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Video calls on tv sets best option ?

Q: Video calls on tv sets best option ?

Hi all

just when I decided to invest in a smart TV and looking forward to using Skype to video call - Microsoft in its wisdom has decided to pull the support for the app and quick as a flash Samsung - the maker of the TV I was going to buy say it will no longer be available on their new smart tvs from June this year (2016). So now I'm totally confused as to what is a next best option to do video calls on a TV.

I know there will be other options and ways round this but I want the next best quality option without too much fuss when I want to use it. Would it be better to go back to HD and link the TV to a pc either via cable or wirelessly - can I use Chrome cast. Whatever I do it needs to be easy to use on a daily basis - I want to use this to teach online. In particular, does anyone have experience of using Google talk on a TV ??? please share
I realise I may have to get another monitor for my pc now to make this happen but I want to persevere with having a TV option too. ANY help and advice welcome but please use plain speak in any replies, thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Video calls on tv sets best option ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


If I have stripe or volume sets on one machine, lets say spaning 2 disk in either case. If I unplug the drives as a pair and put them in another XP/2000 box, will the OS automatically recognise them as the stripe or volume set pair? Likewise if I install XP/2000 on a box containing such a pair, will the OS detect the volume/stripe correctly during install?

A:Windows stripe sets and volume sets

Could we have a little bit more information on what you are doing? And is it Windows XP or Windows 2000 there is no Windows XP/2000?

Try this article it may help answer a question or two.

4809 » How to choose between a Stripe Set, a Volume Set, a Stripe Set with Parity, and a Mirror Set while using Windows NT 4.0? 07-Feb-02


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I just installed the Netflix app for Windows 10 because I was having an issue with the streaming web site. Whenever I viewed any Netflix content, when I closed the browser window (tried Chrome, Firefox, IE) the video was set to the old VGA 4 color mode (at least that's what it looked like - horrible colors, and only 4 of them). But the Windows 10 app does the same thing.

I have ensured that I have the latest drivers for my video.

I watch videos on other sites all the time and Netflix is the only one that causes this problem.

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I recently purchased an Icat camera. I have netmeeting software but i cannot figure out how to use it! If i want to make a video call to a friend who has a camera, how do i do it? do i need netmeeting?

A:video calls on the net, how do i do it

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hi there

im currenty using MSN messenger live, i have a webcam with mic now if i open the camera up software wise, the picture is great and if i use the sound recorder on win XP the webcam mic pics my voice up perfectly and exelent playback. but when i use msn and i have tuned up the mic and camera under settings, the voice is terrible, stuttery, crackly cuts out, im on 1 meg broadband, i have held the record button on msn down and sends a prerecording of my message great, its just naff doing it live. any ideas or better voice/video messenger's? im guessing its my connection speed holding me back.

thanks in advance

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Like many people, I have been using Zoom a lot recently I use Zoom on my Lenovo IdeaPad and I connect a bluetooth headset because I find the built in microphone is not really loud enough. However, every 15 minutes or so, I get an alert that my speaker is not working. At that point I need to turn off my headphones and turn them back on. When I do that, the entire Zoom will freeze. Does anyone know of a way I can fix this?

I have a IdeaPad S340-15IWL. I have been using a LG bluetooth collar.
I also used JBL Endurance Sprint - and the same thing happened.
Today I tried Anker SoundBuds Slim - these had the same issue.
Then Anker SoundBuds had another problem - they work, but when they are connected to my computer, I cannot hear anything through them. I know they work because when I connected it to a phone I was able to hear.

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Hey guys. I have a query... i wanted to know if video calls that dont use end to end encryption can be recorded if they pass thru a server even after d call has "ended"..??? Is that possible? The video beinf stored in d server itself in some sort of a hard drive?

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Hi all,

I been using Skype for a long time now, but have only recently started using the video call feature. I find it quite useful. The problem is that the video freezes after a minute or two when I make video calls. I then have to restart to unfreeze it. I can be a hassle. The video freezes on both sides of the video call. One minute my video would freeze then the other side freezes as well. The audio is fine. There is nothing wrong with my webcam.

I have a Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000. Windows XP Professional. Service Pack 3.
I have version of Skype

How can I make video calls that don't freeze?

Thanks in advance.

A:Frozen Video Calls in Skype

My experience has been that if I have too many extra's turned on the camera, it might freeze. I have a Logitech cam, and it has a feature called Low-light boost that sometimes has given me problems. (also accessed through Skype at Tools>Options>Video Settings. Then click on the button that says Webcam settings>Advanced Tab).

Other possibilities:
*Double check your camera driver for the latest version.
*Bad internet connection (double check firewalls, anti-virus etc.)
*Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX
*Make sure the camera application software is running at the same time as Skype.

Good luck, hope this helps.

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Do I need to instal yahoo messenger or skype to do that? If so this is a bloody unusefull app.
Why I cannot add more than microsoft account and Facebook?

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Could anyone please tell me how I can use cyberlink youcam on MSN. If i open youtube to record myself - cyberlink opens up with the effects bar but whenever i try to make a video call on MSN it doesn't open. Does anyone have any idea how I can get it to open for MSN?

Thank you in advance

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Everytime I use Skype or Google Hangouts my computer completely crashes during the call at some point. It can be 10 minutes in or 40 minutes in. I have reinstalled Skype. I have reinstalled my audio drivers as I thought it might be Conexon Smart Audio causing the crash (I have an ASUS K501U).

Recently I made some changes to speed up my CPU, I increased the quad cores (which I have subsequently decreased again) deleted my temporary files and deleted some unwanted applications. I also disabled start-up on some applications.

Since this point I have been experiencing problems. Can somebody please help! Thanks.

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My webcam works fine on its own but when I try Video Calls on windows live with it every thing crashes. I can make phone calls fine and typeing works great. Then as soon as It trys to found the cam if freezies up. I get a error messaging saying

C:\DOCUME~1\COMPAQ~1\LOCALS~1\TEMP\WER526f.dir00\msnmsgr.exe mdmp

I dont understand it so havn't got a clue how to solve this.

Can anyone help?

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I was wondering if there is any software on the net which are free that i can record msn chats and no trails please or " purchase to use this feature" please . just a smiple free product that records msn video calls.
Thanks in advance

A:Free software to record msn video calls?

Perhaps this is what you're looking for: MSN Webcam Recorder - Save/Capture/Record MSN Messenger Web Cam.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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I have a HP Pavillon dv6000 with an intergrated webcam, and it comes pre-installed with Cyberlink Youcam software (and in case u ask, yes I do have the latest update of it). Im using Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and Service Pack 1.

Video calls with people who do not have Windows live messenger 2009 (or any of the beta versions) is perfectly fine and show is sending and viewing each others webcam. With WLM09 users, I can send and view my contacts' webcam just fine like always.

However since I installed the new messenger I cannot video call other contacts with the new messenger. The second I click the Video tab to start a call, my messenger freezes, and the same happens if I accept their call.

I found one way of going around it, under audio and video set up if I do not set the CyberLink Web Camera Filter as the webcam I want to use, i.e. I select the default Simplo Webcam, which is the webcam with no software, it works! The only problem is the video quality is TERRIBLE and dark when I choose Simplo Webcam for some strange reason. I have always used CyberLink in all my previous versions of messenger and it worked fine. All the advanced webcam settings, brightness contrast blah blah blah, are the same so I dont know why the video quality is so poor..

In the preview in audio and video set up the video is very clear and crisp either way. Thats about all the information I know.

Is the problem with the Messenger or Youcam? Can I improve the quality of the video output w... Read more

A:live messenger 2009 freezes in video calls

Has there been any development with this as I am having exactly the same issue. Video Calls are fine with people using an older version of messenger, but if they are using the current version like me it freezes as soon as we try to connect (if they call me, or I call them). I have tried the "fix" you sugested and it sort of works, but as you said, the video quality is extremely poor, and very laggy.
My laptop is also a DV6000 series but running Vista Ultimate x64 SP2
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I'm trying to use the latest version on Windows Live Messenger Version 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.726) to make video calls. I have a working webcam and microphone setup already. The problem is that the option to start a video call is faded out, therefore meaning I can't click on it. All the different ways to start a video call are faded out, which means I can't click on it. All the setting under "Tools" -> "Set Up Audio and Video" are correct. I am running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3. I have a Microsoft Lifecam VX 1000 (includes microphone) that is working perfectly fine.

What can I do in order to get video calls in Windows Live Messenger?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Can't make video calls in Windows Live Messenger

I haven't used Windows Live Messenger for quite some time . You might try uninstalling it . Restart the computer then download and install again .

I presently use Skype for video calls .

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Hi all,

am a complete basic user happy to email and surf but would like to video call from skype and facebook. everytime I try to do this I get error messages advising windows installer pack could not be found, accessed or is not registered properly. I am lost!! just want video call with the family hahahaha xx


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We all use  MS Office communicator 2007 r2 on our small network (approx 30 users). I have no problem at all with outgoing video calls (I video call anyone on that same local network and everything works fast). But when the other users of that same network do video call me, I just see the sign of an up arrow that keeps moving (the usual sign that there is an upcoming call), but the video call window of the incoming call never displays. Eventually, the incoming call is dropped because I can't pick it up. Thanks for your help

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We all use  MS Office communicator 2007 r2 on our small network (approx 30 users). I have no problem at all with outgoing video calls (I video call anyone on that same local network and everything works fast). But when the other users of that same network do video call me, I just see the sign of an up arrow that keeps moving (the usual sign that there is an upcoming call), but the video call window of the incoming call never displays. Eventually, the incoming call is dropped because I can't pick it up. Thanks for your help

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Get the family together this Christmas, on the internet

Skype is a godsend for those families with members dotted all across the UK, or across the globe, in many cases, with the latest news that Skype is set to support video-calling for up to ten people at the same time sure to please many users.
The latest beta of Skype 5.0 for Windows introduces the new group vid-chat feature, with no word on when Mac users will get the same as yet.
"The second beta of Skype 5.0 brings a number of changes both outside and in ? most importantly, you can now make group video calls with up to 10 people," the company announced on its website.
"It also welcomes in a fresh new look, as well as increased stability and better quality when making group video calls."
Sleeker, neater, crisper
The latest version of Skype is, we are informed, "sleeker, neater and crisper than before," and adds another new feature called Skype Home.
Skype Home lets you follow your contacts' mood messages, set your profile picture and mood message and receive account notifications and learn more about using Skype.
Fancy testing Skype 5.0 out? You can download it now.


A:Skype beta 5 adds video-calls for groups of 10 people

I have been waiting for this feature. Video conferencing for free should attract a healthy following from many corporations.

Update: It's not free.

This beta version comes with a free trial of group video calling

Oh well!

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During audio calls, the person I am speaking with says that they can hear all audio created by my computer. This includes their own voice, audio from videos I might play, any movie we're watching, etc. Typically, I can hear their computer's audio as well. This happens when using Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.

What could be causing this, and how can I fix it?

Computer Info:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 94 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8012 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro M1000M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 464 GB (218 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, 20ENCTO1WW
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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HI, I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop running Windows 7 (with all current updates) with an integrated WebCam. I want to use Video Chat in AIM v. Under options, settings, Enhanced IM, there is no option listed for Video IM under Invitations. Only Audio IM, file transfer, picture share, and Real-time IM are options under Invitations. I also have the Integrated WebCam selected the camera drop down box under Audio and Video section. If you select a user from the buddy list and select Options - the "Start Video Chat" is greyed out. The Start Audio chat is available and does work. The Dell's Webcam driver is Creative Technology v and shows it is working properly. The Dell WebCam Central software runs and I can take pictures of myself and see myself in the camera screen. I tried downloading the AIM software to a computer which doesn't even have a camera and the option to select Video IM is displayed under the Invitations. WebCam Central has an option for Capture Mode or IM Mode at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and either option doesn't make a difference. Any ideas? Something must be disabled. I searched the web and only saw old issues from 2007 when using updated WebCam driver but not the same issue.

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For some reasons, when I when to my BIOS, i found my Video Ram option of 128MB, but i was not able to edit that option since i have 4 GB of RAM. I would like to seek help in solving this problem as I really want to edit my Video Ram to gain better performance in games. I really hope to seek replies in solving this problem. Thank you!

A:Why isn't the Dedicated Video Ram option available in my BIOS

You don't give details on which Acer Laptop model you have but the BIOS is probably locked by the OEM due to configuration limits. The OEM settings will most likely provide the best performance available for a given model. If there's an available slot, you may be able to add a video adaptor to increase video performance. That will depend on what model you have.

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can anyone help me with how to get "start a video call" to be an option. I've tried everything and nothing is working. I have a hp notebook with a lifecam webcam.



A:start a video call not an option

Quote: Originally Posted by marktb68

can anyone help me with how to get "start a video call" to be an option. I've tried everything and nothing is working. I have a hp notebook with a lifecam webcam.



Please fill in all your computer specifications in your profile please...

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Hey all!

i was actually planing to stick with my no agp mobo as i have like 50 bucks of cash for the comp this month. But i was planning to offset the measly 512mb RAM ive got by getting a diamond stealth radeon 9250 256 mb pci card.(for about 50 bucks) 3GHz celeron and 865gvhz with 96 mb shared video Any thoughts tech masters?

A:PCI video card good option?

You aren't going to get much of a performance boost, and some games won't run properly on PCI graphics cards.

What are you looking to do with this card?

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I have had two video cards in this machine (Windows XP Home SP2) in the past for a dual screen setup..
Today I put in a 2nd video card again (as the one that was in there previously has gone walk-about) but I dont have the option in windows for the 2nd screen.

Everything appears fine in device manager (the screen that is working is the PCI ViRAGE one), as for the GeForce - well the light on the monitor comes on but doesnt display a picture, but in display properties there is no option for the 2nd card. (see attached screenshot)

Any ideas? - I've tried uninstalling/Reinstalling the Geforce, and the ViRAGE, but I cant get it work..

Any Suggestions to why the option isnt appearing?

A:2 video cards, but no dual screen option!

I did a search for this and got this:

To install additional monitors
Turn off your computer.
Insert your additional Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) or Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video adapter into an available slot.
Plug your additional monitor into the card.
Turn on your computer. Windows will detect the new video adapter and install the appropriate drivers.
Open Display in Control Panel.
On the Settings tab, click the monitor icon that represents the monitor you want to use in addition to your primary monitor.
Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box, and then click Apply or OK.
If the check box is not displayed on your computer, it may be because your video adapter does not support multiple monitors. See Notes for information about compatible hardware.


To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Display.
Selecting the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box allows you to drag items across your screen onto alternate monitors.
Or, you can resize a window to stretch it across more than one monitor.

To use the multiple monitor support feature, you need a PCI or AGP video adapter for each monitor. If you have an onboard video adapter (one that is not a plug-in card but is part of the motherboard) that you want to use as part of a multiple-monitor configuration, it must be set as VGA.
To find hardware that is supported by Windows operating systems, visit the Windows Catalog on the... Read more

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Hi. I recetly bought HP envy note book .The product specifications are as follow. As you can see the my laptop has integrated amd card with almost 4GB of ram. But surprisinlgy, I am not able to play even COD 4 (modern warefare) on it. Weird, isn't it?Then I dive into the hardware information and have found that only 768MB of the grahpics card is being used. Please refer the following image.  Now, I am trying to find a way to increase this allocated Ram but I can't see any such option in BIOS.Note: This notebook doesn't have any dedicated graphics card. So my only option is to increase this adapter ram.How would I do it?

A:Increase AMD video memory but there is no option in BIOS

Hello @awaise17, Good to see you back on the forums.  Now lets take a look at your video memory issue.  Thanks you for the pics by the way.  It is nice to have a visual.  Now the memory that you where pointing at in the second pic is dynamic.  So at that moment you system was using that much video memory out of the possible 4GBNow as for you COD modern warfare issue.  I am note exactly sure why this would happen.  I know myself I have a notebook that i can play WOW on and have it cranked right up.  Now when I tried to install and play Splinter Cell, it would not run.  Yet when I installed Battlefield that game ran just fine.  I thought maybe it was the copy of Splinter Cell was a bad copy so I went and picked up another.  Same issue.  Another issue I have run into with gaming is with my one computer I upgraded to windows 8.1.  On this computer when i run the install it goes all the way through but when i go to actually run the game i get a black screen with a cursor and nothing else. So I found a little helper out there called Can You RUN it.  it will allow you to test your specs and find out if your game will run or will not run.  Here is the link CAN YOU RUN IT! With this you will find out what the issue is.  You can have all the memory in the world but that is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to playing games. I hope this helps.  Please... Read more

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I am a light gamer and a looking to upgrade my 510-p026 with a card that will support 1080p with most features turned on to at less meduim. I was looking at the  ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1050 mini, but they where unable to tell me if it will fit into the tight PCI Express slot over the 24pin connector. If this card doesn't work what are some of the option I might have to upgrade it a more powerful video that will run games at 1080p with little to no lag?

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hi i have laptop hp dv7 6055ef i want new driver for video cards. i get to many freezes atikmpag.sys.and i want advanced option on bios.pls dont say lies and give me what i ask as a customer 

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Really struggling to find something to replace the original excellent Skype now that Microsoft has gone and messed it all up with non stop crashes and so on.

I've tried a few but none of them are as simple and straightforward as the old Skype used to be, so any suggestions much appreciated....


A:Simplest & quickest video conferencing option ?

You can still download the Skype for desktop version; works fine.

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I recently bought an HP ENVY Notebook i7-6700HQ 17 inch with built in webcam.Windows 10 was pre-installed and I loaded Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS next to it, as well as Skype for Linux.When I want to use Skype and I select a contact I only have the option for a call without video even the contact is video capable.I checked with Cheese and it detects the webcam on my notebook.With a previous MSI I had to enable the webcam before it could be used.Is this also the case with this HP laptop?Any other suggestion which I might try?

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I recently downloaded the latest Skype for Android to my Motorola Droid M smartphone. When I make a Video Call on Skype there is no option for a Speaker option so I can only hear via the phone earpiece. I have tried using earbuds but the sound can not be heard. I couldn't find any help on the Skype site and others appear to have the same issue. Does anyone know how I can "fix" this myself or how you actually speak with Skype Support?
Thank you,

A:Motorola Droid M and Skype Video Speaker option

Post this question here: http://community.skype.com/t5/English/ct-p/English?profile.language=en.

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I'm very new to this Media Center 2005 operating system. I'm having a problem and wondered if anyone in the forum might be able to help me. When I use Media Center to try and create a DVD I do not have the options of Video DVD or DVD Slideshow in my choices. All that is there is Data DVD. Anyone know the possible cause of this?

Many Thanks

A:Media Center 2005 Not showing Video DVD on DVD Slideshow Option

Did anyone reply to this question, I have the same problem?

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I have a desktop with Windows XP Pro SP3, and a netbook with Windows 7 Home edition SP1. It appears that the "Thumbnails" (picture) option has been eliminated from the video files "View" menu options, so I can no longer see a pictorial snapshot of the contents of my video files.

Is this option completely eliminated or is there something I can do to retrieve this feature for Windows 7?

A:Thumbnails view option eliminated for video files in Windows 7?

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Hello, been awhile. Random issue bothering me. As you can see my video libraries folder has two expandable areas now compared to my pictures library. I checked on my other pc & the video library folder does not have that option, not sure what i may have done to cause it. Help appreciated

A:Video libraries folder somehow acquired an extra expand option

Right click in that library - Group by - None.

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After some windows update the dedicated graphic card stopped working properly (AMD Radeon HD 7730M).Some time after that it got worse and stopped working, giving an infinite bluescreen-crash boot loop.
Restoring factory settings didn't help. Booting in safe mode, and then disabling the dedicated graphic card drivers/device worked.
Now there was an important windows update that had some gpu drivers updated (shouldn't have enabled automatic windows updates installation), and it broke again. Bluescreens and/or blackscreen are the result. Problem now is that I'm unable to boot the laptop in safemode. I can however boot with live usb/cd.
I'm pretty sure the problem is the same and disabling the second gpu and drivers is going to solve it, so any advice about how enable safe mode from the registry or any other way will be appreciated. So far smashing the f8 / shift+f8 key doesn't seem to work in windows 8.1, and it doesn't seem to load by itself.
Other info: Windows 8 (from factory), Intel4000 as main gpu, HD 7730M as secondary.

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saphire hd5770 vapor-x no avivo video theatre option in CCC menu

dear sirs;

hd2600XT was broken.. than i bougt a new saphire hd5770 vapor-x but today installed the card my pc gigabyte p35cds3r q6600 8gb ram with windows7 64bit.. catalyst 10.2 version than i saw there is no option avivo video theatre mode ... i installed several version of catalyst but there is no chance to get this option back there is no button >>thetare mode<< plz someone tell me why is this happend ?


A:HD5770 Vapor-X no avivo video theatre option CCC menu

I have a 5570 not vapor x and I dont see a theatre mode.

Did it work before with hd2600XT and windows 7 installed?
I read some forum that said it didn't work under vista, and since windows 7 is newer it might not work on it also?

AMD Game Forums - Theatre Mode not working Radeon HD 2600 XT ( I hope this is okay, posting to another forum)

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I've used VirtualDup a lot in the past, mainly to either join files or to reduce them in size for uploading.

I've just downloaded it to a different computer and when I go to Video>Compression there is no option for avi/xvid.

What have I done wrong or what can I do instead?


A:Solved: VirtualDub video compression options, no avi/xvid option showing

AH, ok, I need to download the codec separately? I don't remember doing this before but am on to it....

Edited to add:

....... worked a treat

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Hi! I have an Asus P5Q Deluxe Motherboard with two Crucial DDR2 PC6400 4GB KIT in it. I also have two Samsung 512MB DDR2 memory sticks lying around. I remember reading somewhere something about my motherboard being able to run two sets of different ram at the same time, but i cant find anything on it. Anyone here knows if this is possible? Would be an easy extra GB for my pc. And i have also an overclocked cpu, can this affect anything?


A:Two different sets of RAM

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I have Band of Brothers and would like to set up a box set in Media Browser.

On page 6 or 7 of the Media Browser post [Demonseed] there is a box set for Indiana Jones, I would like to do something like that.

Can someone point me in the right direction with this? There are 7 discs in this set.

A:Box sets in MB

Figured it out, found a tutorial at MB forum.

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if i hav sets of pc with ip of 192.168.20.xx and another set of pc with ip of 192.168.30.xx

can i interconnect them through a router?

by the way my router is linksys wireless-G. broadband router.
or if you recommend other router is ok.


A:help with networking 2 sets of ips

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I was testing out to see if it was my speakers or my computer that make a fuzzy sound when I adjust the sound, and I had an idea I have two speaker female ends on my computer why not plug these other speakers in the other plug too to make a surround type feeling. Well I did but it turns out the speaker's plugged into the back turn out to be really quiet even turning them up all the way. Is there any way to fix this so its louder. I know there really not meant to work this way, but I think it would be cool, and also my other speakers don't make a fuzzy sound when I adjust the volume anymore.

A:2 Sets Of Speakers

Try relocating the speakers, making sure that the speaker wires aren't next to any power cords. I've seen this happen more than once, where the power cords interfere with the sound coming out of the speakers. I've also seen a friends computer speakers pick up his cordless phone

You can try adjusting the settings in the audio properties and making it 4 speakers (probably 4.1) to see if that'll make a difference. It may or may not, as there's nothing to seperate the sound to each individual speakers, as there's still only 2 lines going to 4 speakers so the computer recognizes 2 speakers. In a 4.1 or higher surround sound, the signal is broken up at either the sound card (or onboard audio) or at the subwoofer which delivers the "surround sound".

You never know, it might work! Give it a whirl! Good luck with it, I hope it works for you!

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I currently have a Logitech Z-2300 speaker system hooked up to my computer. Is it possible to add a pair of Behringer MS16 powered desktop monitors and use both systems at the same time? How would I do that?


A:2 sets of speakers

Have you ever herd of a headphone splitter? That's the easy and economic way of doing it. I personally recommend buying a Creative X-Fi card, then you can emulate surround sound if you want.

Edit: I just looked at the card you put in your specs, it should have a plug you can just plug it into, unless you're missing the cord or don't want the surround sound effect.

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Hi All,

Thank you for spending your time here. I've an issue with DNS settings. In Control Panel -> Network Connections -> LAN -> Properties -> TCP/IP -> Properties, i've set the "Obtain IP Address automatically" and "Obtain DNS name automatically" options but if i close the properties window and again right click on LAN - >Properties -> TCP/IP -> Properies, the value for DNS name is getting set to some default value ''

Tried to reset the properties but didn't work, the same address is getting set for DNS name every time.
i've also tried to change it in cmd promp using ipconfig /renew, flushing the dns etc but same problem exists. Finally i've got to see in some forum regading the HijackThis but dont know how to proceed with this log file.

Please help me on this issue.

Please look into the log file of HijackThis.log file

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.0 (BETA)
Scan saved at 5:35:13 PM, on 11/18/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\WINNT\system32\s... Read more

A:DNS name sets to automatically

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Before we continue, please follow the instructions presented in this thread: http://www.techsupportforum.com/secu...oval-help.html then post the requested logs.

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OK, heres the deal! I have a Dell Opti Plex-MS Windows XP-Home Edition-Service Pk 2. I was having alot of problems with redirecting while on Internet Explorer. I decided to run a scan at windows Live. This informs me I have a win32/alureon.H. So I purchased Spyware Dr. and ran a scan and it claims to have removed the threat. I have Avg Free 9.0 so I ran another scan from this it claims there is a Trojan horse Adload_r.AKC and they are named C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe(1144):memory_001a0000 and marked inaccesable then this is repeated on the next line but only up to the number. Next one is C:\windows\explorerEXE.(3808):\memory_001a0000 and again repeated on the next line up to the number.
At this point I am no longer angry . . I am dissappointed in the abilities ofproducts to actually back their claims to solve issues. However the confusion over whelms my knowledge of what to do as I am somewhere between a beginner and intermediate depending on the subject when it comes to computers.
Hoping someone will help me with this and let me thank you right from the start.

A:. .and now the confusion sets in


Please do the following:

Please download MBRCheck.exe to your desktop.

Be sure to disable your security programs
Double click on the file to run it (Vista and Windows 7 users will have to confirm the UAC prompt)
A window will open on your desktop
if an unknown bootcode is found you will have further options available to you, at this time press N then press Enter twice.
If nothing unusual is found just press Enter
A .txt file named MBRCheck_mm.dd.yy_hh.mm.ss should appear on your desktop.
Please post the contents of that file.

Please download DDS from either of these links


and save it to your desktop.

Disable any script blocking protection
Double click dds.pif to run the tool.
When done, two DDS.txt's will open.
Save both reports to your desktop.
Please include the contents of the following in your next reply:


Download GMER Rootkit Scanner from here to your desktop. It will be a randomly named executable.

Double click the exe file.
If it gives you a warning about rootkit activity and asks if you want to run scan...click on NO, then use the following settings for a more complete scan.
Click the image to enlarge it

In the right panel, you will see several boxes that have been checked. Ensure the following are unchecked
Drives/Partition other than Systemdrive (typically C:\)
Show All (don't miss this one)

Then click the Scan bu... Read more

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Using NT Server - Backup
There are several backup sets already setup (daily, weekly and monthly) and I want to review the drive, folders and files configured to backup, also the type of backup and other backup options. However the backup sets are configured autmatically run - I guess from a bat file. I'm obviously not a network guru -and am just trying to review what is already going on...any help? Can I view the already backedup file? I think I tried to get from "catalogue" but didn't get details I expected. I may have done that incorrectly.

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A friend of mine has an e-machines with Vista on it. Her grandfather was asking her to help him with his computer. She Googled his problem, and ended up on HP's website (his computer is an HP Pavilion). When she followed these steps on her computer, she somehow found out that she has 90 control sets in her registry (controlset001, controlset002, etc. all the way up to 90). Her grandfather's computer only has 2 or 3, and mine has controlset001, controlset003, and currentcontrolset). She has been complaining that her computer has been VERY slow lately. I would think that has something to do with it. Could someone please help?!? I've been trying to talk her through doing a screenshot so i could post it, but she can't figure that out. Thanks in advance.


A:Control Sets

There is something drastically wrong here. I'd suggest running System Restore and restoring the computer back a ways - to see if it eliminates these controlsets. This article is for WindowsNT - but it will hold true (in most part) for Vista: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/100010There may be several control sets depending on how often you change system settings or have problems with the settings you choose.So, it appears that something is making a lot of changes to the system settings - or there are a lot of problems with the system settings.The first thing to check would be to see if there's an infection. Here's a link to a post that has a number of free, online scanners: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/blogs/usas...?showentry=1252 If the system is infected the tests may not run - or may quit unexpectedly. Follow the directions at the bottom of the post in the link above if you think that it may be infected.

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