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Satellite L50-A-19N, new SSD and possibly faulty SATA port

Q: Satellite L50-A-19N, new SSD and possibly faulty SATA port

Hi, I decided to speed up my laptop by replacing almost unused ODD with a new SSD drive so mounted the disk into adaptive frame and plugged into the DVDR slot. Firstly everything looked up fine but after further attempts to clone old drive or install brand new Windows from bootable pendrive this new drive started behave unpredictably, ie. give errors, freeze, timeout partitioning operations or even wasnot visible as connected physical device case by case.
I firstly suspected the drive self so sent it to RMA, but the seller returned it with no hardware fault found. So now the surmise lies on faulty SATA subsystem. Since original HDD connected to SATA port #1 operates alltime without issues the possibly failing part is the SATA port #2 or SATA cable.
I will appreciate a solution to have flawlessly working SSD and possibly also keeping the old plate harddrive to retain storage space for less speed critical data
I.e. any chance to make working the problematic 2nd SATA channel, swap the ports, but then probably the old drive will be the one not stable. In the last resort I can try to change the SATA cable, but don't know which type I can use and if it's replaceable at all. Thanks for any good advices.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L50-A-19N, new SSD and possibly faulty SATA port

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


A few days ago I upgraded my PCs motherboard, from a MSI Z370 PC Pro, to a Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon (also MSI), at first there was no issues at all, until a few days after, my Ethernet speeds were dropping randomly.

One minute Ill have perfect internet speeds over ethernet (my normal speeds of 200mbps), then the next my download will be almost 0 mbps, while upload speeds are fine. This happens randomly, isnt fixed by a reboot, and Ive found no way to fix it. Ive tried the following troubleshooting:

Tried different Ethernet cables
Tried a different PC, and tested the speeds over WiFi (to see if it was my internet)
Removed and reinstalled the Ethernet drivers (once for each source: MSI site, Intel site and Windows device manager/update)
Assigning manual/static IP configuration within windows
Resetting BIOS
Updated BIOS

I should also mention that after the BIOS update (which did complete successfully) my 8600k was not being detected, I spent a few hours troubleshooting this and in the end what fixed it was either reseating the CPU power cable (wasnt an issue until the BIOS update however) or resetting the CMOS (Im leaning to this) But the core thing here is another issue seen is a CPU not being detected for a short period of time

As of now I cant think of anything else to try with troubleshooting the Ethernet port, and I am leaning towards an RMA. If anyone needs any more info about my specs I can provide them.

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After opening case of C70-B I see, close to memory slots, an empty slim SATA connector and a fairly big open space after it.

It's possible to connect a SSD driver here?

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Hi guys,

My spec:
1. motherboard - gigabyte ga-z77x-d3h
2. RAM - 8Gb Corsair CML8GX3M2A1600C9
3. Graphics Card - msi gtx 780 twin frozr overclock
4. PSU - Corsair 650 txm
5. Windows 7
6. 128G SSD HD
8. CPU - i7 3770k

PC been fine for almost 2 years, haven't changed anything for the past 2 weeks, i.e. no new hardware or software or windows update.
I was away for a few days, went back home.
Hard crashed within few minutes (i.e. ctrl-alt-del didn't work).
Windows reported blue-screen error.
Looked around in safe mode, device manager showed problem with graphics card.
Disabled graphics card.
Re-started windows looked ok except all graphics related programs, still in 1080p.
Went bought a new graphics card.
Put in the graphics card.
Clean installed the graphics driver.
Worked fine for a few hours.
Same problems again (crashing, problem with graphics card in device manger .... etc).
Then all the graphical output started to deteriorate.
Windows can no longer run in 1080p, the same in Ubuntu 12.04, still normal in BIOS.
Then the problematic output spreaded to the screen before the Operating systems start, i.e. in the option page to choose whether to go to the safe mode.

I took some pictures to demonstrate the problem

Performed the memtest86+ and no error was reported.

Any advice/suggestion appreciated.
Many thanks!!

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Everytime i try to either go on msn messenger, Play wow or something my internet connection is strange. I either get random dcs. Or my computer freezes. (Crashes randomly). I think it could possibly be the drivers. But i only updated them the other week. Any suggestions?

Note : Internet disconnects for 30 seconds once the phone line rings. Disconnects on World of Warcraft just randomly can happen every 30 seconds or every 5-6 hours. I can log straight back in tho.

Router, Ethernet - ZyXel - P660H Series. I believe.
I'm not sure of my IP I will post if it's needed.

Any other information required please just ask. I would like to solve this. I think it could be that the drivers arn't possibly installed and causing games to randomly crash/dc but im not 100% sure about the phone line situation. If anyone could help me with this i will be very thankfull.

And as a reply to my last topic which was closed regarding my router dcing at 10:30 as a Curfue. The reason i want it turned off is that my parents split up. (Mum and Stepdad). Mum isn't a computer geek and knows nothing of computers. Stepdad works for a programming company and refuses to take the restriction off even tho he doesn't live here anymore. Is it possible to get help for this aswell?. I repeat. ZyXEL P660H Series i believe.

Help with this would be fantastic. Thank you.

-Kindest Regards.

A:Internet Connection possibly faulty?

The line disconnections when the phone rings screams of bad or missing DSL filters. It could also simply be poor quality phone wiring in the house. I'd start by making sure all the filters are properly installed on EVERY piece of equipment connected to the phone line EXCEPT the DSL modem.

As far as the parental restrictions on the router, we do not help with stuff like that. Obviously, we only have your word that this would be "ok" with your parent(s) now. See the TSG Rules about lost password help, this falls under the same restriction. Once again, please do not ask for help with this particular issue here again.

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Hello. I've been trying to use Paragon migrate to move Windows 7 from HDD to SSD. Apparently there is something wrong with my "boot records of partitions" according to Paragon tech support and that is why Migrate doesn't do the job. They want me to use the following on my HDD to try and fix it.

- Create Windows 7 Repair Disc (Control Panel - Backup & Restore - Create a system repair disc)
- Select Use recovery tools and then select Recovery console from recovery tools menu
- type the next commands:
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootsect /nt60 all
My question is, can that mess my booting of Windows in any way, as thus far my Windows 7 work fine? Is there a way to check the health of "boot records of partitions" without these commands, as I fear it will just replace it and that might cause Windows be unstable. Please advise. Thank you.

A:Boot record partition is possibly faulty

In my opinion if it is booting now do not fix it.If it is a brand name system it could have up to four partitions some of which are non standard. If that is the case running fixmbr could cause the system recovery to stop working. Using the system repair disc you should be able to run chkdsk /f safely. If you suspect bad sectors one the drive try to clone it first or at least backup your data.What brand of SSD is it. Intel for example makes a free download to clone to their SSD. Intel® Data Migration Software (Only for Intel SSD drives)The Intel® Data Migration Software simplifies the moving of the contents of your old storage device to your new Intel® Solid-State Drive.Intel® Data Migration SoftwareThe Intel® Data Migration Software simplifies the moving of the contents of your old storage device to your new Intel® Solid-State Drive.Seagate and Western digital make cloneing software available that should work. They also will only run if you have their brand of drive in the system.Seagatehttp://www.seagate.com/support/internal-hard-drives/enterprise-hard-drives/savvio-15k/discwizard-master-dl/Data MigrationIf you are upgrading and want to migrate your data from the old drive to the new drive we provide DiscWizard as an option. Check out our instructional video on how to use DiscWizard to replace your hard drive.Western Digitalhttp://support.wdc.com/product/downloaddetail.asp?swid=119&wdc_lang=enAcronis True Image WD EditionAcronis True Image W... Read more

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Hello people,

I installed a new SeaSonic 430W 80+ Bronze S12II-430 in my friends' computer. When I plugged the machine in and touched the chassis, I got zapped. I disconnected everything, looked inside the box, to make sure I had installed the motherboard and connected everything properly (no extra screw-holder thingies in the mobo panel, for instance). It all looked good. I then connected the power cord to the PSU, and leaving the switch off, touched the box with an electric screwdriver (and to verify my findings also with my bear hand....) to find it was live, alright, got zapped again.

Now, if the power switch is off, the PSU shouldn't be giving any power to any components within the computer, right? So, can I safely deduce that the PSU is faulty and return it to the store?


A:Solved: Possibly faulty PSU - I get zappoed touching the chassis

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This is my computer: CyberpowerPC Stealth Raider 250 Desktop PC Intel Core i7 4790 (3.6GHz) 16GB DDR3 2TB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit - Newegg.com

I got this computer in November. I didn't used to have issues, but in the past two days my computer has been dying while gaming. It doesn't blue screen, it goes straight to a black screen and I have to hold down the power button to power it off and restart. Sometimes, when I restart the computer, there will be a BSOD notification (as in, the little window popping up just to let me know something happened), but not always. This culminated today in something like 3 crashes in a row within minutes of each other, and then I was unable to even see my screen as in when I turned it back on the computer's lights came on and its fans were running but there was no output to my monitor. I opened it up and tightened any connections (nothing was really loose) and tried again and this time it powered up, hence me being able to post this. My power supply is 450W and I'm thinking maybe that it just can't handle my gaming and I should replace it with a 600W supply, but obviously don't want to do that without being sure that's the problem.
I looked at the dump files and I saw they mentioned my graphics driver but I have kept it up to date.

It's within the one year warranty so perhaps I should just send it back.

Thanks for all your help.

A:Repeated crashing, possibly faulty power supply?


well according to the graphic card spesifications should be using a 500 watt power supply but i personaly would want something in the 600 watt range and with a good make like seasonic or XFX power supply. but wait for a BSOD expert to comment on your thread.

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Hi guys,
My old A215-S4747 has a Toshiba SATA drive (200 GB, model name: MK2035GSS) in it. However when i look at device manager, the drive appears to be configured over IDE bus, rather than SATA bus. I know, old motherboards were providing such option in order to eliminate compatibility issues with older OSes like XP, however this machine has Vista (SP2) by factory default.

I wanted to upgrade the drive (it's really aged) with a new faster SATA drive, but i couldn't find any option to configure it as SATA (not IDE) under BIOS!

I'm attaching screenshots here, and really disappointed about it. If i bus brand-new SATA drive, will it be forced to run over IDE channel (UDMA 5 max) which is really slower than SATA.

It seems Toshiba left no such option in BIOS and configured drives automatically as IDE eventhough they're actually SATA-provided.

Screenshots here:






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A while back I bought a 200 GB SATA drive to compliment the 80GB ATA drive I already had. As soon as I plugged it in there were problems. It was a while ago so I can't remember all problems but I eventually got it to the point I could access and install things on it, but it seemed to crash a lot so I just abandoned it. Now I'd like to get it going properly if possible.

When it "crashes" it makes a loud clicking noise and the whole PC freezes. Sometimes this goes into an unending loop (CLICK, then mouse freezes, then other noises, then mouse is free again) and eventually freezes the PC completely, rendering the PC inoperable and forcing me to press the reset button (I really hate doing that).

I have tried to format the drive several times, and tried both of the motherboard sata slots, to no avail. Does anyone know what the problem is or might be? If you think it's broken then at least I will know not to rely on it.

thanks in advance,


EDIT: SATA/Raid drivers were installed.

A:faulty SATA drive

The drive could be bad but regardless, it sounds like you didn't install any SATA/RAID controller drivers. Is this Windows XP? Go to your motherboard's website and download and install the drivers. Also, make sure the SATA controllers are enabled in the BIOS. They usually are by default but it can't hurt to check.

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I have a HP pavilion g6 laptop that I bought at the end of August. There are 3 USB ports on this machine and I have been using one of them to plug in my wireless mouse USB plug (the mouse is a logitech M305.) Now, this USB port does not work anymore. It doesn't detect the mouse USB plug nor does it read USB devices.

What can I do? Is it possible to physically replace a USB port? How?


A:Faulty USB port

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I have two separate instances of Win8 running on two separate IDE hard drives (both Win8's restored from same exact backup image).

The one on the hard drive comected to the SATA port (via an adaptor) runs fine, but the one on the IDE connection (motherboard's only one), does not respond properly when a manual shutdown is initiated. Instead of shutting down the PC, it goes into sleep mode. This does not happen if an application (my backup software, for instance) is set to perform a shutdown after completing it's job. Only affecting manual shutdowns, but all of them.

So I am wondering if Win8 is lacking an IDE driver of some kind, and if there is a way to deternine this.

Seems strange to me that while both hard drives are IDE "underneath the hood", that the one connected throgh an adaptor is more easily being recognized by Win8, and curious if there is an easy fix.

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Hey there, I can't for the life of me figure out what the case may be here.

For the past few months my Windows 10 machine has been just freezing at random moments, mouse cant move, keyboard led is not responging, the machine riterally freezes until I restart.

It's been happening atleast once or twice a day for the past few months with olny some exceptions, it's almost always random, except for times when it happens just as I launch a lot of things together, but I don't know if thats related.

A few hours ago one of those crashes happened and after I tried rebooting, the PC would freeze at black screen after 'starting windows'. Thinking it's a software issue I formatted my hard drive back to windows 7, it booted fine. I installed some drivers and just after display drivers were installed and I restarted, it started happening again.

I have a second HDD, i tried booting from it and it still boots fine, whenever the SATA is actually detected atleast. I accessed my C: from the secondary HDD and saved my files, don't know how I can access i can't boot from it.

So this is my current situation, half the times I start the machine it says BOOTMGR is missing, the other half I can boot only from my Secondary HDD but still access the files on the primary one.

My system is this;

AMD FX 6300
8gb corsair RAM 1600mhz
Sapphire radeon r7 265 dual-x oc 2gb gddr5
WD CAVIAR BLUE HDD 1tb (main one)
Old ****** Toshiba HDD 140gb (b... Read more

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The headphone port on my Thinkpad z60m 2529 rcu produces "uneven" sound. When I plug in my computer speakers, depending on how I wiggle the input jack the sound changes. If I hold it in the right place then the sound is as it should be. Otherwise, the sound is lower and portions of the music I am listening to is inaudible. I am tested this out on a number of songs and, as an example, I can not hear the bass guitar portions of a lot of the songs unless I put the input jack for my speakers in a very specific position and continue to hold it like that.

How do I fix this?
I was googling this and I read some forum posts about others users recommending people like me who have this problem to purchase an external audio device and do not use the internal sound card. They said it will improve the audio too. If I am not able to fix this, should I follow this route?

A:headphone port faulty

kman1000 said:

I was googling this and I read some forum posts about others users recommending people like me who have this problem to purchase an external audio device and do not use the internal sound card. They said it will improve the audio too. If I am not able to fix this, should I follow this route?Click to expand...

That is generally the most common solution as it doesn't require a tear down of the laptop. It may also not be possible to repair the broken port on the laptop or may require a new port or audio header/board. What's probably happened is the either the plastic port is broken and the connect the jack makes is poor or the pins that connect the port to the motherboard have broken loose and aren't making good contact. Using a PC Card, XpressCard, or USB sound card is generally the super fast and 100% effective fix.

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I have a ThinkPad P51. I am trying to set up Thunderbolt networking between my P51 and my 2017 Macbook Pro. When I connect the cable from my P51's TB3 USB-C Port to the TB3 USB-C Port on the Macbook Pro, I get this pop-up:  Also, my Thunderbolt networking options are grayed out: The Networking Driver Version is "Unknown":  And finally, I'm unsure if this is normal or not, but when I pull up the Device Properties for Thunderbolt(TM) Controller - 15D9 it looks like this: Is my Thunderbolt port faulty? I did a complete uninstall of the Thunderbolt software and drivers, followed by a re-install using Lenovo System Update, reboot - same results. 

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A recent power outage has caused some of my hardware to function oddly...
My tv's hdmi ports seem to still work for say a ps3, but when hooking up to my gtx 760 I get "No Signal"?
I only have one hdmi port but several other dvi ports. My smaller monitor(plugged into dvi port 1) is functioning normally. It also seems the gpu is still functioning because I booted Dota 2 just fine with 60fps(vsync). Could this outage have fried the hdmi port? Should I be worried, should I return it or just buckle down with 2 dvi connectors? I was gonna test out hdmi to dvi cables to test my theory but am unsure what to do otherwise.


A:Faulty HDMI port?

Did the pc->tv work before the outage and did the pc suffer immediate power off too?

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Hi everyone. I recently built a new Windows 7 computer with an i5-3570k processor and a gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H B75 motherboard. I purchased an ASUS PCE-N15 R wireless adapter to go with it but have been having a rather bizarre issue (plugged into a pcie 16x running at 4x slot). There are times when the speed is amazing, and the connection is steady, but then there are other times where I have full bars, the network status indicates I have internet access and a connection speed of 54.0 mbps, but no data will transmit in either direction. Websites will not load, downloads will not work (in and out of browsers). I have disabled my proxies and swept for viruses. I have my laptop right next to it checking internet speeds and connectivity and they all seem steady. I was wondering if you guys could help me assess whether or not this sounds like a faulty wireless adapter?

Additional notes:
When I choose to diagnose a connection, it tells me there was a "Problem with the wireless adapter or access point" and that it was fixed. Problem remains.

A:Full bars, 54.0mpbs, but internet will not transmit data. Possibly faulty wireless card?

Welcome Dess. Have you tried reinstalling the PCi adapter's driver or use any available USB wifi adapter to check on the difference? You mentioned virus, were you infected and softwares did you scan your PC with?

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I had purchased a Seagate SATA 160 GB some months back. It died within 3 months. It was in warranty, so i got a replacement. The replacement HD looked brand new, and packed in an antistatic bag.

Today, i took out the hard drive and connected it to my PC. On starting the PC, it started to give a strange spinning noise, and i could hear faint clicks. I checked in the BIOS. It took sometime before i could get into the BIOS... the red HD led was on constantly, like it happens with a bad HD. After a delay, i got into BIOS, but the HD was not detected in the BIOS. I checked the connections, and tried again. Again not detected in BIOS.

I had two SATA power connectors, and 3 SATA cables. I tried all of them. Same result. I could hear faint clicking, and BIOS didnt detect the HD.
I have 4 SATA ports. I started to change ports. Two ports... didnt work.

Then on 3rd port, I was able to get into BIOS without any delay, and without the constant HD led glowing. And there was no clicking sound, and the HD was detected in the BIOS. I shut down, checked again. It was detected again.

Then i did diagnostic check on the HD with the seagate tools CD. It passed both the short and long tests. When i did the acoustic test two times, both the time drive spins, and it makes a faint click at the last.

Now am confused... should i keep this HD or should i take it for replacement again? I could hear faint clicking first, and no detection of the drive when i tried earlier few times. But after that, the... Read more

A:Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty?

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I have a HP Pavilion 15 Notebook, the charger/power port on the laptop is faulty, the charger does not fit securely and slides out. I wanted to purchase a new charger/power port but do not know which one and where from. I searched HP Part Surfer but no parts are listed. I would be grateful if you can tell me what charger/power port is required and if possible a link where i can purchase it from please. Product name:HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PCProduct number:E6B37EA#ABU  

A:Faulty Charger Port Replacement

Hi,Go through Page 92, 93: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03939658Power connector cable: 719859-001�https://www.amazon.com/HP-719859-001-Sparepart-CBI_DC-Connector/dp/B00FYLL6IUhttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322016846894?_mwBanner=1$62: HP part storehttps://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Search_Results.aspx?mscssid=B986F25C18004EDDA766B30DA2F760AE&SearchIn=P...FRU remove replace: https://h20574.www2.hp.com/results.htm?SID=5355006&MEID=0DBA9129-0985-46F5-972C-D523ADF00EB9RegardsVisruth

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Hi guys this is my first post as im at a loss of what to do .
Recently my old monitor stopped working, it was using a VGA cable, but the cable is not the problem, my PC is. I bought a new monitor which requires HDMI, however the port on my PC will not respond to the cord, meaning I have no monitor :/ or anyway to troubleshoot. The only thing I can think of would be to buy a USB to HDMI adapter? But even then I would need a monitor to install the device surely. I would usually take it to the shop, but with lockdown I am lost and without a PC for the forseeable future, help would be appretiated!

A:Faulty HDMI Port- 'No signal'

Hi Warro, and welcome to TSG.

I don't think anyone here can give you much help without knowing:

1: Name of the manufacturer and exact model number of your computer and/or the motherboard.

2: Name of the manufacturer and exact model number of any video controller expansion card (the card itself, not the manufacturer and model number of the graphics IC) plugged into the motherboard.

3: The operating system running the PC.

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I have tried every single solution to fix my AMD R7 M260 video card, but it seems that it does not work. I have tried to install win 8.1 , because I saw a lot of complains about this video card drivers on Win 10, but this did not help. I installed different drivers from different sources, but nothing helps.

Now I have left with only one option. My video card is faulty.

Maybe you have some advice how I could prove that this video card is faulty or it does has bad drivers?

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My laptop HD failed after 16 months ! Not good

Purchased an identical Toshiba HD (1 TB) and installed it. Booted Win 10 64bit on DVD. When trying to add Windows 10 onto the new hard drive, I am getting the following message from the Win 10 installation DVD:-

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT Disk"

Looking at the information on the new hard drive, is showing the following:-

Name: Drive 0 Partition 1
Total Size: 931.5 GB
Free Space: 931.3 GB
Type: Logical

Could somebody please advise me what steps I need to take to be able to install Windows 10 onto the new hard drive ?

Thank you for your time.


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I'm trying to setup a multifunctional laser unit via parallel port on a PC running XP Pro and is unsuccessful in getting it to print.

I have put the LPT ports into SPP and ECP modes with no luck. (have not tried EPP although I should as its bi-directional) I have also tried different parallel cable, different versions of drivers, tried printing from DOS using "dir > lpt1" and still no luck. The LCD on the unit says "waiting" then goes back to "ready" with no output.

I have connected the unit to my laptop running XP Pro. The LPT is set to ECP. I can print from windows with several versions of the drivers as well as from DOS without problems.

I also have a HP A3 Bubblejet that has a monitoring toolbox. This unit is connected via USB but also has Parallel support. I have removed this printer and toolbox software believing this toolbox was locking down the LPT port and still no luck with printing to the laser unit. I have connected the HP Bubblejet via parallel (with no toolbox software loaded) and also got no print.

Lastly, if i remove the LPT1 port in Device Manager and rescan for hardware, the PC detects the LPT port and the attached device.It installs the driver for the attached device and indicates all is installed and ready to use. but printing fails.

Thus I believe there is something going on with the PC not the printer units. However, I am still unsure if it's software or hardware related.

Any help would be much appre... Read more

A:HELP!!! Faulty LPT1 port, printer or is it Software related?

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I cannot read discs, burn disc or even see my CD drive.

When I try to burn a disk I am getting a message
"Cannot locate a CD burner on your computer
If you have cd burner, please insure it is properly installed.

I also cannot bring up the CD drive in the "My Computer" window, however when testing the driver it states " this driver is working correctly

This is interesting as I was able to do so prior to today.
Satellite X200 PSPB9A-057022
Any Help?

A:Faulty optical disc drive on Satellite X200

What is the status of optical disc drive in device manager?

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Hi, i need help.

I lost a recovery that was on my hard disk due to virus.

I have instaled ubuntu now , but i would like to restore my windows home premium, i have cd key and coa that came with laptop.
Ive tried to order recovery disk from Toshiba, but it says my laptop is too old or not from my region....

What can i do?

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My Satellite R850 shuts down at approximately 70% of the battery capacity. It does not suspend, just power off. Power on is only possible when the AC adapter is plugged in again. My first guess is that (after only one year of daily use) the battery has had it's best time and should be replaced.

But why doesn't the battery indicator show the right capacity, so I could get a warning at low battery power?
Is there a tool or method to recalibrate the battery indicator?

A:Satellite R850 - Battery indicator faulty? How to recalibrate?


For me it shows like your battery is faulty.
Usually sooner or later every battery needs to be replaced because the battery life time is limited.
I have no idea how old your battery is but in my case the battery is 5 year old and it hold the power for about 2 min only. But the funny thing is that the battery indicator shows battery fully charged (100%).

However, you can extend the battery life time a little bit. You need to calibrate the battery from time to time by charging and discharging the battery. Such procedure should be repeated several times is the row?
But I guess that your battery malfunctions and such calibration does not help a lot.

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I have a faulty LCD screen cable, anyone know where in the uk I can get a replacement cable?

Also would this part be covered by a warranty from toshiba seems a bit off for a wire to fail.


A:Toshiba Satellite Pro C70-A-17l pscefe - faulty LCD screen cable

Hi everyone

my screen seems to be showing faults when I move the screen I have opened the laptop up and the problem seems to be the LCD screen cable.
i have tried google to find the part in the uk but can't seem to find one

can anyone help? Also seems a bit off that this part should break any info on toshiba admitting this might be a defected part?


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I just bought a Satellite T210-10Z notebook while in a trip in Europe.

The keyboard, however, doesn?t work properly. The letters *"m", "j", "u"* and the number *"7"* do not apear on the screen after we touch one of them.
They will apear on the screen if we make a bigger pressure of press repeateddly on the key many times.

Is there a suggestion on how to solve this problem?

A:Satellite T210-10Z: faulty keybaord letters "m", "j", "u" and the number "7


Sounds like keyboard malfunction.
Just the keyboard replacement would help you to get this issue sorted out.

So get in contact with an local ASP and ask for the assistance? I think the warranty should be still valid and in such case this should be done free of charge.

Good luck

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Can I hook up a sata II drive to a sata I port or will this not work?

A:Sata II drive to sata I port?

Yes this will work but you will just get SATA I speeds and not SATA II speed. But thats not big problem

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Hello, everyone.
I am using a Latitude 3540 laptop with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics, AMD Radeon HD 8850M). As soon as I got the laptop, I upgraded to 8.1 (probably a mistake!).
All of my drivers are up to date according to Device Manager, and I've updated the chipset and BIOS and everything according to the Dell website. But for as long as I've had this laptop, the VGA port will not work! I'm using a VGA cord that has worked with other laptops before without issue. The laptop will not output to projector, external monitor, or a TV. Pressing the win-P combination brings up the ability to extend and duplicate my screen. When I change those settings, my screen resolution will change, but the external monitor/projector doesn't display anything. When I try to detect displays in my graphics properties, it just doesn't detect anything that's connected.
Is my VGA port faulty? Or does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try at this point? My laptop is still under warranty, so I suppose I could always send it in to be fixed.
Thanks for the help!

A:Latitude 3540, Win 8.1: VGA port faulty? Will not display to external monitors or projectors

did you get response on your question?

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I recently bought Lenovo Y410 notebook and it came with windows vista home premium. As i want to install WinXP in my notebook, i tried with the WinXP CD available with me. But it didnt work, so i tried slipstreaming using nlite when i came to know that intel ich8m sata 3 port SATA Storage controller 2828 is the name of my SATA controller. But even then i am not able to install winXP. After copying all the installation files, the installation process doesnt move forward after rebooting. I am not getting the blue screen, but booting is not happening even after all the installation files are copied.

In short, i just want to install winXP on my laptop.
Inorder to try the AHCI disabling option, i checked in the advanced tab of bios, but such an option was not at all available there.
Pls help.

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ok so some time ago i was having some stability problems with windows XP (after like year or so of no such problems with same setup) where it was starting to lag badly and freeze up on occasion, after inspection i figured it was the 120gig maxtor SATA hdd i had (it gave me troubles even after a damn good zero-ing) so i went ahead and bought myself a new 200gig diamondmax plus 10 SATA drive which is sitting along side my other 200 gig diamondmax 10 SATA drive(which i've had no problem with) i also bough tnew ram, 1gig of dual channel and got rid of the old stuff to make sure..

but today after re-installing windows on the new HDD (it took 10 or so hours to fuly zero it with the dos utility for maxtor) i'm not really updated on windows or anything yet but playing some music (and at win boot up) the audio is quite jumpy at times as if i was moving huge files.. this is a sympton it was suffering before.. also a game i played for couple mins was bit laggy, more so than usual..

during the time between removing old HDD and getting the ew one i had a 10gig IDE HDD in the with winxp on and despite the small hd space i didn't see any such problems.. could the hdd size be a problem? or the fact that it's SATA perhaps?? i have raid turned off in the bias so that shouldn't be interfering. my MOBO is Asus GA-8KNXP

any ideas on what the problem could be? bit upsetting when i have 400gig of space and 1gig of ram an i'm still getting this problem.. thanx
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A:windows instability.. possibly my SATA??

Asus ? The GA-8KNXP is a i875 board made by Gigabyte last I checked.

Does this occur during certain activity (Lan transfers, CD/DVD burning, etc.) or at any time ?

Have you installed the Intel chipset drivers ?

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hi all,
ive had a 1TB seagate hdd for a few months now and recently ive encountered the problem of the drive not working properly. when windows boots the drive appears but when u try to read or write to it after a very short time <10 sec, all progress stalls and the drive appears to unmount and it disappears from my computer and disk manager. i checked the system logs and it seems that for about 20 days the drive has been reporting
event id: 11 with source: disk
which is the driver detected a controller error, as well as warnings for
event id: 50 with source: ntfs
which is delayed write failed, and
event id: 57 with source ftdisk
which is something to do with flushing data.
also a program that i have which checks the smart data from the drive reckons the seek error rate will exceed the threshold in october (it got this from 500+ samples but there is a gap from mid march till now as i dont start it with the comp and i forget to run it sometimes)

anyway, the drive has still been functioning fine up until now. as it is used for storage i have the power settings set to spin down drives not in use so the drive does not run constantly, it is actually one of my least used drives. i have since unplugged the drive and removed it from my comp. i thought it may be not enough power so i unplugged one of my other drives and tried again and it still died. i dont want to run chkdsk yet just in case it dies midway through and totally stuffs the drive. the windows help reckons it is a l... Read more

A:Solved: sata hdd possibly dieing?

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I am looking for an SSD for the M2 slot.  The Lenovo site at http://www.lenovoquickpick.com/hun/accessory/4XB0K48501/thinkpad-m2-512gb-sata-ssd indicates that the 4XB0K48501 module is compatible; however, the data sheet and the size of the components installed on the module make it look like a 2280 type module (80 mm long) that would not fit in the approximately 42mm space provided in the W541. If anyone can confirm that this module has worked for them or can recommended a 3rd party module that has worked as an alternative I'd sure appreciate it.

A:W541 M2. SATA SSD possibly a 4XB0K48501?

Welcome to the CommunityDefinitely the information about that drive compatibility with W541 is a wrong one. W541 supports m.2 SATA SSD in 2242 formfactor, either single- or double-sided, mutually exclusively with WWAN card. There is a lot of such drives in the market, different vendors, different capacity.

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Hi all

My avast antivirus recently detected a malware from my thumbdrive. I think i got rid of it from my thumbdrive by checking "show hidden files" and unchecking "hide protected system files" to delete the files "autorun.inf" and the "recycler" folder that appeared in my thumbdrive (i found on the net that they were thumdrive viruses).

Anyway im not sure if the virus had infected my computer or anything so i did an avast boot time scan which yielded no results.

However, when i tried to transfer files to my motorola razr v3i phone through a usb cable, i kept getting errors which kept interrupting my file transfer. I received errors like "parameters were incorrect" or "device I/O error", most of which when i googled, found that were usually caused by poor usb connection or something. I never had such problems before. (by the way my v3i phone allows it to act as a mass storage device. So the transfering process that i was talking about basically refers to dragging the file to the phone.)

So i tried transferring files using another computer and it worked perfectly, leading me to believe that the fault lies in this computer.

I noticed that when the error occurs during file transfer, my phone's battery charging light on my phone (my phone charges when its connected to the computer) will turn on then off a few times. And this only occurs when i do a file transfer. Initially when i connect the phone with t... Read more

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Greetings all.
First and foremost I'd like to thank the individuals who take time out to help others analyze problems. I stumbled across this board yesterday and have already learned quite a bit about analyzing BSODs.

Anyways, I've got a fairly new computer, it's about 4 months old with all new hardware:
Windows 7 64bit Embedded installed from scratch.
(I use the application compatibility template when building the image.)
I put it together myself with all unused hardware.
The OS was installed from scratch 4 months ago.

I actually looked over the dumps with winDBG, says the probable cause is dxgmms1.sys
After a quick search it seems like a faulty driver could be the issue. I did find there was a sata card that had been disabled, I re-enabled it and it had a missing driver.
I've installed the correct one now and it hasn't crashed again yet, but only time will tell if it truly fixed it since the machine could work for a week before crashing.

Anyways, any more insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD happening very sporadically. Possibly the sata card?

All your crashes are the same STOP 0x119 and blame your video card driver

What type of motherboard do you have? Is it a Foxconn H61A?

igdkmd64.sys Fri Oct 01 17:14:28 2010 (4CA64F34)
Because you are using on board video, it's hard to find the correct download link for your video card.

Try running the Intel update utility and see if you can find a newer video card driver - http://downloadcenter.intel.com/

Your perfmon report says you don't have an AV installed?

You also have some devices that need to be addressed

SCSI Controller This device is disabled.
Standard PS/2 Keyboard This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed.
Not Available The drivers for this device are not installed.
Microsoft PS/2 Mouse This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed.
The one in red belongs to "Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy". Don't know what that is or what to do to fix it. Check in device manager for unknown or problem devices and try to reinstall the drivers.

Your main concern though is to get your video drivers updated because that is what is causing the crashes. If you find a newer driver, great. If you don't, then download the latest drivers, go into device manager, uninstall your video card, reboot your computer and then install the driver package you just downloaded.



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So because of some problems, I did fresh formatted XP installs on two seperate hard drives, one SATA and one IDE.

My primary OS choice would be the one located on the SATA drive. In fact, the only reason I want another OS is as a backup b/c having an OS on a NVIDIA/ASUS platform causes so many issues. The operating systems want to make my IDE OS the "C" drive, so after the installs, the IDE OS is C and my SATA is labelled "E".

Previously, I'd used Partition Magic to label the SATA drive C.

Now, if I boot and press nothing, I get a NTLDR is missing error. Previously I got a Could not Load Boot Disk error. I have a feeling that my MOBO is looking in the wrong place for the NTLDR/boot.ini etc. I think it is still looking for the old Windows stuff I had installed, perhaps an SATA drive labelled C.

Here's the wierd part: If i choose my boot device, and set it to the IDE drive, it boots up the OS located on the SATA drive. This makes no sense.

I've labelled the SATA as the first device to load. I can't make it primary master b/c the IDE has preference.

If I try to boot from the SATA drive, I get a reboot with no error message, just seems like a total crash or something.

In a perfect world, I would like to have the SATA drive as C drive, default drive to load, and I would like to be able to access the OS located on my IDE drive.

Any thoughts about a) what went wrong, wha... Read more

A:Dual Boot Quirky - SATA and IDE possibly to blame

Let me add an update:

According to Partition Master, My IDE OS partition is labelled "system" and the SATA OS partition is labelled "Boot".

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Currently running Windows 10

Here are some of the things I have already done to attempt to fix the situation

Contacted isp

Ran MalwareBytes

Checked my firewall and proxy

Contacted network admin (He, mother's husband, is also unaware of how to fix the issue)

I encountered this issue nearly a week ago when I couldn't access any http based web site or application. To be specific this problem is only originating on my desktop throughout the network of computers in the home so I am sure it is either a hardware issue or a viru/malware issue. While running malwarebytes to clean up any malware (78 detections) I was able to access http based locations for short bursts of times. I had to run things through a teamviewer due to my inability to access anything. Anyone experiencing this issue and^or know how to fix it?

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I have a strange problem that has plagued me for months.

For a long time now, I have had to go through a specific ritual to get my computer to boot properly. Here's what happens:

I turn on the computer. The first thing that happens is the POST phase (I believe that's what it's termed as). The system displays the "Hit DEL to enter setup" while it checks the memory available. It will say 1024 MB OK, which is the correct amount of memory.

At this stage, the computer will either hang for an eternity and never move, OR it will keep going after a 30 sec delay. If it happens to keep going, the computer will appear to boot as normal, managing to get to the GRUB screen (I'm running Ubuntu 6.10). The kernel will be selected and the boot process will start. However, it fails about midway through and drops me to a root terminal with an error message stating that specific files couldn't be found on of my SATA hard drives. At this point, it looks like the BIOS can't see my SATA drives.

Now, if I push the reset button on my system while it is hanging indefinitely, it will restart and POST. If I hit the DEL button to enter setup, I can get to the setup screen and all my drives will be detected. I simply exit the BIOS without making any changes and then everything works fine. I can boot all the way into Ubuntu.

Therefore, to boot up my computer successfully, I MUST start the system, wait about 20 sec for it to hang at POST, restart it by pushing th... Read more

A:Boot up problem possibly involving SATA drives and BIOS

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Late yesterday afternoon, a momentary power outage from overall area electrical usage from the high temperatures outside, has resulted in my computer's ethernet port (connected to high speed cable) to stop or at best very briefly at times intermittently working. This happened even with everything plugged into a surge protector, even the cable modem coaxial cable. A second computer connected through the same service (Cox) which was not powered up at the time of the power outage is working fine for Internet. I contacted Cox technical support who were helpful, and we found the cable modem is working fine from their tests. I also connected a cell phone to the first computer (dialup speed) and it is working fine.

How can I run a diagnostic test on the built-in 10/100 Ethernet port (not a card) to confirm their is a hardware problem, other than doing this thru Mozilla or IE and find I am not connecting to web pages, before I schlep this machine to the authorized repair shop which is reputable and does good work from my experience some distance away? Some info on the computer with the connectivity problems:
* Windows 98SE PC.
* Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 laptop. It is five years old, but in my opinion it is worth replacing the Ethernet (unless more than $500), as really simply do not have time to go shopping for and set up a new computer with extra work hours, a long commute, and other things going on personally until have a significant chunk of time off during the holidays la... Read more

A:How do I run a diagnostic test on a possibly damaged Ethernet port?

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Does anyone know how to fix a faulty esata port? There is no activity or reaction from the pc when I attach an esata drive to the port. Can I replace the port? Where do I buy one and how do I install it? Help please.

A:E Sata port

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I want to install a second HD I have a dell GX520 and it only has one sata port what do i need to do

A:second HD on one sata port

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About three weeks ago, my Toshiba Satellite 1135-S1552 started suddenly hard-freezing (no mouse, shut off power to all USB/PCMCIA devices, monitor image persists, caps-lock works) about once every half-hour or so, and a few seconds later it would also start running the fan at its highest speed... I replaced the HDD, which was quite old, but the problem persisted. Wanting to know whether it had something to do with CPU temperature, I used Notebook Hardware Control 2.0 to downclock the CPU to the lowest possible setting, 150 MHz, and so far the problem has gone away. But now it's running a little slow (!)

What I would like to know, if possible, is why did it start doing this in the first place? It ran fine at 1.2 GHz for at least a year and a half before this. If this helps, the first time it froze like this, the processor was running quite intensively (I was installing Maple 11 while watching a DVD-rip and running a bunch of other fairly intensive processes) Could overheating have caused not instant ruin but persistent instability? If so, is there anything I can try to do short of replacing the motherboard?

The one other thing is that some of the times it froze the processor was almost idle and I'd placed the computer in a very good position thermodynamically (holding it in mid-air, or placing on a piece of metal). So it couldn't have been overheating all those times.

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks

A:toshiba satellite intermittent hard-freezing, possibly heat-related?

As you have suspected everything points to an overheating issue.

See if you can find out how to access the fan & blast it with compressed air to clean it of dust, may help.

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Have a system with a A7V8X-LA (Kelut) MoBo running WinXP.

Recently I bought a new drive (Samsung SATA 150 GB) and attempted to connect to one of the two SATA ports on the board.

The Drive was not recognized when connected to either of the two SATA ports.

I tried to connect the drive on another computer, The drive was read without a problem.

So after proving both drive and cables OK (I used the same data and power cables on the other computer) , the problem would appear to be the SATA ports on this board,

Are they physically there but inoperative? Did I miss a way to activate them in the BIOS? I could not found any way to enable them in Setup.

A:SATA port not recognized

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Hey everyone, time for a new question (it's been a problem filled day for me)

In this recent heat wave here in southern california (100-120 degrees where i live) i was having problems keeping my PC cool... I went to the point where i had to open the side and aim a fan into the case to keep it relatively cool. well after a week of doing my normal thing on the PC it froze on me, then on restart it said there was no HDD installed. I freaked out, but i unplugged the HDD and put it into another of the four SATA ports i have and it started just fine. My questions is, is it possible for a SATA port to burn out cause of the ambient heat?

A:Sata port burn out?

Yes it is possible from heat or even static electricity

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So, I've had my hard drives installed in my computer now for years. About 2 months ago one of my slave drives, a 300GB or 500 Western Digital (or maybe it was Seagate - I can't remember) decides to erase every single thing on it. The next time I rebooted, I get the error: SATA Port - 3 : Not Detected. I opened her up and everything was still the same, of course - nothing moved, or changed - all connections still fine from something like 2 or 3 years ago. So, of course my question is, what's going on and how do I get it to recognize my HDD again? OR, do I just remove it and try and send it back for Warranty replacement?

Here are the specs of my computer using the suggested utility of Tech Support Forums:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 231303 MB, Free - 113281 MB; K: Total - 38145 MB, Free - 22978 MB; L: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 426476 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D915GRO, AAC89748-202, BQRO52003738
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

That's funny, I couldn't update my AVG about a year ago, so I had to uninstall it and now I am using AVAST. Their removal tool could not even remove the rest of their (... Read more

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