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Digital Image pro 9

Q: Digital Image pro 9

After hours of internet research I've concluded that Digital Image Suite 9 can be loaded and used on the Vista OS, utilizing the Program Compatibility Wizard.

I have purchased the Suite on eBay and before loading it, want to get any advice/information that might be helpful!


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Preferred Solution: Digital Image pro 9

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I want to use a digital camera image to have printed on something from a company online. Their guidelines say that as long as the image is scanned at at least 300 dpi, it will print OK. However, I have the image already on my computer and I don't know the resolution of it. How can I find that out? The photo programs I have don't tell me the dpi, and right clicking on it and choosing "properties" doesn't help either.

A:Digital image dpi

Just divide one of the dimensions you want to print in inches by the pixels in the same dimension. Obviously a 400 X 600 pixel image printed at 4 X 6 inches is 100 DPI. 800 X 1200 printed at 4 X 6 would be 200 DPI.

If dividing both dimensions does not give the same answer you will have to disregard the higher DPI as some will have to be trimmed off to print at the desired size.

200 DPI will print fine and 150 isnít terrible. 300 is just preferred.

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I have WinXP Home. Yesterday my Digital Image Pro program started hanging when I try to save an image. Now, instead of hanging, the program abruptly ends. I used System Restore to go back a couple of days, but that did not resolve it, nor did a repair install from the Add/Remove applet from the control panel. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I did a virus scan with definitions from 2 days ago.

A:Digital Image Pro

Howdy and welcome

did it ever work properly?
how about a complete uninstall then reinstall?

how much ram do you have?


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I installed this software on my Windows ME computer. This program also installed IE 6.0. After installing I was asked to restart which I did, however I could not go past the Windows ME screen. After rebooting several times I as able to reboot into safemode and I uninstalled the software. The IE installation has caused a major problem. If I try to do a system restore I get the following box: An error has occurred in this dialog Error 29-unspecified error, then another box: An error has occurred in the script on this page. If I go into the control panel I get the same message and all of my folders are not showing up. If I try to get onto the web using IE, I am not able to type in any of my passwords or usernames. I tried emailing Microsoft, but got nowhere. I am completely at my wits end. I want to get rid of the ME operating system, but want to fix this problem first. I hope someone can help me.


A:Digital Image Pro 9

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 4086 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461116 MB, Free - 88656 MB; D: Total - 15518 MB, Free - 2552 MB; G: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 6 MB; K: Total - 953197 MB, Free - 652489 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 363E
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated and Enabled
I have the GFP-001 copier but i have a x64 window 7 program and this program will not work with my windows. only with windows xp. i have tried to find drivers or patches online but have not been able to. if any one has ideas that may work please help me.

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I use Digital Image 10 as my photo editor. I recently tried to archive some pics to CD, but ran into a problem. First, I get a box from McAfee on the right side of my screen:

Registry change detected
SystemGuards: Internet Explorer Restrictions
Program: Digital Image Library
Location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Digital Image 10\Pod.exe

Then I get the option to Block or Allow the change.

If I block it, the program starts to archive, but another pop-up error box comes up (not from McAfee):

Unable to Finish Burning Archive Media
An error has occurred while burning your files to archive media. Digital Image Library is unable to finish the burn process.

When I've checked the properties for that drive, under the Recording tab, "Enable CD burning for this drive" has become unchecked at some point in the process.

Any ideas?


A:Can't burn CD in Digital Image 10

The first message is just over-protective security, pod.exe is either the digital image program or the digital image library program so its completely legit.

As for the second part, there has been some consensus that the archive process is broken in DI. Have you ever made it work? If so its failure to work now may be related to the continual updating of XP. I've noticed it seems to get less functional as time goes on, especially the library program.

Noticing that the target drive has become unchecked for burning is a new bit of info though and it might mean something or not. Can you enable the drive for recording again and then try to archive while watching that setting and does it repeatedly disable recording?

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what would be a good Digital Image Editor that is compatable with Windows 7 since it did not come with anything ? and where can i find it.

A:Digital Image Editor

My favorite:Irfanview

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Help -

I am using Shaped Text for Marketing Purposes in my job
when I type the text and then click on TEXT - then FONT - Stretch to Fit
(which adjust the text size to fit box) - the last letter or number is partially
cut off - for example the S is missing a small portion of the far right bottom curve
it is a straight cut -

I have tried different fonts, different letters - it all does the same thing

Any ideas?

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Through Amazon I purchased a Stratford Labs GFP001 digital image copier.
I wish to make images from old b/w negatives.

The manual (text) instructions don't result in what one is led to expect.
Examples: - Under driver installation no option for XP OS appears (P.7 #4)
- X86 appears but is not mentioned in instructions (P8)
- PhotoImpressions 6 logo appears on desk-top (i.e. installed) but won't open.
To open it have to re-boot the disc.
- Manual says to click "calibrate" button. Nothing to locate such a button.
- Manual does not say which side of negartive is uppermost.
I have yet to have any benefit from this new device.
Grateful for any advice.

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I've previously tried the DI Suite 10 and that it had two icons (Mini Lab and Library). You had to go to the Library first before the Mini Lab. I recently purchased DI Pro 10 package expecting good results. After loading the CD into the system, I found that things were not the same as Suite 10 When I clicked on the icon, I was immediately in the Mini Lab versus what the manual showed (Which would have been the Library) for an illustration.
I've tried at least twice to Remove and Reload with no success, using proper procedures. Does anybody have a solution to my problem or has been through the same situation.

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Been using MS Digital Imaging for some time on my Win XP Home system. Built a new system and installed Win XP Media Center Edition. I bought the newer MS Digital Imaging 2006 software, tried to install on the new computer and when promt to insert the second disk the system locks up after about 5 minutes. Tried it three different times.
Tried it on the older machine and it installed just fine. Anyone know what could cause this to happen?

A:Solved: MS Digital Image

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I Bought Digital Image Suite Pro 10 about 4 months ago, and they already came out with a new one, and ms won't give me a new upgrade, nice of them isn't it. Does anyone know where I can get Templates that I can use with this program anywhere that I can insert pictures into them? I like the program, but I would like more templates to work with. Thanks. Silverado......

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I have a picture that has a white box around it, is there any way to "cut out" the two images in there and do away with the white box?

A:Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9

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Will this program allow more than one doc to be displayed on screen at a time? When I have one open and try to open a second, the second replaces the first. I need to see both docs on screen at the same time. The Help menu is no help.

A:MIcrosoft Digital Image Pro 9

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I have the GFP-001 copier but i have a x64 window 7 program and this program will not work with my windows. only with windows xp. i have tried to find drivers or patches online but have not been able to. if any one has ideas that may work please help me.

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Is there anyway to increase the DPI resolution from 72 when transferring photos from a digital camera to the hard drive? Thank you.

A:transfer digital image and DPI settings

You can always change the DPI after you get it moved.
But, why do you want to do this ??

Changing JUST the DPI ( Dot Per Inch) doesnít really change anything other than the size, in inches, that the image thinks it wants to be. When the image is Displayed or Printed, you or your computer can tell it what physical size to be.

For example if you take a picture at a 1600 pixels (Dots) wide, and it thinks the DPI is 72, then it thinks the picture is 22 inches wide. If you change the DPI to 144, then the picture thinks it is 11 inches wide. Changing just the DPI only tells the image what physical size each pixel is and doesnít really change or alter the image.

You haven't change the picture quality which is still 1600 Pixels wide.

If you have a good Image Viewer and Basic Editor, you can resize it after it arrives in your HD.

If you donít have a good image editor/viewer, the best one is Free Ö

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I have a new laptop with windows 10. My Stratford GFP-001 does not work on it due to the software is for windows xp. Do I need new software or a different unit?

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Unfortunately, I'm having this problem once again. The other day I prematurely marked this thread SOLVED, so now I need to reopen it.

Using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.0, I had been editing and saving changes to my vacation photos for the past few days without any problems. Today I was in the process of editing/saving a few more pictures when all of a sudden I got the following error message:

Not enough disk space to complete this action. Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files, and then try again.

I've done the following: (1) ran Disk Cleanup and removed unnecessary files; (2) removed a large program from my HD; (3) ran System Restore to a safe point in time; and (4) finally, uninstalled and reinstalled Digital Image Pro. After each of these four actions I tried again to use Digital Image Pro to make and save changes. However, I received the same error message every time. What must I do in order to "free up disk space" and have the program work properly? I may be wrong, but this doesn't sound like a "disk space" problem to me.

Earlier I had wondered if the fact that a program CD was inserted in my CD drive at the time had anything to do with my receiving the error message about not having enough disk space. I've since learned that the inserted CD is not the cause of my problem.

For some reason I am able to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 to edit/save photos, but not Digital Image Pro.

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I have one of the above. Running Windows 7. Drivers are installed. Photoimpresson 6 installed and working properly with all other issues. When copier is plugged in - lights up fine.
When trying to copy slides, after calibrating, click the acquire button and all I get is a black square where slide should be. Slides are fine in projector.
Driving me nuts! Help!

A:Stratford Lab GDP-001 Digital Image Copier

I'd suggest contacting Arcsoft and see if there's any updates to the Photoimpresson 6 software.
It's been a few years, But as I remember, This is what I had to do for a friend

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Hello, i'm having a problem installing this program on Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
I know it's not supposed to be compatible, but is ALWAYS installed with no problems for me from years.

The problem is that...

- If you install it almost immediately after a fresh install everything installs fine.

- If you try to install it after you already installed some other programs or after a few Windows Updates, you can't install it anymore and it gives this message (i'm italian so the message is in italian, sorry for this).


I can guarantee this 100% as it already happen to me in the past and i had to format my PC again and install Digital Image Studio 10 as the first program ever for be able to install it correctly.

As i said, if you try to install it AFTER some other few programs or Windows Updates, for some reasons you can't install it anymore.

There is something that i can do for avoid this ?

I format yesterday and i don't want to do it again just for install one single program !


A:Microsoft Digital Image Studio 10

Have you tried Compatibility Mode?

Just to see, you could try installing it again, but this time change the Destination Folder name.

If it works you have your answer, and you can delete that folder. If not, we have some work to do.

There are others that you might like and are more compatible, Picasa 3: Free download from Google comes to mind.

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I took a picture with my digital cam, and when I DL'd it onto my PC, I realized that I was too close to the subject when the flash went off, therefore causing the pic to be mostly white. I see SOME of the image, but it's EXTREMELY bright. I've tried a couple of programs to darken it, but to no avail. This pic means alot to me, as it was a "once in a lifetime" pic. Any advice on fixing it? Thanks in advance!

A:Any advice on fixing a digital cam image?

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i know all DVD movies have encryption codes to protect them from virtually everythin g, but i need to snap a digital photo from a scene from "Tombstone" for a large tattoo project im doing next week. every time i try any DVD decryption software, i still onlt get a black screen when i snap a picture with my "screenhunter 5.0 pro". i DO NOT wish to cheat movie makers by stealing their movies - thats easy enough anyway. but does anyone have a suggestion as to how i can take a picture of a single paused frame for my upcoming art project?

A:how do i take digital photo of DVD movie image?

Sorry. Decryption, as you may know, is a federal crime. Probably not a good idea to advertize your crimes on the internet.

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I am photographer and have had some trouble uploading my images to client proofing sites this past month. On my desktop (Gateway PC 64 Bit Vista) I do all my normal image editing in CS2 and then do some resizing using BreezeBrowser and all is fine. When I try to upload to my proofing site (BluDomain) some of the images come out as black boxes. I tried working with their tech people to see if something was happening on their end but they said when I just tried to email an image to the rep, it came out as a black box. On my control panel of my proofing site it says it is 0 KB and 32x48 (aprox) size image which is not what is was when I uploaded it. So after removing and then reinstalling my software CS2 and BreezeBrowser software, it still did the same thing. Now if I just do all my image processing and do not up load the proofs onto the site on my desktop but just transfer them to my flash drive and then upload them from my laptop there are no problems what so ever. So something is happening when I upload the images from my desk top. Maybe something is corrupting them? I have run my security software many times but it found nothing (Trend Micro). Please help!

A:Trouble with digital image uploads

Can you be more specific about the uploads? Are you putting the images in a folder and uploading directly from the folder or using software?

If you resize the photos in Photoshop and never take them through ZoomBrowser do you have the same problem?

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Found this article on digital image storage at NikonDigital.org.
Thought some of you might find it interesting.


A:Digital Image Storage Article

Thanks - nice overview.

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Using Windows XP (service pk2)

Have lost the headings and text on Common Tasks (panel) although the mini icons are still visible.

Have re-installed Digital Image Pro 10 software, but still have the problem.
Everything else appears to work OK... any ideas?


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There's an expired program out there entitled Microsoft Digital Image that I had on my system before my recent reload of the W7 OS. I used this for some simple photo manipulations...superimposing a cutout over a photo. I'm currently in the painstakingly slow process of downloading my files from Carbonite and it may be several days before I get that setup file back which I have archived deep in "my downloads" somehwere. Does anyone have the setup file for that software they could send me attached to an email or by wetransfer.com?

A:Solved: Microsoft Digital Image

Might be time to look for a replacement freeware Image Editor
Paint.net might be a good choice for a mid-level editor.
I see it handles Layers, so it should be able to do your superimposing tasks and many others.

You could go all the way to an advanced editor like the Gimp ... or ... Adobe Photoshop Elements .. (Not Freeware)

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Got the new program for Christmas...I am still learning it, but it seems almost as good as they say.

Problem: Cannot register on-line through the program. Various error messages, all ending in "expired URL". Tried to get on the Microsoft homepage and there is no place for Digital Image, even in their support page, where you select the program you are writing about. Nothing.

Brand new program and I feel orphaned...

Anyone have an idea? How important is it to register?


A:Solved: Digital Image Suite

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I am working with some photos that I want to put captions in, but I want to use a text so the words will show up. Kind of like a caption box over an area of the picture. Does that make sense? I can't figure out how to have th etext over the shape, it keeps going underneath the box.

A:Solved: Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9

I just figured it out, put the shape in then the text!

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I have been using various forms of MS Digital Image Pro since Picture It came installed on my PC. When trying to INSERT a picture from the gallery, all of the sudden, without warning I started getting the error message "The catalog data base has become corrupt. Please reinstall the following applications to restore the database: Microsoft digital image Pro 9." This is followed by "Program error. Cannot start the task." I reinstalled, no change. I completely unisnstalled and reinstalled, no change. I found Article ID 870630 on Microsoft, and went through each step with care, reinstalled and no change. Anyone out there have a solution, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks -- Dan

A:Digital Image Pro 9 error message

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Tonight I bought MS Picture It! Digital Image Pro and it loaded very easily. No problem so far.

I was anxious to use the new ADJUST LIGHTING tool which allows you to add flash to a dark picture. The user's manual reads as follows:

To add flash to a photo:

1. On the TOUCHUP menu, click ADJUST LIGHTING.
The problem is that whenever I click on the TOUCHUP menu, while I do get several options, I do NOT get an ADJUST LIGHTING option! This has me really puzzled. Can anyone explain why that particular function is missing.

Thank you,

A:[SOLVED] MS Picture It! Digital Image Pro problems

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Before installing XP Pro (used to use XP Home), I never had a problem with the above software.
Now I am continually getting the Windows message that "an error has occurred, sorry for the inconvenience ......... do you want to send a report ............" and a checked prompt to restart the application.
When I click on the technical information for this error I can track it down to a file as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <WatsonData Build="Release">
<Lifetime StartTicks="95936765" EndTicks="95951078" />
<MemoryUsage TotalPhysical="1073250304" AvailablePhysical="436092928" />
<OpenImages LastDriveType="0">1</OpenImages>
<ActiveDocSpriteCountAtLastActivation spriteTypeShape="0" spriteTypePicture="0" spriteTypeThreeD="0" spriteTypeOle="0" spriteTypeGroup="0" spriteTypeText="0" spriteTypePaint="0" />
- <Messages>
<msg id="6" wParam="1" lParam="4785908" ticks="95937437" />
<msg id="1" wParam="0" lParam="455408" ticks="95937500" />
<msg id="273" wParam="11087" lParam="454348" ticks="95937515" />
<msg id="273" wParam="11087" lParam="451512" ticks="95937578" />
<msg i... Read more

A:Problem with Microsoft Digital Image 2006

See if you can open them reliably in this Freeware ...

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I've been using this software to label our thousands of JPG photos for a couple months now and with good results. Yesterday, about 3 dozen JPG photos can no longer be displayed in the browser window and in the viewer I get the message "Your picture cannot be displayed. The format cannot be recognized." I cannot find why this is happening in my google searches. In the explorer files, I lost only 2 of these files so far. Also, when I'm doing the labeling of the photos, occasionally a windows ballon pops up in the system tray saying that unable to write to file. A previous problem of crashes I was able to resolve when I read that GOBACK 4.0 was the culprit. Appreciate any help with this, thank you.

Here are my system specs:
1.10 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
​128 kilobyte primary memory cache
​512 kilobyte secondary memory cache
512 MB Memory
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 [Display adapter]

A:JPG cannot be displayed in MS Digital Image Suite 2006

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I have my MDIS 2006 library with many photos labeled. However, I now need to move the photos from the existing drive to another drive due to space limitations. Is there a easy way to have MDIS 2006 reassign the new path location of the moved photos on the new drive while maintaining all the labels set for the individual photos?

Thank you

A:Microsoft Digital Image Standard 2006

I'm not sure where DIS keeps the extra label and flags info. Have you tried a sample move with a few photos and see if the info follows? If not you can move the folders to the new destination from within DIS by highlighting the folder(s) to be moved and then Edit>Move to folder...and put them in the new location that way. If that doesn't retain the info I don't know what would.

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Hey all,

A co-worker of mine just came back from a family trip to El Salvador. Her brother went ahead and uploaded the vacation pics to his MySpace page.
But when you put the memory card back in the camera, the pics won't show up. It just says the card is not formatted - do you want to format it now?
I've tried tinkering with it several times. It says the same thing when you put the card in a card reader. And the same when you directly plug the camera into a computer via USB.
Is there any software (preferably free) she can use to retrieve her pictures? It's an Olympus camera so the card is xD. I would hate to see her family lose all those pictures.


A:Solved: Digital image recovery software

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Where would one look for Windows 7 drivers for this Copier?

A:Stratford Labs GFP-001 Digital Image Copier

Hi and welcome

I was checking here http://www.shopperite.com/shopping-faq/bellhowell-manuals-and-drivers.html
Then I noticed the last sentence at the bottom: GFP-001 is not compatible with Windows 7.

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Hello, Can someone please tell me how to set up a blank work space in "portrait" mode as opposed the default "landscape" mode? I am designing a yearbook in 7.0 and need to add items and set up the blank workspace in portrait mode, like the pages in my yearbook will be. I cannot find any way to do this. And printing in portrait mode moves everything I just worked on all over the page. I wish there were a "page setup" item or something like that.....Am I missing something?

Thank you for your time....


A:Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.0 Portrait Mode

I've got Digital Image Pro 9, but it should be the same basic thing.
Go to the top menu bar and click on FORMAT. The dropdown list will show several selections. pick out ROTATE and it should show "canvas".
click on that and the rotate window will open up. click on right or left and you should have your portrait mode. then click "done" and there you go.

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Does anyone know if their is a driver for the Sharper Image CX 602 that will work with Windows 7, 64 bit?

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Need the windows 8 64 bit driver for the Stratford Labs GFP-001 Digital Image Copier. Any leads would be appreciated. H E L P !

A:Stratford GFP-001 Digital Image Copier drivers

it looks like they only have windows 7 64 bit

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I have a 2009 or 2010, The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain. My problem is that i dont have the disk that originaly came with it. My computer seems to nor be able to format keychain either. Trying to find a dowlaodable copy of cd. Also any instructions or ideas of what to do with it.

A:The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain.

Welcome to T.S.G, unfortunately i don't own one of these and can't test to see if it works with it, but a quick search found this
Download the link is a direct link to a zip file, this file contains a CD img, of what supposedly came with your device... I have already checked it for viruses and its clean.

You can either burn this to a CD or "mount" the iso
For help on how to mount an iso google

Hope this helps.


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Recently my harddrive failed and I had it replaced. I had backed up my programs and personal files on Clickfree 6 however when doing the total backup Clickfree only supplied the personal files .... no programs even though they are still on Clickfree.

I proceeded to reload all the programs. When finished I see I do not have my information attached to each photo in the file for added properties, keywords and ratings.

Where can I find these associated files. What would the name be to search for???

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I use Digital Image 2006 specifically for it's library system. It is the best one I have found so far, for it's ability to add labels, keywords and tags. Digital Image adds these to the photo file as metadata. That file can then be moved to a new directory etc and the information is retained.

It works fine until I bought a laptop which is running over a wireless network. All the photos are on a desktop PC, on a dedicated hard drive, and the PC is hard wired into the network acting as a server

When I first installed Digital Image on the laptop, I set it to look at the images on the server. Everything was picked up and it even created all the necessary keyword categories. In that respect it worked as it should.

My difficulty now comes about when I assign labels or keywords on either machine. The date stamp for the photo shows that it has been updated but the other machine can't see the changes. Remember that they are both looking at the same image.

I think it has something to do with refreshing. If I add a a new photo to the library and add a keyword to a file the other machine can see it because it is the first time that machine has seen it. However if I just change or add a keyword to an existing file, it is not seen by the other machine.

If I move the file to a new directory, I think the other machine picks up the keyword, but I haven't fully tested that, and anyway I don't want to have to do that every time.

Digital Image has a refresh comman... Read more

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This update addresses a vulnerability that could allow malicious code to run on your computer through a specially crafted image file.

This update applies to the following versions of Picture It!, Picture It! Publishing, Greetings, Digital Image Pro, and Digital Image Suite:

Version 2002

Version 7.0

Version 9

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows ME

Multimedia PC with Pentium 166 MHz or higher processor

64 MB of RAM




A:Picture It! and Digital Image Security Update

delete that its not a question!
bye ,,,

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Were you able to assist previous requests for help on this matter:

I'm having difficulty with the software installation (Digital Image Copier Drive and ArcSoft PhotoImpression6) for the Stratford Labs image copier. The manual states, "Setup Microsoft DirectX9.0" but that is not something that appears on the on-screen instructions. When I try to "acquire the photo from scanner", a message appears that it cannot find the camera and "Please connect the Omnivision SuperCam". I don't know what the Omnivision Super Cam is and their troubleshooting hints in the manual are useless.

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I want to purchase a new notebook and they all have Windows 7 now. Can I install my Frontpage 2003 and Digital Image Suite 9?
Thanks for any advice!

A:Frontpage, Digital Image Suite 9, Windows 7

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Using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.0, I had been editing and saving changes to my vacation photos for the past few days without any problems. Today I was in the process of editing/saving a few more pictures when all of a sudden I got the following error message:

Not enough disk space to complete this action. Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files, and then try again.

I've done the following: (1) ran Disk Cleanup and removed unnecessary files; (2) removed a large program from my HD; (3) ran System Restore to a safe point in time; and (4) finally, uninstalled and reinstalled Digital Image Pro. After each of these four actions I tried again to use Digital Image Pro to make and save changes. However, I received the same error message every time. What must I do in order to "free up disk space" and have the program work properly? I may be wrong, but this doesn't sound like a "disk space" problem to me.

A:Solved: MS Digital Image Pro 7.0 -- Not enough disk space???

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Stratford Labs Digital Image Copier GFP-001 does not work. All the software seems to be up and running on my Windows 10 machine, but when I insert a slide into the device no image appears

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