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Belkin wireless router + Buffalo Linkstation = slow speed

Q: Belkin wireless router + Buffalo Linkstation = slow speed


I have a Belkin wireless router (F5D7230-4), a Buffalo Linkstation 250, and a new Dell Dimension 9100 with XP-home and plenty o' RAM. Everything mentioned is directly cabled together, with only 1 laptop sharing the wireless access.

EVERYTHING is fast--internet, processing, whatever--except transferring files to the Linkstation, which takes forever. 400 megs took 18 hours the other day (!). Furthermore, if I start to transfer a bunch of MP3s, the first 5 or 6 will FLY, but then it just grinds to a crawl. If I'm just browsing the contents of the Linkstation, the speed is fine; playing an MP3 directly from the drive works fine as well. And if I hook the Linkstation directly into my network card, it runs like greased lightning, so I assume it's a router issue.

All firmware is updated. No firewalls on. Protected mode is off. Frame bursting is on. NAT on. UPNP on.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions for me? I couldn't find any other posts that seemed to address my specific issue, and it's driving me nuts...! Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: Belkin wireless router + Buffalo Linkstation = slow speed

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Belkin wireless router + Buffalo Linkstation = slow speed

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Iíve been using my LinkStation (HD-H-250) successfully for the past few years without incident. Itís hardwired to my desktop and previously linked to my work-supplied laptop for manual backups wirelessly. I just got a new laptop (HP Compaq 6910p running XP Pro) from work. It is obviously in a different workgroup from my home LAN but thatís nothing new. But for some reason I canít map my LinkStation drive on the new laptop. Itís strange because I can ping the LinkStation and open a browser and connect to its dashboard using the LinkStationís IP address. Iíve even set a rule in my firewall to open the LinkStation IP address so that security doesnít block access. The error message says it canít map the drive because the network path canít be found. Any ideas?

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I've had my belkin wireless router/adapter for a while now and it hasn't ever had a very good connection. the signal strength has been like less than 10%. Is there anything that I could do to boost the signal strength? I've tried moving the router around and the adapter around but to no prevail.

A:Belkin wireless Router connection speed

Gfunk200 said:

I've had my belkin wireless router/adapter for a while now and it hasn't ever had a very good connection. the signal strength has been like less than 10%. Is there anything that I could do to boost the signal strength? I've tried moving the router around and the adapter around but to no prevail.Click to expand...

I have Belkin WAP in my living room hidden on top of the Grandfather clock. Getting it up high helped a lot. The biggest help is keep anything, and every thing away from it no matter what it's made of. Anything in proximity of the antenna(s) will detune them and they will suffer for it. Some free ideas for improving antenna perfomance can be found here...freeantennas.com HTH

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I've got a Buffalo Linkstation 120, great bit of kit but with one annoyance, if it's powered off there appears to be no way to power it back up without actually pressing the button on the front.
It's currently situated in the loft so it's a bit inconvenient. I've tried several WOL programs but with no luck so far.

Any tips or workarounds would be gratefully received.


A:Buffalo Linkstation 120

I, too, have a Buffalo Linkstation 120. There is no mention of wake on LAN in the user manual, nor is there any mention of it in the FAQ section on Buffalo's web site. I cannot imagine that there is a way to accomplish it since wake on LAN is a feature that, on PC's, must be supported in the BIOS. If the Linkstation does not have that feature, I doubt it could be added.

Since the Linkstation is a network attached storage device running its own operating system, it's similar to a file server and can be kept running 24/7. I have had mine for over six months and I leave it on continuously so that all the PC's in my home have access to it.

Out of curiosity...why do turn it off? Or is it that you lose power and then must power it back on manually.

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hi i have had the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router for a while now and have had a tesco's 2.2mbs connection but i have just upgreaded to a tiscali 8mbs connection, i no i can get the full 8mbs speed through the supplied modem but am just wonederind if the Belkin ADSL Modem with Wireless-G Router's buitl in modem is fast enogh to get the full 8mps or if it wil run slower. would be great to no i was just wondering


There THe belkin modem/gateway shouldnt limit your speed capabilities. You should be able to find the speed listed inside the modem's status page. To do this..
Click start>run>In run type CMD
In the black window type IPCONFIG and then enter. Note down your default gateway.
Open a browser window and enter the gateway's address into it. Click go
This should take you to your gateways graphical user interface.
Look for a status tab or see if it lists connection speeds on the general page.

Also you can test speeds at different sites. Google search broadband speed test and choose 1 of the millions of sites

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Hi all,

My Belkin N300 wireless router is now experiencing intermittent slow Internet speed. The router is 2 years old and has worked perfectly until last week.

Here are the troubleshooting steps I completed.

Internet speed test when directly plugged into the wireless router and cable modem: 30mbps
Internet speed using laptop wifi: 2 mbps then sometimes works at normal speed
Called ISP and they verified there was a connectivity to cable modem issue. Did a power cycle for modem and router. Then got full 30mbps from cable modem to ISP using direct connect to laptop.
tested other devices such as laptops and tablets, all experiencing intermittent slow speed
when experiencing slow wifi, switched to direct connect ethernet cable to router and got immediate full 30mpbs

So far all my testing is pointing to the Belkin router's wifi connectivity. I will check on the router's firmware since it has never been updated.
I also found a thread online suggesting disabling QOS on the router. But this should not be needed as it was working fine for two years since its purchase.

Any suggestions to what else I can do to resolve this issue?

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I setup on the Linkstation setup screen access restrictions with many users. I put those restrictions on the shared folders within our network on the Linkstation. However, when I try to login with one of the users that are allowed in Windows, I get the following error:

And as you can see from the following screen shot, I have many many users that should able to access the folder.

Also, in an interesting twist of events I can login from my iBook, however not through windows. And yes, the access is Win/Mac, not just mac only.

Thanks for anyone's input!

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I bought the Buffalo 1TB LinkStation a couple of years ago but had such problems setting it up I abandoned it for a while. I tried again a little while ago and managed to backup some files to it. Now that my other external hard drive has died, I really need to get this up and running.
I have plugged it in to the router with a network cable and it shows under Network. I can copy to it from my other drives. But looking at the manual, you can obviously do much more. The way to do this is to open the NasNavigator software installed on the desktop and access it via the icon for the LinkStation which appears. But nothing shows on mine. When I open the program there is nothing there so I can do nothing with it.
Please can someone help me as I really would like to use the LinkStation properly but I have been unimpressed with ease of use so far.

A:Problem with Buffalo LinkStation LS-CHL-V23EE NAS

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Hi all, I recently bought a buffalo link station live and want to add it to my home network. My router is an apple airport express (not the extreme).

The Link Station needs to be plugged into the router to be on the network but the Express only has one Ethernet port and it is being used by the cable modem.

I think I'm screwed, right? How do i get the linkstation onto my network? Do I need to upgrade to an Airport extreme?

If so, do the older ufo style Extremes allow for multiple network inputs? I see they have two Ethernet ports but one is labeled WAN and the other LAN...and I confess I have no idea what that means.

Thanks for any help guys, much appreciated.

PS- I'd switch back to something like a Linksys router but I use the Express for playing iTunes thru my home stereo. Are there other routers that do the same?

A:buffalo linkstation with airport express?

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Greetings, I have Linkstation Buffalo, and I was going to delete a few gigs file from the network drive, but I am completely surprised that the free space shows the same. Is there something wrong with it? I want on another computer and it shows the same thing.


A:Solved: Delete the files Linkstation Buffalo

Could be drive corruption. I'm not sure what facilities exist for doing the equivalent of a CHKDSK on that unit, but that's where I'd start.

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I use Windows XP Home SP3 and I have Wireless network using Buffalo WHR-HP-G54. All computer in the network are connected wirelessly. I am the administrator; I mean that I am the only one who has access to the router. the their clients that connected to my router are over using the internet by downloading so I need to limit thier speed. I can access the router and install any program in my computer but I can not force the other to install a program and they can uninstall it. I don't know if the router has option to limit the speed of other users.

Note: I am connected to the router Wirelessly too.

A:Buffalo Router client speed limit

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Does anyone have any personal reviews or experiences with Buffalo wireless router WHR-HP-G54? Trying to make a purchase decision.


A:Buffalo wireless router

No but I can vouch for their Network Cards. I like them alot.

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I'm having trouble installing my Buffalo wireless router.All the lights flash apart from the internet and I've plugged everything in correctly but it still doesn't flash. My opertaing system is Windows XP. The model number is WBMR-G125

A:Trouble with Buffalo wireless router

Did you reset it to factory defaults to start? Did you configure your account name/password in the WAN configuration of the modem/router?

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I have just bought the following router: Wireless-G 125* High-Speed Broadband Router and Access Point (http://www.buffalo-technology.com/p...igh-speed-broadband-router-and-access-point/).

We have virgin media internet at home (http://allyours.virginmedia.com/websales/service.do?id=2).

Basically, they gave us a cable modem (with a coaxial cable connection).

We had to install some software on a windows XP PC, and authorise it, and then we were able to access the internet using a RJ-45 cable. I connected it to my PC (Ubuntu 7.04) and it was working without a problem.

Since there are a lot of people in our house we bought the wireless router to share the internet.

The problem right now is that after I connect it to the wireless router (i.e. the cable modem to the WAN port of the router) I can connect to the router but cannot access the internet.

I managed to set up a WEP key for my router (by going to:, username: root, pw: [blank]).

There were a lot of other settings but I'm not really sure what to do, or how I should go about allowing internet access for my router.

I am generally familiar with ubuntu, but unfortunately I don't know enough about the networking tools. Also, its strange but now if we connect the modem directly to the windows PC I get limited or no connectivity (but that could be a separate problem). Right now I want to try and get the settings for the router.

To summarise:

- The cable modem is connected to the Buffalo router wit... Read more

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Just a generic question...
Does anyone know if the Buffalo WLA2-G54C is compatible with non Buffalo wireless routers? I have a Dlink router (don't know the model off the top of my head) with various brands of client adaptors. I've heard good things about the WLA2-G54C for the repeater function.
I ask this because of this statement on their website:
Repeater/Bridge function of the WLA2-G54C is supported only with Buffalo bridges and routers. But, the device can communicate with other manufacturer's 802.11b and 802.11g client adapters either in bridge/repeat mode or as a stand alone access point.
Does this mean that it simply won't work with other brand routers or that they just won't support it. I would think the latter but was curious if anyone had any experience with it.

A:Solved: Buffalo WLA2-G54C compatible with non Buffalo router?

Eh, never mind. I just went ahead and bought a D-Link DWL-G710 Wireless 802.11g 54 Mbps Range Extender.


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Hi I'm Currently using a cable 10MB connection.

When i upgraded to 10MB connection MSN/WLM file transfers were extremly faster than ever before.

I got a wireless router
Netgear WGT624 108Mb 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL Router


Now My PC isn't using a wireless connection, i have it wired.

PC ethernet
Ethernet port of wireless router(1 of 4 ports)
router port(WAN)
Cable Modem vai Ethernet again.
cable modem to Internet.

Now since then i've had very bad transfers on some occassions you get the message saying "experiencing a slow connection click here to fine out why."

Usually inicates your behind a firewall.

I Don't have the firewall enabled on My wireless router, i use only Windows XP SP2 built in Firewall.

Does anyone no of a way i can fix MSN/WLM transfers?

A:Slow MSN/WLM transfer Speed since wireless router installed.

You don't have to enable the firewall functionality in the router - it is inherent. You have to forward certain ports to your computer or enable UPnP to allow MSN active file transfers.

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I've connected a Buffalo WZR-450HP2D router to my modem in bridge mode and it's hard-wired to my desktop PC. My speed with my ISP is 100 mb/s. My downloads are extremely slow, like downloading a 60 MB file in 30 minutes. Connected directly to the modem, it takes a second. Are there any settings I need to change to get this working? The weird thing is, speedtest.net shows I'm getting more than my speed level. I had another Buffalo DD-WRT router that gave me my full speed as soon as I plugged it in, so maybe this one is faulty? Please give me some ideas. Thank you.


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Hey all. I just came across these forums and I'm trying to do a new networking config that I haven't done before. Hopefully someone can help.

I have an existing netgear router that is supporting my wireless network using WPA security and everything is working fine.

Now I just bought a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Wireless-G router/bridge that I want to add to my setup so that I can put it next to my TV that will enable the internet for my xbox 360 and whatever else I might want to hookup in the future.

I have figured out how to access the web-based config on the buffalo bridge, but I can't seem to find out how to get that bridge to talk to my existing netgear router.

Is there a particular setting that I need? Should I configure the buffalo bridge to obtain it's ip automatically from the netgear router instead of the default of

I was thinking that the bridge would work sort of like a laptop that is trying to connect to a wireless router - I was expecting a list of wireless networks to connect to and then I would pick my netgear router. This is not the case.

Are there any settings on the netgear router that I need to enable?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:Adding a Buffalo access point to a Netgear wireless router

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I just bought a new modem to replace the one I am renting from Comcast (Motorola SB6120: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16825122009). I have been using an Encore (EHH-WI-G) 802.11g 54Mbps router.

I got everything hooked up last night and I noticed that when I was hooked up directly to the modem (ethernet), my internet was super fast. When I hooked up the wireless router and accessed the internet through it, my speed was noticeably slower. I used speedtest.net to see what my speeds were like:

Wired to modem: download 50+ Mbps (I don't know how in the world it read this high...I'm not even paying for these speeds from Comcast)

Wireless through router: download only around 5 Mbps

Can someone explain this to me? Is there a setting on my router that is restricting the speed in some way?

A:Internet speed - via wireless router (slow) vs. via modem (fast)

Have you tried downloading files in both wireless & wired what speed did u get in both modes.

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

A:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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I just bought the Buffalo WHR-G125 wireless router, and it works great with my wireless PC that has a Buffalo USB wireless adapter. However, on my Macbook, it is a VERY slow connection, 500kbps vs. 2000kbps on my wireless PC.

Am using the most recent stock firmware (came with it; re-flashed it as well).

Everything is up-to-date on my Mac. It's just as fast as the PC with a wired connection to the Buffalo router, and I get blazing speeds at hotspots. Last night I was at a client's and got 7500 kbps with my Mac on account of his speed booster router.


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My network needs to connect to 6 wired PCs and 1 wireless PC.

Right now the Linksys 4 port router connects to the ADSL modem and 4 PCs -and I want to add a new Belkin wireless router to provide a wireless LAN access and have 2 add'l LAN ports.

Therefore, can I, and how do I configure the devices, so that the ADSL modem would go into the Linksys router; the Linksys would provide LAN connection to 3 PCs and the 4th port would go to the input of the Belkin router, which in term would provide wireless access and 3 more LAN ports?


A:Combining Linksys Router and Belkin Wireless Router

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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Hi ,
I've been having this problem with my Belkin router since day 1 when i got it.( not new, got from buddy's place)
It's Belkin HI Speed Wifi G router, and what's really frustrating is, everytime i connect to it, I need to manually change the DNS address and switch between & in order to get internet access!
Sometimes it even cuts off the internet during a session, without me even disconnecting from the wifi network, where I would again need to switch back and forth to the 2 or 4 ending! It s been months and found no solution ! .. can someone drop me some hints please .. would highly appreciate your help ! thanks


A:Solved: Belkin HI Speed Wifi G router: Always needs manual DNS change

sorry im not the most advanced on this but do you have an option to set it to obtain automatically?

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I need a help to resolve one issue with my Belkin router F7D4402 v1. I have got it recently and configured it without any issue and my internet (ADSL) was up and running. However, later I have noticed that, my internet speed is limited to 1.5 Mbps. whereas; the speed I was getting on my old Linksys WAG200 router was minimum 2.0 Mbps.

I have tried to disable the QoS and other options but no use. But when I enabled the Mac cloning it worked fine. I was getting the speed I subscribed for, but unfortunately, the other devices on my Wi-Fi stopped working. With Mac clone enable, the internet is only available to my PC.

I need the internet on my PC plus all the Wi-Fi devices in my house and along with it my full internet speed, not just 1.5 Mbps.

Can anyone please help to fix the issue?

Thank a lot.

A:Belkin router F7D4402 v1 ADSL speed is fixed to 1.5 Mbps

It's not the router - - you up against the limit of ADSL.

see this description

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I set up everything and if I have it wired it works fine but wireless it says can't find page when you try to get on the internet. I have set up networks before and never had a problem. first time I have used a Belkin router G+ I guess one of my question is this. I was reading on the Belkin site that it is already set for dynamic and that is for a cable modem and sounds like I should change it to pppoe for a DSL modem. would that make the difference. It is a brand new laptop and the wireless card is on and it sees the network and works when wired, it says it is connected wirelessly but wont get on the internet when not wired. Would the pppoe thing make a differnce? Please give me some help here. Thanks

A:Belkin wireless router with vista-wired works wireless doesn't

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Hi all,
I just connected with WiMax, problem is I have the wimax wireless router in the house(all good).

But my office is in the garage! I was hoping to run an ethernet cable from WiMax Zylex router to my Belkin Wireless Router.

Is this the way to go about, sharing my internet connection? Also can anyone
give me any pointers on how to go about doing this.


A:Connect WiMax wireless (Zylex) with my Belkin N wireless router

I am no expert but will try to help. If I have understood you correctly, you only require the one router.
If the router in the house is a wireless router and your computer in your office is equipped for Wi-fi you could connect wirelessly. You will need the access code for the router when you try to connect. I think it will be a WEP or a WPA PSK code.
Otherwise run a ethernet cable from your house router to your office and connect it direct to your office computer (not too a second router) This is probably the safest method anyway if you do not need wireless.
You will then need to set up a network by going to "Control Panel" and clicking on "Network Setup Wizard" and following the instructions.
Hope that is of some help to you.

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Belkin G wireless router 2.4ghz-802.11g
Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card

I am having an odd problem with the wireless capability of my wireless router. When I first got my router I used the Software included but that did not work so I set up my network manually. For several months everything was working perfectly and both physical and wireless connections to the router were working. Recently the wireless capability of the router has stopped working, however it still emits a strong signal and functions perfectly as a non-wireless router.

The problem my laptop encounter when it is try to connect is that the connection status constantly displays "Authenticating". I have tried to rebuild the network, no effect. Have clicked on the repair button, it sits indefinilty on the step "renewing IP address". I have tried physically entering my IP address, no effect. I am positive the problem is not my laptop wireless card because it still fuctions perfectly on all other networks.

Is this a networking problem or is it just time to get a new router?

A:Solved: Belkin G Wireless Router, Wireless Problems

Reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure. Initially try to connect wirelessly with encryption disabled.

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Network Router and a Microsoft Notebook wireless 11g adapter and they work great. I am running the Base station on a desktop running Windows XP and the laptop is running Win 98. I bought a Belkin wireless USB 11b adapter for a third desktop running Win 98 but can't get the belkin adapter to connect to the network? Any advice or help would really be appreciated.
TIA for any help!!!

A:Using Belkin wireless adapter with Microsoft Wireless Router

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Hello. I'm a novice at this. Have connected my main desk top successfully to broadband internet via Belkin Wirelss G Router and Belkin Desktop Network PCI Card. Cannot get second desk top to connect to broadband intenet. Appears to be connected ok to the router but not to the internet. Would appreciate any suggestions as to where I might start looking.

A:Problem networking via Belkin ADSL Modem with High Speed Mode Wirelss G Router

USUALLY, you wire the system to the router first and configure the router
to access your ISP. Typically, you use your bowser to access and log-in to the device.
Once that is working, you enable the wireless feature, set the SSID and your security keys.
Now your ready to configure the desktop to use the wireless.

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Hi, I wonder if someone can advice if its possible to increase the power ouptput of the above router I have an Advent 7201 laptop with a Ralink wireless lan card 2 in it; can the power of this card be increased. thanks Al

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can i use the belkin wireless router in the place of the wireless adapter to connect to the internet thank you much for your time

A:belkin wireless router

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took the belkin back and they gave me a dynamde, works with one Laptop ireless, the other tel me it is conect but get the usual message cannot connect to the network, try looking at your connections , losig the will to live

A:Belkin wireless router

Try a firmware update, and or change the wireless channel to either 1 or 11.

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I recently bought a belkin wireless g router, model F5D7230-4. How clever was I buying it on ebay for half the retail price! Step one was easy enough and I loaded the driver. Step two said I was to connect my existing modem to the router. My modem has a USB connector and the router has an ethernet port. How the hell do I connect USB to ethernet?

A:belkin wireless g router

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i have a belkin wireless router; everything went fine until it tried to connect to the internet; i was thinking that because i have aol that i have to do something else to make it work;i havve aol dsl; win xp, and a belkin 802.11g router

thanks from
[email protected]

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i just recently installed a wireless router -------on my end its working but on the other computer i cant get on internet, when i installed it it had a security thing and i chose my pass word, now im not sure how to find it or unlock it, i think it may be the reason why i cant get online on the other computer (but not sure) the computers ARE close by each other and in the same. If soeone could please help me figure out how to get this working id realy appreciate it. I dont want to sound stupid here but idiot directions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A:belkin wireless router help PLEASE!

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Hi all, i configured a belkin wireless N1 router for 4 pc's. two of which are vista operated and the other two are xp's but the vista pc's connected to the wireless router easily when i set the security parameters. the xp's on the other hand will not even detect the wreless network lest talk of me configuring it. can someone please me here. it is very urgent. thanks.

A:Belkin wireless N1 router

You have to enable Internet and file sharing in XP. Are these XP computers updated to Service Pack 3? Are the Vista computers updated to Service Pack 1?

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I tried to set up my password on my belikin wireless G router from the screen and once i did set it the router rebooted and hasn't came back on since. I have reset the thing every way I can think of and the wireless and the screen will not come back online the power button just keeps flashing but I can still access the internet thru the hard wired connections any help will be greatly apprieciated

A:Belkin Wireless Router

Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on.
Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, you should be able to access it using the default IP address and blank password.

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Hello there,

I've installed a Belkin N1 Wireless Router for a client, and it seems to go down every night just in time for the morning. By go down, I mean that although clients are still connected to the SSID, no networking functionality (network drives, connection to the Internet) is available.

This is resolved by hard rebooting the router. Do you think there could be issues caused by cordless phones etc... that cause the connection to go down, without fail every night?

I've tried changing the Wireless options so that "Protected mode" (a setting that prevents interference from other wireless devices) is on, and I moved the connectivity to a different channel number.

Is there anything else that I could try?


A:Belkin N1 Wireless Router

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Can someone please tell me how to get my router to be "OPEN" for xbox live.

For years now I have been unable to rectify my NAT being closed.


A:Belkin wireless g router help

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want to connect my 2 laptops to the internet using an old belkin router that i found from a friend...

when i connect them only the xp got the internet connection no luck with my macbook pro i can see the routers name on the macbook but still no connection when i click the routers name it ask me the WEP password which i dont have idea what is it......BTW want the macbook pro to be wireless.

the question is it possible to connect the two laptops to the internet and do you have any suggestions or links on how to do set up this things, really no idea on what i'm doing please help.


A:Wireless set up with Belkin router?

I'm not an expert on wireless networking but I know just enough to be dangerous. You can connect several devices wirelessly to your router including your two laptops. However, everything does have to be compatible.

How did you set up your Belkin router? Did you set up a security protocol? WEP is an older less secure protocol. Perhaps your router was set up with WPA or WPA2 and the MAC is only compatible with WEP. Just a possibility.

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I have this running with my xp but when I try to change any settings it asks me for a password that I don't remember creating.
How can i find this out.
Many thanks, Allan.

A:Belkin wireless router

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I have a Belkin Wireless Router model F5D9230-4. I can connect to the internet wirelessly on both of my computers. I cannot connect to the routers admin page even while i have the router directly plugged into my computer. I've tried using both of my computers to do it. It just thinks.. and thinks.. and then says failure. The IP address for the router is, I've reset the router, factory reset the router and tech support was less than useful so I'm here...

Here is what I believe I will be asked for soon.. let me know what else I need.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon>ipconfig

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon>


Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon>ping

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A:Belkin Wireless Router

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Ok well first off I always come here for help and finally I have a need to post =P

In 2003 for Christmas I got an HP Pavilion a305w PC with a Belkin wireless router and adapter. It has worked fine until recently. I noticed that I keep getting disconnected from my network and the internet. My computer tells me that I am connected still and my Belkin Wireless Utility program says I have signal... but I cannot access network resources or internet resources. If I try typing in my router setup page it times out. This happens about every 10 minutes or if I transfer a lot of data and lasts for about 7 minutes. I have almost given up using my computer because I ran a networking cable directly from the router to my computer and there was no problem but my dad wont allow me to do it again. I do not know if there is some sort of interference or if my adapter is going bad. I have reformattes my computer several times, each time reinstalling the driver I got on CD and the driver from the Belkin Website. Still it does not work. I have found that by using the Belkin Wireless Lan Monitor program and hitting Re-Scan, it will search and find the network again and lets me stay on for about 10 more mins. It is getting really annoying and no one anywhere else can seem to help me.

By the way it is a Belkin 802.11b 11Mbps adapter - model F5D6050 (discontinued)

A:Help with Belkin Wireless Router please?

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Hey all,

I have a Belkin F5D8236-4.....
I completely forgot my password for my router and cannot find the disc that came with the router. I want to change my password. Can someone help? Pleeeaaase?


A:Belkin Wireless Router

You can reset the router to factory defaults and configure it using the web based setup, you don't need any disk. You can download the manual from Belkin's support site.

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I didn't know where I should post this, mods please move as appropriate.

I recently changed ISP from Tiscali to Direct Save Telecom. I received a letter the other day saying that the switch had been made. However I still have the same issues as before and haven't done anything actively to 'connect' to their provider. The router is still configured to Tiscali. I'm a little confused as to how it all works.

Anyway I have been attempting to configure the router to DST, assuming this would complete the switch and halt the Tiscali usage.

So I entered in my browser and entered the setup wizard. When asked for the ISP DST wasn't on the list and this means I have to manually enter some things. When I just tried going with the default, it wouldn't connect, only inputting the old Tiscali details reconnected me. I don't have a clue what they refer to and my DST literature doesn't suggest what I should input there:

Connection type: PPPoE, PPPoA, Dynamic/Fixed IP (1483 bridged), Static IP (IPOA), Modem Only (Disable Internet Sharing)

IP assigned by ISP: Yes/No (No opens up more fields)

VPI/VCI: Both require numerical entries

Encapsulation: VC MUX, LLC

MMU: Another numerical entry, default is 1454

Could anyone give me an idea what to enter in these fields?

I'm stumped. Thanks for your help.

A:Configuring my Belkin wireless router to my new ISP

is this a router-modem or one or the other?
whats the model and brand?

If its a simple router, then its mainly dependent on your modem a;readu having access to the ISP service already. Then configuring your router to use the modem as a gateway..

If its a combo unit, or the modem, then the settings you may need to tweak with. I'm not familiar in what your ISP settings are for you, since i don't live in the UK, but theres a few things to try..

-Reset your unit to manufacturer's default
-download the latest firmware from the manufacturer and update
-read/download the manual for your unit and have a read. Often it will give you explanations of what each things do and mean.
-contact your provider and ask them if they can assist you in someway..

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Hi all

I recently bought a belkin F5D7231-4 wireless router to replace my old netgear RP614 which was wired.

When I connect it with my modem (D-link DSL-300T) It doesnt seem to find the internet at at all even though it says connected, I tried setting it up with the tiscali (ISP) codes provided on there website even changing the connection type which is supposed to be PPPoA still nothing.

I end up losing my patience with it and plugging in my old router which works perfectly

When I tried doing the easy setup or whatever its called it kept saying my details were not accepted by my ISP even though I corrected them about 6 times so, I'm lost and really need some help from the God's and goddesses the roam the forums

any help wil be appreciated
if you need more information let me know

A:belkin wireless G plus router problem

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