try a system recovery back to factory specs. Here is a link to show you how.

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When i boot my computer it comes to a black screen and says windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this to fix the problem insert windows installation disc ... Then tells me how to repair this problem. I have found my disc to fix this but when i put it in my computers disc drive doesnt recognize there is a disc in there and doesnt spin! Ive looked everywhere online and the only fix to the disc drive problem is to boot windows and fix it from there (unless i buy a new one and i have no idea how to put a new one in in the first place) and the only way i have found to fix windows is with the disc! Please help me

Edit: i know this is only partially a windows 10 issue but i didnt know where to post it

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