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Unable to set a lock screen background image (Win10).

Q: Unable to set a lock screen background image (Win10).

I am currently unable to set a lock screen background image (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit). When on the Lock Screen customization window, it is pretty bare with no images to choose from. Browsing and choosing any image results in nothing happening and it does not add it (refer to LockScreen image attached). If I try to set it when viewing any image it has the error "Can't set as lock screen. Make sure the file isn't damaged and try again." (refer to PhotoSet image attached). Also note that the Slideshow option is not in the dropdown either.

Some background on this is probably needed, so here's what has happened/been done:
In Windows 8.1 I customized the default lock screen to a custom image using the guide at http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials...ndows-8-a.html (the manual method/Option 2). Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10 and it set the lock screen to a basic color. Then the fun started...

1. Lock Screen customization appeared normal/functional. Tried choosing a different image or custom image. It would appear set, but lock screen would not change (even after reboot).

2. Tried troubleshooting by taking the same actions as in Windows 8.1. Did the same actions for the new folders that Windows 10 uses in the %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData\ folder (deleted the images within the lettered folder(s)).

3. Checked every Registry Key I found mention of when searching online (none needing to be changed).

4. I renamed the SystemData folder as a website recommended. Windows did make a new, fresh copy. However this is what kicked it over to the state I am in now. Restoring the old folder did no good.

5. Before coming here I did one last thing. I ran sfc /scannow. It claimed the img100 was corrupt and replaced it, but nothing changed.

Anyone have any idea what I can do to restore the functionality of the Lock Screen customization without reinstalling Windows? Note that I am not trying to change the logon screen background...even though I would love to do that too. Other than this issue everything is running great/perfect.

Preferred Solution: Unable to set a lock screen background image (Win10).

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to set a lock screen background image (Win10).

You're not alone. I'm experiencing EXACTLY the same problem.

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Hi folks,


A year or more ago I followed [this guide](How to Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10) to set the Sign-in screen to a single colour rather than having to use Microsoft's default background image.So I set my own custom background image for the Lock screen (with no problem), and then once I hit a key to bring up the Sign-in screen it would should a solid background colour (happy days!).

I just upgraded to the Anniversary Update with no problems. My setup of Lock screen = custom image and Sign-in screen = solid colour was still working.I read that Microsoft had changed it so that when you hit a key to bring up the Sign-in screen it would just keep your Lock screen image behind and show the password box on top. This sounded good to me so I ran the 'undo' script provided in the link above (the 'enable' script).Now, when I lock my computer I see no image at all (a completely black background, but it's not broken because the date and time show up), and only when I hit a key to bring up the Sign-in screen do I see the custom Lock screen background image I selected. The kicker is: if I go into the Lock screen settings and turn "Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen" OFF, then it reverts to my old custom setup: showing my selected Lock screen background image on the lock screen, but then showing a solid colour when I bring up the Sign-in screen :/
I'm wondering if the registry setting changed at all for the Annive... Read more

A:Lock screen background image does not appear (Anniversary Update)

As explained in the following tutorial there are two lock screens; the user lock screen and the default lock screen.

Lock Screen Background for Secure Sign-in - Change in Windows 10

I think you will find the registry entries are now different.

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i tried to change lockscreen wallpaper several times but i couldn't make it even noe i cant enable battery saver and use right side keys num keys

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Hello, I am pretty good with computer but I have ran in to a problem I just can't fix. The operating system will not let me change the lock screen background mode from Windows Spotlight to something else. I have searched for an hour without any luck. My laptop has had a history of breaking down. The first time was hard drive failure and I have lost all my data. The second time I needed to repair was when the computer got so slow it was unusable and eventually got blue screens at boot And I needed to reinstall the operating system. When I try to go to edit the setting it is grayed out and on the top it says Some settings are managed by your organization" I am not apart of any organization and I am the only user on the computer with Administrator privileges. I would be very happy if you could help me with this, thanks in advance!

A:Unable to change lock screen background mode.

I have a very similar problem as this with my lockscreen which I've been trying to fix for about a week. I have seen that it seems many have similar problems so it may be a common windows error. For a while my lockscreen was the default red rock formation but only half of it showed as the bottom half was black. Now, when waking from sleep or restarting, My lock screen will be all black when I wake it up like it's trying to load a picture but cant. I can't click through to the sign in screen so I have to wait but it eventually just goes to the signin screen. Attempting to go to personalization>lockscreen grays settings out without going to the lockscreen option and then I just have to close settings. I tried Deleting all files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\Loca lState\Assets and turned off sync for themes and windows settings and windows spotlight was working fine with new images last night and this morning but now it's back to the same thing. I get a security warning when selecting all files in the above folder and right clicking also.

Clicking personalization>lockscreen screenshot

Security warning in windows spotlight folder

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1, but it reset my custom lock screen image.  I tried re-applying it but the lock
screen preview in the settings is stuck on a load loop.  Does anyone know why that is and why it won't set my custom image as the new lock screen image?
i can't find the  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Systemdata, folder,
in my laptop
how to get default lock screen images in 8.1? plz help me..

A:Lock Screen Custom Image Stuck on Load for Windows 8.1, (Can't see the default lock screen images)

Please take a look at this link and it should solve your problem.

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Okay, here's a puzzler.
I am visiting my brother in California with my laptop. My home pc is in Chicago.
IN CALIFORNIA, my nephew as a joke puts a funny image on as a background image for my Win10 desktop. Cute.
After an appropriate laugh, I return the laptop back to my solid color desktop.
4 DAYS LATER, I return home to Chicago, key in my 4 digit pin to open Win10 at home. That same image is now the desktop background! Yes, its true, and indeed the image is on my hard drive as well.

Both laptop and home pc run Win10.
They are both on the same workgroup.
I use Teamviewer to connect between the 2, but I DID NOT CONNECT while I was away at all. I tried but Teamviewer said my homepc was offline.
I don't know if any of these facts are relevant.
Is there some sync'ing going on that I am not aware of? I have never seen/heard of such a thing. But I swear, this happened.


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is there any way to remove/delete/disable/get rid of the time and date display on the lock screen on a Windows 10 PC?

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With the release of 1607 (Anniversary Update) we can no longer set the default lock screen image on our domain-joined Win10 Pro PCs via GPO. Is there a location in the registry that can be used to set this to a custom corporate wallpaper instead of the ever-changing Microsoft images?

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Good Afternoon, I have been having a bit of difficulty with restoring a Windows System Image backup from my external Hard Drive. While it wrote to the hard drive fine, the windows doesn't seem like it wants to detect it in order to restore. So far I have tried using another External Hard drive and an extra Internal Hard Drive by copying the WindowsImageBackup folder (and it's contents), however it still doesn't seem to want to say it has found a backup. I've tried scouring the internet with not much luck.

The .vhdx files mount fine in disk management so I am not worried about losing the files, however I would much prefer to actually restore the system image in full to the main hard drive. I've thought about trying to restore it from the vhdx directly, however I haven't had much luck with information on that either.
So to sum it up, I have a Windows System Image that doesn't detect, but has perfectly fine vhdx files.
Other information:
My system has 4 Internal hard drives although only my windows installation drive is backed up and I have 1 internal drive to mess around with for internal connections if needed

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Am I missing something? What's the value of having to click the lock screen to get to the sign-in screen? I had instructions to suppress this in 1511 at http://windows.wonderhowto.com/how-t...ws-10-0162965/ , but it no longer works in 1607. Is there any known method to accomplish the same thing in 1607?

A:Can the lock screen on boot be disabled in Win10 1607

Hello Bob, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You can still use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to disable the lock screen in W10 1607, but it won't work the lock screen at startup.

Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

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 I can't see thumbnails for the images before picking a desktop. And if I do click on one to save it doesn't change, and the background remains black. I also can't set an image as a background, because when I right click and choose set as background, it doesn't do anything either.
Here is an example of what I see when I try to select a theme or background. 


I had the computer cleaned on this thread here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/559260/cannot-run-windows-service-programs-etc/page-2

A:I am unable to change my background or set an image as one.

What happens if you select Windows Desktop Backgrounds instead of Desktop for your Picture location?

Best of luck and Please keep BC posted!

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The Yoga won's shutdown whe I press the button win-shutdown.It's going always to the lock screen where I have to choose "shutdown" again. How can I adjust win that's going to switch off directly? I have bought two Yoga 730-13IWL, both does have this annoying behavior.

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Since I've got Win10, I have random wallpapers on the lock screen. To be precise, there is the lock screen where the username appears, but before that, from a standbye of the computer, there is a random picture proposed by Win10, which leads to the lock screen after having pressed a key. Those pictures are generated automatically by Win10 and change after few days. Since sometimes I really appreciate those pictures, I would like to know how to save them ? Because once it changes, I will probably never see this picture back anymore...

Thanks in advance for your advices !

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Hi All, We´ve been facing an issue with V310 notebooks with Win 10. Everything works fine after win 10 installation and configuration, but after register it on our domain, it starts to freeze or stay on loop at lock screen. We try to unlock inserting user´s password, and it keep in loop and does not go forward. We try to restart it, but then it keeps with the same behavior. We have HP notebooks here in our company and it does not happen. Only with Lenovo. Does anyone here faced similar issues ? Thank you.

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In PERSONALISATION I have the Lock Screen background set to 'Windows spotlight' but I just get the standard background looking out of a cave at two rocks in the sea. Why don't I get the changing backgrounds that I have to 'Like'?

I did find the pictures themselves with long file names in a c:\users sub directory.

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In PERSONALISATION I have the Lock Screen background set to 'Windows spotlight' but I just get the standard background looking out of a cave at two rocks in the sea. Why don't I get the changing backgrounds that I have to 'Like'?

I did find the pictures themselves with long file names in a c:\users sub directory.

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What was Microsoft thinking when they not only made this login (not the lock) background image impossible for a user, using normal means, to change, but also stuck the user with the most hideous looking stock images (those cartoonish images of Seattle, etc)? I finally found different sites that gave elaborate instructions for changing the login background, which I did, but it was quite a messy process.

A:Login (not lock) Screen Background

Hello mbratch,

You might also take a look at the tutorials below to see if they may help make it easier to do.

How to Change Start and Sign in Screen Background and Color in Windows 8


How to Change the Default Sign in Screen Background Color in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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I'm running windows 8.1 Enterprise with dual monitors and am curious if anyone knows if one is able to extend the Lock Screen background image onto the second monitor. I have the regular screen settings to landscape mode and was able to instill 2 different pictures on the backgrounds when the computer is in use, but I cannot find anywhere if Windows 8 has the ability to do the same thing for the lock screen. I am working on a work PC, so I shouldn't download any 3rd party apps...anyone have any ideas??

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I regularly use the 24 hour time format for all of my systems.
Its not a major issue I have now with Win10, but its annoying a bit.

Before I logon to Windows 10, the default lock screen theme has the time in 12 hour format instead of the 24 hour format.
In Windows, I set everything in 24 hour time. Period. I just don't like 12 hour time.
However, when I sign out or just by locking my screen, it does show the time in 24 hour format.
But when I reboot my system it shows the time in 12 hour format.

Is this a bug or what in Win10?


A:Win10 Default Lock Screen theme does not show 24 Hour Time

Mine shows 24 hour.

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I typically like the lock screens that Windows 10 shows very much.

Already several times I was wondering how to get more background info on the picture shown, specifically:
where was that picture taken? Or like today: what village does it show? It's beautiful and I'ld love to travel there to see more of this beautiful town and its area!

Any pointers or hints?

A:Background info on lock screen images?

Originally Posted by mmo

I typically like the lock screens that Windows 10 shows very much.

Already several times I was wondering how to get more background info on the picture shown, specifically:
where was that picture taken? Or like today: what village does it show? It's beautiful and I'ld love to travel there to see more of this beautiful town and its area!

Any pointers or hints?

Lock your screen manually using WinKey+L then hover on the "Like what you see?" link in the upper right hand corner:

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How can I add a right click menu to an image file in order to be able to set it as a Lock Screen background.

P.s. Reg. file I guess?


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Hi, recently i've tried to change my Lock Screen settings and i've found that the entire page in PC settings for the Lock Screen seems corrupt in some way. As can be seen from the screenshot below, I cannot view my current lock screen background (no endless spinnning wheel, just an empty area) or change it (if i click on one of the others, the chosen picture appears to move into the white space area although I still can't see it - the old one just moves into view below - although it does change the actual lock screen background) and weirdly the Lock Screen apps are showing their application path rather than their icons - even if i try to change them, it still shows their path - and I don't feel they're actually being displayed on the lock screen regardless.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried deleting the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData folder that was suggested in another thread, but that has had zero effect.

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These aren't very important problems, but I'm just curious why this happen after Anniversary Upgrade.
- When I start my PC or when I shutdown/restart, in the log screen there isn't my profile image. Just the generic blank one.
The image is still present when I click on Start button on desktop and in Control Panel. I also tried to set it again.
- I prefer a "blank" lock screen background as I had before, with no panorama pictures or nothing. How can I remove it?

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A week ago I switched on my PC (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card) which had previously been working and on which I had made no changes. It went through the normal boot. There are 5 users and normally it gets to the default lock screen (beach from cave) which I hit enter to display the user list. But this time instead of the lock screen it displayed a blue screen with rotating dots. The dots sometimes made complete circles and sometimes started to make a circle get part way round then jump to the beginning. Mouse+keyboard was not responding. I could access the shared content from another PC. I had previously setup the PC to accept Remote Desktop connection. When I attempted Remote Desktop from my Windows phone my taskbar would load on my phone but the desktop would not and nothing responded. When I tried to access from my laptop it would not respond at all. I logged into safe mode and switched to the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. This booted but took longer to get to the user list and didn't display the lock screen. Also the user list screen flickered blank and back on. I logged into a user. WIN+L triggered the user's lock screen, but never the default one. Edge displays a blank window but Chrome works correctly. I changed the default lock screen and tried with the ATI driver - same rotating dots. I have a spare nVidia card so I went back to safe mode, changed back to MS Basic Adapter, rebooted into normal mode, uninstalled the ATI software, s... Read more

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Hi again

My HP notebook running the AU update... and so fr running well

On occasions when I use the sleep mode and then open the lid to wake it I get a black screen with the clock/date on and a few icon, i.e wireless etc, nut missing the background image, when I hit a key it brings up the screen with the background image and the log-in box...

Any idea why the image does not show on the initial wake screen? it does not always do this, and if I shut down and power back on I get the image with the clock and a press of the key brings the log-in box...

Seem to do it sometimes when waking from sleep..


A:Lock screen image

Go to Start/Search and type Power Options, press enter. On the left panel click on Choose What Power Buttons do. Click the link for Change Settings that are currently unavailable. Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended)

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Sometimes I have no image on the lock screen. Just a black background with the time and the date. If I go to Lock screen in Settings and select a different picture the sign-in background changes but lock screen background is still black. The only time I see a background on the lock screen is after restarting or after signing out. If computer returns from sleep or if I lock my computer it is just black with date and time. This has been on going for past few builds. Any ideas?

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So I disabled the lock screen as it's just another unnecessary click to login, but what I want to be able to do is customise the background image of the login/ctrl+alt+del screen. I know you can change the "accent" colour but I don't want to use a solid colour. How do I go about this?

A:How do I change the login screen image? (NOT lock screen)

DisplayFusion: Multiple Monitors Made Easy! ? Binary Fortress Software

Precisely: Windows Logon Background | Features ? DisplayFusion ? Binary Fortress Software

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I have this weird problem since installing the anniversary update: after each restart the lock screen no longer shows a Windows Spotlight image, it shows my old Facebook cover photo which is argue and I hate it but I've been through all the settings and can't find a way to change it. Can anyone give us a hand?

A:Lock Screen Image Is Wrong

Hello stupot, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help. Be sure to double check the information at the top.

Lock Screen Background - Change in Windows 10

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Hey all,

I can't seem to change my lock screen image, in the settings I have picked an image (or folder, i tried both) and all I get to see is my default color, no image.

I have Windows 8.1.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Can't select Lock Screen Image

Hello Grandel, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Just to make sure, you are talking about the "Lock" screen in the link below....
Lock Screen - Background Image - Change in Windows 8
and not the "Sign-in" screen below? The sign-in screen only has the option for a solid color.
Start Screen - Change Background Color and Image

Hope this helps for now,

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So when I first got this laptop in January, it came with Win10.

I use high contrast all the time, and have installed various workaround extensions to help deal with my vision issues.

Initially I used a workaround method I found on a forum to change my lock screen, even though it's in high contrast - which was to put the image I wanted into the web\screen folder and rename it. I did that.

I had to reinstall Windows 10 due to a corrupted update file, and while my lock screen image is still the default, and even still visible in the lock screen customization screen when i'm in normal contrast - it's no longer in the web\screen folder, and I can't find it /anywhere/.

Anyone have this issue? Also, I can't rename any of those files anymore to even begin to change it that way again.

thanks in advance.

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Hello, I choose my own lock screen image in .bpm format (simple Welcome! text on white background, not transparent) but it's getting gray. How to fix it? I want pure white lock screen.

A:Lock screen image is getting gray.

Probably because it is a .bmp image, try using or converting your image to .png

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Just installed Windows 10 on my primary laptop and the lock screen is a solid blue (if I change my theme color, the lock screen changes too). However, I have Windows Spotlight turned on. I've tried setting a static picture or slideshow as the background. I also confirmed that the files needed for Windows Spotlight are indeed downloaded onto my computer. It just refuses to change.

It's worth noting that on my secondary computer with Windows Insider builds, I have, and have been having, the same problem. Any ideas as to how to fix it?

My lock screen (apparently you can't screenshot the lock screen):

My settings app:

The folder where Windows Spotlight stores images:

A:Windows 10 Lock Screen Background Doesn't Show Up (stays theme color)

And blue is the accent color for that theme, correct?

After installing Windows 10 on my laptop my lock screen is experiencing the same problem as you, as well as in the desktop. In the desktop I found out that if I set a specific picture or slideshow and set the taskbar to detect color, the taskbar will switch colors to match the picture(s) as if they were displaying, but the pictures themselves don't actually appear on either the desktop or lockscreen.

If we are having an identical problem, that would mean that the pictures are still displaying, but the accent colors are taking priority over them, in a sense.

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first to say: I hope I've posted this problem in a proper place, if not so plz forgive me

the last time I changed my OS, I faced a problem, the drive "C:" root folder was write protected (it was not before, I could easily create texts etc). I decided to let it be in that situation, the problem started while trying to install applications, the applications were installed incompletely or partly installed, so I decided to take ownership of the whole drive "C:". I think this occurred because of Sharing rules, anyway I took ownership of the entire drive except some sys files such as: hiberfil.sys etc. Before doing this the whole operating system was working properly but after doing so, my above mentioned problems solved, but after that, my lock screen image has gone "Blue"! and I guessed that ownership causes the problem, so I tried so many solutions, including reinstalling a fresh copy of windows or trying the method mentioned in this link, but nothing changed . first I'll share my current lock screen image to show you I've changed it, after I'll share a shot of my lock screen blue image! plz help me this is so annoying!

pic 1:
pic 2:

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I wanted to know is there any possibility to put my own image in background of metro start screen???

Apologies if same thread exists, link me if so. Many thanks

A:Put your own image in Start Screen Background

As of yet, no. Before in the Developer Preview and I think the Consumer Preview, you were able to change the image in the very top and very bottom of the screen. The middle part can't be an image. For some strange reason, Microsoft designed the Start Screen's tile ribbon to a be the moving element, and not the tiles themselves. But then again, if you had an image, about 60 percent of it will be covered up.

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I can change the lock screen image from Settings > Lock Screen without any problems and when I lock the computer my intended lock screen image is the one I chose, but when I boot the computer up or sign out the lock screen image is always some default W10 image.

I'm using W10 Home with the latest updates. I have the background on the lock screen settings page as "picture".

I've read that there's actually two separate lock screens: a default/welcome lock screen and a user lock screen. I'm guessing the one on startup and after a sign out is the default/welcome lock screen, but I can't find how to change it.

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How can I add a right click menu to an image file in order to be able to set it as a Lock Screen background.

P.s. Reg. file I guess?


A:How to set Lock Screen image from right click menu

Hi there Haikgh,

no, it is not possible to add a feature to the rightclick menu to set a picture directly as lock screen background.

There is however a workaround! You can use the rightclick menu to set a picture as your dekstop background. And using a program like decor8 (Decor8 - Personalize the Windows? 8 Start screen with Decor8?!), you can change a setting so that the lockscreen is always the same as your desktop background.

Goodluck with it!



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I cannot change my Lock Screen image in Windows 8.1. During my laptop setup, I imported a Facebook cover photo and now I want to change it. I read many answers in

Microsoft Community but whatever I tried, nothing worked. A reply directed me here. I hope you can help.
I have tried:
- Settings ? PC and devices ? Lock screen. Whatever I do, the dots just spin forever.
- changing the owner of %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData to no avail.
- running the "takeown" command.
Nothing seems to work for me. Please help.

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I want to remove the screen you have to pull out of the way to enter your password during boot-up or restoring from sleep, etc. Usually I just hit the space bar and it slides away but I find it unnecessary, there must be a way to disable it?

A:Disable Lock-Screen Image Slider?

Hello Floyd,

This would be the lock screen. The tutorial below can help show you how to disable it.

Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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So I like flowing themes between my lock screen, account picture and desktop background. I can customize my account picture and desktop background no problem but when once I go to change my lock screen, my settings screen shuts down. Ive tried reopening it time and time again, restarting etc. Does anyone know the problem and how I can fix it?

I own a lenovo p400 ideapad laptop with windows 8.1 installed

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I've found a policy that allows to to disable changing the lock screen wallpaper; however I need to be able to specify an image.

What happened to the method that was available in Windows 7? The OEM branding?

A:Group policy to set lock screen image

To change the lock screen picture just see this thread:

Lock Screen Background Image - Enable or Disable Changing in Windows 8

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My lock screen images I select from my computer looks terrible.
Is there any way to set the image to fit, stretch, fill as with the desktop images????


A:Settings for Custom Lock Screen Image?

Select one the same size as your resolution.

Or get Decor8 from Stardock:


A picture:

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i m unable to change my windows 8 appearance as this menu is disable in my windows can anyone please help me as i m new to windows 8 ?

A:unable to customize lock screen, start screen, account picture

If you're using the official release of Windows 8 Enterprise trial, you'll need to activate it. PC Settings doesn't have an entry to Activate, so you'll need to go to the Desktop to do so. The little Action Center icon on the lower right hand side (a little flag) should have a red X. Click on it, and it should say you need to activate. Do so, and you'll get those customizing features unlocked.

Product Key Number - Change in Windows 8

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First I want to point out that the "Play a slide show on the lock screen" is not the option that I'm looking for, since it remembers the original image that was set for the lock screen after I log back in, or restart the computer.

I am looking for an option that will always load a random picture from a certain folder to appear as my lock screen, every time the lock screen appears.
So for example, I turn on the computer and I see Image #1. I log into my account and after a few minutes I lock the computer. When I lock the computer, I want to see Image #7 as the lock screen. Now I restart the computer. Windows shuts down and starts up again. I am now at the lock screen again. I want to see Image #4. (The reason why those image numbers are like that is because they're random).

So does anyone know of an option in Windows that can do that, or a 3rd party program that can do that?

Thanks so much

A:Set A Random Image Every Time The Lock Screen Appears

It costs $1.99 but it sounds like exactly what you asked for:

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Hello everyone!

I have a strange problem when it comes to switching the image on my lock screen. I have a legitimate copy of windows 8, and I have just upgraded to the new windows 8.1.

when I go to pc settings to change the lock screen background, I can see the default windows 8.1 lockscreen images available for use, and I can look for a custom image to select, so the I don't have the problem with grayed out buttons. What's wrong is, every time I try to change to a different image (same goes for the default, built in backgrounds) , the preview will remain blank with an infinite loading symbol. This leads me to believe that Windows is not changing the background image for the lock screen at all. This is true because every time I login to my computer I have the same default image I got when I installed windows 8.1.

Am I missing something here? before I would use another program called Lock Screen customizer, found here, WinAero: Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 to change my lock screen image, but the Windows 8.1 version does not have the option to change the background lock screen image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:problem changing windows 8.1 lock screen image

Welcome to Windows EightForums, TheGasMaster438.

Please take a look at these two. They will run in 8.1.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8

DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8

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A while back, I set an image from the Bing app as my lock screen. Is that image stored anywhere so that I can access it (and set it as my background)?

I checked C:\Windows\Web\Screen. The default lock screen images were there, but not the Bing image.

A:Bing app image lock screen folder location?

Hello headhunta, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could install Bing Desktop to be able to quickly use Bing images for your desktop background.

Bing Desktop - Set Homepage Image as Desktop Background

Hope this helps,

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This is really annoying, but I set my lock screen image as my own image and every time I boot up my computer or log in/log out, the default lock screen image flashes right before my image. It is a real eye-sore.

I found the image in the windows folders, it is: C:\Windows\Web\Screen\img100.jpg. Deleting or modifying the image does not prevent it from still flashing there before I log in.

I am running win 8.1 with a Solid State Drive. The SSD is really fast, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

Anyone else run into this problem and maybe have a solution?


A:default lock screen imageflashes before my selected image

do you want delete images From this path?


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