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Solved: Convert Excel zip list to simplified list

Q: Solved: Convert Excel zip list to simplified list

I've been banging my head on the desk trying to figure out how to simplify my zip list. Can anyone help with the attached example. I'm thinking I need VB code to do this but haven't been successful finding a solution.


Preferred Solution: Solved: Convert Excel zip list to simplified list

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Convert Excel zip list to simplified list

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I am currently receiving 27 reports that I have to compile into a master list on a daily basis. I tried creating an .bat file using notes to copy these lists into a master list but it is not working (please see code below).

copy *.xls importfile.xls

When I run this file it only copies one of the 27 files. Is there a way that I can run a macro to do this for me. I am really not familiar with macro's and am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

The files in question are all identical except that each file pertains to a different Div in our company.


A:Solved: Using a macro to copy several excel list into one master list

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1. Manage to calculate total value inside my list box by using excel vba script,
TextBox16.Value = ListBox1.ListCount and it shown actual text enter per each row.
Can anybody assist what is suitable list count script to used if we need to count total number
of specific text enter at column or row [Example: Apple]

2. Based on script below I can make my excel worksheet cells flash with vba;

Sub makeCellsFlash()
Dim mydate1 As Date
Dim mydate2 As Long
Dim datetoday1 As Date
Dim datetoday2 As Long
Dim x As Long
lastrow = Sheets(?sheet1?).Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
For x = 2 To lastrow
mydate1 = Cells(x, 2).Value
mydate2 = mydate1
datetoday1 = Date
datetoday2 = datetoday1
If mydate2 ? datetoday2 = 3 Then
Cells(x, 3) = ?Yes?
Cells(x, 3).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Cells(x, 3).Font.ColorIndex = 2
Cells(x, 3).Font.Bold = True
End If
End Sub
Module 2 contains the VBA code for the timer:
Sub startTimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue(?00:00:01?), ?color_cells?
End Sub
Sub color_cells()
With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(?sheet1?).Range(?C2:C6?).Font
If .ColorIndex = 3 Then
.ColorIndex = 2
.ColorIndex = 3
End If
End With
End Sub
Sub endTimer()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue(?00:00:01?), ?color_cells?, schedule:=False
End Sub

Can anybody assist same script above to be used inside list box


A:Excel List Count & Excel Flash Inside List Box

this may not be the best solution but seeing as you have had no other suggestions you can try this. This works with forms and with control on a sheet.

obviously you will need to code in a way to terminate the loop, in this case iv used an infinite loop which clearly would not be worth using! you will need to set a Boolean to pause or stop the loop when a button is pressed or an event is triggered.
Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Sub SelectUnselect()

Do While True
For i = 0 To UserForm1.ListBox1.ListCount - 1
If UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(i) = True Then
UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(i) = False
Sleep 1000
If UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(3) = False Then
UserForm1.ListBox1.Selected(3) = True
Sleep 1000
End If
End If
Next i

End Sub


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Hi there (time to stop lurking!)

I have already created a Macro to create a local distrobution list(s) from an Excel sheet with email addresses.

Assuming the user already has write access to modify members to the Exchange list, is there a way through VBA to;

A) Check if the email address already exists;
B) If not, then add the member to the list

Thank you


A:Updating Exchange Distrobution List from Excel Contact List

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I have two lists.
List one is raw data. List two is a collection of flag/alert words.

I need to find any term in list one that contains any flag word from list two.



In this example every term on list one would return a result of 'true'. LIST TWO is always much shorter than list one.

I was trying to set it up so that in the column directly to the right of LIST ONE produces a 'true' if that list one term contains in any fashion any term from LIST TWO.

As you will see in the example I was also trying to have a similar column to the right of LIST TWO so that I could easily see how many of the key terms had been found in the much larger list.

The sample also has color fill based on the True/False to make it easier to visualize.

Can anyone help make this work correctly?
Match does not work because I am not looking for identical strings.
I have not been able to get Find or Search to work either.

As of right now it only seems to look at the other list's entry on the exact same ROW.

A:Excel - Two lists, search for any string in list 2 in any entry in list 1

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I had a distribution list for a mass email for some of our customers. But when we got Microsoft Exchange everything copied over but this one (the most important list!) did not copy over. But I checked through the sent messages and was able to copy the list from the BCC Field to a text file.

Now, I need to get this list of people back in a distribution list. If anyone knows how I can achieve this, please help me out! I've been google-ing this and cant seem to find something to work for me!

A:Solved: Import list of emails to Outlook Contacts or Distribution list

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I have a worksheet with gets updated regularly. (Sheet 2 in the attached file)
Now, In Sheet1 I have two Drop Down Lists, on Selecting from first drop down, the corresponding values should be populated in the other Drop Down list.


A:Excel Query: Populate Drop Down List based on another Drop Down List

Made possible with link cell in dropdown 1

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OK. This is driving me crazy. Using Active Directory I created a Global Security group. I also tried Global Distribution group. Neither of them are showing in my Global Address book. What am I missing?

OS: Windows 2003 Server
Mail: Exchange Server 2003

Please help.


A:Solved: Distribution List in Global Address List

It has to be set up as a Global Distribution group and you have to ensure it has an email address. I am not sure it will show up until you restart Outlook.

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I have a series of worksheets set up for recording payments. Basically, I have one column containing a company name, and separate columns for data including; cost, tax and total. I would like to be able to filter the list by company name and return a sum of the data elements for a particular company. At present, I have tried using macros to add the autosum for a series of cells in each column, but this would include the hidden data not included on a particular filter. Is there a way to sum only the visible elements produced when running the filter?

I hope that makes sense?!?


A:Solved: Excel - sum of filtered list?

If I understand what you want, just apply a filter (any filter) and do a standard SUM=(range:range) at the bottom of the physical total list shown.

The Sum formula will change to a SUBTOTAL formula and always only sum the visible cells.

The only trick is, you must create the formula it on a filtered list first or it will continue to sum the hidden cells.

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I have a bank statement in Excel. What I want is a formula to pick out all the bank charges, for example, and add them in a single cell, so I can tell at a glance how much has been paid. I've attached a sample.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Excel - Adding from a list

bleep69 said:


I have a bank statement in Excel. What I want is a formula to pick out all the bank charges, for example, and add them in a single cell, so I can tell at a glance how much has been paid. I've attached a sample.

Thanks in advance!Click to expand...

Could not open your example file.

However I believe, your problem can be solved by using SUMIF function.
Lets say when ever there is bank charge the statement is using the term "bank chaarges". Plus this text always appear in column A and the corresponding values appear in column B.
The formula where you want the total for bank charges levied will be:
=sumif(A1:A20,"Bank Charges",B1:B20)
(assuming that the range is the first 20 rows)

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I am trying to create a validation list in Excel, but the problem is that it won't let me do this because the dropdown I want to create is on a separate "sheet" than the data that it needs to contain. I am doing it this way, because there is more than one range I need to pull data from.

Is there any way to do this? I would prefer not to have to copy the data from the first sheet to a "hidden column" on the second sheet, but if there's no other way, then I guess I am stuck.

Please help!

A:Solved: Excel validation list

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I don't know what this is called in Excel, but here is my scenario and what I want to accomplish:

Hypothetically, let's say I have a sheet set up so that column A has a header of UNIT, and a2-a27 are the letters A through Z. Column B header is SERIAL, and b2-b27 are 26 unique serial numbers. Column C header is MODEL, and c2-c27 are blank. Each of the units, a-z, in column a can be one of 10 unique model numbers. I know what each of the units' model numbers is, but the models are written on a piece of paper.

What I want to do, in cells c2-c27, is be able to click a drop-down list and select which of the 10 model numbers each of the units, a-z, is.

I have a very similar actual situation to this, although my list is 1800 lines long and I don't want to type in model numbers 1800 times. If I could select each particular unit's model number from a drop down list, that would speed up my data entry time.


A:Solved: I want a dropdown list in Excel

Look undar "Data">>"Validation" from the menu bar. There is a list option which will allow you to select the items that you want within the list.

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Afternoon everyone,

For the first time that I've gotten Office, I'm using Excel, and it's turning out to be a lot harder than I would have liked.

I basically have a template spreadsheet that will be used to import contacts into Access. There are certain fields that have to be limited to a list provided (I got as far as using the Data Validation to set the list, picking a list from each individual worksheet), but I'm having difficulty to find a way to limit entries ONLY to the drop down list I've designated.

Would anyone know what has to be done in order to limit it to the list? I've been searching all over the internet, but I can't seem to find anything that is helpful.

Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: Excel: Limit to list?

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Does anyone know how to edit information in one cell so that it appears as a list? For example, I would like the following info:

This is a list of information I would like listed apples pears oranges bananas. This is a list of my favourite fruit

I would like this to appear as:

This is a list of information I would like listed
This is a list of my favourite fruit.

Apart from adding a load spaces until the list appears as such or do it in word then paste it in, I do not seem to be able to do it.

Can anyone help please?

A:Solved: List information in Excel 2003

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I am trying to find a way to show the cell reference when a cell in the same column is a duplicate.

E.G. I have a column of data (lets say A1=car, A2=bus, A3=bike, A4 =bus, A5=walk, A6=bus). I would like an adjacent column which would list which, if any, cells in the previous column are duplicates (excluding first (initial/original) and later instances if possible) and list which cell has the intial instance that has been duplicated by listing the cell reference. So in this example column B would appear as

B2=blank (this is the first instance of bus)

I am using conditional formatting to highlight duplicates (=COUNTIF($A$1:$A1,A1)>1) and sorting to see which are duplicates but would really like to have this adjacent column which lists the initial cell that has been duplicated.

I am not sure if this is possible but am sure that someone will be able to help. I am happy to use either a formula or macro.

Thanks in advance...

A:Solved: MS Excel - How to list duplicated cell ref


on B1 and copied down.

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i have an excel spreadsheet of contact info. it is hard to read on a treo PDA.

i would like to convert it to a word doc, or any vertical list.

does anyone know if there is a function for this? i'm trying to hook up the bosses phone...


A:Convert .xls To .doc List

Copy the table in Excel. In Word, go Edit -- Paste Special -- Formatted Text -- OK.

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Note:Currently have 2007 installed but needs to function on 2003 + 2007 versions of Excel

Im making a seperate file that needs to read stuff from other excel documents but where there will be many documents to choose from I would like a button to choose the file. once you have chosen the file it reads the name of it and fills out the rest of the new document.

eg. files encluded

eg. in thisnewfile.xls

in cell "a1" need a drop down menu or selectable section to choose one of the other excel documents (out of the ones in the same directory or if option to add from a diff directory) from that i need it to display the actual file name.

in cell "b1" i need to grab the information from the document chosen in "a1" but from "sheet1 cell a1" so that will vary depending on what document you choose.

in cell "c1" i need to grab the information from the other document but from "sheet2 cell a1"

and so on

man thats quite difficult to explain but i hope you get the idea and can assist. (im really sure its possible)
This will need to work on a number of different machines and will need to search for the files automatically (in the folder where this file is going to exist) this also needs to be a one file item. the other users are unlikley to be able to do anyhting else

A:Solved: Excel 2007. List Files in the same directory

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Hi There

I'm not sure if this is possible or not. I checked the internet and coud not find a solution. I have created a very simple dropdown list with only 2 entries. I typed in the entries in the list source box. Is there a way that the user can also type in any other entry of his/her choosing to the cell without the message appearing saying that the entry is not valid?? If it is not possible please let me know.


A:Solved: Data Validation list (Excel 2000)

Just turn off error alert in Data Validation Option

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Hi everybody,

I really didn't know how to call this question, but I will try to make it clear.

I got an Excel sheet which contains in total over 1000 names and adresses. These adresses contain a lastname, surname and adresse etc.

Cell b10 contains for example, "Klaasen, P"
Cell c10 contains the adress of this person.

Now I would like to get the content of the b10 cell to "P, Klaasen" instead of "Klaasen, P"

Is this possible in any way? I can't find any options in Excel for doing this and I can't find anything on the internet.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Adress list excel changing names

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Is it possible to print a 'DIR' of files in a directory to the clipboard or notepad or excel?

I am trying to create a list of files I have by their name into a spreadsheet, but can't seem to do it, even in DOS.... can't stop the screen from scrolling.

I assumed there must be an easy way of doing this ?

Thanks, Simon.

A:Solved: Printing a list of files to notepad or excel ....

Karen's directory printer

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Dealing with a list of figures on an excel worksheet

If I high-lighted every figure - how do I increase them all by 25% ?

A:Solved: List of Figures on Excel Worksheet : how do I increase them all by 25%?

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Hi all,

I was wondering. I have an Excel sheet in which people can select some few things.
For example Type, Gender.

Depending on what's selected here, another validation list is filled in with values (male gives other values then female).

Now I would like that when a Type and Gender are selected, the first item from the new to select values is displayed automatically.

So is it possible that a validation list automatically displays the first item instead of staying blank?

I've searched the internet for a solution, but I can't find any.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: excel validation list autodisplay first item

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Im a bit stuck here. i want a formula (i figure its some sort of variation on the MATCH and ADDRESS formulas) that searches a list for a certain value and returns the cell reference of the last one in the list that it finds. Its simple to get the first in the list but i dont have a clue how to find the last in the list.
my formula for finding the first in the list is as follows


any help would be appreciated


A:Solved: excel find last cell in a list that equals a certain value

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I know there is a lot of info out there about countif and drop down lists but for some reason I just can't find an exact match to my problem. I have a column of values (abnormal, normal, mutated, etc.) with a filter on it - so I can see only those rows with that value. I want to make a dynamic chart with that number of values out of the total number (11,942). So what I did was make a separate column called graph data and just put the number 1 all the way down, and then did a countif to count how many times "1" appeared in the list - but the problem is, the countif number doesn't change when I change my filters. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Excel - Countif from a drop down list into pie chart

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I require help on macro , couldnt find this issue anywhere else in this forum.

I have a list of names(around 500 mech parts) in excel 2003.Eg: "5922 X0E". These names can be converted to filenames if the spaces in between are removed. I have pooled all the files with these filenames in server directory(\\Server\ABC).

I need a macro which automatically hyperlinks the excel list to original files (which is .dwg). If i could assign a software with which the files would open, it would be added advantage.

have been searchin for solution since 1 week Pl give me some magic script.

A:Solved: Excel Macro for hyperlinking file list.

Please help me!

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Hello Folks and thanks in advance for taking a look at this. I have taken on the responsibility of managing a complex ranking system and I'd like to know if there is a way to use Excel to help me. Basically there is an ordered list of people and sometimes someone of the list will move to the bottom. The complex part is that some of the people on the list have locked positions. When everyone else on the list moves up, they do not. To complicate matters further, people change their moving/locked status on the list often. I began trying to use nested if statement to create two lists, one for people that were moving and one for the locked people, thinking I could then just recombine the two and sort them, but to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks again.

A:Solved: Complex Ranked List Management in Excel

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Good morning!
So I have created my dropdown lists in Excel 2003 and all was working well. Then, I had to add a few employee names to my list and I resorted then saved the list. Then went back to my main sheet and tried to input data from the form a Supervisor had turned in. For some reason part of the list in one of my dropdowns no longer shows up. I've searched this site and could not find the answer. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Excel dropdown list not showing all options

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Hi everybody,

I would like someone's help with this excel 2003 issue please...

I would like a piece of code that searches through column B of my worksheet for a specific word (e.g. "Platform") and when it finds it to check whether the text is in a white font. If it is white text then it should return a positive result, but if it is false then it should carry on looking.

If anyone can help me then this would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


A:Solved: excel 2003: searching through a list with 2 conditions

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I have a list of personnell working for us and in one column is their Dates of Birth (DOB) in DD/MM/YY format, what I want to do is filter or show easily who's birthday is coming up in a give period of time. I've tried using the filter function but it only seems to work on the year and I can;t get it to filter on month. I'm using Excel 2007

Any ideas ?


A:Solved: Birthday reminders from a list of DOBs Excel 2007

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Every couple of weeks, I lose my jump list for Microsoft excel files.

I have used the fix below to correct it, but it keeps coming back. Is there a permanent fix for this problem?

"The most common reason for this behaviour is a corrupted store file where that information is retained. Perform the following.
(This procedure will remove the current JumpList and allow a new file to be created. Before you start you should take a screenshot of the JumpList menu to have a record of all the pinned items)
1. Open Windows Explorer and Copy/Paste the following path into the Address Bar and press Enter.
2. Set the View to Details and in that folder and look for the following file.

3. Right click that file and select Delete. This will refresh that JumpList. You will need to rebuild the JumpList and re-pin all of the files"

Thanks, T

A:[SOLVED] Losing Excel 2010 Jump List (Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit)


By "Jump List", in this context, do you mean "most recently opened documents" or "Recent Documents"?

Some clean-up utilities will clear these files. Do you regularly run any such program?

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Is it possible to link an Excel and a Word file so that a change in Excel would automatically occur in Word?

I have a membership roster in Excel and I'd like to have a mailing label file that would automatically be changed when I add or delete names in the Excel roster. (Going through the whole mail merge process is cumbersome.)

I've tried searching the Help files, but it refers to embedded objects and such and I don't think that's the way to go with this.

Thanks for any help!!!

A:Solved. Linking Excel list to automatically update Word

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I have an Excel 2010 workbook (named bridging.xlsm) which can be opened from one of several other open workbooks. I am trying to write code that will re-activate the workbook (which will always have "preop_management" as part of its file name) which opened bridging.xlsm after I am finished working in bridging.xlsm.

I have found code which lists all open workbooks and copies their file paths into a worksheet in the bridging.xlsm workbook. From there, I added code which looks for the path which contains "preop_management" as part of its file name and pastes that entire path name into a cell named 'ReActivate.'

Sub ListWorkbooks()
Dim wb As Workbook
Dim j As Single

For j = 1 To Workbooks.Count
Sheets("Logs").Range("C1").Cells(j, 1) = Workbooks(j).FullName
Next j

Cells.Find(What:="preop_management", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:= _
xlFormulas, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:= _
xlNext, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Copy

End Sub

I am unsure of the syntax which will open the path/file which was pasted into an Excel cell. My question is, how can I use VBA to activate/re-activate the workbook named in the cell 'ReActivate?'

As always, the expertise and time of this forum's members is much appreciated.

A:Solved: Re-activate an Open Workbook from a List in Excel Worksheet


If the workbook is still open you cannot use the full path - just the file name and extension e.g.
Windows("File Name.xlsm").Activate

Workbooks("File Name.xlsm").Activate
You can change your macro to record the file name without the path with
Sheets("Logs").Cells(j, 1) = Workbooks(j).[COLOR=red][B]Name[/B][/COLOR]
Or, add it to the next column with
Sheets("Logs").Cells(j, [COLOR=red][B]2[/B][/COLOR]) = Workbooks(j).Name
but if you are always going back to the original file that opened all other files you can simply do


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Hey all,

I am looking for a general reference list of the most common used math operators that can be used in Excel 2003 and the format that would go in the corresponding cells when they would be applied. There are the obvious (Sum +) Subtract (-) Multiply (*) and (Divide) (/).

If there are way too may to list, to keep things simple for users, can anyone provide a list the top 20? I'm looking for a reference list that goes above basic math, say up to Algebra II. But I don't need or want Calculus formulas either.

The point of this list is to show beginning Excel users how this powerful spreadsheet program can do more than add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers in a cell. Please include these basic functions in the list as well if you can. Thanks in advance!


A:Solved: Need List of General Math Calculating Operations For Excel 2003?

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Hello Everyone,

First time user of the forum here and it does seem everyone is very helpful! I did a search and could not find search macro for a list of values so I'm adding a new post. My apologies if this was answered before but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Here's what I have:

I have 3 worksheets:
1. List of Search Criteria (List of 100 or so countries in column A)
2. Huge Data Set (Sales Data; column K, L, or M will contain country name)
3. Blank Output sheet

My goal is create a search button that will look in the Huge Data Set for sales transactions occuring in the list of countries specified on Sheet #1. The country info could be in any of the 3 rows (K, L, M) on Sheet #2. I would then like any row on the Huge Data Set with a matching country to be copied to the 3rd worksheet.

I hope my explanation makes sense.

Any help?


A:Solved: Excel Macro - Search List of Values, Copy, and Paste

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It's difficult to describe my situation in words, so I'll just show you what I'm trying to do.

I have a table that looks like this:

A, B, C
Name, Hours, OT hours
Jane, 166, 0
Jack, 163, 17
Mike, 168, 0
Dot, 167, 24
Erin, 164, 8
Carmen 158,0

and I want to create a list that will have 2 rows if there are OT hours, and 1 if there are not.

A, B
Jane, 166
Jack, 163
Dot, 167
Dot, 24
Erin, 164
Carmen, 158

I can't use macros or VBA. It has to be formula driven. I can use a helper column or two. The starting table will change depending on who charged hours where. I've been trying to use IF and OFFSET and ROWS to do it, and it works until there's 2 consecutive rows that have OT hours.

Just to clarify, I just need to know how to get column A listed properly elsewhere in the spreadsheet - I can derive Column B using vlookup.

Thanks so much!

A:Solved: MS Excel: create list based on data in a simple table

2 Formulas - 1 for finding the name, the other for finding the appropriate value.
Note - must start on row 3 or greater.

Names (mine start in cell G3): =IF(G2<>"",IF(G1=G2,INDEX($A$2:$C$7,MATCH(G2,$A$2:$A$7,FALSE)+1,1),IF(VLOOKUP(G2,$A$2:$C$7,3,FALSE)>0,G2,INDEX($A$2:$C$7,MATCH(G2,$A$2:$A$7,FALSE)+1,1))),$A$2)

Hours (mine start in cell H3): =IF(G3=G2,VLOOKUP(G3,$A$2:$C$7,3,FALSE),VLOOKUP(G3,$A$2:$C$7,2,FALSE))

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I've upgraded from Excel 2000 to 2007 and cannot get the pivot table field list to show. I activate the pivot table and switch it from hide/show either by right clicking or from the toolbar but still no joy. I''ve looked all over the spreadsheet to see if it hidden anywhere but cannot find it. Any suggestions? If it is hidden somewhere can I move it via vba code?

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Pivot Table Field List Missing

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I'm using VLookup & need my reference numbers on the current and the lookup pages to have that left apostrophe at the beginning of both sets of reference numbers or otherwise to have no apostrophe there at all. Without consistency I can't perform the lookup.

Is there a quick way to add or remove those apostrophes in a long list of numbers?

A:(Solved) Excel: remove/add apostrophes at beginning of long list of numbers

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I use MS 2010, and in my Excel work book I have a list which works fine for me. But when I send it to others, the cell with the list in does work. - By not working I mean that there is no "arrow" to access the different variables that the list should show.

I assume this is a compatibility issue. Was just wondering if there were any known solution.


A:Solved: List function in data validation not compatible with earlier version of Excel

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Hi all,

I am trying to develop a cost calculator based on several drop down lists. I have used the following formula:

=AVERAGEIFS('Scope Of Work'!I:I,'Scope Of Work'!C:C,C6,'Scope Of Work'!F:F,'Cost Calculation'!D6,'Scope Of Work'!G:G,'Cost Calculation'!E6)

Cells C6, D6 and E6 in the Cost Calculation Tab are all drop down menus based on data validation. The formula works when all 3 cells have a selection value but I also want it to calculate if only one or two of the drop down lists have been populated, any ideas?



A:Solved: Excel 2007 - Dynamic formula based on Data Validation List

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Hi all,

I'm having trouble writing a macro that'll help me automate this process. In the attached, I have a list of countries in the Countries tab, and 10 line items in the Data Set tab. I want to look for each of the countries in columns K to M in the Data Set tab, and for each line that hits, I want the macro to copy that line and paste it in the Output Sheet tab. Then the macro should go down the list of countries and repeat this process until it finishes looking for the last country in the Countries tab.

I'm thinking some kind of For loop is required, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Solved: Urgent: Excel Macro - Search List of Values, Copy, and Paste

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I am trying to use conditional formatting and a FIND formula to be able to highlight a word selected from a drop down list in a a work sheet.

I have created a drop down list of a number of different words (countie names)
I would like to be able to select one of those words at a time and have excel locate and highlight that specific word whithin my worksheet.

To better explain I have created a schedule with county names listed, I need to be able to select a country from my drop down list and see how many times I have that country listed in my schedule. i.e to look for time overlaps or double bookings.
I have seen this done before but cant figure it out.

Can anyone help with this problem??
Im sure its quite simple but cant seem to get it.

A:Solved: How to find specific words in a drop down list whithin an excel worksheet.

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To begin with, I just want to check if this is viable, and if so, which solution is best/easiest...

Office 2010.

Current situation:
An Outlook rule moves certain messages to an Outlook folder.
A macro button is used to run code that prints the attachments of all messages in that folder.
Think it then deletes the messages.

Required situation:
Instead of printing all attatchments, the macro needs to look at a specific column of data in an Excel file.
If a value in the Excel column matches (or part matches) the filename of the attachment, the attachment is printed.
All attachments with filenames that do not match the Excel list are left alone.

Alternatively, switch it round, so the macro is in the Excel file, and it checks the values in the column against the attachment filenames of messages in that Outlook directory, and prints those that match.

Alternatively, write something in Outlook code, perhaps using a form control, whereby the user can enter (paste in) the batch of values, and it then prints attachments accordingly, rather than trying to forge a link between Excel and Outlook.

Alternatively... use some 3rd party tool that accepts the batch of values and interacts with Outlook to print the attachments, bypassing the need to write and manage code.

Or something else?


A:Outlook/Excel - Print selected attachments based on Excel list

Alternatively... modify the existing Outlook macro to save all attachments to a dir on the PC instead of print, and then write an Excel macro to check the files in the dir instead of the Outlook folder.

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I have an EXTERNAL USB Drive 1gb that I use to IMAGE machines all the time.  An employee got a new laptop Dell E5470 with an M.2 Sata SSD, and when I boot this machine to the external drive to apply a new image, diskpart does not show the External HDD under List Volume or List Disk.  I have played around in the BIOS thinking because of the new M.2 Sata SSD there was a setting that was causing this but I am unable to find anything that allows this to work.  It will boot from the External Drive but when running diskpart, it will not sow the drive so I can't apply and image or take an image since I have no were to place the image or copy it from.

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I'm running Win10 Pro 64bit and Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.5. There is a huge discrepancy in the installed programs lists provided by Revo Uninstaller and the Win10 Programs and Features control panel. They both say there are 83 installs (that's good). But Revo Uninstaller claims that 15 programs were installed a few days ago on 2/29/2016. The correct number is 3 which is what Win10 says. Today I uninstalled Revo Uninstaller (using Revo Uninstaller to do it) and then reinstalled it. No help.

I guess it might be OK to ignore this discrepancy but I find it surprising.


-- Larry

A:Revo Uninstaller List Differs from Win10 Progs and Features List

Originally Posted by larrymcg

I'm running Win10 Pro 64bit and Revo Uninstaller Pro v3.1.5. There is a huge discrepancy in the installed programs lists provided by Revo Uninstaller and the Win10 Programs and Features control panel. They both say there are 83 installs (that's good). But Revo Uninstaller claims that 15 programs were installed a few days ago on 2/29/2016. The correct number is 3 which is what Win10 says. Today I uninstalled Revo Uninstaller (using Revo Uninstaller to do it) and then reinstalled it. No help.

I guess it might be OK to ignore this discrepancy but I find it surprising.


-- Larry

I show same thing. You may have discovered a "leap day" bug in the Revo app. I wouldn't worry about it, honestly. It's how it calculates the term "Recently". If you use CCleaner and look at tools/uninstall it list progs. Sort descending date...you get a another answer.

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Attached is an excel sheet (Book1), in which I need to Copy the items from A1 to D3 in a comma separated value as in F.

For example,
A1 A2, A4, B4, C4, D4
A1 A2, A5, B5, C5, D5 and so on.

And transpose the above sheet as in Sheet2.

Thanks you,

A:Copying a list into Comma separated values and transpose the list as well

Review your Sheet and let me know do you need in this fashion

Parent Class: Sprocket Child: Simplex Pitch
This is what i get on transposing, if this the case then just confrim it so I can give you the code.

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Hi Everyone,

Am looking for a way to remove the actual option to "Log on to: computername (This Computer)" from the list so users will only have the option to logon to the domain.

This can be done as they did it in my uni...

Thanks for any help / ideas you might have.


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