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My laptop is stuck on shutdown!

Q: My laptop is stuck on shutdown!

When I'm clicking ''Avslutt'' in norwegian, which is Turn off, in english. It ask if i want to close the programs, i click yes. Then it prepare to shut down with the ''Shutting down'' screen, and its getting stuck there.. I've tried waiting like 10 min, and its still stuck.

I have to shut it down by holding the power button downn -.- which can destroy the PC :/ any idea what i can do to search after errors in my machine? I'm sure there are alot, im suddenly lagging very much when i am typing.

Preferred Solution: My laptop is stuck on shutdown!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My laptop is stuck on shutdown!

Yes, try this: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker - created by Brink

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I'm struggling with this, hope you guys can help.
Sometimes when I go to Start -> Power -> Shut down, it displays the "Shutting down..." window, then the screen goes black, but the laptop won't turn off completely. That is, the WiFi, Bluetooth and Power (light bulb) indicators are still on (and the battery indicator too if plugged), and I have to force (power button long press) the laptop to shut down. I can also turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth devices using the keyboard at this stage (with FN button). And if I keep the laptop this way long enough (unplugged), my battery will be completely drained.
I say sometimes because this seems to just happen randomly. I could shut down my laptop at some point and it will turn off just fine, but a few hours later when I shut it down again it will get stuck.
I googled and tried everything I could come up with but nothing seems to work. I tried 1) taking the laptop apart, disconnecting and reconnecting literally everything I could see, 2) cleaning my laptop, 3) resetting Windows and BIOS to factory settings, 4) replacing my SSD and installing Windows from scratch, and 5) formatting my HDD. Googling for solutions I mostly found people suggesting disabling Fast Boot so obviously I did that too.
The only change I made before this started happening (at least that's what I remember) was disabling hibernation (cmd admin -> powercfg -h off), so this may be related, but I'm not sure. This seems hardw... Read more

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hi this is very important really ive got very important stuff on that pc and my bro will get extremely angry when he wakes up its 4 am in the morning and i cannot find a solution pls help fast!

I forced shut down my pc while it was shutting down for some applicaiton i thought it was a virus, it wasnt but it ruined my pc. It stucks on the Welcome. i tried running a system restore from the startup repair but it got stuck there after a lot of time and forced shut down again.
Nothing boots, neither safe mode neither repair pls heeeeeeelp!!!!

A:STUCK on welcome after force shutdown

Hi demetroman,

You may try the following steps to see if they help:
1. Disconnect external USB devices
- Unplug all external peripherals (iPod/Printer/etc)

2. Release Flea Power
- Unplug all cables (power/keyboard/mouse/monitor) to isolate the tower
- Press and hold down the power button for 10 seconds continuously
- Plug only the most essential components (keyboard/mouse/monitor); attach the power cable
- Power on the computer and repeatedly tap 'Space bar' (Promptly after the machine powers on)
- Highlight and tap 'Enter' to select 'Delete Restoration Data' (if prompted)
- Check if the system works

Hope this helps.

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Hello guys, I've been rocking the Ultimate RTM for a while now, and this is the first problem I've had so far(hopefully no more). MS just released an update, and it got stuck on update 8 of 15 for 10 hours. Then I restarted and still same thing, gets stuck on 8. Please help, is there anyway to update without shutdown?

A:Stuck during shutdown update

I have had a couple of issues with that too. Just keep trying, also it would perhaps help to clean out all the "temp" files. Sometimes that will help kickstart things for you. I use CCleaner, its a free program and is pretty effective.

The shutdown is necessary on some updates so there is really no way around it.

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I am having problems at work with some PC's not shutting down properly. I have about 60 PC's at work and to save on the power bill I have all the PC's set to auto shutdown with a auto shutdown software and I have the power settings set to auto on within the BIOS. The problem I have noticed is that some PC's get stuck at shutdown and when coming in the morning they are still stuck at shutdown. I have emailed users to please close out all apps before signing off, but ofcourse not all do this. Some say that they will have everything closed out but the PC will never shutdown or restart. I have the power options in XP set to always stay on and to not go into sleep mode because I figured some PC's were going to sleep and therefore could not shutdown. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix the stuck at shutdown problem?

A:PC Stuck at Shutdown-WinXP Pro

It depends on why the systems are not shutting down. Even if apps aren't closing, the system should still shut down eventually. Here are some tips I have for speeding up the shutdown process - you can try them, it can't hurt:

Before editing the registry, be sure to either create an image of your system partition or backup the registry. If you don't know how, please ask.

1) Make sure "clear pagefile at shutdown" is not enabled:
start - run - regedit
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

Set ClearPageFileAtShutdown value to 0
2) Start - Run - Regedit
Navigate to the following Registry key:
HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Double click on the AutoEndTasks entry and replace the 0 with a 1 in the Value data text box

For the next two, if the dword value indicated does not exist, create it:

Double click on the WaitToKillAppTimeout entry in the right pane and change the Value data to 2000

Double click on the HungAppTimeout entry in the right pane and change the Value data to 1000


3) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
Right-click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout and change it to 2000

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Last night i chose to 'install updates and shutdown' on a laptop.

This morning, it was still at 'Updates are being installed (6 of 13)' so i forced a shutdown.

Now, everythime i shutdown, or even restart, it sticks at 'Updates are being installed (6 of 13)'

I cant even use system restore as it wants to shutdown normally and gets stuck too!

Anyone got some good news for me, i.e. an easy fix?



I ran the repair on the setup disc, it stopped the shutdown problem, but then it wouldnt accept any updates. just did a fresh install...

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Hello to all,
Tonight I experienced the symptom of the machine had gone into screen shutdown. It had been sitting that way for several hours. I moved the mouse, got the log in screen, saying I was still logged in and enter the password. All came up fine. I then went to do the charm bar shutdown which has been working, and it went into the shutdown with circling dots and stayed there for 10 minutes, before I powered off. I powered up and it took a longer it seemed time to boot up and then appears to be working normally! Any assistance is appreciated.

A:Stuck on Shutdown - request assistance

Can't help without the info previously requested.

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For several weeks every time I shutdown W7 with the start menu, the update icon is shown ("installs updates, then shuts down your computer".) But the computer shuts down immediately. This repeats every time.

What could be happening?

A:Updates don't get installed during shutdown. Something is stuck.

Hello Stan,

Do you have updates available to install in Windows Updates when you manually check?

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Pic in use:
32gb ddr3 ram
os on 256gb solid state
nvidia gtx 880m 8gb ddr5
intelcore i7 4970 Mqz 2.9ghz 4ghz 8 core

so I turned my pic off at about 1am last night and it said I had to update then shutdown which was fine, but it went straight to 58/ 174, and I left it on overnight and it was still like that now 7 hours later

please help!

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I turned on laptop this morning.. it said updating update 78 of 160.. i Waited until it went to 160, which took 90minutes or so..

Then it said stage 1, then stage to, and onto stage 3...
It was stuck on 15% for well over an hour and half, now it says
stage 3 of 3, reverting changes...

It stays on this for over half an hour and then just shut downs the laptop?

I tried to boot in safe mode.. and it still shows the stage 3 of 3 reverting changes..
I wanted to boot into safe mode as I have created a restore point before all this happened when everything was fine.

I tried boot from disc to repair computer but now I'm told it's the wrong disc.. is there any software I can downlaod to try repair the pc or why would this be happening??

I recently installed AVG Pro.. might this be causing it.. is there any way I can uninstall AVG any other way if I cannot log in normally or to safe mode? To rule out that

A:Windows 7 Update stuck/reverting/shutdown

Just thought I'd update, been trying it for last 2hrs..


To rule out if it was AVG or not..
I booted of a cd to run Mini XP..

After doing this I located AVG folder and renamed it so it would not run on boot up.

I restarted laptop and it allowed me to boot into safe mode..

So I restarted the laptop to boot from Win 7 disc..usually I get option to install new, 3 options box..
it came up with a different screen, i clicked next to and it showed system restore etc..

I clicked restore, it showed 2 restore points. One from 2days ago when it was runnign fine, so i selected that.

It seemed to be working fine until the end, it said, could not finish restore poitn as AVG could not be restore..

This must mean the problem lies with AVG install yes?

ANY help would be great, thanks.

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I was trying to help a friend w/ his laptop w/ Vista (which I have not used before) and when we shut it down, I accidently hit the LOCK icon and closed the lid. When he tried to restart, the system appears to come back up, but then the screen goes black. I tried CTL-ALT-DEL, but nothing happened, still black screen, but there is lots of disk activity going on. We did a hard shutdown (holding power button down) and rebooted, getting an error screen and then booting in safe mode. Can do that, but don't know what to modifiy or try and change. He says he never created a password, has only one account on the computer which is an administrator account. When we reboot into std OS, same old thing, black screen after just a flash of the main screen. HELP????

A:Shutdown LOCK- stuck and can't access to unlock

Try and do a system restore in safe mode: System Restore - How to


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Hi. For the past couple days, whenever I shutdown my computer it gets stuck on the "Shutting Down..." screen and won't go any further. I have to finally hold the power button to shut it down. I have an ASUS laptop.

Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I had a BSOD a while back whenever I would shut my computer down. You helped me fix it by installing a driver.

Windows 7 service pack 1, 64bit - original OS, pre-installed
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel HD Graphics 3000
6.00 GB RAM
Nvidia Geforce GT 540M cuda 1GB


Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Computer is stuck on shutdown screen when shutting down.

Go to "Start" type in CMD located CMD.exe right click on CMD.exe then select "Run As Administrator" at the command prompt type in then hit enter...

type in Y for yes then manually reboot.

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Win 7 laptop .Got a message of a bad shutdown. On re-start, I have been stuck in "Start Up Repair all day.
Shutdown/power off by holding down power button.

Then even though I selected "normal start" it again went to Start Up Repair....

Please help!

A:Solved: Bad Shutdown, stuck in Start up Repair

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I apologize if this isn't the place to post this, but I didn't know where else this could go.

3 days ago my computer suffered a hard shut down due to a loss of power. Since then, my computer has been unable to shut down without me holding down the power key. I have done a clean boot, scoured the internet for any answer to my problem, attempted suggestions offered with no change, and am sadly at a loss at what I can further do. Any insight and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Computer Stuck At Shutdown Screen

Nobody can help you until you supply details about which OS version, SP level and hardware you are using, plus any messages you see at shutdown or startup, and indeed anything that appears in event log. Also useful is what you have tried so far e.g. disk cleanup etc

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A:Xp Gets Stuck After Logon - Wont Shutdown Or Restart

Have you tried to use the System Restore? Go back before you made the changes.

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Has anyone had this anoying problem when you turn on the computer but it gets stuck on the windows 7 splash screen but doesn't load the swirely bubble things, after about 5 or 6 restarts it will finally load it, also it won't shutdown. Just says "shutting down" and if i leave it for say 30min+ it will eventually crash with the "POWER_DRIVER_STATE_FALUIRE"

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My Computer is stuck on "preparing to hibernate"! I can't perform any of the sugestions to remedy, because I can neither turn off my laptop or perform any other functions. The off button does not shut it off. Pulling the power-pack plug doesn't work because the battery kicks in. When the battery charge ran out, plugging in the power-pack resulted in bringing up the same blue screen message "Preparing to Hibernate. Escape doesn't work. It has been stuck this way for the last three days. What can I do to turn it off so I can even reboot or remove this screen. Is it a virus like the shutting down windows
blue screen virus?

A:Stuck on stupid / Shutdown locked on Preparing to Hibernate

Hi there welcome to TSF;

In my opinion MS have never sucessfully got the power management features to work properly in any OS! First thing I always do is disable all that stuff! - Sorry doesn't help you now I k

This is very strange. Can you pull the mains power and pull the battery off, leave for, let's say 20 seconds, connect battery and mains power and try again?

Does it go through it's Power On Self Test (i.e. displays manufacturers splash screen, etc) or go straight to this blue screen? Does the blue screen say anything else, i.e. any codes etc?

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my laptop is running on windows 7 and about 2 days ago it started hanging on the shutdown screen, and after 15 mins or so it shows a blue screen that say power_state_drive_failure. i ran a clean boot and it shutdown normally but then my antivirus, wifi button, bluetooth button and several other stuff stopped working so i did a system restore. i already uninstalled abunch of programs and its still doing that.

my laptop is an asus N81vp-D2, this is the original OS its OEM. its about one year old and asus once replaced hard drive. it runs on an intel core 2 duo T9600 with an ati radeon 4670.

files are attached. meanwhile im going to reset my logon screen to default, maybe that will work?


A:pc stuck at shutdown it shows a BSOD power_state_drive_failure and restarts by itself

didnt work =(

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i have had an hp envy for almost two and it will never shutdown by simply pressing shutdown.  Screen goes black but fan remains on. Only way to get it to shutdown is to hold power button for 6-7 seconds

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Hello all,

i have some problem with my laptop, my laptop cant shutdown normally when i do that my laptop just restart.

i had done solution from internet like :

- shutdown using command
- clear registry using ccleaner
- disable automatic restart when system failure
- set bios to default setting
- update driver
- disable or uninstall lancard

but the problem still happend on my laptop, can anyone give me other solution?

for your information im using win 7 professional on hp notebook

ps : sorry if my english is bad

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Computer info: Toshiba Satellite L555D-S7005,
Processor: AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M520 2.30 GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System
Windows: 7 Professional, Service Pack 1

My problems began probably a year ago. Started having BSOD's regularly with startup issues. Nothing I tried fixed anything. Had it in a shop where the first time I was told he "fixed some things" and seemed to be working for about a week and a half when it went back to BSOD's and startup problems (getting stuck at the "starting Windows" screen, etc). Took it back to shop where they wiped it and replaced Windows. Within a few weeks I was back to the same issues. At this point I actually just put the thing away and solely used my husbands computer. Last week after not touching my laptop for several months I had to use it due to a major accident with my husbands. The thing worked perfectly for 9 days, PERFECTLY. Then it started randomly shutting down with no rhyme or reason. After a couple of times doing that it started getting stuck at the "starting Windows" screen and wanting to run Startup Repair.

With Startup Repair I get: Startup Repair cannot fix problems with this info:
Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
Problem Signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 02: 6.1.7600.16385
Problem Signature 03: unknown
Problem Signature 04: 77
Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 06: 1
Problem Signature 07: NoRootCause
OS Version: ... Read more

A:BSOD, random shutdown, stuck at "Starting Windows" screen, etc

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Asus laptop, Windows 7, about 6 years old, Kaspersky anti-virus. I don't really have any problems with this computer. I haven't used the computer in several weeks. I plugged it in to charge the battery and pressed the power key. The computer got stuck on the 'Starting Windows' screen for a couple hours. I left it that way because I wasn't sure if it was finishing up any type of update. But I figured that was long enough, so held down the power key 10+ seconds to do a forced shutdown. But nothing happens. The computer is just plain stuck where it is. There are no peripherals attached, no SD card, no CD/DVD in the drive. Any suggestions?

A:Windows 7 stuck on 'Starting Windows' screen and won't shutdown

Remove the battery and power source so it shuts off.

Then turn it back on.

If your system is freezing, that is not a good sign and is usually caused by hardware failure.

Check your HDD for errors, and then run a memtest.

Disk Check

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

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Every time I install a program on my laptop, and reboot the laptop while come back on it shuts down. When I restart the computer it wants me to do  a disk check. I have to do this two or three times. After I do a restore I have no other problem until the next install. Has anyone else had the issue?
Chuck N.

A:Laptop Shutdown

A bit of information please;
Operating system? Amount of RAM installed? Age of components?

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I have a HP 8510 laptop running XP Pro, Intel Core 2 T5600 and when I select Shutdown or Restart it closes network connections but sits at the blue screen, (not the BSOD) and will not shut down or restart without having to hold the power button on the laptop. I have shut down all processes before I shut down and scanned the PC for any spyware and malware. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work properly?

A:XP Pro Laptop will not shutdown

scan/clean your registry with something like ccleaner. Also check this page for more suggestions

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I have been trying to reset my laptop to factory defaults and for 2 days I've had a grey screen with a circle spinning in the bottom center. I've tried to shut it down, holding the power button down until it turns off but the same screen keeps coming back. HELP!!! How can I get it to stop?

A:Can't get my laptop to shutdown.

Looks like the reset did not complete completely. Try to run recovery again.You can try removing the battery to restart the computer.This will come handy:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961

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I just recently downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7. I went through various manufacturer's websites gathering the necessary drivers for it. Rather suddenly, it stopped shutting down and sleeping properly. The first time it happened, it was trying to sleep because of the auto-sleep timer. The screen turned off, but the fan and lights all remained on. Any time I try to hibernate, sleep, or shut down the computer, this is the result. All my drivers seem to be up to date and I cannot find any issues so far. Please help. Thanks

A:Laptop will not shutdown

Click on the Start button and select Control Panel. Look for Power Options and click on that. On the left side you will see several places to change options. I would turn all of the Sleep, Hibernate, etc off. See if this solves your Shutting Down problem and then you can add things back as you want.

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I have a hp pavilion dv9000 that won't shutdown. When I try it just keeps rebooting. My tech guy has tried everything and have reinstalled everything back to factory and it still won't shutdown. Phoned HP and they said I should do a dianostic test as it may be a hardware problem or failure. How do I run a diagnostic test? I am fairly good at computers, but this is something new for me. Any help out there would be appreciated...


A:Laptop won't shutdown

Start - all programs- pc help and tools - hardware diagnostics
If it is not there than you can test the ram/hard drive via BIOS. Doesnt sound like a ram or hard drive issue though.

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When the battery goes completely dead on this Toshiba P200 laptop (Vista Home Premium) I plug the machine into AC - and when it boots up, it does so but not to where I was before. Instead, it just boots up just to Windows.
In the Power Options / Critical Battery Action, I have it set for Hibernate (for batter) and in the Low Battery Option, I have Do Nothing. This is where the Default takes me and it worked a couple times, but the last couple times it is not.
Any idea as to how to make this machine boot up to where it was before (with whatever programs I might have opened) perchance it shuts down when the battery goes dead?

A:Trying to get laptop to come up after shutdown

Amazingly enough, from the numerous replies that have come in on this thread, not one is correct. Thanks for the efforts!

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Please I really need your help. I am a total computer novice so please bare with me and I will explain my problem as best as I can.

I have an Advent 7104 Laptop running on Windows XP Home Edition which I use mostly to play games on, which I buy online from a site called Reflexive.com.

Anyway when I am playing the games the laptop will run for a while then just switch itself off. I mean total powerdown, I have to press the button to restart. This only happens with downloaded games, I can play games online all day and the laptop will keep running.

I have done a total restore back to factory settings, downloaded all the necesary updates, then just tried to run the games only and it still shutdown. It starts back up again no problems at all. It doesn't feel hot or anything when playing the games I just don't understand it.

I always do a virus scan whenever i download anything so i do not think it is a virus.

Please a very big thank you to anyone that can help.

A:Laptop Shutdown Please Help

I can only think heat is the issue, are the vents unobstructed, is it on your lap or a desk? Are the games that are playing when it crashes...requiring more system resources (like video or processor) than the ones that don't?

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My wireless laptop will recycle without warning. Seems to only do it while in wireless. could this be a bad wireless switch or wireless modem? I use 2wire711

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I have dell laptop inspiron 1520 and I had viruses which caused me a lot of problems but i got rid of them. But after that problem my laptop won't shut down. I go to start the click shut down but what happens is the desk icons and the bar disappear but the background screen stays on and it won't shut down until i hold the power button down for 4-5 seconds!!!
Please i need help!

BTW: after 2-3 hours on the laptop it shuts down any program that i am on either i am in Firefox or in Microsoft office word and a box appears and it says (runtime error c++) this sucks!!!

A:My laptop won't shutdown.

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I am running a Windows 7 Home Premium Toshiba Satellite laptop, and I've recently noticed that, when I click the shutdown button in the start menu, the computer will not power off. It just stays on the blue "Shutting down..." screen forever and ever. This just started happening a couple of days ago out of the blue. I always have to hold down the physical button on the laptop for it to power off, and I don't think that's very good for it. What can I do?
Before it wouldn't shutdown properly, I also started getting hard drive warning messages from the PC health monitor tool as well as poor battery health messages, if any of that is relevant.

A:Laptop won't Shutdown

Remove the battery and just run on the power adapter. Go into Control Panel/Power Options and on the Left panel press, Choose What Power Buttons do. And change it to your liking. Then download the ISO image for Seatools or Drive Fitness in my signature, burn the Image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and boot off of the newly created CD and run the Quick and Advanced tests on the HDD. If there are too many errors, the drive will need to be replaced. If you do not see these problems with the battery removed, then replace the battery

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I have a Gateway laptop that runs with Windows 7. The other day, I started it and everything seemed fine and then the whole computer shut down. I restarted it and it went into a repair mode, but never came out of that and then shut down again. Now, I can't even get it to start. Any ideas?

A:Laptop shutdown

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Compaq Presario R3200, Win XP Home, Compal 08A0 32.42 Mobo, 1024 MB memory, Fujitsu HD 100GB
AMD64 3700
NVidia GeForce4 440 Go 64M

The laptop shuts down when try to use: Disk cleanup, Spybot, burn a CD, etc or reinstall Windows; Adware SE runs and shows everything OK; otherwise during normal surfing, the laptop goes for hours without problems. When using a little more intensive programs the fans go wild and shuts down. I tried PC Healts in HP's website, PC Pitstop and everything is OK. With CPU stability test, it shut down after 9 minutes. I couldn't use the Motherboard Monitor because the mobo is not listed in the list; Windows One Care shows 6 quarantined viruses.
Any ideas about who is the culprit?

A:Laptop shutdown

It seems like you are overheating whenever you run intensive applications?

Try checking the interior for "dust bunnies", and make sure that the Chip fan is running freely.
Also check the Power Supply fan and Grill-work for any obstructions or slow fan speed.

Are there any heat related smells coming from the box?

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Running Windows XP.
When i click "Shut Down", the computer does not shut down...but simply hangs at the shut down screen.

It will only turn off manually.

Any ideas?

A:Laptop will not shutdown.

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My HP Envy dv6-7210us is typing the letter "p" continuosly.  I am not able to stop it.  Pressed the "p" key repeatedly to try and clear it.  Re-booted the laptop and now not able to log in because it keps typing the letter "p" in the password box.This laptop is only 8 months old.  How can I stop this and fix?

A:Laptop has a stuck key

I have the same problem (with the same letter) on my Envy dv7--did you get a fix for yours?

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I have a Sony vaio laptop that is stuck since last week.it turns on and gets stuck at d welcome page and does not display the password entry option.i can only see the backround of the welcome page and the cursor.i charged it for d whole night and also tried removing and placing back the battery but it did not help.what do i do?

A:Laptop got stuck

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Can you Boot into Safe Mode ? ....
Read the Tutorial below ....

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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My mom was updating her laptop and it told her to restart her computer to finish updating. She restarted it and a message came up saying "Updates were not configured correctly. Reverting changes. Do not turn off computer." It froze and she restarted her laptop again. It went back to the same message and is stuck on it. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

A:Laptop stuck

Try bringing up the Advanced Startup Options by tapping F8 as soon as the laptop is turned on.

Then highlight "Last known good configuration" and press <Enter>

Hopefully that will get you into Windows but it won't solve the update problem.
It could be caused by malware so please post on the malware forum as we aren't allowed to help with malware on the non-malware forums.

malware forum is here: Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help - Tech Support Forum

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My Laptop is stuck...I opened my laptop and started it up like usual...when it got to the windows vista home premium screen it just says Please Wait.....and that is where it is stuck...I have pulled battery waited 5 min and then rebooted still same thing...tried to get to safe mode...same thing....I can not even enter bios for some reason...can anyone help...

A:Laptop Stuck...Help

Have you tried Startup Repair? http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tuto...torial148.html

Have you tried a bootable hard drive diagnostic? http://usasma.vox.com/library/post/b...agnostics.html

Have you tried a bootable memory diagnostic? http://usasma.vox.com/library/post/b...agnostics.html

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Greetings, I would like to ask what is the problem of my Laptop.
According to the PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility
Notebook Model:             HP Pavilion dv6000
System Board ID:            30BB
Processor Type:              Intel ® Core ™ Duo CPU
Processor Speed:            2000MHZ
Total Memory:                 1024MB
BIOS Version:                  F.2D
Factory installed OS:      Vista
I turn on my Laptop then this will be seen:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this.
If your computer stop responding, restared unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.
If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the Power or Reset button was pressed, or if you aren't sure wh... Read more

A:Laptop has been stuck at this

I was confused that Factory install was Vista , but Boot Logo shows XP as you stated later , so you are running XP now ?
Either way , that error code usually happens within XP and can be contributed to the hard drive or actually booting fully.
Have a look at this other similar post answered by Hamluis previously that fixed the same issue , if it doesnt Post Back.

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I need help, it's been like this for a day or so and I really need my laptop. Idk how long this would take...

A:Laptop Is Stuck?

A day or so? Sorry no choice but to turn it off and restart. If it doesn't fully boot try safe mode.

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My laptop is Dell Inspiron 14 N4050.
The problem is why it stucks in BIOS and cannot go to windows after I tried installing Windows 10 last time. That time the screen showed "there is not complete drivers inside". After that when I shut down forcefully and turn it on back the screen appeared in blue color and saying please call technician.
These happened after I send my laptop to a Computer shop for reformat. Then backed home I downloaded the new Windows 10 OS and after completed the laptop cannot be used. I think maybe the shop that I send my laptop do not put all the drivers. and the result my laptop cannot be upgraded and now cannot use anymore. many files located inside and I cannot take them back. so sad. please help me.


First thing to do is run an extended hard drive diagnostic - the root of all the problems could be a bad drive.
F12 at powerup.
This system doesn't have official support for anything newer than Windows 8 -- though some have reported 10 will install and run (the audio is the part where the drivers usually fail).

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I feel a bit stupid really :/ I just took out my spacebar to clean under it since it was sticking and barely useable. I proceded to clean it and put it back, but now when i use it it stays down instead of springing back up. It's not really causing a problem (isnt typing repetitive spaces or anything) its jus kind of annoying. How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance

A:Laptop key stuck

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Okay so, I wanted to clean my laptop completely so I reset it and now after a certain amount of it loading it says it had trouble resetting and than it takes me to the hard reset screen and it won't let me log on to my laptop anymore, and when I turn my laptop off and turn it back on the blue HP sign keeps popping up and leaving and doing the same thing again but won't take me to my login screen.... I need help.

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I have an incredibly beat-up laptop that I'm still trying to use. There a external parts missing (a few keys here and there), and the backlight's broken, but otherwise it seems to be in good enough condition.

My current problem is that the fn key won't turn off. It's bothersome when the 'L' key makes the page go down... Any way to fix this?

A:Laptop Fn key is stuck

"Any way to fix this?"...

Yes stotbug,
replace the beat up keyboard... many replacement laptop keyboards are under $40

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