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Satellite C855-253 CPU Upgrade possibility

Q: Satellite C855-253 CPU Upgrade possibility

So, I've just found an i7-3610QM, which will fit the Motherboard of my laptop just fine (rPGA 988B).

The only thing I don't know is if the CPU will actually work if i install it. It'd be a waste to buy it and find out it doesn't work when i put it in the laptop.

If someone from Toshiba could tell me, honestly, if the BIOS is locked down to one CPU or not that would be great, as I could use having 4 cores and 8 threads instead of 2 cores and 4 threads.

My only other concern with it is the motherboard power delivery. The power delivery is currently running a CPU rated for 35w, which under the most strenuous of loads only draws about 26. Could it support this new chip if it works, considering that it's TDP is 45W (so the running wattage may be around 37-38W). Cooling shouldn't be an issue at all

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C855-253 CPU Upgrade possibility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey, I have this laptop: SATELLITE C855-248
NUMBER: PSKCAE-083014G6, and I want to upgrade CPU with this: Intel Core i7-3630QM Mobile processor - AW8063801106200

It is possible? Or my laptop will explode?

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I am trying for days to upgrade my mam's laptop but I have no success...

Tried everything, was following the Toshiba instructions: "How to Upgrade"...

BUT i doesn't work.. i am always ending at the same error message...
0X1900101 0x30018

I almost deinstalled everything...just hold on to my ethernet driver... otherwise I might have no internetconnection.

What can I do?

A:Satellite C855-2J4 - can't upgrade to Win 8.1 - error 0X1900101 0x30018

In [Toshiba Support Win 8.1 Forum|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=139] you will find some threads about this Win 8.1 update issue.

Before opening new thread about the same theme, please check the provided solutions!

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My toshiba satellite c855-2E5 won't let me sign in,

A:Satellite C855-2E5 won't let me log in

Sign in on power up?
Sign in to the BIOS?
Or sign into Windows?

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I need to know the equivalent of my notebook c855-128, because i can not find it in the list of toshiba notebooks. I want to upgrade my HDD and I not decide what new HDD I can choose

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Hi help needed please has anybody got a link where to find driver for sm buss controller searched every where to no avail running win 7 64 bit
have attached picture have no more info available

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I have a Satellite C855-21N with a charger of 19 V and 3.42, but my charger doesn't work so I decided to buy a new one, but in the shop only I found one of 19.5 V and 4.62A. So, my question is if I can use that one without danger of damaging someting or not. I read that I can use with more amperes but I'm not sure about the volts. It's only 0.5 V but I'm not sure.


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Ok so my laptop, Toshiba satellite C855-21C had died. Officially it's GPU.
GPU glued to motherboard, pretty much a dead end. But as I don't really give up I was searching for solutions. And then 3 random services came up with 5 compleeeeetely diff solutions contradicting each other therefore I am turning to you forum people.
I wanted to, if possible, change the whole motherboard. I mean, the GPU that died is pretty much glued on the motherboard so the new motherboard should have it glued too if it's the same exact model.

Here comes my question. Anyone has ANY idea how can ik which motherboard I have? Can I get it from Toshiba? Is there info on it ANYWHERE? Im quite desperate... if you put your lappy to hands of 3 diff technicians and they all tell you... Different stuff it makes you feel quite desperate?
The last one said it's not even possible to change the whole motherboard because even if I do the graphic card is broken ... Uh what? Didn't y say it's glued to it so getting new motherboard with new card would solve it? Suddenly there is some problem with HDD that you and other 2 pros claimed to be completely fine. WTF?
Please anyone has more experience in this field?
My whole problem is that the GPU died, it's not replaceable, only whole motherboard is. The motherboard is expensive but I find some with approx 70-120?. I am student and I won't be able to afford new, decent laptop as this one was in next 5months for sure

Thanks anyone for any information on this.

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I've a GPU problem with this Satellite C855 that mount a H000052630 mainboard.
If I try to install video drivers (no matter about operating system or clean installation) that system hung up or crash.
I tried different solutions as:
change CPU
change RAM
BIOS update
and final a GPU chipset reflow
with any success.
So I tried to search an identical mainboard but this exact model its almost impossibile to find to any seller.
Could I looks for a H000050770 that mount the same Intel 988B Mobile chipset and has tha same exact form factor and ports of the H000052630?
My cpu is a CPU is i5-3230M and honestly I don't see any other hardware not comatbile between the 2 mainboards.

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Can anybody send me a link for a new driver .My son downloaded windows 10 onto his notebook some time ago(Swears it was recommended,although now it isn't,operating ok though) since then it seems the video player no longer operates.had a message on Tempro there was a new driver for this model but after going through all the details seems this not on toshiba website.Son now has a new laptop so this has passed on to me and I would like to be able to watch DVD's on it,can anyone help me please.

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I own a Toshiba Satellite C855-12K, I have owned it for about 3 years, but 2 weeks ago, I accidentally damaged the motherboard, while I was cleaning the computer, at first I thought it was the display or video card that has broken, because it was acting weird, ( shutting off, 20 seconds after the desktop loads, colorful, thin pixel lines falling all over the screen ) but after 5 times of starting it up, display turning off, I left it alone.
The next day, it would not start up at all, so I sent it to a really good computer technician, who called me the next day, saying, that the motherboard has died, and that it needs a new one.

When I was cleaning it, I watched a video on youtube, that showed how to open Toshiba Satellite C855-12J or something, (not the C855-12K, which I have) but I noticed, that the chassis is the same, the size of the motherboard is the same. That's why I would love to not put a C855-12K motherboard in my C855-12K, but something more powerful, with more performance, because I want to play newer games, but I don't want to sell my C855 and buy a new computer, I'd rather upgrade this computer.

So are there any motherboards for C855, that have a better CPU / GPU than C855-12K, if there are, could you show me a list of computers, which come with them? Maybe there are motherboards from other Toshiba computers, that fit?

Thanks in advance.

A:Compatible Motherboards for Satellite C855

Due to specific design notebooks are specific products and, generally speaking, some ?radical? hardware upgrades are not possible. Every hardware platform has certain cooling system designed for optimal hardware protect.

Every notebook model has also specific design and different ports placed on different places.
For instance Satellite C855 was offered with 6 different hardware platforms. With other words, with 6 different motherboards that can have different hardware (CPU, GPU, WLAN, BT) but also different ports on the left and right side.

Every authorized Toshiba service, but also independent notebook repair shops, will exchange defective motherboard with identical mainboard model. Some kind of ?compatible? mainboards are not available.

Motherboard is very expensive so you must check the price and see if it is worth to pay a lot of money for repair. Four years ago my A300 has had ?electro shock? by connecting external USB device. The repair was extremely expensive so I sold it on eBay for spare parts and I bought new one ? Satellite P500.

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Hello Everyone......

I have a Satellite C855 Windows 7 64bit Laptop and when a disc is put into D drive
it says there is no disc. Tempro sent me an alert for 2 x sorts of Video Player.

They both went through
the download process and right at the end" Patch Project" informed me... can not find our player in your

..DVD-RAM Utility-- Status no disc.
Diagnostic Tool.. CD/DVD Drive... Fail
Flash Player up to date and Java up to date.
All this is with a disc in the drive by the way. I can hear it clicking as if it wants to start.

I went on Toshiba Extranet and I saw my problem written in a box but I had to login.
I had not been on the
site for quite some time but I had my user name and password written down.

They accepted my user name
but not the password or my email address... so frustrating! I emailed for help but I won't hold my breath.
Fortunately I can backup via Flash drive.

Any ideas would be received with much gratitude.

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On beginning I like to sorry for my English, hope that you will understand what I'm looking for
I know that Toshiba don't support Satellite C855-1TV for Windows 10 but I like to try to install Windows 10 on my Satellite C855-1TV.
Where I suppose to start looking drivers for this laptop? Where to find some list of parts which I have on my laptop, which need drivers?
I hope you understand what I looking for

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Hi everyone,

I was using my laptop and suddenly one of the Toshiba programmes crashed down and now my desktop has a lot of stripes and everything on it. It's still usable so it's probably the graphic card? I really need help on this one!


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I have temp. problems with my laptop

I was playing ETS 2 and after some time my fan started acting strange, it had les than 3 sec speed up and slowing down few times, after that a window poped up that laptop is owerheating and fan just kicked in high speed. i closed game, and as fan wass at full speed and i dind power down laptop and the fan stayed in that speed. i checked temps of cpu and it wass 35-40C. and when i restart laptop fan is normal again until i start playing games that all of it cmes back.

Changed temal paste and heasinf and fan cleaned fully, fully wipe my hard drive and clean windows install, all driver instaled but no change
i searched simular problem online, but nothing helped my problem

So I foud about BIOS updaes, and a lot of them had isues with last versions and i thint that its the last thing that i didnt try to do, but i cant find older versions of bios for my laptop

Please anybody help i dont know what to do anymore

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So i had this problem since yesterday.
I have windows 10, when the laptop is unplugged the battery icon always shows 100% and around 1h of battery remaining, but if i plug the AC power in it shows the actual battery percentage and the orange charging light is on,
I tried to remove the battery, hold the power button for 30 sec but it did not work.

Thank you

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I've had to erase everything from the hard disk via an integrated function of my NetBook.
Toshiba Satellite C855 21V.
And now I'm getting the error message at the start of the NetBook:
"No. bootable device - please restart system"
Can someone help me?
Thank you

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C855 1J1. The touch pad suddenly started giving my problems. Ok so the touch pad itself will let me navigate the page and when I hover over a link for example it does recognize it but when I try to click the link it doesn't recognize the tap. The left click also doe not work yet the right click button does.

I went into my Synaptics Pointing Device settings and made sure that tapping was enabled. I tried disabling it and re-enabling it and it didn't fix the problem. I also tried the FN/F5 combo that I seen suggested but again that didn't work. I also tried scanned my laptop for any viruses that may be causing it , again that didn't work. I tried updating the driver but that was fine too. The fact that I can navigate the page using the touch pad and it recognizes that I am hovering over a link and that the right click works seems to suggest that it is working. If I didn't know better I would say that tapping is disabled but it's not. Device manager says that it is working properly so I really don't know what to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions at all.

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Hey guys,

since some time I have the annoying problem that my 'FN' button seems to be reversed. I didn't chnge any of these settings and recently all my upper keys can only be used by holding the fn button.

As before everything worked without this. I didn't find any settings or key combinations to change this.

After some internet research I found out that I can change this by using the Toshiba System settings using the Keyboard option. When I did this I only got the 'general' tab in the program to the left and it said I should install Toshiba Password Utilty which I did but didn't change anything.

Afterwards I uninstalled and reinstalled the Toshiba System settings and did a restart.

But now The program doesn't open and I only get the notification that I should install toshiba Password Utilty???
I think I deleted some Toshiba Tools on this pc after purchase and would greatly appreciate any help as this is becoming very annoying!


A:Satellite C855-2J7 - Fn button reversed

As I can see this thread is marked as answered so it would be nice if you can inform us about your FN keys issue. Have you found solution or not?

I don?t know what have you removed and how you have configured your machine and which kind of solution is acceptable for you but if there is no problem reinstall original recovery image and configure your machine again.
There is no need to remove some Toshiba applications. Some of them are not so important and you can just disable them from automatic start-up but they must not be removed from the system.

What you can remove are some additional applications like antivirus and you can install your favourite application.

Don?t forget to create recovery image back-up ? recovery media (DVD or USB) using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator.

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Hi all, I have a laptop Toshiba C855-2CL and all of a sudden it won't start up!!

When only the battery is plugged in, I press the power button and a white led on the power indicator is flashing 5 times, after that nothing at all.

When I plug the power cord (with or without the battery, it's the same), the white led on the power indicator is flashing always plus the DVD drive keeps making a strange noise and flashing always.

I've tried all possible ways to fix it myself, by reading a couple of topics in this forum with no luck. Here's what I've tried so far:

1) Power drain by disconnecting everything & pressing the power button for 30". Then reconnect the battery and charger.
2) Step 1 + memory removed
3) Step 2 + MB battery cell removed
4) Step 1 + DVD Drive removed from the laptop
5) Step 1 + the use of another power adapter and cable

Any idea what else to try?

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I have this problem, and its little weird for me... laptop was on repair while in warranty, and they sad they replaced fan, and that it is fixed but notting...

so, when i turn laptop on, fan is not working, and work slow on normal using, but, when i open any game, fan is gettin high speed and slows down quickly, all the time while i play, and when i quit game fan goes on, and it isn't stoping until i turn off laptop, even on normal restart it stays active... please help

MODEL: C855-141

A:Satellite C855-141 - fan is running constantly


From my knowledge the fan activity depends on notebook usage and everything is controlled by fan table which is stored in the BIOS.
The fan table contains information how the cooling module has to run in different situations.

While gaming, the CPU and GPU produce more warmness and this need to be cooled down. Therefore the cooling fan has to rotate faster.
But I?m wondering why the fan does not run slower after the game has been closed.

However, I would recommend you to disconnect the AC adaptor and to remove the battery and to press and hold the power button (30 sec would be good enough)
Then power up the unit, access the BIOS and set it to default, save the change and reboot the notebook.

Furthermore I would recommend you to check the windows power plan settings.
In advanced settings it?s possible to change the cooling mode as well as the max CPU performance.

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Hi. I hope somebody can help. I've had this Satelite C855 for a few years now and it has never given me any problems until I got Windows 10. Since then the sound volume has gone very low. I have been on the control panel and set everything to max. Made no difference. Tried to download Toshiba audio drivers, but ran into another problem. The Toshiba EUROPE website does not have a driver for Win 10. So I tried some Win8.1 drivers, but these don't work for Win 10. Then tried drivers from the US, but they don't support non-US macines. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx.

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My Toshiba C855-2F3 has juust had its hard drive trashed when Windows 10 had a fit. Recovery functions fail with an unknown error.
I need to reinstall theb laptop and I have no recovery media. I went to the site where you used to oreder it which says its no longer running since 31st March 2017 and it Directs me to the current Tech support site, where after going though all the questions with the automated service, it tells me to order recovery media and directs me back to the first side, which stopped on the 31st Marsh.

Simple question, when do I order recovery media now ????????????

A:Satellite C855-2F3 - How to order the recovery media

2 days and not a hint of a reply???????

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Hope someone can help, I did a factory reset on my laptop about a month ago and since then non of the function keys work until I hold the Fn key down, its not a big deal but I would just like to get my laptop back to how it was working.....I have been reading lots on the internet but so far haven't found anything that can help, I read about a Value Added Package that is from Toshiba that might help but so far have been unable to find a download anywhere even after searching the Toshiba support site.
Really hope someone knows how to fix this, or where to download this Value Added Package.

A:Satellite C855 Function Keys Not Working

Solved....I found the Toshiba Value Added Package on this website under download drivers, after downloading it my volume keys and all other function keys are now working.

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I'm trying to get to my hardware fan to clean it, but to do that I have to remove everything else. How do I remove the important stuff, keyboard, Hard Drive, etc? I really can't talk to tech support in town without getting all my money chewed lol. Plus I dont think he fixed the actual problem at hand. Toshiba Satellite C855-S5241


A:Cleaning my hardware fan ? (Toshiba Satellite C855)

This is a major dismantling job
Have you tried using a computer air spray in the fan vents
What do yon mean by this please
Plus I dont think he fixed the actual problem at handClick to expand...

has the tech reported cleaning the fan and what indications do you have that this is the problem
The keyboard has to be removed
Without knowledge and some experience you would be unlikely to complete the job without damage to the laptop
Please do not be annoyed but if you have to ask how to do it, then I suggest this is NOT a job you would want to undertake

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I have a Satellite C855-1GP laptop, which crashed. I tried using the recovery discs I made when I bought the machine, but I got the message BOOTMGR is missing. I thought the problem was with my discs, so I purchased a recovery USB stick, for my specific laptop, from Toshiba. I have followed the instructions for recovering my laptop using the USB stick, but I get the same message. Having tried all combinations of pressing F2 and F12 on boot-up I either still get the BOOTMGR is missing message or the error code F3-F100-0003. I have used Toshiba's support website, but can not get an answer to my questions i.e. how can I get the missing BOOTMGR file or what does the code mean. Can anyone help, please?

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I have a 6 weeks old Toshiba C855-1W1 laptop with WIN8.

I am finding that the screen changes in the blink of an eye without my doing anything to make it do so.
I cannot find anywhere in this new OS where I can make adjustments to the keypad.

I need to stabilize something but do not know what.
Has anyone else had this problem.?

WIN8 has been made very complicated compared to WIN 7.
It is such a pity MS changed things. I am hoping someone will understand what I am trying to describe here.

The pointer seems to shoot to the side to fetch a new but unwanted screen.

A:Re: Satellite C855-1W1 - need to change the touchpad settings

To be honest I don&rsquo;t understand what problem you have exactly and don&rsquo;t know what you are talking about.<br /><br />It&rsquo;s typical for Windows 8 to scroll btween the different &ldquo;metro&rdquo; screens containing different apps <br /><br /><img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/5/5a/Windows_8_Startbildschirm.png" alt="" width="341" height="236" /><br /><br /><div class="jive-quote">I cannot find anywhere in this new OS where I can make adjustments to the keypad. </div>Could this be helpful?<br /><em>How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?</em><br /><a href="http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD3101Z30000R01.htm" target="_newWindow"><span style="color: #3366ff">http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD3101Z30000R01.htm</span></a>

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I am trying to install Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite 855.
At present we have Windows 8 installed. The computer runs from approx 5am to 11pm with no obvious issues. e.g. no "blue screen of death"
Safe boot is disabled and boot mode changed from UEFI to CSM.
The computer boots correctly from DVD drive and the message "Starting Windows 7" appears and then the logo.
After a very short while the computer goes quiet i.e. no sound from the drives and appears to hang and nothing happens. (we've left it on for several hours just in case)
Different Windows 7 disks have been tried with the same result.
We have also tried swapping out the hard drive altogether, and replacing it with a new drive to no avail.
The computer is now back running Windows 8 with no obvious issues, but we want to run Windows 7!

A:Satellite C855 - Windows 7 installation hanging

Have u tried booting windows 7 installer from usb stick?

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Only the various keys work. I am using the on-screen keyboard. I have a portable SATELLITE C855-21L series

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I get the following error message when trying to log-in to my profile:

'The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.'

I've tried restarting, several times and I know it's the correct password. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thank you.

A:User profile cannot be loaded on my Satellite C855

I don't have such problem but if you want to read more about that please visit
I hope this will help.

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Disk Drive MK5075GSX (2.5" SATA HDD) that used to be in my Toshiba Satellite C855-12L laptop.

I've put a password on BIOS (probably on HDD too). When I restarted the laptop, sometime BIOS would ask for a BIOS password, sometimes it would ask for a HDD password. I would always enter the same password, and the system would boot.

Since my laptop died (motherboard), I got stuck with the locked HDD. I installed it in another device, where BIOS tells me HDD password is set.

I'm trying the same password, but it says it's the wrong one. I'm using a certain set off passwords for years, so I'm pretty sure the password's not the problem. I wanna know what the problem is, and how can I unlock the drive, without loosing my data?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there.
I've made a factory settings restore on my laptop.
Antivirus has been removed.

I need to install all Win updates in order to be able to upgrade to Win 8.1.

All updates are listed correctly, but when I try to install them (10 items each time), I almost always receive a message frow Windows, that sounds like this "ailure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer".

I tried solving this issue running the correct Microsoft FixIt application, but nothing has changed.

I disabled all services and application at boot. Nothing!

I see that a small part of the updates have been installed, but there are at least 166 files wating to be downloaded and installed (about 1.5 GB... ).

Thist behaviour is very strange. The laptop was running Win10... all the updates from w8 to w8.1 and from w8.1 to w10 have been installed once.
I had to restore my system because of terrible problems.

What's goin' on!?

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have gigabit router tp-link gigabit switch cat 5e cable only getting 100mbps no 1000mbps on realtek pcle fe family controller doing my head in now

A:Satellite C855-1j1 - LAN speed only only 100mbps instead of 1000mbps

Is it Windows 7?
Sometimes 7 reports the speed at being 100 even though its 1000.

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Recently my laptop was going quite slowly so I decided to do a defrag using the tool that came with the laptop. When I shut the laptop down it did some updates automatically (I think they were Windows updates as I had been getting reminders for a few weeks put kept putting them off).

Anyway, next time I booted my laptop up it was really slow and locked up, I had to do a manual shutdown by holding the power button down. Next time I tried to boot up I got as far as the log in part, it took a while but after 10 minutes or so I was able to type in my name and password. However, instead of taking me to my desptop the screen went black. The caps lock and number lock worked fine, but nothing else happened so I had to do a forced shutdown again as the laptop was not responding.

Now I am only able to get the initial screen where it says 'Toshiba Leading Innovation', there are three arrows next to where it says that and they usually flash in sequence but they no longer do, it appears to be locked. I have tried taking the battery out, rebooting and pressing f1, f2, f8, f11, f13, 0. None of that worked. And when i now press the power button it shuts off immediately, it doesnt take 2 or 3 seconds with me holding the button down, it goes off instantly.

Ive been told I need to go to safe mode but I cant seem to get it to work, the laptop just seems to be stuck when I try to boot it up. I am using Windows 10 by the way.

Any suggestions? Or does it sound dead?

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Does anybody out there know where I might obtain a replacement motherboard for a c855-2e5 notebook? Keyboard cable connector is broken but it still works and the SD card reader chip is actually broken off. The only way to repair it is to change the motherboard.


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Have to hold down keys for 1 sec after login to win 10 to type anything. tried updating the keyboard driver several times to no avail. any suggestions?

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My wife's laptop stopped detecting the audio device out of no where. I tried going to the Toshiba website after entering in the laptop serial number, but I don't even know which is the correct one. I tried to install two different ones to no avail.
I also tried to have windows search for the driver, it said something about a missing file. Anyone know wtf is going on?

A:Toshiba satellite c855-s5122 "no audio device"


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Satellite C855-2C6 model laptop um (No bootable device-please restart system ) hatası veriyor .l?ften yardım edin.teşekk?rler

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While attempting to recover my laptop I appear to have done the opposite and delete the whole hard drive including the so called hidden recovery partition I used the Toshiba maintenance tool thinking the deletion was just a formatting process and windows would then recover in the process.

I have no recovery media as the manual described what I needed to be in the recovery partition or so I thought. I stopped the process around 3hrs in at 50% hoping to go back and select another option

What can I try at this stage?

A:Accidentally deleted the recovery partition on Satellite C855

I?m afraid you cannot do much, especially if recovery procedure was interrupted.
Now you need recovery disc for recovery image installation. Bad thing is that you didn't create one.

I recommend you to order new one and you can do this on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

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For my Satellite C855-2HW with Win 8 OEM, I'd like a separate data partition besides the OS+programs one.
At the moment 4 partitons are already in use.
First a 450MB recovery partition, second a 260 MB EFI partition, third the 920GB OS partition and fourth a 10GB recovery partition.

Now that I've made recovery DVD's with 'Toshiba Media Recovery Creator' , I can safely remove the recovery partition right?
Can you only do this from external media like with Diskpart or Gparted ?

The need for this partition is for media files; fotos, docs,music, movies etc.

What is the best way to about this?
cheers, boris.

A:Satellite C855-2HW: Win 8 - Can 10GB Recovery partition be removed?

> Now that I've made recovery DVD's with 'Toshiba Media Recovery Creator' , I can safely remove the recovery partition right?

Yes. After changing partitions structure probably you will not be able to use HDD recovery installation anymore. This was the case in the past. Anyway, now you have recovery DVDs and you can install recovery image using these DVDs.

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I have a Satellite C855-S5349N that was factory reset and am now receiving the message "Check cable connection!
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM.
No bootable device--insert boot disk and press any key"

I'm having trouble getting into the boot menu screen the f12 thing isn't working Please help

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This seems to be a common problem with Windows 7 from queries thtat I have seen elsewhere, but can anyone suggest a solution? I've just downloaded the latest Realtek audio driver and it hasn't made any difference.

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Hi All,
I have an C855-S5108 which came to me with a cracked screen. Only the far right 1/8 of screen was viewable. I connected an HDMI cable and was able to see full display. Satisfied I purchased a new LCD screen and did the install. When attempting to power on the screen remains black and there is no keyboard or beep activity. I connect an HDMI cable and attach to my TV. Both laptop screen and TV come to life. Using the function keys I select just PC display and make changes. When I power cycle and remove HDMI before rebooting the screen remains black. While the machine is running and there is a picture on both the TV and PC Display, if I unplug the HDMI cable the PC Display either turns bright green or gets tons of colored lines through it.

I have also found that just having the HDMI cable connected to the laptop and TV even with the TV powered off, the PC display works fine. But as soon as the HDMI cable is removed from either the laptop or TV, the laptop screen goes out.

Please help.
Thank you,

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I would appreciate any help with my laptop. It recently suffered a dramatic and total failure from which I needed to return it to a factory re-set. Having done this I have a small but very irritating problem in that when I press the DEL button I get ....if I press the shift key at the same time it does then delete as intended. During the factory re-set process I would have pressed many keyboard combinations using the Function keys and the FN key and I suspect that I have unexpectedly created this reversal problem myself. If any one can help me correct this fault I would be most grateful.
Thank you.

A:Keyboard problem with Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop


goto device manager and uninstall the keyboard and reboot laptop see if anything changes.

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I have purchased a new latop (toshiba satellite) windows 8 original pre-installed,
however, I wanted to repartition my hard disk and without paying attention I have deleted the recovery partition, as a result, the laptop could not boot.

So I asked a professional if he could get my laptop to its original factory condition as it was when I bought it (with windows 8 original pre-installed ...) in order to sell it later, and he told me that's impossible since I don't have the recovery disc ,and the only way to get it work is by installing windows 7.

I've poor knowledge in computer staff that's why I had not make a copy of a recovery disc.

Now, as I'm planning to sell my laptop, I'm wondering if there's a possible way to sell me the recovery disc that allow me to backup my laptop to its factory condition (with original windows 8 pre-installed and pre-loaded software of course), and the estimated total cost that I will pay.

*My laptop information is:

I have also: product code, serial number, LAN MAC, WLAN MAC
Eather way, thank you for your support... looking forward to hear from you soon


A:Lost Windows 8 Recovery disc for Satellite C855-1v9


You can order original recovery image on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
Using this disc you can install original recovery image and your notebook will have factory settings again.

If you have more questions please feel free to ask.

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Hi All,

I know that the laptop started out with W8 and with 3 partitions (Recovery, System & Main C Drive) and all were showing in a Healthy state.

When I upgraded to W8.1 quite a while back it created another Recovery partition which in essence is fine but I had a few issues with my laptop and used the Toshiba Recovery options to 'Refresh' my laptop and in doing so created another partition but this time it's 8GB!

Now the Refresh did not help so now I have completed a full 'Reset' of the laptop back to Factory Settings and expected the 2 additional partitions to be deleted as I though this 'Reset' option re-formatted the Hard Drive and but it back to an Out-of-the-Box state.

Can I delete the 2 extra partitions? or should I have chosen a better option to wipe the laptop to a brand new state?

Thanks - Jason

A:Satellite C855 - Multiple Partitions running Windows 8.1

Can I delete the 2 extra partitions? or should I have chosen a better option to wipe the laptop to a brand new state?

Question: did you create the Toshiba recovery medium (disk or USB flash stick) in the past?
Before trying to delete any partitions from the HDD, I strongly recommend creating such recovery disks!

After that you can try to delete these partitions or could set the notebook back to factory settings!

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