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Lenovo y700 popping sound while on battery and static sound on headsets

Q: Lenovo y700 popping sound while on battery and static sound on headsets

Hello all, Please advise has anyone of you encountered with the static noise on headphones and popping/clicking sound on speakers while on battery? All these things happen before any video\audio is starting to play. Static sound also is hearable after audio/video is stopped. And how did you resolve this problem?? Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo y700 popping sound while on battery and static sound on headsets

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have bought a new lenovo y700 gaming laptop 80NV0028US. Straight out of the box, it is making a periodic clicking noise every second. When this clicking noise happens, the sound gets muffled as if sound from speakers is blocked and only the subwoofer is working. This happens when the laptop is kept flat on  a table. Frankly this is very irritating and something I do not expect from a laptop that cost me $1K.

A:lenovo y700 sound blocked and clicking sound

Have same problem and also closing lid without a full shutdown gives random crap results when you open and laptop wakes. Disabled touch pad, disabled keyboard, disabled touch screen, disabled WiFi, disabled sound.. With the price, shouldn't have to gamble on what will be off each time I close and open the lid and will be off or on at restart!

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I recently purchased a HP Envy 13 ab004na - it is brand new. I am finding that I am getting an increasing amount of static noise from the speakers whilst using the laptop for browsing on the internet/writing word documents etc. It is constantly there but gets even worse when I use the trackpad with the two finger slider. I have tried updating it with the most recent audio software but it hasn't worked. What can I do? The static noise is present even when not using the trackpad, but this makes it worse. 

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Hi, I just got this laptop and I've had this problem right out of the box. Every time I play any kind of audio, there is a crackle that comes through the speakers. It only happens before the audio, never during. I've tried updating audio drivers but no luck. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Hi guys. Really need help here.It began about a week ago. the sound starts crackling when I try to play something. I've tried litterally ANÝTHING that I could think of. Changing the power settings, updated the drivers, deleted some of the drivers, tried withdifferent sources. I've looked at this post: Lenovo Y510P - Crackling Sound  and the solution given there didn't work. I've also tried other posts. So what to do? 

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I bought a custom gaming computer from ibuypower running Windows 8. It came with Turtle Beach Z1s, and I have also tried this with several other headsets to no avail. The tower doesn't have traditional colored headset jacks, so I have the red plugged into the mic slot and the green in the speaker out slot. It also has slots for speakers in, CS out, and RS out. I can hear through the headset fine, but nobody can hear me. I have used several other headsets and earbuds to get the same problem. Microsoft support wanted $150 to have "advanced" technicians call me to help troubleshoot, which is ridiculous because it seems to be a windows issue. iBuyPower support was completely unhelpful and the lady wanted me to pay expensive shipping back to the factory so they could look at it. Estimated time for that was 4-6 weeks. This is extremely frustrating because it seems to be a basic issue and I have spent hours and hours trying to fix it. I installed the drivers that came on CDs and it didn't fix it. So I installed them again with the same result. Please help me.

A:My headsets get sound to them but none of the mics indicate they get sound to them

Hi, until more help comes along you could try this link if you haven't already tried it:


Good luck

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Hello fellow Lenovo users, So I fiddled with the Lenovo settings and checked out the audio/media section. The Dolby Setting is really great for music etc. but when I enter a game, World of Warcraft or Counter Strike for example which are up to date games, the sound changes and it sounds really bad. The sound goes back to normal when I exit the game. It's like the setting is dynamic to what program I'm running or something. I even fiddled with some of the different settings like "Music" and "Dynamic", nothing worked. Hope you guys can help me since I really want that sound setting on since it sounds so great, but I have to turn it off due to low sound quality when opening up a game. - Mads

A:Lenovo Y700 dolby sound setting changes when i ent...

Just happened to stumble onto your question while searching for some details on that Dolby Audio software on my new Y700...There's a way to turn the Dolby Audio off, if you go into the PLAYBACK DEVICES settings, and click PROPERTIES under whatever devices you're using. I attached a screenshot. I hope that helps?

Untitled.jpg ?326 KB

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I am having sound trouble. The sound is cutting out. Sometime it works fine. Recently, it will just cut out, stay really low are only be static. IT happens with music and also when I am video chatting. Someone may be talking and the sound will just go really low or cut out completely.  I have had technicians reinstall all drivers and it will work sometimes but not all the time. Sound seems to work fine with headphones.

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The sound with both speakers/ headphones on my laptop is constantly making "popping" sounds, and sometimes it even stutters - very aggressively and without putting any load on the laptop - even with a simple mp3 playback.I've tried EVERYTHING - Realtek / Lenovo / Windows drivers, uninstalled Windows, wasted so much precious time on it.This is the second damaged unit I get from lenovo in a month's time. I hope they can provide a quick solution for this problem, or else I'm returning this laptop and never buying / recommending Lenovo ever again. 

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Hi,Since I upgraded to Windows 10x64 anniversary edition, I don't have anymore sound on headsets. After installing and uninstalling several drivers I got my sound back, but for some reason it doesn't work anymore.What I tried:- installing/uninstalling several drivers for the same hardware (only from HP, spXXXXXX).- reinstalling Windows 10x64 AE, and installing the latest audio driver for my laptop found on HP webpage.- running Linux Mint live, and installing a small app to switch manually between outputs. It works: I can have sound either on speakers or headsets.

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I have windows 7, clean install(upgrade), MOBO- ASUS P7P55D Pro. Intel I5 2.66, 2-2gig Corsair ddr3 Ram. 750w power supply 1tb hdd, 1-550gig hdd. Headsets- Cyber Snipa USB 5.1 surround headsets. I installed Beta Drivers from Cyber, I set the Headset program to use the headsets. I set the Audio program to use the headsets. No Sound card. All programs are up to date. Problem- No Sound from the headsets. I can, however, by using the control on the headset set the volume and mute. No matter what I have done I cannot get any sound from the headsets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.I do not have speakers

A:No sound from the headsets

Welcome to the Forums! Go to Control Panel>Sound and post a screenshot.

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ive updated all the drivers and still get the same prob.
this is in windows 7. So i am out of things to try. first bug ive run in to and its a big one at that. apart from that windows 7 is damn hot

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I have been having a problem with listening to audio through my Headset as it continuously keeps cutting out. This problem happens with all of my headphones and headsets but doesn't affect my speakers. Audio will work normally then suddenly stop after unplug the headphone they work again. Any help would be appreciated

A:My Headsets sound keep cuting out

While fiddling around I noticed something interesting whenever the sound cuts out under speaker properties it says "The device you are configuring has been removed."

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Hey all,

I recently began playing some online games (left 4 dead, etc) and now want to upgrade my analog headphones and separate analog mic to a Headset / Mic combo. I am using Vista32 Home Premium

From what I hear, USB is the way to go for audio quality as wel as the fact that the headset is treated as a separate sound card - which opens up some additional configuration options (assignment, etc) if desired.

Now, my question is, is every USB headset treated as a separate sound card? When people say this, will it actually show up as a sound card? Or will it just be recognized in device manager as headphones?

How are the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 (HERE) ?

This ABS AZ1 (HERE) seem like a good deal as well...

I want something that is decent for gaming as well as music....

I would like to choose a decent (covering the ear) set for around $30 online. Any suggestions?

Also, are the analog sets that have the usb adapter the same as a 'native' usb Headset?

Thanks in advance,


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Looking to get a headset for gaming around christmas. My inital search revealed the hyper x cloud 2, which seemed great for the price. However i have read about some people having issues with both the software and the durability of the headphones themselves.

My budget can go to around $200 AUD (an example in the upper part of this price range would be the sennheiser game one) give or take, its not set in stone. I am mainly looking for great audio quality, the mic is less important but still needs to be decent. For features i dont really know what im looking for other than some sort of surround sound (virtual/simulated or not).

And that brings me to my next question, will i need a seperate sound card? I havent really researched them and dont know if they are required. My system specs are in the usual place.


A:Headsets and sound cards?

USB headsets, such as the hyper x cloud 2 that you mention, do not use the PC's sound card. They are USB and take the digital audio and convert it to analog (audio) internally in the headset system.

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I have an HP dv6000t laptop, XP, the sound card is Conexant HD Audio.For the dv6000t model, the audio jacks (there are two, for two headphones) are at the front of the laptop, below the touchpad facing you.I tried connecting a DELL sound system that i got default with my dell desktop years ago. It comes with a subwoofer that connects (black plug and green plug) to the two audio jacks and you connect two speakers to the subwoofer.When I plugged in the green plug from the subwoofer to the right audio jack, there was a popping sound. I quickly pulled the wire and from there, no audio would play from my laptop's speakers.I can only play sound through headphones, and through the subwoofer to the speakers.I looked at the device manager, checked the "sound, video, and game controls" and it said everything was working properly, updated, and there were no red X's or exlamation points.My laptop speakers can't play system sounds, or any music.When I open the "Volume Control" window, click on advanced, under Tone Controls, there Bass and Treble are greyed out and I cant slide the bar left or right. I used to be able to.Please help. Thanks in advance. I'll try to make some screen shots asap.i made ms paint diagrams and uploaded to imagebeaveri made the above images using ms paint and google images. this is my first time using imagebeaver but hopefully its uploaded correctly.

A:Cant Hear Sound From Laptop's Speakers After A Popping Sound

so i can only hear from an external sound system, like speakers of headphones.. any help?

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Recently forced to replace fried Abit BF6 with new mobo(Tyan Trinity 400-S1854) and have this minor issue with wave sounds.

The sound card is Creative16...(old but good enough) it is an ISA card...not sharing an IRQ. The only other card is AGP GeForce2MX400.

The popping sounds(sounds like a spark) do not happen with midi sounds or CD audio.

A:Intermittent popping sound after wave sound event.

try turning down the master volume in the mixer, adjust the individual devices up a little or just turn the speaker volume up. Sometimes overdriving the master volume will cause pops, etc.

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So recently I have been trying out multiple headsets on my computer and no matter the headset, I receive a persistent buzzing sound. The two headsets I have switched between have been the Razer Carcharias and the Logitech G35's. I know the Razer Carcharias have a known issue with the buzzing and I have contacted the support team and they told me to try plugging the USB into a cell phone charger and plugging the charger in to no avail. However, I used the G35's before the Carcharias (I have recently switched back to the G35's because the Carcharias buzzing has gotten too annoying) and they did not produce a buzzing sound. However, now the buzzing sound is occurring with the G35's. Could this possibly be happening because I have used up all the 8 USB ports in the back of my computer and I need to purchase a USB hub or something?

Please help me. I just want a headset to work without difficulty

A:Buzzing Sound with Multiple Headsets

Anyone have any idea?

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I have recently bought a secon hand Asus m2n-e sli mo'bo, from a friend.
All was going well, everything was set up with drivers from origional discs.

While playing a game (lost plannet: Extreeme condidtion) my pc crashed and reset itself. Since then i have been unable to get any sound, when sound is played it just makes a static sound. The only slight bit of sound i can hear is when playing the speaker test program in C-media. I can hear the voice slightly under the static sound.

I have tryed:
>All ports.
>Rolling back drivers.
>Latest C-media drivers from Asus.
> Ac97 drivers.

>Sound card:I tryed to use a Creative Audigy Soundblaster (X-Fi XtremeGamer). After inserting into my mobo my computer failed to boot, or even reach bios.

If anyone could provide answers/solution to either of my problems I would be very greatfull.

Thanks Craig

A:Static sound from onboard sound = dead?

Start > Run > sfc /scannow

This will confirm all Windows files are intact. Your Windows CD may be required during the scan if any files are found corrupted

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Every time I load up a game I can always hear a static noise through my headset. Can anyone help me solve this problem? It is a brand new gaming computer.

A:Help! Lenovo Y700 Static noise when playing games ...

Hi there, Baracka        -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
I might also suggest checking with headphones to see if the sound operates normally with headphones.  If not, then it is likely the driver, or the audio chip (but more likely the drivers).
If it works fine with headphones, but not speakers, then maybe there is a pinched wire shorting out the speakers.
In that case, I would contact service - they should be able to fix it and would be able to identify what the problem turned out to be.  If it is just one or two random cases, then perhaps exchange makes sense.  
Update us how it goes.
Tap that Kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted

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Every time I load up a game I can always hear a static noise through my headset. Can anyone help me solve this problem? It is a brand new gaming computer.

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Every time I load up a game I can always hear a static noise through my headset. Can anyone help me solve this problem? It is a brand new gaming computer.

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So I'm trying to get an external microphone (on a headset) working on my recently bought HP laptop (it's the Star Wars LE here), last night I was testing my headset but there is a really loud buzzing sound even when there's absolutely no interference in the room.

I've tried updating all drivers and even went and bought a new headset today for $40, so its definitely not the headset. In control panel I don't have Realtek Audio Manager (I did on my old laptop), but I have this "B & O Play" software which is a basic alternative. I've tried messing with those settings to no avail.

My older headset is one which has green and pink jacks, so I have a splitter for those, but my new headset has a combo jack so it connects directly.

Here's the weird part though, control panel > sound, whenever I talk into the mic on the headset, it actually comes through the "headphones" under sound:

But in recording, the microphone (which is seems to come through) doesn't have any kind of noise level, but if I disable it, the mic on the headset stops.

(The other mic available is the built in one for the camera).

So I've pretty much run out of ideas and really don't want to have to spend anymore money to do such a basic thing as use my headset on my new laptop, anything else I can do?

A:Buzzing sound through brand new headset (and other headsets)

I'm guessing there's no fix then? Makes no sense how it doesn't just work out of the box since it has a combo jack with a picture of a headset, did HP not even test it?

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So yesterday I was just installing PowerPoint, and watching some youtube videos meanwhile. Then suddenly I didn't hear any sound from the headset. I plugged it in and out and so on, nothing. I tried with another headset, nothing. I tried with headphones, nothing. I uinstalled PowerPoint to see if that was the problem, nope.
I had my speakers on and they worked fine. I plugged in my headset and then it I tried, but I only hear the speakers sound, not the headset.

A:No sound in headsets, but speakers works fine.

Check device manager>Sound, video and game controllers to see if everything is enabled and active

Control panel>sound will show individual outputs

Here you can check headphone status

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Thanks to everyone who offered advice in my last thread, but... after pouring over a ton of research and reviewing my options and gaming environment, it's clear that a 5.1 surround sound set-up wouldn't come to justice in the space that I have. Plus with my insomniatic hours, a headset would be kinder to the other people living here.

Do any of you have recommendations for wireless, surround sound gaming headsets? A non-wireless would be irritating as hell, since I get up to attend to other tasks and walk around my space a lot. Which is really annoying, since the ones that look best, quality wise, are Sennheiser wired sets (like the PC 363D). I owned one of their noise-cancelling on-ear headsets a long time ago, and I loved it (up until the wire near the base shredded from constant bumping around in my bag).

I am hoping to get:
+ Wireless
!+ Surround sound
!+ Mid-range or higher audiophile level quality in terms of the sound itself
+ Comfortable as technologically possible, since I will be wearing the thing for 6hrs+ easily
+ Long-lasting battery; for same reason as above
+ Open
+ Good for both music and ambient gaming sound

Above all, I am looking for QUALITY - something that will last, with great sound, long battery life and very comfortable. Even recommending me companies would be a great place to start, since I haven't gotten much further than Sennheiser. Let's just say I'm unlimited in terms of price, since this is one indulgence that I am w... Read more

A:Wireless, surround sound gaming headsets?

I recommend Logitech Gaming headsets: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/gaming-headsets.

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Whenever audio starts the right speaker pops. I have also had an issue with the screen not displaying properly since purchase. It gets artifacts for a few minutes then they go away. Would my warranty be voided if I opened it up to look for a loose cable?  I purchased on 2/12/16 is my warranty even still good? EDIT: I also have the 100% disk usage issue that plagues W10. Would a SSD fix that?

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I have an HP ProBook 4440s. I've been disappointed in the speaker volume since I bought it. Even after adjusting all the settings I could find it's like a whisper during movies, music, Internet Videos.  Everywhere I checked for the info. it said the device was working, and the drivers all said they were current and didn't need updating, Speccy only gave me this for the Audio Info.:
SoundcardAnvSoft Virtual Sound Device, High Definition Audio Device, and another,High Definition Audio Device
I can get more from a manual or HP site if needed.
So, I went to the greatest computer store on the planet,  Walmart, (a little humor folks..) and bought a iHome iHM60 Rechargeable speaker, an Apple Product, which said would work on anything..
I plugged it in, watched some drivers being installed and a few minutes later was listening to it. An improvement, but I won't recommend it. Surely there is something better in the $20 to $50 price range. Later, I turned it off,  unplugged the USB power cord and the 3.5  mm jack ( I needed the USB port ) did my thing, and then replugged in the iHM60.
Nothing, no sound anywhere. Skype doesn't work, none of my Players work (WMP, Wondershare Media Player, VLC, or Free All in One. No system sounds, nada.  Everything I could think of to check (above) still said everything was okay. The speaker website has no help and only an email support thing to London and they haven't responded. When it was plu... Read more

A:No Sound from Laptop or External Speakers, Headsets, NADA

Lets clear the old usb drivers out of the way.
Download this tool to the machine in question unzip it to the desktop.

Move the 32 or 64 bit version of DriveCleanup.exe to C:\Windows\System32 Folder.
To do this hit the windows key and r at the same time and type the File Location C:\Windows\System32 in the run box.
Drag the 32 or 64 bit version of DriveCleanup.exe from the desktop into the C:\Windows\System32 Folder

Then Close all applications power your machine down and remove all usb devices except keyboard and mouse.
Then turn the machine back on and see below.

Open a command prompt by hitting the windows key and r at the same time and type cmd into the run box and hit enter.
Once the CMD window opens Type  or copy and paste drivecleanup.exe Hit enter.
This will clear all old usb drivers on your machine and hopefully help your issue.
Reboot and test. 

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HiI have a lenovo y700 and I have had it for 6 months now.  My speakers recently recently started making a popping or cracking  noise when  I increase the volume ,start a youtube video or play music. This issue is random as it doesnot happen everytime but it happens 7/10 times.  I have tried uninstalling the audio driver and reinstaalling it and that didnt fix the problem. Has anyone else come across the same issue?

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Hi All There is a strange, worrying sound while charging the laptop. It resembles what you could hear during zx spectrum fm radio transmissions of games and stuff in the old dayss. Sometimes, it helps to turn the mains plug around a bit but it gets very loud occasionally and does not go.  What to do about it? 

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Hellomy laptop where is in battery around 20 % he shut down, when i plugged says is 0 % and start to charge  . what is the problem ?

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Stumbled upon this trying to fix my static and it helped it out a bit, not 100% though but thought i would share it.


goto your playback devices > click your speaker properties > advanced > and change the default format to a higher setting, such as 24 bit, 48000hz (studio quality)

thats it, and of course you can play around; if you have an alright sound-system you can tweak your eq. settings and such to compensate for playback quality.

A:Sound Static Help (removes most static)

Thanks for the tip but did not help me.

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Hello, I've been using this laptop for a year and a half and I've been very happy with it. Before a few days the battery was holding for 3-3.5 hours. But now the battery don't hold at all. If I pull out the adapter it turn off immediately, not wasting even a second. The battery is showing 100% charged.Can I do something about it, maybe to check some connection or firmware or I don't know... or do only think I can do is to change the battery?

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Hi,So for about 2-3 weeks I've got some battery problem with my Lenovo Y700-17. It seems like it came from nowhere. I think it started after the BIOS update to cdcn53ww. Before this time, my battery last for about 6-7 hours on Power Saving Mode, but now it's poorly 2 hours. What's more, there's no difference between High Performance- and Power Saving Mode's battery lifetime. Even if laptop works on battery, the fans are very loud ( similar to plugged-in High Performance fans sound). Before, laptop was silent unplugged (no matter High Performance/Balanced/Power Saving Mode). I tried everything, service sent back laptop with opinion "Everything looks fine". Hope you will help me, I need long-life battery for work.

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Hey guys;I purchased a Lenovo Y700 almost 1.5 years ago (Lenovo ideapad Y70015ISK and Product Number: 80NV). I have never played a game on this, mostly net browsing, working with office products, watching youtube vids, and this sort of light tasks.The battery has been lasting for almost 4 hours until recently. By the way, I did not keep the the laptop connected to the outlet for all the time. When it was fully charged, I would unplug it. At least, i did it for 80% of the time.A few days ago, I noticed that the battery is not holding charge as before. I realized that now it only last for around (less than) 2 hours.It is really surprising for me, as It di not start to decline slowly and gradually. It suddenly went from 4 hours to 2 hours.What is happening with my battery?The Lenovo Vantage shows the battery is in "Good" condition.Is it dying? Is less than 2 years a normal life time of such batteries? Thanks

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Is there a way to disable battery without remove it from the laptop?,If yes, please let me knowIf not, what are you waiting for?,if you include internal battery why dont provide a simple solution to disable and avoid the reduction of battery life.

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as i searched lenovo is offering 2 kinds of battery in y700lithium ion and lith polymeras i found my laptop should have li polymer as in the site  http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/y700-series/y700-15-inch/ go down i have 256 ssd and 1 hdd 16gb and 6700i used hw64 it said it is lith ion is there anyway to know exactly type of it 

A:i want to know my battery type in lenovo y700

sinfulslave wrote:as i searched lenovo is offering 2 kinds of battery in y700lithium ion and lith polymeras i found my laptop should have li polymer as in the site  http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/y700-series/y700-15-inch/ go down i have 256 ssd and 1 hdd 16gb and 6700i used hw64 it said it is lith ion is there anyway to know exactly type of it You should see it under Installed Battery in the Battery Report. Generate the report by doing the following:1. Open a Command Prompt window. Windows Key + X, and then click the Command Prompt option in the list.2. Type powercfg /batteryreport then press enter key.3. Open using file explorer C:\Users\NAME\battery report.html to examine the report.

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Hello  My y700 is only 6 months old, Im suddenly getting only 2hours backup on battery, shows only 2 hours remaining when charged fully and it doesnt even last 2hours if observed closely. Its not that im gaming or very heavy workload program something, Yesterday i fully charged the battery used it in 40% brightness and streamed 480p videos on youtube, it didnt last 2hours! Why is happening? shouldnt i begetting 5 hours on battery ? help please.  One more thing i noticed the laptop tends to warm all the time, not like super hot while gaming, even when siiting in idle  the keyboard part feels warm.

20170226_204649.jpg ?3565 KB

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Hi guys, i've had some troubles with my laptop, for being more specific, with the battery. It goes from 50% to 0% while it's turned off!, i tested it while fully charged and when i turned on the laptop it was at the same percentage where i left it!. As far as i tested, this only happen when battery is around less of 50%, even i used it while it was not charging and i hadn't any trouble at all, this is only happening when i turned it off!. Some of you has (or had) this problem?, how did you solve it?. I'll append some images when i scanned the battery with powercfg. Sorry in advance if you notice some grammar mistakes, i'm still improving my englishthis graphic belongs to the last 3 days (28, 29, 30)report from today (30)

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Hello Guys!  At my workplace we are experiencing with ALL  our x250's that the internal Realtek Sound Controller cant transfer sound to external devices, only picture.  In Device Manage -> System units, I can see that is detects the external input as "High Definition Audio-controller" but has a little warning triangle with an exclamation mark, and you cant select other speakers under sound (in the processbar) except from the build in speakers.  We have tried using all sorts of externalspeakers incl. mini-jack input, but nothing works.  Info:Model: Lenovo x250Win: Windows10 1803 build 17134.376Realtek High Definition Audio (controller) driver vers.    17 Apr 2018 (newest version for 1803)Connection: MiniDisplay-port  I really really hope someone in this forum can help with this problem, as it affect alot of colleagues not being able to play sound on our projectors.

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Good morning everyone,
I am having issues with sound on the M92 or G1U3306 as stated on the subject. The sound works perfectly fine for everything with the exception of Istation, www.istation.com. I did notice that this is only affecting 2 out of the 20 plus computers we have, so its a bit hard to say its just the model. I have tried updating the drivers to the latest version, and as well verified that it was not just the input device for front and back jacks being wonky. Oddly enough the support agent I worked with, used TeamViewer and was able to hear the application just fine, however when I used speakers it was very, very faint but I could also hear it. 
Is there any general help anyone can provide me to pinpoint the problem further?
Mod:  added app name causing problem to Subject line

A:Lenovo ThinkCentre M92: Sound issues with Istation e-learning app, faint sound with speakers

I am having issues with sound on the M92 or G1U3306 as stated on the subject.

I'm not finding that model number, can you verify?   Running 'sys info' can usually also provide the model number (do not post serial numbers.)   And OS info and Istation version might be helpful.   Thx. 

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